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J Fletcha Da Beast Feat. Iceman Da Lyricist "I Got A Whole Lott":

Dirty Harry "Don't You Worry 'Bout Me":

Quikkdraw "Swagga So Sikk":

Lah "Get Real":

Young LaBron "Medicine":

Dat Boy A & Young Kidd Kidd "Shoe Box Money":

Fizz "No Place Like 225":

Dae~Dae Feat. Supa "Jock My Shoe Game":

Trakk Boii Feat. Young Cuzz & Yella "Fight Anthem":

Review #489: Badd Nooze "Crack Music Vol. Loud"

Reviewed on 5.31.2010 (Review #489)

FINALLY!! All tha current reviewz I’ve been behind in are BEHIND ME!!! Up next, REVIEW #71 FOR THIS MONTH!! SHIT YEA!!! I gon review some shit I just found online. This next review iz Badd Nooze “Crack Music Vol. Loud! I like tha “Vol. Loud” thing; I feel like dat gon be REAL LUCKY fa dis mixtape ‘cause dat’s tha 1st time I saw a “Vol.” like dat! Also, thumbs up ta tha dreads but thumbs down ta blockin’ friend requests from bands and film makers on your page; what kinda promotion iz dat? Enable it! Start Time: 4:44 PM | End Time: 6:05 PM

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself wit my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

© 2010 CD Review (Review #489) reviewed on 5.31.2010 by FrankieThaLuckyDog. Other than tha main artist or affiliated people with tha main artist, this review iz to not be used in anyone else’s words!

Link To CD:

01. “Believe Dat”
Time ta start dis thang off…!! >>> Sounds like a good New Orleans-type voice here for tha start; catchy shit here on dis Q-Red beat! Tha 1st verse starts off pretty HOT wit “what kinda pillz you on?” Prolly one of tha BEST starts to a 1st verse on tha 1st track!! Thumbs up ta all tha “belie’ dat”s in this joint; good shit for tha 1st verse!! Let’s see tha otha dude of Badd Nooze on tha 2nd verse here… Good start once again for tha 2nd verse; just cool-ass BR shit right chea to tha fullest!! MEGA THUMBS UP to tha “shiiiiiid” part not too long before tha song ended!! My Rating: 4.6

02. “Bitch-Ass Nigga”
Looks like dis gon go hard too!! >>> Shit yea, tha beginning says it all!! Really luvin’ how y’all comin’ through wit dis shit right chea!! Tha hook sounds cool; street shit to tha fullest!! Feelin’ this beat right chea (pretty sure it’s Q-Red ‘cause I can tell tha sounds used in this beat); production’s on lock wit y’all spittin’ some good-ass shit!! These BR streetz NEVA lonely fa music; there’s ALWAYS someone wit music!! Tha 2nd verse has creativity added to tha rhymes here: “I hate fake niggaz; I’m allergic to ‘em!” Felt everythang dat was said on dis track right chea all tha way!! I’m REAL GLAD this joint’s 4:30+ on tha length ‘cause you KNOW it goes hard!! A 3rd verse iz here and it sounds like some interestin’ shit about “Rattin’ Rouge” here. Really, who “rats;” dat’s REALLY gay!! This 3rd verse iz too good ta where tha otha Badd Nooze dude’s hoppin’ on tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse! DEFINITELY to tha point wit dis gay-ass snitchin’!! My Rating: 4.6

03. “Rocket”
Like Goldfrapp, y’all got a “rocket,” lol! I wonder how good dis iz…!! >>> Whoa @ tha Q-Red beat start!! It was TOO GR8 ta where tha beat tag came on before I was able ta correctly type “Q-Red,” lol!! Yea, this shit sounds hot; DEFINITELY some gutta shit to tha fullest!! Y’all “just eliminate;” good shit! DEFINITELY a RAW hook!!! Tha 1st verse dude sounds a lil’ like Skip on dis shit… Pretty raw wit tha content here; just strictly keepin’ it street tha WHOLE way!! Even “fulla xanabarz!!” LOL, now, he “feels like a locker;” DEFINITELY HEAT in this 80+ degree weather!!! Here’s tha 2nd verse and it’s Needlez from Badd Nooze here! More street/gangsta shit here; pure quality!! I think “jealousy”’s pretty gay when it comes ta how people play pussy wit holdin’ up guns and don’t do shit wit ‘em! People are just gay; gotta realize it and be original! Tha 3rd verse iz here (Spitta from Badd Nooze; I guess you’re tha dude on Savage & Young Ready’s CD?) and it sounds like some pretty raw shit about who he “shot” and how he “shot him in tha leg,” no less, it was his dude… Pretty interestin’ here; very much on tha gangsta side of BR right chea!! My Rating: 4.8

04. “Bond Time”
What do we got here? >>> Gotta luv tha 4:49 length and dat GR8 “Q-RED on tha track” beat tag; who iz dat dude dat says it? He sounds cool wit how he says it. Okay, even though I don’t know what this “bond” shit means, at least I’m learnin’ here… Oh, iz it jail-related ‘cause it’s sayin’, “somebody bond me out,” in tha hook? Tha 1st verse sounds like y’all like trouble? They have a lil’ “drug hangout” right by tha side of tha house I’m stayin’ at and people leave shit there (from beer bottles to even dutch wrappers). Why leave proof? You just like tellin’ tha people at tha house, “Hi! I smoked weed by your house just now;” I don’t get it… Anyway, good job on tha 1st verse; y’all REALLY fulla dem xanz!! Tha 2nd verse sounds like it’s pretty raw when it comes ta not givin’ a “fuck” ‘bout all tha trouble… Who has tha money fa tha “bond time” anyway? Tha 3rd verse’s still keepin’ it gutta here; REALLY fulla dem xanz again! Y’all REALLY feelin’ TOO good!!! Dat’s GoOOOOOOOOOOOOod!! This song’s like my brother, who’s been to “many detention centers” and shit like dat; gay-ass shit… My Rating: 4.7

05. “Go Down”
Y’all keepin’ this heat REAL HOT!!! >>> They don’t list tha feature in tha beginning (I guess ‘cause it’s not an actual feature) but thumbs up ta tha Keen dude talkin’ in tha beginning… Anotha interestin’ Q-Red beat tag here so thumbs up ta this consistency!! Pretty interestin’ wit tha “go down” shit when it comes ta all tha street shit here once again! I like tha “boat drown” part, lol! Too raw!! Tha 1st verse iz here from Spitta and he CRAZY wit dem “dreads” and shit, lol! DEFINITELY “prepared fa anything!” Nice job holdin’ dis shit “down” to tha fullest!! Tha 2nd verse sounds pretty raw wit “hittin’ ‘em wit tha choppaz!” Pretty “dirty” in these streetz accordin’ ta 2nd verse wit these street rhymes! “In tha streetz movin’ white like a snowstorm” startin’ off tha 3rd verse here! Dat’s strong but how do you get tha feelin’ ta “move: drugs like dat? And, to tha people dat buy ‘em: How do they take you serious? Tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse sounds pretty good too; gotta like tha contributions of both members on tha last verse at times! My Rating: 4.5

06. “Pussy”
Okay, what’ll this be like? >>> Sounds good for tha beat start here; these beats can EASILY capture you!!! ROFL @ tha hook; I like hearin’ a hook dat says tha title like this! It’s DEFINITELY cool wit how it’s delivered so dis iz a pass! Sounds like Mod Productions on tha beat based off some of tha sounds like every four lines? Tha 1st verse was kinda quick and sounds like someone else? Unless dat’s one of y’all on tha singin’ but I think it sounds like someone else… Tha 2nd verse’s pretty HOT here!! Gutta rappin’ on this joint right chea! LOL, sounds like an obsession on tha 3rd verse? How y’all get obsessed like dis ta “pussy,” lol? I don’t even know where ta begin… Unless it’s a black person thing ta get “pussy” 24/7, I dunno… Even a 4th verse here and more of an obsession… Still sounds pretty unbelievable dat you can get gurlz ta agree wit havin’ sex wit y’all a lot… My Rating: 4.3

07. “My Own Ways”
Interestin’ title… What’ll y’all do on dis joint? >>> Yes, anotha Q-Red beat, almost soundin’ a lil’ mainstream here… Tha hook’s pretty dope here; gotta do thangz ya “own wayz,” ya dig! I like how y’all alternated durin’ tha hook! Tha 1st verse sounds pretty cool here wit Needlez on it! I like how he said, “shiiiiid;” thumbs up!! Spitta’s just TOO GR8 when he raps; gutta-ass flow to tha fullest!! Afta hearin’ some of dis, it sounds like I heard it once before? I dunno but tha review now iz nice and fresh! Glad y’all doin’ ya thang on tha 2nd verse too! Needlez did a NICE job wit tha 1st ¼ of tha 2nd verse and Spitta’s just holdin’ it down to tha fullest!! Needlez wit his “shiiiid;” fuckin’ LUV IT on tha 3rd ¼ of tha 2nd verse!! Damn, Spitta’s TOO RAW wit tha 4th ¼ of tha 2nd verse; dat “France” part just ALL THA WAY DUMB!!! Needlez sounds pretty good on tha 1st 1/8 of tha 3rd verse; “Gucci everything!” Spitta’s doin’ a NICE job wit his “polo” on tha 2nd 1/8!! Needlez feelin’ good on tha 3rd 1/8 and Spitta’s “gangsta” and shit on tha 4th 1/8! FUCKIN’ LUV how Needlez said, “shiiiiiid,” ta start off tha 5th 1/8!! Spitta’s pretty “gangsta” again on tha 6th 1/8 here; consistentness!! Needlez just fuckin’ GR8 wit his shit on tha 7th 1/8 and as far as Spitta on tha 8th 1/8, str8 dumb tha way he ended it wit tha cold ending! TIGHT SHIT right chea, ya dig!!! My Rating: 4.8

08. “Crushin’ Yours”
LOL, FEELIN’ tha attitude right chea ta represent on tha titles!! >>> A lil’ scary start? It recovered wit Spitta, luckily! Here’s Needlez on tha 1st verse and I feel SO FUCKIN’ ANTICIPATED fa some reason; fuckin’ luv how he delivers his rhymes!!! A lil’ cocky wit tha lyrics here as he feels like err-body “one year ago” ta him… At least he real fresh wit it and as long as you fuck wit me, you a winna already!! Even endin’ tha 1st verse wit “shiiiiiiid;” you TOO FUCKIN’ GR8!!! Okay, some tight shit from Spitta on tha 2nd verse here, “crushin’ err-body’s” shit! Spitta & Needlez’s DEFINITELY “’bout action!!” Y’all REAL GR8!!! Even Spitta ended tha verse wit a “shiiiit” (not “shiiid,” “shiiiit;” I heard tha “t”)! Yes, Needlez’s back on tha 3rd verse here; “crushin’ niggaz’s shit like soda cans!” LOL @ some of tha rhymes; “deer stand!” I like how he ended his ½ of tha 3rd verse wit, “niggaaaaaaa;” luv tha held notes!! Spitta soundin’ pretty TIGHT wit his “medication” in his cup on tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse here!!! REAL GLAD y’all TOO TIGHT ‘cause it’s like, while I hear one of y’all, I anticipate tha part and then, I hear tha otha one of y’all and anticipate tha next part!! My Rating: 4.7

½time: Off to such a REAL, REAL GR8 start!!! Y’all REALLY ‘bout dat HOT DUMB SHIT right chea in BR!!! A WHOPPIN’ 4.6 iz tha average CD rating right now; comin’ through wit A+ material right chea!!! Keep REALLY anticipatin’ me wit your content and how y’all rap your verses!!!

09. “Eat Or Starve”
Ooh!! STILL feelin’ tha attitude y’all bringin’!!! >>> I like tha sound effect in tha first few seconds! DEFINITELY brings anticipated attention to me!! Tha hook’s OFFICIAL; “eat or starve!!” Spitta’s on tha 1st verse here and “it’s always a smoked out symphony;” crazy!! Even down ta “movin’ weight,” he DEFINITELY official wit it!! NO WONDER why Savage & Young Ready would team up wit him as well as Lil’ Cali!! What’s tha difference between “weed” and “piff?” I heard a “drought” part if tha “weed” went away, Spitta would “sell piff;” what’s tha difference? I thought they were nearly tha same… Anyway, Spitta’s on tha 2nd verse here too, lol. Gotta let Spitta know: “Eat or starve;” which iz tha answer, lol?! Pretty raw wit tha 2nd verse but you shouldn’t even evoke yourself into a “miss-a-court-date” situationi; stay on point! Either way, this was a GR8 solo song from you, Spitta!! My Rating: 4.8

10. “Mental Home”
>>> I didn’t write a preview ‘cause it played before I could even finish tha last song’s review. Anyway, sounds like a pretty gutta Q-Red start here… Oh wait, this time, it’s really Mod Productions here on tha beat, lol! Looks like dis iz pretty ANTICIPATIN’ right chea wit tha “rollin’ on dem jiggaz;” I think dis joint’s gon go REAL NUTS!!! DEFINITELY HOT for people dat just want ta “go crazy,” ya dig!! DEFINITELY HOT and FINALLY, at around 1:12, tha 1st verse iz here and it’s my big dawg Needlez!!! I don’t know who’s betta… I think I like Spitta betta but I feel a lil’ more anticipated fa Needlez at times!! Feelin’ these ad-libs and these CRAZY-ASS rhymes ta make me REALLY luv dis shit to tha fullest!!! I hear a “shiiiid” before tha verse ended; you a FOOL wit dat, Needlez!! ROFL @ this TIGHT-ASS Spitta on tha 2nd verse: “God blessed me for a reason: I chew like I’m sneezin’;” WHOA!!!!! Dat’s CRAZY!!! DEFINITELY FIRE RIGHT CHEA!!! He just “fulla xanabarz” and just like I like ta shorten it: “fulla xanz” or “fulla dem jiggz!” My Rating: 4.9

11. “Makes No Sense”
I wonder how we gon transition…? >>> I don’t know what ta say about tha hook; lemme hear tha 1st verse… Okay, it’s Spitta and there’s some pretty good street shit comin’ out dis verse right chea. How you get access and allowed ta “move dat work?” Curious… “Money ta improve your whip?” Does it really matter wit tha car? I thought there izn’t dat much money in BR fa dat? Okay, let’s see this 2nd verse… It’s Needlez and there’s some real street shit comin’ outta dis… Tha 3rd verse from Spitta iz here and it’s like one of tha otha songs here; really descriptive here wit tha shit dat’s spit! My Rating: 4.2

12. “Rubber Don’t Bust”
Let’s hear this one; cool title! >>> What’s wit J Buc’s beat tag as it’s DJ Khaled? DJ Khaled’s so Mid-2000’s; kinda odd for tha ’10? Tha beat sounds a lil’ like C-Loc’s “Grind Mode” here for tha beat. Tha beat’s cool but I didn’t realize dis was a sex song, lol? I thought it was more of a hustlin’ song? Then again, I don’t undastand all this sex shit… Sounds like y’all entertainin’ tha rhymes here; good shit, Spitta! I don’t get tha whole “fucked on tha same night;” sounds impossible… I’m lookin’ forward ta hearin’ Needlez here on tha 2nd verse… Even he has a “rubber dat don’t bust?” How y’all get ta agree on tha same thing? Together, no less? Cool wit how he deliverin’ dis shit here… Sounds too fucked up wit all this “bustin’” though; I guess sex iz scary then? I like how Spitta ended it wit, “ya heard me!” My Rating: 4.6

13. “Beautiful Day”
What’ll this sound like? I hope I ain’t thrown off by it; keep it hot!! >>> Tha intro defines tha definition of this “Vol. Loud” in tha title. What’s wit Big Jay talkin’ ‘bout “havin’ a bad bitch by your side” in tha beginning? I thought he doesn’t relay messages ta anyone? Anyway, cool beat here; nothin’ depressin’. Sounds like a Mod Productions beat? Tha 1st verse sounds good wit tha shit dat’s bein’ delivered… Tha hook sounds cool wit tha singin’; I give this a plus. I hear Needlez on tha 2nd verse here; sounds cool wit tha eatin’ here and those GR8 ad-libs!! “I dropped my nigga off;” what’s dat like? Like, how he even get in tha car wit you/take tha time out? Tha 3rd verse sounds good too; must be Needlez’s solo song? Cool… I can dig dis hot weather right chea! I LUV when tha lyrics come ta life and I can talk ta y’all about ‘em! My Rating: 4.4

14. “Wild Life”
I expect a lot outta dis one!! >>> I was ‘bout ta say, “Back ta tha Q-Red beats,” and one of tha tags came outta nowhere! Cool hook here! Nothin’ but dat “wild life!” Pretty gutta start to tha 1st verse here wit Spitta on it, sayin’, “R.I.P.!” Damn, this iz DEFINITELY HOT wit tha descriptive terms: “search all through my asshole;” wow!! Y’all DEFINITELY gotta be one of tha HOTTEST groups, ya dig!! Here’s Needlez on tha 2nd verse here, “born in 1984!” Dat’s cool dat there’s a 25/26 year-old here… I feel lucky wit tha 26 year-olds fa some reason… Gangsta-ass shit to tha fullest!! Tha 3rd verse from Spitta iz here and he’s gutta wit his style here! “On my report card iz A’s and K’s;” blat-blat-BLAT!!! DEFINITELY raw to tha fullest!! My Rating: 4.7

15. “Main Attraction”
I have an odd feelin’ ‘bout dis… Lemme see if it’s what I think it iz. >>> Well, tha start sounds hot wit tha Q-Red beat! I think I might’ve heard this on a MySpace or somethin’ and automatically had low anticipation fa y’all ‘cause tha hook sounded like an Auto-Tune song or somethin’. But, good thing I take tha time out ta do these reviewz ‘cause y’all are WAY ABOVE WACK!!! Tha hook’s acceptable here… Needlez iz on tha 1st verse and tha rhymes ain’t dat bad… Tha Q-Red beat holds it down here to tha fullest! Glad tha production’s on point ‘cause it REALLY holds y’all down when y’all spit your TIGHT-ASS rhymes!!! Yes, Spitta’s on tha 2nd verse and he REAL focused wit dis shit right chea!! Good-ass shit to tha fullest when it comes ta tha “main attraction” ta him!! Nice job right there; gotta luv tha voice when it comes ta ANY song!! You KNOW when someone’s really holdin’ it down!! Tha 3rd verse’s Needlez and I don’t feel tha A-Tune in his voice at a point in tha verse. Iz this ‘pose ta be a “main” single or somethin’? There’s MUCH betta songs on here than this… Tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse was Spitta and he added a lil’ bit ta what was only on tha 3rd verse’s 1st ½… My Rating: 4.2

16. “Groovy (Remix)” Feat. Foxx
This a lil’ old; good thing I recognized it. But, I’m gonna give it a 2010 review right now, ya dig! >>> This sounds HOT for a start; likin’ dis!! This iz more of a single here; likin’ tha “jiggaz” and shit in tha hook; good-ass shit!! Spitta doin’ his thang on tha 1st verse, str8 dumb shit!! Tha 1st time I heard this back in 2008 on 3 Way Street Radio’s “Got Pills?,” and it sounded good. Spitta REALLY held tha 1st verse down right chea! I like tha “I ain’t shoot Jay-Z but I pop jiggaz!” Tha 2nd verse iz Needlez and really “rippin’ ‘em ta shreds,” lol! Cool lil’ verse from Needlez and now, tha 3rd verse from Foxx. I don’t think I eva heard tha remix? I thought I did but I couldn’t find it anywhere… I reviewed tha original on dat 3 Way Street Radio CD but this iz hot too! Nice job from Foxx wit his contribution here. I don’t have much ta say about what he spit but it was cool ta hear him… LOL @ tha “’08” ending; makes this mixtape feel old or somethin’, ROFL! My Rating: 4.5

17. “Salute”
Hate ta see dis end… I just KNEW it was gonna be good!! At least there’s 4:59 on tha length!! >>> It DEFINITELY “doesn’t matter” how much bad thingz you did in tha past; I did none! Tha hook sounds pretty good in tha beginning; hotness on tha beat here too!! Tha 1st verse from Spitta sounds good; HOTNESS once again!! Tha gangsta shit iz unbelievable when I hear what Spitta spits!! Now, I hear tha official hook wit tha “I don’t know how ta feel fake, I got all real in me” shit dat’s DEFINITELY official!!! “Goin’ through a lotta shit like a sewer line” ta start off Needlez’s verse on tha 2nd verse here!! FUCKIN’ GR8NESS!!! All dat shit dat happened “in 2009” iz DEFINITELY in tha past now; glad dat year’s ova! It was horrible once Nu$$ie died but now, it’s a resurrection to all this GR8 shit thanx ta all y’all puttin’ out dis REALLY GR8 undaground music!!! Too bad you even “took a charge dat wasn’t yours,” Spitta. I like tha “shiiiid” though once again, ya dig! Tha 3rd verse sounds good wit Needlez on it once again; street shit! Spitta doin’ his thang on tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse; FUCKIN’ LUVED tha “smokin’ stinky-ass purp; pee-whoo!” CRAZY-ASS SPITTA!!! Let’s see what’s left here wit 1:07 left… A lil’ bit of “salutin’” at tha end! I DEFINITELY “salute y’all” to tha fullest!! Hope y’all really like dis review right chea!! “Come together as artists;” DEFINITELY TRUE!! My Rating: 4.7

Overall: Well, I don’t even know if I reviewed a group CD so far yet this year. I just know dat y’all REALLY RIPPED DIS BITCH OFF THA METER!!!!! What a REAL, REAL CRAZY CD RIGHT CHEA!!!!! Make sure y’all send me a hard copy!! I’ll give you my mailin’ address ‘cause I DEFINITELY need dis in my life!!! We’ll see if y’all win Louisiana Group Of Tha Year in my 2010 Louisiana Awards, exactly seven months away!! I’m REAL GLAD I predicted tha lucky feelin’ in tha beginning and it was a DEFINITE pleasure ta review dis shit!! REAL GR8 shit fa my iPod too!!!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

17. “Main Attraction” 4.2
16. “Makes No Sense” 4.2
15. “Pussy” 4.3
14. “Beautiful Day” 4.4
13. “Groovy (Remix)” Feat. Foxx 4.5
12. “Go Down” 4.5
11. “Rubber Don’t Bust” 4.6
10. “Bitch-Ass Nigga” 4.6
09. “Believe Dat” 4.6
08. “Salute” 4.7
07. “Crushin’ Yours” 4.7
06. “Wild Life” 4.7
05. “Bond Time” 4.7
04. “Eat Or Starve” 4.8
03. “My Own Ways” 4.8
02. “Rocket” 4.8
01. “Mental Home” 4.9

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score: 78.0
Total Songs: / 17
Average CD Rating: 4.6 (automatically a 5 star rated CD)

Review #488: Randy Savage "Year Of The Savage"

Review unavailable.

Review #487: Jayroc "Pressure"

Reviewed on 5.31.2010 (Review #487)

Hope this iz tha last day of current CD reviewz ‘til each Sunday so I can do my older CD reviewz… Tha 1st review I got goin’ on today iz for my man Jayroc. Here goes my review for his latest CD, Pressure! Start Time: 12:09 PM | End Time: 1:52 PM

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself wit my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

© 2010 CD Review (Review #487) reviewed on 5.31.2010 by FrankieThaLuckyDog. Other than tha main artist or affiliated people with tha main artist, this review iz to not be used in anyone else’s words!

Source (Where I Got Tha CD From):

01. “Pressure (Intro)”
Tha “pressure” iz on, lol… Nah, I think you DEFINITELY gon do fine wit dis right chea!! >>> Luv how tha beat start sounds… Cool beat and you sound good on tha 1st verse; hot shit right chea! I like tha “flow’s sick like it needs antibiotics” line! Tha outro to this “intro” sounds good too, lol. Yea, wit all tha CDs you’ve dropped, I either have them in my Louisiana Reviewz Marathon (tha ones from ’08 and older) or I reviewed them (tha ones from ’09 and recent). My Rating: 4.3

02. “Lil’ Freak”
Let’s see what you bringin’ here… >>> Cool beat start here… Pickin’ up @ :09, lol!! Likin’ how it changes a bunch of times! Nice job wit tha 1st verse; you’re inta dis shit right chea! LOL, tha hook sounds like Justin Timberlake and it sounds pretty hot on this beat; almost like a Timbaland combination here wit tha sound and JTish hook! LOL @ tha short 2nd verse; it fit good ‘cause I needed ta hear dat hook again! My Rating: 4.5

03. “Hustle”
Switchin’ up tha topics, let’s see what dis joint iz… >>> I like tha short lengths ‘cause they’ll fit on my radio show (‘cause I usually have a lotta 4+ minute songs and usually, to fit tha 27th & 28th songs on my radio show, I need ta play enough songs within an hour)! Tha beat’s cool here and you got some street shit on lock right chea on tha 1st verse! Tha hook sounds nice and smooth wit how you “get your hustle on!” Sounds like tha “lil’ freak” came ta visit on tha 2nd verse here, lol. Tha content sounds cool wit how it’s “hustlin’” and then very “freakyish,” lol. Nice job wit how you delivered tha 2nd verse! My Rating: 4.4

04. “Live It Up”
Now, it looks like we gon party or somethin’! GR8 track transitions right chea! >>> Almost sounds like a sample in tha begin—Ooh, 128 BPMish right chea! Ooh, it’s 134 actually (just scanned it)! Can’t even get HIGH QUALITY Techno people ta have 134 BPM these dayz… Err-body’s on dat 128-type shit ‘cause this year, I’ve only heard like THREE (just THREE???) Dance songs faster than this and it’s May… But anyway, I’m feelin’ tha real fast rappin’ and all tha shit goin’ on in tha 1st verse! I like how there’s even some “Xanex” and shit like dat in this too! Tha hook sounds hot too; I like how you make these tracks come out! Tha 2nd verse DEFINITELY more partyful right chea, lol! Gotta luv what you’re supplyin’ outta dis joint right chea! My Current Rating: 4.8
EDIT: I didn’t realize I reviewed dis song in tha past too… I get so much music these dayz… I originally gave dis a 4.6 and now look, I feel betta about it!

05. “The Breakup Song”
And ANOTHA transition right chea, lol. Don’t make it too sad, lol… >>> LOL, it took 24 seconds wit an aight beat and now, I hear tha singin’ on tha hook… Ehh, not dat bad fa me… Almost sounds like a Drake song or somethin’… Pretty sad wit tha lyrics in tha 1st verse… Too bad fa all dis “breakin’ up!” Sounds like regular talkin’-type rappin’ here in tha 2nd verse. It’s almost like you’re writin’ this gurl a letter or somethin’… Anyway, I’m glad I’m single and don’t deal wit problemz! I just keep grindin’!! My Rating: 3.8

06. “Six Feet Under”
ROFL @ on tha DatPiff tracklisting online, tha title’s highlighted and when you rest your mouse ova it, it shows info about tha movie or somethin’, ROFL!! Let’s see what you got… >>> Cool beat start; I feel like I can anticipate your beats ‘cause you bring consistent, versatile heat! LOL @ tha “dick sticks to like boxer briefs” line, ROFL! Cool rhymes and cool lil’ hook right chea; almost like tha Drake sound again. My Rating: 4.1

07. “Late Night”
This one’s a lil’ longer now (4:22) so let’s see what happens “late” @ “night!” >>> Off to a pretty nice, slow, bed-type start, lol. Not bad wit tha 1st verse here… Tha hook’s aight and fits wit dis; you evolvin’ from “The Breakup Song” here wit what happened in tha relationship… Tha 2nd verse iz here and some “dick-her-downful” material here, lol! Tha 3rd verse sounds pretty “fuckful” as if tha girl “brings her own girlfriend,” you “could fuck tha both of ‘em!” Interestin’ rhymes here… My Rating: 3.6

08. “Thank You”
LOL, there’s still 19 more afta dis one, lol… Might be a lil’ too early for a “Thank You” but let’s see what you got… >>> Ahh @ tha “baby” in tha background here, lol… Sounds like a Beatnuts kinda beat here, which actually iz acceptable here! I can picture a “baby” when hearin’ dis, lol. Tha 1st verse has a good amount of thingz goin’ on wit tha good rhymes!! I like how you deliverin’ these rhymes wit your good shit when it comes to tha rappin’! Tha hook a lil’ ehh/not bad but it’s a good song overall, mainly thanx ta your rappin’ and tha “baby!” I like tha 2nd verse here; “smokin’” some good shit wit this “baby” here, lol. My Rating: 4.2

09. “The Fuck Is You”
Perfect for tha unknownerz!! >>> Sounds pretty cool wit tha production so far… Sounds good wit tha 1st verse; you have interestin’ rhymes, ya dig! I neva know what I’ll hear from you next when it comes ta not a song, not a verse but a LINE! Tha hook sounds good here; definitely feelin’ it! I like how you addressin’ not just tha dudes dat are unknown but tha dudes dat don’t “have their game up!” Good shit… You “laughin’” for tha 2nd verse here ‘cause those people just don’t know what they doin’… My Rating: 4.3

10. “You Love It (Radio Version)”
LOL, where’s tha dirty version? Let’s see what dis iz… >>> Cool beat start here; you comin’ through NICE on tha production! Well, tha singin’ on here’s a lil’ dry fa me… I guess it goes wit “The Breakup Song” but I don’t mind hearin’ it now and reviewin’ it… Sounds like you really in tha sex mode here on tha 1st verse; sounds like I’m hearin’ all your steps on what’s good wit pleasin’ both you and tha gurl. Tha 2nd verse’s not bad once again; you still in tha mood. I only heard one censor so far so I guess it doesn’t really matter ta hear a dirty version; it’s normal enough… A lil’ interlude in tha middle of tha song for tha “grindin’” and now, tha hook came back on… My Rating: 3.5

11. “Is This What Happens”
I wonder, what? >>> Sounded like a different person’s beat tag in tha beginning? I still feel like it’s you producin’ all tha beats when I invision your music… Sounds like a sad intro? What could this be about? Iz it about death? Lemme keep hearin’… Based off tha 1st verse, it sounds like tha “good times” are wearin’ down… I kinda agree wit dis but then again, I need some transportation so I can start goin’ out and shit like dat. This iz pretty personal; I can feel it… Uhh… Tha hook’s REAL personal!! You KNOW I feel it when people just “grow up” and don’t even contact you or whateva. There were these two girls I knew in 7th grade. I went to add them on Facebook (I knew their names ‘cause I video-taped tha 2001 yearbook I had [it was someone else’s for tha day]) and they both didn’t approve my friend request. They were gr8 people… Funny as fuck… I kept writin’ them, tellin’ them how much I remembered about them (real facts), includin’ a clip of them singin’ to me and they ain’t write back… WTF? Anyway, good 2nd verse too; tha “pissin’ in our pants and I got it on tape too” part was cool ta hear ‘cause it’s like me video-tapin’ a lot of moments. My Rating: 4.0

12. “She Got It (Interlude)”
Let’s see what’s up wit dis “interlude” right chea… >>> Kinda soft again although it’s just an “interlude”… Not bad wit tha singin’ and tha beat here calls for some fuckin’! My Rating: 3.7

13. “I Get ‘Em”
For some reason, I think this one gon be an energetic song ‘cause I can feel tha transition from all those slower songs before! >>> “Tuxedo music,” lol? Tha 1st verse sounds good wit tha “smokin’ swishas” and tha “pants are saggin’” parts; you doin’ ya thang. Still comin’ through “gettin’ deep throat” so you still have tha sex content in tha rhymes… It’s good at all times ‘cause you have like a different topic in each line most of tha time, lol. Tha hook’s cool here; all this “I got ‘em / I get ‘em” shit sounds good! I almost got confused wit tha “I got ‘em”s and was like, “Izn’t it ‘I Get ‘Em’ instead,” but then, I heard tha official title mixed in and it sounds good! Tha 2nd verse’s pretty cool too… You keepin’ this good, consistentness up! My Rating: 3.8

½time: All 13 jointz were actual songs so you KNOW you got a shitload of material here, lol! Keep doin’ tha damn thang!! This iz where I don’t mind versatile shit ‘cause it sounds hot wit tha HOT production, gr8 rappin’ and interestin’ topics! Tha average CD rating right now iz at 4.1; good shit!

14. “We Can Ride”
Looks like it gon be smooth again. >>> Pretty smooth on tha beat but sounds betta; I like how this sounds wit tha “increasin’ sound” in tha background of it on each two lines. Not bad wit tha rhymes in tha 1st verse… Sounds like you holdin’ down this “ride” too… Tha hook has a singin’ vibe in it and sounds nice and smooth once again. Tha 2nd verse sounds like y’all ready ta “have a blast;” good… Nice job wit dis joint too. My Rating: 3.8

15. Jayroc Speaks
What do you got ta say? >>> Of course, “fuck whoeva dat doesn’t like it!” Tha beat sounds pretty cool in tha background on dis too… My Rating: N/A

16. “Untamed Guerilla”
Ooh @ this title! Let’s see how good dis iz! >>> Finally, more street shit!! Huh, “nigga” was censored? Where’s tha “radio version” or iz dat just tha sample? I guess it iz ‘cause I heard you say, “Ma’fucka.” LOL @ tha real fast rappin’ here; DEFINITELY sounds hot to tha fullest, ya dig! Real hot rhymes to tha fullest; it’s like you are tha “untamed guerilla!” Tha 2nd verse sounds good wit more rapid-fire rappin’ to tha fullest here! Definitely likin’ how you comin’ for tha streetz here, lol! My Rating: 4.4

17. “I Don’t”
>>> Soft start… Sounds like you’re regrettin’ wit tha 1st verse here. Some singin’ in tha hook here; pretty smooth although it might be a lil’ sad. LOL @ tha “I’m sorry” part; pretty sad… Tha 2nd verse’s okay; more personal shit from you… My Rating: 3.2

18. “Got ‘Em Mad” Feat. Cas
Ooh @ there bein’ a feature on dis CD! Usually, I don’t expect dat but now, it’s time fa some shinin’ aura!! >>> Definitely hot for tha beat start here, ya dig! Tha hook sounds good here; hot shit! Tha 1st verse iz you and it sounds like you’ve turned “betta” wit how you rap, produce and deliver these tracks; dat’s a DEFINITE plus! Cas’s on tha 2nd verse here and he’s “hotter than Jamaica” when he spittin’ dis shit. I like how he comes through on tha tracks and iz like family when it comes ta rappin’ wit people so dat’s a DEFINITE plus!! Sounds pretty HOT from 2:24 – 2:30 wit tha fast-ass rappin’!! Cool collaboration right chea! My Rating: 4.3

19. “Smoke With Me”
I think dis gon be GR8! You KNOW I luv tha “smoke” anthems!! >>> Pretty anticipatin’ when I heard tha 1st 21 seconds of tha beat… Sounds real tight wit tha “tokin’” and shit wit tha “smoke”-type shit in tha 1st verse! I like how you sound on dis; almost sounds like you’re nearly whisperin’, lol. Tha hook sounds familiar… Oh yea, I heard dis before and look how I felt: Very slow intro that gets me interested! Yea, you came in on tha 1st verse all mellow. DEFINITELY likin’ tha mellow style here; perfect for a smoke song! Nice job on tha 1st verse wit what you spit. Tha hook iz EXTREMELY good wit tha way it sounds; gotta luv this style!! Tha 2nd verse sounds like you feel good wit what you’re doin’. I like how you said, “bruh,” 2x in tha verse as well as all tha weed lyrics, doin’ ya thang! LOL, you’re “a match;” that’s watz good! My Current Rating: 4.8

20. “Sex Game”
Now, let’s see what you got ta bring here… >>> Someone different on tha beat tag? Anyway, sounds cool for tha intro so let’s see what you got here… You KNOW I ROFL @ Plies samples on tha hooks!!! ROFL!!! Sounds GR8… You sound a lil’ different here; iz dis a lil’ old? I even heard a 2007 quote of “Ayo Technology” in dis… Anyway, you sound good on dis joint too; good content too when it comes to these “sex”-type jointz! Okay, you’re soundin’ more 2010ish here on tha 2nd verse here wit a lil’ bit of a fast flow mixed wit a regular-paced flow. Cool lyrics too ta represent fa dis joint right chea! My Rating: 4.2

21. “Rated X”
Keep it goin’… consistently! >>> ROFL, this iz a second shorter and on tha same topic pretty much… Cool beat intro here; you got these tracks on lock! Pretty in-depth here wit tha rappin’ here when it comes to describe this chick and what you wanna do wit/to her! You got some singin’ goin’ on here in tha hook; sounds pretty good on this one… It feels like I’m visionin’ a room, easily, when I hear this. Tha 2nd verse fits good fa dis too; you keepin’ it goin’ without any bullshit! Tha lil’ breakdown afta tha 2nd hook sounds pretty smooth fa dis track right chea. And before this ends, tha hook comes on again… My Rating: 3.8

22. “You’re So Cold”
And now, tha person’s noticeable (afta dat “The Fuck Is You” joint), lol! Let’s see what we got here… >>> Ooh, a sample in tha beginning; sounds pretty good… I almost thought dat was One-i on tha 1st verse but it’s you. Ooh, you’re pretty angry here; I can EASILY sense a “The Fuck Is You” attitude here! I like tha “you push me” shit; nice and angry! A GR8 anger anthem right chea! Tha hook’s dat sample and sounds good… Tha 2nd verse’s even angrier: “’Bout ta smack tha fuck out him!” GRRR!!! Really focused on gettin’ your anger out; I feel you! Definitely hot right chea! My Rating: 4.5

23. “Fuck Session”
I thought it was more anger when I saw tha “fuck” but it’s more sex, lol. >>> LOL @ tha pitched-up Justin Timberlake “Until The End Of Time” sample here (wit nearly tha same beat too). Nice and nasty here in tha 1st verse; fuckin’ fuckable, LMAO!! Talk about nastiness: Tha 2nd verse just FULLA dat shit and I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout tha weed, lol!! Just STR8 dirty right chea; real, real dirty to tha fullest!! Prolly tha dirtiest I heard from tha “drip on tha tits” to all tha otha shit goin’ on, male and female!! Fuckin’ fucktastic, LMFAO!!! My Rating: 4.4

24. “Xtacy”
What could this be like? >>> Tha beat start sounds like J-Balla’s “Showin’ Up”, which I usually anticipate dat sound… I might’ve heard somethin’ similar recently too… Cool start to tha 1st verse here as you still in dat REALLY “sex’d up” mode, lol! Tha hook sounds like it’s addictive; I like how you say, “xtacy / sex wit me / next ta me;” sounds catchy! It almost sounds like I heard it once before too? I wouldn’t know where but anyway, pretty real-lifeish on tha 2nd verse when it comes ta gettin’ tha female ta come over and shit. LOL @ tha “lemme eat dis pill” part at tha end of tha 2nd verse; nice! My Rating: 4.1

25. “Something About You”
Usually, I’d be annoyed by tha amount of sex-type songs (especially in a row) but I don’t mind here… >>> A lil’ singy for tha start and you still in a gr8 mood ta deliver these tracks right chea… Nice job wit tha 1st verse and tha hook’s just so… INTA IT, lol!! Tha 2nd verse iz you wit your feelins bein’ expressed…; not bad… My Rating: 3.7

26. “Freak To The Bassline”
ROFL @ this title!! I think this just CD just keeps givin’ me tha LOL feelins, lol!! >>> This one’s not dat good from tha last few songs… Okay, maybe I’m feelin’ tha lyrics a lil’ more here; tha sound’s startin’ ta capture me too… Tha 1st verse has good lyrics (I like tha “scoop up tha purple” part) and sounds good, overall. Tha hook’s pretty R&Bish wit this vibe here and tha title. Sounds cool; I wonder what my gurlz would think of this, lol? Tha 2nd verse’s not bad… My Rating: 3.6

27. Jayroc (Outro)
Time ta end it, sadly. I felt like dis CD took a while for me to complete tha review… >>> Cool beat once again for tha background… I’ve been checkin’ you out on DatPiff; thanx fa e-mail alertin’ me about this mixtape! You KNOW I got to it ASAP! LOL @ tha “Tuxedo Music” actually bein’ a CD; I didn’t realize dat. “May 22” already came so I guess we gon wait then, lol. Good thing for tha phone numba at tha end too… I already have it locked in. My Rating: N/A

Overall: I thought this was a gr8 CD… Just as good as tha “M.U.T.E.” one accordin’ to my average CD rating. You have gr8 production and it sounds like you’re really gr8 at experimentin’ “fuckin’”-type music wit tha 2nd ½ of this CD, lol! Keep up tha gr8 work and all tha consistent CDs/songs!!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

25. “I Don’t” 3.2
24. “You Love It (Radio Version)” 3.5
23. “Late Night” 3.6
22. “Freak To The Bassline” 3.6
21. “Something About You” 3.7
20. “She Got It (Interlude)” 3.7
19. “We Can Ride” 3.8
18. “The Breakup Song” 3.8
17. “Rated X” 3.8
16. “I Get ‘Em” 3.8
15. “Is This What Happens” 4.0
14. “Six Feet Under” 4.1
13. “Xtacy” 4.1
12. “Sex Game” 4.2
11. “Thank You” 4.2
10. “Pressure (Intro)” 4.3
09. “The Fuck Is You” 4.3
08. “Got ‘Em Mad” Feat. Cas 4.3
07. “Untamed Guerilla” 4.4
06. “Fuck Session” 4.4
05. “Hustle” 4.4
04. “Lil’ Freak” 4.5
03. “You’re So Cold” 4.5
02. “Smoke With Me” 4.8
01. “Live It Up” 4.8

Average CD Review:

Total Score: 101.8
Total Songs: / 25
Average CD Rating: 4.1

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Review #486: RoyDezzy "It's Showtime"

Reviewed on 5.30.2010 (Review #486)

‘Bout ta go to tha buffet for dinner but before I do, it’s time fa my 4th review of tha day: RoyDezzy “It’s Showtime, lol. Glad you remembered tha apostrophe in “it’s!” Start Time: 4:33 PM | End Time: 5:29 PM

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself wit my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

© 2010 CD Review (Review #486) reviewed on 5.30.2010 by FrankieThaLuckyDog. Other than tha main artist or affiliated people with tha main artist, this review iz to not be used in anyone else’s words!

Source (Where I Got Tha CD From):

01. “Dumb”
Startin’ dis thang off… Let’s see what you got. >>> LOL, tha first nine seconds and all of a sudden, it rewound back to tha beginning? This iz betta than usual from you for tha start so far; good beat and acceptable topic here wit a good hook. Tha 1st verse’s cool; I can fuck wit it. ROFL @ tha 2nd verse: “Gimme dat pussy! I’ma stab it like Michael;” okay, lol!! My Rating: 3.6

02. “Goonz” Feat. C.O.
Tha 2nd time I gon hear tha C.O. dude; hope he comes through like he did tha last time! >>> Starts off RIGHT away, no less wit dat dude C.O.!! WTF? What’s wit tha first few seconds and then, just rewinds? Dis happened on one of tha Lil’ Phat CDs and I HATED what they did to it ‘cause it confused tha shit outta me! Anyway, this iz much more above your level; feelin’ it! Tha beat’s pretty gutta here and I like how you come through wit tha hook about tha “goonz!” As far as tha 1st verse, it’s all of a sudden about tha females? What does dat have ta do about “tha goonz comin’?” Let’s see dis boy C.O. up next… LOL @ tha “got ya stankin’ like you poo!” Cool 2nd verse here; much betta than tha 1st verse!! My Rating: 4.2

03. “She Hooked On Me” Feat. D-Fresh
It’s “ed” at tha end; you forgot it/might’ve not known it. >>> AHH @ THA 1ST NINE SECONDS EFFECT!!! Givin’ ‘em “orgasms,” huh, lol? Finally hearin’ some of tha Alley Boyz, lol? I was ‘pose ta hear ‘em back last April but their manager neva sent me anything, lol. It was quite ironic dat he added me on YouTube just a few weeks ago; unexpected… I wonder what happened to their manager all dat time? Tha hook’s aight; I didn’t think there was singin’… You’re on tha 1st verse and it’s okay; that’s it. You’re on tha 2nd verse here too and it sounds like anotha aight verse. There’s really nothin’ ta comment about dis; it’s an okay song. My Rating: 3.3

04. Speakin’ 2 Da World
What will you say? >>> LOL @ a MySpace comment… I didn’t expect dis ta be a skit… Glad you took tha “Crank Dat RoyDezzy” off although tha “Blow Yo Mind Muzik Group” thing was a lil’ unexpected wit what happened to you… My Rating: N/A

05. “Rock Diz Shit”
Let’s see here… >>> Okay, this iz junky; no A-Tune!! Tha singin’s weird in tha hook; sounds like you were infected wit a LilWayneSyndrome drug again! Tha rhymes are a lil’ cool though at times; I like how they’re back ‘n’ forth… I don’t really have anything ta say about tha 2nd verse…; not as catchy as tha 1st verse. Gay ending wit tha A-Tune… My Rating: 2.3

06. “Like U”
LOL @ tha small title here… >>> An original beat? LOL, what iz this? Sounds like we’re at a castle or somethin’, lol! Tha kicks sound like tha Tiffany Evans/Ciara “Promise Ring” joint but this beat’s a lil’ betta than some of tha beats you pick. Okay 1st verse; you’re in luv… Tha hook once again iz you in luv, deeply… Short 2nd verse, lol? My Rating: 3.0

07. “Shittin’ On Niggaz”
Where’s tha missin’ “t” in “shitin’,” lol? >>> All these websites in tha beginning: are they website beats? If so, dat’s cool ‘cause they’re not jacked beats! Tha hook sounds aight; nothin’ bad so far… Tha 1st verse sounds like you on tha grind here; “sub-zero” / “stackin’ my legos!” “Eatin’ websites like a virus;” L-O-L-O-L!! You just LUV “eatin’,” lol!! Tha 2nd verse sounds like you’re still on your grind… “Humer,” huh? Everyone drives these dayz, lol… I’m still waitin’… My Rating: 3.5

08. “Freestyle Pt. 2”
What’s this Pt. 2, lol? >>> Oh no, back to tha A-Tune shit again? This beat almost sounds like T.I.’s “What Up, What’s Happnin’” beat… Oh, iz this like an “Eat U” Pt. 2, lol? Nothin’ really ta say ‘bout dis. When I hear you on tha hook, I picture dat infected LilWayneSyndrome or somethin’, lol. “I’m out, bitch. No outro;” aight… My Rating: 2.0

09. “Get Wit Me”
>>> Tha beat sounds like it fits you here; it ain’t dat bad… This sounds like typical shit wit all tha “ass” and shit; how many kinds of songs you gon make like dis? LOL, “I ain’t Big Bird, but I got some big feet;” LOL… “Big feet,” I see… My Rating: 1.8

10. “Bingo”
“Bingo”-what? >>> Uh oh, a coin droppin’ in tha beginning? Sounds like some older Big Tymers-type beat in tha beginning and then, just sounds like a random beat you’d hear now… Sounds okay so far… I don’t really have much comments about dis but glad you “want chips like casino.” My Rating: 2.7

½time: I think it’s an aight CD so far but tha average CD rating’s only at 2.9, which wasn’t as high as tha “Eye Of The Devil” review I did…

11. “1 More Time”
What’s this one? >>> Huh, a fade-in intro? Oh no, someone had this beat where it sampled Madonna’s “This Used To Be My Playground”… Shit, dis was a while ago. ROFL, it’s Vybe on tha beat; no wonder why I heard it in tha past! LOL, Dezzy, you and tha Vybe beat, lol! Tha song sounds okay once again so far but iz a boost wit this beat. Oh, I rememba: L.A. Tre used dis beat originally when I heard his “Capitol Punishment Vol. 1” CD (tha song was “Thinkin’ Of You”). His song was betta but I can deal wit you here… Sounds like you’re really givin’ here as you just want “one more fuck,” lol! My Rating: 3.4

12. “Still Famous”
I wonder what dis gon sound like… >>> AHH @ THA NINE SECONDS EFFECT!!! It sounds pretty good on tha beat here and it sounds like you just wanna keep puttin’ out dis music. Well, thanx to these reviewz, you can see how well/worse you’re doin’ so at least you have an overview ta look at. LOL, what happened from 1:24 – 1:26 wit tha sound? Sounds like you gettin’ “fucked” to tha fullest (not bad, but sexually) when it comes to bein’ “onstage” and shit, lol. My Rating: 3.6

13. “Fly Away”
Looks like a familiar title? Then again, your music usually neva repeats on your CDs… >>> L.A. Tre had a “Fly Away” joint but sounded awful wit A-Tune all ova it. I wonder if you’re goin’ tha same route… YUCK, YOU ARE!! I wonder if this iz tha same exact beat too… ROFL @ this 1st verse… “Look who’s playin’ daddy” and this “blood test” part; ROFL!! Funny part right there… LOL @ tha start to tha 2nd verse wit there bein’ someone havin’ “an attitude,” lol! My Rating: 2.5

14. “I’m Me”
>>> Glad you keepin’ it to yourself here as you’re “you.” Tha 1st verse has some gay dances in it; no need ta do dat for tha ladies! Fuck tha dancin’… Speakin’ of me just sayin’, “fuck tha dancin’,” you said you, “ain’t dancin’ on a hoe?” Okay, then, no “dancin’,” lol! Gay part @ 1:27… Not a good way ta start tha 2nd verse off… No comment on it; you’re okay wit all these raps goin’ on… Tha 3rd verse sounds like you feelin’ good in tha club or somethin’, lol. My Rating: 2.8

15. “Freestyle Pt. 3”
Part 3!!! >>> I wonder who dis “Johnny Juliano” person on tha beats… What’s wit tha length of 3:39 for a “freestyle?” What was up wit tha rewindin’ @ :39 too? I’m not really inta what’s bein’ spit here; sounds like non-above-average-type rappin’… A “freestyle” iz ‘pose ta go hard! Okay, it sounds a lil’ betta @ 2:38 wit “dunkin’ wit O’Neil” and “swimmin’ wit tha seals,” lol! Sounds like you’re gangsta once tha 3:00 mark occurs, lol? LOL… “Sell like an Opera,” huh? Here ya go then: <- CLASSIC SHIT!!!!! My Rating: 3.1

16. “Loaded”
What’ll this be like? >>> ROFL, a toilet flush in tha beginning? What tha, lol? Okay, this iz much betta fa me; I like tha “gettin’ loaded” feelin’ in tha hook! I also like dat you “ridin’ ‘round” too! Tha 1st verse sounds aight… It’s good when there’s tha “high” lyrics in it, ya dig. My Rating: 4.2

17. “Broken Heart” Feat. D-Fresh
Oh… *Ran outta words ta say* >>> Tha beginning’s a lil’ stale fa me… Dat D-Fresh dude’s singin’ and it’s not really mixtape-fit material. Tha 1st verse was aight; nothin’ ta say about tha rhymes… Tha 2nd verse iz you and your “rockstarness…” My Rating: 1.7

18. “Gangsta Muzic”
What could this sound like? >>> Feelin’ tha beat start here; maybe you’ll have anotha advantage here… “Smokin’ real shit;” dat’s a plus fa you, ya dig! LOL @ how you said, “smoke tha best weed;” you have character in your voice at times. Pretty good song so far; I’m actually lookin’ forward to tha 2nd verse. “Got dope on me like it’s stolen;” where? How ‘bout a pic, unless you mean what you think of your rappin’? My Rating: 3.8

19. “MySpace Nigga”
Ugh @ a stereotypical title… I know dis gon be a lil’ weird/obsessive… >>> Sounds like an original production/website beat for tha beat here? I know you luv your Rock-styled Hip-Hop beats… Here you are on tha hook and you’re weedin’ out tha “MySpace niggaz,” lol; how random of a song!! Tha 1st verse sounds aight; there are some parts I like. I like tha “military” shit and a lil’ bit before dat, ya dig. Tha 2nd verse was aight once again… I mean, it ain’t bad or anything; you holdin’ it down… My Rating: 3.5

20. “Last Freestyle”
Oh, you squeezed in one more, huh, lol? >>> Anotha Johnny Juliano beat… It sounds like you have a slow flow here and it’s soundin’ good still… Not bad; I like your “microwave” endin’. My Rating: 3.1

Overall: Okay CD… Not exactly somethin’ I’d die for but it’s not your worst… I liked tha “Eye Of The Devil” betta though…

Rankings (according to my ratings):

19. “Broken Heart” Feat. D-Fresh 1.7
18. “Get Wit Me” 1.8
17. “Freestyle Pt. 2” 2.0
16. “Rock Diz Shit” 2.3
15. “Fly Away” 2.5
14. “Bingo” 2.7
13. “I’m Me” 2.8
12. “Like U” 3.0
11. “Freestyle Pt. 3” 3.1
10. “Last Freestyle” 3.1
09. “She Hooked On Me” Feat. D-Fresh 3.3
08. “1 More Time” 3.4
07. “Shittin’ On Niggaz” 3.5
06. “MySpace Nigga” 3.5
05. “Still Famous” 3.6
04. “Dumb” 3.6
03. “Gangsta Muzic” 3.8
02. “Loaded” 4.2
01. “Goonz” Feat. C.O. 4.2

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score: 58.1
Total Songs: / 19
Average CD Rating: 3.1

Review #485: D-Matic "Belly Of The Beast"

Reviewed on 5.30.2010 (Review #485)

On tha, on tha, on tha grind, ya dig!! Up next iz from D-Matic, which Jimmy The DJ & Gangsta Gumbo had tha honors of bein’ in charge of this release right chea (GR8 exposure)!! But, lol, I just saw tha back cover and there’s no FTLD symbol? Just curious… But anyway, here goes my review for D-Matic “Belly Of The Beast!! Start Time: 2:56 PM | End Time: 3:57 PM

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself wit my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

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01. “Prison Bars”
I have a feelin’ a jacked beat gon come outta this one for tha start… I see there’s a mix between original and jacked beats on this mixtape so let’s see how good you do, big dawg!! >>> HOT shit for tha 1st 18 seconds here wit no beat so far!! You sound REAL GUTTA already “spittin’ bars behind tha prison bars!!” As hot as this iz, it’s still soundin’ hot wit tha “She Got It” beat here! Fiya rhymes right chea, ya dig!! Feelin’ tha attitude @ 1:33 also!! You’re kickin’ ass right chea!! My Rating: 4.3

02. “Life Is Hectic” Feat. Lil’ Witness
REALLY lookin’ forward ta dis one!!! >>> Let’s see how HIGH this gets rated from me; REALLY feelin’ tha beat start here; I like how it mixed from tha last few seconds of tha last joint!! It sounds like tha 1st verse iz from Lil’ Witness? Not really fast here so it must be you… It’s soundin’ GR8 wit tha rhymes though!! DEFINITELY RAW-ASS shit wit dis beat!!! Tha hook’s pretty raw; dat title DEFINITELY applies ta tha raw shit comin’ outta dis song right chea!! Let’s see what tha 2nd verse iz… Okay, dat was you tha whole time in tha 1st verse; didn’t recognize tha voice from tha 1st joint. Dis iz DEFINITELY Lil’ Witness right chea on tha 2nd verse wit tha craziness again; need I say more? Tha shit REAL, REAL CRAZY @ 2:23 – 2:31!!! There’s ALWAYS a MAJOR plus when it comes to a Lil’ Witness verse at ALL times!! You’re on tha 3rd verse right chea and some pretty gutta rhymes right chea!! Glad you addin’ real-type shit to this shit right chea too! Tha remainder of tha verse’s DEFINITELY holdin’ it down too!!! My Rating: 4.9

03. I Love Pussy (Skit)
LOL, five seconds… >>> LOL @ how they sounded on tha sample! My Rating: N/A

04. “Bone”
Will this continue from tha skit? >>> Sounds like it based off tha content; “buryin’ your bone,” lol! Tha beginning’s aight so far but iz also catchy. LOL @ tha 1st verse wit tha “Bam Bam” from Flintstones, lol! Cool rhymes and this iz becomin’ a good joint; nice jam right chea. Ooh, you comin’ through on tha 2nd verse right chea wit consistent rhymes!! You DEFINITELY brought attention wit tha 2nd verse here!! My Rating: 4.1

05. “I Know”
“I don’t know” what ta expect… >>> Well, I wrote tha preview before I heard tha last nine seconds of tha last song so I didn’t hear tha beat at first. Well, not really anticipatin’ dis wit this bein’ tha “Shawty” beat; not a good look. But, let’s see what you got… Sounds like an aight 1st verse… You have some good rappin’ here but overall, it’s only okay for me. Sounds like you’re an on-tha-verge star on tha 2nd verse here… Sounds good wit your prediction of how you gon be in tha future! My Rating: 3.5

06. “Freestyle”
Let’s hear what you got this time… >>> Sounds almost like Busta Rhymes at first, lol… There’s no beat here and you doin’ a good job here wit tha “freestylin’!” My Rating: 3.7

07. “Already Know That”
After hearin’ tha “laugh” (Kane) sound effect in tha beginning of this beat when it started at tha end of tha last joint, I thought it was gonna be tha “In The Hood” joint but it sounds like somethin’ else; lemme hear… >>> Yea, I don’t think I know dis beat but it’s not bad fa dis. Tha hook sounds catchy here and now, you have a Rick Ross vs. Fat Joe sound here in tha 1st verse, lol. Cool shit you rappin’ in tha 1st verse and once again, this hook’s pretty catchy. Soundin’ nice and Southern here on tha 2nd verse; thumbs up ta you holdin’ it down for tha streetz! You even spittin’ good shit on tha 3rd verse too; glad you “garglin’ on tha beat,” lol! My Rating: 3.8

08. War Face (Skit)
Nice title for a skit, lol! >>> ROFL @ this; ROFL!! “War face” to tha fullest!!! My Rating: N/A

09. “Crack Speaker”
Cool title here; rip it up!! >>> Cool beat here too! It sounds familiar; I dunno if I can detect it or not but you sound like you holdin’ it down! I like tha topic here; good title! You DEFINITELY are “tha track eater” and you quality for tha “pussy eater” too, lol! I guess you have a plus now dat you have a “cum eater” now, lol! I didn’t even realize dis was just a whole verse; good shit! My Rating: 4.3

10. “Crazy World”
I don’t think this’ll trick me; I know what beat this’ll be! >>> Yea, this iz Young Jeezy’s beat. Glad you gave a shout out ta “Jimmy;” y’all puttin’ in dat work! Nice job wit tha 1st verse; you holdin’ it down wit these rhymes right chea! LOL @ tha Young Jeezy hook… DatPiff prolly would’ve taken it out but I dunno why this time, lol… Pretty strong here for tha 2nd verse though; you’re DEFINITELY a soul surviver, ya dig, lol! My Rating: 4.0

11. “What Up”
I dunno what this title’ll bring so let’s see what you got fa it… >>> Oh, anotha song DatPiff prolly would’ve removed. Actually, one time, they removed it when I tried ta review someone else’s CD, lol! It’s tha T.I. beat; let’s see what you’ll spit wit this joint, which iz only 1:59 on tha length… Feelin’ how you comin’ through wit tha gutta flow, voice and rhymes right chea on tha 1st verse!! Your voice has a lil’ bit of a Yung Yola feel to it here; good shit! My Rating: 4.2

½time: I’m feelin’ this shit to tha fullest; you KNOW it goes hard!! I REALLY enjoy tha original tracks and I HOPE more are comin’ soon!! Tha average CD rating currently iz at 4.1; good shit!!

12. “Belly Of The Beast”
Heard tha J.R. Writer “Get ‘Em” beat start from tha last song and I must say dat these ’07 beats need to just R.I.P.; fuckin’ HATED those times and I’m GLAD THEY’RE GONE!!! >>> Anyway, regardless, you sound gr8 wit your rappin’ here! You’re really gutta wit it ‘cause you’re a big dude on tha mic; str8 rippin’ these beatz!! People DEFINITELY “fiendin’ for tha crack tracks” you cookin’, ya dig!! LOL @ tha “ooh, he poppin’” part; crazy, consistent rhymes!! My Rating: 4.4

13. “Treat Me” (Young Feat. D-Matic Da Beast)
It’s ironic wit these “beasts.” My boy J Fletcha iz J Fletcha Da Beast and you’re D-Matic Da Beast. Both of y’all ALSO have a “Belly Of The Beast” CD, lol! Well, accordin’ to tha mp3 info here, it says it’s Young’s song featurin’ you so let’s see what this iz all about… >>> A lil’ ehh for a start but it picks up on tha 1st verse here; good shit from Young! He sounds like he’s got an addiction for tha ladies or somethin’ here in tha 1st verse. I’m likin’ tha beat all of a sudden; glad it sounds betta than tha hook! Here you are on tha 2nd verse here, comin’ through wit your guttaness!! I like your attitude wit dis Rap shit to tha fullest! Tha bigger tha rapper, tha bigger tha attitude, usually… and tougher! My Rating: 4.1

14. “From Da Bottom” Feat. Zoe
When I see a feature, I think of an original beat; I hope it iz! >>> Sounds like it so far and sounds nice and upbeat! Zoe’s a dude I only heard once, a long time ago wit Nu$$ie on a “Snitch” song. Tha 1st verse sounds good wit you on it; glad you comin’ through wit your gr8 shit, ya dig! When I heard tha hook, I thought it was tha “Bottom Of The Map” joint from tha “Gangsta Gumbo Vol. 4,” but this iz different! Zoe’s on tha 2nd verse here and tha shit’s official; cool voice! Gotta feel how he’s comin’ wit “his ink and his pen!” Good shit… Street shit to tha fullest! My Rating: 4.3

15. Connection (Skit)
That’s what I have… a REALLY GR8 Louisiana “connection!” >>> Short, five second skit but it sounds good! My Rating: N/A

16. “Loose Booty”
Looks like a title I’ve seen before but I heard a Mouse tag so let’s see what we got here… >>> This sounds very similar to tha J Buc Feat. Big Classic “Loose Booty” joint (which J Buc produced) wit tha way you deliverin’ tha hook. I wonder if they exactly tha same beat… Anyway, tha 1st verse iz aight here but it sounds a lil’ weird wit tha hidden A-Tune… Tha 2nd hook sounds a lil’ A-Tune’d too… I dunno what’s goin’ on here… You’re on tha 2nd verse and it sounds aight but I feel distracted by tha hidden A-Tune… Yucky ending? My Rating: 3.1

17. “Favorite” Feat. Focussed
Let’s see how “focussed” (wit two “s”s) this featured artist iz wit chu!! >>> Tha beat sounds hot here; whoa @ 5:28 on tha length!! “Beat it up like Rocky / Leave tha beat all sloppy;” whoa!! From :40 on, it sounds pretty GUTTA wit your uplifted attitude ta dis joint right chea!! “I’m in my own class so a nigga ain’t losin’;” good line right there and how you delivered! “WTF iz wrong wit y’all? What are y’all chewin’?” Shit’s crazy right there!! Wow, you’re STILL goin’ @ 1:53 here; keep this HOT shit goin’ on here and it sounds like tha Focussed dude’s up next… I really felt scared ‘cause it sounded like he had gay-ass A-Tune in tha background but now, dat he’s rappin’, it sounds betta. You sound a lil’ betta than him, D, but it’s good ta collab! This iz gettin’ kinda long now…; switch to someone else… LOL @ tha “your career disappear like Cam’ron;” dat was pretty raw and outta nowhere! Well, I’m glad you’re back at 3:55; gutta-ass shit right chea!! DEFINITELY HOT wit tha drug-type shit and LOL @ “watch me drop my penis on tha tracks” or somethin’ like dat; pretty raw once again!! I like how you sayin’ tha last words of each line wit tha “Usher / grocer” shit! My Rating: 4.4

18. “I’mma Do Me”
I know what beat this’ll be… >>> Exactly what I thought it was; how will you do? You prolly could’ve just freestyled on dis; kinda similar to tha original song wit tha hook but you sound good on dis too. Pretty raw wit tha rhymes here on tha 1st verse; gutta shit! REAL HOT “belly fla-a-opped him” part!!! My Rating: 4.3

19. Ain’t Shit (Skit)
LOL… I have a feelin’ dis gon be funny! >>> I always ROFL @ tha short-ass length!! Tha attitude and how they sound’s just too funny!! My Rating: N/A

20. “Listen To This Track Bitch”
What could I be “listenin’” to? >>> Oh, I rememba dat producer wit tha “listen to tha track” intro; lol @ namin’ this joint dat. Tha beat sounds pretty hot, regardless of what it really iz. You’re pretty raw on this beat; you doin’ ya thang as a sexstar, lol! You’re very consistent here… Just too much comin’ from you fa anyone ta handle, lol! So much shit here, lol!! Glad you gave a shout out ta “Jimmy” in a BIG way at tha end!! My Rating: 4.2

21. “I Made A Promise To Myself” (Lil’ Black Da Gutta Baby Feat. D-Matic Da Beast)
Glad ta see new rappers on tha tracks! I wonder what this’ll sound like though… >>> Even though his name’s “Lil’ Black,” iz he white ‘cause he sounds like Lil’ Boosie (‘cause it reminds me of how A-Mar used ta sound)? Anyway, he might be black ‘cause he said, “nigga,” but yea, good sound so far on tha hook and tha beat!! I didn’t realize it was his song at first; Lil’ Black Da Gutta Baby!! REAL NICE collaboration right chea; I gotta add him on MySpace!! Y’all doin’ ya thang on tha hook right chea; REAL GLAD this sounds really original on tha beat too for tha South/undaground of Louisiana!! You’re on tha 2nd verse and you REALLY “promisin’” dat you gon hold it down right chea to tha fullest! Glad you a REAL motivator to tha fullest right chea! You’re on tha 3rd verse and you “scorchin’ like a flamethrower!!” Speakin’ of “flamethrower,” Lil’ Black’s on tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse here wit dat fiya-ass shit!! Gotta luv how y’all work together on dis joint right chea!! My Rating: 4.5

22. “3 Steps Back”
Tha final joint right chea… What’ll it be like? >>> Sounds like a jacked beat here and a lil’ different wit tha soundin’… It’s an okay song so far and you’re good on tha 1st verse here… I like tha hook and your motivated attitude to tha fullest! You sound good on tha 2nd verse here, really “holdin’ err-body down” to tha fullest! I like how you sounded also before tha 2nd verse ended; just STR8 gutta wit it! Tha 3rd verse’s good fa this endin’ song right chea too… My Rating: 3.9

23. “Livin’ In Sin” (A-Mar & Dyl)
LOL, a random bonus song here… I thought you was gonna be on it but it’s just A-Mar & Dyl. Well, it’s not in tha folder but I had reviewed it in tha past so I can paste this right chea: It might be [a jacked beat] but I’m not sure. Yea, on tha lyrical side, but on tha gutta/hood side, so it ain’t borin’! Glad A-Mar’s “gettin’ high and stayin’ focused” on tha 1st verse here! It’s gr8 ta hear him spit dat he “scared of tha answer” when it comes ta when he’s goin’ ta Heaven. I hope it ain’t soon ‘cause there’s NO REASON why any of y’all should die soon!! Here comes Dyl on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through as a gangsta here, tryna survive! REALLY enjoyin’ tha hood lyrics here! Was that tha hook (‘cause I heard tha title)? Either way, Dyl iz on tha 2nd verse, STILL comin’ through wit dat gangsta shit here! 100% hood lyrics here and they DON’T stop!! I know Dyl said “pour dis liquor…R.I.P.” or w/e it was. My question iz: How come people pour out liquor for dead people? I don’t undastand dat one. Nice job on tha hook wit tha street shit, includin’ tha quick, fade-out ending of tha last nine seconds! My Current Rating: 4.4

Overall: I think you put together a pretty good CD right chea! I look forward ta hearin’ more original beats; you DEFINITELY sounded GR8 on dat joint wit Lil’ Witness and tha one wit Lil’ Black! Keep doin’ ya thang, big dawg! Thumbs up ta tha Gangsta Gumbo connection!!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

19. “Loose Booty” 3.1
18. “I Know” 3.5
17. “Freestyle” 3.7
16. “Already Know That” 3.8
15. “3 Steps Back” 3.9
14. “Crazy World” 4.0
13. “Bone” 4.1
12. “Treat Me” (Young Feat. D-Matic Da Beast) 4.1
11. “What Up” 4.2
10. “Listen To This Track Bitch” 4.2
09. “Crack Speaker” 4.3
08. “I’mma Do Me” 4.3
07. “Prison Bars” 4.3
06. “From Da Bottom” Feat. Zoe 4.3
05. “Belly Of The Beast” 4.4
04. “Favorite” Feat. Focussed 4.4
03. “Livin’ In Sin” (A-Mar & Dyl) 4.4
02. “I Made A Promise To Myself” (Lil’ Black Da Gutta Baby Feat. D-Matic Da Beast) 4.5
01. “Life Is Hectic” Feat. Lil’ Witness 4.9

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score: 78.4
Total Songs: / 19
Average CD Rating: 4.1

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