Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Review #10: Pitbull "El Mariel"

Reviewed on 10.31.2006 (Review No. 10)

Alright! Finally! It's 11:32 PM, and now I'm about to get into the Pitbull CD "El Mariel". I'm going to be doing a review for the album, and for the first time, how much I like each song. A few minor notes about the ratings:

1 STAR (*) = It's wack. Totally not feelin' it.
2 STARS (**) = Average
3 STARS (***) = Good song!
4 STARS (****) = WOW! I LOVE IT! Surprised me on a first listen!

Now then, on with the album!

01. Intro
-> Nice intro! My Rating: *** (Bonus)

02. Miami Shit
-> Feelin' it! HOT beat, great song! Thumbs up!! My Rating: ****

03. Come See Me
-> Unexpected HOTT beat!! Nice flow/HOT chorus! Thumbs up again!! My Rating: ****

04. Jealouso
-> I like that beat. It's different! The chorus iz great, as well as his vocals on the chorus! Yet, this song has me absorbed! My Rating: ****

05. Que Tu Sabes D'eso Feat. Fat Joe & Sinful
-> Again, I tell u. Pitbull NEVER FAILS! Another UNEXPECTED HOTT beat, and HOTT chorus!! Nice collabo! My Rating: ****

06. Fademaster Skit
-> Nice. My Rating: N/A

07. Be Quiet
-> Another different song! Real catchy for me! My Rating: ****

08. Ay Chico (Lengua Afuera)
-> Too catchy of a song, lol. One thing I don't like that much for some reason iz when the girlz say "ay-ay-ay-ay chico". My Rating: ****

09. Fuego
-> Nice! Not sure if it's 80's or 90's, but itz got a sample from Debbie Deb's "When I Hear Music". That's a HOT chorus. GREAT BPM (probably about 128 at least)!! I predict this'll be a future single! I guess it'z that sample that has a feeling for it! My Rating: ****

10. Rock Bottom Feat. Bun B & Cubo
-> "Trill" type of song! Cubo (of course) alwayz does his thang! Pitbull did his thang! That chorus iz sum tight ass shyt!! Bun B did a fantastic job on it!! Wow this joint iz HOTT (I alwayz expect that from a Track 10 on any CD most of the time)!! My Rating: ****

11. Amanda Diva Skit
-> My gurl Amanda Diva on the Pitbull CD?!? Wow! Nice lil' skit right there! My Rating: N/A

12. Blood Is Thicker Than Water Feat. Redd Eyezz
-> Nice ol'skool West Coast feel to it. Feelin' the lyrics. Good song! My Rating: ***

13. Jungle Fever Feat. Wyclef Jean
-> Eva since "Hips Don't Lie," Wyclef has alwayz got my anticipation level high for tracks with him! Pretty good song. The first part of the chorus iz hot. My Rating: ****

14. Hey You Girl
-> Nice intro! Sounds like it samples another song. Either way, HOTT chorus!! I'm assuming 120-127 BPM on this song. That's good. I like the bridge! My Rating: ****

15. Raindrops Feat. Anjuli Stars
-> I've only had 2 major deaths in my life (grandpa and 13 year old golden retriever), but I can't relate to songs like this. Either way, song wise, Pitbull has a great flow/lyrics on this! The chorus iz nice. My Rating: ***

16. Voodoo
-> Hmmm it reminds me of "Toma". Not bad. I like the bridge. My Rating: ***

17. Descarada Feat. Vybz Kartel
-> Nice. I like that line "shakes like japanese earthquakes." Lol! Catchy song. My Rating: ***

18. Dime Remix Feat. Ken-Y
-> A lil' sounding like "Bedroom Boom," only a Spanish version. Real nice chorus. The "snap" music annoys me (like alwayz). My Rating: ****

19. Bojangles Remix Feat. Lil Jon & Ying Yang Twins
-> Catchy chorus / song once again. Expected this song to be bigger. My favorite part iz when YYT say "I go to the strip club to PLAY WITH MY TOYS!" My Rating: ***

20. Born N Raised [DJ Khaled Feat. Pitbull, Trick Daddy & Rick Ross]
-> Let's flash back to (I think) May 25, 2006 when I first heard it. That day, I fell deeply in love with this song! All flows are TIIIIIIGHT, HOTTTT chorus, HOTTT beat, and CrAzZZzzZy song!!! My Rating: ****

21. Outro
-> Nice lil' outro right there! My Rating: N/A

22. Guilty By Association [Target Bonus Track]
-> Nice beat!! Good chorus. My Rating: ***

Overall: Now it's 1:33 AM. GREAT CD! The first ½ was perfect!!!


1 STAR (*) x0
2 STARS (**) x0
3 STARS (***) x6 + Intro (Bonus)
4 STARS (****) x12

Overall CD Rating
(According To Rating Scores; Intro Iz A Bonus): 69/72

My favorite song would probably have to be... well I can't decide right now. I'll have to listen to the CD more. I HOPE this CD reborns "CD listening" for me 'cause I've been lazy with listenin' to CDs throughout the whole year.

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