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Review #124: G-Eazy "The Tipping Point"

Reviewed on 9.28.2008 (Review No. 124)

Shit, here I am again! Watz good, FrankieThaLuckyDog in tha buildin', catchin' up wit tha reviewz 'cause shit iz gettin' hectic wit college. This review iz goin' out to my boy G-Eazy, who does all tha work and iz reppin' Da Bay/New Orleans (that's watz good), and his CD "The Tipping Point". This a white boy who's got skillz. Time for me to finally peep it out. Here goes my review for G-Eazy "The Tipping Point"! Start Time: 4:08 PM | Video Game Playing: Secret Of Mana (for Super Nintendo) (on my computer)

01. "Intro"
Let's see how creative this intro iz… >>> It's long (3:32) for an intro. Yeah it definitely iz creative. What's goin' on? Here comes a beat at 1:14. Finally, rappin'! Yeah tha rappin' was nice and you got a cool voice. This shit gon be interesting to listen to. I've been reviewin' some interesting CDs recently. Good shit!! Now, I usually only rate intros/skits/outros by tha rappin' (if I give a rating). Because tha intro on this was real creative and different, I'm gonna add it to tha rating. Really, tha rating would've only been a 3.8 without tha intro but I'm gonna add tha intro's attributes to tha rating. My Rating: 4.3

02. "I Be In The Lab"
Thanx to Alex McConduit, I wouldn't've known you! He played this song (I first heard it tha end of July 2008 but I realized that you were "in tha studio" wit him before that) and I was like "what iz this? Sounds like Rugrats!" Alex corrected me and said that it was Dexter's Lab on tha sample. It grabbed my attention very fast and did some thangz wit me. Great song, one of tha most creative HOT songs this year and great beat too! I'm hittin' tha "lab" tomorrow (for tha 1st time myself) to make my commercial for class (it's to promote my rappin' grandma's single "Heart Throbbin' Every Heartbeat" (which I produced, wrote and created)). Great samples, GREAT rhymes and beat again! My Current Rating: 4.8

03. "I Go" Feat. Concept
Already a feature. Let's see what's goin' on here… >>> I'm feelin' that beat. Not bad so far… Might need more listens before it can grow on me. Concept was pretty nice on tha hook too. My Rating: 3.6

04. "Paper Planes" Feat. Rich Boy & M.I.A.
You're doin' somethin' to tha "planes"? Interesting! Huge anticipation on hearing! >>> I think I like Bun B's part in this "original Diplo Street Remix" version. Your verse was okay. I still love "Paper Planes" though. My Rating: 4.0

05. "Dollarz & Dreamz"
Good an original! >>> Sounds like The Beatles "Elenaor Rigby" violins in tha background. Good hook! That's somethin' I think about too. Feelin' this song on a personal level (since it's tha truth). Great song right here. Jammin'. My Rating: 4.2

06. "Nobody" Feat. PUSH & Riva
Let's see what this collab gon be like… >>> This was played on Crescent City Radio too. Tha music iz from Jem "They" and I'm definitely feelin' it!! Oh so you fuck wit kush (according to tha beginning of tha 1st verse)? Then that's watz good. I fucks wit you then, especially wit this review. This iz cool… Good hook and I'm glad that sample in tha music goes through tha whole song! Great rhymes too. My Rating: 4.5

07. "Fresh!"
That's tha sound you deliverin' dawg! Now deliver it on this joint! >>> Feelin' how that intro (sounded like spray paintin') turned itself into tha beat! This anotha Crescent City Radio song. Yeah this iz hot right here. Beat iz definitely hip-hop style for anyone and tha rhymes are good again. So you're "born in 89?" I'm older than you, lol (it's more common these dayz 'cause time iz progressin'). I'm born on 6-21-1988. Good shit. My Rating: 4.1

08. "Cold Fever (Remix)" Feat. Bedtime For Toys
Curious about tha featured artist. Tha title looks tight though. And wit G-Eazy workin' this shit, ANYTHING (yeah, ANYTHING) could happen when I press play!!! >>> Sounds like music that Ally B would like to play. Yeah, ANYTHING could happen… An Alternative-Rap song! Odd (in a pretty good way) song so far. Beginning (wit that girl) sounds good on tha vocals. Good verse by you dawg. This iz definitely different and I really like that Alternative-Rap beat! Good 3rd verse and hot "fresh!" shit right here! My Rating: 4.3

09. "Alone"
Now you're "alone" on this joint. But you do tha damn thang by yourself, ya heard me! >>> More Hip-Hop style in tha beat but still a lil' Alternative-Rapish. Good that you took tha "Alone" from Heart sample and put it into a Hip-Hop beat and this shit. Good rhymes and great song wit tha lyrics! My Rating: 4.0

10. "All Day" Feat. Felix
Lookin' at your Myspace and I know that you're multi-talented. I just looked at tha "Band Members" section and I see that you got pretty much tha same amount of talents I have: rapper (I am), producer (I am), mixer/studio engineer (I am bound to be a mixer when I create a mixtape and I'm kinda bein' a studio engineer in college during class), artist/graphic designer (I am) and **THA BIG ONE** video director (HAVE been for tha longest time; my strongest strength). Tha only thing you're missing (unless it counts under "video director") iz "video editor" 'cause I'm VERY strong wit that! Now to tha joint! >>> Sounds like anotha sample (like "Alone" was) in tha beginning. LOL! It's a smokin' anthem!! I would've neva predicted you were a kush dude dawg. But that's watz good and tha lyrics in tha 1st verse were great… just great! This joint was like a surprise on this CD! I mean, look at that Alternative type of vocals on tha hook (Felix) mixed in wit all this shit! Now this iz where CRACK comes into a joint like this! My Rating: 4.8

½time: 57 minutes in and it's off to a great start! Lovin' all this creativeness and I know you gon bring creativeness for tha rest of your life to tha table, ya dig! Keep up tha great work!

11. "Put It In My Mouth" Feat. Chris of Floopyhead
LOL @ this consistantness! I have a feelin' you sampled tha "Put It In My Mouth" joint and LOL @ tha name "Floopyhead" (LOL even more; I thought it said "Floppyhead"). This should be "G-Eazy" (like your name, meanin' "g" = "great" and "eazy" = "easy to do this tight shit")! >>> I knew it (wit tha sample). Pretty good so far. LOL @ tha "orgasms" part on tha 2nd verse! Now thingz are gettin' serious!! Great shit and LMFAO @ tha "and she love cock" line. Oh LMFAO @ "and deep in her mouth iz where she take my cum shots." Good shit!! My Rating: 4.4

12. "I'm Focused" Feat. 3rd Shift
Ooh 3rd Shift! Did he do tha beat or iz he rappin'? I predict tha intro/outro wit tha beat. High anticipation level!! >>> SMH @ tha bleep shit and "bitch-assness" regular. That iz a 3rd Shift beat (sounds like tha intro to "Daddy" by Oba Rowland). I was 100% right: tha intro/outro wit tha beat! TIGHT!! 3rd Shift iz that dude who iz ALWAYS focused and just FUCKIN' FUCKIN' LOVES producing!!! This iz so far tha HARDEST joint on this CD!! When you say "dawg" (which I really like when rappers say that) and you said "pussies" so you ain't playin' wit this shit. I think 'cause 3rd Shift made you HUNGRY for this beat (he made Lil' Bossy VERY hungry for beats; that's why he MURDERED all his 3rd Shift beats). That "get you pissed on" line iz full of focusness! No playin' games here! NOOOOOOOO tha fuckin' joint ended!!! UGH!!!!!!!!! My Rating: 4.9

13. "Gettin' Mine"
How will this joint follow-up tha "I'm Focused" focused joint? >>> Almost sounds like 3rd Shift beat again. Now it sounds like a "I Be In The Lab" type of hook. Oh wow what a HARD BEAT again!! That has to be 3rd Shift on tha beat again!! It reminds me almost of "My Niggaz" beat by Oba Rowland (wit that "Ride With The Mack" (Mack Maine/Lil' Wayne/Dizzy a.k.a. Raw D.I.) organ). CRAZY ALL THA WAY THROUGH!!! Lyrics again aren't fuckin' playin'!! And I did hear my dawg 3rd Shift at tha end again! Good shit and go to for all tha HOT SHIT wit 3rd Shift, my dude! Hope you're gonna be on his mixtape (I can produce it but can't spell it), tha 2nd mixtape it iz (comin' soon), 'cause it's gonna be a problem in tha streetz!! My Rating: 4.8

14. "Cartiers (Remix)" Feat. Tha Slap Doctorz
What iz this joint gon sound like? >>> Pretty cool so far. Tha feel of tha beat iz remindin' me a lil' of Natureboy Rowe & Yung Mike "I'm Throwed" (wit tha flowin' and shit like that). Pretty good and feelin' it. I like tha "vitamins & minerals" line. Right before tha 3rd verse ended, I like tha "freezer/freezin'" line about your neck. This joint iz tha shit right here and it's on tha "fresh!" tip to tha fullest! My Rating: 4.3

15. "All Up On My Dick"
Now this iz where this CD keeps gettin' better and better!! Curious to hear how HARD you go on this joint! >>> I thought it was gonna be dedicated to tha haterz but it's to tha hoes on tha hook. Actually, I guess it's both since you talked about tha haterz on tha 1st verse. I like tha "Scooby" line and this iz definitely good so far. Glad you're "gettin' brain while you write this." That's prolly why tha lyrics are comin' out fast on this song! Speakin' of "googlin' you," after this review, this review'll prolly be on Google all over! My Rating: 4.2

16. "Freaks" Feat. G-Boy
This should be tight, especially since it's No. 16 (which I'm always in tha mood for). Looks like tha sequel to No. 15 so let's see!! >>> Wow short wit only 2:08 on tha length. This should go fast. Pretty good song even though it's short. Nice lil' anthem right here for tha clubs! Nice and short! My Rating: 4.0

17. "Low Key"
Somethin' we're keepin' on tha "low" or somethin' else? Let's see… >>> Have a feelin' it gon be good even though it's short again…! Anotha "blowin' dro" anthem!! Yeah, I'm glad you love your dro 'cause it's makin' me REAL happy to listen to these tracks! Tha shit right here!! Ooh you said "needless to say!" Love that sayin'! Tight shit right here! My Rating: 4.5

18. "White Tee" Feat. AB of Tha Slap Doctorz
I'm rockin' one now. Let's see what you got on "white tees"! >>> I'm tired of doin' reviewz today (this iz tha 3rd one today)!! But your CD just keeps gettin' me in tha mood to continue this without an attitude! Sounds like a Lil' Wayne flow on this joint on tha 1st verse. Wow real tight lyrics wit tha "9mm tucked under my muthafuckin' 'white tee'!" line (from AB)! I'm glad this CD got more Southern wit its style! Your verse wasn't so bad but AB had tha tight shit on this joint! My Rating: 4.1

19. "Pick Up The Pieces" Feat. PUSH & Jasmine Blue
Somethin' about this looks familiar (but I don't think it iz). Let's see what all y'all are talkin' about on this! >>> Just when I said it was "more Southern", it sounds non-Southern now on this joint (wit tha beat). That "breakin' up like bad service" line iz somethin'. Not bad but nothin' like tha last bunch of jointz I was listenin' to. Sounds like Nina Sky on tha hook BTW. My Rating: 3.4

20. "Sweet Sensation" Feat. Marc Payne & Jem
Iz this gon sound like No. 19?? >>> Anotha odd (in a good way) beat wit tha Alternative feel. I like tha girl singin' on tha hook. Because it says "Gem", that's not "Jem" (from tha "They" sample you used) iz it? Sounds like it. But great hook and decent song so far. Sounded like this song needed rappin' on it so you and Marc did a good job wit tha rappin'. My Rating: 3.8
EDIT: Just checked tha back cover and it says "Jem". I knew I was right.

21. "Just Believe"
What could tha last joint sound like? >>> Now it's a Telepopmuzik "Breathe" sample. This iz real cool how you're investigating wit all these samples! I like tha "hand/dealt" and "weed/to tha dome" lines consecutively! I also like tha "break like cracked glass" line. I like tha "breathin' marijuana and blow out stress" lines. That's 4 lines I quoted in a row. Good shit wit tha lyrics! Real nice lyrics and that last hook about tha "marijuana" and tha "puddles." I definitely liked tha lyrics in this, tha sample and tha beat was good too. My Rating: 3.9

Overall: End Time: 5:59 PM. I'm finished for today wit tha reviewz! I gotta get my homework done. Anyway, CD was pretty good for a start and then all of a sudden… BOOM!!! It went HARD for a minute!! Real great 2nd ½ of a CD and this CD was definitely somethin' TIGHT to listen to! I'm gonna put it on my iPod. Keep doin' yo thang G-Eazy! I wish you lots of success in tha future 'cause you got talent. BTW, I really think tha back cover iz dope.

Rankings (according to my ratings):

21. "Pick Up The Pieces" Feat. PUSH & Jasmine Blue 3.4
20. "I Go" Feat. Concept 3.6
19. "Sweet Sensation" Feat. Marc Payne & Jem 3.8
18. "Just Believe" 3.9
17. "Paper Planes" Feat. Rich Boy & M.I.A. 4.0
16. "Alone" 4.0
15. "Freaks" Feat. G-Boy 4.0
14. "Fresh!" 4.1
13. "White Tee" Feat. AB of Tha Slap Doctorz 4.1
12. "All Up On My Dick" 4.2
11. "Dollarz & Dreamz" 4.2
10. "Intro" 4.3
09. "Cold Fever (Remix)" Feat. Bedtime For Toys 4.3
08. "Cartiers (Remix)" Feat. Tha Slap Doctorz 4.3
07. "Put It In My Mouth" Feat. Chris of Floopyhead 4.4
06. "Nobody" Feat. PUSH & Riva 4.5
05. "Low Key" 4.5
04. "Gettin' Mine" 4.8
03. "I Be In The Lab" 4.8
02. "All Day" Feat. Felix 4.8
01. "I'm Focused" Feat. 3rd Shift 4.9

Review #122: Chic Raw "What You Expect From Me?"

Reviewed on 9.28.2008 (Review No. 122)

It's FrankieThaLuckyDog here wit a lot of shit to do. I figure that I'd get tha reviews done wit before my homework. This CD that I'm about to review has been sittin' on my computer for about 3 months. I fell behind wit a bunch of these reviewz during tha Summer so now I'm finally doin' 'em. Thanx to my boy B-Mack, I'm about to find out more about Chic Raw. Especially since tha CD iz called "What You Expect From Me?", I'm expectin' RAW shit. Him and my boy Juice were playin' freestyles he did on Youtube and I thought they were tight. Now I'm gonna see if he can compete wit Joey Jihad & Meek Mill 'cause tha 2 of their mixtapes were REAL TIGHT!! Here goes my review (FINALLY) for Chic Raw "What You Expect From Me?". Happy birthday to my boy Big Mike also! Start Time: 11:00 AM | Video Game Playing: Secret Of Mana (for Super Nintendo) (on my computer)

01. "Intro"
How we gon start this mixtape off? >>> Good it's 2:29 on tha length so there'll prolly be rappin'! Oh so this iz a "street album." Yeah, he definitely sounds RAW wit how he's spittin' this shit! He might have tha RAWEST attitude outta Joey Jihad and Meek Mill. Yeah, that was DEFINITELY raw and I can't wait to hear a WHOLE ENTIRE JOINT!! Good thing for Juice and B-Mack 'cause they discover these RAW-ASS rappers from Philly and when I get to hear them, tha reviewz I do are SKY-HIGH tight!!! My Rating: 4.2

02. "What U Want Me To Do?"
Well, I want you to SPIT some RAW-ASS shit, ya dig!! Let's see what you got wit a high anticipation!! >>> Tha very beginning of tha intro was very dark so I definitely felt that. Tha beat iz pretty nice; on tha Philly side. Great 1st verse. No offense but I didn't think that it needed to be "brought back" 'cause I'd rather hear more different verses from you. Yeah great hook and good 2nd verse too (which should've been a 3rd verse). My Rating: 4.3

03. Skit
Let's hear it. >>> Yes it's on tha "smokin' weed / high" tip!! I definitely enjoy any skit that sounds high like that. Good shit and interesting skit. My Rating: N/A

04. "Do What U Got To Do" Feat. Meek Mill
HUGE ANTICIPATION for Meek Mill on tha feature!!!!! >>> Too bad it's very short. Shit, 2:21 on tha length. Will expect a lot! You're on tha 1st verse… Nice and fast and sounds good so far. Great verse by you! Usually, I don't feel certain females singin' on tha hooks on CDs that go hard but tha female on tha hook sounds good. Meek Mill iz on tha 2nd verse…! Of course, he's unstoppable wit his rhymes!! Crazy shit! FREE MEEK MILL!!!!!!!!!! That sux REAL BAD that he's locked up!! Oh how weird, at tha end, tha announcing of who to "free" was said right after I brought up Meek bein' locked up. LOL. My Rating: 4.5

05. Bucks Speaks
Anotha skit! >>> Great message and I'm lookin' forward to listenin' to tha next joint on here! My Rating: N/A

06. "I'm Feelin' Stressed Out"
Have anticipation, especially since it's on tha "stressed out" tip. There must be some "smokin' kush" lyrics in this so that's an anticipation boost for me too! >>> A short one (2:50 on tha length) but prolly good again! I somewhat expected better but I'm feelin' this. Tha hook iz what sticks out for me on this. Good rhymes either way. My Rating: 4.0

07. "Street Mentality"
This joint better be a lot better and have a HUGE rating from me!! >>> Tight bass on this! This iz tha VERY FIRST TIME I commented on bass on any of my reviewz, lol. Yes, this iz a lot better! Beat iz tight, great 1st verse and that hook iz just REAL NICE! Yeah, great 2nd verse too! This iz tha shit right here! Lucky No. 7 on this CD! REALLY feelin' tha hook! My Rating: 4.6

½time: Wow, only 24 minutes in and I'm ½ way through. Pretty good so far but I thought Joey Jihad's had tha better 1st ½, Meek Mill had an okay 1st ½ but a VERY HUGE 2nd ½ so anything can happen! Hope tha next 8 jointz are real tight!

08. Hec Speaks
Good thing you have all these people speakin' on your CD! >>> Short but good. I HOPE tha next joint iz a "street banger." It HAS to be!! My Rating: N/A

09. "What U Expect From Me?"
It's tha title track. I'm anticipated since I "expect" A LOT "from you"! >>> Good back to tha longer songs (4:08 on tha length)! Good beginning about tha "pots" and tha "stoves." Again it's bein' "runned back." I really think there should've been anotha verse. Tha 1st verse was great though. Tight hook and 2nd verse iz soundin' real good so far! That was a "street banger" right there! My Rating: 4.4

10. "Dopeman" Feat. Tray Money
An artist I'm not familiar wit iz featured so I have anticipation for that. LOTS MORE anticipation 'cause of tha title!! >>> Good 4 minutes flat on tha length! I LOVE "dopeman" songs! What a TIGHT-ASS HOOK!!! Verses are REAL GREAT and I'm glad you're "posted up" and shit! FINALLY a 3rd verse and it's REAL, REAL TIGHT!!! I'm glad you "sell dope like it's legal." My Rating: 4.7

11. "Da Feeling Of Money" Feat. Kre Forch
Anotha artist I'm not familiar wit iz featured so I have more anticipation for that! ANOTHA title I'm really feelin' so LOTS MORE anticipation for that!!! >>> It's off to a good start so far. Nice beat and tha 1st verse iz nice. 2nd verse was aight to me. Not as good as tha 1st verse. Good hook too. My Rating: 4.1

12. Real Talk
LOL! Tha previous review I did (for Baton Rouge rapper Dutty Devioso) had a song "Real Talk" as tha No. 12 song and now there's one here (a review later) at No. 12, lol! But anyway, iz this a skit or a song? >>> It iz a SKIT!! That dude sounded pretty cool wit what he was sayin'. Anotha good skit but that 1st one was tha shit. My Rating: N/A

13. "Hangin' On…."
Let's hear this one… >>> Sounds like a Country style startin' off… I actually am likin' tha style. Call it "Country-Hop", lol. Oh there's anotha song in this? Good fusion 'cause tha 2nd beat sounds BETTER!! Great verse on tha 2nd beat and better hook! My Rating: 3.9
EDIT: Because tha No. 14 joint was fused wit tha No. 13 joint, I wasn't gonna average tha 2 ratings together. I did them separately.

14. "Man On The Block" Feat. S.Ruger & Dodi
So this was tha name of what was fused in No. 13. It's a tight title and now we'll see if I can get tha 4.3 rating feelin' again (which was what I was gonna originally rate it when I heard it). >>> Tight shit! That hook iz REAL, REAL, REAL TIGHT!!!!! On REAL TIGHT Philly shit! I'm feelin' that "get your pillows and your blankets if you sleepin' on D" line a whole lot! Good shit! Now it's fusing tha last joint onto this. I rather of heard tha "Man On The Block" joint more. Aight song so far but this'll be tha official rating for "Man On The Block". FUCKIN' LOVED IT!! My Rating: 4.6

15. "Outro"
Continuing on… >>> Ooh 6 minutes, 26 seconds! It was aight for an outro. Nothin' really caught on for me. Uh… what happened? Iz there anything left? From 2:13 – 2:50, there was nothin'. LOL it came back!! Now that's watz good!! MUCH BETTER soundin' wit tha "shells" part in tha beginning! Now this iz an outro!! Tight hook! LOL @ "I shit while I eat." That's 'cause you be gettin' SO MUCH cake; no wonder! Great outro. Now, because there was 2 different jointz, I'm gonna do a "fusion rating" (where I combine 2 different songs's ratings). My Ratings: "Outro (Song 1)": 3.2 | "Outro (Song 2)": 4.6 | My Official Rating Combined: 3.9

Overall: End Time: 12:07 PM. Well, even though I liked Joey Jihad's mixtape "Tha Big Dog Yard" and Meek Mill's mixtape "Flamers" a lot better, yours STILL had VERY NICE ratings from me! I know this tape iz a lil' whiles old now so hopefully you're makin' some new shit now. Keep doin' yo thang and I'm glad I enjoyed your music!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

11. "Hangin' On…." 3.9
10. "Outro" 3.9 (both parts combined)
09. "I'm Feelin' Stressed Out" 4.0
08. "Da Feeling Of Money" Feat. Kre Forch 4.1
07. "Intro" 4.2
06. "What U Want Me To Do?" 4.3
05. "What U Expect From Me?" 4.4
04. "Do What U Got To Do" Feat. Meek Mill 4.5
03. "Street Mentality" 4.6
02. "Man On The Block" Feat. S.Ruger & Dodi 4.6
01. "Dopeman" Feat. Tray Money 4.7

Friday, September 26, 2008

Review #121: Dutty Devioso "Up The Ante"

Reviewed on 9.26.2008 (Review No. 121) *OFFICIALLY PAID ME (No. 2)*

Yeah ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog back in this bitch wit anotha review. I was originally about to do a review this morning but INSTEAD, I saw that someone *PAID ME* to do a review so instead, I'm doin' their review instead! Thanx to Groove Control Entertainment, I got paid for tha review. Tha review iz for Dutty Devioso, outta Baton Rouge, LA (YES Baton Rouge!!), and his CD "Up The Ante". And when he paid me, he told me this so I finna tell everyone right now: His album iz 4 sale @ , and on iTunes. Now then, here goes my review for Dutty Devioso "Up The Ante". HOPE it's good for me and REMEMBER: EVERYTHING iz in MY OPINION so what eva happens wit this CD, happens here! Start Time: 7:48 PM | Video Game Playing: Secret Of Mana (for Super Nintendo) (on my computer)

01. "Intro"
Dunn dunn dunn… Very anticipated, especially since I'm gettin' paid to do this…!! >>> Almost got thrown off by tha singin' in tha beginning but tha beat iz gettin' a lil' better and now I hear you rappin'! You just mentioned "tha dumb way" so now I wanna hear what you got to say! Definitely good for a start! If longer, I prolly would've rated it more but all good 'cause I liked it and that's what counts! My Rating: 3.9

02. "Peepers"
I wonder what this joint'll be like. C'mon, good shit!! >>> Good it's long wit a 4:35 length and it's an original beat so that's good! Beat iz gettin' better! You sound like an interesting Baton Rouge rapper! I got LOTS OF LUV for Baton Rouge rappers/people 'cause people in Baton Rouge luv me and got LOTS of respect for me and what I do. Great verses, especially at tha end of tha 2nd verse wit tha "hit 'cha wit tha blocka, blocka" line. Liked that shit! Definitely feelin' this interesting song. Go Dutty Devioso!! My Rating: 4.3

03. "Fish Grease"
Ooh anotha interesting title!! High anticipation 'cause I'm real curious to hear what this one iz about!! >>> Good faster beat. Yeah, you are keepin' it "hot like 'fish grease'." Good shit so far. Yeah anotha interesting song wit those interesting lyrical lyrics. Keepin' me in-tune wit these jointz 'cause they're great. Definitely feelin' 'em and I'm glad I'm doin' this review for you! Thanx SO MUCH for payin' me for it!! My Rating: 4.0

04. "Easy"
That's what it prolly iz when it comes to this Rap shit for you. Let's hear what's goin' on wit this one… >>> A cool beat intro for this one. Should be interesting… again! Yup, this iz interesting and GREAT SHIT to listen to!! That hook iz tight wit it bein' so "easy" to do shit. That 2nd verse was nice! Sounds like a nice mainstream song wit that beat. I'm glad these songs sound good without soundin' "trendy". Great song right there and I hope it gets you to places! My Rating: 4.2

05. "Walk Like A G" Feat. Diablo
First feature on tha CD and what do ya know? I know who it iz! Diablo fucks wit Nu$$ie so I know he be on Nu$$ie's TIGHT collaborations. Time to hear what you 2 did! >>> A switch in styles as this iz more southern. Like that screwed & chopped hook. Good verse by you. Now, I hear Diablo on tha 2nd verse… Good verse from him. Now, you're on tha 3rd verse… I'm DEFINITELY feelin' tha "how to make a good hand out tha cards I was dealt." Very lyrical line right there! Good 3rd verse. My Rating: 4.1

06. "Up The Ante"
Tha title track… Let's see watz good! >>> Decent beat start. Actually, tha beat iz a lot better soundin' since it's more on tha "dark" side. Great 1st verse and for some reason, I love tha hook, especially when tha title iz said! Yeah great shit goin' on wit this song! THAT FUCKIN' HOOK! LOVE IT!!! Likin' tha "chef/grill ya" line. Tight joint right here! My Rating: 4.5

07. "Long Time Coming" Feat. John Barnes
Let's see this new collab for me… >>> Beat iz not my style and tha song iz not my style. Interesting lyrics in tha 1st verse though about tha drug related thingz. Can't really get into that hook too. This ain't tha type of song I would get into but good job on tha lyrics and call this a "future follow-up single" if you be droppin' singles. Please mind my rating as it's my rating. My Rating: 2.7

08. "2 Step" Feat. Kid-0
Hope I'll like this and it doesn't sound too "trendy"… >>> Good thing it's not bad as it sounds slow and dark, compared to somethin' like Unk's "2 Step" where it's fast and full of a "gay dance style". Glad you made this into a "cool" song and not a "gay dance" song. Great verse and hook. Kid-0 did his thang on his part. Sounds like a great collabo. Feelin' that hook more! Great collabo and song. That's real cool that you said "dawg" twice at tha end of tha song 'cause I always really like when rappers say "dawg." BTW, that was a very true line at tha end where you were talkin' about people "fightin' in tha club but they 'posed to be grown ass men." I wish there would be less fightin'. That way, there wouldn't be much stereotypin' to get me to tha club 'cause I neva got to one yet and I have no way of gettin' back 'n forth to one. I ain't got no friends where I'm at either so that's why my luck iz very minimal. All my friends are tha peeps I network wit online in Louisiana (but that's 20 hours away from me). My Rating: 4.0

09. "I'll Give U Dat" Feat. South PZ
Let's see if this one'll sound like a HARD Baton Rouge club banga!! >>> Very anticipating intro as it's very slow. Yeah, there's that HITTIN' HARD beat creepin' in!! Good thing this doesn't sound like tha usual club bangaz that come out. This goes HARD wit tha beat and tha way you rap it! Good shit homie! South PZ sounded not bad but you were a lot better on this. Definitely a tight joint right here and great for tha Baton Rouge clubs! Oh and you said "dawg" at tha end of this joint too so that's watz good. My Rating: 4.2

½time: This iz a tight CD you got here! Most of tha jointz I was really feelin' and definitely didn't sound like anyone else so there's a LOT of originality in this! Keep up tha great work and let's see what's next…!

10. "Tippy Toes" Feat. TeQuilla
I'll pass on tha preview. >>> Great beat start! Sounds like a sequel of tha previous joint I listened to, "I'll Give U Dat". Ooh TeQuilla iz a female! Let's hear what she's got… She was nice on tha mic. This iz a catchy song. Feelin' that catchy hook. My Rating: 3.8

11. "Fuck Y'all" Feat. Kingpin Slim
Let's see how angry you are on this… >>> Yeah, I know a lot of "cowards" that "change like tha seasons." Too many people I dealt wit from Lackawanna College "changed like seasons" and I couldn't stand it. You can be real cool but why not respectful to me at tha same time? That's why in my head I'm like, just like you're sayin', "fuck y'all" at times 'cause who needs tha bullshit? Anyway, Kingpin did his thang and you did a great job on this. Feelin' you on tha 3rd verse of this. My Rating: 3.9

12. "Real Talk" Feat. Jayroc
That's what you spit so now let's see how you spit it! >>> This iz tight! Great beat and tha rappin' on this iz tight. This iz "real talk" from me and I'm sure this iz "real talk" from you and Jayroc too. Jayroc came through HARD on his verse!! You did a great job wit your verses and that hook just gets this joint goin'. HOT shit right here that went HARD! My Rating: 4.4

13. "Overnight Celeb"
>>> Cool beat intro! This iz a pretty nice joint right here. I like tha singin' in tha hook. Good verses and I'm glad you're "blazin' dank." My Rating: 3.7

14. "Wasshappnin'"
Let's see how cool this joint gon sound like! >>> Anotha long joint and this one iz 4:56 on tha length. Yeah, tha "wassup, wasshappnin' nigga" parts sound like tha way people in Louisiana talk in tha Rap game so I was feelin' that. I'm glad you "got that product in your sock." That's watz good that you tryna get yo money game up and yo smoke on. LOL @ you "dyin' to let your semen out." I just let some out right before I got into "Real Talk" on here (yeah, that's "real talk" that I'm sayin' too, lol). Yeah, I ain't afraid to say shit on my reviews. I love my reviews and givin' tha streets what they wanna hear: *Janet voice* feedback, feedback! This iz a joint right here! Yeah this was a REAL COOL joint right here. My Rating: 4.5

15. "Young N Dumb"
That's how they do it in B.R.! Lemme see how "dumb" you go on this junt! >>> Good another longy @ 4:36 on tha length. Nice, laid back flowin' on this wit a nice beat. This iz more not on tha "go dumb/stupid" side. It sounds like it's more on tha "you're dumb/stupid" side. Yeah this iz okay. Since it's about someone who's just plain stupid, I don't really have much interest in feelin' it too much. But yeah, good advice at tha end: tellin' tha "young" ones not to be "dumb". My Rating: 3.4

16. "Dis Is Life" Feat. V. Skillz
Let's hear about your life even more! >>> I thought V. Skillz was gonna be a male rapper but no, a female singer. Because I didn't have much faith in No. 7, I don't have much faith in this either (and I usually get faith wit No. 16). It's anotha joint I can't really get into but I'm gonna listen to give you some credit on thingz: more great lyrics on tha 1st verse about your mom, your dad and about you and your "sellin'" issue. Definitely real great lyrics on tha 2nd verse which deals more wit life. Very lyrical. Pretty good 3rd verse too. I wonder why so many people in tha Rap game struggle? What's tha definition? I'd rate tha lyrics a 4.8/5.0 when it comes to tha lyrics but for tha song and how I feel it, I can't rate it so high 'cause of what I get into listenin'. My Rating: 3.0

17. "One Good Girl" Feat. Ciano
Just finna get into it now. >>> Wow these jointz be long (4:30 on tha length). I thought this was gonna sound better but no, not for me. It's special when it comes to that "one girl" but not really gettin' into this. What's wit tha "Umbrella" type of hook in tha 1st ½ of tha hook? That's a throw off for me. Not too much to say. Sorry. My Rating: 2.4

18. "Googa Mooga" Feat. Lil' Witness
Can I finally give a betta rating? Lil' Witness on this so you know at least 4.0 or higher for me! >>> And ANOTHA joint over 4 minutes! Maybe this'll sound more like a "for tha ladies" anthem than tha previous joint. Like that intro from you! Oh you sound a lil' like Max Minelli BTW. I see you said "thicka than a snicka." I wish that song, by Meech, "Thicka Than A Snicka", would've blown up (came out tha end of last year). It was soooooooooooooooooooo mainstreamish and flopped. Not wit me though! Great so far and yeah, Lil' Witness wit his CRAZY rappin'!!! Song iz pretty good. Lil' Witness really put tha "TIGHT" in this joint. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't've rated this at least 4.0! My Rating: 4.3

19. "Damage Is Done"
This iz it! Tha CD iz over after this… How will you end it? >>> Sounds like a Rick Ross "Hustlin'" organ in tha beginning. REAL catchy lyrical lyrics in tha 1st verse (even when it comes down to "brushin' your teeth"). Now this iz tha lyrical shit I can rate better (especially wit a nice beat like this)! No offense but LOL @ imitating tha "lil' kid cryin'" part. Too bad for him though. Great lyrics and great song right here! My Rating: 4.2

Overall: End Time: 9:48 PM. LOL @ exactly 2 hours. I neva hit it on tha nail like that but I guess thanx to tha masturbating (lol), it balanced out. Anyway, you have yourself here a good CD! Definitely felt a bunch of these jointz on here! Some I didn't feel, but you proved your lyrics were good wit that No. 19 joint. Now that's when I wanna hear tha lyrical shit! Keep doin' yo thang, I hope you like this review and thanx again for tha payment!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

19. "One Good Girl" Feat. Ciano 2.4
18. "Long Time Coming" Feat. John Barnes 2.7
17. "Dis Is Life" Feat. V. Skillz 3.0
16. "Young N Dumb" 3.4
15. "Overnight Celeb" 3.7
14. "Tippy Toes" Feat. TeQuilla 3.8
13. "Intro" 3.9
12. "Fuck Y'all" Feat. Kingpin Slim 3.9
11. "2 Step" Feat. Kid-0 4.0
10. "Fish Grease" 4.0
09. "Walk Like A G" Feat. Diablo 4.1
08. "Damage Is Done" 4.2
07. "Easy" 4.2
06. "I'll Give U Dat" Feat. South PZ 4.2
05. "Googa Mooga" Feat. Lil' Witness 4.3
04. "Peepers" 4.3
03. "Real Talk" Feat. Jayroc 4.4
02. "Wasshappnin'" 4.5
01. "Up The Ante" 4.5

^ Real close tie but I went wit "Up The Ante" for my favorite.

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