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Review #15: Bigga Rankin & Wes Fif "RNR - Direct Connect"

Reviewed on 2.23.2007 (Review No. 15)

Aight here we go. My review for this mixtape, "Direct Connect (A Real Nigg@ Radio Street Album)". Anything I type before ">>>" iz before I listen to tha track, and anything after ">>>" iz my feedback for tha track. Ratings of 1.0 - 4.0 will be given (1.0 meaning weak; 4.0 meaning hot).

01. RNR Intro
-> Alright lemme hear tha intro. >>> Okay. My Rating: N/A

02. 93.5 Intro
-> Another intro? Let's see... >>> Really feelin' that fuckin' beat in tha background!! Ooh a freestyle! Definately feelin' it so far! My Rating: 4.0

03. Wes Fif Speaks
-> Still no song? Let's see what Fif has to say... >>> Wes Fif speaks tha truth fa sho! My Rating: N/A

04. 10-4
-> Iz this a song finally? I have anticipation for it anyway! >>> Yes a song! Bobbin' my head to this shit right now. Tha hook iz pretty good, but his rhymes are off tha chain! My Rating: 4.0

05. Wes Fif Speaks (R.I.P.s)
-> I'm guessing shout outs to tha fallen ones. >>> I hear tha emotion in his voice. R.I.P. to whoever he lost. My Rating: N/A

06. I'm Paid
THIS IZ MY SHIT RIGHT HERE!!!!! >>> Beat iz on point, but that hook... that's what caught my attention! It's THA FUCKIN' SHIT, and my quote on my Myspace currently. Tha rhyme are also OFF THA CHAIN!! Very hot line! "I'mma be here for a while, aye lemme kick my shoes off." That's hot right there. My Rating: 4.0

07. RNR Break
-> A break? >>> Liking tha background music in tha beginning. That beat iz pretty good in tha background when Fat Joe speaks. My Rating: N/A

08. Welcome To Orlando Feat. Jon Young
-> A song and a feature I see. I have anticipation for this too! >>> I dunno about that beat... R&Bish? Tha chorus iz not bad, but this didn't meet my expectations. Okay Wes Fif gave this song some life on tha 2nd verse. My Rating: 3.2

09. Wes Fif Checks In
-> Let's see what my big dawg has to say now. >>> Nice beat in tha background. Yeah Wes Fif speakin' tha truth again! My Rating: N/A

10. G-Code
-> This was tha song from tha mixtape L.B. sent me... that Gunshine State one. Lemme re-hear this again. I think I'mma rate it 4.0 but lemme re-hear. >>> I'm really feelin' tha Timbaland and AOL lines. Feelin' that hook! I like how Wes Fif says "dawg" a lot. That's wassup. Also really feelin' tha Monopoly and singing like Rihanna lines! This beat iz on point too! My Rating: 4.0

11. Get On Ur Grind
-> *Checks tha length to see if it's a song* Yes it iz! I have anticipation for this! >>> Feelin' tha intro wit that hot beat! Always loved tha "lemonlime" line, lol. Really feelin' his flow on this one! Damn that beat iz raw!! My Rating: 4.0

12. Bigga Rankin Talks To The Haters
-> Let's see what he gon say. >>> Nice quiet beat intro. Beat kicks in, and it sounds aight. My Rating: N/A

13. Haterz Everywhere Feat. B.O.B.
-> Alright this song again. Not bad for a first listen, although it sounded mainstreamish. Lemme hear it again. >>> There's tha "My Love" wit extra BPM intro, which it sounds like a dance/techno song. I gotta check its BPM. *Checks* Ah... just like a really good dance/techno, or more like a trance song. Its got 139 BPM [EDIT: It's really 70]. Feelin' tha first verse. Tha hook iz starting to get better. Yeah this song grew on me since my first listen! Definately predict this song going big in tha mainstream someday (maybe a first single?), but I'm hoping not a pop song. My Rating: 3.8
BPM iz 69. I was wrong 'cause I didn't know that most urban songs are cut in half of when I scan tha BPM.

14. I'm A G Boy
-> I like tha title already. Have high anticipation for this! >>> First off, thumbs up on tha "I'm A D-Boy" beat. 2nd, it must be a freestyle, so I wanna hear. 3rd, he mentioned Girbauds. Thumbs up. I can't wait to get my pairs! Pretty good. My Rating: 4.0

15. Wes Fif Speaks
-> >>> Yup. Speaking tha truth again! Tell 'em Fif! My Rating: N/A

16. Nothin Like Feat. Chubby Relle
-> Looks interesting. High AL (Anticipation Level) >>> Slow beat intro... This iz currently aight. Nothing has surprised me yet in this song... Wes Fif gave it some life on tha 3rd verse. My Rating: 3.0

17. Trick Daddy Check In
-> Let's see watz good wit him. >>> Not feelin' that snap beat. Yuck... My Rating: N/A

18. Real Talk
-> Tha title speaks for itself! That's what Wes Fif iz! Now let's see how he handles tha song. >>> Nice intro hook! It iz tha truth! "Spit fire like a barbeque." 3rd verse iz tha best. My Rating: 3.9

19. Bigga Rankin Official Cosign
-> Song or skit? Oh skit. Lemme hear. >>> Nice chant in that beat, and tha beat iz pickin' up! My Rating: N/A

20. See Me Feat. J.A.
-> Here we go... my Urban "Jam Of The Week" this week. Tha beat iz
Heh... a "Money In The Bank" sample. Like that CPR/CDR line. FUCKIN' OFF THA CHAIN!!!!! And so iz tha flow!! >>> Tha hook iz BANGING!!!!! Lol @ him sayin "ballin"... I like that line and tha Scrappy's ad-libs line as well. My Rating: 4.0

21. Duece Poppi Check In
-> Haven't heard from him in a while. Let's see what he's got to say. >>> Okay beat in tha background. That was tha first time I heard him talk. My Rating: N/A

22. So Fly
-> Never heard this one, but it's on his Myspace. I have High AL again for this one. >>> Same intro as Hardhead Jacob "Trap All Day" wit tha "listen to tha track bitch." Wow what a HOT hook! Damn that beat kicked in outta nowhere!! Can't wait for tha verses!! Lol @ asking tha toilet who's tha shit. Damn this boy doesn't stop! He's tha fuckin' shit!! My Rating: 3.9

23. Plies Checks In
-> Dat boy Plies. Let's see what tha "real nigg@" has to say. >>> Damn very short... My Rating: N/A

24. Yes I Am
-> For some reason I have a High AL for this... >>> Feelin' tha electronic intro! Feelin' that hook! Sounds like Bone Crusher wit his flow on tha hook. Pretty good. My Rating: 4.0

25. Bigga Rankin Speaks
-> What it do? What tha bidness iz? >>> Sad type of beat in tha background? Tha CD iz over? I don't know... My Rating: N/A

26. Rep Yo Click Feat. Tum Tum
-> Tum Tum on tha feat.? High AL fa'sho!! >>> Very slow beat intro... damn it sounds niiiiiice!
A "Turn It Up" sample? Lol... Nice verse Tum Tum! Can't wait to hear my big dawg Wes Fif! Nice verse Fif! Really feelin' it! Damn tha song ended already? Damn... really feelin' it! My Rating: 4.0

27. Wes Fif Checks In
-> Let's hear tha truth speak again. >>> Italian sample in tha background? Really feelin' that!! My Rating: N/A

28. Snowed Up Feat. Mighty Mike
-> Looks nice on tha ID! High AL! >>> REAL hot beat. Tha chorus kinda sounds too simple... . I'm feelin' Wes Fif's flow on this one! I'm feelin' Mighty Mike's verse! Thumbs up! My Rating: 3.9

29. Bigg Rankin Signs Out
-> Shit it's over... damn... there weren't that many songs on this bitch. >>> Nice advice, and I like that lil' sample guy at tha end wit tha gun shot. Nice. My Rating: N/A

Overall: Real hot mixtape... too many skits. There were 14 skits... I thought there were more than that... 13 songs, and 2 freestyles if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, Wes Fif TORE it DOWN!!! He rippin' tha SHIT outta this mixtape!! Thumbs up my dude! Now let's do tha rankings of songs (from weakest to best):

Rankings (According To Ratings):

15 Nothin Like Feat. Chubby Relle 3.0
14 Welcome To Orlando Feat. Jon Young 3.2
13 Haterz Everywhere Feat. B.O.B. 3.8
12 Real Talk 3.9
11 Snowed Up Feat. Mighty Mike 3.9
10 So Fly 3.9
09 Yes I Am 4.0
08 10-4 4.0
07 93.5 Intro 4.0
06 I'm A G Boy 4.0
05 Rep Yo Click Feat. Tum Tum 4.0
04 G-Code 4.0
03 Get On Ur Grind 4.0
02 See Me Feat. J.A. 4.0
01. I'm Paid 4.0

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