Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Underground Playlist Adds: February 2013

Lil' Trill & Shell Feat. DJ B-Real "Lights Off"

Beat Flippa Feat. C. Hills & DJ B-Real "My Chevy"

Johnny Hustle "Hustle Bop"

Doobie Smoov Feat. E.S.G. & Kevin Gates "Lift Weight"

Yung Jedi "Yung Jedi"

Max Minelli "Angel Sing"

Sam I Am "Bars Or Tabs"

Kevin Gates "Weight"

Drama Boyz Feat. DJ B-Real "Hit It"

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review #1,276: Crooked "Caked Up & 'Bout It"

Reviewed on 2.24.2013 (Review #1,276)

Crooked Life Entertainment’s Crooked’s up next, wit his newly-released CD, Caked Up & ‘Bout It!! I have to admit, after my disease for money-like titles, this has been tha year for those titles, surprisingly… (that’s if you really on ya shit)! Pay Da Producer Vol. 1 & now, this! Like you say, “let’z get it!!!” Start Time: 10:32 PM | End Time: 11:12 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes 100,000x (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

© 2013 CD Review (Review #1,276) reviewed on 2.24.2013 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

Link To CD: N/A

01. Intro
J-Man Productions beat… A longer intro, this time…; I expect it to be a track… >>> “Yeah” @ tha intro!! I like how it’s an intro; just gets me prepared for what’s about ta come!! Glad you got all this “money!” Now, lemme see it, in my anticipated voice, lol! My Rating: N/A

02. “What U Say” Feat. Nu$$ie
Anotha J-Man Productions beat; lemme hear what this ‘bout… I know you gave me some songs to check out online, but this iz where tha full review lies!! >>> Nice lil’ beginning from you and now, tha track! I like this quote, especially since Nu$$ie all about that “pee pee,” lol!! Beat’s real nice fa tha South and you got shit on lock wit tha 1st verse, Crooked!! “All bite, not bark!!” Tha 2nd verse sounds good, here… Usually, I don’t put someone’s sample on tha feature, but this can slide! Feelin’ these rhymes from you; unstoppable on tha mic, Crooked!! Good luck wit those contests and what you be gettin’ yourself into!!! Oh, a surprising 3rd verse; didn’t think there was room for anotha verse, but you sound nice on here, once again!! My Rating: 4.7

03. “Count $tackula”
Ooh, I like this title, despite it bein’ a money topic!! Johnny Juliano—oh, that’s an online beat person—on tha beat… >>> I hear a typical-soundin’ flow; ehh, not bad, but I luv how you sound on tha mic, includin’ your rhymes!! You can get away wit pretty much anything, Crooked; I luv you ta death!! A lotta money rhymes on tha 1st verse; I can fuck wit it, don’t worry… A lotta “money” on tha 2nd verse, too; may I ask, how many figgaz you currently got? So obsessive in tha 3rd verse, too; “even got stacks in [ya] underwear!” That’s what’s up, Crooked!! My Rating: 4.1

04. “Playa Hater Step”
La’Keith Productions; iz that long for La’Keith? I bet it iz! A follow-up to “Gutta Dance”? >>> Yea, this sounds like La’Keith on tha beat; interestin’ combo… Ooh, nice hook!! I hear tha character in your voice when you say, “March nigga step!!” Reminds me of some old N.O./Early 2000s “Step” music, lol! Tha 1st verse sounds pretty nice, too; I don’t mind tha rhymes from you, Crooked! Come as you come on tha track, here! Tha 2nd verse sounds pretty nice, too; keep puttin’ out consistent and quality music, Crooked!! Ooh, a bridge; about time I heard one! Really holdin’ it down fa tha club, lol! My Rating: 4.3

05. “My Name Rang”
No produced? Jacked beat…? >>> Tupac sample? Oh no, “Tupac Back”… Ehh, not bad on tha hook; I think it’s catchy, even though it’s still got that typical, Rick Ross-soundin’, boring flow… Good rhymes on tha 1st verse, here; they’re entertainin’ and good ta hear… Ehh, 2nd verse sounds good wit you rappin’, but it’s slowly gettin’ boring wit this beat… My Rating: 3.8

06. “Beef”
Gotta hear it! La’Keith on tha beat!! >>> Sounds good wit that intro, but this “what’s beef” shit’s cliché… Then again, I can’t help but ta feel your rhymes ova this original beat! Just a hook on this track; good-ass shit!! My Rating: 4.5

½time: A 4.3-rated CD, currently; Crooked!!!

07. “Cook Up”
Now, this iz where I exclude tha feature (Gucci Mane)! Johnny Juliano… >>> Ehh, more mainstream-type shit; no comment on tha boring sample on tha hook, but your rhymes on tha 1st verse are nice… Tha 2nd verse has nice rhymes, but this finna get boring fa me wit tha whole Gucci Mane vibe… Not every song has ta be 4.5 minutes long… Tha 3rd verse ain’t too bad, either… My Rating: 3.6

08. “With Da O.G.s”
I like this title; lemme hear what this like, although no producer listed… >>> Sounds good for tha intro. I agree wit you wit tha “always hung wit tha older niggaz” line. That line wasn’t me back in tha day,a s tha “older” peeps would underestimate me. But now, I fuck wit anybody “older” than me; I see to have a lotta luck wit peeps tha older they are! Tha hook sounds good, here; I’m feelin’ it, Crooked! Tha 1st verse sounds nice wit this grindin’/trappin’-type shit; can’t deny it!! Tha 2nd verse sounds nice, too! “220 pounds;” wow, weighing as much as your birth date, if you didn’t round tha #!! I’m almost ½ your size… My Rating: 4.3

09. “U My Nigga”
I remember you sendin’ me this to check out… J-Man doin’ tha beat, here; lemme give it tha review! >>> Good sound and good rhymes about helpin’ someone. No matter what life I live/how old I am, I can neva relate to songs/lyrics like this! No one’ll stand up for me (outside tha family) at anytime; I know it! :( Do I have ta meet my peeps in Louisiana fa it ta finally come true?! So far, great job wit tha 1st and 2nd verses; Crooked! Such heart-felt lyrics, here!! Also, for example, if you used these lyrics on me, I would feel funny acceptin’ ‘em. Like, if someone gives me freebies, I have to always accept ‘em ‘cause I do so much shit to where I deserve a lot more!! Keepin’ tha review goin’, tha 3rd verse sounds nice, too! Great lyrics, once again! I like tha line about “I am you” when it comes ta lookin’ at yourself in tha “mirror!” My Rating: 4.2

10. “My Money Bag”
No producer listed… >>> A jacked beat, but I really like this intro! Oh, had no clue who that was on tha intro, but I knew it was someone cool. Shout out to my big dawg, Big Wayne!! As for this joint, it sounds like a real catchy hook; catchy shit about “tryna fill up [your] money bag!” Good job wit tha 1st verse; likin’ tha shit you bringin’ to tha table, here! Tha 2nd verse sounds dope, too; you really need ta spend a hell of a lotta “money” on me, ya dig?! My Rating: 4.3

11. “My Daddy Told Me”
Let’s see what we got goin’ on wit this title, though no producer listed… >>> Ehh, not tha kinda beat for “me”… Lyrics sound good; sounds like a male/tribute version of “Jack & Jill” for “me”… Either way, this iz startin’ ta sound catchy fa me, so you’re gonna get lucky wit tha rating from me, here! Nice lyrics, includin’ tha “U My Nigga”-type lyrics, too! My Rating: 4.2

12. “Da Come Up”
Lemme hear this, produced by you! >>> Oh, I remember this. My Current Rating: 4.7

Overall: Real nice job once again, Crooked!! Keep doin’ you; four CDs out and you always gon be tha shit!!


11.        “Cook Up” 3.6
10.       “My Name Rang” 3.8
09.       “Count $tackula” 4.1
08.       “U My Nigga” 4.2
07.       “My Daddy Told Me” 4.2
06.       “With Da O.G.s” 4.3
05.       “Playa Hater Step” 4.3
04.       “My Money Bag” 4.3
03.    “Beef” 4.5
02.    “Da Come Up” 4.7
01.    “What U Say” Feat. Nu$$ie 4.7

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:              46.7
Total Songs:              / 11
Average CD Rating: 4.2

Review #1,275: Crooked "Gutta % (Hosted by DJ Wookee)"

Reviewed on 2.24.2013 (Review #1,275)

Got two CDs I just got in tha mail to review… This first one, Crooked Gutta % (Hosted by DJ Wookee), was released last year. I didn’t know why I didn’t get it when it first came out ‘cause it would’ve been nice to have you on my 2012 year-end countdown. Even though I got it now, it’s not online, so I somewhat feel good. This CD’s released on Crooked Entertainment/Kajun Music; lookin’ forward to hearing!! Start Time: 9:18 PM | End Time: 10:04 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes 100,000x (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

© 2013 CD Review (Review #1,275) reviewed on 2.24.2013 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

Link To CD: N/A

01. Intro
You got a colon on tha title; what iz it to? >>> Thought there was gonna be a beat in tha background; nice, “gutta” attitude, here!! My Rating: N/A

02. “Full Bananas”
Ooh, I’m hungry fa some Crooked!! However, I dunno if as hungry as tha sexy Havana Brown wantin’ a “Big Banana,” lol! >>> Well, this beat and hook sounds a lot like a mainstream-soundin’ song. I like your “apes” and “bananas” shit, but let’s see how tha verses go… Tha 1st verse sounds good; glad tha flow ain’t on that typical shit, like tha hook! Thumbs up ta these trappin’ rhymes, includin’ tha gangsta shit! Tha 2nd verse sounds good, too; can’t complain about this… Thumbs up fa tha 3rd verse, too, strictly bein’ an undaground head in these streetz! My Rating: 4.2

03. “Wayyy Out”
I like how there’s three “Y”z on tha title! >>> Ooh, my big dawg, DJ Wookee in tha intro! Thumbs up fa him “signin’ in;” he tha shit! Luv him!! Glad he reppin’ for you, Crooked! Oh, this old-ass “Roll Call” beat from Lil’ Jon & The East Side Boyz? Didn’t expect it, but should’ve, since tha previous song sounded a lil’ mainstream. But, catchy hook; sounds like it could be an original track if I wouldn’t’ve known! Tha 1st verse sounds good; glad you “always go solo!” Keepin’ tha rhymes goin’ wit tha 2nd verse, too, reppin’ for dem “Shop Shutters,” too! Of course, glad you lived on tha same block as Big Markee! Keepin’ this shit goin’ wit tha 3rd verse, too! Hope I get to meet you one of these dayz… You just strictly reppin’ to tha fullest, non-stop, here!! My Rating: 4.4

04. “Gotta Get It”
True dat, true dat!! >>> My fuckin’ boy, DJ Wookee, on tha intro!!! I keep forgettin’ he hostin’ this CD! True shit!! Thought this was a familiar title, but this sounds original to me, whether it iz or not! Feelin’ your flow on tha hook; you got shit on lock!! Good rhymes on tha 1st verse, too; true shit about how you startin’ ta get a lil’ buzz! Tha 2nd verse sounds nice, too; glad you don’t give up wit shit, and you’re keepin’ up wit me! Luv tha last hook when tha beat ends! My Rating: 4.8

05. “Click House” Feat. Lil’ J & Big Nick
I put Lil’ J’s name without tha “ay” ‘cause there’s a Lil’ Jay from Louisiana, who released a Gold Teeth Gator CD back in, like, 2001… Anyway, I remember this one! My Current Rating: 4.7

06. “Stack Ya Paypa”
I remember this title; lemme give it tha full review!! >>> DJ Wookee intro again; luv how he says, “bitch!!!” Fuckin’ luv Wookee!! Well, once again, nice hook, beat, and how you comin’ through on tha track, as usual!! Wish I would’ve gotten this CD when it was out ‘cause I could’ve played this on my now-extinct radio show. But, there are better things I do! Wit all this “paypa” talk, I hope I see at least a stack from you this year! Tha more “paypa” I make from people, tha better tha artist/CD looks! Those that don’t pay don’t get noticed! Good shit on tha verses, comin’ through wit your grimy voice, tha quality, rhymes, and err-thang!! You a fool on dat beat!!! My Rating: 4.7

07. “These Streets”
Let’s hear it! >>> Sounds like H-Town beat… Sounds like a good amount of real rhymes goin’ on, here; feelin’ what you spittin’! “Just made 33 years old February 18;” oh, this must be from 2011? ‘Cause, you “just made 35 years old [this] February 18!” Either way, nice rhymes, continuously! Sounds like you really need an exit plan; I know I’m helpin’ you get out there, ya dig?! “Females all on my dick…;” I thought you was gon say, “Like these Polo boxers,” like on “Out My Body”. But, you changed up tha line, lol. My Rating: 4.3

08. “Gutta Dance”
Let’s see what this iz about… >>> Not wack for a start; I like tha beat you got goin’ on, here, and tha hook sounds great for a “dance!” Great job wit tha 1st verse, too, comin’ through nicely! Don’t mind me, I’m textin’ dat big dawg, Wookee, at tha moment, so I’m not writin’ much… But, tha 2nd verse sounds good wit how you comin’ through as an anti-dancer, lol! Tha 3rd verse sounds like you comin’ through wit some “gutta,” gangsta-type shit; whoa… “All in tha parkin’ lot, smokin’ purple blunts;” true dat!! My Rating: 4.3

09. “I Wish U Would” Feat. Savage Sosa & Lil’ Fee
Ooh @ tha collaboration! Lookin’ forward ta hearin’!! >>> Nice beat; I’m feelin’ tha shit you bringin’ on tha track!! You strictly holdin’ tha streetz down at all times!! Hearin’ tha quality, thinkin’ that this iz from that 2007 Gutta Boy CD I was able to rip for you? Like, you don’t say, “Crooked!,” at tha end of tha lines (which gives me a sign that was from after Nu$$ie died?)… I dunno, but it sounds real nice in tha ’12/‘13!! That 2nd verse iz pretty gutta, too!! Strictly comin’ through wit it, Crooked; you’re attractin’ people wit your “I wish u would” shit, lol! Likin’ tha 3rd verse, too, from Sosa? Grimy shit; you know who ta fuck wit!! You fuck wit some of tha best!! Tha 4th verse sounds pretty nice, too!! Fee in tha buildin’!! My Rating: 4.6

½time: Sounds real nice, tha way I expected, big dawg!! A nice 4.5 for tha CD rating, currently!!!!!

10. “Out My Body”
Nice lil’ DJ Wookee “Crooked” part ta start it off!! You know what it iz wit this! Glad it’s a separated track now! My Current Rating: 4.8

11. “Look @ Me Nah”
I remember this, too! Can’t forget about that Baton Rouge Bad Boi CD!! Nice lil’ beginning about Big Markee added, too!! My Current Rating: 4.6

12. “I’ma Big Dog” Feat. Jarvis & Jiggy Black
Whoo!!! My Current Rating: 4.7

13. “Keep It Warm & Ready”
What could this be about? Either a blunt or sex, lol? >>> Wait, I know this: “Till I See Ya” Feat. Jigga City J-Bo? I’ma hold off on this for now… Then again, whether this tha same song or not, I’ll score it tha way I scored “Till I See Ya”, since that’s on this CD… My Current Rating: 4.3

14. “Jack & Jill Story”
Anotha good re-entry, introducin’ tha hard copy fans tha BR Bad Boi classics! My Current Rating: 4.0

15. “U Don’t Want Dat” Feat. Lil’ Hopeless
Ooh, a real nice feature, here; lookin’ forward ta hearin’!! >>> Wookee intro!! Oh wait, “Let’z Get It”? What’s up wit tha tracklisting??? EDIT: This iz #16 on tha CD, but 15 on tha back cover… Nice intro from Hopeless; glad ta hear him and I hope ta chop it up wit him, soon!! Oh, I recognize this; I know this an ’07 joint—I might’ve radio-edited this as a bonus? I don’t remember, but I neva reviewed it… Crooked, you’re on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through wit rhymes “like a deadly weapon;” true dat! Ooh, more Hopeless on tha 3rd verse; thank God fa him!!! Just luv thugs like him; this tha type of shit that makes me neva wantin’ ta give up!!! My Rating: 4.8

16. “Let’z Get It”
Oh… My Current Rating: 4.7

17. “Pussy-Azz Nigga” Feat. Bro-Bro
My most-edited song of all-time on my radio show: 244 edits!!! My Current Rating: 4.9

18. “Change Ya Hustle”
I’m still confused about some of tha tracklisting… >>> Oh, an outro from you, here; glad you got that attitude at all times!! Feelin’ your beginning, here, wit that “dirty money ta clean money,” tryna get up from tha streetz! Good rhymes comin’ outta tha 1st verse; good shit, Crooked! Tha hook sounds good, here; nice job wit how you comin’ through on tha hook… Good shit comin’ through on tha rest of tha track, here… My Rating: 4.4

Overall: Real nice CD, Crooked, and great picks from tha previous CDs to add to this one!! Also, I see on tha back cover you put my name; that’s dope!!! Funny that I got on tha back cover without bein’ told; usually, I got people tellin’ me, and I feel that I had to do a lot to capture their attention to get on tha back cover! But, that’s real, real nice!!! Luv ya fa dat!!! Keep up tha great work!!! Funny how “Jack & Jill Story” prevented you from tha five-star-rated CD tha last time. Now, it was good enough to make this a five-star-rated CD!! Gotta also give big shout outs, once again, to DJ Wookee; a fuckin’ great dude!! Luv how he be comin’ through on tha texts; I always say it: I fuckin’ luv that word “bruh,” and Wookee, you got a shitload of luv from me, all day!!


17.       “Jack & Jill Story” 4.0
16.       “Full Bananas” 4.2
15.       “Keep It Warm & Ready” 4.3
14.       “Gutta Dance” 4.3
13.       “These Streets” 4.3
12.       “Wayyy Out” 4.4
11.        “Change Ya Hustle” 4.4
10.       “Look @ Me Nah” 4.6
09.       “I Wish U Would” Feat. Savage Sosa & Lil’ Fee 4.6
08.       “Click House” Feat. Lil’ J & Big Nick 4.7
07.       “I’ma Big Dog” Feat. Jarvis & Jiggy Black 4.7
06.       “Let’z Get It” 4.7
05.       “Stack Ya Paypa” 4.7
04.       “Out My Body” 4.8
03.    “Gotta Get It” 4.8
02.    “U Don’t Want Dat” Feat. Lil’ Hopeless 4.8
01.    “Pussy-Azz Nigga” Feat. Bro-Bro 4.9

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:              77.2
Total Songs:              / 17
Average CD Rating: 4.5 (automatically a 5-star-rated CD)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Review #1,273: DJ B-Real "Pay Da Producer Vol. 1"

Reviewed on 2.06.2013 (Review #1,273)

Wow, OMG, we got a very special review I finna do, today! I’m video-taping tha whole entire thing!! We got Jigga House Records’ DJ B-Real Pay Da Producer Vol. 1!!! And yes, “da producer” should be paid, definitely! I hope B-Real’s makin’ lots and lots of money!! We tryna get this CD to have at least 5-figga digits in tha streetz—hard copies, I’m talkin’ ‘bout! There’s gotta be at least 10,000 Pay Da Producer Vol. 1s out there, ya feel me?! Ya heard me?!? And, what else can I say? I’m dyin’ ta hear this; props ta DJ B-Real for mp3in’ it to me!! Start Time: 2:33 PM | End Time: 5:24 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes 100,000x (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

© 2013 CD Review (Review #1,273) reviewed on 2.06.2013 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

01. “Intro – Ready Or Not”
Produced by DJ B-Real!! You know I’m dyin’ ta hear this, right now!! Intro “or not!” Anything—135 seconds iz gonna get my heart racin’ because that’s 135 seconds of DJ B-Real!! Better than zero! So, let’s get inta this! DJ B-Real, lemme hear your voice!! >>> He means “that!” He always means “dat!” My favorite dude outta Louisiana, pretty much; Baton Rouge king! I luv when you say, “mean dat! Mean dat!” Let’s hear it! He’s lurkin’ err-where fa err-body; he gon “wake ya ass up!” “There ain’t no otha producer fuckin’ wit [DJ B-Real];” he definitely iz da truth!!! “Don’t give they ass a freebie;” definitely!! Keep that perspective, DJ B-Real!! I luv how we’re so hypnotized by Lauryn Hill and this sample! You did a nice job samplin’ The Fugees, B-Real, and you made it your own BR lil’ intro! My Rating: 4.4

02. “Who It Is”
I already know “who it is;” tha best dude outta BR! I’m definitely lookin’ forward ta hear this! It’s just, nothin’ but B-Real!! Givin’ him his lil’ solo space from tha Drama Boyz, here, and my heart iz definitely achin’ fa this, right now!! >>> Greg Dukes in tha intro, here…; whoo, a B-Real beat intro!! Ooh, I’m luvin’ this; I luv how you come through wit your hooks! How you sing them, and just doin’ it all by yourself, this time! You’re gettin’ credit also, luckily! “Bass steady knockin’;” shit yeah!! You know I’m definitely goin’ ham, right now!! DJ B-Real!!!!! DJ B-Real, all tha rhymes you’re spittin’, here, it makes you seem like you have tha best life in BR! Just, err-thang you sayin’ on this 1st verse iz just tha shit! Cannot deny any rhyme, right chea!! Just can’t get enough of this hook; you definitely know how ta start a CD off right!! “Break it down!” You are “tha shit;” you can “brag or boast” about it, B-Real, ‘cause I fuckin’ luv you! You “da conducta”? Shit yeah! “Huh bruh;” I luv when you say, “bruh!” Just hearin’ dat from you just keeps me so motivated! Fuckin’ incredible!!! Ten years ago—a decade ago, 50 Cent had 2003 on lock wit all kinds of jointz! Now, 10 years later—2013, DJ B-Real gon be everywhere on my playlist and err-thang!! He [Greg Dukes] said, “10 years,” no less; knewe!!! How ironic!! B-Real Entertainment, but shout out ta Jigga House Records, too!! My Rating: 4.8

03. “Pay Da Producer” Feat. Big Wayne
Produced by Big Wayne & DJ B-Real!! Such a true song dat “da producer” should get paid! I luv tha flute sound in tha beat; y’all definitely did a nice job wit dat!! It’s such a demandin’ hook that there’s sirens goin’ off in tha background [outside]! DJ B-Real on tha 1st verse, comin’ through real nicely, on this beat! I also like this part comin’ up, right chea: “Hard drives crashin’;” “as long as we got our mind and a laptop;” that’s true shit! My “hard drive” crashed; I lost my video camera in Hawley, PA! Yea, nice job, B-Real, on that beat! They “betta pay da producer! You gon pay da producer!” Yea, “pay da producer!” It’s so catchy for, like, somethin’ that’s true, as far as business; it’s like a business anthem! Second verse, Big Wayne; he’s exposin’ all those bitch-ass people that call him up. I could do that too, but I do that privately to my close peeps. And, I have all tha proof! Definitely a great collaboration between two brothers, through tha verses, tha hook, tha beat! Y’all definitely did err-thang on this track!! Definitely an anthem fa 2013!! My Current Rating: 4.7

04. “It’s Nothin’” Feat. Zeus
Produced by DJ B-Real & Zeus, OMG!!!!! Holy shit!!! OMG, Zeus on tha feature and tha production wit you, DJ B-Real!!! I don’t even remember tha last time I heard Zeus on a track, but in 10 dayz, it’s gonna be tha ½ decade celebration of when I first discovered you two guys, back on February 16, 2008, on dat Big Jay’s Pyrex Radio Vol. 4: From Crumbz 2 Brickz! Tha 1st song I heard from B-Real was that “Trap All Day” (La’Keith, B-Real & Kevin Gates); tha 1st song I heard from Zeus? I’m pretty sure—because it was #6—was Young Ready, Level & Zeus “Knockout (Bow)”, cause I remember Jigga House Records’ song wit Max Minelli, “Parking Lot (Remix)”, was right after that, #7. I mean, to remember it, obviously, I luv them to death! I’m very lookin’ forward ta this, so let’s just get into it! OMG, do I smell perfect rating? I cannot wait until I hear saliva comin’ outta Zeus’ mouth!!!!! And, don’t forget, DJ B-Real, you know, I anticipate you, too! But, Zeus, we need ta hear from you!! And, I hope that keyboard’s fixed now ‘cause it’s Wednesday! It’s not Tuesday anymore, so you’ll be back to producing!! >>> Uh oh, sounds like somethin’ serious!!! Definitely an interestin’ hook, here!! It sounds like tha grimy undaground, like I was just underneath this graffiti wall! “Dinnnnn!!” That beat sound; “fuckin’” luv it!!!!! DJ B-Real startin’ it off; you’re on tha 1st verse!! “Zeus, he got tha smoke;” oh, why ain’t I wit you guys, right now?!? This iz a perfect club banga fa tha streetz, right here!! “Jigga House up in this thang!!” DJ B-Real & Zeus!!!!! Y’all definitely holdin’ it down!! OMG, I’m just, can’t for tha Zeus verse, on tha 2nd verse!! I can see this blowin’ up, gettin’ awards from me! Remember I said it, a year before tha awards come out, 2013 style!! Here we go…; that’s Zeus? Sounds hella tight right here, on tha 2nd verse! Doesn’t exactly sound like him on tha phone, but this iz definitely somethin’ serious, right here!! Like, Zeus would be sayin’ wit tha production, “Whoaaaaaaaa, I be poppin’ dem pillz!!!” Whoo, wow!! My Rating: 5.0

05. “Have A Good Time” Feat. Down Bad
Produced by DJ B-Real!! I be bumpin’ tha “Bunz” collaboration they did, recently! I think it’s gonna be toppin’ my latest playlist, due out February 10, I believe, 2013! So, I can just imagine tha follow-up to that “Bunz”! >>> “Mean dat;” fuckin’ B-Real!! Luv him ta death!!! I think this iz gonna be one of those B-Real hook songs!! Shit yea, a lil’ bit of a bounce vibe!! B-Real handlin’ tha hook real well!! I definitely came here [graffiti wall] ta “have a good time,” in tha fuckin’ freezin’ cold fa B-Real!! We got Terror on tha 1st verse, here…; shit yea! Splittin’ tha verse up, here; tha 2nd ½ of tha 1st verse, here: Cage Da Conducta! He real wild wit it!! What a jam here, B-Real; you just really helpin’ these Down Bad boyz out!! Thumbs up fa dat 1st verse, right there! Got JR Dot on tha 2nd verse, right here… “Look at dat booty!!” Sounds like Jack Da Rippa splittin’ tha verse up; 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse… He a “dreadhead;” gotta luv tha dreadheadz!! How can a pussy not get wet ta dis?! DJ B-Real!!! Third verse! I luv how he says, “thug!” Him, Savage; they really be holdin’ it down! Gettin’ tha whole verse, here!! “Feelin’ good” ‘cause you makin’ a feel-good track, right chea!! My Rating: 4.7

06. “Excellent” Feat. J Buc
*Screams* Produced by B-Real & J Buc!!!!! That’s anotha one I luv so much: J Buc!! Muthafuckin’ J Buc collaboratin’ wit DJ B-Real on tha feature and production?! This shit gon be insane!!!!! I can’t wait ta hear this!!! OMG, from tha Zeus collaboration to now this?! I mean, B-Real definitely has tha right ear for people, so, I definitely gon really enjoy this!!! >>> Ooh, tha beat even sounds like how it smells in here [underneath tha graffiti wall], right now!! Can I get a lil’, “J Buc!!!” I luv how tha J Buc productions—they usually start wit a beat start! Ooh, J Buc on tha hook!!! He doin’ tha, “iiiiiiiiit,” again!!! Wow, what an anthem!!! I’m glad ta be under a graffiti wall fa this, right now!! Kick-ass hook from J Buc; glad ta hear him again!! He’s on tha 1st verse, right here, feelin’ good as a muddafukka!! How did God create B-Real & J Buc?!? Like, tha best parents in tha world, probably!! “Shiiiiiiiit;” “I don’t wanna hear shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttt” ‘cause I’m “stuck up!!” Definitely a great 1st verse, Buc!! This iz like “Extravagant (Part 2)”, it reminds me of, ‘cause they were “extravagant” and now, they “excellent!” Time fa tha 2nd verse…; DJ B-Real!!! B-Real definitely in tha mood, here, fa tha bitches!! You are “perfect,” B-Real; “perfect!!!” He “da shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt,” courtesy of J Buc!! Wow, just quality; definitely can’t wait ta play it in my car!! My Rating: 4.9

½time: Wow, I am definitely amazed by this CD!!! I believe, I like it better than tha Drama Boyz We ‘Bout Dat Drama (Pre-Album) (Hosted by DJ B-Real)!! It’s very Baton Rouge!! Tha collaborations between beats and features are insane!!! B-Real, you definitely have 2013 on lock!!! Tha average CD rating so far? A WHOPPIN’ 4.8!!!!! You know you got a tight-ass album when tha average iz a 4.8?!? We talkin’ 4.6 iz obsessions, but a 4.8?!? Now, that’s crazy!!! I’m definitely lookin’ forward to tha 2nd ½; seven jointz ta go!!! I can’t believe it, still!! B-Real, definitely keep shit on-n-poppin’!!!!!

07. “I Love Money” Feat. Savage & Jimi Jump
Produced by DJ B-Real!! I’m not really a “money” fan, but Savage, if he’s on tha track—maybe, he did tha hook? Maybe, he has a verse? I know it’s gonna be one of those, like, Pimp C-type, rollin’-in-your-whip-in-tha-South-type jointz, so I think I’m lookin’ forward! And, we’ll see what Jimi Jump contributes with tha DJ B-Real!! >>> Sounds like tha end of somethin’ for tha beginning; I’m kind of anticipated! “Sav Sinatra!” “B-Real…;” “mean dat!” “Jimi Jump!!” “Roll a blunt; that’s right, Savage!!” I was right about what this would sound like, but wow, holy fuckin’ shit, Savage & B-Real are on tha hook [I think]!!! No homo money-type shit, here; this iz definitely quality!! And now, it’s time for tha 1st verse!! Obsesser of tha “money…” I thought it was B-Real, but it’s Savage comin’ through, pretty catchy! Hopefully, Savage iz gettin’ a lotta “M-O-N-E-Y;” he definitely deserves it!! Definitely makin’ this shit sound cool!! Yea, “don’t need a woman!” Tha more solo, tha more consistent and successful you are, wit tha green, of course! I luv these 2nd ½ of tha hooks, where they just repeat! Oh, here’s Savage, right? B-Real was on tha 1st verse; y’all really sound alike!! And, he mentioned “Pimp C;” how am I so psychic wit this?!? Savage has “three different accounts;” he deserves more, though! I’m “Italian!” “Clean as a biiiiitch!!!” B-Real, you may luv money, but I luv you! There’s no one, pretty much, better in Baton Rouge than B-Real! Savage, you’re always gonna be tha 1st ta, you know loyal person ta still be cool wit me! Jimi Jump, 3rd verse… It sounds good; I mean, I would’ve thought it would’ve been just a producer’s song, but at least one non-producer’s good to be featured… “Twist” dat shit up, Jimi!! Yea, sit on dat “toilet;” “shit” on dem hataz!! Oh, no hook? Just a beat outro…; sounds real nice!! Could’ve sworn Savage even collaborated on tha beat; that’s how great it sounds!! My Rating: 4.7

08. “Get On Your Grind” Feat. Lil’ Doonie
Produced by DJ B-Real; who else?!? Holy shit, Lil’ Doonie?! I haven’t heard him—I only heard him on one CD: DeTrane’s Jigg City Radio Vol. 1, back on February 24, 2008…; wow!! Now, almost five years later, he appears on another CD!! And, this’ll definitely be a great collaboration to hear Lil’ Doonie on! DJ B-Real, you hooked up wit a great dude! I don’t even remember if I was older than Lil’ Doonie—I think I was, which I’m, you know, at tha time of 2008, I wasn’t older than many. >>> Sounds like a Savage-type beat again; luvin’ it! “I mean dat;” fuckin’ B-Real wit your great intros!!! I fuckin’ luv ‘em!!! Ooh, you’re on tha hook; wow!!! Definitely supplyin’ tha South to tha fullest with this! Despite me bein’ depressed at times, DJ B-Real, you keep me on my music-promoting grind, and that’s why I love you! Here’s tha 1st verse…; DJ B-Real!!! We have “bird get tha worm,” DJ B-Real! You’ll always be treated first in my book!! “Put tha bullshit to tha side;” you said it right! You just seem so perfect, B-Real; I hope you live forever!!! We all seem like champs, in a way. And, as much as I feel like you’re like a king, I can’t believe I’m only a couple years younger than you! You seem so far above me, but I guess I’m pretty successful, in a way, I guess? But now, after five years, Lil’ Doonie!! Second verse, it sounds like!! Let’s hear it!!! That voice!! Still sounds good; I like his, “Damn,” part, addin’ some character in a quote! Wow, Doonie, masturbation style!! Bustin’ “a nut” fa da “money!” Shittin’ wit yo J’s on!!! Yea, “fuck sittin’ down;” definitely “stay on [your] grind!!” My Rating: 4.6

09. “Let Me Do Me”
Produced by DJ B-Real!!! I definitely wanna hear more about you, so I gon “let [you] do [you],” B-Real!! Strictly solo on this, so I’m ready to devour this joint!!! >>> Uh oh!! Uh oh, people are comin’! A B-Real tag…; nice beat intro, just continuin’ and continuin’! Well, tha 1st ½ of tha hook’s flow kinda sounded a lil’ mainstream, but I luv this “let me do me, let me do me; let me do me” shit on tha 2nd ½ of tha hook!!! Ooh, B-Real trafficking on tha 1st verse, here; gotta luv this shit!! That just makes me give you anotha hug!! “Hustle, hustle hard!!!”…even though that’s, like, kinda, cliché/quote-type shit… “Sell water to a whale” [I think it’s “well”]? DJ B-Muthafuckin’-Real iz tha shit!!! I like how you said, “dawg,” at tha end of tha 1st verse, there! B-Real, you definitely representin’!! Somethin’ about this, I really like this because it’s just you on tha track; nobody else!! So, that means, “[you] can do [you]; [you] can do [you]; [you] can do [you]; [you] can do [you]!!” “Come and holla!” Definitely diggin’ these lyrics, continuin’ on tha 2nd verse, here! “Err-day,” B-Real? So, I assume that’s your job? I just wish you tha best of success, 24/7!!! “Like a 24-hour sto’;” a “sto’,” people!!! My Rating: 4.7

10. “It’s Easy” Feat. Mouse On Tha Track
Produced by DJ B-Real & Doe-Doe?! Doe-Doe, where in tha hell have you been? I haven’t heard anything from you since that Final Destination Vol. 1: Boarding Pass with A-Wissel! This iz prolly gonna be so Mouse On Tha Track, funky-type shit, where his voice sounds so cool and Southern; you know how Mouse be doin’ it! So, I’m definitely lookin’ forward ta this collaboration, includin’ a collaboration on tha beat wit Doe-Doe!!! >>> Uh oh, sounds like electrifying!! “This fiya-ass track!!” “$1,000 in one day”? “It’s easy”? You “mean dat,” B-Real? You “mean dat”? Well, this live review, I would hope to get $100 for! What’s wit that beat tag of yours—that new one? You “make it look easy”? I’m definitely feelin’ this, right here!! Uh oh, here’s all of tha “easy”s!!! I’m definitely feelin’ tha hook, right here, B-Real; I fuckin’ luv you!! “Whoo,” it sounded like you farted on tha 1st verse! Who doesn’t wanna “be you,” B-Real? I wish I could “be you!!!” What don’t you have?!? I like how you said, “dawg,” again! Yea, don’t do it for “tha fame,” but you do have a lot of “power,” B-Real!! And, once again, about tha $100 for tha live review: I know I’m doin’ it kinda early, just to show you luv, but I definitely feel like a live review’s worth $100! All tha shootin’ and editin’ that I’m doin’, plus reviewin’ your shit live! And, look how good it’s doin’!! “Wahhhhhhhh;” Mouse!!! Second verse; how iz it hard fa him? His voice, just hearing it, “easy” enough ta give it a 4.0+!! “What tha feezy?” Shit no… because this shit iz so tight!! Poppin’ dem “Watsons!!” B-Real, how many “Watsons” have you popped, recently? Wow… It just sounds so cool; I just fuckin’ luv your voice, B-Real, on tha hook!!! Endin’ wit a beat outro, here… My Rating: 4.7

11. “Roger That” Feat. Q-Red
Produced by DJ B-Real & Q-Red! This looks like an interestin’ collaboration; I betcha it’s gon go through tha roof!! >>> Sounds like Q-Red on tha hook…; nice hook right here! I definitely am feelin’ it, between B-Real sayin’, “roger that!” Great collaboration, so far! Q-Red on tha 1st verse; how ‘bout some N’ Sync? Britney Spears? I don’t know what ta say right now… I dunno if I sound straight listenin’ to this right now, but that was a nice 1st verse, includin’ tha rapid flow; good job, Q-Red… DJ B-Real on tha 2nd verse… “Come here, boy;” he’s lurin’ everyone in! “Strive fa tha best”? You are “tha best” outta Louisiana, B-Real!!! Yea, nice job on tha 2nd verse, B-Real! I think I’m about to get frostbitten… Nice lil’ cold ending, right chea… My Rating: 4.7

12. “You Don’t Know About” Feat. Doodie Da Juvie & 1st Class Carson
Produced by—OMG, an extra person on tha production!! Produced by DJ B-Real & J Buc!!! Wow, this beat iz definitely gon be nice!! I neva heard of 1st Class Carson before, so it’s gonna be a different, interestin’ collaboration; I’m lookin’ forward!! >>> B-Real, again, wit this tag… Then, you hear tha Buc sound! Ooh, B-Real intro!! Glad you’re standin’ up fa err-body!! Wow, I wouldn’t’ve thought you’d be on tha hook; this shit iz definitely tight!! Glad you exposin’ these bitch-asses, B-Real! I’m feelin’ tha beat… Doodie on tha 1st verse? He doesn’t sound like doodie, here! I’m likin’ this shit, especially tha 2nd ½ of Doodie’s verse! We definitely need ta keep talkin’ about DJ B-Real!! Everyday, all day, everyday, we should mention DJ B-Real!! Here’s tha 2nd verse…; this must be tha new dude. Wow, he just ready ta say, “middle finger to you F.N.z!” He doesn’t sound cheesy at all; definitely tha type of gangsta shit that sounds good fa tha 225! Even tha “hoes” know about him? Whoo, wow! “You can suck a first class dick?” Uh oh, B-Real on tha 3rd verse!! Why do people have ta “hate”? That’s why, I’m so big ‘cause I love!! I don’t “hate,” I love!! Ooh, sirens again ‘cause B-Real, “you” da shit!! “Juvielyfe, Jigga House;” nice collaboration!! And, we’re startin’ wit—we got tha intro again, on tha near-ending! My Rating: 4.5

13. “Full Of Dat (Part 2)” Feat. Infa Red & Zeus
Produced by Infa Red & B-Real!! Which, B-Real, you told me, “I didn’t make tha beat,” or somethin’, which Infa Red just did. But, we’ll say this iz a collaboration and yea, you do “mean dat!” Such a classic hook, right there!! “Full of dem barz, full of dem jiggaz; poppin’ dem tabs, smokin’ dat killa!!” And, here’s this part [after]; wow! I luv when y’all “full of dat!” It, just, means a lot ta me that I’m cool wit y’all! And, because I put this on YouTube already, I know tha 1st verse iz Infa Red, and he “full of dem jiggaz,” and everything that rhymes together! “Full of dem jiggaz!!” He just feels so good when he’s rappin’ this shit, right now! This was featured on my 9th Louisiana Archives mixtape compilation, 2 Hot 2 Stop, with our now-gone, donated Florida house, on tha front cover! “Full of dem barz, full of dem jiggaz; poppin’ dem tabs, smokin’ dat killa!!” And, we know who’s on tha 2nd verse; let’s put this king up here, right now: DJ B-Real!! I just luv his whole vibe that he, just, has, here!! He just sounds like tha coolest dude you’d wanna just be with and hang with!! Why would you “have bad nerves,” though, B-Real?! Surprisingly, I like this line: “Threw back a bar, now I’m feelin’ like I got swag,” ‘cause he—‘cause he says, “Bouncin’ up and down,” so it sounds like a kangaroo or some shit!! And, I know I don’t really compare tha dead sometimes, but I have ta say, this hook sounds like Nate Dogg—some of that Nate Dogg shit from back in tha day! Tha last verse? Wow, my boy Zeus!!! Zeus iz fully focused, here; “full of” so much shit! Always be “full of dat,” Zeus; always!! Don’t let it be tha past; it’s timeless!! I still can’t believe that’s tha same voice as tha Zeus I talk to on tha phone; that’s incredible!! “Full of dem jiggaz…;” gotta give ya a hug, DJ B-Real!! You gotta visit me soon!! Well, originally, when this song was on Tha Louisiana Archives Vol. 9, I rated it a 4.8. However, it’s so timeless, 2012 style, and from me… My Current Rating: 5.0

Overall: Wow, can this CD be, like, my best friend or somethin’?!? Holy shit, I think we finally have anotha pure classic in BR—Louisiana, I should say!!! OMG, B-Real, you definitely did a nice job wit tha beats, features, extra producers, and how you be comin’ through on tha tracks!!! Oh yea, and props to me—some credit to you, B-Real—for gettin’ that Savage collaboration to work out! I texted Savage for you, and it worked! That’s tha FTLD power, right there!!! Well, I hope to get a hard copy in tha mail, soon; gotta treat it like a best friend, ya feel me? Ya heard me?! Always stay in touch, B-Real! Thanx for keepin’ me really motivated, as well as I keep you motivated!! You really—I mean, really, there should be a law to where a person iz required to have some DJ B-Real in them! I mean, songs, talking to B-Real in person! I mean, without DJ B-Real, we should die!!! So, keep up tha real great work; this was a lot of fun!! You brought back fun in these reviewz!!!!!


13.       “Intro – Ready Or Not” 4.4
12.       “You Don’t Know About” Feat. Doodie Da Juvie & 1st Class Carson 4.5
11.        “Get On Your Grind” Feat. Lil’ Doonie 4.6
10.       “Roger That” Feat. Q-Red 4.7
09.       “I Love Money” Feat. Savage & Jimi Jump 4.7
08.       “Let Me Do Me” 4.7
07.       “It’s Easy” Feat. Mouse On Tha Track 4.7
06.       “Have A Good Time” Feat. Down Bad 4.7
05.       “Pay Da Producer” Feat. Big Wayne 4.7
04.       “Who It Is” 4.8
03.    “Excellent” Feat. J Buc 4.9
02.    “It’s Nothin’” Feat. Zeus 5.0
01.    “Full Of Dat (Part 2)” Feat. Infa Red & Zeus 5.0

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:              61.4
Total Songs:              / 13
Average CD Rating: 4.7 (automatically a 5-star-rated CD)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Review #1,272: Drama Boyz "We 'Bout Dat Drama (Pre-Album) (Hosted by DJ B-Real)"

Reviewed on 2.05.2013 (Review #1,272)

What up, this FrankieThaLuckyDog, here, at my Grandma’s house on Long Island, NY! I’m about to review a CD that was released almost a year ago this week. However, I was quiet and didn’t decide to be persistant with gettin’ it. So now, I finally got it, courtesy of my favorite Louisiana boi, DJ B-Real!! This iz Drama Boyz, a Baton Rouge-based rap group consistin’ of Infa Red, Nephew & of course, DJ B-Real!! We 'Bout Dat Drama (Pre-Album) (Hosted by DJ B-Real) iz what I’m reviewin’, and yes, album!! Not no fuckin’ stupid-ass mixtape! Album!! I’m gonna be doin’ a live review on it, drivin’ around Long Island, Port Jefferson Station to be exact. I’m really lookin’ forward to this with all my heart!! Start Time: 2:08 PM | End Time: 6:45 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes 100,000x (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

© 2013 CD Review (Review #1,272) reviewed on 2.05.2013 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

01. Intro Feat. Beat Flippa & DJ B-Real
Produced by Beat Flippa!! Very lookin’ forward to hearin’ this intro right now!!! >>> Sounds like Down Bad… Oh, “B-Real & Beat Flippa!!” Sound a lil’ different, but I luv y’all, of course! That Flippa!! Can you say, Ying Yang Twins? “Hannnnh!!” Yea, no “mixtape;” you’re fuckin’ right!! I don’t want tha intro ta end!! I’m too excited ta hear tha CD!!! All dat “get on our level” reminds me of Trillville, Lil’ Jon & Lil’ Scrappy “Neva Eva”!! Y’all definitely fun ta be around; I can’t wait ta meet y’all! My Rating: N/A

02. “Cold Blooded”
Produced by Mr. World Wide! I dunno what ta say… I’m very anticipated ta hear this, right now!!! I can’t get enough of y’all, although I didn’t hear one song yet!!! >>> OMG, “DJ B-Real” on tha intro; don’t say “mixtape” ‘cause it’s an album!! I like tha hook; sounds like a sample wit y’all randomly in tha background! I don’t know everyone’s voices, so I’m gonna just go wit it… Feelin’ tha 1st verse, here; strictly comin’ through fa tha BR streetz!! Random gangsta shit, here… Time fa tha 2nd verse…; iz dat DJ B-Real?!? Oh, only two verses; feelin’ this shit! I like tha dog growl; dumb shit!! My Rating: 4.5

03. “Watch Me Do Dis” Feat. Big Scoob
Da Jiggalaters in tha buildin’ on this one!! I’m freezin’ my ass off at this Washington Park, right now, ‘cause snow iz flyin’ everywhere; it must feel like tha teens outside!! Anyway, lemme hear dis right now!! >>> Sounds a lot like Level’s “I’m A Dogg (Remix)”! Whoo, this iz a jam right chea!! It’s even a “dance”-type rap song, where you dancin’; crazy shit, though this ain’t my typical shit to praise! Lots of dancin’ goin’ on in tha 1st verse; not bad… I mean, I can fuck wit it… Time fa Big Scoob on tha 2nd verse!! That’s right, “Jigga City,” courtesy of you, Scoob!! Izn’t it like a decade now, 2013 style? Tha 3rd verse’s keepin’ this jiggin’-type shit goin’…; ehh, not bad, but that Beat Flippa beat just makes this shit luvable! My Rating: 4.3

04. “Hit It” Feat. DJ B-Real
DJ B-Real & Mr. World Wide on this beat; let’s see how we go from dancin’ to hittin’ “it!” >>> Ooh, a B-Real intro!! Feelin’ tha “Some Cut”-type beat sounds, includin’ all tha “hit it” shit! Luv tha hook; y’all drillin’ it  inta people!! Infa Red on tha 1st verse, it sounds like; what a dude ta supply these ladies!! DJ B-Real on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through fa these hoes!! What a teacher fa dis you iz, B-Real!! Luv “it!” Got tha 3rd verse, here, comin’ through just like tha first two verses; gotta luv “it,” once again! Nephew (I thinik) in tha buildin’!! My Rating: 4.8

05. “Kiss My Azz” Feat. Tank Jones
Definitely lookin’ forward ta this intimidatin’-tha-haterz-type joint, right chea! Produced by Infa Red & DJ B-Real!! >>> I love this Baton Rouge-like sound; neva dyin’!!! Who wouldn’t “kiss [B-Real’s] azz,” male or female? Got haterz and hoes! Wow, what an anthem, here, on tha hook! “Kiss yo azz! Kiss yo azz!” Such a club anthem, right here! Not exactly sure who’s on tha 1st verse, but they doin’ they thang! Who’s on tha 2nd verse? Thought that was Lil’ Cali! Must be Nephew since he said that it was “Infa.” We got Tank Jones on tha 3rd verse, here.; he fits good in tha song, I shall say… My Rating: 4.7

06. “Pop A Rubberband” Feat. Mr. World Wide
I neva heard Mr. World Wide rap before, so we’re gonna see what this iz gonna be like. It’s a money song, but don’t get me wrong: If B-Real came through on tha production, he might’ve lured me in, like a catfish!! >>> Wow, this you, B-Real, on tha hook? You got a voice! Fuckin’ great!! Rockin’ my Girbauds for you today, B-Real! Hearin’ tha 1st verse…; sounds pretty good and fresh. Feelin’ tha reptiles mentioned, in tha 1st verse! “Drama Boyz, [y’all] official!” A+ music!!! Tha 2nd verse sounds good, too, waitin’ ta wreck a ma’fucka! “Dem Drama Boyz [not] be trippin’!” Tha 3rd verse sounds like y’all ridin’, in a great way…, without snow! My Rating: 4.5

07. “Trunk Trashin’” Feat. Hollywood Ken
That title makes me very anticipated ta hear this! Are cars gonna be swervin’? Headbobbin’? It’s prolly gon be crazy when I hear this, so, Infa Red & B-Real, it’s like, Gods rulin’ tha beats, right here, and my ears! >>> “B-Real!!!” How ‘bout my ’94 Jeep Grand Cherokee? Reminds me of a Lil’ Boosie vibe; this iz a serious hook right here…, ridin’ style! “Sound like King Kong!!” Doin’ tha damn thang on tha 1st verse, here; got me bobbin’, right now! “Do this for BR!” That “Boot!” Jigga House Records!! “Bumpin’ Drama Boyz shit” on tha 2nd verse, here; “switchin’ lanes, too!” I would luv to be in a car wit these dudes, hopefully sooner or later! Let’s see who we got fa tha 3rd verse…; Hollywood Ken, tha feature! I’m not 100% sure who he iz, but he fittin’ good wit tha Drama Boyz, right chea! “Moon walkin’… moon talkin’;” you know he fulla dat shit…, doin’ tha damn thang, that iz! My Rating: 4.6

½time: What a very good CD; I knew it!! DJ B-Real knows how ta cook up some typhoon gumbo!! That’s right!! Because, this CD’s at a WHOPPING 4.6 for tha CD rating, so far, and tha lowest-rated song, currently, iz a 4.3!!! Talk about it!! Now, that’s what I call quality-ass music!! Also, this CD’s up for a five-star rating ‘cause every song’s at at least a 4.0!! So, to B-Real, Infa Red & Nephew, keep up tha great work!! I’m so glad I’m workin’ wit DJ B-Real; I just wanna do everything fa him!! I got his back all day, err-day!!!

08. “I Got It” Feat. Beezy B & Sims
Lookin’ forward to hearin’ more from Beezy B; haven’t heard much from him—I think tha only time was Beat Flippa’s Street Certified! Well, let’s get into this joint! >>> Oh, I hear dem beat sounds!! Sounds like Beat Flippa, especially wit this intro, but it’s Sims & DJ B-Real on tha beat!! Oh, no wonder, shiiiiit, I know this song! I didn’t recognize it at first, but it’s from that Street Certifed CD!! Still, real nice hook wit havin’ “it!” Likin’ this 1st verse, still; it’s dat classic, ’08-soundin’ shit! Oh, great memories of bumpin’ dat Street Certified! Such a nice collaboration, Drama Boyz style!! Tha 2nd verse’s still real nice; just strictly representin’ here, to tha fullest!! Gotta luv tha drug-type songs!! What a hook and beat!! How can you not luv this?! Sims doin’ tha damn thang on tha 3rd verse, still, comin’ through wit his great voice fa tha undaground! Sims just stickin’ it in err-body!! My Current Rating: 4.8

09. “Full Of Dat” Feat. Lil’ Keith
I thought “Full Of Dat (Pt. 2)” was gonna be on here, since it was released in 2012, this CD. I neva got ta hear Part 1, I don’t think. Somethin’ tells me—but I’m not sure—that this song iz on tha Jigga House Records 2006 mixtape. I dunno, somethin’ about it, I feel that it’s old. Oh, I wanna know what it sounds like—what it did sound like!!! >>> Sounds like what was a big anthem; really feelin’ tha beat start, here, from B-Real & Nephew! Let’s see how it turns out… Sounds like a nice, bounce-vocal/flow anthem; gotta luv it! And, that B-Real? Fuckin’ givin’ him a hug, just fa “dat” hook!! What a kick-ass hook; he be “full of dat” shit!! 1:12 in, finally, tha 1st verse! We got a loaded, 1st verse, here! So completely different from Part 2; very interestin’!! Time fa tha 2nd verse… Talk about it; completely “full of dat!” “Me and Infa Red and B-Real,” then, this iz Nephew, right here? Or, maybe—has ta be… OMG, tha 3rd verse!! Iz this Lil’ Keith? Their “round popped five;” think “of dat!” Nice job on tha 3rd verse, right there! This song could be my baby, just rockin’ it, tha laptop, that iz! Almost sounds like Savage on tha 4th verse! Luvin’ all tha colors, ya dig? “Look at tha 225 hat;” I want one!!! DJ B-Real, I fuckin’ luv you!!! I think I like Part 2 betta, but slightly betta, since I’m rating it… My Rating: 4.7

10. “On Dem Jiggaz”
Produced by B-Real, OMG!!! We were just “full of dat” shit, before, and now, we “on dem jiggaz!” B-Real, I’m so glad you in luv wit tha “jiggaz!” Tha “Full Of Dat”! Everything makes sense to me, and I just luv it even more! So, I’m just very anticipated for this, and my heart goes out to it! >>> Oh, not Level, but it’s tha same beat? Let’s hear what this was… “Mr. World Wide in tha buildin’;” iz he featured in tha song? Tha Level version got a 5.0; let’s see what this one does… It sounds like it; same version like Level? Sounds so pure and classic!! So fuckin’ awesome!!! Classic jig music, right here! Still sounds really good, even though I thought Level did a really great-great job with it! So, that was somebody’s voice—not Level’s—wit tha, “on dem jiggaz,” in tha background. DJ B-Real!! He’s on tha 2nd verse!! Any condition B-Real has? Perfect!! Just makes sense for tha tracks! How does he get that voice?! How does he get that character?!? You did ya thang, B-Real!! Err-thang you said, just makes me wanna do shit for you lots more!! Just very anticipated ta get ta meet you and hang wit chu, very soon!! Hearin’ tha 3rd verse, and this shit sounds nice, too! This iz a jiggalater at its finest!! Shout out ta Nephew; he luvs ta ball! Nice job right there, Neph! My Rating: 4.9

11. “My Mind Ain’t Right” Feat. Looney Boi & B. B. Corleone
Produced by Mr. World Wide & DJ B-Real!!! Well, if you were “full of dat” and “on dem jiggaz,” your “mind” definitely won’t be “right,” when it comes ta bein’ paranoid. And, this iz prolly tha perfect song, right now, for me ‘cause right now, I’m in public, and I try to stay far away from people ‘cause I’m autistic. But, err-body should be payin’ attention to me, anyway! So, I’m definitely anticipatin’ ta hear this! I mean, Mr. World Wide? DJ B-Real? When it’s DJ B-Real, you know, tha beats are definitely on lock!! >>> Sounds like anotha “Full Of Dat” anthem! Sounds like a catchy hook, if this iz tha hook or a verse? Verse 1, I guess? Sounds catchy! Definitely a nice lil’ Drama Boyz anthem, right here! “Gets retawded” up in this bitch, outside…, freezing!! Sounds like a nice 2nd verse; can picture a dreadhead! This dude “got mo cheese than a Big Mac”? Tha ladies must think he so delicious, but tha dudes must think he so “full of dat” cash! Got tha 3rd verse, here…; “yeahhhh!!” They sound like they definitely “full of dat,” in tha mood for this joint, right chea! “Keep poppin’ it!!” This dude just continuously, consistent wit dem pillz!! My bad that I don’t know who’s who on tha verses, but I’m just gonna say that this verse—did I lose count? Gotta be tha 4th verse; sounds good… “Dirty South” in tha buildin’; can’t wait to get to tha South! Hope I move there one day!! My Rating: 4.4

12. “Money N My Hand” Feat. Nu$$ie
Produced by DJ B-Real!! If I had to re-review this song, what would I say? Well, I’ll say that I thought tha beat sounded like Beat Flippa; I would’ve guessed that he guessed it, but it’s B-Real. Tha hook iz definitely hot, you know, demandin’ money, wit dat voice! We got Nephew on tha 1st verse, comin’ through, you know, he’s doin’ a nice job wit his persistentness, when it comes to “money.” Now me, I’m persistent when it comes ta gettin’ in touch wit DJ B-Real, and gettin’ dat music, which I’m glad I did! “Au-youkie!” I dunno how ta spell that, but Nu$$ie iz on tha 2nd verse! He’s inta anyone doin’ anything to his body parts, male or female, ‘cause he just wants err-body on him hatin’ him, attractin’ err-body!! Speakin’ of this bein’ from ’08, actually, DJ B-Real, Zeus, Kevin Gates, I discovered them all on Big Jay’s Pyrex Radio Vol. 4: From Crumbz 2 Brickz, back on February 16, 2008! So, that’s only 11 dayz away ‘til we celebrate tha ½ decade anniversary! Which, Beat Flippa’s Street Certified also reviewed on tha 16th—October 16, 2008! And once again, we got Nephew on tha 3rd verse, just continuin’ wit it! “No C.O.D.;” just need to deliver it now! And I hope this live review’s worth $100 ‘cause I mean, that’s what I charge; doin’ a live review! Not only am I in tha same room, I chose ta go out everywhere fa this one ‘cause I luv DJ B-Real, and will go that extra step fa him! My Current Rating: 4.5

13. “Shawty Want 2 Ride”
Produced by Infa Red & DJ B-Real!! I am lookin’ forward to it, even though I’m not in my car, right now. Hearin’ him do tha damn thang, just by himself & DJ B-Real on tha beat, this iz gonna be somethin’ pretty exciting! >>> Well, luckily, I don’t have ta sit here; no auto-tune for me!! Tha computer goin’ closed; disqualified for me! Rating? I could care less!! My Rating: 1.0

14. Skit
I’m definitely lookin’ forward! I just wanna hear DJ B-Real talk! That’s, like, a voice made in heaven, when it comes ta just doin’ this shit fa Louisiana—pretty much, worldwide! That’s why, he my favorite! He, just, very versatile like myself! >>> Luv it, already! Who cares about “Plies!” Wait, lemme hear this again… Thought you said, “files,” but I’m pretty sure it was “Plies.” DJ B-Real! Why would he be in tha bushes? Lightin’ up some shit… Oh, luv all tha talkin’!! Get tha fuck out tha bush! Tha Plies voice almost sounds like B-Real, actually, now… My Rating: N/A

15. “Gun Play” Feat. Mr. World Wide
Produced by Drama Boyz? Whoo, all of them! Nephew, Infa Red & DJ B-Real!! This iz tha final song on tha Drama Boyz CD; I’m definitely lookin’ forward to it and its gangsta style! I mean, err-body doin’ tha production from tha Drama Boyz, here; this definitely gon be some fiya, in bright red!! >>> DJ B-Real on tha intro; hyped up!! Wow, DJ B-Real comin’ through wit dat gangsta shit, tha way I luv it!! 1st verse sounds nice and paranoid, but ready ta fight, here! “Don’t fuck around wit dat fuck around;” dat’s right! Takin’ “it there,” that’s right!! Just, it’s like needles inside of you; you need it!! And, they’re drillin’ inside of you!! Got tha 2nd verse, here, soundin’ pretty tight; what else can I say? Just luv everything about it!! That gangsta shit at its finest; I can’t say it anymore!!! Like, how do you come up wit a hook like dat? Just repeatin’ it in a real great way!! It’s just, tha brains y’all got!! We got this 3rd verse, here; this dude comin’ through, trouble style! He’s a Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur; that’s how much trouble he gets in! Ooh, “Infa Red gon grab ya; Nephew gon touch ya!” Mr. World Wide, you got this shit on lock, right chea!! DJ B-Real!!! My Rating: 4.7

Overall: That was a REAL NICE CD, y’all…, except #13!! I dunno why you would include an a-tune song on a CD fulla real hot, Baton Rouge-type shit?! Either way, there’s always one bad pea in tha pot, I guess? But, definitely a real nice job!!! Keep up tha great work and hopefully tomorrow, if my tire gettin’ back on my car goes well (early), I can get to dat DJ B-Real Pay Da Producer Vol. 1 live review!! I’m definitely lookin’ forward ta dat!! Who gon get this much luv from me? That’s why, you gotta feel blessed, DJ B-Real!!


13.       “Shawty Want 2 Ride” 1.0
12.       “Watch Me Do Dis” Feat. Big Scoob 4.3
11.        “My Mind Ain’t Right” Feat. Looney Boi & B. B. Corleone 4.4
10.       “Money N My Hand” Feat. Nu$$ie 4.5
09.       “Pop A Rubberband” Feat. Mr. World Wide 4.5
08.       “Cold Blooded” 4.5
07.       “Trunk Trashin’” Feat. Hollywood Ken 4.6
06.       “Full Of Dat” Feat. Lil’ Keith 4.7
05.       “Gun Play” Feat. Mr. World Wide 4.7
04.       “Kiss My Azz” Feat. Tank Jones 4.7
03.    “I Got It” Feat. Beezy B & Sims 4.8
02.    “Hit It” Feat. DJ B-Real 4.8
01.    “On Dem Jiggaz” 4.9

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:              56.4
Total Songs:              / 13
Average CD Rating: 4.3

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