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Review #80: Dee-1 "I Am Who I Am"

Reviewed on 3.31.2008 (Review No. 80)

Watz good Dee-1, my big dawg. It’s yo boy Frankie. Happy 39th birthday to my disabled Aunt Susie today. *Plays "The Addams Family" Theme Song (because she’s obsessed wit them)* Anyway, guess what came in tha mail today from Jimmy The DJ?… … "I Am Who I Am"!! Yup, it’s FINALLY here!! I see that there’s 31 jointz on here. I barely have heard so much from you, so all this new shit gon be REALLY anticipating! DEFINITELY lookin’ forward to this! I really hope you like this review. Here goes my review for Dee-1 "I Am Who I Am", tha street album and mixtape! Start Time: 10:10 PM | Video Game Playing: Super Mario RPG (for Super Nintendo) (on my computer)

01. "Intro"
DEFINITELY LOOKIN’ FORWARD TO THA INTRO!!!!! >>> I didn’t expect tha rappin’ on tha intro. I like tha "rappin’ in heaven" line. Tha "pen in my gat" line I hear. I see that that line was taken from tha "One Man Army" joint. I like that lil’ synth beat a lot. Real talk at tha end about tha "not sure if I’m gonna wake up tomorrow." Sometimes I don’t like rating intros, but here goes anything: My Rating: 3.9

Quick Reminder: Dee-1, I think you’re a REAL GREAT person. However, when it comes to reviewing something, I’m gonna try and be as personal as I can. I really would HATE to give anything of yours a "not high" rating, but I gotta try and be myself as much as I can. I’m gonna try and relate to any song as much as I can.

02. "Fly Boys"
Yeah you and Jimmy The DJ are DEFINITELY some "fly boys", lol. Yeah definitely really feelin’ Louisiana, especially tha music scene. I see this iz also produced by Flight School. Lemme hear another hot synth! High AL (anticipation level)! >>> Okay good beat (diggin’ it). Good hook. Yeah Dee-1, "mind on your money, your brain on tha ceiling" <- gotta feel like you’re on top! I see how you said "throw some d’s on it / throw some bad grades on." That line (especially wit tha "bad grades") was real. GOOD deep thinkin’! Sometimes I think I’m slowly losing interest in tha beat, but I still gotta give this joint tha thumbs up. My Rating: 4.0

03. "Topic: Why I Rap"
I predicted a really fast freestyle, but I definitely wanna hear this interlude. Gimme tha COMPLETE definition of "why you rap" Dee-1! >>> Yeah you have tha same thoughts as me: "I don’t want to create a fad" <- I DEFINITELY feel ya on that homie! Why do you think I’m coming out wit a dance/techno song called "Driver’s Test Anthem" (based on my driver’s test that I have on audio)? Because I’m lookin’ outside tha box, ya dig! And on tha rappin’ tip, why do you think I’m makin’ my 64 year old grandma rap? To do somethin’ that no one has done before. Shit, I’m actually almost done producing that, so alls I have to do iz mix her vocals wit tha beat, make a music video, and it gon be out there! Look out for it Dee-1 ’cause she gon shout you out! I see that "One Man Army" iz up next! My Rating: N/A

04. "One Man Army"
Yeah I definitely liked (or should I say "loved") tha lil’ video you did to this. I think a better way for me to review this mixtape iz by you rappin’ each of these jointz on Youtube. I might have higher ratings, but for now, I finna just review them str8 from tha mixtape on a first listen (excluding songs like this one that I’ve heard before). Lemme give it an official review this time: >>> Yeah it’s a positive beat, but it really reminds me of tha "Good Life" beat a lot. Once again, I really like tha "pen iz my gat" line. I like tha "like I’m spittin’ bars behind bars" line too. I guess this gon be a habit for Dee-1 songs as well: quote those TIGHT lines! But yeah, this iz gonna come str8 from me: I know I don’t go for these extremely lyrical songs wit an aight beat (sometimes), but for you, I’m gonna give you an Actual Song Rating, which iz gonna be what I think it should be rated for a song (mainly by lyrics and storytelling). I’m gonna keep my personal rating tho. So yeah, a lil’ difference in tha rules. I did this first wit Soulja Boy Tell’em to prove how bad his album "" was. Actual Song Rating: 4.9 | My Rating: 4.2

05. "Priceless Intro"
What’s this eleven seconds thing? >>> Oh a lil’ intro! I dig it. Now I have a high quality version of tha remix ’cause I originally ripped it from your Myspace. Tha remix iz featured on my "Favorite Rap and R&B Songs of March 2008" video. My Rating: N/A

06. "Priceless (Remix)" Feat. Zella & La La
Oh so NOW I see tha featured artists! I should’ve looked at this before I made tha video, but don’t worry, I will add them to tha tracklisting on tha video (but not in tha video ’cause I can’t re-edit a video once it’s made). I guess Flight School iz real cool wit you, as he (or they) have/has produced a bunch of jointz for you. And between this vs. tha original, tha original was HOT single material (wit tha lyrics), and this remix iz definitely HOT lyrical/song style material (wit tha lyrics). I’m REAL GLAD you turned it into this!! I can’t believe I gave tha original only a 3.5 rating on a first listen and said "I’m losing interest in this for some reason." Shit, good thing I PICKed this song (tha original) for January 2008 ’cause it BLEW UP wit me by gettin’ like 200 spins!! I knew on my 2nd listen that I REALLY wanted to play tha original after hearin’ tha "but tha look on they face…" line in tha hook. That REALLY caught my attention for some reason, and it became tha FIRST OFFICIAL Rap song I PICKed exclusively (as an "Unleashed Song") for tha beginning of tha month (which I started wit this song in January 2008). I can’t call it tha best underground Rap song of tha year (due to I have a bunch others that are competing as much as "Priceless"), but it’s DEFINITELY one of tha BEST underground Rap songs of 2008! That 3rd verse "I see, he don’t like me, she don’t like me…" and tha "I’m P-R-I-C, nah I ain’t gon spell it, I’m priceless" lines were REAL nice!! Actual Song Rating: 4.7 | My Current Rating: 4.8 (Current Rating this time ’cause I’ve been playing tha song)

07. "Faith" Feat. Frank
Featuring me huh? Lol… Nah I’m just playin’. Didn’t expect that, lol. Different people on tha beat so let’s see… >>> Okay Frank’s a singer. Not my type of start, but gonna make sure that Actual Song Rating gets nice and high! Beat iz okay/pretty good for me. Yeah "cover your whole room wit inspirational quotes" <- I feel ya Dee-1. I like tha "keep grindin’" part in tha hook. Gotta have that lil’ street mix in tha singin’. Yeah you brought up "Jackie Robinson" in tha 2nd verse. Yeah I been learnin’ about Jackie in my Sports in Society and Intro to Sport Management classes this semester. I’ll give this a real nice Actual Song Rating, but I’m not sure about my own rating. Actual Song Rating: 4.8 | My Rating: 3.6

08. "Just In Case"
Okay back to tha Flight School productions. What will this one turn out to be? >>> A better beat. Tha lil’ samplin’ throughout tha song reminds me of a Diplomats type of song. Yeah it iz sad that "where we’re from, being smart ain’t cool" <- I can understand this. I’m toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo smart for a lot of people, and they know it!! Okay I feel tha 1st verse a lot better than tha 2nd verse. Yeah I feel you on this line "when you still busy, you still take tha time out to do you" <- I have a non-stop busy-ness, but looka here, I’m doin’ this review for you, stayin’ up and not goin’ to sleep early for college tomorrow at 9:30 AM. Actual Song Rating: 4.1 | My Rating: 3.5

09. "Topic: Money"
Time to embrace myself for tha 58 seconds of Dee-1 talkin’ about "money". >>> I guess I can see what you’re saying. I love money, but I am nowhere near greedy for it. My Rating: N/A

10. "I Hate Money"
Okay, I guess this iz tha sequel to tha lil’ interlude then. I’m really interested in hearin’ what you gotta say about this topic! High AL! >>> I hear them "yeah"s in tha background again (like in "Priceless"). I like this beat more than most of tha beats on here. It reminds me of somethin’ strange in a good way. Really liked tha lyrics in tha 1st verse. Definitely feelin’ your lyrics a lot. And I didn’t wanna do this, but I can’t help it. It’s an "auto-drug" effect on me. A quick *INTERMISSION* (like 4 minutes). On Music Choice Dance, they have older songs they play once every (close to) 2 months at tha top of tha hour, every 2 hours. Tha one on right now, Dannii Minogue "Come And Get It", iz on right now, so I must listen to it, and importantly, look @ her hot pics on tha screen! Good thing for tha lil’ break ’cause I got a lil’ stuck in tha video game I’m playin’ right now (Super Mario RPG for Super Nintendo), and I didn’t want tha lil’ "gettin’ stuck"ness makin’ me change my view for this song’s opinion. Anyway, time to get back into tha song! … Yeah definitely interesting song! Love when artists/songs are outside tha box! Actual Song Rating: 4.7 | My Rating: 4.3

11. "The Man That Never Smiles"
This one should be another interesting one. Iz it gonna make me feel sad? I dunno. Wanna hear it tho! >>> I feel it, and have lots of interest, even tho it sounds like a New York / Ghostface Killah type of flowin’ speed type of song. Yeah Dee-1, I felt what you were sayin’ in tha beginnin’ of this song. Just think… 10 dayz until… well you figure it out *wink*. But you might not expect somethin’ special… Just wait tha 10 dayz, and you’ll find out. Anyway, yeah, I’m SO dedicated to people. I wish people were just as dedicated to me too (I’m talkin’ ’bout friends). I don’t really have any physical friends outside of my college (but I have a lot of people that are my friends online). I just REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY appreciate all tha thingz Jimmy The DJ does for me. I wrote on my Myspace page that he’s tha best fuckin’ person in tha music business! I’d fuckin’ die for that dude. He’s definitely tha best! I’m also glad that you guys (you, A-Mar & Dyl that are affiliated wit him) really appreciate tha things I do for you guys too. Shit, I can’t wait ’til I get to Louisiana! I REALLY hope my future job starts there!! And now back to tha song: That sample on tha hook iz pretty good. Oh yeah, I see you been rhymin’ since 18 (7+11). I’ve been rhymin’ since May 28, 2003 (Age 14). Oh shit, if you really doin’ songs explainin’ stories, you should make a song in tha future about Autistic people. Even throw me in tha "Autistic" song ’cause I’m prolly tha BEST/MOST DEDICATED Autistic person in tha Rap game! Wow I like tha "can I" parts in tha 3rd verse a lot. I definitely felt that song for a combination of lyrics/flow/beat/hook. Actual Song Rating: 4.6 | My Rating: 4.2

12. "Rebirth" Feat. Tyrel & Mal
Saw this on tha Myspace player, and I thought this was a "Still We Rise" type of song (a song that would be on there). Neva got to hear it, so lemme hear it. Trust me Dee-1, you’ll NEVA die, and if you were to eva get sick/get hurt or whateva (which will NEVA FUCKIN’ HAPPEN), you will DEFINITELY "rebirth" yourself quicker than a car goin’ 150 miles per hour! >>> I see that Quack produced it. It even sounded like "quacking" in tha beginning, lol. Oh I remember this from somewhere. Oh I actually remember now: it was from "Still We Rise". That lil’ preview I had (wit 3 songs on it). This was on there, and even Jimmy The DJ said that this song was on here too. I LOVE that hook, and I like that girbauds line. Oh and speaking of Jimmy The DJ, what do ya know: on Music Choice Electronica, now playing: M.I.A. "Jimmy (Dean Coleman Remix)". Lol. Because you sound younger on this joint, you sound more like a Lil’ Wayne from like 2002 (like how he was rappin’ on tha "Way Of Life" joint). But wow, just like wit "Priceless"’s hook, this hook iz TOO FUCKIN’ HOT!!! Actual Song Rating: 4.2 | My Rating: 4.5
Oh yeah and here’s what I said when I was reviewin’ this originally on "Still We Rise" (tha preview):
Yeah I figured Dee-1 sounded younger. Nice line that your grandpa "has a pair of girbauds." That hook sounds pretty good for a singin’. Yeah "ya’ll ain’t ready for that 5-0-4." Tha 5-0-4 takin’ ova! Gotta LOVE music from Louisiana!! Ewe it sounded like tha 3rd verse was edited or somethin’… Either way, this joint sounds nice and hot. Sounds like somethin’ older than 2 years. Feelin’ it. Dee-1’s rhymes sound REAL good. This sounded like somethin’ that was played on a Louisiana radio staton (Jimmy told me a few of your songs made it to stations in Louisiana). My Rating: 4.2
^ So My Rating increase by 0.3 since I reviewed it on "Still We Rise" (preview).

13. "Just Go"
And will it be lucky No. 13 or unlucky? I have a feelin’ lucky ’cause it’s Dee-1! >>> Not really anything catchin’ on at all in tha beginning, but I’m catchin’ onto tha 2nd verse. Felt it better towards tha end. Definitely love Dee-1’s rhymes! Actual Song Rating: 4.0 | My Rating: 3.6

14. "Heavenly Bounce"
I can tell it gon be interesting, but I have a feelin’ it won’t be my type… >>> Oh it’s more on tha "harder" side. Didn’t expect that. Did you really have a gun pointed at you? If so, that sux. I still can’t picture that Louisiana got effected by Katrina. It feels like it was so long ago/somethin’ that didn’t exist. I can’t picture how TERRIBLE it was when it hit! Decent hook, but definitely still feelin’ tha lyrics. Actual Song Rating: 4.2 | My Rating: 3.5

15. "Topic: Teaching"
And how iz it bein’ a teacher Dee-1? I wanted to be one ’round my middle school/early high school dayz, but then I switched to playlists, and now it’s mainly charting and especially videos (directing & editing videos). Definitely wanna hear this interlude on teaching! >>> Yeah that was definitely some good interlude. Thanx 4 that experienced info. My Rating: N/A

½time: I started at 10:10 PM, and it’s now 11:43 PM. It took me 93 minutes to get through ½ of this (and I didn’t do no long breaks). But yeah, as far as tha storytellin’, it’s CRAZY. As far as my personal opinion, it’s REAL GOOD at some points, even tho some songs aren’t for me exactly, but I still feel them.

16. "Jay & Diddy"
Okay it’s about 2 people… Might be lucky ’cause it’s No. 16 (which I always have a good feeling for No. 16 on CDs). Let’s see… >>> Oh tha title iz refering to Jay-Z & Diddy. I definitely like all these motivating songs. Glad that you’re a REAL STRONG motivator Dee-1! There izn’t much special on this joint from me, but I do like that beat and that hook. Actual Song Rating: 4.3 | My Rating: 3.6

17. "Graduation"
Mines iz comin’ up May 18, 2008 (from my 2 year college, Lackawanna College). I wish I could go to Louisiana for a good portion of tha Summer ’cause I’m gonna have no friends to hang out wit for like 4 months! At least Louisiana there’s you, Jimmy, and tons others! Anyway, lemme hear what you sayin’ to tha world on this one! >>> ’Preciate tha graduation shout out. Yeah a REAL long journey for me. I definitely got through college in a REAL good way! I DEFINITELY gotta give it up for my black friendz. I’m not racist at all, but due to my Autism and common interests, black people (mainly from tha hood) made me socialize a lot more! I’m really glad people at my college really love Rap music ’cause in my high school, not a single soul liked Rap music as much as me. They only liked that mainstream bullshit. Rap music and tha Rap business gets me really interested when it comes to topics. I could talk all day when people talk to me about shit! Anyway, oh nice line "let your head bob like Marley" <- REAL NICE! I REALLY like all that history of your school dayz. Actual Song Rating: 4.9 | My Rating: 4.4

18. "Topic: Dee-1"
And yes Dee-1…? >>> Props on tha contact info (even tho I had it already), and good outro. What’s tha remaining 13 jointz then? Which part was this, tha album or tha mixtape? I gotta check again. My Rating: N/A
EDIT: Okay I see now, this was tha street album part. I don’t look at tha tracklisting at first when I’m first listenin’ to/reviewing CDs/mixtapes. I slowly reveal it.

19. "For The Fans"
So this iz tha start of tha mixtape side I see. I like this double set here (street album + mixtape). Let’s see… Wait lemme check tha length first real quick… 44 seconds, so it must just be an intro. Definitely wanna hear it tho! >>> Yeah good intro to tha mixtape part. Lemme re-hear that part about tha posting videos… So you’re shootin’ a video for each song on tha mixtape side I see. That’s what’s up. My Rating: N/A

Note: Just to tell you, I’m slowly gettin’ tired, and almost 2 hours into this, but I don’t give a shit! I’m FINISHIN’ THIS!! No need to post-pone it to a future time!!

20. "Gotta Represent" Feat. Dee Zee
Looks familiar, but it can’t be… But it looks tight too! High AL for this joint! >>> Oh now I remember what Jimmy said also: ½ original beats, ½ jacked beats. Let’s see how you handle these jacked beats… It’s over tha "Get Crunk" beat, but yeah, you sound RAW on this joint!! Tha hook iz kinda repetitive until it gets to tha "I gotta get paid" part. That’s hot. Yeah, they "won’t catch you unless they show endurance" <- A tight line. Pretty tight lines on this lil’ rework of this joint. My Rating: 3.8
^ These aren’t original beats, so I’m not gonna do tha Actual Song Ratings for this one ’til No. 31.

21. "By Myself"
I hope this iz over Foxx’s beat, but I doubt it… >>> It iz!! Feelin’ it so far. Keep tha verses comin’ dawg! Yeah "make it rain on your people in tha N.O." <- Not just a good line, but a good choice too! My Rating: 3.9

22. "Mannie Fresh"
Couldn’t find a title, lol? What Mannie Fresh beat (I’m guessin’) iz this gonna be… lemme take a guess… uh… how about "Move Around" by B.G. & Mannie Fresh. >>> Oh wrong, wrong, WRONG for me, lol. It’s tha "International Players Anthem (I Choose You)" beat. This iz you talkin’ about you meetin’ up wit Mannie Fresh. I really like it. DEFINITELY feelin’ tha message on this!! And what’s up wit tha ending? Fresh neva called you? But yeah, good experience. I hope this whole thing you were talkin’ about was true. I can’t wait to meet certain rappers/producers in tha game!! My Rating: 4.6

23. "Memory Lane (Remix)"
Looks familiar… >>> I don’t recognize tha beat. Iz it old school? I guess you’re sayin’ it iz an old Nas beat from tha "Illmatic" album. Definitely good shit to listen to randomly, but I just thought that was decent. Nothin’ really stood out for me on this one, but if this was to come up randomly from somewhere and play, I’d enjoy it. My Rating: 3.4

24. "D.E.E.1.W.I.L.L.N.O.T.L.O.S.E."
Lol @ all them letters + your "No. 1" all together. This iz prolly on tha "Independent" beat, and if that’s tha case, when people go on that beat and do tha letter spelling, it comes out REAL great, so definitely a High AL for you and your "D.E.E.1.W.I.L.L.N.O.T.L.O.S.E."!! >>> Lol it’s tha "Dey Know" beat. That was CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know tha idea came from Papoose’s flowin’ on DJ Kayslay & Papoose "Alphabetical Slaughter". REAL NICE for somethin’ under 2 minutes long! You’re a FUCKIN’ BEAST wit tha rhymes!! I also liked your Shawty Lo renditions at tha end! This took tha crown as my favorite so far unexpectically! My Rating: 4.9

25. "Queens"
You were just near there, and so was I. We almost had tha chance to meet each other. Damn, why couldn’t I have more dayz off? But either way, I’m still glad to be back in college, especially seein’ my click again. I’m almost 20 years old, so I feel that I’m too old to miss a day of college. So far this semester, I didn’t miss ONE DAY. However, I’m gonna miss 4 dayz and tha whole finals week too ’cause on April 29th, my dad iz pickin’ me up to get settled on Long Island, New York, and on April 30th, we’re flying to Orlando, Florida (1st time I’m gonna be flying)!! REAL EXCITING!! We’re staying ’til tha 11th of May. Anyway, gotta get back to gettin’ ready to hear this. I’m guessin’ an LL beat? >>> Nope tha "Thugz Mansion (Acoustic Version)" beat. Lol… I thought tha "Queens" title was gonna be dedicated to Queens, NY, but it’s to tha gurlz out there. Pretty good tho. My Rating: 3.8

26. "Dumb Out"
Heard tha "Naw Mean" (Baby Boy Da Prince Feat. Mannie Fresh) beat on accident. So you gon do it "jigg" style and do it "tha dumb way" for this one, lol? >>> Yeah I thought you cursed for a second, but you said "got damage" or somethin’ like that. Yeah "G** damn" iz tha only curse I do NOT say (haven’t said it for 8 years now). I feel as tho it’s goin’ against God, and it’s tha ONLY curse I censor in ANY case! Sometimes I say "shit damn" in replace. I also like tha "bomb like I spit grenades" line. I definitely really like all this consistantness without stoppin’! Yeah, "hip-hop and bein’ broke don’t make sense to me" <- TRUE! My Rating: 4.1

27. "I Do It 4…."
Can’t picture what this gon sound like… >>> An even older beat. It’s tha "We Gon Make It" beat by Jadakiss. 2001 style. That’s REAL good that you "do it 4" all those people. This does sound familiar tho… Heard it somewhere… Hey didn’t you rap this on *Mariah Carey "Touch My Body" voice* Youtube, ah Youtube? Yeah you did it without this beat. LOVED those freestyles, so this gets tha BIG plus from me again! I really liked tha end of that last verse! My Rating: 4.4

28. "1 Minute"
…And 8 seconds, lol. >>> Sounds like a Pitbull flow. I thought I was gonna give it a "nothin’ special" type of rating, but this gets tha props from me. My Rating: 3.5

29. "Doin’ My Job"
I think this was another Myspace player song. Yeah Dee-1, you’re DEFINITELY "doin’ your job!" >>> Ewe @ that sample. Keep motivating yourself Dee-1! These rhymes’ll DEFINITELY pay off in a REAL GOOD way for ya in tha future!! Not bad tho. My Rating: 3.6

30. "Welcome Back"
Okay this iz on here too. I saw this video on Youtube, and it was REAL good as well! >>> Yeah you did a nice job on this. Hearin’ this (tha Mase beat and sample he used) brings back tha ’04 dayz. My Rating: 4.2

31. "Barack Obama"
As tired as I am, I was thinkin’ tha outro was gon be about a minute long. It’s only 6 seconds… lol? What can you tell me in 6 seconds that gon catch my ears?? >>> Oh a lil’ on tha voting side. I don’t know too much about that stuff, so I’m not saying much. My Rating: N/A

Overall: End Time: 12:53 AM. Okay how long did this take… 10:10 PM – 12:53 AM… that’s… 2 hours, 43 minutes (163 minutes). Who cares. All I care about iz that this was a VERY GOOD CD to target a bunch of different people! I actually liked tha 1st ½ better. I REALLY love your storytelling (you’re like tha male version of Amanda Diva, only BETTER)!! Time for me to hit tha bed tho. Tomorrow, or sometime this week, I’ll upload and post this mixtape everywhere (along wit my review). You keep doin’ you, and I REALLY HOPE one day in tha future we get to meet/hang out!!

Rankings (according to My Ratings):

24. "Memory Lane (Remix)" 3.4
23. "1 Minute" 3.5
22. "Heavenly Bounce" 3.5
21. "Just In Case" 3.5
20. "Jay & Diddy" 3.6
19. "Just Go" 3.6
18. "Doin’ My Job" 3.6
17. "Faith" Feat. Frank 3.6
16. "Gotta Represent" Feat. Dee Zee 3.8
15. "Queens" 3.8
14. "Intro" 3.9
13. "By Myself" 3.9
12. "Fly Boys" 4.0
11. "Dumb Out" 4.1
10. "Welcome Back" 4.2
09. "One Man Army" 4.2
08. "The Man That Never Smiles" 4.2
07. "I Hate Money" 4.3
06. "I Do It 4…." 4.4
05. "Graduation" 4.4
04. "Rebirth" Feat. Tyrel & Mal 4.5
03. "Mannie Fresh" 4.6
02. "Priceless (Remix)" Feat. Zella & La La 4.8
01. "D.E.E.1.W.I.L.L.N.O.T.L.O.S.E." 4.9

^^ 11 and a ½ pages on Word!!! That’s a ** NEW RECORD!! **
Tha previous record was 9 pages in Word when I reviewed tha "Swag Season" mixtape from DJ Scream & Rocko.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Review #79: Joey Jihad "Tha Big Dog Yard"

Reviewed on 3.30.2008 (Review No. 79)

Wat tha deal iz it’s yo boy Frankie. ’Bout to do this review from Joey Jihad, a dude outta Philly. Now I usually do dirty south reviews, but this time, it’s not. Why am I doing this then? Well, my dude Juice put me on this dude. In February 2008, when I first met my boy Juice, he was bumpin’ this mixtape "Tha Big Dog Yard", and tha jointz were nice. But what caught my attention was No. 6 on here "Bossman". I liked it a lot on a first listen, and on March 13, 2008, I asked him what this song was / tha artist, and he wrote it down for me. Since then, tha song has scored over 100 spins (playz) wit me since and topped my Top 10 Countdown at least 10 times now (out of its 18 dayz on my countdown so far). That’s fuckin’ tight for somethin’ I had for only under 3 weeks now! Anyway, I originally copied this mixtape from Juice’s labtop onto my jumpdrive, but then I needed tha tracklisting, so I downloaded it by Googeling it, so now I’m gonna review it. By tha way, I might not have any anticipation level reviewing this ’cause I heard pretty much tha whole thing at least twice wit Juice, so now I’m givin’ each joint a review. Here’s my review for Joey Jihad "Tha Big Dog Yard". Start Time: 11:02 PM | Video Game Playing: Super Mario RPG (for Super Nintendo) (on my computer)

01. "Intro"
Alright lemme re-hear tha intro. I don’t remember it. >>> Lol it was only 8 seconds long, but a good 8 seconds. Yeah, "holla at ya ma’fuckin’ boy." My Rating: N/A

02. "Rockin’ Wit Da Gettas (Scream Go)"
Let’s see what I can remember wit this one… >>> That beat reminds me of somethin’… can’t remember. I like tha "like Soulja Boy, I’ll have that nigga jockin’" line. I usually bash on samples, but how he uses tha "yuuugh" sample iz good in this. Oh so he said that line in tha beginning of "Bossman" in tha beginning of tha 1st verse. So that’s where it comes from. Damn he’s got such a GREAT flow! Love this fastness! He’s CRAZY on tha rhymes!!! "I’m in my own world like Disney" <- That’s tight (along wit a bunch of other shit said in tha 1st verse)! Damn he’s goin’ so fast! I gotta keep up wit quoting shit ’cause it’s REAL TIGHT!!! Lovin’ tha flowin’/rhymes/verses/hook/beat!! I HOPE Joey Jihad does it REAL BIG in tha future!! Too bad Music Choice Rap doesn’t play anything of him… This iz DEFINITELY one of tha BEST beginning songs I EVA heard on a mixtape!! Like tha "Christina Aguilera" quote from "White Girl" at tha end! Perfect rating… and that’s VERY VERY RARE!! My Rating: 5.0

03. "Weatherman Freestyle"
I thought this was an original beat when I heard it first, but I think it’s Jim Jones’s. Either way, I really liked this one. Lemme see my review on this… >>> I think Jim Jones had a similar hook, but Joey makes it tight too. That DJ (DJ Amir) iz doin’ a great job. I like all those "D-D-DJ Ami-D-D-DJ Amir"s that come outta nowhere. Good verse, but I love tha hook. Yeah to tha haterz: "flush tha drain on ya" and "shame on ya" <- Good job on that Joey! If I’m not mistaken, when I first saw Joey Jihad’s pics on his Myspace, he looked/reminded me a lil’ of Wes Fif at first. Either way, Wes Fif iz another REAL TIGHT rapper from Orlando, FL! I like how tha 2nd verse of this just went all tha way to tha very end! My Rating: 4.6

04. "Can’t Be Me"
Yeah nobody can be you dawg. You tha "big dawg"! >>> Another 4 minute flat track! Might be lucky like No. 2! Yeah good hook. Gotta give props once again to my boy Juice. I like when people discover rappers that I don’t know. I think that’s wit anyone. It makes me really get into liking them as an artist and it DEFINITELY helps my playlist a lot! Good 1st verse! I like tha "ounce of flounder" line on tha 2nd verse. I like that beat. It’s real good for somethin’ from up here. Lol @ tha "white girl, barbie" line. My Rating: 4.1

05. "Skit"
When hearing "Bossman" (and knowing that it’s next), I thought there was a song here (instead of a skit). I wanna hear tha skit tho. Let’s see what’s goin’ on here. >>> Aight cool. Lemme hear again who’s on tha beat to "Bossman"… I think it said Bad Cage Studios. Will look out for them on future beats and shit. My Rating: N/A

06. "Bossman" Feat. Meek Mill
Yes I’m finally FUCKIN’ reviewing this song!! Wow Juice discovered a BIG ONE for 2008!! This song iz TOO FUCKIN’ CRAZY!!!!! When I played it today, I said that "it’s crazier than a heart-attack!" Last year around this time, my boy Darnell had "My Chopper" by Joe Hound, Dre & C-Ride on his Myspace player (which made me discover Joe Hound & C-Ride). That song was CRAZY, but this one iz A LOT BETTER!! Call this tha underground song (discovered by one of my boyz) of 2008 (since "My Chopper" was tha 2007 one)! I ALWAYS have this song on repeat! NO WAY I can hear this song once! Gotta hear it multiple times!! Now time for me to quote shit outta here: >>> Tha line that caught my attention when I first heard it (I don’t know it word for word): "I’m tha big dog, [ ? ] [ ? ], [ somethin’ ] you puppies." <- I really liked tha dirty south vibe to that (where it sounds like it’s screwed). "36 flows / like a brick’ll give you 36 o’s" <- That whole part iz hot! Nothin’ iz better than havin’ 2 and a ¼ pounds if you hustlin’! Smoking weed = Good luck to me at any time (and it ALWAYS works)! I love tha smell of it, and tha last time I was around it, I won $15 on a scratch-off, and later on in tha day, my mom won $40 on a scratch-off (and she neva hits a good amount of money)! "Shinin’ like tha sun, tha fuck I need tha moon for?" <- Real tight line! Meek Mill iz also a beast on this too!! It’s a CLASSIC fa’sho!!!!!!!!!!! My Rating: 5.0

07. "Millertime"
I guess it’s time to get our drink on. Let’s see how tight Joey gon spit on this one! >>> I think I might’ve been wrong about thinkin’ about tha drinkin’, but yeah, this joint iz crack fa’sho. Definitely tha tight shit comin’ outta Philly. I like tha "Shaggy / boombastic" line. Yeah real tight! Great beat too! Yeah tha "millertime" thing iz more on tha "9mm" side of thangz (’cause it goes out to those haterz). Who would hate on Joey Jihad? He at least puttin’ out some HOT SHIT from tha East Coast! My Rating: 4.3

08. "Mattic Man"
I like how he’s not overdoing it wit features! It’s just him. >>> It’s only 2 minutes, 16 seconds. Oh I remember that beginning! HOT!! Okay real nice beat, and looks like fast flowing again! I remember tha "bring that shit back – they don’t get tha 2nd verse yet" part. That was REAL good that they brought that back. It’s too tight! My Rating: 4.4

09. "Skit"
Another skit. Let’s see… >>> Keepin’ it real. I feel ya on that. My Rating: N/A

½time: Of course this mixtape iz PURE FIYA!!!!!!!!! And my boy B-Mack (a close friend of Juice) discovered another rapper for me too (forgot his name). I tried lookin’ for some new shit from him, but I couldn’t find it today (I have access to a forum, and they got a topic, wit over 4,500 replies in it, called "Philadelphia Mixtape Thread"). Will keep an eye out. Time for me to continue this shit! I think (as I’m guessin’) that tha beginning of this iz gonna be better than tha 2nd ½, but who knows. I’m still definitely lookin’ forward to reviewin’ tha remaining 9 songs!!

10. "Goonies" Feat. Oschino
Okay looks like it gon be a good one, and it has Oschino on it. >>> I barely remember this, but this sounds real tight (especially wit that beat)! REAL GOOD start to tha 2nd ½!! This one has a lot of surround in tha beat (in my boombox’s surround sound). Sounds more like a freestyle. I would’ve rather heard a hook (no wonder it’s only 2 minutes, 45 seconds). I really liked it tho. My Rating: 4.3

11. "Rock Somebody"
What’s this one? >>> 1st verse doesn’t sound like Joey… Another short length… Okay now it sounds like him. "Draw like a sharpie" <- Nice! Definitely glad to hear Joey Jihad on a whole mixtape!! My Rating: 4.0

12. "Hoodlife"
This should be a good one since I like tha title! >>> Flow on tha hook sounds like somethin’ Fabolous would be on. I like it. Too bad it’s another short one at 2 minutes, 47 seconds. Lol @ "fricken bullet" <- Shouldn’t that be "fuckin’" instead, lol? But yeah, definitely likin’ tha fast-rapid flow! "New pussies comin’ in, breakin’ ’em in" <- That was a nice line! Damn you’re SO FUCKIN’ FAST on tha rappin’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like tha "kama-kama-kama-kama" or w/e that was that came outta nowhere towards tha 2:20 mark!! Great shit!! My Rating: 4.6

13. "Skit"
This iz tha 3rd one… >>> I respect your gangsta style, but I can’t go for tha "bringin’ tha gun" somewhere. Eva since this month, a DJ that I started talkin’ to online, DeTrane, was DJ’ing at Club Bella Noche, and someone came and was shootin’ up tha place. Then DeTrane went to leave, and he got into a real bad car accident. This resulted in him having his security guard Marcus dying, and himself having broken ribs, fractured pelvis, fractured shoulder, damaged left eye, skull fracture (25 staples in head), and numerous cuts and bruises to tha rest of his body (this was taken from a blog his dad posted on his Myspace on March 16th). Tha shit iz rough!! I got to talk to DeTrane on tha phone on March 16th for 17 minutes, and he was real glad to talk to me. From tha 17th to now, we’ve been textin’ back n’ forth, gettin’ updates on how he’s been. He’s been recovering a lot better now (and fast)! Thank God! My Rating: N/A

14. "Freakazoid"
Looks like a camera type of song for tha bitches. Let’s see… >>> Good it’s longer. Beginning reminded me a lil’ of a Diplomats type of intro. Lol @ tha "Freaky Gurl" flow. I like tha "I’ll see ya later ya alligator" line. Lol @ "fat faggot." That was random. I like that "got it bouncin’, sorta like a frog sayin’ ’ribbit’" line a lot (especially since I like frogs)! Tha hook iz pretty good (thanx to a lil’ bit of that "Freaky Gurl" flow). Definitely REAL TIGHT rhymes on this one! Gives it a nice rating! My Rating: 4.2

15. "Destroy & Build"
This another good title. Definitely lookin’ forward to reviewing! >>> What’s wit tha different DJ (DJ Omega)? Tha beat sounds like a type of beat I’d either like or think it reminds me of a 50 Cent beat (in a bad way). Okay I like that acapella part on tha 2nd hook. Oh now DJ Amir iz back! Okay almost lost interest on tha 2nd verse, but now I’m gettin’ back to tryin’ to like it enough for a 4.0 rating. Great part by Joey on tha 3rd verse. He saved it. Definitely like that hook! My Rating: 4.0

16. "Fire At Will" Feat. NH
Okay looks like a shooting song. I wanna hear it. We’ll see how good this iz for a No. 16 song (I always have faith in No. 16 songs) for Joey Jihad! >>> Yes it’s longer @ 4:22!! DJ Amir!! Yeah "I’m tha one who tha bitches embrace" <- As soon as I see Song No. 16 on anything, tha first thing I think of iz tha word "embrace" ’cause a dance song (Leana "Embrace Me") was No. 16 on a review I did, and that song was REAL REAL GOOD, so this iz why I really anticipate No. 16 songs. But yeah, tha streetz also embrace you Joey. This beat iz better than tha last one, and definitely feelin’ tha rhymes! Not bad on NH’s part. His flow sounds like Meek Mill on tha "Bossman" joint. I’m feelin’ this. My Rating: 4.2

17. "Sky So Far" Feat. Oschino
Let’s see how Oschino gon do wit Joey again… >>> Okay I hope I feel this more towards tha end ’cause I dunno about 4.0 rating… Not bad on Joey’s part, but Oschino had a better part. Hook iz actually better than if someone else did it. 3rd verse was better than Joey’s 1st verse. I’m gonna let this one slide tho only because this iz tha last joint on tha mixtape and all tha other jointz had a 4.0 rating or higher, so I can’t just say "no" at tha very end! My Rating: 4.0

18. "Outro"
Heard it, but gonna re-hear it. >>> Yeah I’m gonna add DJ Amir! You DEFINITELY grindin’ hard! At least 12 projects by tha Summer iz on some real tight shit!! My Rating: N/A

Overall: End Time: 12:28 AM. And as I mentioned on my review for "Sky So Far", tha whole entire mixtape got at least a 4.0 rating or higher on EVERY FUCKIN’ TRACK!!!!! That’s what I call a PERFECT MIXTAPE!!!!! This iz tha 2nd time this has happened wit me (tha first one was on March 8, 2008, when I reviewed "From TB To LP: The Mixtape (Hosted by DJ Krazy Cris)" from C-Coop & Swidda G). DEFINITELY give MAJOR PROPS to my boy Juice for making me discover who Joey Jihad iz, and this mixtape (as well as "Bossman"). I hope you like this review Joey, and keep doin’ yo thang!!

Rankings (according to ratings):

13. "Sky So Far" Feat. Oschino 4.0
12. "Destroy & Build" 4.0
11. "Rock Somebody" 4.0
10. "Can’t Be Me" 4.1
09. "Fire At Will" Feat. NH 4.2
08. "Freakazoid" 4.2
07. "Millertime" 4.3
06. "Goonies" Feat. Oschino 4.3
05. "Mattic Man" 4.4
04. "Weatherman Freestyle" 4.6
03. "Hoodlife" 4.6
02. "Rockin’ Wit Da Gettas (Scream Go)" 5.0
01. "Bossman" Feat. Meek Mill 5.0

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