Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Underground Playlist Adds: February 2010

Not much this month due to too much goin' on and a lack of gettin' new music from people...

Big Wayne Feat. Strokes "Nani Goat"

J Buc Feat. Quikkdraw & DJ B-Real "Extravagant"

Savage & Young Ready Feat. Dirty Harry "Pussazz"

Tha G.T. "Wake Up"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MM: Week of 2.23.2010 (Episode 3)

I mixed tha beats, starting wit this episode:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Radio Shift #15: "Tha Louisiana Pit" :: Playlist Of 2.20.2010

Radio Shift #15: "Tha Louisiana Pit" :: Playlist Of 2.20.2010

(This iz tha order I played each song; not personal rank)
01. J Buc Feat. Quikkdraw & DJ B-Real "Extravagant"
Dog & Tech Feat. Down Bad "Swang Ya Arms"
K.O. Feat. Beezy Bird & Q-Red "I Want That (Let Me Get It)"
Mouse On Tha Track Feat. Lil' Trill "I Got Wings"
Gutta Boy Gucci Feat. A.u. "Doin' My Thang"
DNA "Swag So Crazy"
Lil' Boxx "Stevie Wonder"
One-i & Jayroc Feat. Lil' Cali "Big Deal"
Jay Regal Feat. J Fletcha "Ballout"
Zippa Castro "Super Mario"
Lil' Ganggsta "Do My Thang"
Drop: Tha G.T. Drop
12. Young Punchline "Live My Life" *PREMIERE*
13. Kevin Gates "Head 2 My Toes"
BluBlack Feat. Big World & Supa "Bootie Jigg"
Tha G.T. "Wake Up" *PREMIERE*
Slymm On The Track & D.$.G. Feat. Yung Yola "I'm Messy"
Obeeze Feat. S.O.S. "U Don't Want It Wit Me"
Flipset Fred "Waistline"
Lil' Tez Feat. Chosen "Feel Good"
Lil' Issue Feat. Q-Red "Whop"
Dat Boy A "Click House"
Lil' Smoov Feat. Young Threatt "Shakeback"
Ronny My "What A Bum (Free Kevin Gates)"
Trapp Da Rippa Feat. D.$.G. "City On Swang (Lock It Down)"
Q-Red On The Track "To Particles"
Drop: Gutta Boy Gucci Drop
Nu'Era "Going, Going, Gone" *PREMIERE*
Lil' Ruthless "Bust It Open (Big Fine)" *PREMIERE*

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Review #400: Savage & Young Ready "Self-Made Bosses (Hosted by DJ Wookee)"

Reviewed on 2.14.2010 (Review #400)

Shid… REVIEW #400!!!!! Dat’s DEFINITELY HUGE!!! And even betta: Review #400 iz for Savage & Young Ready!!! Two BIG DAWGZ get tha celebration of Review #400 so dat’s DEFINITELY watz good!! Here goes my review, Review #400: Savage & Young Ready “Self Made Bosses (Hosted by DJ Wookee)!!!! Start Time: 3:12 PM | End Time: 5:34 PM

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself wit my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

© 2010 CD Review (Review #400) reviewed on 2.14.2010 by FrankieThaLuckyDog. Other than tha main artist or affiliated people with tha main artist, this review iz to not be used in anyone else’s words!

01. “Meet The Bosses”
Just like wit tha last startin’ title (from “The Equation” wit “I’m A Reject”), this has a REAL GR8 startin’ title too!! You KNOW I showed both Savage & Young Ready luv on tha R.I.P. Nu$$ie Tribute Show I had last night at my college! I believe both y’all had two collaborations so that’s watz up! Let’s see how GR8 of a start this mixtape has ta offer!!! Oh yea, Savage on tha beat!!! >>> Nice job from Ready on tha intro!! Plus, Savage addin’ an intro when tha beat starts!! Much betta intro than tha last collab CD! Likin’ tha vibe ta this beat wit tha anticipatin’ sounds of Savage!! Tha rhymes (e.g., “bleach/time ta teach”) are DEFINITELY HOT here on tha 1st verse from Savage!! :tu This iz DEFINITELY GR8 for an intro and I’m glad y’all teamed up!! My anticipation iz SKY-HIGH right now!!! Wait ‘til this shit gets on my radio show!! Buku jointz gon be played!!! You KNOW Baton Rouge has some luv when Ready’s on tha 2nd verse, representin’ fa who’s cool wit who wit his tight rhymes here!! I like tha “disco dancin’-ass niggaz” part too; you KNOW Ready comes through wit tha BEST street shit! And speakin’ of “shit,” LMFAO @ tha ending wit tha toilet flush and Savage sayin’, “Ooh! Dis dat shit there!!” :rofl Perfect combo!! My Rating: 4.5

02. “All The Way Out There” Feat. Zion City Juice
LET THA COLLABS BEGIN!!!!! Anotha Savage beat and it looks like this mixtape gon be REAL OFFICIAL!!! Maybe Louisiana Collaboration CD Of Tha Year for 2010? We’ll find out in 10 more months! >>> Sounds HOT wit a Max Minelli sample for tha hook! “All tha way” 100% Baton Rouge here, even wit tha sample!! You need ta “swim” for tha 1st verse here wit Ready on it; if you can’t “swim,” you ain’t on yo shit!! Nice job from Ready on tha 1st verse; can NEVA complain about him!!! Let’s hear Savage on tha 2nd verse… DEFINITELY street shit to tha fullest!! Like I was sayin’ when I was reviewin’ DeTrane’s “Jigg City Radio Vol. 4,” keep makin’ music!! I said it ta T-Lo’s song wit Mookie & Sam I Am on dat mixtape: Just KEEP IT UP!!! NEVA GO AWAY!!! I ALWAYS LUV tha Baton Rouge sound!!! Thanx for tha 2nd verse, Sav! Let’s see what Juice has fa tha 3rd verse… Glad he got Readyness in his flow here! Just like wit Ready, if you can’t “swim,” you gon drown from Zion City Juice’s verse!! DEFINITELY thought he did tha damn thang here too!! My Rating: 4.7

03. “Trap Spot” Feat. Lil’ Mista & Dre
D-D-D-D-DAMN!!! I know Lil’ Mista did his thang on a previous mixtape I reviewed (might’ve been Ready’s last one) so you KNOW I DEFINITELY look forward ta hearin’ this shit!! I have a feelin’ Savage produced 95% of this whole mixtape ‘cause he on EVERY BEAT RIGHT NOW!!! >>> A pyrex bubblin’ start and also a REAL Baton Rouge sound here once again!!! Anotha “trap” anthem!! Sounds much betta than tha Kevin Gates/Nu$$ie collaboration! Nice job on tha hook, Sav!! NOTHIN’ BUT ADDICTIVENESS HERE!!!!! Ooh, “tryna hit tha jackpot” in “tha trap spot;” good shit, Savage!!! NOTHIN’ STOPS Y’ALL!!! We got Ready on tha 2nd verse and he STILL keepin’ it street to tha fullest!! DEFINITELY felt his verse and you KNOW I look forward ta tha rest!! You KNOW tha start to tha 3rd verse REAL HOT!! Mista sounds like he da shit wit all da shit he got; thumbs up ta dat!! Gotta luv tha Baton Rouge vibe, includin’ in tha voices!! Dre doin’ tha damn thang also on tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse; gotta LUV tha trapaholics!!! My Rating: 4.8

04. “I Need A Couple Million” Feat. Dat Boy A & Airee
I don’t know who tha 2nd person iz on tha feature so I expect it ta be a singin’ hook. Looks like anotha REAL HOT “trap” song so I’m DEFINITELY lookin’ forward ta this one too!! Wat up, A-Wissel?!? >>> Tha beginning sounded like it followed up tha last song! Anotha Savage track here!! Tha beat sounds good and I was right about tha person on tha feature singin’ tha hook. It sounds like both Wissel & Airee singin’ tha hook; pretty good although I liked Dat Boy A’s part betta on tha hook. Nice job on tha 1st verse, Sav; good shit, ya dig! Gotta keep tha trill street shit goin’ to tha fullest!! Here’s Ready showin’ off what’s been rough throughout his life; at least it’s interestin’ ta hear!! Can’t deny Ready as he REALLY in these streetz all day!! Will we hear a Wissel verse for tha 3rd verse? Shit yea, it iz!!! Nice job and it switched up ta someone else (or maybe just his alias?) on tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse? Can’t say it was exactly Savage though; I’m a lil’ confused… It sounded gr8 and was a lil’ betta than tha 1st ½ of tha 3rd verse! My Rating: 4.2

05. “Gangsta (Remix)” Feat. Bun B & Sean Kingston
Savage on tha beat so you KNOW it’s DEFINITELY 5/5 wit Savage on tha beat fa this mixtape, ya dig!! Let’s see how HOT this remix iz!!! >>> Cricket sounds… Sounds like a West Coast conversation in tha beginning… LOL, it’s a remix to Bun B Feat. Sean Kingston “That’s Gangsta”? I don’t know about this then but it’s cool ta hear it on a Savage beat!! So #20 must’ve been one of these types of songs ‘cause DatPiff removed it… Glad ta hear Savage on tha 2nd verse, spittin’ some “what gangstas do”-type shit here! Nice job doin’ a lil’ remix and I thought it was just gonna be tha original verses; glad y’all contributed!! Ready’s on tha 3rd verse, REALLY doin’ tha damn thang here for tha gangstas and wit a gangsta style!! Of course, he has his “Gangsta Bow” shit in here so you KNOW it’s official!! My Rating: 4.2

06. “Alley Hoop”
Let’s see what this one sounds like… Savage on tha beat once again!!! Dat’s 6 for 6!!! Let’s see how GR8 this iz!!! >>> Sounds like a sexual-type of song for tha beginning! Almost reminds me of “A Bay Bay” for a start. Looks like y’all REALLY luvin’ tha “Alley Hoop” sound here! It sounds like Lil’ Ganggsta Feat. Lil’ Ruthless “Almost There” on tha hook! I like this shit right chea wit tha HOT Savage beat!! :tu Ready on tha 1st verse here and he doin’ tha damn thang, sexual style for tha ladies!! This could be big if it got out there somewhere… Too bad tha exposure sux these dayz; at least you got me! And now, we got Savage on tha 2nd verse here; he REALLY went and showed dem hoes how he iz!! Nice job on tha 2nd verse, Savage! Supa Supa Sav for tha 3rd verse ‘cause Savage iz on it again! Oh wait, Ready’s on tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse… Wait a minute, this iz becomin’ a mix between tha both of y’all; gr8 not just collaboration but conversation too!! LOL, Lil’ Phat “spilled some beans on dat bitch?” LOL! :rofl Y’all know y’all DEFINITELY did tha damn thang here to tha fullest!!! My Rating: 4.6

07. “Take Dat” Feat. Level
Goin’ at it again, my boy!! A 7th beat from Savage here and I can just imagine what this joint’ll sound like! >>> Sounds like an energetic Savage style for tha start!! Ready doin’ tha damn thang here on tha hook!! His “turn swag on” part at least ain’t gay and iz official!! I LUV tha 2nd ½ of tha hook; it’s like damage inflicted: “take dat!!” :tu Ready even spittin’ REAL HOT shit fa tha 1st verse!! Yea, his “rhymes they like cocaine!!” Savage got tha 2nd verse on lock, REALLY spittin’ some unblockable shit here!! DEFINITELY fa tha hood right here wit consistent rhymes; everything fa tha streetz!! I luv tha “bruh” part, lol! You KNOW it’s official when you’re in Baton Rouge!!! Talk about hot GR8 tha 3rd verse from Level sounds!! He has a HUGE flow when it comes ta rappin’; DEFINITELY varies in HUGE wayz!! Okay lyrics but tha way he spit dat verse was DEFINITELY tha shit!!! Luved how he came in tha beginning wit it!!! My Rating: 4.7

08. “Pussazz” Feat. Dirty Harry
My boy Travis was tellin’ me about Dirty Harry (I believe he friend requested me too?)! He even tol’ me he was on Savage’s new mixtape wit Young Ready so you KNOW dat’s watz good!! This title iz DEFINITELY tha shit already and you KNOW I gon look forward ta this!! So far, 8/8 beats on this CD were from you, Savage!! You KNOW you da man on these beatz!!! >>> Good intro, Savage! Ooh, sounds like a creepy intro wit tha beat!! LUV tha hook!! I LUV when people say “pussazz!!” :tu Tha hook iz DEFINITELY on tha gangsta side here; Savage deliverin’ it BIG TIME!!! Even on tha 1st verse, we got Savage doin’ tha damn thang!! Baton Rouge to tha fullest!!! That’s right, Savage! They “jumpin’ froggy;” ribbit, ribbit! Gangsta-azz lyrics here!! You REALLY did a REAL GR8 job fa tha streetz here, Savage; LUVIN’ IT!!! “Yo pussazz;” singin’ tha hook while I’m recordin’ this on video camera fa YouTube!! Ooh, I hear Young Ready on tha 2nd verse here; he just LUVS talkin’ about tha streetz!! That’s how STREET he iz!! Tha BIGGEST gangsta I know on tha scene!! LOL @ tha “pussy” ad-libs; goes ta show you dat they DEFINITELY not on they shit!! LMAO @ tha “ol’ scary-azz boy” part!! :rofl Ready, you too much, you know dat?! Lemme hear Dirty Harry fa tha 1st time; DEFINITELY anticipated here!! Glad y’all fuckin’ wit each otha to tha fullest!! Dirty Harry DEFINITELY has dat street vibe in what he spits, ya heard me!! Everything ta him iz “black;” thumbs up fa keepin’ it dark also! CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF DAT HOOK!!!!!!!!! IT’S SO FUCKIN’ ADDICTING!!!!!!!! Thank you SOOOOOOOO MUCH, Savage!!! You DEFINITELY doin’ it BIG wheneva it’s beats, rappin’, songs, mixtapes, talkin’ ta people, textin’, whateva it iz!!! My Rating: 4.9
To add: Here’s tha recording of what I just recorded, reviewin’ tha “Pussazz” song:

09. “Heavy Wrist Activity” Feat. Spitta
Ooh, DEFINITELY likin’ this title!! Looks like y’all got G’s on yo wrists!! And I don’t know of this Spitta dude as well so let’s see what y’all got!!! >>> LMAO @ this sample! Now, it’s Gucci Mane and he sounds cool; nice blendin’!! Savage REALLY spittin’ (and spendin’) “buku shit” here in tha 1st verse; HOT AS HELL!!! DEFINITELY a REAL COOL verse from Savage!! LOL @ how tha sample faded out before tha 2nd verse came in! We got Ready on tha 2nd verse here, doin’ tha damn thang to tha fullest wit his sex game! What’ll tha newbie have fa this shit? Ooh, a near-Savage voice/flow here, doin’ tha damn thang fa Baton Rouge here!! When he said, “you can’t live in there,” he sounded like Dat Boy A fa a second! :tu It almost makes me think of tha song he was on where I was confused about tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse… My Rating: 4.6

10. “When You Get Out” Feat. Max Minelli & Portia
Back to an “equation” here wit Max Minelli on tha feature!! Anotha newbie also? Shid, you KNOW it’s official!! >>> Pretty spooky in tha beginning!! A “to everyone locked up” anthem!! I DEFINITELY like tha spooky/dark beat here and tha theme!! Savage, you’re spittin’ tha 1st verse here and when I saw my brother in tha courthouse on November 25, 2009, it was like, “My God, it’s THAT brutal?” I rememba goin’ ta court when he was unda 18 but it seems hard ta deal wit when you older! Nice job deliverin’ tha verse and tryin’ ta make a remedy fa these dudes in jail! I hear tha hook and I didn’t expect tha female singin’ for a second… It actually fits gr8 fa a song like this so it’s acceptable! We got Ready on tha 2nd verse here and it was painful seein’ him go ta jail in 2008! :( He DEFINITELY supplied a NICE healing fa tha dudes in jail though!! FREE YUNG YOLA, YOUNG GREGORY, K.O. & ERR-ONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!! Glad Max contributes ta this wit tha 3rd verse, deliverin’ his “monopoly tales” here! My Rating: 4.4

11. Young Ready Speaks
Yes!! Let’s see what da big dawg has ta say here… >>> And “shout out” ta me too, ya dig! I look forward ta bein’ shouted out in tha future! Glad you took tha time out ta speak fa err-body; ERR-BODY luvs you, Ready!! My Rating: N/A

½time: I feel this iz betta than “The Equation;” DEFINITELY a REAL, REAL GR8 follow-up!!! Every single song iz a BANGA so far!!! Keep up tha GR8 work wit a HUGE average CD rating of 4.6 right now!!!

12. “Self Made Nigga”
That’s what y’all are! ;) Keep makin’ this HOT music wit Savage on ALL tha beats!!! >>> I feel tha energetic style in tha beginning! Savage LUVIN’ his life as he REALLY singin’ tha hook gr8 here; good shit!! Emergin’ from “ground zero,” here’s Supa Sav on tha 1st verse! Err-body luvs you too, Sav! Keep up tha gr8 work wit receivin’ luv and deliverin’ it in your songs! Comin’ from tha gr8 1st verse iz Ready, who iz now on tha 2nd verse! DEFINITELY street fa Baton Rouge here all day!! Zion City must be tha rawest!! Prolly next ta G-Lane though. ;) Here’s tha 3rd verse from Savage, again emergin’ from a “ground zero” level! Nice job wit tha 1st ½ of tha 3rd verse and now, we got Ready on tha 2nd verse; FUCKIN’ LUVIN’ tha start here!! You KNOW Ready revives when he’s “outta pillz” or “outta weed,” ya dig! :tu My Rating: 4.4

13. “Da Baddest (Remix)” Feat. Trey Songz
Was ‘bout ta look at tha song and think, “What iz this?” Then again, I rememba this original version from two years ago… Collaboratin’ wit Big Onk on tha beat here; let’s see how a 2010 version’ll sound… >>> DEFINITELY likin’ tha laid back Savage vibe in tha beginning wit tha beat! If Trey Songz iz in tha ID fa this song, I think it’s right ta put Bun B & Sean Kingston in tha otha one. Nice and sexual fa tha ladies here on tha 1st verse, thanx ta Savage doin’ tha damn thang! I bet Ready gon use at least “one rubber” on this song wit his verse, lol! Ready DEFINITELY has MANY thangz in mind fa tha ladies wit his verse; DEFINITELY good ta hear also! My Rating: 4.1

14. “Wit Dat Bullshit” Feat. Derty
Dis iz tha kinda title you’d see Derty on, lol! I played “Somethin’ In Da Air” last night (Beat Flippa Feat. Tank Jones, Derty & Nu$$ie) and it was PRE “Uh Oh”-type shit bringin’ back some memories!! Hope Beat Flippa’s doin’ okay these dayz and recoverin’ from his thief attack he received! >>> LOL @ Ready in tha beginning! This iz tha 2nd song on here ta have tha Savage beat tag and I’m ANTICIPATIN’ IT!!! Sounds like it’s tha TOP NOTCH Savage-type of beats here!!! Sounds like tha “Pussazz” song wit tha “stupid azz” part in tha hook!! :tu Nice job on tha hook, Sav!! Ready’s on tha 1st verse and I can’t tell you how MUCH he sets up a gangsta scene wit his lyrics!!! OMG, dat laughin’ at 1:44 made me ROLL!!! :rofl Here’s Sav on tha 2nd verse, talkin’ ‘bout bullshit artists’ “stupid azz!” I also thought tha “horse without a saddle” part was raw too! ROFL @ tha start ta tha 3rd verse wit Derty!! He’s got tha “in tha middle of tha flo” and “Uh Oh” shit brainwashed in his brain! It was an okay verse but it’s here for a reason and I thought it fit gr8 fa this song! My Rating: 4.8

15. “Bend It Ova” Feat. Foxx & Mouse On Tha Track
Speakin’ of updated versions of 2008 songs, I rememba tha 5th Ward Weebie/Lil’ Wayne song of this title back two years ago. I know it says “Produced by Savage” fa this one and has Foxx & Mouse on it but just seein’ tha title made me think of tha old song. Will this song have anything ta do wit dat song? Prolly not but I’ll laugh out loud (in a good way) if it does! >>> Sounds like a party has begun wit dat Savage beat (and Savage tag in tha beginning) comin’ through!! Foxx sounds GR8 on tha hook wit this beat!! Here’s some luvable lyrics fa tha hoes from Savage on tha 1st verse! I like it but like it even betta wit tha “whop, whop, drop” part! LOL @ how Ready “ahhhhhHHHHHH POOF!!”’d his introduction before tha 2nd verse!! I like how he said, “She must be fulla dem pillz;” jiggalateful, Ready! Prolly expectin’ FULL humor from Mouse on tha 3rd verse; ROFL already before he comes on!!! :rofl DEFINITELY gives it a vibe fa both Baton Rouge & New Orleans!! LOL @ tha “a lil’ lowa now;” TIGHT-ASS SHIT!!! Even takin’ a lil’ bit of Pimp C’s “*insert ME!!” part in this song!! My Rating: 4.6

16. “I Can’t Be Your Man”
From wantin’ tha females ta “bend it ova” ta now lettin’ go of dem; let’s see tha transition! >>> Tha Southern Savage laid back style in tha beginning! It’s okay fa a start wit tha hook but Savage at least iz definin’ why they “can’t be your man.” Savage’s detectin’ how tha gurlz “fucked” in tha 1st verse here; interestin’ shit. Nice job wit tha 1st verse and how will Ready do wit this—oh wait, it’s you on tha 2nd verse, lol! Not bad; good contribution ta this track. Now, let’s hear what Ready has ta say… DEFINITELY “not an option” here when it comes ta Ready; he wants it tha way he wants it!! DEFINITELY added some more catchiness ta this track! :tu His lyrics and how he sounds can relate ta damn near ANYONE ova 18!! My Rating: 4.0

17. “Show My Ass”
:rofl !! I rememba this one!! Wow, it was almost two years ago when I had reviewed your VERY ANTICIPATIN’ “Building The Foundation” CD! That was tha 1st time you wrote back ta me on WOS when I did tha review, lol! I’ve DEFINITELY grown since then (ova 300 reviewz have been done since then) and my review should look MUCH betta!! *Re-reviews* >>> REAL GLAD THIS IZ BACK ON A MIXTAPE!!! Like I said on tha R.I.P. Nu$$ie show, “2008 LIVES ON!!!” Tha hook SOOOOOOOO FUCKIN’ TIGHT when you “show yo ass” to tha fullest!!! Ready doin’ a NICE job on tha 1st verse, REALLY focused to tha fullest no less!!! DEFINITELY sum TIGHT-ASS shit; I had already luved how Ready would come through at dat time!! And Savage, you doin’ tha damn thang here on tha 2nd verse; REAL GR8 “ations” lines!! “What tha feezy,” lol!! Even though you produced this track, tha beat style sounds like Beat Flippa and how much I LUV dat style!!! Oh yea, Ready’s on tha 3rd verse here, REALLY comin’ through STRONG again!!! It was TOO GR8 of a collaboration ta where Savage jumped in on tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse!! Feelin’ good ta tha fullest on this shit!! Dis DEFINITELY classic-ass shit here!! My Current Rating: 4.9

18. “I Got Alotta Hoes” Feat. Lil’ Mista
From “showin’ y’all asses” on tha last track ta now wantin’ tha gurlz ta REALLY “show they ass!!” I’m DEFINITELY likin’ tha transition here so you KNOW this gon be FIYA wit Lil’ Mista on it!! >>> Cool-“ass” (lol) beat start here wit tha way it sounds, Sav!! Ooh, iz dat Mista in tha beginning? TIGHT job wit tha hook and I like tha sample!! Very Savageful fa tha 1st verse fa these hoes, lol!! Interestin’ lyrics about all tha “bitches” fa tha 1st verse; nice job, ya dig! Gurlz must be a lil’ different when they on dat “weed;” I haven’t saw one on weed yet in my life. Ready’s on tha 2nd verse here and speakin’ of “two cell phones” and Dirty Harry bein’ on this mixtape, Travis (who fucks wit Dirty Harry) was wonderin’ if Ready had a cell numba. In April 2009, Ready tol’ me dat, “Loc shut our phones off,” or somethin’ like dat. Gotta get an update… somehow since his MySpace/Facebook ain’t him on there. I’ll have ta talk ta his representative. But yea, Ready doin’ tha damn thang once again on this track; SO GLAD ta have a collaboration mixtape goin’ on here!!! Glad Mista doin’ a verse also on this shit right chea!! :tu Comin’ through WAY more sexual than Ready on this track!!! Gotta feel how he comin’ through on this shit; buku “retawdedness” goin’ on here!! My Rating: 4.5

19. Savage Speaks
Gon tell ‘em, Sav!!! >>> And once again, “shout out” ta me too, ya dig! Keep doin’ tha damn thang, Savage!! My Rating: N/A

20. “O Let’s Do It (Remix)”
DatPiff didn’t agree on your “remixin’” songs wit this one; they removed it. Lemme see why… *Checks ID* NO, NO, NO!!!!! BETTA NOT BE THIS SONG OR ELSE THIS GON BE DANGER!!! :cry: *Instead of checkin’ DatPiff’s tracklisting, Frankie checks tha back cover of tha CD!* It’s official but it says “remix” so I feel a lil’ betta. I neva got ta hear tha whole original song but tha hook and I rememba it bein’ REAL, REAL GAY (Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em style)!! Because it’s only a 30 second sample (and I just barely hear Ready on tha sample), I’ll skip it for now ‘til I hear tha full thing so I can judge my rating betta. But rememba: If it’s hell, then tha average CD rating’ll reflect on its current status! My Rating: N/A

21. Young Ready Speaks Again
Gotta have my boy speakin’ some mo real-ass shit, ya dig!! >>> ROFL @ tha beginning of this wit “it’s tha shit! I know you smell it!” :rofl Ready, you DEFINITELY a top dawg here, ya heard me!! Lookin’ forward ta tha future projects! I thought tha “Guts, Grind & Glory” one was gonna be out already but it gettin’ “Supa Savtized!” :tu My Rating: N/A

22. “We Ain’t Forgot You” Feat. Airee
Looks like a sad ending; I hope not! Maybe a Nu$$ie tribute like I did? :confused >>> Yea, what I exactly thought it was gonna be. A lil’ touchy on tha topic and Airee’s singin’ so I don’t know how much I can handle it… It starts off wit Savage on tha 1st verse, sayin’ “R.I.P.” ta a few peeps includin’ Lil’ Ivy. Where’s “R.I.P. Nu$$ie?” Not bad on tha 1st verse and Ready’s on tha 2nd verse, tryna recover from thangz. I’m REAL GLAD I haven’t lost someone special since 2004 (my grandpa) so it’s six years strong fa me! ;) I mean, Nu$$ie iz DEFINITELY someone special but I neva saw him/talked ta him so he’s kinda in a different category. Airee has a lil’ bridge on this… It was short and okay; R.I.P. Nu$$ie & Big Markee! My Rating: 3.3

Overall: I know tha last song was there for a lil’ sad reason but otha than that (and #20), this CD iz FLAMEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! VERY, VERY HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep tha collaboration CDs comin’, both Savage & Young Ready!!! I luv y’all both to tha fullest and y’all DEFINITELY have a HUGE piece of tha pie when it comes ta Baton Rouge’s undaground scene!! Shid, damn near every radio show I do has a Savage or Young Ready song/feature!!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

18.       “We Ain’t Forgot You” Feat. Airee 3.3
17.       “I Can’t Be Your Man” 4.0
16.       “Da Baddest (Remix)” Feat. Trey Songz 4.1
15.       “I Need A Couple Million” Feat. Dat Boy A & Airee 4.2
14.       “Gangsta (Remix)” Feat. Bun B & Sean Kingston 4.2
13.       “When You Get Out” Feat. Max Minelli & Portia 4.4
12.       “Self Made Nigga” 4.4
11.        “I Got Alotta Hoes” Feat. Lil’ Mista 4.5
10.       “Meet The Bosses” 4.5
09.       “Heavy Wrist Activity” Feat. Spitta 4.6
08.       “Alley Hoop” 4.6
07.       “Bend It Ova” Feat. Foxx & Mouse On Tha Track 4.6
06.       “All The Way Out There” Feat. Zion City Juice 4.7
05.       “Take Dat” Feat. Level 4.7
04.       “Trap Spot” Feat. Lil’ Mista & Dre 4.8
03.   “Wit Dat Bullshit” Feat. Derty 4.8
02.   “Show My Ass” 4.9
01.   “Pussazz” Feat. Dirty Harry 4.9

Average CD Review:

Total Score:              80.2
Total Songs:              / 18 (counted)
Average CD Rating:       4.5

Review #398: Lil' Wayne "Rebirth"

Reviewed on 2.14.2010 (Review #398)

FrankieThaLuckyDog here on this Valentine's Day... 'Bout ta get into a not-so-Valentine's Day-type of review right now. I finna review Lil' Wayne "Rebirth"; here goes my review. This ain't really Rap... This ain't really Rock... I wonder why I'm even postin' it on Urban sites? Start Time: 10:41 AM | End Time: 11:39 AM

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself wit my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

© 2010 CD Review (Review #398) reviewed on 2.14.2010 by FrankieThaLuckyDog. Other than tha main artist or affiliated people with tha main artist, this review iz to not be used in anyone else’s words!

Source (Where I Got Tha CD From):

01. "American Star" Feat. Shanell a.k.a. SNL
Hello there, Saturday Night Live, lol... >>> Sounds like an lol Rock start. Wit tha gay vocals, it sounds like it doesn't make sense. Tha female sounds hot at least on her part. How SMH @ Famous Stranger rippin' off his style wit tha vocals and err-thang, even though he's better... Other than tha hook, this was gay. My Rating: 1.8

02. "Prom Queen" Feat. Shanell a.k.a. SNL
Didn't even know she was tha feature... SMH @ me reviewin' it; EVERYONE KNOWS what I'll rate this!! LOL @ this song not bein' very big, yet originally comin' from a 20 year old perspective, this iz not for my age group! How horrible wit tha sound; this hook iz REAL GAY wit tha title part and tha Fake-Rock sound! Wayne, you should just keep this "imaginary sound" in your head, not in tha music business! Tha verses are just too "underwearful" for me. This and "Stanky Legg" were my worst songs of 2009! My Current Rating: 1.0

03. "Ground Zero"
Looks like a good title but you know I ain't gonna anticipate this... >>> Sounds like an okay intro so far. LOL, are we goin' to tha old school wit tha 40+ second intro? This iz a lil' more interestin' than what I've anticipated wit tha topic (of tha "ground bein' gone") but you know you're soundin' too weird on this. WTF happened on tha 2nd verse? Did somethin' SPARK you?? Are you a vampire on tha 3rd verse wit tha "drink your blood" part? My Rating: 1.4

04. "Da Da Da"
Looks fucked up on tha title... >>> A lil' three year-oldish on tha start... Fucked up style here for tha start, like you're obsessin' tha livin' shit outta this!! Tha fucked up singin' on tha hook sounds like you singin' without givin' a shit. You tryna steal tha Beastie Boys' "funky monkey" shit on tha 2nd verse, smh? SMH @ you sayin' "nigga" on your so-called "Rock" CD. Pointless song... My Rating: 1.0

05. "Paradice"
For spellin' "paradise" as "dice," there BETTA be gamblin' in here!!! >>> Even more fucked up/sad soundin' for a start. How 'bout Blake Lewis, Wayne? He makes "sad songs." Well, my gamblin' prediction sadly iz gone; it's not here! What was tha purpose of tha incorrect spellin' of tha title then? Go cry wit your so-called "hook!" Damn, how many tears you got on your guitar? LOL @ tha regular rappin' on tha 3rd verse... My Rating: 1.2

06. "Get A Life"
Tha title's reflected on you!! You need ta "get a [revived] life;" bring your N.O. sound back!!! >>> LOL, uptempo Wayne here; ROFL!! Weird-ass song wit weird-ass vocals in tha background of tha "fuck youuuuuuuuuu" part in tah hook, ROFL. My Rating: 1.1

07. "On Fire"
This became tha 2nd single... >>> Soundin' like old music in tha beginning... Boring, nothin' special. LOL @ tha "she hot as hell, let's call her Helen" part; shout out ta my mom! My Rating: 1.0

½time: Average CD rating iz 1.2 currently, that's a record for tha lowest!

08. "Drop The World" Feat. Eminem
I heard good about this but I won't say anything but props ta Eminem bein' on it! >>> Sounds random... Tha hook sounds good in tha beginning but tha 2nd 1/2 of it gets cheesy. I rememba hearin' somethin' about Wayne bein' afraid ta work wit Eminem or vise versa? Now, this iz their 2nd collaboration... Sounds like a good introduction from Em and his verse gr8! Nice "sleep on me? That pillow right there..." part! My Rating: 3.3

09. "Runnin'" Feat. Shanell a.k.a. SNL
Looks like your other titles on here. >>> Random 1st verse... Now, I think tha gurl sounds weird on this wit tha Rock beat. Tha 2nd verse was a lil' betta than tha 1st one... My Rating: 1.1

10. "One Way Trip" Feat. Kevin Rudolf
You luv your Rudolf, lol. >>> Not for me; no comment. Tha hook has above average lyrics for a song of yours but weird. Tha rhymes aren't even dat tight shit you had years ago... What happened to your ear-catchin' rhymes? I rather hear a song wit this title if I felt like I was "on a one way trip!" WhyTF it so long of a song? My Rating: 1.0

11. "Knockout" Feat. Nicki Minaj
Prolly be a weird sound... >>> WTF @ this bein' a J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League beat... Here goes your gay vocals again! Nicki sounds like a lil' kid here. This izn't wrestlin' music ta me; wrong vibe! Tha "threw dat ass back" line reminds me of "Lollipop;" WTF @ bringin' it "back!" WTF? Where did tha Nicki Minaj rappin' come outta fa this song? How off guard and weird! This song ain't NEAR ta have a gutta sound!! Damn, iz this gonna end? Why these long songs?? Any song ova four minutes on this CD iz way too long for me! My Rating: 1.0

12. "The Price Is Wrong"
Yes, it iz!! >>> Damn, what's wit you gettin' real wild all of a sudden? Very random here; "okay, okay, okay, okay..." Even though this real wack, I'll rate it a touch higher than some of tha songs on here 'cause it gives a lil' bit of a laugh. Damn, I'm only 2:38 in and it seems like this song has been on for tha past five minutes now! My Rating: 1.3

13. "I'll Die For You"
Damn, it's ova five minutes long... It's a bonus track, so let's see what's up. >>> Sounds like a serious start in tha beat. Here come tha gay vocals... No comment on what's goin' on here but this iz a slightly betta beat; I like how tha hook's beat sounds... No other comments on tha rest of tha song... My Rating: 1.2

14. "I'm So Over You" Feat. Shanell a.k.a. SNL
Tha last song and final bonus track here... >>> Again wit tha weirdness; where's your madness comin' from? I don't need ta comment tha rest... My Rating: 1.0

Overall: No comment. This iz why I don't follow tha mainstream anymore! Baton Rouge all day!!!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

14. "Prom Queen" Feat. Shanell a.k.a. SNL 1.0
13. "Da Da Da" 1.0
12. "I'm So Over You" Feat. Shanell a.k.a. SNL 1.0
11. "On Fire" 1.0
10. "One Way Trip" Feat. Kevin Rudolf 1.0
09. "Knockout" Feat. Nicki Minaj 1.0
08. "Runnin'" Feat. Shanell a.k.a. SNL 1.1
07. "Get A Life" 1.1
06. "Paradice" 1.2
05. "I'll Die For You" 1.2
04. "The Price Is Wrong" 1.3
03. "Ground Zero" 1.4
02. "American Star" Feat. Shanell a.k.a. SNL 1.8
01. "Drop The World" Feat. Eminem 3.3

Average CD Review:

Total Score: 18.4
Total Songs: / 14
Average CD Rating: 1.3

I believe this iz tha lowest average CD rating eva!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Radio Shift #14: "Tha Louisiana Pit" :: Playlist Of 2.13.2010

^ This iz tha promo video (and PSA) I made for this week's show; hope y'all like it. It was tha R.I.P. Nu$$ie Tribute Show this week on Tha Louisiana Pit; check out what I played:

Radio Shift #14: "Tha Louisiana Pit" :: Playlist Of 2.13.2010
*R.I.P. Nu$$ie Tribute Show*

(This iz tha order I played each song; not personal rank)
01. Nu$$ie "The Big Iron"
Delwin The Krazyman Feat. Nu$$ie "Mobbin'"
Kevin Gates Feat. Nu$$ie "I Be In Da Trap"
Nu$$ie Feat. Savage (Supa Sav) "They Hate My"
Nu$$ie "Bellpepper"
Lil' Yella Feat. Nu$$ie & Lil' Boonie "Dope Money"
Nu$$ie Feat. Skull Duggery "Dumb Way"
Beat Flippa Feat. Young Ready, Nu$$ie & Young Crucial "Never Seen A Gangsta"
Nu$$ie "Play Wit Me"
Lil' J Feat. Nu$ie "Gettin' Doe"
Drop: DeTrane Drop
Beat Flippa Feat. Tank Jones, Derty & Nu$$ie "Somethin' In Da Air"
Nu$$ie Feat. Max Minelli "Out Wit The Fake"
Nephew Feat. Nu$$ie "Money In My Hand"
Nu$$ie Feat. Savage (Supa Sav) & Diablo "We Be Thuggin'"
Puppy & T-Dub a.k.a. Venom Feat. Nu$$ie "Do What It Do"
Nu$$ie Feat. Big Markese "Thangz"
Terror a.k.a. Cheez Feat. Mone & Nu$$ie "Bullet Proof"
Big Fancy Feat. Bro-Bro, Tank Jones & Nu$$ie "I-10 Cowboy"
L.C. Feat. Nu$$ie "Hardest"
Hannibal Feat. Young Ready, Nu$$ie & Gangsta "Dat Potion"
Puppy & T-Dub a.k.a. Venom Feat. Nu$$ie "They Lied"
Nu$ie Feat. Diablo "Still Standing"
Drop: DJ Chilly Chill Drop
Beat Flippa Feat. Young Ru, Beezy B & Nu$$ie "I Get Retawded"
Nu$$ie Feat. Kenteon "R&B Thug"

And also, I made 2 commercials for my radio show itself:

30 second version:

60 second version:

Review #397: DeTrane "Jigg City Radio Vol. 4 (Duffy Edition)"

Reviewed on 2.13.2010 (Review #397)

We got ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog here. ‘Bout ta do a HUGE, ANTICIPATIN’ review for my boy DeTrane!! Haven’t reviewed a “Jigg City Radio” mixtape since March 17, 2008; talk about a long time! Those times are classic and now, we finna make this a classic (and these times)!! And damn, February 24’ll mark two years since I discovered you, ya dig! So now, let’s get into it! Here goes my review for DeTrane “Jigg City Radio Vol. 4 (Duffy Edition)!!! I heard there’s some surprises on here!! I didn’t look at tha tracklisting but I peeked at tha e-mail of some of tha people that are featured on here! Also, tune into my radio show tonight for tha R.I.P. Nu$$ie Tribute Show from 5-7 PM (Louisiana time)!! Start Time: 10:19 AM | End Time: 12:38 PM

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself wit my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

© 2010 CD Review (Review #397) reviewed on 2.13.2010 by FrankieThaLuckyDog. Other than tha main artist or affiliated people with tha main artist, this review iz to not be used in anyone else’s words!

Source (Where I Got Tha CD From): DeTrane:

Also: Before I start tha review, I just wanted ta note dat I don’t have beef wit ANYONE!! I don’t believe in it and I don’t cause drama!! So therefore, I will review anybody, no matter WHO they are!! But, for those that had a problem wit me in tha past, if you want to continue wit me, you would need ta mail me a hard copy of your CD and for videos, nothin’s free anymore!

01. DJ Earl Intro
LOL, it’s funny not seein’ tha “Ya Boy” in his name, lol. I guess I just kept thinkin’ he was “Ya Boy Earl.” This should DEFINITELY be interestin’ for an intro!! >>> LOL, it’s from tha phone! Just like I made my check-in on this mixtape via phone (more on dat later)! Hope mine came out GR8! I recorded mine off a voice recorder for back-up anyway. But yea, DEFINITELY glad ta have an energetic intro here!! My Rating: N/A

02. B-Raw “Shoutout”
Looks like a “shoutout” but based off tha 2:00 length, it looks like a song, lol. I’m bound ta hear buku comebacks on this mixtape so I’m DEFINITELY in tha mood right now!!!!! >>> He sounds like he has a laid back voice here for this track; it sounds gr8 once again. I realized dat tha beat iz Juvenile “Gotta Get It” but it sounds like it fits tha Louisiana vibe! Glad he gave a shout out ta “Gardere Lane.” This iz like a freestyle ‘cause tha lyrics are really consistent!! He did tha damn thang on this beat and shout out ta tha people “on dem chewies!!” He’s raw wit tha “muthafuckin’ face” part!! My Rating: 4.5

03. Quikkdraw Drop
I think he spells his name wit two “k’s.” He tol’ me he was on this mixtape so you KNOW I’m DEFINITELY lookin’ forward ta hearin’ him!!! >>> He sounds gr8 on this; glad I’m fuckin’ wit him on this shit too, ya dig!! Hope he has a song on here too!! My Rating: N/A

04. J Buc Feat. Quikkdraw & DJ B-Real “Extravagant”
Damn, we BOTH gettin’ our e-mails BLASTIN’, lol!! J Buc had hit me up and I had gotten his numba. I then talked to his manager and his manager sent me three songs. One of them was this song (which he said iz labeled as J Buc Feat. Quikkdraw & DJ B-Real and I see Quikkdraw labeled it on this CD for you [as it looks like you just threw tha mp3 on tha CD but spelled tha title “Extravagent,” which dat “e” iz an “a” really]). I didn’t get ta hear tha whole thing but I was thinkin’ of REALLY, REALLY thinkin’ ‘bout makin’ dis song HUGE!!! DEFINITELY lookin’ forward ta hearin’ tha whole thing right now!!! >>> REAL HOT beat from J Buc; he reminds me of tha next BluBlack on tha beats!! You KNOW you tha 1st one ta expose it on a mixtape, Trane!! Tha hook DEFINITELY tight!! Tha 1st ½ of it sounds hella tight and you KNOW tha 2nd ½ iz official wit tha title repeatin’!!! Even comin’ down ta tha rappin’: Tha 1st verse doin’ tha damn thang here!! It ain’t NOTHIN’ like Jigga City!!! Hopefully comin’ soon: My own TV show wit my gurl agent at my college!! From Jigg City 2 Cali wit tha music and tha culture!! Hope it works out!! Tha 2nd verse DEFINITELY on its shit; REAL TIGHT wit tha “extravagant” parts!! You know I don’t like hearin’ tha “Turn My Swag On” flow/lyrics at one point; that shit LIVES in ’09 ONLY!! LOL @ DJ B-Real teamin’ up on this; NICE combo!! A lil’ bit of Savage in tha voice almost on this track for tha 3rd verse! Nice job wit tha verse here, ya dig!! Lookin’ like a HUGE song fa tha future!! REALLY lookin’ forward ta addin’ it on my radio show February 20!! My Rating: 4.9

05. B-Raw Duffy Drop
LOL. It might’ve made sense if this was before his song… Then again, who knows if tha next song iz his too… >>> I have a feelin’ what tha next song’ll be. But yea, DEFINITELY a “duffy drop” here from him! My Rating: N/A

06. B-Raw Feat. K.Bank$, Lil’ Klapp & Young Ready “Dumb, Dumb, Duffy”
Now, it looks like B-Raw’s labeling on tha track info, lol. Was e-mailed this song but neva got tha chance ta hear it. It’s now time so let’s see what’s up here!! >>> I thought this was a Q-Red beat (‘cause I YouTube’d Q-Red and one of their songs came up) but it’s a Vybe beat; DEFINITELY a nice mix here!! Tha hook DEFINITELY sounds hot (as usual) and this iz tha tight music I feel when I look fa Baton Rouge music!!! Tha 1st verse REAL HOT from B-Raw here!! Gotta luv tha “muthafuckin’” parts; sounds like he has tha voice ta deliver dat word, lol. Tha 2nd verse sounds off ta a pretty good start from K.Bank$ although it doesn’t really compare ta B-Raw’s verse. Tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse from Lil’ Klapp iz betta; much improved from when I heard him last year! And even Ready on this makes it a FULL combo!! Tha beginning of his verse was a lil’ for tha females but you KNOW it only takes a few lines afta dat ta get REALLY “duffy” here!! Gr8 job from Ready wit his hot shit!! He should put this on his next mixtape!! My Rating: 5.0

07. J-Dirty (Down Bad) Intro
LOL, who tha hell will be next on this CD? Glad there’s buku surprises ALREADY!!! >>> Yea, “Down Bad runs BR!” He sounded a lil’ laid back here on tha talkin’; thought he’d be more energetic ‘cause of how he comes through sometimes. My Rating: N/A

08. Down Bad Feat. Louisiana Ca$h & Derty “Loc’s On”
Took a snippet at dis but again, this’ll be an official 1st listen. >>> I heard a completely different “Loc’s On” song from rappers Dog & Tech; that one iz betta so far than this. But, this iz pretty catchy at tha same time. Tha hook pretty catchy fa everyone so it’ll be a worldwide plus, lol. Louisiana Ca$h had an above average 1st verse here. What will we have next? Jack Da Rippa here on tha 2nd verse; LMAO @ his 2010 “So Whopped” rendition! Definitely felt dat line and he did a pretty good job on his verse; you KNOW he hella catchy!! Derty’s left so let’s see what he’ll have… ROFL, it’s Terror!! Nice job from him deliverin’ his raps! JR comes through on tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse; nice and lol @ tha “Wipe Me Down” part (again, still hearin’ dat quote). This iz different… there were three parts to tha verse ‘cause Derty snuck in on tha 3rd 1/3 of tha 3rd verse. Again, where’s tha energy? I thought he’d come through like a beast or somethin’, lol. An okay job from him… My Rating: 4.2

09. Young Ready Intro
SHIT YEA!!! I guess we got a Ready song comin’ up next!!! Lookin’ forward ta him checkin’ in on your mixtape!! >>> I have a feelin’ based off of what was said dat “Duffy”’ll be tha next song on here. He needs ta do a drop fa my radio show! You need ta tell Ready ta do a drop for my radio show! Dat would be BIG from one of my favorite artists!!! My Rating: N/A

10. Young Ready Feat. Zion City Juice “Duffy”
LOL, you put tha clean version on here; I got a dirty version… Plus, tha ID a lil’ fucked: Zion City Juice should be on tha feature and it’s just “Duffy,” not “Go Duffey” (spelled wrong). Glad Q-Red produced this ‘cause he like tha best producer in Baton Rouge (winner of my Louisiana Producer Of Tha Year for 2009)!!! When you hear tha hook, ESPECIALLY wit tha repetitiveness of tha title in tha 4th ¼ of tha hook, you can TELL it can be fast in any way!! DEFINITELY a nice combination of tha hook from Ready & Juice!! Tha 1st verse from Ready sounds pretty good here; he does it NICE, whether it’s a club banga or for tha streetz!! Nice shit here and Juice was GR8 enough for tha 2nd verse… Deliverin’ all kinds of styles here from for tha hoes to dat gangsta shit to tha club shit to tha (sadly) “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” shit. Pretty good 2nd verse right there overall though. I like how Ready says, “lucky,” in tha 3rd verse as it rhymed wit tha title. You did a nice job on tha 1st ½ of tha 3rd verse, Ready. GLAD he had Juice be on tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse too!! Juice sounds betta on this verse than tha 2nd verse since he added that gay Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em dance in tha verse… My Current Rating: 4.7

11. Delwin The Krazyman Feat. Mouse & T Mck “Swiggin’ (Remix)”
I knew what this was when I saw it. But, tha original had Ready on it; this looks like a remix. *Adds “(Remix)” to tha ID* I definitely liked tha original so you KNOW da Krazyman gon get krazy again!!! >>> Even Delwin did a lil’ check-in in tha beginning. I believe it’s also featurin’ T Mck (accordin’ ta Delwin’s bulletins he posts) ‘cause T Mck iz on tha intro ta this. Nice job from T Mck on tha intro wit how you really be “swiggin’!” Tha beginning sounds gr8; I don’t know about hearin’ all tha “Nu$$ie” shit; doesn’t fit in tha song! Tha 1st verse from Delwin iz (of course) hot; nice job wit his rappin’! You KNOW I luv his flow and how he comes through on tha tracks!! Tha hook DEFINITELY hot; I really like tha title and tha “I’m—I’m feelin’ good” shit although that’s from Short Bus Boyz “Loosen Up.” Interestin’ ta have Mouse on this shit; buku “swiggin’” goin’ on here in tha 2nd verse! Not bad from Mouse although he luvs this song! T Mck had a gr8 outro too on this! My Rating: 4.5

12. Beezy Boy Intro
What kinda Beezy iz dis? I’m close wit Beezy Bird (outta G-Lane) but I don’t believe it’ll be him; I’ll be lucky if it iz though!! >>> This a different one; no wonder he just “Beezy.” There was anotha Beezy I knew of but I don’t know if it’s this one. He DEFINITELY has me REAL ANTICIPATED wit his drop here so you KNOW I look forward ta hearin’ his song!!! My Rating: N/A

13. Beezy Boy “Slow Motion”
LOL, did he have tha CAPS LOCK on while typin’ tha ID (it says bEEZY bOY “sLOW mOTION”)? Already, without even hearin’ tha song, I hope ta be cool wit this dude, ya dig!! Let’s hear how this’ll go!! >>> Almost sounds like Wayne in tha beginning wit tha sound. I guess tha prediction of “wantin’ ta be cool wit him” iz a MUST ‘cause he sounds HELLA TIGHT on tha intro here wit tha HOT beat!!! Tha hook DEFINITELY FIYA here, BOTH PARTS!!! Soundin’ like a HELLA RAW 1st verse here wit tha flow, voice and tha rhymes!!! DEFINITE “voodoo” here!!!!! DEFINITELY inta this shit right chea; CRAZY 1st verse/CRAZY SONG!!!!! Keepin’ tha HOT SHIT comin’ along wit tha 2nd verse here; GOTTA get dis shit onta my radio show!!! Damn, only two verses? This joint passed by so quick!! LOL, a DeTrane check-in at tha end, givin’ me info on this Beezy Boy!! Glad ta hear True Blue (howeva you spell it) Records in tha buildin’ fa 2010!! My Rating: 4.9

14. Sam I Am Intro
Anotha dude dat has ta do a drop fa my show! Yet, I hope Big Scoob gave him his award I made for him for havin’ 100+ spins wit me for his “Gone Jigg” collaboration wit Hannibal! It was cool seein’ him on “Thuggin’ It & Lovin’ It” so now, let’s see what we got here! P.S.: I hope ta talk ta him soon; still haven’t talked ta him yet! >>> YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A NEW SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What would 225 be without you, DeTrane? These songs would be in tha unknown!! My Rating: N/A

15. Sam I Am “Jawz Locked!”
LOL @ what it says on tha ID: “Jioggggn;” I looked at tha filename and found tha correct spelling. You KNOW I’m always ready for a new Sam I Am joint!! >>> Ooh, a Yung Hits beat here!! DeTrane said it: “This iz a Baton Rouge Music Company exclusive!!” ROFL!!! LUVIN’ IT ALREADY!!! What a CRAZY hook wit yo “jawz locked!!” I feel dat he has an evalastin’ VOICE!!! One of tha BEST voices from Baton Rouge!!! Glad he feelin’ “hella good” (like my gurl Alexia would say) on this shit!! Tha 1st verse has dat FULL FORCED jiggalatin’ feel!!! Gotta luv it ta tha fullest!!! Like Lil’ Boxx, on tha start ta tha 2nd verse, he “can’t stop movin’!” DEFINITELY a REAL HOT 2nd verse here!!! Tha bridge DEFINITELY was REAL HOT wit tha “go hard in tha paint” shit!! There’s a whole minute left; what’ll be left? Oh, I hear tha hook again! DEFINITELY lookin’ forward ta makin’ a commercial fa this mixtape!! Gotta give Sam I Am some exposure since I haven’t heard him since his “Still Jiggalatin’” last year! My Rating: 4.9

16. Young Bleed & Lil’ Witness Drop
Talk about REAL TIGHT artists!!! Even Witness iz on this? Shid, you KNOW you gon win Louisiana Compilation CD Of Tha Year for 2010; I can FEEL IT!!! >>> LOL, not Witness but Young Bleed on tha beginning! DEFINITELY cool ta hear him and now, I hear Witness, tellin’ err-body about tha new CD comin’ out soon!! Glad it “features Young Bleed, One-i & MORE!!” My Rating: N/A

½time: VERY, VERY HOT START ta this mixtape!!!!! Tha average CD rating iz HELLA HIGH @ 4.7!!!!! VERY GOOD mix of songs here, ESPECIALLY tha artists!!! I fuckin’ luv ‘em ALL!!! Tha Down Bad song on here iz currently tha least rated but I did like it so you KNOW there’s NOTHIN’ but CONSISTENT/SERIOUS heat on here!!!!! REALLY HOPIN’ tha 2nd ½ goes DUFFY also!!!

17. Lil’ Witness Feat. Young Bleed “Let Me In (Remix)”
Shit… Tha “Young” artist on this iz cut off (it just says “Young” and tha filename doesn’t list it). But, based off tha drop dat was played, I predict dis bein’ Young Bleed on tha collaboration; let’s see if I’m right!! >>> Has ta be; hear him in tha intro!! ANOTHA GR8 COMEBACK!!! He did tha damn thang speakin’ on tha intro wit Witness and this iz DEFINITELY a catchy joint right here!! Witness REALLY, repetitively, DELIVERIN’ DAT HOOK!!! Tha 1st verse REAL, REAL HOT from him!!! If he on a mixtape of yours, you KNOW it gon be A+!!! I like tha “smokin’” part on this mixed wit tha hella fast lyrics!!! We got Bleed on tha 2nd verse; he spittin’ some hood shit here fa err-body in Jigg City!! I’m REAL GLAD I got ta hear some new shit from him; lookin’ forward ta hearin’ mo new shit from him in tha future!! Witness has a lil’ hot outro here wit tha somewhat singin’ flow! My Rating: 4.6

18. T.N.E. “Blow’em Down”
Looks like I gotta check tha filename for tha artist… *Checks* FUCK!! No artist listed!! Hope I can detect ‘em!! >>> Ooh, Yung Hits made tha track!! Oh, I hear Lil’ Yella’s voice randomly! Tha hook sounds tight; luv tha vibe here!!! Tha title sounds good too; interestin’ shit here!! Here’s tha 1st verse here, shoutin’ you out, Trane! Good job collaboratin’ here!! I look forward ta hearin’ tha rest of tha song here!! Sounds like someone different on tha 2nd verse here; good shit to tha fullest!! Wit me not knowin’ tha artists on this joint, it just creates more of a vision in my mind, ya dig! If I wouldn’t’ve heard tha beginning, I wouldn’t’ve realized it was Lil’ Yella on tha 3rd verse!! He keep it gutta!! You know how dem 225 white boyz be!! Nice, quick lil’ Jigg City hood verse there!! I’ll text you right now on who iz on this song. My Rating: 4.4
EDIT: Until further notice, I put “T.N.E.” as tha artist, standin’ for Thug Nation Entertainment.

19. Lil’ Yella Intro
Now he’s here, lol! Will he do a B-Raw and have anotha song immediately on here? >>> “MANE,” you know it goes “dannn” wit Lil’ Yella in tha buildin’!! My Rating: N/A

20. Lil’ Yella “Live Twice”
Yup, too good so there’s a two play here! What does he got ta say wit dis kinda title? >>> LOL, I knew it was gonna be one of those supa producers!! Yung Hits on tha track again; how ‘bout me gettin’ a drop from him too? DEFINITELY hella catchy again!!! This sounds betta than tha last song here and he doin’ it solo!! REAL HOT beat here wit Yella spittin’ some REAL TIGHT shit here in tha 1st verse; gutta to tha fullest!! Soundin’ like it’s for tha Baton Rouge streetz here on tha 2nd verse, since Yella “got” buku shit to tha fullest! His “dope money” be stackin’ high!! Nice shout out ta “Yung Hits” and “D-So” at tha end. What’s up wit tha OJ Da Juiceman “Make Tha Trap Say Aye” “aye” samples at tha end; they fit GR8!! My Rating: 4.7

21. Yung Hits Ad
He advertising wit his “ad” here, lol? I neva heard him talk before so let’s see what he got! >>> I hear tha 225 in his voice; good shit! Glad he holdin’ it down fa Baton Rouge!! Holy shit, he gave out his cell numba!! Shit yea!! If I get tha chance, I should hit him up about this review I’m doin’!! My Rating: N/A

22. City Boy Feat. D-So “Who Gone Ride”
I wonder who this City person iz… Glad D-So’s a part of this!! This should DEFINITELY go through tha roof!! >>> I LUV when I hear tha beginning beat of a song and it has a NICE Baton Rouge sound in tha beginning!!! Good shit here for a start wit tha hook! Sounds like it must be City who has tha 1st verse here, rappin’ ‘bout “Lil’ Boonie;” FREE LIL’ BOONIE!!!!!!!!!! Haven’t heard him since tha “Dope Money” song of Yella, Nu$$ie & Boonie!! Street shit here to tha fullest on tha 1st verse!!! Sounds like he on tha 2nd verse also, “fulla dis blunt smoke;” REAL TIGHT there!! I hear D-So on tha 3rd verse, still luvin’ how he comes through on tracks!! I NEVA get tired of hearin’ my peeps in Baton Rouge!! My Rating: 4.3

23. Fatt Slimm Drop
Don’t know who dis iz… But, I’m DEFINITELY lookin’ forward ta hearin’ them!!! >>> Good shit! Hope he has tha next song (which he prolly has)! My Rating: N/A

24. Lil’ Boxx “Stevie Wonder”
ROFL!!! Where’d this come from? LOL @ tha CAPS LOCK ID on his name! This iz a surprise; didn’t expect Boxx!! Will he check in afta this? EQ on tha track and good thing it ain’t slow; lookin’ like a beastin’ beat! Although a lil’ paranoia strike when hearin’ dat it’s a dancin’ song, I have ta say this ain’t that bad… At least it has tha repetitive 2nd ½ of tha hook formula in it! Tha lyrics are good (wit tha “saggin’” parts) so you know this iz what’s up! Nice “buku Coogi” part and tha flow iz pretty good on this too. Tha beat iz definitely bein’ pretty catchy. He sounds like he REALLY absorbed inta this dance here on tha 2nd verse. Oh wait, he just said, “this ain’t no dancin’ song;” I guess I should stop criticizin’ a lil’… I mean, it’s listenable so at least it’s 4.0 for me. I hear tha lyrics in tha hook again and they sound pretty catchy so I’m continuously givin’ this betta feedback. Tha bridge a lil’ cheesy wit all tha title parts… Shout out ta my boy Boxx!! My Current Rating: 4.4

25. T-Lo Feat. Mookie & Sam I Am “I Been”
Shit yea!!! I haven’t talked ta Mookie since like my birthday last year (June 21). I should give him a call ‘cause it was three dayz ago where it was a year since he had wrote me for tha 1st time on me wantin’ ta review his Off Tha Porch (The Lost Album); he had a few nominees on my 2009 Louisiana Awards! Also, when I was postin’ my few commercials I made yesterday ta err-body’s pages, I passed up T-Lo’s and I was like, “I wish I can talk ta him soon;” I wonder if he knows of what I do? Now then, lemme hear how HOT this joint iz!!! >>> Sounds catchy as hell in tha beginning!! Tha beginning wit tha “two step” shit sounds like it follows up tha “Stevie Wonder” shit gr8!! I like tha “power up” shit and I know about tha whole “All Day” / “Uh Oh” thing dat happened. I feel bad dat you gotta feel dat pain but you KNOW you get mo respect from me, ya dig!! Gr8 job wit tha hook and you KNOW T-Lo doin’ such a FUCKIN’ GR8 job (it’s FUCKIN’ GR8 when you reppin’ REAL HARD fa Jigga City) on tha 1st verse!!! Always payin’ attention ta what he spittin’ fa tha city!!! Mookie Blakk on tha 2nd verse but WHY tha “Turn My Swag On” shit again? Dat’s two times on this mixtape and three times wit Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em bein’ quoted! Anyway, tha verse DEFINITELY was cool as hell ‘cause Mookie has one of tha coolest voices in Baton Rouge!! And of course, ta mix wit tight and cool, we got GRIMY on tha 3rd verse from Sam I Am!!! Who tha hell would hate on Sam I Am? He WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GR8888888888888888888!!!!!! Str8 raw shit spit from him, ya dig!!! My Rating: 4.7

26. D-So Feat. Mookie “How I’m Feeling Right Now”
Good thing it says tha artist/title in tha filename! This must’ve been ripped from a CD ‘cause it says: Unknown Artist “Track 1” on tha mp3 info. But, it’s D-So and you KNOW this mixtape STILL doin’ tha damn thang!! Where are tha drops, lol? >>> YUNG HITS MADE THA TRACK!!! Glad he did ANOTHA beat on this mixtape!! DEFINITELY feelin’ tha hook here!! I like tha pauses between some of tha words in tha flow (e.g., “rims spinnin’, I’m winnin’)!! Luv how tha “’bauds fresh out tha cleaner!” My boy D-So doin’ tha damn thang to tha fullest!! Definitely felt tha 1st verse and I’m STILL feelin’ dat hook!!! Tha 2nd verse sounds like I’d DEFINITELY have a GR8 time wit D-So in tha club in tha future!! He can pull off a gr8 time wit people!! ROFL @ tha random feature!!! OMG, it’s Mookie again!!! DEFINITELY glad ta hear his catchy/cool-ass voice on tha 3rd verse!!!!! A two-fuckin’-play again!!! I HOPE y’all make music FA’EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same thing wit teamin’ up wit producers like Yung Hits!!!!!!!!! My Rating: 4.6

27. Delwin The Krazyman “Yaaaaahhhh (Part 2)”
ROFL, what’s this? Delwin’s here again and wit a shorter length this time of 2:50, I gon try and get real focused for it!! >>> Nice beat start here; liked tha first few seconds! I don’t agree wit tha start wit tha Nu$$ie quote; he should just rest in peace or as my grandma says, “Aren’t they like outta site, outta mind by now?” [referrin’ ta people who ain’t alive anymore] I realized all tha “yeah” shit in tha song must be an updated version of “Yeah!” from Nu$$ie & Skull Duggery. Too many quotes in this song; heard a bunch of Nu$$ie quotes in here although I liked tha Young Ready “Let’s Get It Up There” quote! Unlike tha rest of tha hook, tha last hook (replacin’ “in this bitch” wit “…again”) sounded REAL hot though!! Hate ta see this CD not have all 4.0 ratings… My Rating: 3.4

28. B-Raw Drop 2
LOL, here he iz once again… >>> Tell me he has anotha song comin’ up, lol? I like this drop though! Nothin’s betta than representin’ fa Baton Rouge!!!!! My Rating: N/A

29. B-Raw “Wow”
Tha smallest ID on this CD so far, lol (it’s not even 12 characters). Well, wit two gr8 songs on here, will this be tha 3rd one? >>> Ooh, one of my boyz outta tha 985 on tha track! Lil’ Tez did this track right chea! Off sum “dumb” fluid here wit all tha “dumb” shit, lol! Sounds hella catchy once again; lol @ tha “wow” part! Luvin’ this long-ass consistency here!! Sounds like I didn’t even hear a 1st verse ‘cause of how consistent it was! I think I’m on tha 2nd verse now? “Wow,” I’m lost (in a good way)! Dependin’ on how much I’m in a mix wit tha rest of tha song, I must say dat it’s just tight and hella catchy! My Rating: 4.6

30. Young Trayne Intro
LOL, you KNOW you can’t have a DeTrane mixtape without someone wit Trayne in their name, lol!! Anotha one of my boyz! I made him a commercial recently and he DEFINITELY knows how much I’m on tha grind!! >>> Good check-in!! I fucks wit my dawg to tha fullest!! My Rating: N/A

31. Young Trayne “Roll Or Get Rolled Over”
You have “rolled” as tha 1st word, which iz wrong; it’s just “roll.” Anyway, last week on my radio show, I had my Superbowl edition (playin’ songs about winnin’ or “rollin’ ova” tha otha team) and this song I played! Glad Mouse did tha beat!! Dat’s HUGE!!! Likin’ that this song iz a lil’ slower and tha hook iz DEFINITELY REAL CATCHY!!! Who wouldn’t “roll wit you??” Tha hook iz tha TRUTH wit tha “you eitha roll wit me, or get rolled ova!” Here we are wit tha 1st verse, on tha pill shit, ya dig!! REALLY luvin’ tha pill raps so you KNOW I’m blessed ta hear this CD right now!! Next thang you gotta do iz mail me a hard copy; belie’ dat!!! REALLY did a REAL NICE job on tha 1st verse; this gon go down as ONE OF THA BEST CDs THIS YEAR; I KNOW IT!!! Here’s tha 2nd verse and like Lil’ Issue & Lil’ Alex, you “ain’t been asleep in 6 dayz;” you REALLY on tha grind!! Soundin’ a lil’ like Savage on tha rappin’ here on tha 2nd verse; y’all both big dudes so you KNOW y’all handle BIG thangz, ya dig! Soundin’ like you really have a HUGE self-esteem and I DEFINITELY agree wit you wit this ‘cause as good as your rhymes are, it’s your self-esteem too, ya dig! Startin’ tha 3rd verse off true: “I’m out chea;” I agree! Yea, this song was all you!! Glad you shouted out those Louisiana peeps (e.g., Max Minelli! Str8 Baton Rouge shit in tha 3rd verse and it’s soundin’ REAL, REAL GR8!! I liked tha train sound at 3:53!! No wonder why I hear that sound… it’s a part of your name, Young Trayne, lol! My Current Rating: 4.7

32. FrankieThaLuckyDog Drop
LMFAO!!! This iz tha **1ST TIME** I’m on a mixtape!!! Nobody eva spells my name correctly (but whether or not you use spaces or not, it’s cool) but it’s okay; as long as you know who I am… I rememba you just randomly hittin’ me up and told me ta record this drop and here it iz!!! We saved tha BEST FA LAST!!! Let’s hear how good it sounds via tha phone; OMG, I’m lol’in’ like crazy before I get inta this!!! >>> Wow, it sounds REAL GR8, phone quality!!! I purposely gave my cell numba out ‘cause I want people ta hit me up!! Tha ending part wit tha “Top of tha word like Kennedy, people eyin’ me wit sensory! Rappin’ like there’s 10 of me, perfectly, wit no penalty!” lines iz from my 2007 single “Who I Am.” I wanted ta show y’all dat I can rap too. Best outro EVA on a CD!!!!! Well, it comes close wit tha Nu$$ie shout out from Jimmy The DJ’s Gangsta Gumbo Vol. 2: Ghetto Pass!! My Rating: N/A

Overall: Damn, it’s ova!! I gon cry! I REALLY felt this mixtape to tha fullest!! There was only one song dat didn’t fit but all tha otha songs were REALLY, REALLY tight!!! Tha best newbie was Beezy Boy!!! Hope all y’all hit me up, ya dig!! Keep doin’ tha damn thang, Trane!! Once again, I DEFINITELY ‘preciate you hittin’ me up about tha drop!!! Now, lemme get ready fa my R.I.P. Nu$$ie Tribute Show tonight!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

18. Delwin The Krazyman “Yaaaaahhhh (Part 2)” 3.4
17. Down Bad Feat. Louisiana Ca$h & Derty “Loc’s On” 4.2
16. City Boy Feat. D-So “Who Gone Ride” 4.3
15. Lil’ Boxx “Stevie Wonder” 4.4
14. T.N.E. “Blow’em Down” 4.4
13. B-Raw “Shoutout” 4.5
12. Delwin The Krazyman Feat. Mouse & T Mck “Swiggin’ (Remix)” 4.5
11. Lil’ Witness Feat. Young Bleed “Let Me In (Remix)” 4.6
10. B-Raw “Wow” 4.6
09. D-So Feat. Mookie “How I’m Feeling Right Now” 4.6
08. Young Ready Feat. Zion City Juice “Duffy” 4.7
07. Young Trayne “Roll Or Get Rolled Over” 4.7
06. Lil’ Yella “Live Twice” 4.7
05. T-Lo Feat. Mookie & Sam I Am “I Been” 4.7
04. J Buc Feat. Quikkdraw & DJ B-Real “Extravagant” 4.9
03. Sam I Am “Jawz Locked!” 4.9
02. Beezy Boy “Slow Motion” 4.9
01. B-Raw Feat. K.Bank$, Lil’ Klapp & Young Ready “Dumb, Dumb, Duffy” 5.0

Average CD Review:

Total Score: 82.0
Total Songs: / 18
Average CD Rating: 4.6

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