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Commercial #02: Yung Slab

Yung Slab Commercial

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Review #169: Lil' Boxx "Bring The Pain Mixtape Vol. 1: I'm All I Got"

Reviewed on 1.25.2009 (Review No. 169)

This ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog, up in tha place to be. I finna do a review for Lil’ Boxx outta Baton Rouge, and his mixtape, “Bring The Pain Mixtape Vol. 1: I’m All I Got.” We’ll see how he does! Here goes my review for Lil’ Boxx “Bring The Pain Mixtape Vol. 1: I’m All I Got”! Happy birthday to my boy Dan out there on Long Island, ya dig. Oh and I’m gonna say this right now: Because tha cover iz you on tha phone, if there’s eva a time where I do call you, you deserve to stay on tha phone for a good amount of time wit me (when it comes to talkin’ about business shit) ‘cause if you tha type of person that would be on tha phone for like one, two minutes/tha, “I’ll hit you back,” (and then doesn’t hit me back) type of person, then tha cover iz defined as FAKE! Also, because The Faint “I Disappear (FC Kahuna Remix)” (a 2004/2005 song that airs on Music Choice Electronica only once a month now) came on Music Choice Electronica today, I’m in a *Supa from Down Bad voice* “SUPA!!!” GREAT mood to do this shit right chea, ya dig!! If it wasn’t for that song comin’ on, I prolly would’ve gotten lazy, and delayed this review further, but I’m GLAD I’m startin’ it FINALLY, today!! Start Time: 6:54 PM | Video Game Playing: The Legend Of Zelda – Ocarina Of Time (for Nintendo 64)

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

4.17.2009 EDIT: Thanx to Lil' Boxx, I got tha ID's of each featured artist!

01. “I’ll Pay For It”
Hopefully we have a nice, up-tempo banger for tha start!!! >>> You sound like a lil’ of Foxx mixed wit VL Mike (a Baton Rouge vs. club-style New Orleans type of sound). Tha 1st verse sounds great, introducin’ how you come through. That hook iz definitely catchy for me, and it reminds me of like a Juvenile or Soulja Slim type of club-type of hook. Nice lil’ 2nd verse on this, and I’m hearin’ tha 3rd verse… Sounded a lil’ shorter. You did mention tha “Nextel” on your verse, so you must be a “phone person” hopefully. Nice song to start thangz off. I hope tha rest iz just as good/better! My Rating: 4.3

02. “Full Throttle”
Tha song iz missing in tha mp3 folder… There are 3 songs missing from this mixtape on my computer (I downloaded it from Datpiff), so I finna use tha player (‘cause that has all tha songs). Let’s hear how this gon turn out; really anticipated to hear!! >>> Good Baton Rouge horn in tha beginning! “Tennessee on tha track,” so this could be good… Yup, as soon as tha hook hit, it became GREAT, just like “I’ll Pay For It.” Tha hook pretty much has that GREAT formula, again! I like tha start to tha 1st verse, wit tha, “I’m F-U-hockey stick-hockey stick Throttle.” I’m glad you’re also, “on dem jiggaz.” Yeah, “Baton Rouge, Louisiana!” Great 1st verse on this, and this shit jammin’ as fuck! Too bad whoeva uploaded this to Datpiff forgot to put this in tha mp3 folder. If I add this CD to my iPod, I gotta make sure to rip it. Same type of flow for tha 2nd verse, as you’re just rappin’ as you, and not anyone else. I like tha 3rd verse’s start, as it’s “for tha gangstas and tha thugs on dem drugs.” I also like tha “’bauds sag low” part; just gotta FUCKIN’ LOVE black people and their swag! Whoeva’s racist should just calm tha fuck down, and respect tha way black people do they thang!! LOL @ tha “I keep a lot of gurlz like a lesbian school” part. I quoted a bunch from tha 3rd verse, so you know that 3rd verse iz watz good! I was gonna rate this tha same as “I’ll Pay For It” (makin’ this song ranked better at tha end), but I feel better about it, so I’m gonna rate it a 10th of a point higher! My Rating: 4.4

03. “Gangsta In My Bloodline” Feat. O & J-Gutta
Will it be tha same formula, or will you switch it to a more “gangsta” style? This iz a REAL good title, so I’m expectin’ a REAL GOOD joint from you!!! >>> I like tha Boosie, “fuck you, nigga…,” sample in tha background/beginning/hook. Oh, wow! Tha beat iz kickin’ in, and it’s FUCKIN’ TIGHT!! Yeah, you’re mixin’ tha GREAT formula wit dat gangsta shit, and I fuckin’ feel it to tha max!! That hook iz INSANE!! I’m glad your grandpa “gave you dat gangsta style in tha 80’s.” You’re GOIN’ OFF on this shit right here! Tha 1st verse, of course, was REAL TIGHT!! Just hearin’ tha word “bloodline” so many times (as well as seein’ it in tha title) iz just somethin’ REAL GREAT to hear!! Oh no, an unknown rapper on tha 2nd verse… I wonder who it iz (ID please?)… That dude iz soundin’ great, and just keeps fuckin’ rappin’ NON-STOP!! Gotta LOVE this shit right here, especially wit tha SICK collab!! Yes, there’s 1 minute, 31 seconds left!!! Anotha different dude on tha 3rd verse… Great facts (wit tha years). Glad this dude iz “leavin’ ‘em terrorized.” Anotha MUTHAFUCKIN’ SICK rapper you collaborated wit!!!!! My Rating: 4.8

04. “Bounce”
That’s what I was doin’ wit tha last 3 jointz on here… I guess make this No. 4!! I hope it has that “bounce” feel and gon be TIGHT AS FUCK!!! >>> Only 2:50 on tha length… Sounds like a slow start… Yes, tha beat kicked in at :13! I hope “this tha type of beat…” right here. It’s kinda slow compared to tha previous jointz, but it goes off. I like tha “bing-bow y’all” part right after tha “ping-pong” part. Tha 1st verse DEFINITELY was nice to hear! Looks like, just like Ya Boy Earl said in tha “Can’t Stop Moving (Remix)”, you’re next to blow up! Tha 2nd verse starts off pretty nice, as ‘cause you, “got tha drank in yo cup,” don’t want anyone to fuck you over tha wrong way. Great part also wit tha “my whole body got a statement;” tha 2nd verse did its thang, and I just remembered tha length, so I guess it’s over. My Rating: 4.3

05. “I Love It”
You sure do, and so do I, ya dig. Let’s see what this joint gon bring to tha table… >>> A different direction here wit tha Young Dro “Rubberband Banks” beat. I have a feelin’ this’ll be good (oh, 2006 memories)! Tha hook iz definitely on some good shit right here! Damn, you ALWAYS start tha verses off GREAT! Like that “they always want a ounce o’dro” part! I’m gettin’ in tha mix wit yo rhymes; all those –ty, -phy parts (e.g., “geometry,” “philosophy”). Tha 2nd verse startin’ off wit you watchin’ lots of shit. I used to like watchin’ shit that would air on BET and shit like that, but any channel like MTV that doesn’t play all music iz bleh to me. OH YEAH, that 2:16 part iz FUCKIN’ TIGHT!! Gotta quote tha whole thang, ya dig!! “Polo shirts wit girbauds, fitted hats wit dem chrome caps. Mouth pieces, fresh…wit tha fuckin’ straps. Err-body know, Baton Rouge, bitch, we on tha map. A.k.a., Jigga City, pop one…” <- Shit, I fuckin’ rewound it like at least 10 times; that shit was REAL TIGHT to hear!!!!! You FUCKIN’ did it GREAT on tha 2nd verse, and it’s SO FUCKIN’ GREAT to hear tha hook again!! Great choice for a jacked beat!! My Rating: 4.4

06. “Anybody Can Get It”
I was just about to say, “somebody had this title not too long ago.” Then again, it was only an album title of C-Loc’s latest CD, “Anybody Could Get It.” Let’s hear what we got to offer on this shit… >>> Yes, back to tha Baton Rougeish beats!! Gotta love a fuckin’ beat intro like that!! Reminds me of Young Ready talkin’ in tha beginning. Yeah, here comes tha hook at :25! Speakin’ of Young Ready, I hear dem “bow! Bow! Bow, bow, bow!” parts in tha background! More great shit for me to hear; gotta FUCKIN’ LOVE IT!! Great facts about tha “BR streets,” when it comes to “keepin’ that ammo.” Tha “feelin’ froggy” part was great to hear (as when I heard it in 3-Kingz Feat. TL & Lil’ A “Jump Stupid” twice, I liked that line a lot). I remember tha dayz I had BIG-ASS toads (from 2001-Early 2004). I miss those dayz, but they would always stink up my room. Great 1st verse right there, and STARTIN’ OFF THA 2ND VERSE GREAT AGAIN!!! “In my hood, it’s a one way; betta be ‘bout dat gunplay,” and tha “melt ya just like a sundae, when I’m fuckin’ wit dem heataz,” were two REAL GREAT lines to start off tha 2nd verse!! Yeah @ 2:24 wit tha “they smoke weed, they pop pills.” My God, you just keep goin’ and goin’ and goin’ and goin’ AND GOIN’ AND GOIN’, where as when I’m tryin’ to type, you say MORE TIGHT SHIT, and I try my best to keep up wit it, whether I type 95 words per minute or not. DEFINITELY a GREAT 2nd verse right there, and that hook iz REAL NICE!! Gotta MUTHAFUCKIN’ LOVE THIS SHIT!!!!! Even though this CD iz February 2007, I know that doin’ a review for this in 2009 gon predict a WHOLE LOTTA TIGHT reviews for 2009!! My Rating: 4.5

07. “When I Say Move” Feat. AD & J-Gutta
Ooh, you’re commandin’ a verb on err-body now (good looks)! DEFINITELY lookin’ forward to more retarded shit!! >>> Yes, 4:28 on tha length! Heard tha beat intro, and it sounds like this shit gon be SO FUCK-IN’ RETARDED!!! Reminds me of a Savage beat intro… GREAT talkin’ in tha beginning. Yes, startin’ off wit tha hook again, and it’s just TOO FUCKIN’ TIGHT!!!!! I’m glad you’re commandin’ a verb on dem hataz right there!! Ooh, someone iz on tha 1st verse… They sound familiar, but I don’t know them (I don’t think). It sounds like they comin’ through pretty strong! Tha “shell bullets…” part ended tha 1st verse in a REAL GREAT way! That dude on tha 1st verse iz on tha 2nd verse too… Tha dude iz “trippin’ off that liquor,” so you KNOW he real retarded right now wit tha rappin’ and tha fightin’! Yeah, “this right here dat ‘Bring The Pain’,” just like tha mixtape name; great line, especially since that’s tha title of this mixtape. Finally, you’re on tha 3rd verse… Startin’ it off wit a “knuckle sandwich,” so you KNOW you ain’t nothin’ to be fucked wit! Yes, you mentioned “Fear Factor” in tha verse too; yeah, you’re tha type o’dude that’ll make a hata do Fear Factor stunts, ya heard me! My Rating: 4.6

08. “Gangsta Shit”
You know No. 7 wasn’t enough… There had to be a sequel for No. 8, right? I’m predictin’ that as I’m DYIN’ to continue hearin’ this mixtape!! >>> Tha (I don’t know tha sound effect name) Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em sound effect in tha beat (gotta love it). Again, startin’ this off wit tha hook, and it’s DEFINITELY watz good! I can’t fuckin’ hate on your music ‘cause it just keeps fuckin’ bringin’ what I FUCKIN’ LOVE!!! Yeah, “you about to live on,” forever, dawg. NO WAY IN HELL you dyin’, ya dig! “Sometimes I wish I wasn’t black, sometimes I wish I was white.” <- Watz up wit that line? Just curious, can you explain this ‘cause this real interesting, from a black person’s perspective. GREAT 1st verse BTW, and this iz tha type of song that gets a thumbs up from me… … …AGAIN!!! Tha beat iz nice and smooth, and that’s cool that, “you in tha streets everyday.” Wow, I can’t even eat my fuckin’ dinner right now ‘cause you just keep rappin’ that TIGHT shit, and I have to keep leavin’ feedback on you! I like tha “check like a survey” line; that shit was nice! Tha 2nd verse was nothin’ but GREATNESS!! Tha 1st verse had it goin’ on, especially wit that “black/white” line! You did yo thang on this shit!! My Rating: 4.5

09. “I’ll Prove It”
I can picture this havin’ nothin’ but GREATNESS in it, as always!! >>> Oh no, a “Big Things Poppin’ (Do It)” beat… I hope to expect some good shit from you on this! Least favorite hook on this mixtape so far… Someone else went on this beat that I heard not too long ago (not sure of who it was; it’s in my reviews somewhere). Oh, so you were “skippin’ school” by “writin’ rhymes.” I actually was “writin’ rhymes” last semester (durin’ my breaks) for my upcoming mixtape. I’m hopin’ to get that out real soon, but I keep gettin’ caught up wit shit, and I’m lazy at wantin’ to get into a producin’ mood. Tha 1st verse was anotha great verse. Yeah, tha 2nd verse iz great, again. You ARE “makin’ moves like checkaz.” You have such a REAL GREAT flow to handle these jacked beats, as well as all those otha beats! So, “you been doin’ this since you read The Source magazine,” huh? Did that inspire you or somethin’? I’d like info on this too. I like tha “they ‘fallin’’ like that song by Alicia Keys,” and tha “like a baby, they gon be rockin’ me” lines; just great shit! My Rating: 4.1

½time: It’s 7:50 PM right now, 56 minutes into tha review, and now, that I don’t have any dinner in front of my face, I’m gonna try to finish it off as quick as possible. For now, WHAT A FUCKIN’ GREAT START!!! You just GOIN’ AND GOIN’ AND GOIN’ wit this shit!! I SOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKIN’ LOVE BATON ROUGE MUSIC!!!!!!!!! FUCKIN’ YEAH!!!!!!!! Keep doin’ yo thang, dawg, and I wish you tha BEST in success!! Nine more jointz, so you know I got my anticipation ready, ya dig!!

10. “ICU” Feat. O, Yung Fabe & J-Gutta
Anotha joint that’s missing from tha folder… Now, that I got it on tha Datpiff player, I finna peep it out. Let’s hear how these 3 letters gon play to who you “c”, lol. >>> 5:18 on tha length! “DJ Big Wayne on tha track, oh this a club banga!” makes me wanna say, “this iz a club banga?” You know I’m REALLY gon look forward to this! Real nice hook, even though I was typin’ while it was playin’, so I finna hear it again later. Just hearin’ so many fuckin’ rhymes in tha 1st verse, as you’re just rappin’ NON-FUCKIN’-STOP!!! Tha shit iz just SO GREAT to hear!! Okay, tha 1st verse was nice, and now, I’m hearin’ tha hook. More on tha “pissed off” style here, which iz REAL GREAT! I like tha whole “I’m on some ICU type shit” part; REAL NICE for tha clubs and tha streets here! You know it fits in tha “I FUCKIN’ LOVE IT” section in my iPod! A different dude on tha 2nd verse… Fuckin’ great shit he be spittin’! Tha rappin’ just keeps goin’ and goin’ and goin’! I LOVE how I can’t do nothin’ but type ‘cause of all tha shit I have to say about what’s goin’ on!!! That dude on tha 2nd verse did his fuckin’ thang!!! I thought that was Sam I Am on tha 3rd verse, but it’s anotha familiar dude… It sounds like he’s got either missin’ teeth, or a grill in his mouth. Tha shit again iz just TOO TIGHT! I like tha “I’m on yo playground” part. This shit iz just TOO great!! “Got tha choppaz and pumps,” so you know this dude ain’t playin’! Fuckin’ great 3rd verse, and I *SCREAMS* FUCKIN’ LOVE BATON ROUGE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t realize there was a 4th verse until I saw tha length again. It’s a different dude, and I like tha “niggaz think I fuck wit pringles, how I make dem pistols pop” part. Damn, this shit just iz SO FUCKIN’ CONSISTANT!! Who are these 3 dudes on here? REAL GREAT dudes on this shit (you fuck wit some real dudes right here, Boxx)! Not ONE of tha dudes on tha features on this mixtape were average, or just good. They were REAL, REAL, REAL GOOD!!!!! This was DEFINITELY a jam right here, and I’m glad tha length was SO FUCKIN’ LONG!!! My Rating: 4.8

11. “Stop Stuntin’” Feat. J-Gutta
More of your “I don’t give a fuckness” to dem hatin’-assholes out there!! REALLY lookin’ forward to this one too!!! >>> 4:08 on tha length… Oh, that beat iz familiar. “J-Gutta on tha track?” So, he’s tha one that produced this. I know this from tha Early 2008 mixtape joint from Southpaw & Rackley (Baton Rouge rappers) called “Allstars”. Due to hearin’ that one first, I’m prolly not gonna give this tha better ratings (like tha other songs had real good ratings). Not sure of tha Baton Rouge jackin’ beats (confirm who had this beat first for me). Tha 1st verse was pretty nice, and just like wit tha “Big Things Poppin’ (Do It)” beat you rapped over, tha hook iz just decent. A different dude on tha 2nd verse… He sounds pretty good, and he did his thang wit tha consistent rappin’. I wasn’t sure if that was you on tha 3rd verse, but you confirmed it on here. Tha rappin’ iz just consistent, and to tell you tha truth, mainly ‘cause of that beat and your consistent rappin’ on tha 3rd verse, I think I like this better than tha “I’ll Prove It” joint. Doin’ tha damn thang right here! My Rating: 4.2 (BTW, I ratedSouthpaw & Rackley “Allstars” a 4.6 on a 1st listen, and then a 4.7 on a 2nd listen)

12. “Go Back”
”Go back” where? Lemme find out, and see what you got goin’ on here… >>> I knew it was gon be a jacked beat… Slower this time wit tha Eminem “Mockingbird” beat. I wanna hear “all yo feelin’s.” I’m glad you “didn’t take yo skinny ass to prison.” So, you’re “skinny?” I’m 108 pounds, so I hope to get bigger this year… Tha rappin’ on this iz (of course) incredible, and still consistent. Tha 1st verse had a lot of great shit on it, so that’s watz good. I’m glad to hear all about you. Tha hook doesn’t sound like it flows like tha “Mockingbird” hook did, but you did a nice job rappin’ on it, instead of Em’s singin’ on it. Great rhymes on tha 2nd verse, and I like tha “smootha than a stick o’butter” part. This shit sounds nice, and iz better than certain lyrical shit I hear from otha people. Since it bein’ lyrical (where I don’t give tha best of ratings), I will give you a “lyrical rating”.Lyrical Rating: 4.8 | My Rating: 4.0

13. “You Gotta Roll” Feat. O, Yung Fabe & J-Gutta
This tha final joint that’s missing… Now, that I saw tha title, I was HOPIN’ it was tha “Can’t Stop Moving (Remix)” wit Down Bad, but it’s not. I hope it’s just as good to be on here, and not havin’ that joint on there (I guess that joint wasn’t out at tha time, right?). >>> Anotha REAL GREAT length wit 5:47, but it’s tha “Adios” beat. Too bad it ain’t original, but it should be good. Oh, I like that gurl on tha hook sayin’ tha title. As soon as you came in wit tha hook, it sounded JUST like Foxx (since he started off tha original). Yes, a REAL GREAT featured rapper on tha 1st verse!! He sounds REAL GOOD wit tha gutta shit he be spittin’! He did his thang, and you are doin’ yo thang wit that hook; tight shit! That’s CRAZY that you “gon make this bitch Virginia Tech” wit your “iron.” I’m guessin’ you’re on tha 2nd verse, right? Startin’ it off wit tha Boosie flow (how he did it on tha original); great shit!! I like tha “twisted like dreadlocks” part, and you’re SO FUCKIN’ ILL wit tha rappin’!!! My God, you gon get lots more spins on my playlist, fa’sho!! I wonder what we got for tha 3rd verse… I can’t spell his name, but Yung Fay (sp?) his name, and he sounds like Yung Slab a lil’ on tha voice. I like tha “played out like a VCR” part (you know I still use mine to tape certain shit). That’s watz good that he “nice wit tha heataz” and all tha retarded shit he be spittin’ on this! He REALLY did his thang too on this!! I thought there was gonna be 5 verses for some reason, but no. Lookin’ forward to tha 4th verse! Tha dude on tha 4th verse startin’ it off wit tha Webbie flow (like on tha original); great lil’ startin’ to tha verses on this shit! He doin’ his thang, and tha rappin’ just doesn’t stop! Damn, just FUCKIN’ rap 10 minutes straight already ‘cause these dudes tha shit!! If you, or any of these featured people on this CD, made a track that was 40+ minutes long, I’d review that ma’fucka like it ain’t nothin’! Fill me up wit reviews…! Oh wait, I’m already scheduled to review 380+ CDs from Louisiana (from tha past, 1987, to tha present, 2008), and tha numba keeps growin’ and growin’ week by week! My “Louisiana Reviewz Marathon” gon be retarded than mentally retarded kids in swings, ya dig!!! My Rating: 4.4

14. “Dumb” Feat. J-Gutta
Could I have asked for a better title? PLEASE be an original beat so I can fuckin’ embrace it!!! >>> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! It’s tha “Real Big” beat. I’m gonna try to like this as much as I can… Tha hook iz nice to hear, and just tha fast rappin’ on tha 1st verse iz just great! LOL @ tha gurl offerin’ to “suck you in tha car;” she must luv you, huh, lol? Great 1st verse on this shit. Now, I’m hearin’ tha hook better, and it’s DEFINITELY on tha retarded side, ya dig! Sounds like a different dude on tha 2nd verse… My fingers are typin’ so much shit, as fast as he’s rappin’. Tha shit iz tight, and (of course) I like tha “polo down” part; gotta fuckin’ love tha polos, even though I’m just wearin’ a white tee right now. That dude on tha 2nd verse did his thang! You’re on tha 3rd verse… Yeah, you DO got “big dawg status,” bruh. Yeah, “D-U-M-B,” on this shit! Up, that was just ½ of you on tha 3rd verse. Tha other dude was on tha 2nd ½, and he did his thang wit tha fastness again! Great shit again, Boxx. My Rating: 4.3

15. “Shawty”
As far as tha jacked beats are goin’, I’m not lookin’ forward to this one. If this iz tha Plies & T-Pain beat, you’re in a lot of trouble!!! >>> *Checks length 1st* 3:25 on tha length. *Re-checks Plies & T-Pain “Shawty” length* Yes, that one was 4:14, so PLEASE tell me this ain’t that beat!! *Listens* OH MY GOD, NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! No, T-Pain’s on tha hook too. Get this “now gross” song, as well as tha GROSS year it came from (2007) outta here!!! Yeah, “thank God for safe sex.” I’m still a virgin, so I haven’t had any experience wit that shit yet (hoping soon). Great sex lyrics goin’ on wit tha 1st verse here, so that’s credit for you. At least you on this shit doesn’t make this that disappointing! Ewe, that fuckin’ T-Pain hook… When he says “shawww-tyyyy, yeah” (at 2:00), I used to LMAO @ that, and just LMAO constantly at how he said it, and you would hear tha auto-tone so clearly, lol. Well, DEFINITELY a great 2nd verse from you, and I can’t help but to give this a better rating than what I thought I was gonna give it. See, you’re tha type of rapper that can SAVE tracks when they’re in danger!! My Rating: 4.2

16. “If I Could” Feat. O & Jigga
What could we get here… Please don’t be a depressing song… >>> This anotha jacked beat, but it kinda old… Iz it “Start From Scratch”? Oh, tha ’05 dayz… A lil’ fucked up and boring durin’ those dayz, but there were no “ringtone rappers” at tha time (even though that shit started to blow up once “Hollaback Girl” hit tha 1 million ringtone downloads; tha 1st song that did that). You did yo thang on tha 1st verse, and I guess tha hooks are gettin’ lazy ‘cause it was Floetry on tha hook. A different dude on tha 2nd verse… I can hear tha Baton Rouge in his voice/tha way he flows. He does sound like “a bulldozer” when it comes to this Rap shit. Tha 3rd verse sounds pretty nice wit tha dude on it. LOL @ how he just kept rappin’, and when tha hook went on again, he was still finishin’, wit tha “ya bitch-ass nigga” part. LOL @ how tha beat ended like that. My Rating: 3.7

17. “What Ya”
“What” kinda title iz that, lol? >>> I don’t know tha beat so far, so I’ll just act like I neva heard it… Wow, tha mixtape came back wit that hook!!! Now, this iz DEFINITELY some original, Baton Rouge shit right here!! LOVE tha “smokin’ on/rollin’ on” parts in tha hook; this shit gives you tha “ ” from me, all day! Great rappin’ on tha verse here. “Sharper than a razor, mane.” <- Hum brah, I feel you on that. A different dude on tha 2nd verse… He sounds real cool to listen to when it comes to this Rap shit, ya dig. He “out his body” wit “a 5th of hen.” When he said, “fresh J’s,” I was picturin’ “fresh ‘bauds” to pop up outta nowhere, but he didn’t say that. Yeah, “he a fool,” and, “he on his shit.” Also, that’s watz good that he, “been retarded since school,” lol. REAL GREAT shit right there on tha 2nd verse!! YES, 1 minute, 39 seconds remainin’ on this shit right here!!! Let’s see who’s on tha 3rd verse… A different person for me. Tha dude’s “not worried,” so you know he “know’s his game” right here. Uh oh, he’s got tha “henny in his hand,” so you know he doin’ him. Great 3rd verse right there, as this shit brought some life back into tha mixtape! My Rating: 4.5

18. “Outro”
There wasn’t really an intro, so let’s hear what tha outro gon sound like. PLEASE go hard, and don’t be sad!! >>> Only 2:01 on tha length… Tha beat sounds like it gon be a song, and not just speakin’… Yeah, “you ain’t Webbie, you ain’t Boosie, you ain’t Foxx… you Lil’ Boxx.” Sounds like we got a freestyle here. Tha beat iz pretty nice to hear, and sounds like your rappin’ keeps this track pretty healthy. Tha “Scarface/scarred face” part was REAL TIGHT to hear! You comin’ up wit dem TIGHT-ASS lines, ya heard me!! Yeah, this iz pretty much a lil’ freestyle type of track to end it. And tha mixtape ended wit, “fuckin’ hoes, makin’ money, rappin’, I’m a dawg, mane;” great shit!! My Rating: 4.1

Overall: End Time: 8:47 PM. Well, what can I say… I just FUCKIN’ LOVED this mixtape right chea!! I wish you tha best in luck in tha future, dawg. I hope you, yo click, and who you’re affiliated wit LOVES this 10 and a ½ page review, ya dig! I finna rip No. 2, 10, and 13 when I get a chance, so I can get them shits on my iPod, ya heard me. Now, I finna post this shit online while bumpin’ dat The Faint “I Disappear (FC Kahuna Remix)” again. Damn, that beat so FUCKIN’ TIGHT!!! Sample here:

Rankings (according to my ratings):

18. “If I Could” Feat. O & Jigga 3.7
17. “Go Back” 4.0
16. “Outro” 4.1
15. “I’ll Prove It” 4.1
14. “Stop Stuntin’” Feat. J-Gutta 4.2
13. “Shawty” 4.2
12. “Dumb” Feat. J-Gutta 4.3
11. “I’ll Pay For It” 4.3
10. “Bounce” 4.3
09. “I Love It” 4.4
08. “You Gotta Roll” Feat. O, Yung Fabe & J-Gutta 4.4
07. “Full Throttle” 4.4
06. “Gangsta Shit” 4.5
05. “Anybody Can Get It” 4.5
04. “What Ya” Feat. Slugga & O 4.5
03. “When I Say Move” Feat. AD & J-Gutta 4.6
02. “ICU” Feat. O, Yung Fabe & J-Gutta 4.8
01. “Gangsta In My Bloodline” Feat. O & J-Gutta 4.8

^ It was a VERY TOUGH decision for tha top 2 (since they tied). I was gonna put “ICU” at top, but accordin’ to first instincts, that was like a 4.79 rating in my head, while tha “Gangsta In My Bloodline” seemed like it grew to a 4.8 rating, so I went wit that.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Review #168: BluBlack "Gotta Get It One Way Mixtape Vol. 1"

Reviewed on 1.18.2009 (Review No. 168)

Man, what’s good? This ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog, tha one who be doin’ tha MOST, and tha BEST, for tha music business, ya dig. I just got done counting down my 9th annual year-end countdown, tha top 800 songs of 2008! That shit took 71 hours and 16 minutes to count down, as well as a couple of dayz to rank each song from 1 to No. 800. Results’ll be online soon, as I’m workin’ on makin’ it into Youtube video clips. Speaking of which, Blu Black did land on it at No. 251 wit his only appearance, wit Down Bad, “Out Da Box.” I played it 41 times in 2008, and you can expect a WHOLE LOT more of Blu Black on 2009’s year-end countdown, when I count it down in January 2010! He sure gon win some **CERTIFIED CLASSIC** awards from me (havin’ at least 100 spins wit me), and maybe even win some other awards that have to do wit how great he/his CDs are! Now that I’m back in action here, I finna get into this mixtape that his manager sent me. It’s tha “Gotta Get It One Way Mixtape Vol. 1” mixtape, and it’s hosted by DJ Bootsie. Ya gotta love tha way tha manager led me into tha CD when he was gonna send it to me. He was like, “On this mixtape, there’s only ONE SONG from tha Code Blu CD, and all tha songs are all original beats.” And when he told me that, I was like, “That’s tha CORRECT formula when it comes to anticipating/pleasin’ me wit some music, ya dig.” So now, here goes my review for Blu Black “Gotta Get It One Way Mixtape Vol. 1”! It’s tha 2nd review I’m doin’ of 2009, and tha 1st Rap one, so thumbs up to Blu on that! Happy birthday, and R.I.P., to my grandpa, who iz my rappin’ grandma’s dad. Anything I do (like this review) I feel that’s on his birthday iz considered lucky in my opinion. Start Time: 6:26 PM | Video Game Playing: The Legend Of Zelda – Ocarina Of Time (for Nintendo 64) (on my computer)

Quick Note:
I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

01. Intro
Tha “Code Blu” CD didn’t really have an actual intro (since it was tha beginning on tha “Retardid” joint). REALLY lookin’ forward to hearin’ how tha intro gon sound!! >>> What exactly iz “that lane?” Not tha “Hood Song,” but what exactly iz it? Beat sounds REAL GOOD in this intro!! There’s still another 59 seconds left in this intro… A lot of talkin’ goin’ on here, but tha dude on tha intro sounds cool. So, now that he said, “G-Lane, South Baton Rouge,” iz that tha “lane”? Pretty nice intro here, and I’m lookin’ forward to hearin’ more of what DJ Bootsie has in stock for hosting and all that good shit, ya heard me. My Rating: N/A

02. “Who Dat Is” Feat. Toke, Ace & Butla
That title reminds me of tha 2nd verse of “Retardid,” when you start it off wit, “Who dat iz… It’s me, Blu Black.” I have tha inside of tha CD on tha ground, so tha writing of who’s featured on it iz kinda small, so I’m gonna lean over my chair, and see who’s featured on this right here… *checks* Okay, good thing it’s 3 newbies for me (anybody else on tha “Code Blu” CD, excluding any Down Bad members, don’t count ‘cause I didn’t know who they were at tha time). Really lookin’ forward to hearin’ this right chea!!! >>> Glad to hear you on more shit, Blu! Pretty catchy hook on here. Tha beat reminds me of some earlier 2000s shit that I would really like, compared to tha wack-ass mainstream shit that’s out now. That 1st verse from you was DEFINITELY nice; I REALLY liked tha end of tha verse, where it went quiet for 2 seconds! That reminded me of Paul Van Dyk Feat. Lo-Fi Sugar “Haunted” when it goes quiet for 2-3 seconds after tha choruses. Tha 2nd verse on this shit iz definitely nice! That must be Toke on tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse ‘cause he defined an acronym of his name. That “10 degrees below 0” part about his chain can apply to tha weather here in Northeast PA; it was what, -2 degrees this morning (or tha other morning). Tha 3rd verse (wit both parts in it) iz soundin’ great!! I believe that’s Butla on tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse ‘cause he said his name. I like tha “purple kush…” part on his part; great shit. I didn’t realize that you were on tha hook, Blu. I thought that was one of tha featured people ‘cause there’s 3 of ‘em, but yeah, REAL catchy hook on this, and this iz DEFINITELY watz good! My Rating: 4.4

Forgot to mention that I got a poster of you hangin’ up on my door. Your manager sent me this big one, along wit a smaller one. I didn’t do anything wit tha smaller one yet, but I might put it in tha box I finna have wit all tha Louisiana CDs I get. Here’s tha pic of tha big poster on my door:

03. “Serve Her” Feat. Ace
This should be anotha catchy/fire tune; lookin’ forward to hearin’!! >>> Yup, pretty catchy start. That’s cool that you gon break tha girl’s virginity. Nice 1st verse from you here. Hearin’ Ace on tha 2nd verse, and I’m definitely lookin’ forward to hearin’ him…! Yeah, “Blu Black on tha track;” who else would make these TIGHT beats for these jointz? Tha 2nd verse was DEFINITELY energetic and GREAT for a song like this; good job guys. My Rating: 4.1

04. “Left, Right”
Glad to hear just you on a track, even though it only 2:56… Hope you come correct for me on this shit! >>> What’s wit tha, “welcome to Code Blu,” intro? Hook iz pretty catchy, but sounds like “Get In There” from your “Code Blu” CD (wit those “get it up” parts)… I don’t think they’re tha same song, as this has a different beat. Not bad for a start, even though it ain’t too exciting for me… Way too mainstreamish of a sound on this… Okay, a lil’ too repetitive wit tha “jigg it in tha middle” parts. Too short, and a waste of 3 minutes for me. My Rating: 2.6

05. “Beat It Up” Feat. Kidd
This better be good… >>> Decent start… What’s wit tha female songs again? Typical song/1st verse… Kid did better on this. Not bad song, but a bad/boring Louisiana type of song, sorry. My Rating: 2.9

06. Skit
I thought I needed a recovery from bein’ pissed off in Zelda (tha game I’m playin’). Let’s hear what you got to say… Ooh, it’s 1:16, so this’ll be good! You know I was DYIN’ to hear skits on tha “Code Blu” CD! >>> I was gonna say, “music in tha background?” I thought it was gonna be you, but it’s Bootsie. As for what Bootsie said, I did go to to buy tha “Code Blu” CD. And as far as your Myspace Blu Black, I didn’t go there, you found me, so that’s what’s good. I’m glad you got me in your top friends as well (I gon keep you in mine, since I’m workin’ wit you, ya dig). My Rating: N/A

07. “Stunt On ‘Em” Feat. Cage & Big World
Looks like a lot of anticipation here… 4:45 on tha length, No. 7, Cage of Down Bad on here, as well as a Big World dude. Damn, I betta go get a drink and come back in 60 seconds ‘cause I feel that this shit gon get “retardid!!” *Goes and gets a drink* Up, not 60, but I was gone for 55 seconds. Let’s hear this shit! >>> I thought it was gonna be more up-tempo/retarded… Tha hook iz a good one, and this sounds pretty good so far. That 1st verse iz pretty nice. Tha “clothes from ‘91” part sounded pretty catchy. I’m hearin’ you on tha 2nd verse… Soundin’ good, but please drop tha “out da box” quote, as well as (not sure if it’s gonna be said on here) “2008 shit…” part in tha beginning. Big World on tha 3rd verse? I didn’t expect Cage to be up 1st? Damn, what happened to tha anticipation? Not bad on tha 3rd verse, as he did a pretty nice job. I’m gonna need to get happier for better ratings after No. 4 and No. 5. My Rating: 3.7

08. “Dey Mad” Feat. Needy Nee, Beezy Brd & Butla
Even longer (4:51 on tha length), so it has to be even better! Looks like this could be a better song wit that title! >>> Not sure if that’s a guy or girl on tha hook, but it’s pretty good. I think that same person iz on tha 1st verse… Pretty gutta verse right there. Tha 2nd verse sounded pretty good, but why iz there always like a 2nd ½? It confuses tha shit outta me… That dude on tha 2nd ½, whoever he iz, did a pretty nice job too. Your 3rd verse was pretty nice; I can’t say anything about it though. I’m a lil’ aggravated, so that’s a lil’ unlucky for you, but whatever. My Rating: 3.5

09. “Get Money” Feat. Butla & Toke
Again, features? I don’t know about this… Betta not be a bullshit song… >>> Okay, feelin’ this one better; like that slow voice on tha hook. Hearin’ tha 1st verse now… Pretty good. Hearin’ you on tha 2nd verse… Tha more I lose in tha video game I’m playin’, tha much greater chances of lower ratings… Your verse was pretty catchy wit tha “gettin’ head” part, which included money. Let’s hear tht 3rd verse… That’s cool that, “Ben iz his king.” Tha beat iz pretty cool on this too. My Rating: 3.8

10. “Who Me”
No features this time… *Takes a few minutes break to calm down* Shit, I fuckin’ finally defeated tha boss! What a fuckin’ pain in tha ass! And wit The Prodigy “Smack My Bitch Up” comin’ on Music Choice Electronica (it hasn’t been played on there in like years), tha anger DEFINITELY applied to defeat tha boss, so now, it’s about time I finna get back into this mixtape! 3:48 on tha length can be good… >>> Nice that there’s a beat start… NOOOO!!! “2008 shit;” discard it!! Sounds good wit tha “I got tha game like a PS2…” part. Shit, tha “out da box” thing too… Didn’t like that I heard tha “this ya boy, Blu Black” in tha hook… What, again it happened? Tha hook iz pretty catchy here, but still not pleasing enough to get me back in tha mood… I like tha “got tha pills” part at 1:55, but tha verses seem kinda short for me to go on wit. Shit, that “this ya boy” thing again… I’m gonna keep complainin’ about it… It’s bad enough that it appears twice in tha hook. Another short, 3rd verse… Glad tha last hook didn’t have tha “this ya boy” shit. I liked that lil’ acapella part that was right before tha beat ending. That fuckin’ “this ya boy” thing again… My Rating: 3.7

Way below my expectations… “Code Blu” was A LOT better!! But, I can’t stop here; got 11 more to go. I finna call your manager and let him get an update on how I’m doin’ on this… *Calls* LOL @ tha no answer… Well, I guess I finna get back to this quicker than I expected.

11. Skit
Oh yeah, there’s a skit (I remember tha short length on my computer for this one). It’s 41 seconds, so let’s see who says what… I predict it bein’ my boy DJ Bootsie… >>> Yeah, my fuckin’ boy Bootsie! Shit, that fuckin’ “this ya boy” still goin’ in tha background from that other beat… Yeah, “225 forever;” that’s REALLY watz good! Baton Rouge music LIVES in my blood and I’m poisoned (in a good way) from it!! Great skit that put me in a better mood. My Rating: N/A

12. “Gotta Get It One Way”
Tha title track… I wonder what you gon spit… Tha jointz keep gettin’ longer, as this one’s 4:56… >>> Cool beat for this one. Doesn’t exactly sound like you on this… Was this recorded differently, or was it recorded a while ago? I guess I’ll give a plus to tha 1st verse. That hook ain’t that bad… Good start to tha 2nd verse wit tha “my mind cold/temperature…” part. Oh, tha elements continue as you said “call me rice-a-roni (sp?) ‘cause I’m boilin’ out tha pot;” nice consistent elements goin’ on here. Nice “pill money” topic too. I don’t really “catch chills,” whether I’m hearin’ your verses; I catch anticipation. I’m hearin’ tha 3rd verse now… I like what’s bein’ said here, especially tha “head fulla dreads” part; nice shit here. My Rating: 3.9

13. “I Like Dat” Feat. Butla & Young True
Betta not be another typical sounding type of song… I’m gettin’ real tired right now… >>> Too much in tha beginning wit tha “it’s ya boy” and tha “get it up” type of shit that I’ve heard… Anotha typical song; boo, hoo… I can tell from that hook, even though this iz a lil’ better. I like how you’re goin’ wit tha beat (wit tha “dunn, dunn, da-da-dunn” part). LOL @ tha “dick/condum” part… Butla doin’ a good job on his verse. That fastness on tha 2nd ½ of his part was just real nice to hear. Hearin’ True on tha 3rd verse… He’s got a good voice for this Rap shit. I like tha “2 midgets posted up…” part; that was a nice part. Wow, he even said somethin’ about Long Island. Thanx for him puttin’ Long Island in his verse ‘cause that’s where I’m originally from (Long Island, NY). Damn, I can’t just finish typing… I gotta wait for tha whole song to end ‘cause I still have to say shit. That “it’s ya boy, Blu Black” thing has to go!! My Rating: 3.6

14. “Vibes 2.0” Feat. Yung Yola
I wonder what this gon sound like. I also wonder how that dude on tha feature gon sound… >>> Tha fuckin’ “it’s ya boy” thing in tha beginning. That no music in tha beginning got me wonderin’ for a sec, but I was just about to stop this joint (‘cause I thought it was that “Out My Body” joint wit tha “out my body” parts in tha hook), but, I’m hearin’ tha title in tha hook, so I can tell it’s a different song. Yung Yola soundin’ REAL GOOD on his shit! DEFINITELY feelin’ his attitude in his voice/flow/rappin’/verse. He did his thang on tha 1st verse, and that hook iz DEFINITELY tha shit; great beat too! Now, THIS IZ HOW YOU COME BACK! After so many songs, tha mixtape revives!! A lil’ “Retardid” jackin’ in your verse, Blu Black. On tha 2nd verse, you’re sayin’ tha “??? Lane… hurricane… feel tha pain…” part. Tha verse was pretty nice too. This iz tha repetitive hook you need to stick to on this CD! This was a nice track right here! My Rating: 4.5

15. “Bootie Jigg” Feat. Big World & Supa
That dude Supa iz a character! I’m REALLY lookin’ forward to hearin’ what he gon spit on this shit! Oh, and how odd, to match wit this title, tha song that came on Music Choice Hitlist just now, tha 2nd time I heard it on there, was Filly “Sweat (The Drip Drop Song)”. “Tha fever starts to flow when tha clothes start slippin’.” That line in that song HAS to apply to this joint! I have a feelin’ this one ain’t gon fail! It has to have tha right formula! >>> First 5 seconds were kinda quiet, but it’s pickin’ up… Tha fuckin’ “it’s ya boy” thing came up again. I’m hearin’ you, and then Supa on tha hook, and it sounded REAL nice to hear him! That sounds like Big World on tha 1st verse… Tha beat sounds pretty nice, and this iz a better female song; I knew it wasn’t gonna fail. Tha 1st verse was kinda short. That hook iz pretty nice. Now, it’s you on tha 2nd verse… C’mon, no complaints here, right? Good, nothin’ for me to complain so far. Tha “take them panties off” line goes PERFECT wit that Filly quote I just quoted from that song! Tha “clothes are slippin’!” Nice 2nd verse from you; glad there were no complaints! C’mon, I HOPE Supa iz on tha 3rd verse… YES, he iz!! I like how he holds tha notes on his words (like he’s singin’ ‘em a lil’). He’s pretty famous for his “uh huhhhh” part. LOL @ tha “I don’t give a F,” and then went into “u-c-k.” Short 3rd verse, but he caught my attention on this; good shit right here! Damn, I just keep typing and typing and typin’ without even goin’ back to playin’ my video game that much! Shit, tha “it’s ya boy” thing again @ 3:21. You don’t see Savage havin’ “you hear tha way…Savage track to pieces” throughout tha song multiple times. I’m glad I don’t do that shit in my songs. My Rating: 4.3

16. “Jiggin’ 2 Da Bells” Feat. Kidd
Let’s keep this HOT SHIT comin’ along! Last time, tha No. 16 song on your “Code Blu” CD was “On Dem Pillz.” I know that gon be 10,000x better, but let’s hear what this joint has to offer… >>> Another quiet/curious intro as for 12 seconds, there was no beat. It sounded pretty good/anticipating in tha beginning until you jacked tha D4L song “Bet’cha Can’t Do It Like Me” in tha hook; WTF @ that?!? Your 1st verse was pretty nice. Tha 1st ½ of tha hook iz nice wit tha “jiggin’ 2 da beat/hearin’ bells,” but it just gets bad wit tha D4L jackin’… Hearin’ Kid on tha 2nd verse… I’m likin’ tha “slangin’” part. He sounds like he DEFINITELY doin’ his thang wit his verse on this shit! Looks like I’m REALLY likin’ his verse!! Tha “scoop you wit tha shovel” part was nice to hear. Damn, he just keeps goin’! FUCKIN’ LOVE Kid’s verse on this shit! Keep spittin’… Oh shit, his verse fuckin’ ended. Bad “get it up” jackin’ before tha hook ended. I mean, I like that “Get In There” joint you did wit tha “get it up” parts, but there’s no need to repeat it. Have to give props to Kid’s verse, tha 1st ½ of tha hook, tha beat, and a BIG thumbs down to that 2nd ½ of tha hook! My Rating: 4.2

17. “Want Beef” Feat. Big #’s
I had to turn tha featured artist’s name into “No.” to represent for “numbers” ‘cause on Myspace, tha number symbol doesn’t come out for some reason. Anyway, I looked at tha length (1:32) and I thought it was gonna be another skit. Let’s hear how quick this one’ll go… >>> Tha beat started off pretty cool, and then had some NICE kicks before tha hook (and no “it’s ya boy” bullshit)! Catchy hook; hate to see this really short. Let’s hear you on tha 1st verse… A lil’ bit of a Weezy flow. Cool “dreads and golds” part; glad that’s you right there. Oh shit, just one verse? Way too short, but gets my thumbs up. My Rating: 4.0

18. Skit
Yes, ANOTHER skit! LOL @ it bein’ longer than tha previous joint that I thought was a skit. : If Bootsie on this shit, you know I’m DYIN’ to hear it, again!! >>> I like tha “Hood Song (That Lane)” beat in tha background. Because of No. 19 comin’ up, I just had a GREAT FEELIN’ that was gonna be tha next joint on here ‘cause No. 19 jointz are always anticipating/REAL GOOD. Bootsie sounds GREAT talkin’ on this beat! I liked that he went on tha hook to tha “Hood Song”’s beat; great shit! I can’t get enough of fuckin’ hearin’ Bootsie on this skit! Yes, 22 more seconds!! GREAT “you want beef, nigga? I make beef, nigga” part. Let’s get into tha BEST song on here!! My Rating: N/A

19. “Hood Song (Dat Lane)” Feat. Beezy Bird, Lil’ Mike, Ace, Needy Nee & Kidd
I ID it like that (‘cause “Hood Song” was tha 1st title I saw, and then “Dat Lane”’s tha 2nd title I saw). Here’s tha reaction I got from it when I heard it on tha “Code Blu” CD for tha 1st time: Wow, it just kicked in RIGHT AWAY!! I slowly hear tha beat, and I can TELL it’s tha Baton Rouge type of beat that I FUCKIN’ LOVE!!!! This hook sounds REAL TIGHT/REAL CATCHY!!! Too fuckin’ catchy!! Oh, it’s all about, “that lane;” cool. Shit, on tha 1st verse, all that shit you do, “in that lane,” iz DEFINITELY watz good!! I can’t wait ‘til tha day comes where I get to meet you, and then, hang wit you, “in that lane,” ya dig. That other dude on tha 1st verse sounded pretty good too on his part; REAL GREAT 1st verse!!! Anotha dude on tha 2nd verse… He has that Young Ready type of flow; I can EASILY tell he a Baton Rouge dude! REAL GREAT 2nd verse from him! It sounds like a girl on tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse… Yeah, “it IZ retontoe” (sp?). She did her thang, as she had a GREAT attitude to this shit! Sounds like a GREAT start to tha 1st ½ of tha 3rd verse!! That’s REAL cool that he’s, “got dat killa in his hand.” Let’s hear tha 2nd ½… That dude’s “a dog wit no brain;” HE RETARDED!!! This shit was SOOOOOOOO FUCKIN’ TIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!! I like how it ended, as tha beat ended cold, wit, “whatchu know about that lane, nigga?” <- To add to this: I guess this didn’t source who was featured in this joint. Let’s see if it says it in tha “Code Blu” CD… *Checks* Yup, it’s featuring Beezy Bird, Lil’ Mike, Ace, Needy Nee & Kidd. You do love your featured artists, Blu Black, lol. I might consider this to be tha 2nd song I play off of tha “Code Blu” CD, since tha one I’m playin’ right now iz “Retardid.” My Current Rating: 4.9

20. “Give Me Me” Feat. Trally Boy
I just wanna say right now that tha front cover to your “Code Blu” CD iz SO FUCKIN’ INFECTIOUS!!!!!!!!!! I feel like it can’t be stopped, just like wit my boy Jimmy The DJ’s “Gangsta Gumbo Vol. 2” mixtape cover; I see it non-stop! Let’s hear what this title gon define… >>> Cool beat so far… I have a feelin’ that typical, “it’s ya boy,” thing gon come out… Good, it didn’t. REAL nice start to tha 1st verse, as you said you were, “sellin’ drugs,” and shit like that; GREAT shit to listen to from you! Sounds like anotha catchy hook on here, and that beat just makes this joint sound good. Oh wow, I didn’t expect tha repetitiveness in tha hook wit all those “ay, give me me” parts! Trally Boy’s 2nd verse was nice on this shit too. Jammin’ shit right here. When it said “Blu Black” before tha 2nd hook ended, I thought it was gonna be another verse from you, but no, you let tha beat ride; nice beat ending. My Rating: 4.3

21. Outro
5:57 on tha outro’s length? Damn, I hope this some GREAT shit (talkin’ from DJ Bootsie, you rappin’, anything)!! >>> Sounds like a song… Nice beat in tha background, but sounds like some shout outs goin’ on here… Yeah, “thank Down Bad Entertainment;” Down Bad be doin’ tha damn thang, and I’m REAL GLAD they got a lot of luv for me. Next time when you record an outro, or whateva it iz to give credits, I’ll be lookin’ forward to hearin’/seein’ my name somewhere. I’m glad you on tha outro here. When you said, “I see you my nigga,” it sounded like it was copied/pasted ‘cause it sounded like one of your words (to what you might’ve been sayin’ next) just got cut off, lol (it sounded like it was gonna say, “my…”). It’s sad to hear you say, “they killed my dawg, ya heard me.” Well, that ended at 2:32. Oh wait, sounds like a slow intro to (maybe) a song… No, tha fuckin’ “this ya boy, Blu Black” thing. I don’t know tha actual person singin’, but this iz way too depressing for me. Sorry to hear that you have had deaths in your life. I’m not gonna rate this, as this ain’t really officially a “song;” it’s more of a long outro. That FUCKIN’ “it’s ya boy, Blu Black” thing had to be at tha end. My Rating: N/A

Overall: End Time:
8:52 PM. Well, I’m FINALLY finished reviewin’ this CD. Well, I thought I was gonna expect to be happier, but I’m a lil’ satisfied wit what I heard on here. Tha 1st ½ of tha mixtape was way too decent/not my type of Louisiana music that I’d hear (excluding No. 2 and 3), but tha CD gained some life once we hit No. 14, so I was glad for a happy ending. Keep doin’ yo thang, Blu Black, and I hope you, your manager, and anybody readin’ this, enjoy this review. Once again, I’m REAL FUCKIN’ GLAD to be workin’ wit you, dawg. We got this 2009 shit on lock, ya heard me! That commercial gon be comin’, as soon as I get that mini DV tape, belie’ dat! Also, now that I have an official copy of your “Code Blu” CD, I finna go put tha featured artists in all tha song IDs on my review for that CD, so it looks a lot better lookin’.

Rankings (according to my ratings):

16. “Left, Right” 2.6
15. “Beat It Up” Feat. Kidd 2.9
14. “Dey Mad” Feat. Needy Nee, Beezy Brd & Butla 3.5
13. “I Like Dat” Feat. Butla & Young True 3.6
12. “Who Me” 3.7
11. “Stunt On ‘Em” Feat. Cage & Big World 3.7
10. “Get Money” Feat. Butla & Toke 3.8
09. “Gotta Get It One Way” 3.9
08. “Want Beef” Feat. Big #’s 4.0
07. “Serve Her” Feat. Ace 4.1
06. “Jiggin’ 2 Da Bells” Feat. Kidd 4.2
05. “Bootie Jigg” Feat. Big World & Supa 4.3
04. “Give Me Me” Feat. Trally Boy 4.3
03. “Who Dat Is” Feat. Toke, Ace & Butla 4.4
02. “Vibes 2.0” Feat. Yung Yola 4.5
01. “Hood Song (Dat Lane)” Feat. Beezy Bird, Lil’ Mike, Ace, Needy Nee & Kidd 4.9

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