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Music Video #02: FrankieThaLuckyDog "Who I Am"

Music Video #01 I ain't postin' ('cause it ain't an original).
Anyway, startin' wit Music Video #02, I'm gonna be posting everything I edit/create in my blog now.

FrankieThaLuckyDog "Who I Am"

Clean Version:

Written by: FrankieThaLuckyDog
Produced by: FrankieThaLuckyDog
Directed by: FrankieThaLuckyDog and various people
Edited by: FrankieThaLuckyDog on 8.22.2007

Friday, August 17, 2007

Review #25: Natureboy Rowe "Texas Sensation"

Reviewed On 8.17.2007 (Review No. 25)

Okay Natureboy - This iz tha 2nd mixtape I'm checkin' out from ya (I checked out "Dallas Hottest Commodity" back in tha Fall of '06, but I never thought of giving a review for it) - This iz my review for "Texas Sensation" mixtape - Before I go, I'm going to rate tha songs on how much I like each one on a first listen, and what I currently think of them - Any song I've played/heard a bunch of times I will give my current review and my Current Rating - Any song I never heard before I will have a preview (anything typed before ">>>"), and a review, as well as a rating for a first listen - A rating of 4.0 iz very good for a first listen - I will determine which one my favorite iz by increasing tha 4.0 rating up to 5.0 (which I rarely give out) - Now then, here I go wit my review of tha "Texas Sensation" mixtape! Start Time: 10:15 PM

01. "Intro"
I think I heard it a long time ago, so lemme re-hear >>> Yeah that good lil' intro, and I like all those "wat up"'s - Nice rhymes on it - Since it's a rap in tha intro, I'm gonna give it a rating - My Rating: 4.0

02. "This In You"
Oh so you threw this one on tha mixtape I see... I think there should've been a better starting song than this, but this iz still good - This song iz a very good produced song IMO - Tha hook reminds me of tha T.I. & Nelly song "Get Loose" from tha "Urban Legend" CD - Nice rhymes on this female joint - It's slightly better than "Go Live" - My Current Rating: 4.4

03. "Back To The Hood"
Okay I never heard this one... first new joint for me on tha mixtape, so I have a High AL (anticipation level)!! >>> Oh nice on tha "I Luv It" beat - Nice hook - Pretty good right here Natureboy - My Rating: 3.8

04. "I'm Not Them"
I believe this has been one of my, or maybe my FAVORITE underground rap track of '07 - It TOTALLY speaks for itself - Tha whole song defines me - I don't do anything like everyone else pretty much - "Who Knows", you might even win some awards for this song on my 2007 Awards - Oh and how weird it's No. 4 on tha mixtape - 4 iz my favorite number - It has been holding on strong as a "near-death" song on my playlist (meaning I played it a lot, it got kinda old for me, but I still wanna play it here and there), and it's up to 28 whopping weeks already on my playlist (it's also tha only "near-death" song to stay around since I started tha "near-death" songs on my playlist back in May) - Oh you changed tha intro a lil' bit, and this sounds like it has a lower pitch in it - When you said "dawg" twice right before tha first verse ended, I wound up figuring I'd really enjoy this song more, and so I did - I still love it today after playing it for over a ½ year already! - It sounds like it's mixing into a song I never heard before - Either way, "I'm Not Them" iz one of my favorite songs by you - My Current Rating: 5.0

05. "In My Pocket"
Yup never heard it before, and High AL on it (I have a High AL on pretty much every song you make) >>> Maybe I heard this song before? It sounds real old (maybe from tha "DHC" mixtape?), but I remember it from somewhere, and it sounds real good (love that "boi-i-i-i-ing!") - I like that math line before tha 1:00 mark - And it looks like it's mixing into a song I never heard before again (maybe) - Either way, real hot - My Current Rating: 4.5

06. "Have A Party" Feat. Rashad
Yeah this one might've been on your site or somethin'... >>> I'm glad it ain't over tha Mobb Deep/50 Cent beat - Rashad sounds pretty good singin' on this - I believe this iz old, and I never heard it yet - Again, nice rhymes Natureboy - You sounded great on this joint - My Rating: 3.9

07. "Introducing Southpaw"
I never heard Southpaw before (I know they ur buddies), so if this a song, then I wanna hear it - If it's a skit, then I wanna hear it also >>> They sound pretty good - Not bad lil' "Knockin' Doorz Down" version of their's - Next song sounds like it's going into somethin' wit "Front, Back"? I hope so - My Rating: 3.6

08. "Ain't Knocking" (a.k.a. "Gone Happen (Mixtape Version)")
Iz this "Gone Happen" or somethin' 'cause I was just singin' it myself >>> Oh it ain't tha "Front, Back" beat, my bad - Yeah this did pretty decent on my playlist - I thought you had a real nice flow & rhymes over this beat - My Current Rating: 4.1

09. "So Fly (I'm Fly)"
Now I'm singin' another song... "so fly, so cool..." Who tha hell sung that? I forgot (maybe I'll think of it later), but lemme hear this joint >>> Ooh nice beat - Your voice sounds real low pitch on this - Nice hook, and nice first verse - Oh that "So Fly" song I was singin' before was by Wes Fif - Anyway, great 2nd verse, and it looks like "Keep It Rocking" iz next... uh oh (find out wit my review for it) - My Rating: 3.9

10. "Keep It Rocking"
Was really feelin' it when I first heard it on Dirty South Radio, but after a few weeks it sizzled down for me, and I kinda am avoiding this song now wit playing it 'cause it reminds me a lil' of that shitty-ass-gay-ass 2nd semester I had at college (mainly during tha end of March & April), but either way, "Keep It Rocking" iz that joint - Of course, King Stunna iz a beast on tha beats - I always thought you put a lot of effort into this song 'cause it sounds great how u made it - I always really liked that bridge part "looooooook at meeeeeeeeeeee, I'm 100 from my headdddd to my feeeeeeeeet..." that whole part was, and still iz tha shit - It sounds like "Go Live" iz next since I heard that "yeaaah" at tha end - My Current Rating: 4.3

11. "Go Live"
This iz that club banger right there - It has "club" written all over it! - It feels like every song sounds slower on tha pitch now, but it's all good 'cause it sounds good - Oh wow we go from dirty version of "Keep It Rocking" (which I always had tha clean version) to a clean version of "Go Live" (which I have tha dirty version) - Lol @ that mix up - Ewe "nipple" censored? Yuck - "Gun" censored? More yuckness - Well I'm not judging tha song by its cleaness on tha mixtape luckily for you, so here goes my rating - My Current Rating: 4.3 (deduction would've been down to 4.1)

12. "Car Wash"
Lol @ tha title - I like it for Natureboy Rowe! High AL! >>> Lol @ tha "Magic City" beat - Nice lil' selection there - Hook sounds good - Love that line "roarin' like tha Lion King" - Real good first verse - Lol @ "my nigga came thru and spilled some chips" - I really like that line 'cause it's somethin' different - Very good for a beat I already heard before! - My Rating: 4.4

13. "I Talk That"
You said "Big Tuck" (I think) before tha song ended, so I'm guessin' it's on tha "I Know U Want That" beat? Lemme see >>> I was wrong, this beat sounds really old (I can't think of what it iz - I don't think it's Young Capone "What It Iz") - I like that "I gots flow like tha...uh..." line - Now this beat iz drivin' me nuts (can't think of what it was originally) - Good flowin' on tha track again - Another great line "look I'm ROWE...!!" - Aight I'm lookin' thru my iTunes library to see what that beat was *looks* - I just re-heard tha beginning of your version, and just remembered that it was Young Capone "Lights, Camera, Action" (from January 2006, which I got 3 months before Dirty South Radio) - Either way, My Rating: 4.0

14. "How To Act (Willy Biggs Mix)"
I don't remember what this originally sounded like, but I guess it's gettin' remixed, so lemme hear it >>> Oh WOW real nice flowwwww boyyyy!! "I stay fly, I think I see Mars" <- LOVE that line!! - Ooh nice mixin' tha beats - You definately know "how to act" on this joint - I really liked that one right there - My Rating: 4.6

15. "Get Mo (Da Ish)"
Yeah this was that anthem right there!! Glad u included it onto this mixtape! That hook iz SO OFF THA CHAIN!! - I love that "masturbating trunk" line, it's so funny, yet so good, lol - Where does "Da Ish" come from in tha ID? But yeah, definately an anthem that I still really feel - My Current Rating: 4.8

16. "Flow No. 1"
Let's see what this iz about >>> It sounds like you recorded your vocals off of somethin' different wit this one - Nice lil' flow - I don't have much to say about it - My Rating: 3.5

17. "I Sag" Feat. Yung Mike
Yay you put this song wit Yung Mike on here!! Love tha hook, and I LOVED it a lot better during my break from college! "Belt buckle made of chrome" - Yeah it's tha perfect "so fresh" song right here!! - My Current Rating: 4.7

18. "My Wheels Clean"
Yup another classic banger right here! I knew this was on here, and here it iz finally - I remember you tellin' me you recorded this when you had tha flu, a cold, or somethin' (that u were sick), but in tha end, it became a banger! I didn't add it quickly, but then it became a HUGE anthem for me at my college during tha 2nd semester (before tha gay-ass bullshit) - I like how you mixed tha outro to its own intro - Still a banger, it never gets old! - My Current Rating: 4.4

19. "I Rap"
Yes you kept tha title like that - Second song I heard from you back on October 14, 2006, and I fell in love wit tha beat (I didn't even know it was somebody else's beat) - I play it here and there, and it brings back memories to when I got knocked out in a hospital (because they took blood out of me), and that great 1st semester I had at college - Oh yeah I remember when I first heard this, and that title "I Rap", I remember really likin' your titles to your songs - My Current Rating: 4.6

20. "So A1"
What's this? >>> *Gets excited* It looks like it's tha shout outs!!! - Oh whoops I'm gettin' excited to early - Nice lil' hook right here - Nice 1st verse right there - I like tha "like Slim & Baby, I got cash money" line - This iz nice and smooth right here - My Rating: 3.8

21. "Diddy Rock"
Let's see this song (High AL) >>> Lol @ tha Diddy... Nice fast beat and fast flow - I like tha "side 2 side" line - That was nice - My Rating: 3.7

22. "Real Slow"
From going "real fast" to "real slow", lemme see what this song has goin' on >>> Nice lil' old beat from The Roots - This iz different in a good way - Nice hook - Kinda long ending, but pretty decent - I'm guessing this really long ending iz tha way of tha mixtape ending? - My Rating: 3.6

23. "Gone Happen (Album Version)"
Oh now you call it "Gone Happen", lol (unlike before wit "Ain't Knocking") - I liked tha beat to this, and this one did aight on my playlist - No more mixing? I'm guessin' tha mixtape iz ending... Yeah Natureboy, "I swore you was a plummer," lol - My Current Rating: 4.0

24. Stylez "My Way"
Last song, so I'm dyin' to hear it - High AL >>> Real nice lil' intro beat right there - Oh this ain't you I'm guessin' (I almost thought you were singin' tha hook for a second, lol) - Do you know Stylez or somethin'? Oh good there's some rappin' here and there on tha 2nd verse - I like that hook for singing - As for an R&B/Rap joint, I'm gonna give it a pretty decent rating since I like it - My Rating: 3.9

25. "Hip Hop Is Dead (Outro)"
Okay I been DYING to hear it!!! VERY HIGH AL!!! >>> Yes more rapping!! Feelin' that old school beat right there - I like all that consistant rapping! I think I missed something on tha outro... I had to re-hear it again to officially catch it (I thought you were gonna say Frankie, but you said "Lucky") - I really, REALLY, REALLY appreciate tha shout out fa'real - You will get my support all day, "ERRR-DAY" - Now for this rating, I'm gonna rate when you were rapping on this, so here it goes: My Rating (Rapping Part): 3.8

Overall: End Time: 12:33 AM - That was a really great mixtape, really good! I'm glad you kept a bunch of tha songs I originally love from tha past, and I liked tha new jointz I never heard - I still can't get over tha shout out!!!!! I'm goin' crazy in my mind, lol!! - I know/hope them bitch-asses that hate on me/under rate me at my college'll get all jealous over it 'cause they ain't me, and "I'm not them"! Anyway, here's my rankings for my ratings:

Rankings (According To My Ratings):

25. "Flow 1" 3.5
24. "Introducing Southpaw" 3.6
23. "Real Slow" 3.6
22. "Diddy Rock" 3.7
21. "So A1" 3.8
20. "Hip Hop Is Dead (Outro)" 3.8
19. "Back To The Hood" 3.8
18. Stylez "My Way" 3.9
17. "So Fly (I'm Fly)" 3.9
16. "Have A Party" Feat. Rashad 3.9
15. "Intro" 4.0
14. "Gone Happen (Album Version)" 4.0
13. "I Talk That" 4.0
12. "Ain't Knocking" (a.k.a. "Gone Happen (Mixtape Version)") 4.1
11. "Keep It Rocking" 4.3
10. "Go Live" 4.3
09. "Car Wash" 4.4
08. "This In You" 4.4
07. "My Wheels Clean" 4.4
06. "In My Pocket" 4.5
05. "I Rap" 4.6
04. "How To Act (Willy Biggs Mix)" 4.6
03. "I Sag" Feat. Yung Mike 4.7
02. "Get Mo (Da Ish)" 4.8
01. "I'm Not Them" 5.0

Monday, August 6, 2007

Review #23: P. Dukes "Easy Money Vol. 1 (Hosted By DJ Scream & DJ Burn One)"

Reviewed on 8.06.2007 (Review No. 23)

Aight time for my review on this mixtape right here - Totally not sure of what to expect - It's tha P. Dukes "Easy Money Vol. 1 (Hosted By DJ Scream & DJ Burn One)" mixtape - That's REALLY watz up that u got DJ Scream & DJ Burn One hosting (they're 2 of my favorite DJ's) - I don't know you, so this iz my first time hearing you - Anything I type before ">>>" iz my thoughts before hearing tha song, and anything after ">>>" iz my review while I'm listening to tha song - I'm gonna be as personal as I can wit my review, and for your mixtape, I have a really High AL (AL = Anticipation Level), so without further or do, here I go wit ur mixtape review: Start Time: 10:22 PM

01. "Easy Money Intro"
Let's see what you did to tha intro >>> I like that combo mix between Scream & Burn One - Aight I'm hearing you rap - Sounding good Most intros I don't rate 'cause they're just intros, but since you have a rap in your intro, I'mma give you a rating - My Rating: 3.9 (remember 4.0 or anything in tha 4's iz a real good rating)

02. "There He Is"
Aight first actual song by P. Dukes, so High AL >>> Nice lil' beat intro - Lol @ tha trucks on tha road - Feelin' that, as well as tha hook - Damn you're real consistant wit rapping on tha 1st verse - Yeah tha hook iz tha best part of tha song - Great song right there - My Rating: 4.0

03. "Painin Da Block"
I don't know what "painin da block" means, so I guess I'm gonna find out, and I like that this iz tha 3rd different producer already - I got some AL, so let's see >>> Aight this beat's a lil' better - Yeah I guess good subject - Pretty good track - My Rating: 3.8

04. "Stand Up"
Let's see what this one has cookin' up >>> Real good hook - Feelin' tha beat; Nice 1st verse - I like that line "whole club leanin' like a Colt 45" - Nice lil' song there - My Rating: 3.7

05. "Dap Us Up"
Aight cool a song about daps - Looking forward to this so High AL! >>> 2:07... it's short Hopefully it's real good - Nice beat - Sounding good so far - Real good hook towards tha end - Really feelin' it - Givin' this a real good rating, although it should've been A LOT longer! My Rating: 4.3

06. "Somebody Betta Tell 'Em"
This one might be good; lemme see >>> Another solid production - I got interupted from my 63 year old rappin' grandma 'cause she just called me, so I'm gonna re-hear this to remember it: This iz sounding REAL good - Great rhymin' & flowin' on it - Great song - I guess I should say this: Before my grandma interupted, when I was listening for tha first time, in tha beginning, as soon as you said "preciate it my dawg," I think I got a lil' excited just 'cause I really like tha word "dawg" used in slang terms - So due to that, and listening to tha song, I'm giving it a real good rating - My Rating: 4.6

07. "What It Is Countree Noise"
Cool tha same producer from tha last song, so High AL >>> Iz "Countree" and/or "Noise" tha featured artists, or a part of tha title 'cause it ain't in tha hook... This sounds laid back - Not bad - Nice lil' female down south type of song - I'm not too big about female type of songs, but I give you a for makin' this - My Rating: 3.4

08. "Speaks"
I'm guessing a skit? >>> Yup a lil' skit - a.k.a. "That Dude From Tha Southside Of ATL" lol - 'Preciate you speakin' - Major on that dawg - You sound like you're true wit ur rhymes, so I give you a to that - My Rating: N/A

09. "Emotionless Freestyle"
Aight High AL 'cause I wanna hear you freestyle off that "Emotionless" beat >>> Oh wow a long one (4:18) - I like tha whole "pinky ring too big I couldn't raise my hand" line - Great freestyle, especially towards tha end - My Rating: 3.9

Halftime: So far so good - It feels like it has been getting better and better - I think you sound a lil' like Allstar from Cashville, Tennassee (which I really like him) - Now let's see tha other ½ of this mixtape:

10. "I Love Da Southside"
And "I love da southside" too, lol - I can't wait, CAN'T WAIT to go to tha south one day - I think tha first time I'm goin' iz during tha Spring next year - Anyway, High AL due to "I love da southside" >>> Odd, but cool beat, and to that truck passing again - Feelin' that hook, and I'm really likin' tha subject - Nice lil' song - My Rating: 3.7

11. "Tha Mobb Free"
>>> I didn't see much catchiness in this - It was decent - My Rating: 3.3
EDIT: Was that supposed to be "Tha Mobb Freestyle"? If so, that's why I didn't expect anything from it - It should've been labeled tha right way

12. "Don't Like Me"
Who doesn't like you? >>> Nice beat - Yeah fuck those haterz - People hate on you 'cause you get money? That's dumb that they hate - People hate on me 'cause I'm different, I don't smoke or drink, and tha way I can't live like a normal 19 year old - Oh yeah I like that "sun don't like me 'cause I shine too hard" line - My Rating: 3.8

13. "See Me In Ya City"
I like tha title so I got AL for it >>> I had a feeling it was gonna be a sample, but I had my thinking towards a Spark Dawg sample or somethin' - Good sample tho - Great verse, and during tha hook I like when you chant "yeahhhh!!!" like Young Jeezy - Yeah a good song right there - My Rating: 3.9

14. "DJ Scream Speaks"
Okay let's see what my nigga Scream has to say >>> Okay so iz a "ridin'" type of song coming up? My Rating: N/A

15. "Supabad" Feat. Ray Monee
Aight we got ourselves a feature - Let's see what it'll sound like >>> Come to think of it, I'm starting to enjoy you more P. Dukes - Nice lil' hook right there - Ray Monee sounded pretty good on that - Nice lil' track - My Rating: 3.8

16. "Cigarettes & Alcohol" (Jae Paul Ghetty Feat. P. Dukes)
Even tho I don't do both cig's and alcohol, I'm not against them - I'm only against them if a person does either, and doesn't like me for stupid reasons (there's a few of them at my college, but instead of cig's, it's weed) - Anyway, High AL 'cause I like tha title >>> This might be a good slow jammer - Lol this iz real slow - That girl iz real slow on her rhymin'/singin' - Okay I'm glad to hear you on it
- Yeah pretty good, but it was so slow that 3:40 seemed like it flew by - You did your part good - Pretty good slow track - My Rating: 3.6

17. "Speaks Again"
Yes I'm really lookin' forward to you speaking again - High AL for tha speaking, lol >>> Yeah nice lil' shoutouts - My Rating: N/A

18. "Certified Ridah"
Hope tha last joint iz good - I hope it's not a slow jammer; let's see >>> 7:27... yeah definately hope it's somethin' - Tha intro kinda scares me... Yeah it kinda a slow jammer, but I'm glad to hear you rappin' again - Good 2 verses - What iz this? A change? Yung Texus (sp?) - Tha beat and everything iz changing, so I'm looking forward! Iz this another song, or a continuation? This iz going weird, in a VERY GOOD way - $park Dawg's on tha song - WOW! - Great part on him, and I'm glad to hear you again - I don't know tha rapper on tha last verse, but he did his part pretty good - Because they sounded like 2 different tracks mixed together, my rating kinda got messed up (I was gonna rate them separately) - I guess I'mma mix them together, and get a rating for tha 2 parts: My Mixed Rating: 4.0

Overall: End Time: 12:09 AM - That was a good mixtape for someone I never heard before - I give you props dawg - Keep doin' what you do!!

My Rankings (According To My Ratings):

15 "Tha Mobb Free" 3.3
14 "What It Is Countree Noise" 3.4
13 "Cigarettes & Alcohol" (Jae Paul Ghetty Feat. P. Dukes) 3.6
12 "I Love Da Southside" 3.7
11 "Stand Up" 3.7
10 "Supabad" Feat. Ray Monee 3.8
09 "Don't Like Me" 3.8
08 "Painin Da Block" 3.8
07 "Emotionless Freestyle" 3.9

06 "Easy Money Intro" 3.9
05 "See Me In Ya City" 3.9
04 "Certified Ridah" 4.0 combined
03 "There He Is" 4.0
02 "Dap Us Up" 4.3

01 "Somebody Betta Tell 'Em" 4.6

^ That's real good for me hearing you for tha first time - None of your songs were rated in tha 1.0's or tha 2.0's! I'll be keepin' an eye out for ya on Music Choice Rap - If a song of your's spins on there, I'll tell you

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Review #22: Wes Fif & DJ Smallz "Dead Presidents"

Reviewed on 8.01.2007 (Review No. 22)

Alright tha moment I've been waiting for - tha Wes Fif mixtape wit DJ Smallz "Dead Presidents" - Now a change up on tha rating scores: a 4.0 (which was previously tha highest rating) will increase up to a 5.0 - 4.0 iz a very good rating, but if I wanna determine which song iz close to, or iz my favorite, I will increase tha song's rating (like instead of a 4.0 for every good song, I might have 4.3's, 4.7's, etc - I VERY RARELY give out 5.0 ratings) - And since I heard this mixtape has songs from tha other mixtape, any song that I have reviewed before won't have My Rating - Instead, it'll have My Current Rating, what I think of it currently (if tha song iz still real good, or has worn off on me) - And as always, anything typed before ">>>" iz before I listen to tha song; anything after iz my thoughts - Now, onto tha mixtape - Start Time: 11:20 PM:

01. "Fear Factor Intro" Feat. DJ Smallz
Alright lovin' tha intro title!! "Fear Factor" makes me give it a , so High AL (anticipation level) on tha intro >>> Ooh a phone call in tha beginning!
Nice beat after tha phone call How old iz that lil' kid talkin'? Nice lil' long intro My Rating: N/A

02. "Bread"
Alright High AL 'cause it's a NEW SONG - Let's see how Wes Fif iz makin' sum "bread" >>> Nice intro - Yes an acronym - Yes Wes Fif, once again, you're tha truth - Yeah cool beat in a weird/good way (mainly during tha hook) - A nice hustler anthem right here - Gotta get that $$$ - Another great first listen! My Rating: 4.2

03. "Them Niggaz Mad"
YES A NEW SONG I NEVER HEARD - Let's see how this'll start tha songs off on tha mixtape! High AL!! >>> Yes nice intro, and REAL NICE hook/beat This iz what I wanna hear on here!! GREAT first verse! Yes REALLY REALLY LOVIN' THA HOOK & BEAT FA'REAL!!! VERY, VERY GOOD START to tha mixtape!! My Rating: 5.0
EDIT: Whoops I reviewed this one before 2...

04."Hangin' Out Da Window" Feat. Lil' Meechie
Looks like a new feat. artist on this joint, and I really like tha title, so High AL on this >>> Tha beat from tha previous song got me excited for this - Nice hook on this - for Rewinding it back Smallz - Nice verse on that Wes Fif - Yeah yo niggaz watchin' u out tha window 'cause of how good of a rapper you are - You represent tha "O" to tha fullest - Okay Lil' Meechie sounded good on his verse - Pretty good; to it - My Rating: 4.0

05. "G-Code"
Okay first song I heard already - Matter a'fact, this iz tha 3rd mixtape I'm hearing this on now - Still really feelin' it; another great anthem! First listen was a 4.0, second listen was a 4.0 (without adjustments), and now with adjustments, I should give it something higher - My Current Rating: 4.4

06. "Cop Car"
Yet another song I never heard, and I like tha title, so High AL >>> Crunk beat? Sounds like "Totally Dude" by Shop Boyz beat - Oh whoops, it's "Party Like A Rockstar" beat - I like tha impostaz/pasta line - Also tha tuck ya ice in/you ain't iced out line - Yup nice hook, I would say better than Shop Boyz's - Also like tha "chopper city boyz like B.G." line - Yes Wes Fif - You shit on everyone else (most rappers pretty much) - But yeah, feelin' it a lot - Great version of Shop Boyz My Rating: 4.5

07. "SS Drop"
Time for "lucky 7" - It feels like every song I never heard I have a High AL for - That's 'cause of how good Wes Fif iz - But yeah, High AL on this; I'll find out what an "SS Drop" iz >>> Oh shit, lol - That "SS" iz a "Southern Smoke", my bad - My Rating: N/A

08. "That's Money" Feat. Mighty Mike
Mighty Mike appears again - First he was "snowed up" on tha "Snowed Up" joint wit Wes Fif - now this joint, and glad to hear them both on a track again - High AL >>> Aight nice hook, and good catchiness - Good flow/vocals on Mighty Mike - Lol @ that girl on tha hook - She sounds nice - My Rating: 3.9

09. "I'm Paid"
*Cracks a smile* Yes this song again, and again, and again!! 3rd mixtape I saw this on - Prolly my favorite mixtape track for 2007 - I NEVER get sick of it - First listen adjusted would've been really high - This'll always be a certified classic/favorite in my opinion, so I guess since it's always been my joint, it'll get tha full rating - My Current Rating: 5.0

So far pretty much all tha songs have been BANGERS!!! I didn't expect that many new jointz, so MAJOR MAJOR PROPS so far!!!

10. "Fuck What You Thank"
Let's see this one >>> Oh no "Buy U A Drank" beat... What'll come outta Wes Fif on this one? Okay good Wes Fif spittin' a verse - Lmao @ that singer on tha hook - Really liking tha whole "money" subjects - That's a good subject when it comes to songs IMO - And I'm still really liking all tha times he says "dawg" and "bruh" - Another great (lol @ that hook) version of another song Wes Fif - My Rating: 3.7

11. "I Do Not Fuck Off"
Oh I remember this one - I sampled it one day on his Myspace; it's his version of "The Way I Live" - Lemme re-hear, and give an official review >>> Yeah this iz good; good verses, and yeah, I'm Wes Fif's dawg IMO - I got a lot of respect for him - My Rating: 3.6

12. "I Go Hard" Feat. 3AM
On a first listen 3 weeks ago on 7.11.2007, I said I wasn't going to add it to my playlist, but I did a week later, so to it - Since L.B. said it was his single, that made me look out for it on Music Choice Rap (as well as "Haterz") - That's one reason why I'm keeping track of tha songs on Music Choice Rap this week - Anyway, let's see what I shall give it as a rating >>> Feelin' tha beat more - Nice lil' rewind there Smallz - Still tryin' to work on feelin' tha hook tho... Yeah that singer (or singers) 3AM sounds aight - I guess this iz 'cause it's tha first song I'm hearing 3AM on - My Rating: 3.5

13. "Freaky"
Let's see how "freaky" he gets on this for tha females >>> Wow slow start... I don't know about that hook... tha "I Go Hard" one I'd say iz better - I dunno about this one... This one sounds more like a future single (like a single after a club single) - Wes Fif's verses of course are good - That hook gets a for me - This won't have that high of a rating for me - Okay Wes Fif's 3rd verse I'm feelin' a lot better, so there's some life there - Maybe this'll grow on me in tha future? All it needs iz time - Even tho not my type of song, good female song by Wes Fif tho - My Rating: 2.6

14. "Haterz Everywhere" Feat. B.O.B.
*Cracks a smile* Yeah this song again - 2nd time hearing it on a mixtape, and I listened to it a few times earlier this weekend on tha "RNR - Direct Connect" mixtape wit Bigga Rankin - Nice lil' Rick Ross in tha intro - Still really feelin' that beat, as it really reminds me of a dance/trance beat - Shit, now I'm REALLY feelin' tha beat for some reason - it sounds GREAT on my surround stereo - Still MAJOR to my sources for ignoring this - why??? My friend online who iz a big fan of dance/trance music'll prolly really like tha beat to this - I'll have him listen and see if he likes it - And I think I'm going to be giving it a higher rating this time on this review - Tha review on tha "RNR - Direct Connect" I gave it a *goes and looks* 3.8 - Aight time to raise it a lil' - My Rating: 4.0

15. "My Dawgs"
It has been on my Top 10 Countdown 1 spot for about a week now (going on and off it) - Tha title iz DEFINATELY a personal favorite (especially tha subject) - I wind up doin' everything for "my dawgs" at college, but they don't pay nowhere near tha respect as I pay them - That's what sux about tha subject when it's in my hands, but in Wes Fif's hands, it's good - One thing I really dislike iz if some dude hugs some other dude, it's aight - Even tho I feel real odd to do it when called for, if I was to hug another dude, it would look real weird - Cool wit someone else, but weird wit me - That's one thing I REALLY don't understand... - Either way, great song - Became my 2 Urban joint on my playlist recently, so props to that (it fell right underneath tha tracks I would listen to from "RNR - Direct Connect" mixtape, so it was like Wes Fif had tha 1 and 2 Urban joints on my playlist recently) - Yeah Fear Factor Music - Lol @ that shortened ending (was that called for) - My Rating: 4.7

16. "Nothin' Like" Feat. Chubby Relle
Since I know what 17 iz, this iz tha last new joint, and another new feat. artist for me, so High AL >>> Slow start - I know I've heard this beat or somethin' before - Oh wait, I'm dumb; this iz on that "RNR - Direct Connect" mixtape, so this iz my 2nd time hearing it on a mixtape - This iz good, but I don't think it should've been on here - There were other great songs on that mixtape that could've made it, but it's all good - Let's see what I gave it on tha other mixtape: Oh shit I put it as my least favorite song on tha last mixtape? Shit that was dumb - I only gave it a 3.0 - Well then for this, I'mma make it a lil' higher - My Rating: 3.6

17. "See Me" Feat. J.A.
My 2nd HOTTEST Urban joint of Winter 2006/2007 - This iz tha 3rd time I'm seeing it on a mixtape, and it has always been a banger - Still not tired of it/still enjoy it, although "I'm Paid" iz better - I might nominate this song for "Hottest Beat of 2007" on my 2007 Awards - We'll see if it wins! - It also might be nominated for "Best Underground Rap Song" - My Rating: 4.9

Overall: End Time: 12:59 AM - GREAT mixtape, ESPECIALLY tha beginning! I'm glad they kept 's 5, 9, 14, and 17 on there This iz a good look for Wes Fif - I thought I was going to already know a bunch of tha songs, but out of 15 songs, I knew 7 out of 15, so at least that's 50+% of new jointz for me - As tha last mixtape had too many skits, this had too little - there was that one skit (7), and that's it - There should've been a few thrown in here

Rankings (According To Ratings):

15. "Freaky" 2.6
14. "I Go Hard" Feat. 3AM 3.5
13. "I Do Not Fuck Off" 3.6
12. "Nothin' Like" Feat. Chubby Relle 3.6
11. "Fuck What You Thank" 3.7
10. "That's Money" Feat. Mighty Mike 3.9
09. "Haterz Everywhere" Feat. B.O.B. 4.0
08. "Hangin' Out Da Window" Feat. Lil' Meechie 4.0
07. "Bread" 4.2
06. "G-Code" 4.4
05. "Cop Car" 4.5
04. "My Dawgs" 4.7
03. "See Me" Feat. J.A. 4.9
02. "Them Niggaz Mad" 5.0
01. "I'm Paid" 5.0

^ Again, just like wit tha last mixtape ("RNR - Direct Connect"), I have 9 ratings of at least 4.0, so that's watz good - come to think of it, I prolly should've flipped 7 wit 5 - just thinkin' about it, I thought I rated "Cop Car" too high, but it's all good - Wes Fif keep doin' yo thang!

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