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Review #189: Yung Yola & D.$.G. "99 Wayz 2 Grind"

Reviewed on 4.28.2009 (Review No. 189)

Wahhhh, what up? It’s ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog, FINALLY back again!! April’s a real hectic month ‘cause of tha semester ending (just like wit last year too). There’s like no time for reviewz, really. It’s sad how this iz only tha 2nd review I’m doin’ for this month. I can’t believe I did more commercials (4 + 1 unfinished one) than reviews this month; wow. Now, it’s finally time to get into this CD! It’s from rappers Yung Yola & D.$.G. wit their joint called “99 Wayz 2 Grind”. I thought I had this CD for a while, but according to a Word Of South private message, I’ve had it since March 20, so it ain’t too pushed back for me. I’ve been DYING to hear/review this ‘cause this sum new Louisiana shit as well as 2 rappers I don’t know of. Now, with huge anticipation, here goes my review for Yung Yola & D.$.G. “99 Wayz 2 Grind”! Once again, my bad for tha (like) 39 day delay. I forgot what they look like, but I remember them lookin’ like real cool dudes. I’m not gonna look at their pic on tha front/back cover ‘til tha end ‘cause I want tha ratings to be fair. Happy 19th birthday to my brotha Mike, and I hope he gets on tha right path and gets a job already! Start Time: 9:23 PM | End Time: 11:19 PM | Video Game Playing: Donkey Kong Country 3 (for Super Nintendo)

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

01. “I Be (All Day)” Feat. Young True
Starting it off wit a bonus it looks like (‘cause there’s anotha artist on this that I don’t know). Still feelin’ tha anticipation, so let’s FINALLY start this bitch off, ya dig!! >>> Ooh, good sound in tha beginning! Almost reminds me of Derty & Lil’ Boosie’s “Uh Oh” beat wit tha background sounds! Good/tough vocals, and good hook. Tha 1st verse was nice, even though nothin’ much iz happenin’ wit tha beat; at least it’s consistent. Likin’ tha 2nd verse’s vocals, as that dude sounds like a cool dude to talk to. I like that part at “2:25” (LOL @ tha BR area code no less) wit keepin’ “tha tag on;” that swag right there iz tha shit! Good job from tha 2nd dude! Sounds like a good 3rd verse… He said, “that lane;” *high anticipation voice* Are y’all affiliated wit Blu Black? That’s REALLY watz good if so! I also like how he said “dawg” in tha verse, as well as endin’ tha verse by imitating T-Lo’s “All Day”! Tha beat could’ve changed a lil’ here and there, but I like it, so thumbs up! My Rating: 4.1

02. “Stunted Out On U Bitches” Feat. Young True
I neva saw tha word “stunted”, but have heard it so many times, so this iz a first seein’ it (it looks like “stunt-ed”, lol). Young True again on tha feature, so it looks like I’ll be listenin’ to sum consistent formula! >>> Not to mention also, tha length iz pretty similar (it’s a second longer, lol)! A lil’ afraid of tha snap beat, but I have faith in it gettin’ betta… Okay hook here, and now on tha 1st verse! Wow, that’s Yung Yola wit tha “pants hangin’ off his ass;” JUST FUCKIN’ LUV THA SWAG FROM LOUISIANA!!! I definitely liked his 1st verse, so thumbs up! Let’s see what we got for tha 2nd verse… Oh, my dude wit tha cool voice! Sounds decent, but he said, “Gardere Lane,” so he’s reppin’ “dat lane”!!! YEAH!!! FREE BLU BLACK!!!!! I’m hearin’ tha 3rd verse now, and it sounds like someone else wit tha flow… I don’t remember who, but as far as how it sounds, it straight. My Rating: 3.9

03. “Haters”
Featureless, so let’s see what you got for tha “haters”!! >>> Different beat, and much better! It sounds like a Frank Sinatra sample in tha beat; REAL NICE!! That hook iz attractive, so thumbs up on gettin’ my attention! This would’ve sounded better as tha intro track ‘cause of tha music! Yola’s on tha 1st verse, and that voice of his just gets you in tha mood to REALLY listen to him! Yeah, “show yo ass” for tha “haters” and all tha people that wanna pay attention to you!! Comin’ up on this 2nd verse here wit D.$.G.: It sounds good, and great that it’s on point! Great job for stayin’ on topic, and great fade-out on tha ending! My Rating: 4.5

04. “On My Shit” Feat. Blu Black
Oh, “shit”!! My dawg Blu on this bitch, so you KNOW it gon be FIYA!!! Too bad it only 2:55 (could’ve been longer?). Blu and I’ve been gettin’ SO close, and it’s a blessin’! For someone who’s “Code Blu” CD was just INSANE (no less, I bought tha CD for $9.99 wit knowing him for a day), he’s one of my favorite people!! Even his clique (girl, manager, homeboy [Hannibal]) are ALL REAL great people to talk to, so that makes him 4x better! I’m REAL glad he wrote me back from jail last month ‘cause it REALLY made my day! REALLY lookin’ forward to hearin’ how y’all “lane boyz” get down!! >>> No less, Blu Black produced it! Ooh, Yola soundin’ more like a boss on this shit! Yea, more of tha “tags hang off” type lyrics!! I like tha soundin’ to this Blu Black beat, ESPECIALLY at tha end of every 4th line wit that horn!!! Oh wow, great hook too!! Yola a fuckin’ beast wit this “shit;” he “on his shit”!!! Blu Black came outta nowhere while tha beat got quiet for a lil’ while. Of course, when it comes to drugs in tha rhymes, Blu’s a MONSTA wit tha rappin’ about it; CRAZY verse from him!! Nothin’ but PURE “lane music!” LOL @ tha “masturbating” part; JUNGLE BOY!!!!! Still can’t get enough of that hook; sounds like if I put this in rotation, I would instantly fall in luv wit it! Only 2 verses? See, I knew it should’ve been longer! It was D.$.G.less. My Rating: 4.8

05. “Iron On My Side”
Shit, anotha under 3 minute song (2:59 to be exact). Even though featureless, it’s not D.$.G.less, so that’s watz good! Let’s see how y’all boyz rip this shit up!! >>> I like all tha “ya heard me”s in tha beginning. I had a feelin’ this would be a gangsta song, but it sounds more like a song about protectin’ yourself from dyin’. It just went into tha 1st verse without me knowing. I wish all tha violence would stop! Really, eva since Nu$$ie died, tha violence should REALLY be focused on lowering!! Tha beat iz different/nice for a song like this, and Yola REALLY did a nice job on his verse! Tha next part comes from D.$.G.. Sorry about tha “no draws” part about “his daughter.” Tha hook iz real, and I would NEVA want y’all boyz to get a gun to you!! I LUV my Louisiana connection/artists/peoples wit a HUGE PASSION, and would HATE to see anything happen to ‘em, ESPECIALLY people I’m startin’ to know/don’t know like y’all! My Rating: 3.8

06. “Keep Chewin’”
Wow, tha length went up nearly 2 minutes (to 4:55)! Really lookin’ forward to seein’ what we got here; iz it a pill song?!? >>> Anotha snapish beat, remindin’ me of I.G. (R.I.P.) & Lil’ DP “Tip Witcha Boi”. Tha hook sounds “jiggish,” so thumbs up! Sounds like Yola goin’ off to tha females on tha 1st verse!! Yeah, he’s “fulla dem pillz!!” I REALLY hope I get to talk to you about some shit, Yola. Oh, I REALLY like that “pop anotha one…” part at tha end of your verse, especially when tha beat disappears (reminds me of a “Blu Black effect”, lol). Hearin’ tha 2nd verse from Yola again, and he “Blu Black’d” himself wit tha “Vibes 2.0” lyrics (just tha beginning of its hook) to tha beginning of tha 2nd verse! Can’t get enough of you, dawg! You sound REAL great to listen to. I picture you bein’ a big dude that’s nothin’ to be fucked wit; lookin’ forward to seein’ what you look like again. Damn, you ended tha verse AGAIN real good, this time wit tha “I’m out my body” part (sounded like Blu Black too)! Damn, you’re on tha 3rd verse too? FUCKIN’ IN LUV WIT THIS SHIT NOW!!! All that shit goin’ on wit that “kill,” “drank,” and “Down Bad” in tha beginning of tha 3rd verse was REAL TIGHT!!! Glad you “jiggin’ to tha music,” and just REAL GLAD to hear more pill poppin’ music; YOU FUCKIN’ RULE!!! I feel like I could rate this song higher due to it’s just you on this shit! I’m also likin’ tha cold endings at tha end of most of tha songs! My Rating: 4.6

07. “Secret” Feat. Ms. Too Much
I don’t know who tha lady iz, but I have a feelin’ this won’t be for me… >>> I like tha 80’s sample, but now it’s soundin’ like Plies/Ashanti “Want It, Need It” vs. Mike Jones/Ashanti “Next To You”. Maybe a good Summer song (as a follow up single), but not much too interested here. Nice singin’, but it took more than ½ tha song for Yola to come up (1:46)? Your verse sounded good for tha track, but for me to listen to, it’s more of an ignore. Tha vibe of this song keeps me from rating it lower than a 3.0… I don’t think tha acapella (or tha 15 seconds of silence) was called for at tha end… My Rating: 3.1

08. “My Swagga (Exclusive) 2009”
What makes this song so “exclusive”? High anticipation level… >>> Yeah, “muthafuckin’ Yung Yola!!” Sounds like a good beat, and I like how Yola’s “so retarded!” Yes, Yola on tha 1st verse… You BETTA believe you “on top of yo game!” Just listenin’ to you makes me feel REAL cool! In my opinion, only tha real cool people listen to Yung Yola, ya dig! Good job on tha 1st verse, and now, tha 2nd verse… Glad it’s you again, and I’m glad you’re like Max Minelli, “so on.” Ooh, “buy tha latest Coogi” line sounded GREAT to hear! As long as you fuckin’ wit those GREAT clothes, you tha shit, ya heard me! I really like how you ended tha 2nd verse wit “fa sho.” Anotha song of just you? Then higher rating fa me (no offense against D.$.G.)! My Rating: 4.3

09. “Gotta Plan” Feat. Kydro Da Sickest
I really like tha name of tha featured artist…! Hope y’all REALLY “gotta plan”!!! >>> I forgot what tha Young Jeezy song this was (wit tha beat), but it sounds like I’ll look forward to you (Yola) bein’ on this! I like tha “quicksand” line in tha hook (if that was tha hook or 1st verse)! Your fuckin’ voice iz REAL GREAT for this shit!! Gotta have that attitude in you; it must be a Louisiana thang! LOL @ “garbage can money.” You know I hustle for my money at times wit findin’ winning scratch-off lottery tickets (especially in New York)! Always rememberin’ August 28, 2007 @ 12:35 PM when I found a $200 winning scratch-off lottery ticket in tha garbage by a bank; GREAT moment (and tha garbage wasn’t messy or anything)!!! Hearin’ tha 2nd verse, and I’m REAL glad tha dude “sellin’ weed,” so you know he OFFICIAL wit his shit!! Wow, I can’t wait to make a commercial for this CD; you know it gon be FIYA!!! REAL GLAD he wearin’ “Coogi” too! Great hustlin’ verse from D.$.G. on tha 2nd verse!! Tha 3rd verse now, and it’s a REALLY “fresh” verse here wit “fresh ‘bauds,” so this dude iz official!! Wow, that was Kydro? REAL NICE for tha 1st time hearin’! Great job here, and GREAT “plan”!! My Rating: 4.2

½time: Well, anticipation paid off, fa sho! Sounds like I’m REALLY into hearin’ Yola, as well as enjoyin’ D.$.G. at times too!! This CD iz tha shit, and I HOPE there’s MORE “wayz 2 grind” remaining wit this “99 Wayz 2 Grind” CD!!! Average CD rating currently iz a 4.1, so we’ll see if it can keep up (4.0 or higher means I luv it already)!!

10. “Drop Step Out”
Looks like a title that needs one or two commas… Low anticipation ‘cause… nah, I won’t even go there! >>> LOL… Mike Jones sample from “Still Tippin’” goin’ quite fast, lol! I thought this was gonna be on some Unk “Show Out” type shit! Of course, you know it starts off decent, but Yola HAS to add HOT elements to tha verse wit tha “switchin’ lane to lane, smokin’ that Mary Jane” line! Also sayin’ “dawg” twice, and tha “22’s twirlin’ like ya playin’ Wheel Of Fortune” line; you tha shit (I had to say it again)!!! Good, hearin’ D.$.G., and I’m GLAD he “puffin’” on sum shit! I’m ALSO glad D.$.G.’s “high” iz peakin’ on this track (as he said “higher than I’ve eva been”)! Good job here, as this wasn’t a disappointment! Also, no commas needed in tha title! My Rating: 3.8

11. “Stop” (Needy Nee)
Now y’all REALLY on some MORE lane shit!! I know Needy from Blu Black’s CDs, so you know she might help y’all out as well! Lookin’ forward to hearin’! >>> I hear Mannie Fresh claps… LOL, nope, it’s Simms on tha track!! I happen to like Needy, so that’s a thumbs up! It’s rare that you see me likin’ Southern female rappers these dayz. Wow, she’s doin’ her thang on tha 1st verse wit all tha “fresh” shit, and even she smokin’ sum good shit!! Oh wow, she couldn’t get enough! Needy “greedy” (lol) Nee for anotha verse; she luvs her Simms! Good energy again for tha 2nd verse on her part. I wonder when y’all comin’ in… I bet’cha it gon be my dawg Yola… Nope, lol, just Needy again! Her “gun play” part on tha 3rd verse sounds so much like Young Ready! Wow, she’s SO on sum Young Ready type shit here wit tha flow and err-thang on tha 3rd verse; REAL nice!! Good song from her, even though I thought it was featuring her. My Rating: 4.0

12. “On Deck”
Good length (just a lil’ over 4 minutes; 4:09 to be exact), so let’s see how good it’ll be… >>> I like tha beat intro (reminds me of a jacked beat, but I’m sure it ain’t)! Sounds kinda random at first, but sounds good. Great beginning verse from D.$.G.! Tha hook sounds better, easily; nice and catchy! You KNOW Yola had to be on this bitch; my dawg Yola hungry fa this shit, so you KNOW he gon spit on a track, regardless! I like how in tha middle of tha verse, he said “they hate my,” so R.I.P. to Nu$$ie! And that’s it… 1:19 remaining? C’mon, another verse now, right? Uh oh, it’s fading out… Will there be a skit? Shit, WTF was that for? It was like at least a whole minute of silence. Did y’all forget to cut it? My Rating: 3.9

13. “Do Today” Feat. Flippa Boyz
5:22 on tha length, but I ain’t fallin’ for it, lol! I really like tha name of tha featured people (y’all roll wit some cool-ass dudes I assume). I think you mean “due” for tha title, right? Lemme find out; nice anticipation level! >>> Tha “do” in tha title iz right, so my bad for stereotyping. Tha beat almost sounded jacked, but Q-Red’s “on tha muthafuckin’ track!” Hearin’ that hook now, and HOLY SHIT, maybe one of tha best ones I’ve heard!!! “So retarded!!” “Polo—white, red stripes, I might wear a blue today!” “Might smoke tha purple…” “Bow, bow, tre’s up tha stupid way” <- HOLY FUCKIN’ SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PROLLY THA BEST HOOK I’VE HEARD IN A LONG TIME THAT’S FULLA NOTHIN’ BUT COOL-ASS LOUISIANA STYLED LYRICS HERE!!! Anytime someone talks about rockin’ polos, I easily fall in luv wit hearin’ it, and Yola, you NAILED tha hook down PERFECTLY!!! Tha smokin’ shit and err-thang; you DEFINITELY one of tha coolest dudes!!! <- LOL @ somethin’ this long bein’ just on tha hook; you KNOW it’s official!! Great job on your 1st verse too, keepin’ it consistent! Tha 2nd verse from (I think) D.$.G. sounded nice too! Tha 3rd verse (right before it came on) sounded like OJ Da Juiceman, but it’s original people (tha Flippa Boyz). Great attitude on tha 3rd verse here, and all tha “smokin’” goin’ on sounds great! Wait a second, neva mind, that’s Simms on tha 3rd verse (I guess he’s a part of tha Flippa Boyz); he a BEAST on tha beats, but also has a real cool voice for this Rap shit, so you KNOW he tha shit on a verse!! Yes, a FUCKIN’ 4th verse!! Great job on this verse here, as tha dude’s definitely interested in spittin’ what he feelin’ for tha track!! He talked about his polos too, so thumbs up! Yes, tha length wasn’t fucked up this time!!! Even though I like tha Blu Black featured track better, that hook iz SO ADDICTING, that everytime I hear it, it just makes me feel SO BLESSED to just have tha Louisiana connection I have, and to be cool wit SO MANY peeps (thanx Simms for adding me back in December 2008 BTW)!!!!! I couldn’t have asked for anything better!!! I’m DYIN’ to go to Louisiana, as well as do SO MUCH shit down there!!! LOUISIANA IZ THA BEST, ESPECIALLY BATON ROUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! BATON MUTHAFUCKIN’ ROUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Rating: 4.7

14. “Da Dumb Way”
Continuing wit what I said wit “I couldn’t have asked for anything better!!!,” I feel like that right now wit tha title; I couldn’t have asked fa a betta title!!! HUGE ANTICIPATION!!!!! >>> Ooh, very “Wipe Me Down”ish! Well, this iz tha closest Baton Rouge sounding song here, as it’s 100%+ (or should I say “51/50”) Baton Rouge style!!! Catchy, great chanting hook!! Great job on tha 1st verse, Yola! Let’s hear this 2nd verse here… D.$.G. on here, and he DEFINITELY doin’ his thang, as he “smellin’ like kush!” Good job that he “popped two off tha gate!” Great shit here, even though I don’t have much to say ‘cause tha song just says it itself!! It wasn’t that long too… My Rating: 4.3

15. “Doing My Dance”
UH NO…!!! >>> Tha “’08 shit, ya heard me” was so Blu Blackish, lol (‘cause he says “200-muthafuckin’-8 shit, ya heard me” in tha beginning of a bunch of his ’08 songs). Well, not tha type of hook I like, but tha “bow” parts get tha plus ‘cause they’re Louisianaish. Too random wit random lyrics, lol. What’s wit all tha song titles? “Watch My Shoes”, “Out Da Box”, tha “tre’s up tha stupid way” part soundin’ like Blu Black, and tha “I’m out my socks…” part at tha end of tha “Out Da Box” part (which sounds like “Retardid” from Blu Black)? I liked ‘em, even though they sounded all random. Tha 2nd verse from D.$.G. iz here… Well, I can’t say anything about it except for thumbs up for havin’ a “blunt in yo mouth.” Lyrics didn’t appeal to me at all, and even though not tha worst “Dance-Rap” song, still not exciting for me. I did like tha random song title/quotes part from Yola, and that one lil’ line from D.$.G. about tha blunt, and that was it, lol. Beat was somewhat on point too. My Rating: 2.6

16. “He Da Truth” Feat. J.R.
Don’t know what to expect, except that I anticipate tha No. 16 song, regardless… >>> Ooh, GREAT Baton Rouge sound in tha beginning!! LOL, tha hook sounds like it’s looped… Catchy, but you know my dawg Yola doin’ his thang on tha 1st verse! Good job, and keep ya voice out there FO’EVA, YA HEARD ME!!! D.$.G. on tha 2nd verse, and still spittin’ dat “dumb shit!!” Ooh, some “fulla dem pillz” shit again!! LOL @ that “easily caught” looped hook! My Rating: 4.1
EDIT: I thought D.$.G. was on tha 2nd verse but thanx to tha flyer, I found out dat it was J.R. on tha 2nd verse (and hook).

17. K.O. Feat. Beezy Bird & Q Red “Let Me Get It”
Ooh, Beezy Bird (don’t really know how his voice sounds ‘cause he’s a part of Blu Black’s “Hood Song (Dat Lane)”, which features 5-6 people [including him])! Q Red producing this as well as bein’ featured? And this time, just a K.O. dude? Real interesting here as to where I have a lot of anticipation!! How will we be Yung Yola & D.$.G.less? Hmm… … … >>> Yup, “Q Red on tha track!” Nice, dark, slow intro! As soon as I heard tha “I’m fulla dat shit,” I fell in luv right away!! Unexpected voice I hear here on tha 1st verse (must be that K.O.). LOL @ tha “posted up on tha wall ‘cause my dick hard” part, lol. Good 1st verse, and now, I’m hearin’ Beezy Bird on tha 2nd verse… He sounds GREAT on his part. I gotta research if he’s tha dude on tha 1st ½ of tha 3rd verse on “Hood Song (Dat Lane)” ‘cause that dude on tha 1st ½ of tha 3rd verse goes REAL NUTS!!! Anyway, Q Red on tha 3rd verse, so you know I’m anticipated to hear anotha producer rap! Well, I like Simms rappin’ better, easily, but still soundin’ good. He’s really in tha mood for sum sex now, lol. My Rating: 4.2

18. C-4 “Outta Space”
Anotha different person; who’s this person? >>> 5:01 on tha length here, so this gon be a long one… Weird song so far… I thought tha song was gonna be about pills, but it ain’t. Why clean version wit all tha reversin’ shit? Tha beat iz pretty nice for a song I ain’t too interested in… Iz that a different dude on tha 2nd verse? Tha 2nd verse iz EASILY more on some pill shit. Better verse, but still not that interesting of a song for me. Tha vocals on tha hook are kinda weird for me, but I don’t know… Still ain’t terrible though. LOL @ there not even bein’ a second of silence at tha end. My Rating: 2.9

19. “Coola Than A Muthafucka”
Oh God, tha last song… *Checks ID* Good, back to y’all again! This like tha 1st time I’m seein’ tha word “muthafucka” in tha title, so anticipation, ESPECIALLY since this joint on some “coola” shit!! >>> Shit, not tha type of beat I wanted! Why that female sample in tha background? Yeah Yola, “you are that nigga!” Still really feelin’ your gutta voice on this shit! Good job on tha 1st verse. Hearin’ tha 2nd verse, and it sounds like it’s following up from tha hook wit its flow. Short, so nothin’ to say. I expected a lot better for tha ending song… My Rating: 3.3

Overall: Well, still luvin’ tha CD, regardless of tha few jointz during tha 2nd ½ that didn’t appeal to me! Yung Yola, you a dawg, you know that!! D.$.G., great job teamin’ up! I’m REAL GLAD y’all affiliated wit Blu Black and Gardere Lane!! Now, lemme see what y’all look like again… *Checks front cover* Yup, my memory was correct; REAL COOL! You know I give props to tha dudes wit dreads, ya dig. I really hope y’all luv this review, as well as gettin’ to be cool wit me (also wit talkin’ from time to time and that good shit)! Oh shit, I just noticed there’s 2 booking numbers on tha back cover!! You know I finna hit one of them up right now, ya dig!! Keep doin’ ya thang, and Yola, KEEP GOIN’ DUMB!!!
EDIT: Shit, I ain't know Yola was locked up, as well as D.$.G.! I actually remember seein' a "Free D.$.G.!!" thing somewhere on someone's MySpace display name, but I didn't know it was tha 2 of y'all! Shiiiiiid, I hope y'all get out soon and I can get a hold of y'all!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

19. “Doing My Dance” 2.6
18. C-4 “Outta Space” 2.9
17. “Secret” Feat. Ms. Too Much 3.1
16. “Coola Than A Muthafucka” 3.3
15. “Drop Step Out” 3.8
14. “Iron On My Side” 3.8
13. “On Deck” 3.9
12. “Stunted Out On U Bitches” Feat. Young True 3.9
11. “Stop” (Needy Nee) 4.0
10. “I Be (All Day)” Feat. Young True 4.1
09. “He Da Truth” Feat. J.R. 4.1
08. K.O. Feat. Beezy Bird & Q Red “Let Me Get It” 4.2
07. “Gotta Plan” Feat. Kydro Da Sickest 4.2
06. “Da Dumb Way” 4.3
05. “My Swagga (Exclusive) 2009” 4.3
04. “Haters” 4.5
03. “Keep Chewin’” 4.6
02. “Do Today” Feat. Flippa Boyz 4.7
01. “On My Shit” Feat. Blu Black 4.8

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score: 75.1
Total Songs: / 19
Average CD Rating: 4.0

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