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Review #19: J.A. "On The Grind"

Reviewed on 5.20.2007 (Review No. 19)

Aight J.A.. It was cool talkin' to u earlier today, and thanx 4 lettin' me get tha mixtape "On The Grind". I'm looking forward to listen to it, and right now I'm going to listen to it and post my review on tha songs. Few things first:

= Anticipation Level. At times before I listen to tha songs, I might have a "High AL" (high anticipation level).
Anything I type before " >>> " iz my review BEFORE I listen to tha song. If I heard tha song already, usually I wouldn't use " >>> " 'cause I wouldn't have any anticipation.
I will have a rating for each song (intro, skits, and outros I usually don't give a rating for). 1.0 iz tha lowest rating (meaning I really don't like tha song), and 4.0 iz tha highest rating (meaning I really love tha song).

Now then, here's my review on J.A.'s "On The Grind" mixtape:

01. "On The Grind"
I got a High AL for this 'cause this tha first joint off tha mixtape! I HOPE it's good... >>> Really feelin' tha intro. *Thumbs Up* That was short... it could've been longer, but hot. My Rating: 3.9

02. "DC Snoopy"
When I searched your posts on Word Of South forum, I saw this song. I got a High AL for this too. Hope it's tha shit! >>> No intro, but it's 2:55 so that's good. Nice beat - it's knockin'. *Thumbs Up* Feelin' that hook right there! Also feelin' tha subject on this one too. My Rating: 4.0

03. "Payper"
I had a feeling this was tha third song. Really feelin' it. My new addicting underground rap song, and it's HOT! Tha chorus iz what's tha best. Beat iz tight, and I like tha subject, especially during tha chorus. Those lines/tha flow iz tight. Yeah before I asked DJ Hollywood for it, I tried googling it, and I couldn't find anything until I went onto Wes Fif's site after I got it from DJ Hollywood. I then typed "24HRGRIND" wit ur name, and tha Myspace page came up, so thumbs up to that. My Rating: 4.0

04. "2 Young Niggas" Feat. Ray Dugga
Tha featured artist sounds familiar... maybe I saw him on your Myspace page? I dunno, but I'm really likin' tha title, so High AL for this song! >>> Yes 2:56 for tha length. Liking tha intro... now a REALLY High AL for this! Another tight-ass-beat! Vocals are pretty good on Ray Dugga. Pretty good hook too. My Rating: 4.0

05. "Jamaica"

I got a lil' sample, matter'fact I decided to listen to tha whole thing last night on your page, and this one I'm REALLY feelin'. It was SUPER catchy if I can remember. Lemme re-hear it. >>> Yeah nice length on it too! 4:17. Tha longest one so far. Feelin' tha "swinging on tha ass like a monkey" line. Yeah chorus iz very good. It should get out there in my opinion, and tha beat goes REAL nice wit it! I also like tha vocal change on this song too. If this doesn't get out there (I HOPE it would get at least on Music Choice Rap), it should DEFINATELY get to Dirty South Radio. My Rating: 4.0

06. "24"
Sounds familiar... damn ur WHOLE MIXTAPE has lots of anticipation! Another High AL! >>> Real pounding beat... it's louder than tha vocals on this one. Looking forward to continuing hearing this! Yeah you ain't fallin' off, but you're tellin' tha truth 'cause you're a "real nigga". This could be my favorite so far? Hmm... My Rating: 4.0

07. "Straight Profit" (Produced by Ribah)
Nice title again! And High AL on this. >>> Ooh good it's 3:19! Not bad so far... pretty good beat wit a nice subject. Not bad... chorus iz okay. My Rating: 3.6

08. "That's Life"
Let's see about this one... >>> Hmm... Big Tuck/Eryka Badu beat. Not bad. Nice subject, although I'm not too big about these type of songs... My Rating: 3.5

09. "See Me" Feat. Wes Fif
For a second I didn't think this was going to be on here, but then again, it's on here now. This was my... I think No. 7 Spring Anthem of Winter '06/'07 (which was tha 2nd HOTTEST rap song of tha Winter '06/'07). I told u how it did wit me earlier, and since I gave it its 42nd spin (due to I talked to u earlier), I guess here's its 43rd spin on my computer. Oh yeah I guess I should explain my thoughts of tha song: prolly HOTTEST beat of 2007. You made a REAL great hook, and I'm assuming u produced this? If you did, you produced one FUCKIN' SICK beat!! And yeah, Wes Fif iz a BEAST on this (like alwayz). My Rating: 4.0

10. "Underground King" (Produced by Keynote)
Let's see here... >>> Nice fade in intro. Looks like u sampled tha Pimp on this one. Feelin' tha music in tha beat on this one a lot. Oh yeah I'm feelin' that hook too. Nice track right here. You will be an "underground king" one day. That's my prediction. My Rating: 4.0

11. "Cut A Check"
High AL 'cause tha title. Liking that title. >>> Intro was kinda weird, and then when tha hook came in, I don't know. Wasn't really feelin' that hook... however, your flow on tha first verse sounds pretty good. Yeah it looks like this one iz tha one I like tha least on tha mixtape. It's too different from tha other tracks. Not good for a High AL. My Rating: 2.4

12. "Go Hard"
Yeah I hope this can recover from tha previous track 'cause I have a High AL, and I HOPE it "goes hard"! >>> Only 1:18... that's not good... it looks like tha hook came in right away. Pretty good. Nice verse. It could've been longer tho. My Rating: 3.8

13. "Bonus Track"
Alright before I check to see what tha song iz, I already have a High AL 'cause I HOPE it closes out tha mixtape good... oh lol. "Bonus Track". Don't know what to expect but a surprise I guess... >>> A "Marvelus J" beat, and only 1:50...? I guess this iz okay. That hook ain't anything to me... My Rating: 2.9

It was fun listenin' to tha mixtape. It was on a REALLY CONSISTANT beginning during tha first ½ of tha mixtape. Tha first 6 songs were tha shit! No offense, but after No. 6 it kinda went for a lil' bit of a nose-dive (excluding some songs). Overall, it was hot. I'm going to have to re-hear tha 4 songs I heard for tha first time just now that I gave a 4.0 rating to to decide how I'm going to rank each one. Now then, here's how I ranked each song:

13. "Cut A Check" 2.4
12. "Bonus Track" 2.9
11. "That's Life" 3.5
10. "Straight Profit" (Produced by Ribah) 3.6
09. "Go Hard" 3.8
08. "On The Grind" 3.9
07. "DC Snoopy" 4.0
06. "Jamaica" 4.0
05. "2 Young Niggas" Feat. Ray Dugga 4.0
04. "24" 4.0
03. "Underground King" (Produced by Keynote) 4.0
02. "Payper" 4.0
01. "See Me" Feat. Wes Fif 4.0

^ "See Me" being my favorite easily (since I was on it for 3 months), and I put "Payper" up at No. 2 since it's doin' big wit me right now. "Underground King" was my favorite for a song I heard for tha first time just now. I ranked it No. 3. "24" was a real close one... I had to listen to it and "Underground King" 2 more times to decide, so I had it ranked No. 3, but then I put "Payper" above it.

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