Sunday, October 28, 2007

Music Video #03: C-Coop "Certified Goon"

Tha first-ever music video I edited for someone else. Florida rapper, C-Coop, and his first copywritten song, "Certified Goon"!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Review #28: Soulja Boy Tell 'Em ""

Reviewed on 10.14.2007 (Review No. 28)

Aight Soulja Boy, you might be in trouble now… here goes my review for Soulja Boy's ""; Start Time: 8:38 PM:

01. "Intro"
Really, what iz it gonna sound like????? >>> Uh no… What's all those "ahhh"'s??? Cheesy copy & pasting!! CHEESE!!! Actual Intro Rating: 1.1 | My Rating: N/A

02. "Crank That (Soulja Boy)"
Originally called "Crank Dat Soulja Boy". This tha clean version (which sometimes I like better). Still cheesy… By now, I still listen to it & watch tha video. I don't hate it… I hated it at first tho. Those are sum CHEESY background vocals!! I will not rate it just yet. I need to hear tha other songs first to determine my rating.
EDIT: Actual Song Rating: 1.6 | My Rating: 3.6

03. "Sidekick"
Here we go wit tha first song of his I never heard before… Tha usual title, even tho I like. Expecting some cheese, but not sure of what kind… >>> What a cheesy beat… Hey, I actually like tha chorus. I don't mind tha repetitiveness. Still, there were 2 sidekick songs out recently. "Hit Me On My Sidekick" by S.B.E. and tha Hot Dollar "Sidekick" joint. Still, this izn't tha dirty south music that I knew from tha past *goes back to tha dayz of B.G.'s "Livin' Legend" CD…* Actual Song Rating: 2.5 | My Rating: 4.2

04. "Snap And Roll"
I already don't like tha title… *Gulp* >>> NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Not a combination of that "rock" trend & tha snap music!! Ahhh… BAD CHORUS!!! Can we finally have a definition of "yuuugh"?? Tha fuck this sounds too loud! I wish I would turn it off now, but I gotta hear tha whole song for a full review. Way too repetitive, and annoying!! Actual Song Rating: 1.0 | My Rating: 1.0

05. "Bapes" Feat. Arab
Oh no this song, that gets FUCKIN' stuck in my brain!!! >>> "I got me sum Bathin' Apes…" "I got me sum Bathin' Apes…" "I got me sum Bathin' Apes…" "I got me sum Bathin' Apes…" "I got me sum Bathin' Apes…" Aight who gives a fuck about tha girls… ain't it all about your shoes??? This song has no way of hookin' someone into gettin' interest in it at all… Actual Song Rating: 1.2 | My Rating: 3.6

06. "Let Me Get Em"
Let's see if you can get 'em on this one Soujla Boy… >>> Boo @ tha snapping! Stop tha shooting!! You're not gangsta to be shooting! Too cheesy for me. NO INTEREST! Actual Song Rating: 1.0 | My Rating: 1.1

07. "Donk"
WTF… ??? >>> More cheese, but it's tha one that's been rotting for months… YUCK!! He's attempting too hard to try and make that dance-rap music. C'mon now, IT'S NOT WORKING!!! What's wit all tha repetitiveness…? I WANT YOUR MONEY SOULJA BOY!! GIMME IT…! WHY DO YOU THINK YOU DESERVE ALL THAT MONEY YOU GOT??!??? WHY??!?!? Actual Song Rating: 1.2 | My Rating: 1.2

Halftime: Shit, that's ½ time already… not looking good at all. I know "Sidekick"'ll easily be my favorite… I don't think anything'll be better… or even close!

08. "Yahhh!" Feat. Arab
I think I better hide somewhere before pressing "play"… >>> Shit how funny, but so cheesy… … LMAO @ all tha "yahhh!"'s! Too funny… Oh Soulja Boy, you can't get any sleep… ain't that too bad. You GET WHAT YOU PAID 4! Actual Song Rating: 2.2 | My Rating: 3.8

09. "Pass It To Arab" Feat. Arab
Oh no, why this sample??? >>> Shit, no!! This sounds so useless!!! Tha fuck wit all those DFB "yup! Yup! Yup!"'s. Iz that called for? Soulja Boy just loves his repetitiveness huh? SMH… Actual Song Rating: 1.0 | My Rating: 1.4

10. "Soulja Girl" Feat. I-15
Although a great 2nd single for Soulja Boy, it's still so fucking cheesy to get a gurl to like you. "Hey gurl, can you yuuugh for me? C'mon!!! Fucking YUUUGH already!! That's tha only way you can be my gurl mane! Yuuugh!!!" Cheesy… Tha beat sounds kinda childish tho… Actual Song Rating: 2.3 | My Rating: 3.9

11. "Booty Meat"
Here we go wit another crazy-ass, cheesy-ass title! >>> Snapping kills it already… Bad beat… wit bad booty meat on top! Stealin' tha whole "laffy taffy" chorus idea… I have no interest in this useless song whatsoever… Actual Song Rating: 1.0 | My Rating: 1.0

12. "Report Card"
For some reason I wanna hear this, but that title iz kinda cheesy… I like it tho. >>> Why tha fuck would you want some "D"'s on yo report card? I would like some "A"'s, matter'a'fact, throw some "A+"'s on my bitch aight!! Lol @ him sayin' "dawg"… I don't think that was necessary. Tha hell's tha point of making a version of "Throw Some D's"? Kanye did it FREESTYLIN' style! Actual Song Rating: 1.8 | My Rating: 3.6

13. "She Thirsty"
People be makin' fun of tha titles… Yeah they are corny (pretty much most of 'em). >>> Fuck being thirsty. I rather have gurls craving… I actually am liking tha beat. He really needs to stop being so repetitive… Cheesy… Actual Song Rating: 1.1 | My Rating: 2.4

14. "Don't Get Mad"
Ending song, let's see… >>> Nothing special… This ain't real talk unfortunately Soulja Boy. Those kids were uncalled for at tha end. Actual Song Rating: 1.4 | My Rating: 1.2

Overall: End Time: 9:55 PM. Yeah that was pathetic… NO EXPANSION wit tha subject matter WHATSOEVER!! Everything was pretty much about tha same shit. Nothing special at all. Mike Jones "Who Is Mike Jones?" >>>>>>>>> Soulja Boy "". By tha way Soulja Boy, I don't hate you. I don't dislike you either. I just think this CD was an embarassment. You're gonna have a lot of people hatin' on you… Work on yourself a lot and use some skillz.

PATHETIC Rankings (according to my ratings):

13. "Snap And Roll" 1.0
12. "Booty Meat" 1.0
11. "Let Me Get Em" 1.1
10. "Don't Get Mad" 1.2
09. "Donk" 1.2
08. "Pass It To Arab" Feat. Arab 1.4
07. "She Thirsty" 2.4
06. "Bapes" Feat. Arab 3.6
05. "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" 3.6
04. "Report Card" 3.6
03. "Yahhh!" Feat. Arab 3.8
02. "Soulja Girl" Feat. I-15 3.9
01. "Sidekick" 4.2

^ Those are really sum PATHETIC rankings! 6 out of 14 of tha songs had a 1.0-1.9 rating… damn! That's really terrible! No High AL's (high anticipation levels), and only one song that had at least a 4.0 rating…

EDIT on 1.19.2008: Like I said, I don't hate you Soulja Boy, nor do I dislike you as a person. With that being said, I saw tha new video "Yahhh!" featuring Arab and I gotta tell you: I LOVE IT!! Now if you can keep doing videos & songs like this (that have an extreme amount of humor), I'll like your music. If you go tha wrong route (wit tha songs I disliked on tha CD), then I won't be interested, but keep up tha humor songs/videos!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Review #27: That Memphis Kid "Bump Music Vol. 1"

Reviewed on 10.13.2007 (Review No. 27)

Aight Memphis Kid I'm tired as fuck right now, but I'mma review your mixtape finally, so here it goes: my review for That Memphis Kid's "Bump Music Vol. 1". I know I reviewed some songs in tha past, but I'mma review 'em again. Ratings of 1.0-5.0 will be given out. 1.0 iz tha lowest (meaning it's wack), while 4.0 itself iz a very good rating. However, to determine which joint iz my favorite, or close to, I will try to raise each song up to a 5.0 rating (which I rarely give out a 5.0). Start Time: 8:54 PM

01. "Intro"
Aight let's see tha intro… I like tha echo effect. Good start for an intro. Since there was no rapping, there's no rating. My Rating: N/A

02. "Who You Know"

I remember this one. Lemme rehear for a review… >>> Yeah like I said, tha beat iz pure-fiya!! I like that consistant flow too! Yeah other people "wanna live their life just like you." Even tho it sounds repetitive at one point, I still can see this song being real nice to listen to. I give it a , especially for that beat. My Rating: 4.2

03. "Addressin' The Situation"

This one might be new for me so High AL (anticipation level). >>> Oh it's a skit, but I have a feeling tha next song iz that song where you're immitatting someone acting like a pussy at tha end (forgot what it's called for now)? Let's see… My Rating: N/A

04. "Roastin' Boys"

Yeah I remember that title, and yeah I was correct, this iz tha song! Another great beat! Yeah LOVE tha immitatting once again at tha end!! You did it good (I'm sure other people would do it aight, but sound stupid), and good look on tha "BIATCHHHHH!!!!" part at tha end too! My Rating: 4.1

05. "4th Of July"

Okay now I think this iz tha official first new song for me, so let's see why it's tha "4th Of July"… >>> Nice intro wit tha beat (sounding different, but real good again). Okay I see. You be havin' big things poppin' like tha 4th. Nice verse again, although that's kinda short (shorter than tha last song). My Rating: 4.0

06. "Get Rich Or Die Tryin' (Hey)"

Let's see how you do on this 50 Cent titled song… >>> A lil' slower I see… I thought I wasn't gonna be so interested at first, but I like that hook! Yeah I'm definitely feelin' this for a slow jam. My Rating: 4.0

07. "Step Outta Line"

Might've heard this one too before… >>> Yeah I remember… Too bad it's only 1:38. L Nice mix of ol' skool Paul Wall in tha vocals on this one. Yeah it should've been longer… way too short. My Rating: 3.8

08. "Where Dem Hatas At"

To answer tha title's question, they're ready to hate on you 'cause they ain't got yo skillz! >>> Oh yeah this another oldie for me. I think this was my 2nd favorite out of tha 1st 4 songs I reviewed from you. I like how you put this song after those other 2 'cause this picks up tha pace. That sound in tha beat iz too repetitive throughout tha whole song, but other than that, gotta feel tha subject of tha song. My Rating: 4.1

09. "Beat Yo Azz"

Yeahhhhhh for tha T.I. sample song!! >>> Yeah great hook, but I'm not feelin' that length kinda (1:50). It's still great overall, so it gets my good rating. I like all those "dawg" parts right before tha end. That's watz good dawg. My Rating: 4.2

10. "Commandin' Respect"

Yeah you got all my respect all day, errr-day. >>> Great beat again. Good 2 verses. Nice hook. My Rating: 3.7

11. "Ain't Gon Let The South Die"

Nice title, and naw, tha south ain't gon die!! High AL! >>> Oh it's just another skit. Nice message. My Rating: N/A

So far it's real good. Shit, I think I took at least 3 breaks in between to get a drink. That's how hot tha mixtape iz so far, lol!! Looking forward to seeing what's next!!

12. "I'm The Reason" Feat. Shrimp

Okay a collabo (1st one). Let's see what this "shrimphead" has goin' on wit you. High AL >>> Another kick-ass beat!! Looking forward to hearing more! A fast flow on this one! Oh real nice start on Shrimp!! Shrimp did his ma'FUCKIN' thang!!! Nice part on you. No offense, but Shrimp "shrimped" you on this joint. Looks like this one iz my favorite so far. REAL NICE start to tha 2nd ½ of tha mixtape!! My Rating: 4.7

13. "I Got That Bump"

Speaking of favorite, this was my 1st favorite out of those 4 songs I first reviewed for you. Looking forward to rehearing. I remember it having a real nice underground beat as well. >>> FUCKIN' HOT BEAT!!! Shit this iz such a GREAT start for tha 2nd ½!! This song reminds me of some other song when it comes to tha hook (forgot what that song was… shit…). Oh yeah I remember… it was from tha DJ Hollywood/Dirty South Radio "All About The South 4" mixtape. A joint by GN Players called "Riden South". Nearly tha same beat, which makes me really like. My Rating: 4.4

14. "Dynomite"

Remember this, but I'm gonna have to re-hear it… >>> That "PB&J" / Soulja Boy / D.G. Yola sound effect in it that I like. Oh yeah this was that anthem for tha gurlz. In fact, it's a REAL great anthem for tha gurlz! Yeah this song iz bangin'! My Rating: 4.3

15. "38 Caliber"

Let's see what you're packin' on this joint… >>> Mane… slow start, slow beat, but sounds like it gon be hot! Wow real slow on tha flow… This slowness iz gonna make me fall asleep, lol. ZzzzZzzZzzzzzZZZzzzZzzz… Nah I'm just playin'. Yeah this iz too slow, and that beat sound iz gettin' too repetitive again… Nice lyrics tho (as always). My Rating: 3.6

16. "Just One Line"

Hopefully you don't have "just one verse" on this song, but let's see what it's like… >>> Nice Summerjammin'-mainstream-Memphis type of beat. This iz decent for me. My Rating: 3.5

17. "I'm The Cleanest"

Yes you are, but DEFINITELY when it comes to beats!! High AL! >>> Not bad start… I'm bobbin' my head to this shit right now. Nice hook. Nice subject too. My Rating: 3.8

18. "Ain't No Disrespect"

>>> A long song… Too long, repetitive, and tha beat ain't really shocking as well, although tha 3rd verse had some life to tha song… My Rating: 3.4

19. "Two Fists"

Like tha title, so High AL, and I hope it's somethin' that's goin' to shock me, and pick up tha pace again! >>> Acapella start… *hopes for a good beat* Okay pretty good beat. Nice line: "get mo green than Peter Pan." I dunno if it's me bein' tired, but I'm not leavin' much feedback right now… I dunno. Another decent track. My Rating: 3.7

20. "Killin' It"

Now are you "killin' it" on this track 'cause I know you're "killin' it" on your own mixtape?! >>> Cool beat… Nice fastness… I thought it was over during that interlude in tha middle, but I'm glad you're spittin' another verse. My Rating: 3.9

21. "Last Of The Real"

Let's see… >>> Nice beat, and yeah, fuck all those fake-ass bitches. Nice lyrics, including that nice hook. My Rating: 3.8
EDIT: Great ending song!

22. "Outro"

Let's see tha outro… >>> to that echoing again. Yeah tha trunk was put to work. Good outro. My Rating: N/A

Overall: End Time: 10:22 PM. Yeah that was a hell of a mixtape mayne! Sorry I had my lil' tiredness towards tha end, but overall, that was some great shit!! And I know most of tha beats are from you, so in that case, you are a beast on tha beats, as well as a beast on tha mic! I gotta give you major props on that ya dig! Here goes my rankings:

(according to ratings):

18. "Ain't No Disrespect" 3.4
17. "Just One Line" 3.5
16. "38 Caliber" 3.6
15. "Two Fists" 3.7
14. "Commandin' Respect" 3.7
13. "I'm The Cleanest" 3.8
12. "Last Of The Real" 3.8
11. "Step Outta Line" 3.8
10. "Killin' It" 3.9
09. "4th Of July" 4.0
08. "Get Rich Or Die Tryin' (Hey)" 4.0
07. "Where Dem Hatas At" 4.1
06. "Roastin' Boys" 4.1
05. "Beat Yo Azz" 4.2
04. "Who You Know" 4.2
03. "Dynomite" 4.3
02. "I Got That Bump" 4.4
01. "I'm The Reason" Feat. Shrimp 4.7

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