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Review #145: DJ Obscene & Wes Fif "All Or Nothing"

Reviewed on 10.31.2008 (Review No. 145)

FrankieThaLuckyDog here… Lemme get into my boy Wes Fif's new mixtape, "All Or Nothing" (thanx to L.B. for postin' it on Word Of South's forum). Here goes my review for DJ Obscene & Wes Fif "All Or Nothing"! BTW, there BETTER NOT be any old 2007 songs on here or else it's gonna annoy me! I've reviewed them a ton of times in tha past and because I'm real busy wit tons of shit, I'm just gonna copy and paste tha review I did for tha older songs in tha past onto here. Start Time: 1:17 PM | Video Game Playing: Secret Of Mana (for Super Nintendo) (on my computer)

01. "All Or Nothing (Intro)"
How's this intro gonna sound for a start to this mixtape? >>> I like tha talkin' in tha beginning and pretty nice lil' rappin' in this intro. I like tha "piss/burn" part in tha near-end of this. I didn't expect rappin' for tha intro but it sounded nice. My Rating: 4.0

02. "If U Don't Know"
Cool a lil' album snippet/song I don't know. Let's reveal a lil' secret of tha album right now; I gots anticipation for it! >>> Cool that's it's pretty much tha whole entire joint (2:57 on tha length); I expected a lot shorter but good thing it's longer!! Pretty nice hook on this and tha beat iz definitely for tha streetz, ya dig. I like tha "I spit that white milk" line; that was nice. Nice 1st verse and in tha hook, I like that "I got tired of waitin', skipped thaa ma'fuckin' line" line! I'm glad you talked at tha end; I guess this was just a snippet. My Rating: 4.1

03. "Oh Yeah"
Anotha newbie for me. Let's see how you handle thingz on here dawg… >>> That's a fiya beat right there!! Not bad on tha hook so far on a 1st listen. Let's hear what you got to say on tha 1st verse… Pretty nice 1st verse as this shit sounds nice; real nice quality on tha soundin'. You got "100 straps in yo house?" That's pretty nuts if you do; nice 2nd verse by tha way. My Rating: 4.2

04. "Bread (Money, Money, Money)"
One I know so here goes what I have to say: Nice intro; yes, an acronym. Yes Wes Fif, once again, you're tha truth. Yeah, cool beat in a weird/good way (mainly during tha hook); a nice hustler anthem right here. Gotta get that $$$! My Current Rating: 4.4

05. "I'm Tellin' Ya"
J.A. on tha production so who knows what'll happen after their "See Me" collab (which was INCREDIBLE)!! This one had a nice buzz online on Word Of South so let's see how much I like it! >>> I like how your "money goin' mad, again;" that's a nice lil' part right there. I expected a lot better in tha beat, but it's still good. I like tha "my name on papers like a typewriter" line. Tha hook iz only okay for me (I expected better). Tha 2nd verse iz definitely nice. I think because of my anticipation (like wit how "See Me" sounded), I had too much of it for this joint; don't worry, I still like this joint. My Rating: 3.9

06. "Make You Smile"
Let's see how this joint gon sound… It's new to me so I don't know what to expect… >>> Didn't expect that weird Trance beat in tha beginning (caught my attention) (like wit "Haterz Everywhere"). Pretty nice 1st verse but again, hook iz just okay for me and I don't have "I love this song" type of interest. 2nd verse was pretty nice also; this iz a nice joint for tha females right here. Tha 3rd verse was also a pretty nice verse. Sorry if I'm not really extendin' my feedback much on this. My Rating: 3.6

07. "Stupid Goonz" Feat. Armstrong & Dirty Gee
Ooh, unexpected title right here! Likin' tha title so I'm definitely interested in hearin' what this's about! >>> I hear a Marvelous J beat… Gettin' a lil' pissed at my video game but I'm tryin' not to have it effect this song. You had a nice 1st verse and tha hook iz a lil' better than tha past 2 hooks I just heard. Tha beat iz definitely nice and tha dude on tha 2nd verse sounded nice (and sounded like 8 Ball a lil')! I liked tha "red dickies" part. Now, it's tha 3rd verse so let's see here… His part was pretty good. I like tha 2nd verse tha best on here. My Rating: 4.2

Not bad for a start, even though I expected a lil' better for Wes Fif… Maybe it's just tha mood I'm in? I don't know. Either way, keepin' some of tha 4.0 ratings alive though so I gotta give him credit for that.

08. "I'm Here Now"
Had this one earlier in tha year (May). It had potential to get to MTV Jams but it neva happened. I liked tha video when I saw it also when I got this joint. Now this sounds so much better than tha other "new" jointz I checked out on here; really like that beat! Nice lil' intro and hook too! I always like tha way tha piano sounds in tha beat (wit that pattern); nice 1st verse too wit all tha "awesome" raps! That was a nice 2nd verse too; too bad this didn't get tha recognition it deserved! 3rd verse was tight too! My Current Rating: 4.6

09. "Warfare" Feat. Viper
Ooh a new joint and I'm not 100% sure who tha Viper dude iz but I hope this iz good. >>> Uh oh, Jamaican sound in tha beginning? Not sure what'll happen here… Feelin' tha beat so far. Pretty good 1st verse but here comes tha hook… Not really gettin' into tha unexpected Jamaican style but tha beat picked up during tha hook. You had a nice 2nd verse (felt it a lil' more) and tryin' to get into tha hook still… I like tha lil' talking at tha last 2 seconds. My Rating: 3.6

10. "Wastin' Your Time" Feat. Eliseo (of Treal)
This was anotha joint that had potential but did nothin'… It's a nice collabo here and did deserve to get its shine earlier this year. Likin' tha nice lil' beat, tha singin' on tha hook and your verses. My Current Rating: 3.9

11. "That's That Shit"
Likin' tha title. Lemme see what I can get outta it… >>> I'm glad you're "100% hood" and that you "can't switch it up." Sounds like a cool club banger… Likin' that beat and tha hook iz pretty cool; nice 1st verse by tha way. 2nd verse iz soundin' nice, especially wit that "gettin' waxed like a candle" line. My Rating: 4.1

12. "Through The Roof"
I thought I knew it but I don't. Let's see if this one gon go "through tha roof!" >>> It has tha potential to be "through tha roof." Jacked tha Shawty Lo part in tha beginning wit tha "oh Lord, I done found my swag" line. Must be Ribah on tha beat 'cause of that trancey sound again in tha beat; this iz a much better beat than tha other trancey beat. Nice 1st verse and (of course) a cool hook. LOL @ tha "like a lollipop" sample from Lil' Wayne in tha middle of tha 2nd verse. Great 2nd and 3rd verses here; definitely likin' this joint more than lots of tha jointz on here. My Rating: 4.4

13. "Ridin' Wit My Thang"
Heard tha beat right when "Through The Roof" was mixin' into this and it gets me more anticipated to hear this. Lemme hear what you got to say when you got yo "thang" (prolly referin' to a chopper) in this joint. >>> An ID error as there's an unsourced singer on tha hook. I didn't expect tha singer on tha hook but yeah, as I'm listenin' to Wes Fif right now on tha 1st verse, I was right about tha "thang." Pretty nice parts from you but I rather of heard someone else vs. a singer on tha hook; either way, I do like tha hook. My Rating: 3.9

14. "My Dawgz"
I see you put a "z" instead of an "s" (like it alwayz was) in tha "dawgz." I did review this a few times and it looks like this iz tha best track on tha mixtape. According to my latest review on it (wit some updated info): Yeah this joint SO HOT it won a few awards wit me in 2007: It won tha award for My Favorite Dirty South Rap Song of 2007, and tha song, tha 2 previous Wes Fif mixtapes, and so on made Wes Fif win tha award for Best New Artist for me for 2007. This song did tha damn thang and landed at No. 66 on my Top 777 Songs of 2007 and got 100 spins flat wit me in 2007. Since it got 100 spins wit me, it won an award for this song being a *CERTIFIED CLASSIC* wit me (100 or more spins wit me). Tha title iz DEFINITELY a personal favorite (especially tha subject). I wind up doin' everything for "my dawgs" in Louisiana (in tha music business online). By tha way, since I reviewed this joint tha first time, especially now in 2008, I pretty much stopped most of tha things I do for "my dawgs" at my old college 'cause of tha shitty semester I had during tha 3rd semester. People started dislikin' me and shit outta nowhere, but for "my dawgs" on tha internet (like Jimmy The DJ and err-body in Louisiana), I got yo back all day, err-day. BTW, I'm boostin' tha rating up by a 10th of a point. My Current Rating: 4.8

15. "I Love It Baby" Feat. Dion Primo
So forgot about this joint (and I didn't expect it to finish tha mixtape off). I remember tha battle for this vs. Plies's "Bust It Baby". This was originally called "Bust It Baby" 'til Plies (of course) did better wit his joint; then this joint got changed. How weird that I even got this joint this year too… What a long fuckin' year and there's still 2 months exact left!! LOL! Lemme re-hear this! >>> I think tha beat intro iz cool. BOOOOO tha lyrics were changed on tha hook? It should've been like Green City vs. Shop Boyz when they both had a "Party Like A Rockstar" track: Green City changed tha title to "Like A Pornstar" but still kept tha "party like a rockstar" part in tha hook. I didn't like that change that happened in this but then again, I guess I be on my exclusive shit since I heard it "Bust It Baby" style in January of this year. Great verse by tha way from you; that's still a catchy hook but better wit tha "bust it baby" lyrics. A great 2nd verse from you too. Great joint right here (anotha one wit no exposure); too bad it lost to Plies's when it came to gettin' out there. I thought Plies's was more better to tha subject but this joint sounded better overall. I'm gonna deduct my original rating that I was gonna give this by a 10th of a point due to tha "I Love It Baby" title/lyrics. My Rating: 4.2

End Time: 2:28 PM. Well, tha mixtape actually picked up a lil' towards tha end and I was glad to review this for you and for L.B.; hope y'all like tha review as I enjoyed listenin' to you, Wes Fif, and your rhymes. There was only like 2 songs out of 15 that I reviewed in tha past so that's watz good. I had a feelin' there was gonna be more but you keepin' yo new shit poppin'!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

15. "Make You Smile" 3.6
14. "Warfare" Feat. Viper 3.6
13. "Wastin' Your Time" Feat. Eliseo (of Treal) 3.9
12. "I'm Tellin' Ya" 3.9
11. "Ridin' Wit My Thang" 3.9
10. "All Or Nothing (Intro)" 4.0
09. "If U Don't Know" 4.1
08. "That's That Shit" 4.1
07. "I Love It Baby" Feat. Dion Primo 4.2
06. "Oh Yeah" 4.2
05. "Stupid Goonz" Feat. Armstrong & Dirty Gee 4.2
04. "Through The Roof" 4.4
03. "Bread (Money, Money, Money)" 4.4
02. "I'm Here Now" 4.6

01. "My Dawgz" 4.8

Review #144: C-Coop "Welcome 2 Goonsville"

Reviewed on 10.31.2008 (Review No. 144)

It's FrankieThaLuckyDog… I'm back! Things have been real tight (in a bad way, not good) wit college and my upcoming single/music video, "Change Tha World." Too much shit goin' on and it feels like I ain't got time for reviews and shit during Monday – Wednesday. Anyway, lemme get these reviews outta tha way for today. This iz for my dawg C-Coop. Let's see how he did on this 2nd mixtape I'm hearin' from him. Here goes my review for C-Coop "Welcome 2 Goonsville"! I see some titles that indicate me that there's "jacked beat" songs on here. Hopefully there's not too much and that there's that original C-Coop shit on here to help make this day a great Halloween and a better day than that shitty-ass day I had yesterday! Start Time: 10:16 AM | Video Game Playing: Secret Of Mana (for Super Nintendo) (on my computer)

01. "Welcome 2 Goonsville Intro"
Let's see how this thang gon start off… >>> LOL @ tha "world of Tennessee" sample playin' in tha background. Glad you sellin' that work "by tha pound" and shit like that; good shit Coop. Likin' tha rappin' to this one and this was a nice, slow 2:55 start to what could be an anticipating mixtape. My Rating: 3.8

02. "Warzone"
Interesting title. Let's see how you handle thangz here… >>> I thought this was a new beat but I heard tha Drumma Boy sound. Either way, it's new to me (I think) so you know I'll look forward to it wit you on it. Speakin' of "a certified goon," it was a year and 3 dayz ago on October 28, 2007 that I made you your "Certified Goon" video for tha 1st time (when it was un-mastered); that was a great day. Not bad on tha 1st verse but I always enjoy tha way you rap/flow/your voice on tracks. Likin' that hook as it goes hard. Nice line here when you said "block iz hot like a fever;" good shit from tha one dude that doesn't fuckin' play games (my ma'fuckin' dawg C-Coop)! My Rating: 4.5

03. "He Ain't Real"
I heard "Dey Know" beat in tha beginning and I thought at first, "this I got a real long time ago (11 months ago to be exact)." However, that one from 11 months ago was called "In Tha Ground;" this iz "He Ain't Real." Are they tha same songs? Lemme find out! >>> LOL @ tha small 1:24 length… Different than tha previous one. Yeah, "write your lyrics before you get killed" <- great advice to those that don't write their lyrics! I also like tha "leap like a frog" line. Damn, you're goin' faster than what I'm quoting/typing; good shit! I'm likin' this one a lil' better than tha one from last year! I like that your voice iz louder on this one and your flowin' was continuous! My Rating: 4.3

04. "Fuck What Ya Heard" Feat. Lil' Zee
Which one has tha correct IDs? Tha mp3s (it says "Fuck What Ya Heard") or tha back cover to tha CD (says just "Ya Heard")? I'm goin' wit tha back cover when it comes to tha IDs for this. Anyway, let's see tha 1st collabo here… >>> Likin' that unexpected whistle in tha beginning. Glad you got tha "dark locs on 'cause you rollin'" to prevent those snitches! Not bad on tha 1st verse C-Coop. Didn't realize tha hook was Lil' Zee's part (I thought he had tha beginning of tha 1st verse); pretty nice on his part. I think this'll be ID'd as "Fuck What Ya Heard" 'cause that looks better than a title for this. Nice 2nd verse and cool part from Lil' Zee on tha hook. Also likin' that beat (of course). My Rating: 4.1
Just like I said in tha middle of reviewin' this joint, I'm gonna prolly stick wit tha IDs on tha mp3 files 'cause tha back cover looks like tha IDs are shorter on tha titles.

05. "Paid" Feat. Swidda G
And yeah, sometimes I'll use tha cover to see if there's a featured artist and it's not listed on tha mp3 (like this one). Heard it, played it a few times and now it's time to hear it again! BTW, I couldn't figure out who was featured on this at first but now I know it's my dude Swidda G! >>> What's tha guy in tha beginning (sounded like he said "it's tha cool" or somethin' like that)? That was tha same guy in tha beginning of "Fuck What Ya Heard". Anyway, it's a nice beat wit a nice hook that just came in outta nowhere. I'm glad "you're makin' so much money" and that you'd "slap a ma'fucka wit it." Nice 1st verse and great hook again. Now of course, Swidda G has that fiya on this joint. He EASILY took ova this joint; what a REAL TIGHT VERSE THAT WENT HARD!!! You had a great 3rd verse by tha way Coop. Easily, this went to Swidda G for tha best verse (BTW, best verse on this mixtape so far)! I heard tha guy at tha end again; iz he sayin' "Mr. Coop"? My Current Rating: 4.4

06. "Tha Greatest" Feat. Loose Cannon
I already know how "great" you are Coop; let's hear it in a song! >>> Better beat intro here; sounds better than a bunch of tha other beats on here so far. Likin' that hook from you. Now, I'm hearin' Loose Cannon on tha 1st verse… Unexpectedly murderin' this shit right here! He had a REAL NICE verse right there!! Really likin' this beat and now hearin' you on tha 2nd verse… Yeah, "you tha muthafuckin' truth, boy." Definitely likin' your 2nd verse; keep doin' this HOT shit wit all your collab friends Coop! My Rating: 4.5

07. "Hold It Down" Feat. Loose Cannon, Lil' Zee & Swidda G
Ooh you COMBINED all tha collabs on here into one track!! I have a feelin' this gon be a long-ass song so I'm REALLY lookin' forward to it! Definitely Lucky No. 7 here but tha only thing that'll lose my anticipation: if it's "A Milli" beat, then I'll be bored; that's just a quick warning. >>> Yup, long (6:38 on tha length). It's tha "Tomorrow" beat for this; should be interesting wit all y'all on this! Of course, you're first on tha hook. Yup, "Lauderdale in tha building." Here comes that 1st verse… Glad that dude's "cooler than a game of hockey." Yeah, it's my dude Loose Cannon on tha 1st verse! He's doin' tha ma'fuckin' thang again!! He had a REAL GREAT verse; can it be tha best on this joint? You're next Coop on tha 2nd verse… Yeah, you went hard on this too! Gotta feel all tha shit you be spittin'; tha haterz would prolly say that you repeat thingz but nothin' bothers me wit you. Lil' Zee on tha 3rd verse… Well, a lil' decent for me. Against tha others, he was my least favorite on this joint. I'm really lookin' forward to hear what Swidda G has to say on tha 4th verse!! He'll "bake pastery-ass niggaz like a cinnabon;" now THAT WAS A REAL TIGHT LINE!! I like at tha end of his verse that you said "you need it? We got it" like one of your songs in tha past that I loved. Yeah, Swidda G did tha damn thang on this! I think Loose Cannon had tha best part on this but Swidda G had a close 2nd easily. My Rating: 4.6

08. "Iz He High" Feat. Lil' Zee
LOL @ tha title! You know I finna luv this joint right chea!! >>> Not sure if tha beat caught my attention right away but Lil' Zee definitely had a nice lil' hook right there! Yeah, you're on tha 1st verse Coop wit all that "sticky" shit. Glad all that shit iz gettin' you in a "high" mood Coop; short but great 1st verse! Lil' Zee has a pretty nice 2nd verse; likin' it easily. BTW, I'm gettin' in this "simple" beat more and more; it's great for tha track! Real nice track overall! My Rating: 4.4

09. "Kash Flow" Feat. Loose Cannon
I might've heard your version on a Youtube video you posted a while ago… Lookin' forward to re-hearin' wit Loose Cannon on tha track too! >>> I like how Loose Cannon STOPPED Ace Hood on tha 1st verse!! Pretty fast and short but he did a good job. Too bad y'all kept tha T-Pain part. You should've made your own hook (like you always do). Anyway, looks like you're on tha 2nd verse… Good part from you on this. My Rating: 3.7

10. "So Insane" Feat. Lil' Zee & Swidda G
Of course I really like tha title so I'm real curious to see how good this one gon be! >>> Ooh, it's 5:02 on tha length! I'm likin' that beat on here! Pretty nice start from you. Looks like I hear Lil' Zee… He sounds great on this one. Yeah, he did his thang on his part. You're on tha 2nd verse here… Good shit from you. It feels like I hear that hook so much on this shit (not in a bad way though). Now, here's my dawg Swidda G on tha 3rd verse! Yeah, most definitely keepin' it real and goin' off (as usual) on this shit! My Rating: 4.2

11. "Some More" Feat. DJ
So tha featured artist iz just named "DJ"? That's different… Instead of somethin' like "DJ ___" or "Lil' ___" or "Big ___" or "Young ___," they're just "DJ," lol. Now, let's see how much "more" you gon deliver wit this dude here… >>> Huh? A phone call…? Might be a "jacked beat" but I can't tell. Somethin' sounds familiar on it but I'm gonna pretend it's your beat. Sounds pretty nice so far for a start. I like how DJ started tha 1st verse off wit "it'll neva end; my dick iz not a period." What a great endin' to that line wit tha "not a period" part 'cause a period "ends things" and tha way it was said in that line made it tight; great shit from DJ! You're pretty good on tha hook Coop. Now, I'm hearin' you on tha 2nd verse… You definitely pleased tha ladies wit that 2nd verse! Nice how tha beat ended this joint. My Rating: 4.0

Definitely a nice start so far! Your voice ALWAYS gives tha mixtapes that quality sound; jacked beats or 3rd Court beats! Keep doin' tha damn thang. BTW, I hope to hear more original 3rd Court beats comin' up!

12. "3rd Court Iz Tha Label" Feat. Lil' Zee
Err-body who didn't know, it "iz tha label!" How iz this gonna go into a song though? >>> Oh, only 1:23 on tha length. Yeah, "From TB To LP" was a REAL GREAT mixtape fa'sho (all 4.0 or higher ratings which made it a **PERFECT MIXTAPE**)! I really like that beat on here (it's nice and quiet) and just you and Lil' Zee on it makes it nice; too bad this iz real short. I like tha rappin' that went on and tha "smoke it like a blunt" part in tha hook from Lil' Zee. My Rating: 4.3

13. "Cross Tha Street" Feat. Mz. E-Baby
This iz tha 1st time I'm seein'/hearin' Mz. E-Baby on a track… I hope she raps… Let's see what will happen wit this joint. >>> Huh, this beat? I neva knew what this beat was but Natureboy Rowe used this for "I Am Dallas;" he jacked that beat? SMH… I thought it was original at first. Either way, I like it. LOL @ tha short length again (1:37). You're soundin' great on this beat Coop. You did yo thang and now I hear tha E-Baby… Yup, she's rappin'; a lil' short though but pretty nice. Yeah, this was a lil' short. My Rating: 3.9

14. "Cutlass Musik"
What do we got here? >>> Sounds like a jacked beat in tha beginning… I heard tha "Justice L.E.A.G.U.E." part in tha beginning of it. I can't think of who used this beat 1st but it's not bad for me. Was a lil' unsure of tha start but now, I'm finally hearin' your usual, nice flowin' at tha 1:00 mark. I like tha "AC didn't blow" line for some reason… Tha hook iz just decent for me but yeah, interesting lyrics about tha "AC not blowin'." My Rating: 3.6

15. "I'ma Show Ya (Remix)" Feat. Lil' Zee & Swidda G
Well, tha names of who's on this bitch ain't listed this time (it's usually listed in tha mp3); instead, it just says "3rd Court" for tha back cover. We'll see if I can figure err-body out. Let's see this remix… >>> Lil' Zee startin' off tha very beginning wit tha intro… Pretty nice hook from him. I'm hearin' you on tha 1st verse, already kickin' it off in a GREAT mood! I'm glad you're "drowned in a pool of money, havin' nightmares; woke up, still seein' piles of money everywhere." That was a REAL NICE part from you Coop. Lil' Zee iz on that 2nd verse to this… He sounds like someone like OJ Da Juiceman for some reason on this joint… An okay 2nd verse but that hook iz startin' to get catchy for me. Let's see who's on tha 3rd verse… Yup, I had a feelin': Swidda G! Yeah, my boy right chea! HUGE OBSESSION wit money he has; REAL NICE 3rd verse (Swidda G fuckin' doin' tha damn thang)!! Who's next? Up, nobody has a 4th verse; nice shit right here though! I'll fix tha ID to "Feat. Lil' Zee & Swidda G" so it looks better on here. My Rating: 4.1

I need to call someone (related to college) real quick… >>> Aight, no answer but if they call, I'm gonna have to take a short break during a track maybe.

16. "I'm Packin'"
Let's see here… Looks familiar for some reason… >>> Only 2:00 long. LOL @ those "I'm packin'" sample parts; weird. I'm glad you and Swidda G "got each otha's backs." Glad your "trigga finga has an itch" also. Nice lil' verse and pretty nice hook from you; this might need to grow on me in tha future. My Rating: 3.8

17. "In My Pockets" Feat. Mz. E-Baby
Tha chick iz back wit you. Let's see about these "pockets"… >>> Sounds like a catchy hook. You got $2,000 on your ring (as you said "2K on my ring")? That's cool. I know you "can't live without your money" but I feel like I can… somewhat. My dad owes me like $500 and I only have $20 right now (have had it for a few weeks). I feel like I can't buy shit (I really wanna buy some scratch-off lottery tickets); I can deal wit it though 'cause I know I'll EVENTUALLY get my money back. Damn, look how much I typed… Mz. E-Baby already went and tha joint ended, lol. Anyway, Mz. E-Baby had a pretty nice 2nd verse and that hook iz just catchy and good. My Rating: 4.0

18. "Set It Off" Feat. Lil' Zee
Anotha Lil' Zee feature… Maybe you should've evened it out and maybe had Loose Cannon on this. But lemme hear it and see how interested I'm in it… >>> A fade-in beat (different). Nice start so far. I'm likin' a WHOLE LOT how Lil' Zee said "if you got weed, we gon cook it up" outta nowhere! Now, I'm havin' interest for this. My God, Lil' Zee flowed REALLLLLL NICE AND SMOOOOOTH on this joint right here on his 1st verse! LOL @ tha "wipe ass/toilet tissue" line at tha end of his verse. Oh, I didn't know tha "got weed" part was in tha hook; good shit! Now you're on tha 2nd verse Coop… Pretty nice part from you on tha 2nd verse but it felt short 'cause of Lil' Zee havin' tha hook and his verse combined. He really shined his ass on this joint right here; real nice shit! My Rating: 4.4

19. "Kan You Last" Feat. Lil' Zee
Just like No. 8, it's a joint wit a question as tha title. Lil' Zee again on this bitch so let's see… "kan he last" wit you on this? >>> Anotha one of those smooth beats… He sounded a lil' odd wit his fastness on tha intro to this. We'll see how he does on tha 2nd verse 'cause right now, it's about you on tha 1st verse… This joint ain't really for me wit tha style but pretty good part from you I guess. Who's tha people on tha hook or w/e that iz? Iz that tha ones that had this beat originally or somethin' like that? I don't know… Looks like Lil' Zee iz pretty horny on tha 2nd verse as there's a lot of sexual lyrics goin' on here… Pretty good for him. My Rating: 3.3

20. "Take Tha Bet"
Let's see what kinda bet iz happenin' here… >>> Plies? Now it's "Got 'Em Hatin'"? Oh, now I'm hearin' him again but now you're on this… Pretty nice beat here w/e it iz. Pretty nice start for you. Again, Plies came outta nowhere? What's goin' on here? I see you sayin' Plies iz lyin'; that iz true (he was caught in lies). Iz this a Plies diss or somethin' wit all tha Plies parts? All them parts confuse me here and there but your parts were nice Coop; great beat too. My Rating: 3.7

21. "So Fresh" (Mz. E-Baby Feat. C-Coop)
Ooh her own joint here featuring you. Let's see how her joint does… >>> I like tha bell in tha beginning! She's only 19? That's cool. It's weird how people are younger than me now (I'm 20); I'm used to bein' a lot younger than people all tha time. Pretty nice rappin' from her as she's flowin' without listenin' to tha haterz. I find it weird when lady rappers say "dawg," but it sounds cool still. Coop's up next… LOL @ "gettin' in her underwear;" that's watz good! Pretty nice track here from her and Coop. My Rating: 3.8

22. "My Life"
Endin' it wit this joint. I heard it like once so let's see what happens wit tha re-hearing from me. >>> I guess it was good to keep Wayne on tha hook for this. Pretty nice 1st verse on this. Likin' your 2nd verse also on this (it was a lil' shorter too). Not bad on tha 3rd verse too. Sorry I didn't really say much here but nice shit. My Current Rating: 3.7

End Time: 12:15 PM. A 1 hour, 59 minute review for C-Coop and 3rd Court Records! Hope you like my review once again and I hope tha whole 3rd Court Records likes it too. It was a real nice mixtape but I like tha one wit Swidda G, "From TB To LP", a lot better. BTW, I'm lookin' at tha back cover of tha mixtape right now and right above your picture, it's tha highway. I'm pretty sure when I visited Florida, I was on that highway and really liked bein' on it; it's REAL cool seein' it on a mixtape cover!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

22. "Kan You Last" Feat. Lil' Zee 3.3
21. "Cutlass Musik" 3.6
20. "Kash Flow" Feat. Loose Cannon 3.7
19. "My Life" 3.7
18. "Take Tha Bet" 3.7
17. "Welcome 2 Goonsville Intro" 3.8
16. "So Fresh" (Mz. E-Baby Feat. C-Coop) 3.8
15. "I'm Packin'" 3.8
14. "Cross Tha Street" Feat. Mz. E-Baby 3.9
13. "Some More" Feat. DJ 4.0
12. "In My Pockets" Feat. Mz. E-Baby 4.0
11. "Fuck What Ya Heard" Feat. Lil' Zee 4.1
10. "I'ma Show Ya (Remix)" Feat. Lil' Zee & Swidda G 4.1
09. "So Insane" Feat. Lil' Zee & Swidda G 4.2
08. "3rd Court Iz Tha Label" Feat. Lil' Zee 4.3
07. "He Ain't Real" 4.3
06. "Paid" Feat. Swidda G 4.4
05. "Iz He High" Feat. Lil' Zee 4.4
04. "Set It Off" Feat. Lil' Zee 4.4
03. "Warzone" 4.5
02. "Tha Greatest" Feat. Loose Cannon 4.5

01. "Hold It Down" Feat. Loose Cannon, Lil' Zee & Swidda G 4.6

Friday, October 24, 2008

Review #143: Big Jay & Pyrex Radio Presents Savage "Mixweight: Crack On Da Track"

Reviewed on 10.24.2008 (Review No. 143)

It's FrankieThaLuckyDog here, 'bout to show some more luv to Louisiana as Big Jay & Pyrex Radio are presentin' this mixtape to Datpiff: It's Savage and a mixtape called "Mixweight: Crack On Da Track". I didn't know Savage had this and I'm not sure how old it iz but you know I gotta do it for my boy Savage! Here goes my review for Big Jay & Pyrex Radio Presents Savage "Mixweight: Crack On Da Track"! Start Time: 10:40 PM | Video Game Playing: Secret Of Mana (for Super Nintendo) (on my computer)

01. "In The Kitchen (Intro)"
Let's see how Savage be "in tha kitchen" wit them pots and shit wit this intro/mixtape! >>> I like that phone call in tha beginning and those Pyrex Radio sound effects wit tha bubblin'. That's a pretty nice East Coast type of beat for this intro. I'm hearin' you rappin' to this right now and you're flowin' real nice on this beat. Great start to tha mixtape. My Rating: 4.0

02. "Wrong Side Of Da Track (U Know Dat)" Feat. B.G., Soulja Slim & Fiend
So what's up wit Soulja bein' on this track? Iz it supposed to be a sample or somethin'? I'm likin' tha name of this joint so we'll see how good it iz! >>> I like that Baton Rouge type of beat in tha beginning; gotta luv those types of beats!!! B.G. startin' off wit that 1st verse… Likin' it so far, especially wit tha "fresh dickie shirt" and tha "'bauds." I like that "wit ya people ova a tee" line; good shit from B.G.! Gotta feel when you (Savage) are on tha hook; you make great hooks. Hearin' you on tha 2nd verse dawg… Great shit so far, especially wit learnin' about tha "niggas 'round tha corner" part when you said that; nice Savage. Mr. R.I.P. a.k.a. Soulja Slim on tha 3rd verse… Of course, he delivers a gutta verse! Pretty much most rappers that get killed always deliver tight parts, no matter what! Hearin' Fiend on tha last verse… He had a nice part too; pretty nice track overall! My Rating: 4.3

03. "Dat Gudda Shit" Feat. Chill & Big Head
Not just No. 2 but you produced this joint as well. Let's see how you gon do wit Big Head and this Chill dude… >>> Sounds pretty good again for a start wit that beat. I'm likin' that nice hook right there from you. Tha beat easily reminds me of tha shit you'd see on Pyrex Radio mixtapes (no wonder, this iz one; not one of their compilations though). Chill starts off on tha 1st verse… Nice lil' delivered verse from him; gotta feel anybody from Louisiana! Hearin' tha 2nd verse right now from you and it's soundin' tight wit all those lyrics relatin' to kush. Now I hear Big Head finally on tha 3rd verse… Glad he can "turn a brick into two." I'm glad he liked my review for his "Trill 4 Real" CD; nice verse! Likin' tha fade-out on this joint. My Rating: 4.2

04. "I Ain't Got No Mind" Feat. T-Lo Of Da Jiggalators & Big Markee
Actually, I just realized that I reviewed this in tha past. Let's see what I said about it and what I will add to it: This iz HOT! Real good Savage verse! What are all those letters in tha hook? I can't connect them, lol. Tight joint. <- To add to this: I remembered that beat and thought it was for "Hood Fab" but it was a 2006 theme beat to one thing on MTV Jams where they were showin' around in different cities (like in Florida, showin' rims and shit; forgot what it was called). I hear tha hook better now and it says, "R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D." I think I couldn't connect it at first 'cause it said it twice in a row. Yeah, Savage has a REAL HOT verse, especially wit those "I'm like Pop Eye's chicken, got a 2-piece special" and that "put a nigga in tha blender like I'm makin' a smoothie" lines!!! I'm LOVIN' tha strawberry/banana smoothies I'm havin' at my new college now! VERY GOOD for only $3.19! That's a nice 2nd verse, especially wit all those "retontoe" (sp?) lyrics (referin' to bein' "R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D"). I'm REALLY likin' that 3rd verse; real great flow to get ya in tha mood! Makes anyone wanna get "R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D" and do you; great shit!! I'm boostin' tha rating I had for it originally (originally a 4.2)! Oh, and great beat again Savage; glad to see it featured on MTV Jams 2 years ago!! My Current Rating: 4.5

05. "Keep It All 'G'"
It's just you again for this one. You did tha beat also so I'm lookin' forward to hearin' this! Hope tha flow iz "R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D," lol! >>> Just by pressin' play, it went right into tha beat; real nice beat again! Glad this iz 4:31; great "G shit" type of hook! I'm likin' that "deliver tha rock" line in tha 1st verse; great 1st verse you delivered to tha listeners! Hearin' tha 2nd verse now and I'm definitely likin' that "Katrina aftermath" line; real nice! Glad you're "built like an armor truck" by bein' "250;" that's why you are a "savage" Savage. Nice 3rd verse also, especially since you're considered "that raw, that crack, that hydroponic purp, that meth, that cane and that whole truck of birds" when it comes to things; REAL NICE set of parts right there!! My Rating: 4.4

06. "Eat 'Em Alive"
A shout out to DJ Toomp? Did he do this beat for you? I wanna hear it! >>> That's REAL COOL that he did this track (and that it wasn't a "jacked beat"); smart move Sav! Glad you're on this whole entire joint and that you're "not wit all that bubblegum Rap shit;" same here! That's why when it comes to reviews, I review mostly underground shit (mainly Louisiana shit). If I was to review mainstream shit and sometimes shit not from Louisiana, tha ratings would be a lot lower. Great 1st verse and a very, very interesting hook wit tha beginning of it and tha "I'm 'bout to 'eat 'em alive'" part! Definitely likin' your 2nd verse, especially since dumb fucks (hatin'-ass males) have "feminine" inside of them; glad you "smell fear" on them! I like your 3rd verse and tha "I'm in tha lab, come and sample what I'm givin' up" line. I thought you was gonna post some of your samples on tha Word Of South board? Somebody also was askin' for tha samples as well. It would help if I had them too 'cause I really want a Louisiana sound in my beats when I make beats. My Rating: 4.4

07. "Getting Some Head (Remix)"
Perfect song to jack. I wanna hear how you did on this lil' remix version! >>> For a second, I thought I reviewed this/heard this already but I guess I didn't. I checked my iTunes (where I added your previous mixtapes that I reviewed from you) but nothin'; nice 1st verse though. A nice lil' catchy 2nd verse from you too on this. Cool 3rd verse; I'm glad "your dick stay in her mouth like her gold teeth." I like at tha end also wit tha "toast and tha eggs" part; nice shit here Savage! My Rating: 4.0

08. "Make It Roll" Feat. Front Street Black
Iz this gon be a club banga? Let's see how this gon sound for me… >>> Hearin' that moanin' in tha background; didn't expect it to sound like a sequel to tha "Getting Some Head (Remix)". A lil' different style for a club banga but it works; nice hook. Pretty nice 1st verse from Front Street Black on here. This iz pretty nice for tha fellas, especially every like 3 seconds wit that girl moanin'! Seducin' tha females pretty good on that 2nd verse Sav. Nice 1st ½ of tha 3rd verse also Savage wit tha seducin' to tha females. Hearin' Front Street Black on tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse and he's pretty good on this too; he sounds a lil' like D-Roc from tha Ying Yang Twins. My Rating: 3.8

09. "Eyez Redd"
You purp'd out Sav? I have a feelin' that's what shit this joint's on! Lookin' forward to hearin' it! >>> Yeah, more of a combination of "smokers, drinkers, pill poppas;" likin' that beat (sounds like Mouse a lil'). Speakin' of all this shit wit "mixin' shit" and shit like that, when I was comin' home from a college event today, there was this girl, she was in tha middle of tha road jammin' to tha music she was listenin' to. She was like… shot, and she got 911 called on her; lol! Great 1st verse and hearin' tha 2nd verse as I speak… Still tha same type of lyrics to go wit tha 1st verse and I'm likin' what err-body be doin' to get they "eyez redd." I like tha "jigg, jigg" parts in tha background before tha 3rd verse. I like that 3rd verse from you on this as well. I like how you kept it to tha topic of tha title tha whole way through; nice hook on this too. My Rating: 4.2

10. "Tryna Get The Cadillac"
Just lookin' at tha title (and there bein' no "produced by ___") on tha back cover, it must be a "jacked beat" song. I remember tha "Tryna Get The Cadillac" hook but forgot who sung it/how old it was. Let's see how you do on this joint Sav. >>> I like those "Pyrex Radio" parts randomly throughout these songs; yeah, this iz that "Tryna Get The Cadillac" song I know. I liked this beat and you had a pretty nice 1st verse on this; it's just as jammin' wit you rappin' over it. Glad you "familiar wit tha kitchen, you can serve it to tha trap;" great start to tha 2nd verse wit that line! Nice lil' 2nd verse too. Great shit here Savage as you made this jam continue to be a jam. My Rating: 4.0

11. "Leeches"
Anotha jacked one… I can't think of what it would be over but I wanna hear it 'cause that title seems interesting… >>> Only 2:00 on tha length flat. Glad your "stomach's still grummly." Sorry I downloaded this for free… But it's all good 'cause you're gettin' this review for free 'cause I'm cool wit you. If I eva had tha money for a feature/beat from you, I would pay you, no doubt. I know what that beat iz and (I think) it's from Purple City; anotha great beat you chose to rap ova (that's 3 for 3 wit tha jacked beats)! You did yo thang on this too. My Rating: 4.1

Up, ½time already. Definitely likin' this. I wonder how old this shit iz… I went on Datpiff (where I got it from) and tha 1st comment was like April 2008 or some shit like that. I have a feelin' it's older, no doubt about that. Anyway, lookin' forward to see what's left. I have a feelin' there's not much long jointz left 'cause I felt like I've been reviewin' tracks 4 minutes and longer 'til No. 10.

12. "Body Shots"
Neva mind, back to tha Savage beats and lookin' forward to hearin'! >>> Nice beat intro right here and I'm likin' those "crib" sound effects in tha beginning (kinda like when they were combined on that "I Ain't Got No Mind" joint). Pretty nice 1st verse and tha hook sounds like a rework of tha Purple Ribbon Allstars's "Body Rock;" likin' that lil' hook! I like that "you talkin' all that talk but you ain't on that war shit" on tha beginning of tha 2nd verse! Glad you're "lightin' up in tha garbage;" that goes to show you that you're valuable! Pretty nice 3rd verse too on here; tha hook iz tha best for me, especially wit that beat from you! My Rating: 4.3

13. "Hustle Grind" Feat. Rudye & Nu$$ie
I see that there's an error on tha back cover: Tha word "grind" iz not in tha title when it should be. Anyway, this was on Nu$$ie's "Bad Azz" CD (so I'm guessin' this mixtape was like '06ish or some shit) so let's see what I had to say: Pretty good start. Good line right here: "like Pillsbury, I'm 'bout my dough." Great hook, and this joint came out pretty good. <- To add to this: Likin' that fast beat for this! Yeah, that's a tight hook wit how y'all "hustle" and "grind." Looks like Rudye iz "up at 7:00 AM;" early to get that bread. Yeah, just as I said before, that "Pillsbury" line was nice! You did yo thang on tha 2nd verse Sav; keepin' these beats, verses and hooks comin'! Nu$$ie, of course, doin' tha damn thang on his part! Glad he "sellin' rocks off tha ground;" gotta luv when he always shouts his name randomly (e.g., "NU$$IE!!")!! Boostin' my rating from a 4.2 to a 4.3 now! My Current Rating: 4.3

14. "So Fresh Widit"
That's how you do Sav. Now, lemme see you put it out there as a song wit you on tha beat! >>> Pretty nice start and yeah, tha title definitely applies now that you "let tha 'bauds sag" on this and "blow purp by tha o.z.;" great lines! I like that hook, including tha "fresh white tee and a fresh fitted" part; freshness right here Savage. Likin' your 2nd verse on this too. Likin' all those "jigg" parts during tha 3rd verse (or bridge; w/e you wanna call it). Glad you're positive about yourself on this shit by bein' "fresh" all tha time; great way to make a nice quality joint like this! Still likin' tha "jigg" parts as they were after tha last hook! My Rating: 4.5

15. "Freestyle"
Let's see watz good here… >>> Only 1:13 on tha length… I don't think I know tha beat. Yeah, "you gotta be tha best thang from Louisiana." You're a VERY GOOD artist no matter what you do (mixtapes, verses, beats, hooks, etc.). You are "not a soldier, you are a commander;" like that line. A lil' short for me to like more though. My Rating: 3.7

16. "Welcome 2 Baton Rouge"
Thanx 4 welcomin' me to BR! I hope to go there one day and *SPECIAL NEWS*: At my college, they're goin' on service trips to like North Carolina, Florida, B-More and… **New Orleans, Louisiana**! As soon as I heard it announced, I raised my hand right away and was VERY INTERESTED! I got lucky a few dayz ago as I filled out an application to go there! It's gonna only cost me $100 for a start (and prolly a lil' more later on) but I have a great chance of goin' there during Spring Break 2009!!!!! I'm REALLY lookin' forward to goin' to Louisiana for tha 1st time and helpin' out folks out there (especially tha African Americans; I put that in tha application). I also listed in it that I didn't have interest in tha other places; I wanted to go to Louisiana 'cause of reasons (like tha music business and tha people there). More info on that in tha future! For now, back to this mixtape; let's see what this iz over… >>> That's gutta that "off of 1st impulse, you love to shoot niggaz." Just listenin' to you on this goes to show you that you deserve all tha success you want in anything! Tha beat iz pretty nice for an East Coast beat; it just sounds better wit you on it. DEFINITELY likin' that "niggaz pissin' like redestructional kidneys" part; REAL NICE thinkin' there!! GREAT RHYMES throughout this whole lil' freestyle here!! My Rating: 4.3

17. "Old Skools" Feat. Lil' Handy (R.I.P.) & Webbie
Mouse produced this joint and it has tha late Handy on this. This'll be a nice joint prolly; lookin' forward to tha collab! >>> I just recovered my crew in tha video game I'm playin' by sleepin' in an inn and as soon as I heard tha intro, it gave me tha right feelin' to how it would sound in tha video game; great intro! Hearin' Lil' Handy on tha 1st verse… Too bad he died in a car accident May 19, 2004! I didn't even get to know him 'til last week, when I heard that joint where he said tha special "Mouse drop tha track, that'll make you bounce and act, what" line. Anyway, he's doin' his thang on this 1st verse. That's so not a Mouse beat and I'm really likin' it; real nice vibe to it! Reminds me a lil' of a Houston, Texas type of beat but it's real nice to hear it for Louisiana artists and to hear Louisiana artists rap on it! Great 1st verse from Lil' Handy there as well as tha hook. You sound younger on this Savage (I didn't recognize you there for a second on tha 2nd verse). Pretty nice there; you sound better now when you rap. Webbie even sounds like when I first heard him back in Early 2005. I think he had a pretty nice part on his verse. Nice lil' jam right here and I hope Mouse, Savage and Beat Flippa keep producin' beats 'cause that's what Baton Rouge needs!! Oh and nice lil' check-in from my dawg Young Ready at tha end!! My Rating: 4.1

18. "Ack A Ass Widit" Feat. Rudye & Young Ready
An error on tha ID … On tha cover, it looks like it says "AKA Ass" (should be "Ack A Ass Widit" as it says that on tha mp3 file I have). Anyway, I DEFINITELY wanna hear some more of Young Ready and anotha track produced by you! >>> Dunn dunn dunn, it's a Savage beat!! Will this be tha best song on here? Sounds like it has that easy potential for me! Likin' that beat better during tha hook and that's a nice hook right there for tha clubs! Nice lil' vibe in tha way you was flowin' on tha 1st verse; tight shit so far! Dyin' to hear what Young Ready did to this!! Let's hear what Rudye has to say on tha 2nd verse… He did his thang on his part! Here comes Young Ready!! Young Ready had a pretty nice part on his verse; definitely feelin' his shit. I think all tha props go to you for makin' this joint tha shit! My Rating: 4.6

19. "She A Poppa" Feat. Rudye
This was on "BET: Uncut"? That's cool if it was. This was prolly a jam back then too! >>> Tha intro reminds me of that "I Ain't Got No Mind" joint wit tha way tha beat sounds (tha "crib" sounds sound more like those gutta type of sounds). Rudye had a pretty nice 1st verse; nothin' really to say. Hearin' you on tha hook and (of course) you make them hooks sound great; nice Louisiana sound right here! Damn, this sounds real, real old (wit tha soundin')! Hearin' you on tha 2nd verse and soundin' really younger again. That's cool that it "lookin' like she got balloons in her pants." Already into tha 3rd verse and I'm quotin' somethin': I like that "ass droppin' like it can't define gravity" line! Pretty nice joint here, although I've heard better jointz. Nice lil' Cory Mo check-in at tha end wit that phone call. I tried goin' to tha website he said ( ) and nothin' happened (I'm guessin' 'cause this mixtape iz a lil' old or somethin'?). My Rating: 3.9

20. "Ain't Hard 2 Find" Feat. Cory Mo & Trae
Let's see what goes on here wit this H-Town connection… >>> Not really feelin' tha "old, non-Louisiana" type of beat on here; sorry. Oh, it's an "old Outkast beat?" I guess that's a lil' exception then. Not bad verse from Cory Mo including that hook too. Hearin' you on tha 2nd verse… Sounds random wit this collabo and this beat. You had real nice lyrics on your verse for this one so that's a thumbs up. Trae on tha 3rd verse… Aight for me… I'm sorry but I almost can't get into some of tha H-Town sounds anymore. It was like a 2004-2006 thing for me. My Rating: 3.2

21. "Personal Message: Game Freestyle (Non Believers)"
Iz this a song? It prolly iz… Neva mind, I see a different ID on tha mp3 file. Let's see about these "non believers"… >>> Anotha beat I can't really get into… Can't really get into this but great lyrics you spittin' about what you're sayin' on this. My Rating: 3.0

22. "Smoke Blunts (I'm Gettin' Money)"
It says "Smoke Blunts" as tha title. But if this iz really "I'm Gettin' Money", then I reviewed that song already. Lemme pull up my most recent review for it: >>> Wait, neva mind, this iz a completely different song. No wonder why there's that "I'm" in part of tha ID. This iz a lil' short but REAL nice hook and great lil' beat from you; I like this. My Rating: 4.2

23. "Wood Grain Grippin'"
Been waitin' to see what this iz… Iz this what I think it iz (since there's no production credit)…? >>> Nope; thought it was a Marvelous J beat from 2006 that Natureboy Rowe rapped over on his "I Rap" joint. Sounds like "Cutty Buddy" a lil' in tha beat but I didn't want it to end slow; not too much into tha beat and I'm not really diggin' this "H-Town Savage sound" from you. I like your singin' on this and at tha 1:00 mark wit tha "smokin' good" and shit like that. I didn't like that ending (it just like cut off) to this mixtape. My Rating: 3.3

End Time: 12:44 AM. Pretty nice mixtape. I think I liked your mixtapes you dropped this year a lil' better than this though but this iz still some nice work from years ago. Only thing was towards tha 2nd ½ wit those slow type of songs and tha H-Town soundin'; that threw me off a lil'. Either way, you are that dude when it comes to this shit. Big Jay should like this review.

Rankings (according to my ratings):

23. "Personal Message: Game Freestyle (Non Believers)" 3.0
22. "Ain't Hard 2 Find" Feat. Cory Mo & Trae 3.2
21. "Wood Grain Grippin'" 3.3
20. "Freestyle" 3.7
19. "Make It Roll" Feat. Front Street Black 3.8
18. "She A Poppa" Feat. Rudye 3.9
17. "Getting Some Head (Remix)" 4.0
16. "Tryna Get The Cadillac" 4.0
15. "In The Kitchen (Intro)" 4.0
14. "Leeches" 4.1
13. "Old Skools" Feat. Lil' Handy (R.I.P.) & Webbie 4.1
12. "Dat Gudda Shit" Feat. Chill & Big Head 4.2
11. "Smoke Blunts (I'm Gettin' Money)" 4.2
10. "Eyez Redd" 4.2
09. "Body Shots" 4.3
08. "Welcome 2 Baton Rouge" 4.3
07. "Wrong Side Of Da Track (U Know Dat)" Feat. B.G., Soulja Slim & Fiend 4.3
06. "Hustle Grind" Feat. Rudye & Nu$$ie 4.3
05. "Eat 'Em Alive" 4.4
04. "Keep It All 'G'" 4.4
03. "I Ain't Got No Mind" Feat. T-Lo Of Da Jiggalators & Big Markee 4.5
02. "So Fresh Widit" 4.5

01. "Ack A Ass Widit" Feat. Rudye & Young Ready 4.6

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Review #142: 3rd Shift (The Cincinnati Monster) "The Coup d'Etat II: Back To Business"

Reviewed on 10.23.2008 (Review No. 142)

FrankieThaLuckyDog here… A lil' too tired right now but since I'm bored, I gotta do somethin' so I betta catch up wit somethin'. I guess I'll review somethin'; 3rd Shift, a great producer from Cincinnati (who's around New Orleans, Louisiana a lot too), and his brand new mixtape, "The Coup d'Etat II: Back To Business." Who knows what'll happen on this review… Anyway, without further or do, here goes my review for 3rd Shift (The Cincinnati Monster) "The Coup d'Etat II: Back To Business"! Start Time: 7:14 PM | Video Game Playing: Secret Of Mana (for Super Nintendo) (on my computer)

01. 3rd Shift "The Coup 2 Intro"
I sometimes forget this a compilation; that's more exciting for me 'cause you get to see artists battle it off in tha review (plus, it's different artists)!! Let's see if you produced tha intro + you talkin' or it's just you talkin'… >>> It's 2:50 on tha length! I'm glad it's a combo of you talkin' and a beat you produced!! I think I said this in Lil' Bossy's review: Ohio iz right next to where I'm at right now, Pennsylvania, so that's watz good. What an anticipating intro right here! It gets you VERY ANTICIPATED for tha jointz on here!! My Rating: N/A

02. Oba Rowland Feat. 3rd Shift "Who Better"
Was gonna be anticipated for it right off tha bat but it's tha "A Milli" beat so can't be too excited… >>> I like that "bitch, I'm hotter than hotter" line. Of course this izn't your typical "A Milli" beat; it's 3rd Shift's 2 cents into it! Glad you put a beat to this; sounds nice! Likin' Oba Rowland's rhymes a lot on here; glad he hit me back on Myspace when I wrote him. Yeah, cool joint right here fa'sho and better intro joint than I expected! I like at tha end of Oba's part that he said tha title; that sounded good. My Rating: 4.3

03. Lil' Bossy "Where You Been At?"
Damn, Bossy, "where you been at?" I been tryna hit him up to see watz good wit him but no responses… Hope he hits me back when he can. Anyway, prolly one of my biggest anthems of tha Summer… It was No. 2 on my August 17, 2008 playlist but didn't get close to beatin' No. 1, tha Haji & Emanuel remix to The Ting Tings "Shut Up And Let Me Go;" that had 71 spins on that playlist and Bossy had only 29, which was enough to grab tha No. 2 spot (at least it was still tha No. 1 Rap song on there). Here's what I had to say about this joint on my review for Bossy's "Who The Fuck Is Lil' Bossy? (R.N.M. Vol. 1)" mixtape: There were SO MANY HOT underground jointz that came out this year and this iz proven to be one of them! Just love it and just tha way he comes in, tha hook, his hustle throughout tha verses and it's just mad catchy. I'm gonna certify him as a "fuckin' beast" when it comes to tracks. Yeah, I didn't know "who the fuck he was" 'til this and now he's certified as a "fuckin' beast" when it comes to this Rap shit! Oh yeah, tha beat reminds me a lil' of some Young Jeezy shit like "Trap Or Die". >>> Also forgot to mention (mentioned it on Bossy's review): I see he told you (3rd Shift) that he was very hungry for some beats. Well, look what happens when an artist iz starvin': they RIP THA TRACKS APART!!! BTW, it was almost a **PERFECT RATING** when I reviewed it on his mixtape. Now, I feel that this song earns a **PERFECT RATING** from me!! LOVE THOSE LYRICS!!!!! My Current Rating: 5.0

04. Uncle Monster "ABC Bounce"
I'm eating dinner (fishsticks) so I'm kinda takin' a lil' break. I rather type 94 WPM than only 29 wit my left hand. Anyway, finally back to this shit! Just by lookin' at tha ID, I have a feelin' people would hate on tha title and prolly call it "gay" 'cause of tha "ABC" part. In my eyes, it looks like it could be REAL REAL TIGHT, especially wit you on tha beat! I've got my anticipation locked-in for this joint!! >>> It's only 1:47? Neva mind, this iz fuckin' gay!!! WTF?!? Sounds like it's on a phone wit that low quality… Why iz this on this mixtape? Waste of 1:47!! My Rating: 1.0

Wow, look at that transition! Tha biggest eva from 5.0 to 1.0!

05. Famous Stranger "The YFL"
*Refuses To Review!!*
Now I know why that "ABC" shit was before No. 5… Anyway, you're lookin' at what I just wrote like "huh, why iz he refusing to review No. 5?" Well, including tha 4 jointz/intro on here that I reviewed, I have reviewed a grand total of 2,838 songs/intros/outros/skits/interludes (including multiple times reviewed) so far on CDs since February 2006 (even if I HATED an artist/song; I neva skipped ONE SONG yet)!! Today, at 8:00 PM, this has happened for tha 1st time; I'm gonna skip a song!! Now, why am I doin' this? It's not just tha song, it's tha person/rapper; Famous Stranger. Tha reason why I'm refusing to review any of his shit right now iz because we have a lil' unknown problem. On July 29, 2008, I wrote Famous Stranger on Myspace sayin', "do you need any favors from me? You know I got yo back for anything, no matter what it iz. Hit me back when you get this!" while we were just gettin' to be cool wit each other. Unfortunately, 2 dayz later, July 31, 2008, I see that he went on Myspace and I didn't get a response back. I was curious so I checked his comments to see if one of mine were there and 3 of them were deleted!!! Why did that happen?!? I had a panic attack, not expecting him to do that!! Also, I could've listened to Peter Presta Feat. Nocera "Viva L'Amour (Josh Harris Radio Edit)" on Music Choice Dance that day but I didn't listen to it on there for tha 1st time 'cause of what happened. Since then, that song hasn't been around on Music Choice Dance anymore. On tha same day, I wrote Famous Stranger a message, sayin' that I was really, really hurt from what he did; I didn't know why he did it. I told him I had Autism/Aspergers and that it was very hard for me to take things/say things; he really hurt me badly (mainly 'cause I really liked him as a rapper). Unfortunately, he ignored tha message. Then one day on Music Choice Dance, DJ Scotty K Feat. Knockhopper "Goodnight Tonight" came on and when it comes on, I get really excited and try to make people that don't write me back write me back. It worked for Alex McConduit and even brought DeTrane back into talkin' to me! When it came to Famous Stranger, it didn't work; he ignored me again. I told Alex McConduit about this and that did nothing. Then I wrote him a few other times (one if he was alright wit tha hurricanes comin' to Louisiana in August and how he was doin') and he didn't write me back. I told him he was in my "Favorite Rap and R&B Songs of July 2008" video, I took a pic of a "YFL" license plate for him (click "YFL" to see tha pic), I made these for him for tha hell of it:

^ I made this outta scratch-off lottery tickets. It says "Famous Stranger".

^ This iz outta tickets too. It says "YFL".

^ This iz tha last one made outta tickets. It says "Young Fella".


^ This iz his "Guns & Guitars (Strings & Straps)" mixtape cover traced by me. I did it for fun.

And no response as well. I don't know what I did wrong… People like Savage (from Trill Entertainment) have 1,900,000+ views on Myspace and I talk to them here and there; really, I don't know what I did wrong… Tha last time I wrote him was last month, tryin' to get him on a mixtape. That morning, when I went to see if tha comment was still on his page, I had a reading assignment to do for English 180; I had to read about 50 pages. I went on his page and tha comment was removed. When I was readin' my assignment, page by page, I had nothin' but upset clouds in my head because of what Famous Stranger did to my comment; I couldn't help but to have it in my head tha whole hour I was readin'. I also brought this up to you 3 times: 1.) Commenting on tha tracklisting to this CD on Facebook; 2.) Commenting on a Famous Stranger pic you took on Facebook and; 3.) Commenting on a video wit you and Famous Stranger on Youtube; this did nothing. Anyway, sorry this had to happen. After reviewin' 2,838 songs/intros/outros/skits/interludes (including multiple times reviewed) so far on CDs, I sadly had to skip one for tha 1st time. Damn, I remember sayin' to myself, "I'm gonna make Famous Stranger rich!" What happened?!? Famous Stranger has a chance to fix this though. Either he has to give someone (or me) $11 to give to me to review tha song by paying for it at (on tha left wit tha Paypal button) or by apologizing for what he did to me 'cause I'm still very hurt by it today (I really hope we're still cool; it'll mean a whole lot to me to know that he's real cool wit me still and that we becoming cooler; this clear tha situation up for me Famous Stranger)! Then, I'll be glad to review anything by him but for now, *SKIPS*. My Rating: N/A

06. Oba Rowland Feat. 3rd Shift "I'm The Bomb"
After 24 minutes (should've been just 4 minutes, smh), time to get back! Lookin' at tha title, I think it's gonna be somethin' to do wit Weezy when he said, "bitch, I'm tha bomb like 'tick, 'tick'," in "Got Money". Will I be right? Let's see! >>> Sounds like anotha nice beat from you in tha beginning! Oba iz very interesting to listen to, especially wit those REAL NICE rhymes and that real nice flowin' too! He's got a great voice on these tracks, especially since he's not a Southern cat (since he's from Detroit) but wit 3rd Shift backin' him up, it's a great borderline-South sound! Yes, I was right about that Weezy part! Great guessin' from me, great title and great hook; Lovin' it! Great 1st and 2nd verse fa'sho! JUST FUCKIN' LOVE THAT HOOK simply!! Likin' that "I put a nigga on tha side like a bookbag" line; damn, Oba Rowland just VERY CONSISTANT wit this shit!! That's cool how you talk at tha end of these jointz. My Rating: 4.7

07. Oba Rowland "My Niggaz"
Good, it's tha right title (and not tha clean title). When I put this in my "Favorite Rap and R&B Songs of July 2008" Youtube video to promote people, this was HEAVILY requested as lots and lots of people wanted this track so props to 3rd Shift for makin' it that joint that grabs err-body's attention! I always liked tha "when my niggaz…" part in tha 1st part of tha hook. Then, I really liked tha "HOW YOU FEEL DAWG??" part in tha 2nd part of tha hook; real great shit right here! Lovin' that beat (as always) and it reminds me a lot of "Ride With The Mack" from Mack Maine/Lil' Wayne/Dizzy a.k.a. Raw D.I. during parts of tha verses and tha 2nd part of tha hook. CRAZY 1st verse and I also really like that "I keep tha tool… like Batman" line. Great 2nd verse too; this joint just goes TOO HARD!! Lemme see where this peaked at on my playlist… No. 19 (on that same playlist wit Bossy bein' No. 2). It did better on my computer though vs. my iPod due to it was on my Top 10 Countdown many of times. My Current Rating: 4.8

08. 3rd Shift Speaks About Instrumentals
Let's see what you got to say about this dawg; you know your beats are EXTREMELY INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >>> Yeah, few things I like about your mixtapes (while this iz tha 1st one I'm listenin' to by you): 1.) You talk at tha end of a bunch of tha tracks; 2.) You are tha producer on pretty much all tha tracks; 3.) You deliver TOP QUALITY production where it's just SO INSANE; 4.) You have this as a compilation mixtape; 5.) You're not SCREAMIN' on tha tracks like DJ Khaled; anything else? Lookin' forward to these "3rd-Strumental"s! That's tha 6th thing BTW: you havin' just instrumentals on here for people. I'm not gonna freestyle on 'em so I'll just check 'em out! My Rating: N/A

09. "3rd-Strumental No. 1"
Tha 2nd type of CD this has happened (where it's just a beat and no vocals). This will rarely occur on tha "Promo Only Dance Radio" series that I review when it's a Trance song (where I love it at all times). Let's see how you just put a beat on here! High anticipation level for me! >>> Nice slow start in tha beginning, not knowin' what kinda beat this gon be. Hearin' tha kick in towards tha 2nd ½ of tha intro part and it has more of a gutta feel to it. Now, I'm hearin' tha beginning of tha hook (I'm guessin') and that's that NICE style of yours! I liked those lil' sound effects before tha hook (where it sounds like "My Niggaz"'s sound effects before its hook). Tha hook iz tight wit this. Now, I'm hearin' tha 1st verse and just really likin' that beat! Because it's just a beat, I feel like I could just chill out to it, kinda like I would listen to Trip-Hop beats. Nice 1st verse (or should I say tha only verse on here since this iz a lil' short on length, 2:44). I like how tha verse changed styles a lil' in tha beat wit its added flavaz. Hearin' that hook again and likin' it. I guess this one made me type during tha whole song 'cause I barely touched tha video game I was playin'; REAL GREAT idea!! You're tha 1st Hip-Hop person to do this in my opinion effectively/tha 1st time I saw this wit a mixtape! My Rating: 4.5

10. Oba Rowland "Be With You"
I thought another "3rd-Strumental" was coming up; I guess not. I guess you're tha closest wit him vs. tha other dudes on here since this iz his 4th joint on here already; that's cool. Let's see what he delivers this time… >>> Nice lil' skit in tha beginning; sounds like a comedian. That's very hot weather if that's tha case. It's only 41 degrees where I'm at. Tha beat finally came on at about 1:04. It sounds like a New York type of style that I would listen to when it would come to tha artist/beat. Let's see what will happen wit my feedback to this joint… Nice lil' 1st verse. Hearin' tha hook right now and this style ain't really me too much, especially on this HARD mixtape. Sounded a lil' like Kanye on tha 2nd verse wit tha lyrics. Maybe this iz tha relaxin' break for this mixtape. My Rating: 3.5

It's off to a real nice start here. Already a lot of high 4.0ish ratings and a **PERFECT RATING** thanx to Lil' Bossy!! What will tha remainin' 10 jointz be?

11. 3rd Shift Talks I'm Focused
I didn't expect a skit right after "BWY" when I heard you talkin' at tha end and it sounded like what you were sayin' stopped. Anyway, definitely anticipated to hear another skit from you dawg. >>> I thought your favorite joint on here was "Daddy"? I guess like you said, it's one of your favorite songs on here. That was definitely cool hearin' what you said on here. I like how it took only 45 minutes… Shit takes me like 2 hours to write a song at least and then to produce it, maybe like 2-5 hours around. And "fuck that trio" (like you said) that tried to do their thang on this beat 'cause really, it was meant for G-Eazy! It actually was my favorite joint on G-Eazy's "The Tipping Point" mixtape and I was real excited to hear you on that mixtape 'cause I didn't know that you and him were cool like that. My Rating: N/A

12. G-Eazy Feat. 3rd Shift & Diddy "I'm Focused"
What's that "Diddy" feature?? Oh neva mind, he's in tha beginning. Here's what I had to say about this joint for G-Eazy: Ooh 3rd Shift! Did he do tha beat or iz he rappin'? I predict tha intro/outro wit tha beat. High anticipation level!! >>> SMH @ tha bleep shit and "bitch-assness" regular. That iz a 3rd Shift beat (sounds like tha intro to "Daddy" by Oba Rowland). I was 100% right: tha intro/outro wit tha beat! TIGHT!! 3rd Shift iz that dude who iz ALWAYS focused and just FUCKIN' FUCKIN' LOVES producing!!! This iz so far tha HARDEST joint on this CD [referin' to G-Eazy's CD]!! When he said "dawg" (which I really like when rappers say that) and "pussies," I know he ain't playin' wit this shit. I think 'cause 3rd Shift made him HUNGRY for this beat (he made Lil' Bossy VERY hungry for beats; that's why Lil' Bossy MURDERED all his 3rd Shift beats). That "get you pissed on" line iz full of focusness! No playin' games here! NOOOOOOOO tha fuckin' joint ended!!! UGH!!!!!!!!! <- To add to this: Oh, it was No. 12 on G-Eazy's CD too, lol! Oh yeah, in my "Favorite Rap and R&B Songs of September 2008" video, when I put in tha "CDs/Mixtapes To Go Cop" section to go cop G-Eazy's CD, I had this song play in tha background (to make people curious to download tha CD).My Current Rating: 4.9
^ P.S.: Here's tha review I did for G-Eazy's CD: CLICK HERE

13. Oba Rowland Feat. Tony Harrell "Daddy"
How weird that in G-Eazy's song, I said, "sounds like tha intro to "Daddy" by Oba Rowland," when I was reviewin' tha beginning of that beat. Now look, "Daddy" iz right after it, lol! This one didn't really break into my playlist 'cause "My Niggaz" was doin' its thang. Let's see what I got to say about reviewin' this joint finally… >>> Tha hook just gets you right into tha joint; I like tha 2nd part of tha hook better than tha 1st part though. Those are some real nice lyrics during tha 1st verse. I didn't know who tha singer was until I saw tha tracklisting to this, mainly 'cause I had this ripped originally 3.5 months ago. Anotha nice verse too by Oba Rowland on tha 2nd verse; I'm glad they call him "daddy." *Pretends Shaznay Lewis iz singin' to Oba Rowland on Wideboys Feat. Shaznay Lewis "Daddy-O" for Oba* "In tha night, when nobody's around me, I call on you, 'daddy-o." My Current Rating: 4.4

14. Oba Rowland Feat. Pay Ray "So 100"
More of Oba, huh? Expectin' good wit that title! >>> Jointz are nice and long (4:40 on tha length)! Who's tha skit person in tha beginning (that was in tha beginning of that "Be With You" joint as well)? Hearin' tha nice beat intro! Beat iz DEFINITELY nice in this one (like tha "outer space" type of style in tha hook)!! Of course, that "I got my swag up" type of hook that I like for tha hook! Nice 1st verse and I love tha hook easily; when I do these reviews, "I'm 'so 100'!" Nice 2nd verse too and damn, I can't say it enough: "I LOVE THAT HOOK!" I'm hearin' Pay Ray on tha 3rd verse and he sounds real nice to hear! Like tha end of his verse wit tha 25%/50% shit. My Rating: 4.7

15. G-Eazy "Knockin'"
Anotha G-Eazy joint! Iz this tha one after "I'm Focused" on his CD? *Checks* Wrong… it's not? Then high anticipation for this joint! >>> Pretty decent start so far… Yeah, nice 1st verse from G-Eazy. Might have to get into that beat more but I'm likin' tha hook more as it's "knockin'" better on my stereo. That was also a nice 2nd verse too. My Rating: 4.1

16. Lil' Bossy "My Dougie (Freestyle Interlude)"
That's a lil' different for tha ID (wit tha "(Freestyle Interlude)" part); it was originally "My Dougie (Remix)" on his mixtape. Heard this fade-in and I was like "ewe, it came outta nowhere; especially for No. 16!" Let's see what I had to say: I attempted to do this dance but I couldn't. I think there's too much movements all at once and it's kinda fast for me… Soulja Boy Tell'em did it in tha Bow Wow/Soulja Boy Tell'em "Marco Polo" video and I was like "EWE!!!" ("ewe" iz my sayin' for somethin' funny or exciting in an odd way). Anyway, great start! He's got his "fresh on." He's still got those dickies on, lol? It's all good 'cause he's "fresh" so they ain't gon get "non-fresh." He did tha damn thang on this dawg; real good shit!! <- To add to this, no wonder why it's labeled as a "freestyle;" its length iz only 1:31 on this mixtape. Great 3rd Shift beat!! My Current Rating: 4.4

17. 5th Child Feat. 3rd Shift "Young Black Man"
Let's hear how this "young black man" gon sound on this wit my dawg, 3rd Shift! >>> Pretty nice beat from you again. Gonna have to try and get into that hook for this joint; it's decent so far. Hearin' tha 1st verse right now and it's not bad. Hearin' tha hook again wit those "you know they runnin' for ya/gunnin' for ya" parts and hearin' that makes me think that this iz for a "young black man" who has haterz and iz tryin' to evade them tha best he can. Nice lil' topic I'm guessin'. Pretty nice 2nd verse and I'm gonna try and like this more when I play this mixtape in tha future. For now, this was my opinion on a 1st listen. My Rating: 3.8

18. "3rd-Strumental No. 2"
Ooh for a second, when I heard tha 1st milli-second of it at tha end of "YBM," I was like, "ewe, anotha 'Daddy' (Oba Rowland's joint)!" Nope, it's that 2nd "3rd-Strumental!" High anticipation level on listenin'! >>> Sounds like an odd "Daddy" beginning… Like tha buildin' up to this beat in tha intro. Here comes what could be, tha 1st verse… Reminds me of a 2003 Texas song I liked from tha underground, Ice Water Slaughter Feat. Slim Thug, E.S.G. & Billy Cook "Platinum Team". Pretty nice job here and I do like that hook for this! Hearin' tha 2nd verse and still gettin' that same feel as I had for tha 1st verse. My Rating: 4.0

19. Shout Outs
So this gon be it for you wit tha checkin' in? I thought it was gonna end wit you on No. 20 but I guess I was wrong. Let's hear who you gotta shout out… >>> Ooh it's 3:49! Lookin' forward to your actual album comin' out in tha future! Ooh, I was just dozin' off, listenin' to you shout out people and then all of a sudden, I look at Music Choice Electronica and I notice that pH10 Feat. Pete Miser "Think It Through" iz playin' (a HOT Rap song; one of their "rare songs" (where it's an old song that only comes on once a month)) so I'm gonna listen to it and then get back listenin' to you shout out ya peeps! Now then, I didn't know who you were gonna say wit tha "BIGGEST shout out," but no, it's to tha haterz! Lookin' forward to that EP as well! That should be a nice single too coming up! My Rating: N/A

20. Oba Rowland "Try Me"
No other way to close it out than wit Oba Rowland, since you like him a whole lot. Let's see how we gon end this joint! >>> Almost thought it was "Where You Been At?" in tha beginning; I like tha similar sound though! Not bad so far, I think it's a good song. Great verses from him and I'm startin' to like that hook! I like how tha beat sounds durin' tha hook; real nice shit 3rd Shift! My Rating: 3.7

End Time: 9:57 PM. DEFINITELY a great piece of work from you 3rd Shift! I have an easy feelin' this was definitely better than tha 1st "Coup d'Etat" mixtape (even though I neva heard that one). DEFINITELY keep doin' tha ma'fuckin' thang dawg; you tha shit fa'real!!!!! FUCK THEM HATERZ!!!!!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

15. Uncle Monster "ABC Bounce" 1.0
14. Oba Rowland "Be With You" 3.5
13. Oba Rowland "Try Me" 3.7
12. 5th Child Feat. 3rd Shift "Young Black Man" 3.8
11. "3rd-Strumental No. 2" 4.0
10. G-Eazy "Knockin'" 4.1
09. Oba Rowland Feat. 3rd Shift "Who Better" 4.3
08. Oba Rowland Feat. Tony Harrell "Daddy" 4.4
07. Lil' Bossy "My Dougie (Freestyle Interlude)" 4.4
06. "3rd-Strumental No. 1" 4.5
05. Oba Rowland Feat. 3rd Shift "I'm The Bomb" 4.7
04. Oba Rowland Feat. Pay Ray "So 100" 4.7
03. Oba Rowland "My Niggaz" 4.8
02. G-Eazy Feat. 3rd Shift & Diddy "I'm Focused" 4.9

01. Lil' Bossy "Where You Been At?" 5.0

^ As you know, there would've been 16 rankings. If Famous Stranger can fix this, then there'll be 16 rankings.

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