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FTLD'z Louisiana Trip #04: 9.03.2018 - 9.05.2018

FTLD'z Louisiana Trip #04: 9.03.2018 - 9.05.2018

My 4th trip to Louisiana... Even tho I was pumped to finally get away since last October, I had to still keep my guard up. The last trip, I was raped, robbed in two different situations (totaling almost $3,000) & my life was threatened! Also, I went to go record a track & the artist was too lazy to go to tha studio. The completion of the track was a nightmare for the two months to come. My goal for this trip was to record a new track for my job. I thought it was a good idea to get Baton Rouge rapper, A1 Wissel, to get on tha track wit me. After previously turning down the offer, due to I wrote tha lyrics, it was Baton Rouge producer/rapper, DJ B-Real, that suggested that A1 would do tha song for me.


Day 1 in Louisiana: 9.03.2018: I left Pennsylvania for 6:00 AM and it was my debut in Michigan, as I stopped in tha Detroit airport. After I arrived at tha house I was stayin' at, in Baton Rouge, I first went to go see rapper, Beezy Bird. We went to tha projects to film an interview wit Beezy. After leaving Beezy, I went to go surprise rapper/producer, Doe-Doe, who's rapper, Boosie Badazz's cousin. Doe-Doe had no idea I was coming, since I couldn't get a hold of him. When I told him, "Check outside to see if your surprise arrived," he went outside, seen it was me and he was straight. I wish he would go back to bein' more fresh wit his style and not so camera-shy. Maybe, grow your dreads back, Doe-Doe? We went cruisin'..., literally! Due to tha pressure I was previously havin' at Dunkin' Donuts, I had texted Doe-Doe, "Please take me on a speedrun tha next time I touch down!" He went 140 mph, at 4:43 PM! That surpassed my previous record for fastest I was in tha car with someone, back on June 16, 2012. That's where I was with tha local news station to go see Mitt Romney; we went 92 mph, at 7:10 AM. After leaving Doe-Doe, I made a stop to YBB Studios, just to randomly film. While there, I met rapper, Boogieman, who stutters while he talks but has no problems with his rappin' flow.

As tha night had begun, B-Real had video-chatted with me on Instagram. Not too sure of what to expect, he was over-excited about gettin' a hold of me! That's a shocker! He wanted me to keep him posted on when I was hittin' tha studio up. As tha midnight hours were approaching, I had gotten a hold of producer/engineer, Guss Make My Beats, to where A1 & I were gonna book our studio session there. At 12:45 AM, I arrived, as I watched Guss produce a track. Shortly after 1:00 AM, A1 came through, feelin' great to see me! And, even more special: B-Real came through, too! Finally, at 1:11 AM, I met tha most-talented artist in Louisiana! Tha dude who has made me $108,610.23 richer by inspiring me to work! We began our session at 1:00 AM for my track, "P&R", a collaboration with A1 Wissel, produced by Frank Calhoune (myself). I gave A1 tha idea of how I was flowing on my track & we began to record our vocals. I did two takes; my 1st take, I got all but one line right. For my 2nd take, I decided to add to what I previously recorded. However, I didn't realize that we were overwriting tha 1st take. As A1 recorded his vocals, he had some trouble spittin' some lines. I even had to tell him he skipped over a few lines and we had to add tha missing lines. While playing, B-Real was jammin' out to it, singin' it, etc.; definitely nice! I even spotted him mimicking my production on Guss' keyboard; definitely an honor! An honor to have your idol play with your production! After my session ended at 3:00 AM, I went home for tha night.
Time Awake: 3:20 AM - 10:00 PM / 11:00 PM - 4:00 AM (23 3/4)
Hours Slept: 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM / 4:00 AM - 7:30 AM (01 + 03 1/2 = 04 1/2)

Day 2 in Louisiana: 9.04.2018: Originally wantin' to hang wit Doe-Doe, I stopped at tha Waffle House on College Dr., where I always eat breakfast & went from there. I got gas near Gardere ($2.36/gal.) & met up wit Beezy Bird. We went to one of tha apartments near Skysail & met up wit rapper, Lil' Mike. He did a lil' rappin' and we had producer, Big Kahuna Status, who was producin' for Beezy. I interviewed Beezy's cable guy & even his daughter said somethin' fast, on tha mic. While interviewing Beezy for tha 2nd time, this trip, he talked about his grandma passin'. Shockingly, as we wrapped up this interview around noon, I went outside to my rental car to see if Beezy was outside. He wasn't, so I went back inside but seen him coming out. He said, "Hurry up, Frankie! Get in tha car!!" Beezy began shaking, freakin' out! Tha news had broke that someone murdered his mom in Baker. As we were on our way to tha house, we were like tha ambulance! Hazards on, speedin' through traffic for 25 minutes! I remained calm (luckily, I was fulla dat shit and my anxiety was lowered) and had enough confidence in Beezy to realize, "It's gonna be okay!" Once Beezy dropped himself off at tha house, I took tha car & went back to where I was stayin' at. As I told my mom what I just witnessed, even more shocking, she broke tha news to me that three dayz prior, my 39-year-old cousin's husband committed suicide in Connecticut! Speechless, but I feel better about myself & how I've survived everything in my emotional life... After all tha news, I waited for my next event. I hung with Doe-Doe for a lil' and then, I proceed to find more people...

I then headed to where LNIC (Loyalty Naturally Instilled Corporation) recording artist, Percy Keith stays at. He only told me tha address; I didn't know it was a projects/complex area. I showed tha people that lived in this complex that Percy sent me tha address. They then told me which door he was in; I knocked & there was Percy! He had hurt his arm from workin' out but he was all tha way 100 with everything I talked to him about. I interviewed him & he showed me a part in an unreleased song he has, containing tha lyrics, "Frankie wrote me, like, once a month." To me, it's an honor for him to appreciate me writin' him once a month, every month, from October 2015 - November 2017. There were times where I didn't hear from him, but I knew by writing tha letters every month, I wanted to keep tha consistency up 'cause on September 18, 2015, I asked Percy, "What iz it about me you think that's, like, so great?" He said, "It's your work ethic, man, you still got it, man! You don't--you consistent as a muthafucka, man!"

After leaving Percy, hour by hour, I was seein' who was around... I met up wit Cash Made World Wide recording artist, Doonie, droppin' his Heartfelt Vol. 2 mixtape. We were waitin' for his roommate, Bold Business Entertainment recording artist, Cage Tha Blackmaine, to get outta work. We spent close to an hour on tha road, picked him up & then, we went back to their apartment and they spit some shit on camera. After I left them, I met up wit ForestStudios' Loxley. He showed me his studio and we vibed for a lil'. I then headed to tha Hollywood casino shortly after. I played Easy Money, got tha bonus, won $100.00 & then, got $5.00 in free slot play. I played a penny machine & won $26.00 off of tha $5.00 in free slot play.
Time Awake: 7:30 AM - 2:00 AM (18 1/2)
Hours Slept: 2:00 AM - 6:00 AM (04)

Day 3 in Louisiana: 9.05.2018: Woke up, ate at tha Waffle House, then headed to Dirty Dinero Band Camp recording artist, Y.B. For Initials' latest apartment. He played me some of his latest shit but we had an odd encounter. On March 8, 2018, I had gotten into an argument with a dude named "Looney", after he was flashing cash & I had told him to donate to keep my FrankieThaLuckyDog'z Block blog alive. He had said, "I have four kids, I don't just give money out like that," but I had helped him in tha past. He had pulled up and I just remained calm, or as Percy Keith says, "Your demeanor--Tha look like you have a lot goin' on!"

Once they dipped & I headed to Live 2 Hustle recording artist, Lil' Yella's spot. Knowing who Lil' Yella was since November 27, 2007, when I reviewed Kenner DJ, Jimmy The DJ's Gangsta Gumbo Vol. 1 (Hosted by Dee-1) mixtape (as a part of tha group, Nuttiochie Boyz), he has gained a lil' popularity since. Just like he told me last year, on December 21, "It took me over 10 years to get signed never give up on your passion no matter how tough it gets." He played me some of his latest shit, as he said he has features from NBA YoungBoy, Future, Waka Flocka Flame & others. After leaving Yella, I encountered another artist I knew since January 26, 2008: Solo Mafia Enterprises' recording artist, King Sav. He mentioned in his lil' piece on my upcoming documentary, "There's times where I don't even have my own music; I have to hit Frank up for it!" Finishing off my trip, I met up wit Doe-Doe and we went to Hana's for clothes.

Overall, I was surprised with how well this trip went! No issues but it had its share of craziness, of course, just like every other trip! Sleeping only 8 1/2 hours, I was quite pleased to use as much time as possible for Baton Rouge (remember, I get lots of overtime; I lose about $150.00 a day if I take one day off. So, I try to utilize my time as much as possible). Couldn't believe I met up wit B-Real; couldn't believe I did a track wit A1 Wissel! Couldn't believe I experienced bein' in a car at 140 mph! Crazy!!

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