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Review #105: Lil' Bossy "Who The Fuck Is Lil' Bossy? (R.N.M. Vol. 1)"

Reviewed on 7.30.2008 (Review No. 105)

Watz good Lil’ Bossy this ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog reppin’ Long Island, New York (currently stayin’ at Northeast PA). Just wanted to say that on July 9, 2008, 3rd Shift (The Cincinnati Monster) came to visit my boy Alex McConduit at Crescent City Radio and he played tha joint “Where You Been At?”. I originally ripped it (to have) and I added it to rotation. Then all of a sudden I listened to it a few more times last week and I fell completely in love wit it and put it into heavy rotation wit me. I haven’t gotten to check tha stats on my Top 10 Countdown in a few dayz but I’m sure it’s my No. 1 joint out right now so that’s watz good. I finna review your mixtape, which I downloaded from . It’s tha “Who The Fuck Is Lil’ Bossy? (R.N.M. Vol. 1)” mixtape. I’m anticipated for it and even though I only know one song from you, I have faith that this iz gonna be a real tight mixtape. I read on that you were a real hungry artist and you holla’d at 3rd Shift for a bunch of beats so definitely have my anticipation rising. 3rd Shift has also been waitin’ on this review so here it goes: my review for my dawg Lil’ Bossy “Who The Fuck Is Lil’ Bossy? (R.N.M. Vol. 1)”. I don’t think I’ve reviewed somebody from Ohio before so this iz new for me. As long as its got what I want (dirty south vibe, trap/drug vibe, gangsta/gutta vibe), then I’m all good. I’m gonna call you when I have tha review posted online. I’m a lil’ nervous (‘cause it’s a 1st time calling you and hopefully you appreciate what I got to say about me reviewin’ your shit) but I’m dyin’ to call you to tell you about this! Start Time: 7:20 PM | Video Game Playing: The Legend Of Zelda – A Link To The Past (for Super Nintendo) (on my computer)

01. “Where You Been At?”
There were SO MANY HOT underground jointz that came out this year and this iz proven to be one of them! Just love it and just tha way you come in, tha hook, your hustle throughout tha verses and it’s just mad catchy. I’m gonna certify you as a “fuckin’ beast” when it comes to tracks. I hope tha others are like this too! >>> I see tha pitch iz pitched up. I’m glad you checked in at 0:54 on this. Yeah I didn’t know “who the fuck you were” ‘til this and now you’re certified as a “fuckin’ beast” when it comes to this Rap shit! Oh yeah tha beat reminds me a lil’ of some Young Jeezy shit like “Trap Or Die”. I’m rockin’ a light blue polo right now wit red, white and yellow stripes and I feel fresh, mainly ‘cause I’m listenin’ to this song right now; it’s tha shit. Almost feel it enough for a perfect rating… it’s close, but still tha hottest joint out right now!!! My Current Rating: 4.9

02. Bossy Interlude
Yes you have an interlude!! I’m definitely wantin’ to know what you’re gonna say dawg. >>> It’s weird about me mentioning “Trap Or Die” beat ‘cause it’s tha beat on this interlude, lol! But yeah, real glad you checked in ‘cause you’re speakin’ tha truth. Nobody gon fuck wit my dude Bossy right here. He’s too fuckin’ tight for many people, especially anyone fake. Keep doin’ yo thang big dawg! My Rating: N/A

03. “Who The Fuck Is Lil’ Bossy”
Another song wit a question, lol. But yeah, I think you answer these questions REAL GOOD! This iz tha 2nd joint I’m hearin’ from you so I hope this will be JUST AS HOT as “Where You Been At?”!! Lots of anticipation!!! >>> And here’s that beat again, lol! Pretty good even though I don’t rate “jacked beat” songs too high. You rode tha beat pretty good and you chose a great beat, unlike somethin’ that’s Pop/half Pop Rap. I wonder what that beat at tha end gon sound like on tha next joint (when I hear it)! My Rating: 4.1

04. “Dope Boy”
Hope it’s long and shit like that! More anticipation for my boy! >>> Good it’s 4 minutes flat! Yes, you’re talkin’ in tha beginning!! That guy’s voice (who said somethin’ about tha DJs bein’ in tha building) sounded like one of tha dudes on CT’s Hot 93.7. That’s watz good. You almost sound a lil’ off beat during tha 1st verse and hook but tha beat iz tight and I give you credit for spittin’ what you spittin’ about (drugs and weed). :tu Tha 2nd verse sounded a lil’ better but this was some tight shit. Definitely give it a lot of credit. My Rating: 4.4

05. “Real Niggas Don’t Change” Feat. Magg, Veto, Pudgie & D-Man
I agree wit that title, and I guess I’m considered one (well in my case (‘cause I’m white) I’m a “real dude”). I don’t change, and I’m currently makin’ a DVD of myself from 1999-now. There ain’t many changes from me; just evolvement! But dying to hear this one too! >>> It’s 6 minutes, 34 seconds and it’s tha “I’m A G” beat so there must be some interlude throughout it somewhere… Pretty good 1st verse by that dude (I’m guessin’ Magg). Tha hook iz simple but tha truth. Bossy, I HOPE you do “make more money than your college tuition.” You will, trust me. When tha beat paused (like it does in tha original), I loved your “coppin’, flippin’, coppin’, flippin’…” part!! Another different person on tha 3rd verse (Veto)… Pretty good. I like your “I like dope money/I like weed money” part in tha hook. :tu A 3rd different person on tha 4th verse (Pudgie). I wonder who everyone iz… Prolly a bunch of Ohio dudes. Not bad on tha 4th verse. Another mysterious dude on tha 5th verse (D-Man prolly)… A pretty good verse by that dude too. Good thing there was a lot of verses. My Rating: 4.0

06. Sittin’ In The Trap Interlude
I was HOPING AND HOPING for it to be an interlude and it iz!!!!! Especially wit an interlude title like that, I’m dyin’ to hear it once again!! >>> Once again, I got so much luv for you dude. You really explain to tha people why you’re a great rapper in my opinion. I love any raps about tha trap, drugs, bein’ gutta/gangsta and ridin’ around in ur whip. So you wrote tha next song while “sittin’ in the trap” huh? You know I have anticipation increasing like crazy to hear it… ESPECIALLY since it’s gonna be Track No. 7 on this mixtape!! My Rating: N/A

07. “Sittin’ In The Trap” Feat. Bone & Los Ghost
Two featured people on this so it has to be like 4 minutes at least. Hope it iz and once again, tons of anticipation for it!!! >>> Close… I was 15 seconds off. Tha hook (of course) iz tha truth and I love it (as well as tha beat). Glad you’re one state away from where I’m at (Northeast PA) and you’re makin’ down south music like this! You’re not boring at all!! Tha dude on tha 1st verse was DEFINITELY tight! He kept things consistant!! That’s cool that you’re rockin’ a fitted and black dickies. I can’t picture myself wearin’ dickies (and I’m surprised they became “cool” in tha Rap world) all because I had to wear them during high school under a “dress code” (from August 26, 2003 – June 7, 2006). I HATED tha “dress code” but you did yo thang on your verse. Tha dude on tha 3rd verse was tight also! All 3 of ya’ll did ya thang on this!! My Rating: 4.6

08. “Swangin’ On Dem Thangz”
Tha way tha title looks it’s like it’s tellin’ me that this gon be H-Town influenced… We’ll see how right I am, lol. >>> GOOD JOB you shouted out 3rd Shift a.k.a. The Cincinnati Monster ( )!! He do his thang when it comes to tha beats and tha artists he iz affiliated wit (e.g. you, Famous Stranger, Oba Rowland)!! Beat iz pretty good even though it’s already tight ‘cause I feel like it’s in tha background and I’m bein’ absorbed to listenin’ to tha hook and verses. Hook was tight (especially wit tha “swangin’ on ‘em” in tha background). Now Bossy, you’re rappin’ TIGHT on this ‘cause you’re just showin’ yo skillz on this beat! I can TELL you were hungry for this beat and makin’ this song ‘cause you be rappin’ on point on it!! This ain’t just an H-Town sound, but it’s a WHOLE southern vibe and I LOVE IT!!! Your music reminds me of shit from Louisiana ‘cause I first heard you on Crescent City Radio wit Alex McConduit (since he breaks a lot of new Louisiana artists). Feelin’ this more than tha “Sittin’ In The Trap” song… WOW! My Rating: 4.7

09. “How You Like It” Feat. Sahara a.k.a. The Missez
When I first peeked and saw tha “Sahara” in tha ID, I was hopin’ it was in tha title but it’s in tha featured artist’s name. Hopefully she (it looks like a “she”) iz good and this joint (‘cause of tha title) might be for tha clubs (that’s what I predict). Let’s see… >>> I’m REAL GLAD you checked in right before this joint popped off. That Sahara girl sounds hot wit her “face down, my ass up” part. That makes it a tight hook on a different type of song from you! I’m enjoyin’ your rappin’ on this, especially soundin’ different from tha previous jointz of yours. Really feelin’ it and tha beat iz nice. Her rappin’ part on tha 2nd verse was pretty good. This must be poppin’ off in tha local clubs huh? I like tha “ass on her. OOH she got an ass on her!” parts! Ooh I’m likin’ her “yup, I’m a bad bitch!” parts! I’m glad this girl iz a “turn on”. :) Ooh I like that beat at tha end! Sounds like Famous Stranger “The YFL”!! My Rating: 4.3

10. “My Dougie (Remix)” – Lil’ Wil Feat. Lil’ Bossy
I don’t even know if his name was wit two “l”’s or one… But I already have a remix (wit Natureboy Rowe) of this so I might pass on this… Aah I’ll listen. ;) >>> Ooh that beat at tha end (that sounded like “The YFL”) iz tha beat for this! What’s wit tha clean version of Lil’ Wil? :( I attempted to do this dance but I couldn’t. I think there’s too much movements all at once and it’s kinda fast for me… Soulja Boy Tell’em did it in tha new Bow Wow/Soulja Boy Tell’em “Marco Polo” video and I was like “EWE!!!” (“ewe” iz my sayin’ for somethin’ funny or exciting in an odd way). Who’s that dude on tha 2nd verse? No ID and it doesn’t sound like you. I like all tha “girbaud” parts. Glad they’re “saggin’” ‘cause that’s tha style right there. 2nd verse sounds good tho. Ooh I hear you comin’ up on tha 3rd verse… Yeah great start! You got your “fresh on”. :tu You still got those dickies on, lol? It’s all good ‘cause you “fresh” so they ain’t gon get “non-fresh”. You did tha damn thang on this dawg. Real good shit!! And how weird: wit same original artist + original title, this ain’t a “jacked beat” so I’m glad you went a different route and got a different beat for another remix. Great remix. I like it a lil’ better than tha one I have wit Natureboy Rowe (which iz over tha original beat). My Rating: 4.4

11. “Ain’t Gon Let Up (Remix)” – D.G. Yola Feat. Lil’ Bossy
Will this have tha same forumla as tha “My Dougie (Remix)”? I HOPE so as this was a HOTTER joint IMO!! >>> Yup same formula!! Tha beat iz SO unexpected and great!! Not bad although surprisingly, I’m likin’ “My Dougie (Remix)” a lot better… I’m glad you’re rappin’ for a long time on this. You’re keepin’ my head up. Great consistant rappin’ of you on this. My Rating: 3.7

½time: Well mostly all of tha songs I loved on a 1st listen! You are not just good at making one song (“Where You Been At?”); you know how to make a LOT of great songs!! I love when I hear you rap and I got yo back dawg. Holla at me if you need anything. I’ll get it to you ASAP! I wonder what tha last 11 jointz are…!!!

12. How To Get Mr. King To Host Your Tape
A different interlude… Hope it’s you speaking… Let’s see what’s goin’ on. >>> Okay I underrated it, lol. I thought it was gonna be a lil’ boring and be someone else sayin’ “to get Mr. King to host your tape, do this *insert here* and this *insert here*” but no, it was you and you said it in a way that it was real cool to hear! This iz me: I really like when rappers say “dawg” ‘cause it’s my favorite slang term in tha Rap world. You said it so many times so I really liked tha interlude! You delivered tha message right: you gotta spend big money to get bigger money. I agree wit that. Look what happened to me on June 23, 2008 (just a month and a week ago): I had won $21 on scratch-off lottery tickets. I was originally gonna get a $5 scratch-off but I decided to go 4x higher and buy a $20 scratch-off. I bought a $1 one too. I won $1 on tha $1 ticket and $500 on tha $20 one!! I cashed tha $1 one in at a different store, bought a small $1 ticket and I won $90 bucks!!! Cashed them in tha next day and I went a lil’ nuts wit buyin’ tickets (‘cause they came out wit new tickets), spent $56 and I won $150! I was on my grind for those 2 dayz! It felt good. I know you makin’ more money than this tho, lol. I been hustlin’ wit scratch-offs for a decade now (since Age 10). My Rating: N/A

13. “On It” Feat. Los Ghost & Tha Doe Chaser
I like that name “Tha Doe Chaser”. Wonder what he and this joint gon sound like…? >>> 1st dude sounds like Travis McCoy from tha Gym Class Heroes… Pretty good for tha beginning part on him. Oh wait, that 1st dude did tha hook? Didn’t expect that to be tha hook. Tha 2nd dude (I think on tha 1st verse) sounded great. Wow iz that you or someone else on tha 2nd verse? Sounds like someone else (I’ll guess Tha Doe Chaser). SOOOOOOOOOOO FASSSSSSSSSSST!!! REAL TIGHT tho, especially tha very end of that verse wit tha “o’s” part! Okay I can’t keep up wit who’s who on this joint. You must’ve been doin’ that SOOOOOOOOOOOO FASSSSSSSSST shit on here Bossy. Tha 3rd verse was okay tho… I felt tha vibe throughout this joint and that “unexpected hook” iz tight! Beat iz too. :tu My Rating: 4.3

14. “From Tha E” Feat. Big Keyz
What’s tha “E”? You’re from *checks your Myspace ‘cause I can’t spell it…* Akron, Ohio. What’s this “E”? I guess I’ll find out… >>> Good it went RIGHT into it! Its got a lil’ rock feel in tha hook. I like that hook! Those Big Keyz dudes make this track pretty good. Oh look who appeared outta nowhere when tha track rewound… YOU! REAL GLAD you interrupted tha track for a second! So I see it’s tha East. I don’t know why my mind was thrown off but yeah, I’m from tha “E” too. Good vibe to this joint too. Yeah, “put ‘em on tha map like instantly” <- 2="" as="" different="" i="" instantly="" joint="" liked="" line="" on="" part="" really="" s="" so="" sound="" sup="" tha="" that="" think="" this="" tight.="" was="" you="">nd
verse). Was this recorded a while ago? It still sounds like you went hard so that’s watz good. This whole joint was real tight and I love it, especially since it’s an anthem wit a TIGHT beat!! Yeah “you’re dat nigga” Bossy. I agree wit you sayin’ that. :tu My Rating: 4.6

15. “All Day” Feat. D-Man
D-Man iz back on another joint so let’s see this joint… Oh and yes, you do keep it 100 “all day”, err-day dawg. >>> A shorter one @ 2:46 on tha length. D-Man sounds 25% like Common and sounds pretty good on this. Not 100% sure if I can get into that beat… It’s a lil’ different from what I’ve been listenin’ to on here… Okay you’re on tha hook and it’s pretty good. Glad you’re “always posted in tha spot.” :tu You’re doin’ that fast rappin’ again and I’m lovin’ it! REALLY, REALLY LOVE IT!! Wow what a comeback from what I said about tha beat! I guess this iz another track you were REAL HUNGRY to do yo thang on!! Sounded like them dudes Joey Jihad & Meek Mill on your rappin’ (‘cause they rap fast sometimes and I love it). :tu My Rating: 4.2 (would’ve been like a 3.7 if it wasn’t for your rappin’)

16. “Shawty Got Ass On Her Pt. 2”
This was tha 1st song I saw on your Myspace player… Oh you need to go on Myspace ‘cause I friend requested you on tha 26th and I don’t think you went on since then (I requested you at night time so you didn’t get it yet). This iz tha No. 16 joint so I gots my faith for it… Expecting a huge club banger!!! >>> Oh yeah at first I didn’t think it was this joint ‘cause of tha Lil’ Wayne “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” sample in tha background wit that “how you want it? Show me my opponent” part. Oh and because this joint sounds NICE and FAST, I’m like typing 100 words a minute as I’m writing this! Great combination!! I wish I could just keep typing and typing and typing to this. This’ll make me feel good but I’mma just listen to tha song and review it! You did yo thang on tha 1st verse. This sounds like it would make tha clubs INSANE… It has tha same club type level as that previous club banger (tha one wit tha Sahara girl on here), only this iz a lot faster so I give this tha thumbs up!! OH NO IT’S ENDING!!! :cry: :cry: REAL GLAD you switched thingz up and put a fast song on here!! My Rating: 4.7

17. Loyalty Interlude
Ooh yes another interlude!!! And by tha name of it, it looks like you talkin’ to them “loyal” folks out there (I’m one of them). Gettin’ ready to hear it!!! >>> Yup another great interlude from you (keep doin’ ‘em)!! Keep gettin’ those loyal fans ‘cause they’ll really help you… I know I am wit this review right now! ;) By all those “R.N.M.”s, it sounds like tha next joint could be called “Real Nigga Movement” (and I didn’t look at tha full tracklisting; I’m goin’ 1 by 1). My Rating: N/A

18. “Fedz Watchin’”
I was wrong about guessin’ tha title but I love this title a lot more as it’s about dodging tha cops and snitches!! Let’s hear it!! HUGE ANTICIPATION!! >>> Yeah, I agree. “It’s ‘posed to be L.O.E. (what you said before; “Loyalty Over Everything) when niggaz floppin’.” Great line to put at tha end of tha hook! This joint sounds somethin’ like Meek Mill from Philly would make. You sound a lil’ like him on this joint and tha topic of this joint too. Too bad it’s only 2 minutes, 13 seconds. It was REAL TIGHT for that short of length! I’m glad you did it acapella at tha end!! My Rating: 4.7

19. Trying Not To Cry Interlude
I sometimes can’t get into tha jointz where it’s real personal about someone (like if someone died or somethin’) but we’ll see what’s goin’ on wit this. Hope you didn’t lose someone so special to you… >>> Okay it sounds a lil’ upsetting that your dude died. I didn’t experience any of my friends (I barely have any; none in my area) dying but I only experienced 3 deaths in my life: my uncle Rash (who I barely saw; saw twice) died July 11, 2000, my grandpa Pat (who had tha saddest death) died December 1, 2004 and my “somewhat” step dad Frank (who I saw a bunch of times. I saw him more than Rash but never was close to him) died August 24, 2007. I can just imagine what people like you (and a bunch of other rappers) have to deal wit when someone so close dies. It must be real upsetting. Even though I wasn’t so close to that “somewhat” step dad Frank that died last year, when I have dreams about him, he reverts back to gettin’ better and bein’ able to talk again (since before he died, he was like a vegetable that couldn’t do anything) so I can understand what you’re sayin’ about your dude talkin’ in tha beginnin’ and you recordin’ it. Let’s hear tha joint now… My Rating: N/A

20. “Trying Not To Cry” Feat. Sahara
Tha girl Sahara on this one too? She switchin’ up styles I guess. Not sure how I will rate it but here it goes… >>> It’s long too wit it bein’ 5 minutes, 45 seconds long. What’s goin’ on in tha beginnin’? Sounds like a house party… Not sure… Okay it’s ending at 1:10; it’s calmin’ down. At tha 1:59 mark, you came in and told tha DJ to rewind it back. That’s good that you got “his name tattooed” on you. Tha hook iz definitely on some original shit so it’s not like a sample or anything. She sounds good on it, especially when she says “nigga.” At least you stayin’ fresh at tha funeral (as you say on tha 3rd verse). I don’t know if you said it or not but how did your dude get killed? Okay I can’t rate it too high ‘cause it’s not my type of song but I’ll give it an Actual Song Rating due to it’s a song like this (a song where people call it “real Hip-Hop”). I liked it tho. Good job on it. Actual Song Rating: 4.5 | My Rating: 3.5

21. “Death Callin’” – Veto Feat. Magg & Lil’ Bossy
A sequel joint I see. Lemme hear… >>> I know tha beat, “Just A Moment”, has to do wit tha subject, but I can’t dig that beat. 1st verse sounds good. Oh so your dude got shot… What else could go wrong? Why does everyone I know who died (in tha Rap game) have to get shot? WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!???!?!!?!?!?!!!!?!!? 1st verse was not bad, 2nd verse was good and even better wit tha “resistance” line at tha end. Bossy, you had tha best verse on this. I felt yours tha most on this. Great freestyle from all 3 of ya’ll. Once again, not my type of song so I’ll do another ASR. Actual Song Rating: 4.6 | My Rating: 3.2

22. Bossy Interlude
Okay this’ll prolly be tha last one. Still really anticipating to hear!! >>> Good interlude and outrolude (I just made up a word, lol). My Rating: N/A

23. “Missin’ You” Feat. Bone Doe Chaser & Reggie Reg
Iz this tha same Chaser as tha one on No. 13? I see this iz 3 of these type of songs in a row… I guess you like keepin’ this shit in order and organized so that’s watz good. I guess it’s gonna get sader for tha ending huh? >>> Almost didn’t realize it was tha “Live In The Sky” beat but I listened closely and it iz. Tha pitch increase threw me off. Tha line about tha “kissing” was considered “not bein’ afraid to tell tha truth” so I’m glad you kept it real! Trust me, most people would do ANYTHING to see that special someone again. I REALLY wanna see people that are still alive (that I have NO WAY of seeing; mainly my peeps from Louisiana). Oh and my dog (not dawg/homie) Mandy was a death I really didn’t like. She was my golden retriever dog that died on December 20, 2005. I really miss her and I can’t believe she passed away. That’s upsetting to me. :cry: I’m feelin’ this a lil’ more than tha other 2 previous songs on here. Glad you’re at tha last 30 seconds! You be keepin’ it real!! Actual Song Rating: 4.3 | My Rating: 3.6

Overall: End Time: 9:24 PM. Well Bossy, that was DEFINITELY a REAL HOT mixtape!! I LOVED it and 3rd Shift got yo back strong! He did tha DAMN THANG wit tha beats he made!! Glad you were REAL HUNGRY to prove to them suckas out there that you’re on tha grind all tha time! Keep doin’ yo thang! Lemme call you (I’mma rate it too, lol) right now! >>> Okay that wasn’t you. I couldn’t hear who that was. My Rating: 0.0

Rankings (according to my ratings):

17.       “Death Callin’” – Veto Feat. Magg & Lil’ Bossy 3.2
16.       “Trying Not To Cry” Feat. Sahara 3.5
15.       “Missin’ You” Feat. Bone Doe Chaser & Reggie Reg 3.6
14.       “Ain’t Gon Let Up (Remix)” – D.G. Yola Feat. Lil’ Bossy 3.7
13.       “Real Niggas Don’t Change” Feat. Magg, Veto, Pudgie & D-Man 4.0
12.       “Who The Fuck Is Lil’ Bossy” 4.1
11.        “All Day” Feat. D-Man 4.2
10.       “On It” Feat. Los Ghost & Tha Doe Chaser 4.3
09.       “How You Like It” Feat. Sahara a.k.a. The Missez 4.3
08.       “My Dougie (Remix)” – Lil’ Wil Feat. Lil’ Bossy 4.4
07.       “Dope Boy” 4.4
06.       “From Tha E” Feat. Big Keyz 4.6
05.       “Sittin’ In The Trap” Feat. Bone & Los Ghost 4.6
04.       “Shawty Got Ass On Her Pt. 2” 4.7
03.   “Fedz Watchin’” 4.7
02.   “Swangin’ On Dem Thangz” 4.7
01.   “Where You Been At?” 4.9

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Review #103: Ace Hood "Ace Won’t Fold (Hosted by DJ Khaled)"

Reviewed on 7.21.2008 (Review No. 103)

Watz good it's ya boy Frankie here wit my 103rd review. It's comin' from my big dawg Ace Hood out there doin' it big! I finally got tha chance to get to this review so I'mma do it and hear more music from him! I saw him promote it on "Mixtape Monday" like 1-2 months ago when MTV Jams showed a lil' of it. Here goes my review for Ace Hood "Ace Won't Fold (Hosted by DJ Khaled)". BTW, happy birthday to my boy LeAnthony today. Start Time: 7:41 PM | Video Game Playing: Wave Race 64 (for Nintendo 64) (on my computer)

01. DJ Khaled Intro
I know I hate him screamin' through tracks but let's see what he did for an intro. He should just be tha DJ of tha track and not scream so much in tha beginning all tha time. I saw it turn off a lot of people. >>> I see they put tha "Cash Flow" beat in tha beginning. That's cool. My Rating: N/A

02. "Cash Flow" Feat. T-Pain, Rick Ross & DJ Khaled
Yeah DJ Khaled was listed as bein' featured on this when I first got it (due to he's in tha beginning). But I feel like this song NEVA gets old!! It just has been REAL TIGHT for tha last 19 weeks that I had this song. Great video too. Ace Hood doin' his thang! Not really likin' DJ Khaled screamin' through this. That's why I prefer it without him in tha song (excluding tha intro). I saw this play on NY's Hot 97 like February 29, 2008. They had it before a lot of people (tha 1st ones on my sources) and I got it 8 dayz later (around). I also like tha name of this mixtape, especially when Rick Ross said it at tha end of this verse, "Ace Won't Fold". My Current Rating: 4.8 (it would've been like 3.5 if I would've including DJ Khaled throughout it)

03. "We Here (Dunn Dunn)"
I remember them givin' this a preview on "Mixtape Monday". Ace spittin' flames on that "Dunn Dunn" beat. Here goes my listen + review! >>> So short @ 1 minute, 48 seconds long. This shit iz hella tight. Love tha fast rappin' in tha beginning! You kept it gutta throughout tha whole freestyle, especially wit tha "swallow tha steel" part. My Rating: 4.3

04. "I'm Me (Freestyle)"
I wonder… are you gonna rap fast on this? I think it gon be slow rappin' but I'm curious to see what you gon spit! >>> Yeah, "you're tha shit like your asshole." That was a tight line. Sounds real nice in tha beginning so far! Yeah I definitely am lovin' your rappin' 'cause of tha gutta style. No wonder why you gon call your album "Gutta". You're showin' tha side that was left out of "Tha Carter III" (that gutta side). Keep this shit comin'! Lovin' all tha consistantness! DJ Khaled should just stick to intros! My Rating: 4.4

05. "Lollipop (Freestyle)"
Because you're doin' tha damn thang, I'm not really mindin' that it's jacked beats. Lemme hear you on this beat! >>> I notice how every person who has rapped over this beat has used tha auto-tone effect. Ace, you sounded real good on this too. You sound like a real young kid on tha 2nd verse wit that auto-toned voice (no offense). They should've taken out tha Lil' Wayne/Static Major chorus on this. Natureboy Rowe rapped on this beat and there was no Lil' Wayne/Static Major part. My Rating: 3.8

06. "Collection Plate"
Hopefully this iz an original/new song. I got a lot of anticipation for it! >>> Sounds like it!! Sounds like a Scott Storch/"Make It Rain" beat. Very good start and nice hook too. Glad to hear you on tha 1st verse! Tha whole thing was tight and crazy! So I hear that Cool & Dre produced it (DJ Khaled said it at tha end). Real nice track right here! My Rating: 4.5

07. "Realest Nigga (Freestyle)"
So now we're goin' back in tha day wit our beats I see (back to 2002/2003 wit this one). Lemme hear you on it! >>> Okay I was wrong about tha beat. I thought tha beat was "Realest Killaz/Niggaz" by 50 Cent & Biggie but no, it's a Jeezy beat. Yeah that beat real tight. I like that "I'm a star, come visit me by Pluto" line. Tight shit again. My Rating: 4.2

½time: Mainly it has been jacked beats but tha shit iz real nice so far. You got yourself a tight set of jointz right here! No wonder why you stood out for DJ Khaled!

08. "Paper Touchin' (Freestyle)"
I think this another jacked beat… >>> Yeah I'm pretty sure this iz that Red Café beat. It sounds good wit Ace touchin' it. Yeah I heard Red Café at tha end so I guess it should be labeled as a "freestyle" also. I'm gonna put that in tha ID. Good shit tho. My Rating: 4.0

09. "400 Degreez (Freestyle)"
I think tha 2nd ½ of tha songs there's no "freestyle" labeled in tha ID. I don't mind 'cause I'm just gonna put it in there anyway. Lemme get into this joint and hear it! >>> Yeah this iz a jacked Louisiana beat (Juvenile's I'm guessin'). I'm lookin' forward to hearin' what Ace gon say on a Louisiana beat again! Good shit. I suggest that you try to avoid sayin' some of tha shit you said already in "Cash Flow" (like wit tha "afflex" (sp?) and tha "cash flow" parts). My Rating: 3.8

10. "Ace Life (Freestyle)"
Definitely lookin' forward to this. Gon hear more shit about you so this gon be good! >>> This another freestyle. I think this over tha "Big Dreams" beat by The Game. I like that you got "girbauds" (as you said around tha 1:20 mark). Good shit Ace! I liked tha whole "backpack" line wit "havin' tha clip in your backpack." My God DJ Khaled how many times are you gonna repeat yourself?!? My Rating: 4.3

11. "Vibin' (Freestyle)" Feat. Piccalo
Oh now it says "freestyle". They forgot to label it on Tracks 8-10, smh. Anyway, not sure of what beat to expect so let's see… >>> Whoever had this joint first made it sound real good. Oh that's Dezlock (sp?) a.k.a. Piccalo who had this first. Good hook by him. I don't even remember your part 'cause Piccalo rapped throughout tha whole song. None of my sources got this song (or didn't get it yet) but Hot 97 and Music Choice Rap played "Stick & Roll" this year. My Rating: 4.2

12. "Back In The Days (Freestyle)" Feat. Trick Daddy
>>> Okay it's over a Trick Daddy beat. Your whole 2 minutes in this joint was definitely tight. Great gutta shit. Trick Daddy aight on it. Pretty good hook too. You easily shined on this joint. That's tha only part I really liked. Again, this didn't list it as a "freestyle". My Rating: 4.1

13. "Naked Hustle (Freestyle)"
I wonder what this gon be over? >>> Not really likin' where tha original artist iz singin'/rappin' more. I totally forgot what you said on this so I'm rewinding it… Aight. This was tha least one I was feelin'. This can pass. My Rating: 3.2

14. "Picture Me Rollin' (Freestyle)"
How will it end? >>> I don't like how tha original artist iz in tha background all tha time through this. This another freestyle (which it didn't list). This beat iz great for you and your part was great. I just didn't like tha background parts (I think it was Tupac or someone). LOL @ tha last few seconds. It started tha very beginning of tha mixtape and then just ended. My Rating: 4.2

Overall: End Time: 8:32 PM. Well Ace, you have yourself a great start right here! "Cash Flow" iz still tha shit and this mixtape was tha warm-up to introduce yourself. I see why you rapped on all those jacked beats (so people can pay attention to your lyrics). I can just imagine what new material would be like over original beats of yours. That album should be tight and I'll be lookin' forward to new shit of yours (over original beats)!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

13. "Naked Hustle (Freestyle)" 3.2
12. "400 Degreez (Freestyle)" 3.8
11. "Lollipop (Freestyle)" 3.8
10. "Paper Touchin' (Freestyle)" 4.0
09. "Back In The Days (Freestyle)" Feat. Trick Daddy 4.1
08. "Realest Nigga (Freestyle)" 4.2
07. "Picture Me Rollin' (Freestyle)" 4.2
06. "Vibin' (Freestyle)" Feat. Piccalo 4.2
05. "We Here (Dunn Dunn)" 4.3
04. "Ace Life (Freestyle)" 4.3
03. "I'm Me (Freestyle)" 4.4
02. "Collection Plate" 4.5
01. "Cash Flow" Feat. T-Pain, Rick Ross & DJ Khaled 4.8

Theme Song Video #02: "The Tuesday Night Throwdown with Big Money Matt"

"The Tuesday Night Throwdown with Big Money Matt"

Theme Song Created by: FrankieThaLuckyDog
Edited by: FrankieThaLuckyDog on 7.21.2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Review #102: Meek Mill "Flamers"

Reviewed on 7.16.2008 (Review No. 102)

Watz good it's ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog here. I finna do another review. I'm keepin' my anticipation high wit all these REAL TIGHT mixtapes. It continues wit my boy Meek Mill from Philly. He has already been doin' HUGE THINGZ in 2008 thanx to a HOT verse on Joey Jihad's "Bossman", which iz tha BEST SONG I've played so far in 2008. It has a record-setting 500+ spins wit me (tha most EVA and still going)!! And once again, I'm gonna post a lil' history on how I know who Meek Mill iz: On February 19, 2008, I met this dude Juice (who's close to Philly). We became real cool and when we'd chill in his dorm room, he would play Joey Jihad's "Tha Big Dog Yard" mixtape. This song, "Bossman", caught my attention in a HUGE way when I heard tha sample part in tha beginning (which I can't tell exactly what's said) "I'm tha big dog, [?], [?] you puppies." I liked tha whole mix of a screwed sample wit a gutta feel in tha song (since it's a Philly song) so finally, on March 13, 2008, I asked Juice to write it down. He wrote "Bossman – Joey Jihad". I then downloaded it and saw that Meek Mill was also on it so I felt his verse a lot. Tha joint was crazy and on March 31, 2008, I reviewed Joey Jihad's "Tha Big Dog Yard" mixtape and gave "Bossman" a PERFECT RATING of 5.0/5.0. A day later, Meek Mill added me on my music Myspace page. I felt appreciated and then most recently, on June 24, 2008, my boy Juice wrote on my page that there's a new Meek Mill mixtape out called "Flamers" so I had a huge anticipation on finding it. I found it easily and now I'm finally gonna listen to it and review it. I'm expecting gutta shit so I know Meek Mill iz gonna do it!! Here goes my anticipated review for Meek Mill "Flamers" and it's mixed by DJ Difference so he'll prolly mix it good! Start Time: 4:53 PM | Video Game Playing: Wave Race 64 (for Nintendo 64) (on my computer)

01. Intro
Let's see what tha intro gon sound like. I hope it's Meek Mill, but if it's DJ Difference, then that's okay. >>> Yes it was you Meek Mill. Good intro. Wondering what to expect when tha next joint plays! My Rating: N/A

02. "Boss (Freestyle)"
Ooh a freestyle first. I wonder what beat this iz over… By tha looks of tha title, it looks like it'll be "The Boss" by Rick Ross & T-Pain. That's my guess. Let's see… >>> I was correct and how weird, speaking of me discovering you from my boy Juice, this song (tha original) will always remind me of Juice 'cause he always played it in tha beginning of March and I'm glad you're rappin' over this beat. That's a double special right there! I'm glad it's 3 minutes, 2 seconds long (unlike most freestyles that are like 1-2 minutes). Yeah just like Joey Jihad, you got that real consistant flow that just doesn't stop and doesn't get boring. It's really jammin' and all tha shit you spittin' iz real tight. Yeah I can agree on why you picked this beat. Mainly 'cause you are a "boss". Good shit!! My Rating: 4.3

03. "Fuck Bitches, Get Money" Feat. Black Deniro & NH
I agree wit that. That's tha No. 1 thing when it comes to rappers. I be gettin' money a lot too and I save it a lot. This should be gutta so I HOPE it's at least 3.5 minutes long! Got my anticipation right here!! >>> Yup 7 seconds longer than 3.5 minutes so this'll be good. A different type of beat that sounds tight. Ooh tha hook sounds tight, that girl's voice sounds tight and it reminds me a lil' of Dipset. I like what you're spittin' here. You'll "shit on niggas like a diaper." That was a real good line. I agree wit that. Black Deniro did his thang on tha 2nd verse. Oh he's on tha 3rd verse too I see (or iz that someone else). I like that real fast rapid-rappin' in tha beginning of tha 3rd verse! Good 3rd verse too. Good shit right here and perfect for tha streets! My Rating: 4.2
EDIT: Yeah it iz someone else on tha 3rd verse (NH). I'm now lookin' at tha back cover (I have this downloaded).

04. "First Of All"
If this iz a song, then I definitely like tha title! Anticipated to hear what it iz! >>> It looks like it and sounds like it (since it's close to 2 minutes long). Okay, I hear tha beat kick in. I'm glad you spit a lot of real shit on this. Good job for that and a good length for it too. My Rating: 3.8

05. "In My Bag"
Okay this I'm definitely anticipating! I can tell it's somethin' gutta/gangsta so here I go!! >>> Ooh a better length at almost 4 minutes! Okay pretty good hook and you rappin' non-stop makes me feel this. Damn, I HOPE I can get someway to get to hang wit my boy Juice during tha Fall 2008 semester (since I graduated from my college and he's only on his 2nd semester out of 4—I'm now at a different college and I have no transportation). He would be playin' this (he prolly iz right now) so much and that would make me like it more. I think I would've liked tha hook more if it was somethin' like (which I was predicting) "I got tha pounds stashed in my bag" or "I got tha chopper in my bag." My Rating: 4.0

06. "Stand Up Nigga" Feat. Nitty & Black Deniro
I agree. You are tha type of "stand up" dude that will NEVA fall or fail! Let's see how this collabo gon turn out to be! >>> Ooh 4 minutes, 20 seconds. Tha beat intro iz tight. Hook iz definitely tight and you on tha 1st verse iz tight. As soon as 1:28 came (about tha "purp by tha pound" / "work" parts), I was definitely feelin' that and I love anything about tha trap and when rappers rap about drugs. Tha 2nd verse was tight too! I'm glad you're on tha hook 'cause you sound great on it! On tha 3rd verse, I like tha "boomerang" part. Tha whole song was real tight! My Rating: 4.5

07. "A Milli (Freestyle)" Feat. Gillie Da Kid, Bump & Peedi Crakk
This another song I discovered also when hangin' wit my boy Juice back in April. Since then, look how many people have rapped over "A Milli": Jay-Z, Weezy, Cory Gunz, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, a bunch others and now you. You'll prolly do great on it! Lemme hear! >>> Yes it's almost 5 minutes long!! Iz that Gillie Da Kid on tha 1st verse? I think that iz. That's REAL TIGHT! I'm gonna kick a lil' somethin' real quick… "Meek Milly in here, spittin' Philly game to them queers…" Yeah this iz soundin' real great. 2nd dude iz real good wit all that fast rappin'!! Good thing "shawty's wet like fallin' rain." FINALLY here's Meek Mill on tha 3rd part! When you laughed while you were spittin', it sounded like Weezy no less, lol. I guess Peedi Crakk iz on tha 4th part. Too bad they left all tha featured people outta tha ID. I'm gonna fix that when this ends! This sounds like it's edited or somethin'… Great shit all tha way through! My Rating: 4.4

08. "I'ma Gangsta" Feat. Young Pooe
A different artist on tha feature this time. Really lookin' forward to this "gangsta" joint! >>> Okay let's see what you gon spit on this "That's Gangsta" beat… You're spittin' hot shit right here. I hope your boy Little gets out soon. Too many people locked up. Young Pooe sounds pretty good. He sounds like one of tha Diplomats. Meek Mill had a better verse IMO on this. My Rating: 4.2

09. "Rat"
This should be good also. People BETTA NOT "rat" on anyone in tha business! >>> I hear tha hook right away. You talkin' to them snitch-ass-pussies. Already lovin' tha beginnin' of tha 1st verse!! I like tha line "I'll control 'em like controllers." I also like tha "Flames-R-Us" line too. This iz currently tha best song on here!! I like tha "got him booked up, like a library" line. My God, this iz JUST AS GOOD as your verse in "Bossman", only this iz prolly better than your verse in "Bossman" only 'cause it's 3 VERSES from you and a HOOK!! My Rating: 4.8

½time: Pretty good so far. Definitely feelin' it. "Rat" DEFINITELY took tha mixtape by storm so far! HOPE there's more songs like that on here! It was CRAZY!!!

10. Skit
Kickin' off tha 2nd ½ wit a skit. I definitely wanna hear what you got to say dawg. >>> If that's tha next song, I'm DEFINITELY anticipated for it!! My Rating: N/A

11. "In My Bag (Remix)" Feat. Gillie Da Kid & Cassidy
Okay it's a remix to this. Even Cassidy iz on it so I DEFINITELY wanna hear what's poppin' wit this!! >>> Tha intro sounds a lot better than when I first heard it! You sound REAL GOOD on tha 1st verse!! I like when Gillie said "I killed this beat, gon and put some flowers on it." Gillie did his thang on tha 2nd verse! Music Choice Rap should get this 'cause of Gillie & Cassidy. Hope they do! Cassidy sounded good too. I think you had tha best verse and Gillie added a nice mainstream taste to it. I feel this joint a lot more from when I heard tha original originally. My Rating: 4.4

12. "Freestyle"
An untitled freestyle. Let's see… I bet'cha I'll be surprised… >>> Okay I don't know tha beat but I thought that was "Dey Know" in tha beginning. I really like it. I have an idea that I know tha beat but I guess I can't think of anything. You DEFINITELY did yo thang on this. And this iz weird: because my 18 year old brother has been recently been on drugs, my mom found out from somewhere that tha area I'm in (which iz close to Archbald, PA) has a higher drug rate than Philly. I was like "really?" And there's mainly white people where I'm at that don't fuck wit Rap music (which really sux). Either way, my area iz on some boring-ass shit. That's why I rep my hometown (Long Island, NY) to tha fullest! My Rating: 4.4

13. "Freestyle" Feat. Black Deniro
Another freestyle I see. Gonna see what you did wit Black Deniro again. >>> I don't know about that beat… A lil' soft in tha beginning… Neva mind it kicked in a lil' but I dunno… Thanx to you, I don't think tha beat iz bad at all. You just do yo thang on it wit all that HOT RAPPIN'!! Black Deniro had a great flow and did great. When he said "listen," it reminded me of my boy Pitt from college (when I recorded him freestylin' to me, he said that a few times). Good short 3rd verse by you again. You did it REAL GOOD on tha 1st verse! My Rating: 4.3

14. Gillie Da Kid Skit
Gillie Da Kid on here a 3rd time I see. That's watz good. Let'se hear his good advice for you. >>> Yeah Gillie keeps it gutta all day, err-day. Nobody fuck wit him! And I like how he said "BIIIIATCH!!" My Rating: N/A

15. "Do Dat Dere" Feat. Gillie Da Kid & Oschino
Okay let's see what tha 3 of ya'll did to this beat. You'll make it A LOT BETTER than tha original I can easily predict! >>> Damn you just DON'T STOP!! You KILL it EVERY TIME!! As soon as you started talkin' about tha "kush," that sounded a lot better!! REAL GOOD verse by you! Gillie's part was good but your's was like at least 10x better! Oschino was real good on his part. Like how he's just rappin' non-stop! As corny as tha original was, you guys, especially you Meek, KILLED IT on here! My Rating: 4.5

Question: Where's Joey Jihad? He hasn't made any appearances yet?

16. "On The Block (Remix)" Feat. Joey Jihad & Cyss
*Laughs* OMG I just wrote right before I saw this song "where's Joey Jihad?" and now, FINALLY, here he iz (lol @ jynxing myself)!! Definitely HUGE ANTICIPATION on this remix! And since it's called "On The Block", I'm sure it gon be a REAL TIGHT joint, ESPECIALLY since I have LOTS OF FAITH for any No. 16 joint on any CD!! >>> Yes it's almost 5 minutes long!! I can't tell which voice iz yours at first. I think that's you on tha 1st verse. BTW, that hook was REAL TIGHT and so iz this beat!!! BEST BEAT ON HERE!!! Okay I hear Joey on tha 2nd verse. Now I can easily tell it's him. I like that "softer than my matrice" line! Joey Jihad DEFINITELY did his thang!! A pretty good 3rd verse too. Ooh there's a 4th verse! That 4th verse was REAL TIGHT! I liked that cold ending too! One main reason why I really love this song iz just like "Bossman", it combines a dirty south feel (like wit tha hook) wit HOT/CRAZY rhymes (and even a beat that sounds like a dirty south beat almost)! Perfect rating from me! It's about time a No. 16 song gets a perfect rating! My Rating: 5.0

17. "I'm Not A Rapper"
This should be interesting, especially comin' after that BANGIN' JOINT "On The Block (Remix)"! Lemme guess: you're "not a rapper." You're "a trapper"? Just takin' a guess… >>> Ooh wow another LONG song at 4 minutes, 44 seconds!! Tha beat has it goin' on in tha beginning!! Wow I was right about tha "not a rapper / a trapper" prediction! Sounds REAL TIGHT too!! Wow you had yourself a REAL TIGHT 1st verse!!! That beat sounds like The Runners' production a lil'. Once again, sounds like it has that "dirty south" feel/influence so I love it!!!! You had a GREAT 2nd verse too! You say you "ain't got a milli," but I predict you'll have one easily soon/one day! You deserve it!! Yeah "you 'bout to blow like a bomb." You got yourself ANOTHER VERY HIGH RATED SONG from me right here!!! Tight hook too! My Rating: 4.9

18. "My Niggas Gone Ride"
I said in my head "not an outro right?" and it's not! I hope this iz another REAL TIGHT joint 'cause you had yourself 2 VERY VERY HIGH RATED songs from me just now!! HUGE ANTICIPATION!!! >>> Yup this iz 3 in a row that's REAL SPECIAL! Another "dirty south" sounding song and I LOVE IT!! Tha hook iz REAL TIGHT and (of course) your rhymes are just too tight!! REAL JAMMIN' right here!!! My Rating: 4.8

Overall: End Time: 6:20 PM. Well at first I was like "pretty good start. I'm definitely feelin' it," but as soon as tha ending came, things got REALLY HEATED!! Those last few songs DEFINITELY caught my attention and made me give you REAL GOOD ratings!! Although I think Joey Jihad's "Tha Big Dog Yard" mixtape iz better, yours iz a VERY GOOD mixtape, VERY GOOD! Your rhymes are just EXTREMELY WICKED and you keep it raw and gutta! That's what I love when it comes to Rap music! DEFINITELY one of my favorite rappers! I'mma make sure when I go on my music page that I put you under my influences and make you a major influence by bolding your name! And how weird: on tha Joey Jihad mixtape, he had tha whole thing on lock and you had one feature. On your mixtape, you had tha whole thing on lock and he had one feature. That's weird, and I gave both songs a 5.0 rating. Well you and Joey keep workin' together in tha music bu$ine$$ 'cause you guys are RAW!!! And speaking of "raw", I'm gonna review/listen to Chic Raw's mixtape, "What You Expect From Me", soon. Once again, shout out to my boy Juice for makin' me discover you and I really hope you really like this review! I'm addin' this shit to my iPod ASAP!!

Rankings (according to ratings):

15. "First Of All" 3.8
14. "In My Bag" 4.0
13. "I'ma Gangsta" Feat. Young Pooe 4.2
12. "Fuck Bitches, Get Money" Feat. Black Deniro & NH 4.2
11. "Boss (Freestyle)" 4.3
10. "Freestyle" Feat. Black Deniro 4.3
09. "A Milli (Freestyle)" Feat. Gillie Da Kid, Bump & Peedi Crakk 4.4
08. "Freestyle" 4.4
07. "In My Bag (Remix)" Feat. Gillie Da Kid & Cassidy 4.4
06. "Do Dat Dere" Feat. Gillie Da Kid & Oschino 4.5
05. "Stand Up Nigga" Feat. Nitty & Black Deniro 4.5
04. "Rat" 4.8
03. "My Niggas Gone Ride" 4.8
02. "I'm Not A Rapper" 4.9
01. "On The Block (Remix)" Feat. Joey Jihad & Cyss 5.0

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Review #101: Famous Stranger "Guns & Guitars (Strings & Straps)"

Reviewed on 7.15.2008 (Review No. 101)

Watz good it’s ya boy Frankie here and I’m doin’ another review. Right now I have somethin’ I’m very anticipated for. I got this dude reppin’ New Orleans right here. My ma’fuckin’ dawg Famous Stranger!! I got his “Guns & Guitars (Strings & Straps)” mixtape I’m gonna peep out and review (I like that title and combination of tha title by tha way). Now of course before I do tha review, I gotta give ya’ll a history on how I know who Famous Stranger iz. Famous Stranger iz tha very first artist I heard on Crescent City Radio that I had neva heard before (which makes him tha breakthrough underground artist from Crescent City Radio in my opinion). About close to a month ago, I heard this song on Alex McConduit’s show, “The Hip-Hop Spot with Alex McConduit”, called “So Crazy”. Because I heard Alex McConduit talk about tha “Renegade” song by Jay-Z & Eminem a few times, everytime I heard tha intro to “So Crazy”, I thought it was “Renegade”. Now when I listen to Alex McConduit’s shows, I listen to tha whole show in its entirety (including all songs unless they’re way too mainstream like one time I heard Chris Brown & T-Pain “Kiss Kiss”). I then asked Alex what tha song was (‘cause I ripped it) and he told me it was Famous Stranger “So Crazy”. He gave me a Myspace link, , but it was wrong. I asked someone on tha area where this Famous Stranger mixtape iz posted. I asked someone what his Myspace was and someone gave me . I clicked it and added Famous Stranger (as well as adding to my top friends). Anyway, I added “So Crazy” to my playlist on July 4, 2008. It recently has been gettin’ a ton of spins (mainly since I bought a $3 scratch-off lottery ticket book (which iz 100 tickets; it co$t me $300 and I only won $169) and it reminds me of that and scratchin’ lottery tickets). I also added “The YFL” too (it’s sometimes rare that I add 2 songs by tha same artist within a few weeks) thanx to Alex McConduit & 3rd Shift playin’ it last week. I’m glad I got to know Famous Stranger and I’m even MORE GLAD that he wrote me a Myspace message today. That really got me in tha mood EXTREMELY to do this review (this iz tha surprise I promised). Here goes my review for Famous Stranger “Guns & Guitars (Strings & Straps)”. Oh yeah as for tha ratings, I give between 1.0 and 5.0. If I rate somethin’ at least a 4.0, that means I love it already. Anything over 4.0 iz to determine what iz more of my favorite. I rarely give out a 5.0 rating. Start Time: 4:09 PM | Video Game Playing: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest (for Super Nintendo) (on my computer)

01. “Famous Stranger”
Perfect way to start. A self titled song (unless this iz an intro or somethin’). You know I have lots of anticipation for you dawg. Let’s hear what happens when I press play!!! I’m SO EXCITED to get into this mixtape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >>> A VERY GOOD intro wit that beat! Even more anticipation! It would’ve been REAL HOT if you would’ve spit on this beat. That beat was SICK. I’m glad you made an intro outta it. My Rating: N/A

02. “Take Da World”
You DESERVE to “take da world” by storm! High anticipation for this. This’ll be tha 3rd song I heard from you! >>> Another VERY TIGHT beat and I hear your voice. That voice = future $ucce$$!! Feelin’ tha lyrics and tha flow also (I like that “fish” line in tha hook). Tight shit. I’m REAL GLAD I found this mixtape on Dat Piff!! My Rating: 4.3

03. “Rollin’ Hard” Feat. Kyd Wonder
This will prolly “roll hard” so I definitely have a LOT of anticipation for it!! >>> Beat intro iz REAL TIGHT once again! Tha hook iz tight and I just LOVE tha feel of it. Wow Famous Stranger you’re spittin’ some HOT SHIT on tha 1st verse!! Yeah “money will be better for you.” I prolly will give you some (or somethin’) in tha future. You know I got yo back dawg. Tha 2nd verse sounded like Jody Breeze and it was good. I hear you on tha 3rd verse. I just LOVE hearin’ you rappin’. I see there’s 25 jointz on this mixtape. I’m glad there’s a WHOLE LOT of Famous Stranger for me to hear!! My Rating: 4.5

04. “Money Cry”
What could this exactly be about? I’m curious on hearin’… I can’t picture anything. >>> Okay I hear tha hook. Tha money iz considered a female gender and you’re gonna save her. I like that. Good shit. Good thing this ain’t disappointing! Yeah I agree: you’re “tha bomb like suicide.” Definitely a good joint right here. Somebody else would’ve prolly made it disappointing. My Rating: 3.8

05. “Fortune”
This title iz now gonna remind me of your next mixtape comin’ out, “Gamblin’ With Fortune & Fame”. I like that title a lot ‘cause of mainly tha “gamblin’” part (since I have been buying lottery tickets for 10 years now—since I was 10). Let’s hear this one. I’m glad you have a LOT OF HOT PRODUCTION behind you!! Hope this has hot shit too! >>> Oh it’s just a skit. Good for a check-in tho so I’m glad for that. My Rating: N/A

06. “On The Dresser”
I already really like tha title and I’m dying to know how you made it into a song!! >>> I was just about to say… THIS SOUNDS LIKE A JACKED BEAT… BUT IT’S NOT!! Another Crescent City Radio song!! I think Crescent City Radio (or 3rd Shift played this). I’m gonna do some research on this after it ends. Towards around 2:18 where you’re talkin’ about “my dad at work while I’m smokin’ tha purp and I’m finishin’ tha album,” I like that line and I like all tha lines mentioning tha title. :tu My Rating: 4.1
EDIT: Okay I did my research and I did it pretty quick. I guess this iz what 3rd Shift was talkin’ about when he does his beats. He gives ‘em out to a bunch of artists and whateva artist makes tha best version outta tha beat, he puts it on his mixtape. He did that wit your “The YFL” joint. That joint made him change directions in how his next project iz gonna be. So yeah, I heard this on Crescent City Radio last week as it was Oba Rowland “My Niggaz”. No offense but I liked that song better. This was still real good tho. I’m real glad it’s in a different direction than tha Oba Rowland song. That’s when I REALLY like when tha same beat iz used! Good beat!

07. “Mind Jungle”
Another real good title. You DEFINITELY know how to come up wit titles!! Really lookin’ forward as usual!! >>> It gives me a “this sounds interesting! I gotta keep hearing!” feel (like wit when I heard “So Crazy”). It sounded like Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley after tha 1st verse. I like when you say “ya dig.” You said it twice in here so far. Yeah I think tha Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley parts (I’m guessin’ that’s tha hook?) sound a lil’ weird but this iz good. If I was to hear this somewhere (like on Crescent City Radio for example), I’d prolly like it more. I’m definitely addin’ this whole mixtape to my iPod. You’re tha shit!! My Rating: 4.0

08. “Riding Up Da Road”
Another very good title for me. I really like songs about bein’ in tha car ridin’, songs about blowin’ dro and songs about bein’ gangsta (including lines about havin’ tha chopper, etc. etc.) so this should be a good one!! >>> Too bad it’s only 2 minutes, 53 seconds. Should’ve been like 2 minutes longer but I’ll prolly give it a good review. Of course I love when I hear you rap so as soon as tha hook just kicked in, tha beat sounds tight and you doin’ yo thang. :tu Sounds like there iz an ID error as there’s no one listed as a featured artist. That dude on tha 1st verse said “Jimmy Lee”. Iz that his name? Either way, his part was good. Hope you’re on tha 2nd verse! … … Yes you are!! I like how you used tha “n” word twice in a row when you said “I’m dat nigga, nigga.” Of course this joint sounded great. I loved tha hook tha best outta this song. Good job. My Rating: 4.4

09. “Elevadors”
I guess that’s how you spell tha word “elevators” huh? It’s all good. I won’t consider it an error. If it said “Eelvadors” instead, then that would be an error. But curious to know what this gon sound like. >>> Sounds like some old school Weezy on tha 1st verse. This sounds not bad. Tha beat iz pretty good even tho that flute iz kinda odd but it’s all good. I guess you were younger when you recorded this due to it sounds different. My Rating: 3.5

10. “And I Love You”
Dedicated to tha females I’m guessin’… Let’s see if it can be better than No. 9… >>> Only 1 minute, 25 seconds… Good I hear your voice again!! Great beat and I do like that sample in tha background sayin’ tha title! I can’t get enough of sayin’ “I LOVE WHEN YOU RAP!!” It’s true! I liked tha fading out at tha end. No. 9  should’ve been this short, lol. My Rating: 4.2

11. “Da City (Dust Money)”
High anticipation on this. You mentioned “dust money” in one of tha previous songs so I’m gonna wanna hear this!! >>> A HOT intro!! Tha hook sounds pretty tight and your rappin’ always grabs my attention so I can’t stop payin’ attention. Just really feelin’ that beat. My Rating: 4.0

12. “Slum Village”
What could this exactly be about? >>> A short one goin’ at 2 minutes, 4 seconds long. Tha 1st thing that came to my mind about this song before I played it was thinkin’ about tha rappers Slum Village but NO it’s JACKPOT on tha title ‘cause it’s about tha traphouse!!! Sounds great. Too bad it’s VERY short (especially since it was rewinded back). Good shit tho. We’re at tha ½ point of this mixtape now! My Rating: 4.2

½time: DEFINITELY a VERY GOOD mixtape from you dawg! I just CANNOT get enough of when I hear you talk or rap. You are tha shit fo’real and I really hope all your wishes come true!

13. “Dark Sunshine”
Hope this iz a “dark” track!! >>> That whispering in tha beginning about tha gun part sounded like this would be a “dark” track. Now I’m hearin’ tha hook and yeah, I’m feelin’ tha “dark sunshine” of you. I like how you mentioned a part of tha mixtape name in tha hook. :tu Some good shit right here and I’m definitely feelin’ anything you do. :tu Good shit right here once again. My Rating: 4.1

14. “Big Homie”
That’s what I am to you (I’m your “big homie”) and that’s what you are to me (you’re my “big homie”). I have lots of anticipation for this, I HOPE it’s a song and I HOPE it sounds REAL GOOD!! >>> It’s not a song (I just had a feeling when I wrote “I HOPE it’s a song”). But yeah, real good phone call and you gotta “keep them triggers out your face.” People shouldn’t hate on you or stop you from doin’ anything. Fuck tha haterz. You got MAJOR SUPPORT right here from ya boy Frankie!! My Rating: N/A

15. “Quarters, Ounces & Halfs”
I guess you forgot tha comma after “quarters” but who cares about that right now ‘cause this iz a drug song so I’m DYING to hear it!!! BETTER be like 4 minutes long, have a TIGHT beat and LOTS of rappin’ (wit some talkin’) from you!!!!! >>> YES it’s 3 minutes, 47 seconds (that’s real good). Glad you gave “tha money real clean” and that you “gave it a bath.” Definitely feelin’ that beat as it sounds good and consistant. Love your rappin’ again as you have yourself a real good 1st verse. :tu When it comes to this rappin’ shit, you’re DEFINITELY “untamed on a rider’s bike.” That’s comin’ straight from me. :tu I’m glad you doin’ good wit yo hustle game. Tha only hustle I do iz I mainly buy (and find) scratch-off lottery tickets and I’m pretty lucky wit ‘em. My Rating: 4.4

16. “Hustle Wit Dat”
And speaking of a “hustle”, we got it in No. 16’s title! Good consistantness about hustlin’ back 2 back wit No. 15 & No. 16! And I always have faith in any No. 16 song so I HOPE your’s iz REALLY GOOD!! >>> A small one @ 1 minute, 40 seconds on tha length (watch it be real good). I love tha hook as it captured me when you said “I got my money / I got my weed / I’m on them pills.” :tu Once again (wit this bein’ a short joint), I really love tha hook and it was great. It was just too short. My Rating: 4.4

17. “Get Up Out My Way”
Yeah I agree. This iz strictly for them bitch-asses that are in your way. Famous Stranger iz tha MA’FUCKIN’ SHIT!! He ain’t gon be in ANYONE’s way!! Lemme hear what you got to say about this! >>> I guess this iz dedicated to people who are always on you. Yeah I feel that you need to relax here and there. It’s jammin’ and (of course) your rappin’ iz keepin’ me in-tune! I’m really likin’ tha vibe of this joint as it sounds like somethin’ that would be on Lil’ Wayne’s “500 Degreez” CD so I’m glad I’m gettin’ my 2002 vibe on! Good shit! My Rating: 4.3

18. “1 Zone”
Could imagine what this iz about… Hope it’s another song refering to some sort of drug (as tha last 3 were)! >>> Sounds like we slowed it down. Really like how things slowed down at tha beginning! Yeah you’re “a stranger feelin’ famous.” You’re tha shit, ya dig. It sounds like it’s another song referin’ to a drug ‘cause you’re “in a zone.” Good shit. I like tha 2nd verse too (as you were mentionin’ somethin’ about blunts). I really like this slow jam or yours and your slow rappin’ on this. Definitely great shit right here. My Rating: 4.2

19. “Price Tag”
Like tha title and havin’ anticipation on it. :tu >>> Oh YES 5 minutes flat!! That’s tha length and I’m glad we have somethin’ long, ya dig! Good hook and I like that tha “kush in ya face.” Yeah great hook and I’m real glad I’m hearin’ you rappin’! A good line iz “treat ‘em all like dice. Give ‘em a pill and roll ‘em;” consistentness!! My Rating: 4.5

20. “Liquor Split”
If that’s “split” in tha title, then I’ll be really anticipated (just ‘cause of how it sounds wit “liquor”). If it’s just “spilt”, then you got an error. Aight lemme just get into this joint! >>> Ooh another long one (it’s just 7 seconds shorter than tha last joint). Tha intro building up in tha background sounds hot! You sound younger again and that hook iz tight. I’m glad you’re “in your mode!” Iz there featured artists missing in tha ID? I hear someone on tha hook and on tha 2nd hook. Tha 2nd hook sounds tight. I’m glad you’re wearin’ “girbauds” (as you said it on tha 3rd verse). I’m currently rockin’ blue girbaud shorts wit red straps & white letters. It sounds like a mainstream/club banger even tho I like your voice on other tracks. My Rating: 4.4

21. “Got It Made”
>>> Yeah I hear tha “Can’t Tell Me Nothin’” beat so it’s a jacked beat but of course it’s you so I know you gon do yo thang on it. For some reason I feel like I remember hearin’ this on Alex McConduit’s show one time. I can’t tell. Glad that you were “raised by tha high rollers.” Speaking of that line, my Uncle Willy influenced me to get into scratch-off lottery tickets back in about 1998 (as I was 10). Three years later, 2001, a $2 scratch-off lottery ticket called “High Roller” came out. I bought one on March 26, 2001 @ 2:45 PM and I won $200 on it! I was only 12 and it was a VERY GREAT moment of my life! I matched tha $ucce$$ on August 28, 2007 @ 12:35 PM when I found a $200 winning scratch-off. I was REAL HAPPY and just recently, June 23, 2008, I bought a $20 scratch-off and won $500 on it!! Yeah I’m a “high roller” myself and once it’s June 21, 2009, I’ll be hittin’ tha ca$ino$ (since I’ll be 21). And yeah, “you can neva live like a famous stranger.” I agree wit that one. There’s only one Famous Stranger in tha world, who mainly does tha damn thing. That’s you. My Rating: 4.1

22. “Vision Out”
Iz your “vision out” ‘cause of tha kush? I wanna hear and I wanna know if I guessed right! >>> A REAL down south feel on this joint. Sounds like some relaxin’ Devin The Dude joint. Yeah, I agree wit you. You’re not just “crazy,” but you’re “so crazy” (ESPECIALLY when it comes to tha songs)!! This was definitely a nice slow jam (or in your case, a “nice jam to smoke to while chillin’ out”). I definitely liked it. My Rating: 4.2

23. “Crack Enough”
Looks good so I’m anticipated on hearing!! >>> Pretty good start. I’m glad you have “money for dinner.” :tu You sound like you had Lil’ Wayne influenced in you ‘cause this sounds like a Lil’ Wayne type of song. I’m slowly tryin’ to get into it more. I mean, what you’re spittin’ iz definitely tight. Maybe that beat could’ve been a lil’ different. Maybe that would’ve caught some more of my attention but we’ll see if I can grow in tha future on me. My Rating: 3.7

24. “Back Street Carleon”
What could this be? Nice title. >>> It’s a 1 minute flat interlude. Ooh… Another great phone call. I think I liked tha other phone call better tho but good thing for another interlude/skit. My Rating: N/A

25. “Took Da World”
Okay good title again mainly ‘cause on Track No. 2, you decided to “take da world.” Now, at tha end of tha mixtape, you’re proved that you “took da world.” We’ll see which one iz better! >>> Feelin’ that beat intro a lot!! Really like that hook a lot about tha weed and poppin’ a pill. Once again, you got a REAL GOOD voice when it comes to rappin’!! I know it was a lil’ short, but this could be my favorite joint. I just checked what I rated 4.5 and I believe I should rate this a lil’ higher than that to make this my favorite joint. Here ya go: My Rating: 4.6

Overall: End Time: 6:10 PM. I’m glad I took 2 hours and 1 minute to review this for you. Once again, I’m SO GLAD you took tha time out to write me a Myspace message. I was real glad to receive it from you today and I DEFINITELY got yo back. I’m gonna feature this mixtape as a part of my “CDs/Mixtapes To Go Cop” section on Youtube on my “Favorite Rap and R&B Songs of July 2008” video that I’m gonna make prolly July 31st. “So Crazy” has a real good chance at bein’ my “Song Of Tha Month” and “The YFL” will also be featured on there. I told this one dude who I’m REAL COOL wit in New Orleans (Jimmy The DJ) and I told him to check out your music. Who knows… you might be featured on his next mixtape, “Gangsta Gumbo Vol. 3” (he just put out “Gangsta Gumbo Vol. 2” a lil’ over 2 weeks ago). I’m REAL GLAD I got to hear you on Alex McConduit’s shows. That goes to show you that Crescent City Radio iz a GREAT place to get your music played (Big Money Matt played my “Who I Am” joint July 1st). I asked Alex if you have been to any of tha shows and I think he said “naw not yet,” so I hope one day you get to go there. This mixtape was DEFINITELY on some tight shit! Most of tha beats were REAL HOT and I just can’t get enough of your rappin’ and everything you tell tha world. Keep doin’ yo thang dawg and I hope you really like this review! Really lookin’ forward to your response!

Rankings (according to ratings):

21.       “Elevadors” 3.5
20.       “Crack Enough” 3.7
19.       “Money Cry” 3.8
18.       “Da City (Dust Money)” 4.0
17.       “Mind Jungle” 4.0
16.       “Dark Sunshine” 4.1
15.       “Got It Made” 4.1
14.       “On The Dresser” 4.1
13.       “1 Zone” 4.2
12.       “Slum Village” 4.2
11.        “And I Love You” 4.2
10.       “Vision Out” 4.2
09.       “Get Up Out My Way” 4.3
08.       “Take Da World” 4.3
07.       “Liquor Split” 4.4
06.       “Quarters, Ounces & Halfs” 4.4
05.       “Hustle Wit Dat” 4.4
04.       “Riding Up Da Road” 4.4
03.   “Price Tag” 4.5
02.   “Rollin’ Hard” Feat. Kyd Wonder 4.5
01.   “Took Da World” 4.6

Close competition but yeah, DEFINITELY lovin’ tha jointz! “Took Da World” and “Rollin’ Hard” Feat. Kyd Wonder came REAL close to determine which one was my favorite!

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