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My Underground Playlist Adds: July 2009

This tha 1st time I'm postin' my underground playlist adds in my blog. Every end of tha month, you'll see tha exclusive underground songs I be addin' to my playlist/YouTube. Check 'em out, and support tha artists!! I'll be attachin' MySpace links too!

Blu Black Feat. Butla & Toke "Hustle" |

Young Ready Feat. Zion City Juice "So Serious"

Yung Yola & D.$.G. "Haters"

Partners-N-Crime Feat. 5th Ward Weebie "So Attracted"

Sess 4-5 "Gettin' Dat Gwop"

Flipset Fred "Waistline"

6 Ward Pook "Keep 'Em Coming"

Tha G.T. Feat. Fiya Boi "Find Me In The Hood"

Kontreversy Feat. Natural & Damage "Inside Fistbox, Outside Gunplay"

L-Bain Feat. Spark Dawg & Ju1ce (The Replacementz) "Rappers Slut" |

RoyDezzy "Out My Mind"

Big Head Feat. Shell, Mouse & Stebo "Cuttin' Up"

Hannibal Feat. Sims "Cocky"

Young True Feat. A-One "Body N It"

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Commercial #28: Gar "Certified Muzik Vol. 1"

Made on 7.30.2009

Commercial #27: 747

Edited by: FrankieThaLuckyDog on 7.29.2009

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Review #276: 747 "Flight Skool"

Reviewed on 7.25.2009 (Review #276)

Watz good? It’s ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog here. Got somethin’ anticipatin’ in my handz right now, ya heard me!! After waitin’ a while fa somethin’ to arrive, I got SOMETHIN’ IN THA MAIL!! Shit yea!! I was REAL happy!!! For my muthafuckin’ boy Duce (and his boy Kooley), a.k.a. 747, it’s tha REAL HOT “Flight Skool” CD!! Not only that, but it’s a DOUBLE DISC, so although I thought it would occur in my Louisiana Reviewz Marathon, it’s occurin’ for tha FIRST TIME wit me right now!!! It took 275 CD reviewz ta get to tha 276th review, which will be tha 1st DOUBLE DISC review!! Tha 1st CD iz a mixtape (jacked beats), and tha 2nd CD iz a street album (original beats). I really like this idea, especially tha jacked beats 1st! This gets me prepared for tha original heat, ESPECIALLY havin’ a dose of G-Lane!! BTW, tha MySpace URL of your page (Duce) has an error. It says “” when it’s really “ ”. People’ll realize tha REAL URL when they see this review, ya dig! So now, after FINALLY receivin’ it, here goes tha HIGH ANTICIPATED review fa 747 “Flight Skool”!!!!!
Disc 1: Start Time: 8:52 PM | End Time: 10:17 PM
Disc 2: Start Time: 10:29 PM | End Time: 11:35 PM
Overall: Start Time: 8:52 PM | End Time: 11:35 PM

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

01. “Intro”
It’s 3:41, so this must be a pretty good intro, huh? REALLY lookin’ forward to it!!! >>> Kooley talkin’ ova tha intro here wit lightin’ a blunt (if I’m not mistaken)! I feel REALLY anticipated!!! I thought it was gonna be tha whole entire thang, but it started at 1:00 flat. Tha 1st verse here iz soundin’ REAL nice!! I really like tha “pills” and “smokin’” shit here wit all those rhymes! I’m assumin’ that’s Kooley on tha 1st verse; GREAT shit!! Glad he knows about me too; Duce, you a dawg, fa real! Fuckin’ luv you, ya dig! Forgot ta mention this beat iz “Paid In Full”. Here comes tha 2nd verse here (I’m assumin’ Duce). Yea, of course, it my dawg Duce, “polo shorts” you rockin’, so you KNOW you on yo shit, ya dig!! Great verse, especially tha ending, endin’ wit “Duce!” My Rating: 4.1

02. “Cuff Ya Bitch”
Ooh, look at this title! Tha length no less goes GREAT wit it ‘cause it’s Valentine’s Day, lol (2:14)! This should be anticipatin’, and I’m REAL curious ta know what beat this iz!! >>> Yea, I would’ve NEVA guessed it was Cassie “Me & U”. It’s you in tha beginning, and it’s soundin’ good. Good “crumble like cookie… dough” part. No-no @ tha “anti-social.” Nah, just playin’. I know you do yo thang 24/7, Duce! Nice lil’ ending to tha 1st verse wit tha “back shots,” and no less, tha “Duce!” ending of tha verse again! Nice solo right there! My Rating: 3.9

03. “Hoes” Feat. Trey Shawn
I’m readin’ tha tracklisting, and I notice there’s a crack in tha inside. Anyway, looks like tha topic gon continue ta stay steady, so let’s see what we got here… Iz it gon be ova tha Lil’ Wayne/Mannie Fresh 2004 beat of tha same title? That’s my guess. >>> Nope, still in 2006 here; this Rick Ross/Dre “Blow”. I got a good memory here, lol. Pretty catchy beginning wit Kooley. He on tha 1st verse here, doin’ his thang. Nice “cool-103 pounds” wit his money, as well as tha “in tha water like a muthafuckin’ beach towel,” and even tha “niggaz on they toes like ballerinas” part! REAL nice 1st verse!! Here comes you on tha 2nd verse, “givin’ err-body tha lesson” here, ya dig! Nice “been feelin’ myself since I was 16,” although wit me, it was ½ that age, lol!! Good job on tha 2nd verse right there. Tha 3rd verse here, and it’s soundin’ great; a lil’ betta than tha 2nd verse! Yea, “buss in her mouth;” good shit here!! Duce doin’ tha damn thang!! My Rating: 4.0

04. “On”
What else can I say about tha title, lol? I think I know what beat this gon be “on”, lol! >>> Nope, not “Put On”, but what could this be? Oh yea, more Cassie style wit tha Ryan Leslie “Addiction” song last year wit Cassie & Fab. Nice start wit tha ABC’s and even “military” shit. Even heard a “boom-a-yay” part like Nu$$ie in tha 1st verse too! Not bad hook; pretty catchy, even wit tha “uh-uh-on” shit. Tha 2nd verse here, and you slowly creeped in, Duce. I like tha “wings” part. Not bad on tha short lil’ verse from you. Tha 3rd verse starts off wit… a sneeze, lol. Yea, “turn dat bullshit down, and turn dat 747 up!” That 3rd verse held it down; good thing it was longer. Nice “you can pay for skool, but you can’t buy class” part repeatin’ towards tha near-end before tha last hook. My Rating: 3.6

05. “Gossip (Freestyle)”
Well, I know what beat this iz, lol. I’ve heard it so many times, so hopefully, y’all make it sound better! >>> Sounds like sum loaded shit in tha beginning!! That boy Kooley on tha intro! Yea, he comin’ through strong on tha 1st verse here! REAL NICE “ya boyz ‘pissin’ me off’, I call y’all boyz ‘urine’” part!!! Even through tha original hook, he did his thang!! Ooh, on tha 2nd verse too! Luvin’ this raw flow here! Glad he “sippin’ dat medicine” ‘cause it’s like power ups in this song!! Just consistent shit here!! A whole minute outro (I thought you were gonna do a 3rd verse Duce). Hope it’s good for a long outro… Yea, somethin’ should’ve been done wit that outro, especially since this was tha best so far! My Rating: 4.2

06. “Gettin’ Money”
I’m prolly brain-dead on what beat this could have in tha background… Hopefully, y’all will GO HARD on it!!! >>> Unknown start here. I don’t know tha beat, but it does sound jacked (nearly soundin’ like Ludacris “Ho” sampled in tha beat). Tha hook iz DEFINITELY catchy, so this iz tha shit so far!! Tha 1st verse here iz catchy, especially “higher” wit tha “purple drank.” Also, I like tha “we could jam tha hoe like an iPod” part, lol! Yea, these are DEFINITELY “bacteria lines;” Kooley, you did tha damn thang!! Here comes my boy Duce on tha 2nd verse here… Betta lyrics/flow/rhymes on this one! “On point like a ma’fuckin’ thumb tack;” nice line. I thought I heard that before, but it sounded cool wit your attitude! I tell you everytime I talk to you on tha phone: I’m SO FUCKIN’ GLAD I’m talkin’ to you on tha phone!!! You’re such a FUCKIN’ BLESSIN’, ya dig!! REAL nice 2nd verse, including that it ended wit “Duce!” again! Back ta Kooley on tha 3rd verse here. A lil’ calmer here, and decent on tha rhymes. Surprisingly, no comment on tha 3rd verse. Should’ve had tha hook play again! My Rating: 4.2

07. “Stuck To You”
I think I’ll get this beat guess correct… I think it gon be (I was almost gonna say Mobb Deep) Prodigy’s beat wit tha same title from 2 years ago… Let’s see, and how will y’all do? >>> Yea, 2nd beat guess correct here (1st one was “Gossip”). Tha 1st verse here, soundin’ nearly Weezyish on tha flow here. I think it’s Kooley, and he must be so attracted when it comes to tha gurls as that “pacifier” line defined it! Not bad 1st verse. Duce, you’re on tha 2nd verse here, and it’s soundin’ better! Tha flow iz much betta, and tha horny level iz real high here! Real nice job on that 2nd verse! Now, there’s a 3rd verse. I think it’s Kooley again, and still soundin’ decent; hope he gets betta on here. Luvin’ a “honor roll student” here, so that’s a good thing. Looks like a briliant future wit knowledge! You know that’s me when it comes ta knowin’ shit, ya dig! It got a lil’ betta towards tha end of tha verse. More shit goin’ on here near tha end. My Rating: 3.8

¼time: LOL, 1st time it’s a ¼time (usually, it’s ½time)!! Congrats on that, Duce & Kooley! Anyway, sounds like a pretty good start. Not quite in tha “G-Lane” category fa me yet. It’ll prolly be there once I get to tha 2nd CD. This iz a nice way ta introduce y’all! If it was just this CD, I would still be hungry ta hear that G-Lane shit that I really wanna hear! I like tha rappin’, as some of it’s pretty good while some of it’s pretty decent. Hope tha 2nd ½ of this CD goes harder and has more gangsta style beats ‘cause it seems like tha 1st ½ of this CD iz a lot of female related shit. Regardless, average CD rating iz currently at 4.0, so y’all in good shape! Takin’ a short dinner break, so I’ll be back in about 10 minutes! *Leaves at 9:30 PM* *Returns at 9:39 PM* I’m a minute early, lol! I wish err-body who says “I’ma call you back” was like me wit tha time estimation!

08. “Ain’t Gone Let Up”
I like when people spell “gon” as “gone”; I really like it, ya dig. Anotha correct beat guess here ‘cause this D.G. Yola’s beat! This should be REAL HOT wit y’all spittin’ on it!! Sounds pretty interestin’ wit all tha “toilet paper” shit, lol! I like tha “get necks from these hoes like a colarbone” part! Real nice job on that 1st verse!! Good job from Kooley there, and tha hook was pretty good (although you could’ve renamed tha title). Tha 2nd verse here from my big dawg Duce, and he SO polo’d up here!! Good job on your part wit tha lyrics and shit! Shit, I got tha fuckin’ hiccups! I don’t want it throwin’ me off, so as soon as this ‘bout ta end, I gon hold my breath fa ‘bout 30 seconds! *Holds breath* My Rating: 4.1

09. “Sexual Healing”
Before I check tha title, I see 4:48 on tha length!! Ooh, this a long one! *Checks title* Looks like anotha female song… >>> And it’s even on tha Marvin Gaye beat. I didn’t wanna guess ‘cause I couldn’t picture this. LOL @ tha “take ya to tha mall and buy sum jigga juice” part; catchy. Sounds a lil’ different from tha Marvin Gaye beat, but it ain’t that bad. Catchy 1st verse, although I don’t really want this fa a long song. Catchy hook too on this. Tha 2nd verse here iz aight; no comment on it. Only 2 verses? And it’s ending… Sorry, but not that high of a rating fa me. Although it was a long song, y’all made it catchy ta where it didn’t feel like nearly 5 minutes went by. My Rating: 2.8

10. “Dedication”
LOL, 1st ID error here: “Dedication” iz not spelled wit tha word “dead,” so tha “a” should be removed (since y’all have “Deadication”). Anyway, looks like a Weezy title… What could I expect? >>> Ewe, anotha somewhat yucky start wit that Rap vs. Rap beat from Novakane and his Lil’ Wayne somewhat feature of “Shawty Say”. I wonder why they Rap vs. Rap’d this song in tha 1st verse when David Banner had it 1st? Tha 1st verse from Kooley here, and it’s soundin’ more into tha sex mode, so maybe I’ll be more interested. Good job on that 1st verse; I was interested. Who gon be on tha 2nd verse? Ooh, still Kooley here! This verse iz a lil’ below tha last one. LOL @ tha “Flintstone vitamins;” ain’t that for below 10 year olds? What happened to tha sexual themes in tha 2nd verse? Duceless also. My Rating: 3.3

11. “P.U.S.S.Y.”
Wow, anotha female song… I hate ta say it, but there’s not one song so far over 4.2? That’s not that good, but remember, all my anticipation iz locked in on that street album, ya dig!! I’m gonna guess this beat iz tha “J.E.E.Z.Y.” beat? >>> Nope, but it anotha scary beat fa me. Don’t know it, but it sounds like Disco vs. R&B… Duce, you’re on tha 1st verse… Glad you got some “titties” feature in tha verse (describin’ tha female). OMG, tha Super Mario Bros. line got my attention, fa real!! A lotta shit on that line, so I must quote tha whole thang: “Princess, would you suck Mario? Bowser? Luigi and Yoshi, outta they boxers?” My God, that’s such an ear-catcher!!! What an impression, Duce!! Hearin’ tha hook now, and it sounds like this beat iz a 50 Cent type beat (‘cause of tha way tha flow iz). If this so, then really, yuck! You’re on tha 2nd verse again here (now, this iz your female song). Sounds like a betta flow. Wow, what was it, like 4-8 lines? Kooley sneakin’ in on tha 3rd verse, so it ain’t exactly your song. No comment on him; should’ve been you. My Rating: 3.0

12. “Looka Here”
No, no, no!! I don’t like ta see that title ‘cause I think of Rich Boy “Boy Looka Here” (yes, “re”, not “Hear”), anotha reason why I hated 2007! Bad spelling/grammar error that makes ID Error #2. And very low anticipation level on tha Rich Boy beat!! >>> Boo, it’s correct! Please, go hard on this ta impress me!! Soundin’ pretty good wit my boy Duce on tha 1st verse! Nice flow, and good rhymes. Did you say, “condom on his tongue?” Sex obsession! LOL @ tha “trash can filled wit evidence.” No matter what I do, I NEVA leave proof anywhere! Even since tha past 12 years!! What’s tha talkin’ afta tha 1st verse? Either way, nice 1st verse, and tha talkin’ was cool. Tha 2nd verse (Kooley) sounds like someone from BR, but I can’t think of who. Either way, not bad. Wow, ending again… My Rating: 3.1

13. “Grillin’ Me”
Anotha error (should be “Grillin’” wit an “i”, not an “e”). Only 2:21, so let’s see what can fit… >>> Old beat (forgot what it iz; sounds like Young Jeezy), but you in tha beginning, and it sounds good. Much betta comeback to tha 1st CD here! Tha 1st verse here, and you doin’ a pretty good job. I like how you handled it, and you just sound REAL nice on this beat!! Good shit on tha 2nd verse too; real nice ending wit tha “most infected!” My Rating: 4.3

14. “Fuck Rite”
IDK what I’m goin’ to expect again… Maybe good? >>> More Rich Boy again (but betta wit “D-Boyz”). Not bad hook, although tha 2nd ½ of it adds that BR sound wit tha repetitiveness! Big dawg Duce on tha 1st verse!! Real great lyrics here wit a mix of different subjects!! “Run shit all day like a fuckin’ sewa;” agreed! LOL @ tha “treat her like an eraser; fuckin’ just use her” part and tha “I’m on my shit, my ass iz a mess” part too! Really felt that 1st verse! Yea, Kooley on tha 2nd verse, “shittin’” err-where on this track! Great job on that verse too! This one surpassed tha last song! LOL, what one will be my favorite it feels like, lol? My Rating: 4.4

15. “Kool Millie”
I like tha “k” in tha “Kool”, but iz this gon be “A Milli”? *Gets scared for tha ending!* >>> Ewe, no, ewe, ewe, ewe!! Betta be good, although REALLY played out! Should’ve kept this in ’08! Sounds like real tight rappin’ here wit tha flow and tha rhymes. Good job from Kooley here, doin’ tha damn thang! Great “multiplyin’ & dividin’” wit tha “weed” shit towards tha near-end! LOL @ tha ending wit tha “Let The Beat Build” type ending. Great ending, but real played out beat! My Rating: 4.2

½time: Just a ½time, but more like an overall for this CD. Well, I was disappointed in a way, although it ain’t ova yet, so I still got more ta devour, ya dig!! I thought tha 2nd ½ would go hard, but it was more like tha 4th ¼ of tha CD instead ‘cause 13-15 were REAL nice! Everything but #8 was either typical female song, boring, or bad beat. You KNOW I’ma hold y’all down though ‘cause wit tha street album, shiiid, I hope that’s got what I’m lookin’ for!!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

15. “Sexual Healing” 2.8
14. “P.U.S.S.Y.” 3.0
13. “Looka Here” 3.1
12. “Dedication” 3.3
11. “On” 3.6
10. “Stuck To You” 3.8
09. “Cuff Ya Bitch” 3.9
08. “Hoes” Feat. Trey Shawn 4.0
07. “Intro” 4.1
06. “Ain’t Gone Let Up” 4.1
05. “Gossip (Freestyle)” 4.2
04. “Gettin’ Money” 4.2
03. “Kool Millie” 4.2
02. “Grillin’ Me” 4.3
01. “Fuck Rite” 4.4

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score: 57
Total Songs: / 15
Average CD Rating: 3.8

Now, time for tha street album!! This one’s got 15 songs too (nearly tha same length on tha CD as well [50+ minutes]). Start Time: 10:29 PM | End Time: 11:35 PM

01. “Intro”
This intro’s 1:11 shorter than tha last one. Hopefully, wit original production, that I should feel this A LOT MORE!! >>> Not too much into tha beat start, but hopefully, tha rappin’ll be good! Pretty nice start, and good rhymes. Good job from my boy Duce; let’s hear Kooley… Not bad start here. Okay verse, but tha last intro was better! My Rating: 3.4

02. “Baby Momma”
I think you’re missin’ an “m” in tha title. Anyway, this iz your single you’re pushin’, huh? Betta be good! I know it’s anotha female song, but it betta be good!! >>> Sorry, but very bad start. If this what tha whole CD gon sound like, I gon have NO interest! LOL @ tha “toilet; took a shit in that,” especially tha “rememba tha smell” shit, lol? Cool wit tha “polo socks” part. Err-thang polo wit Duce, so you KNOW my boy fresh to deff (although tha 1st verse was Kooley; he fresh to deff too)! Duce on tha 2nd verse here, and still decent, although I luv tha “polo black” part. Your freshness iz sky-high! I wish it would apply more into more gangsta, weed smokin’, jiggin’ music. Kooley back here on tha 3rd verse, and he soundin’ like he into tha song. Short verse; why tha weirdness at tha end wit a lot of silence? No more female songs, PLEASE! My Rating: 2.3

03. “2nd Line”
I don’t know whether or not ta have faith in it… I don’t know what tha title could mean… >>> Better beat here, and Q-Red’s on tha track! Now, it BETTA not be 2.3ish!! That boy Kooley in tha beginning, and he doin’ his thang on this shit! Luv that beat here!! It’s actually NORMAL! Great job on tha 1st verse, and tha hook iz just catchy!! Can’t wait ta hear my boy Duce on this beat!! Still Kooley here, “180 pounds.” If you flip tha 8 and 0, and add a pound, I’m approximately that weight, lol. Luvin’ tha “marijuana” shit here, including tha gangsta lyrics! Great shit here! Duce should’ve been on it! My Rating: 4.5

LET’S KEEP THA CD LIKE “2nd Line”!!!!!!!!!!

04. “Candy”
Mandy Moore, right? >>> Kooley soundin’ pretty good wit his rappin’ here. Not much goin’ on wit tha beat so far. It ain’t poppy like that “Baby Momma” shit. Tha hook here iz kinda ehhh… I thought it was gonna say “shiiiid,” but it said, “shhhhheee.” Duce here on tha 2nd verse, always luvin’ tha female songs. Ooh, “pussy juice;” fiendin’ here, lol! Too short of a song, and not much ta say. My Rating: 3.0

05. “If U Know Me” Feat. Lil’ Cali
Just checked tha length and it’s 4:45. PLEASE, Q-RED ON THA TRACK!!! *Checks ID* No comment; lemme hear! >>> YEA, I GUESSED RIGHT!!! Pretty good beat start, although what’s wit tha snappin’? That could lead ta good though. Tha beat goes great wit that intro/hook/w/e it iz. Okay, that was just tha intro, and here’s tha hook, soundin’ great! Yea, nice club hook, especially my big dawg Duce bein’ on it, sayin’ “dawg” and shit like that! Yea, Duce on tha 1st verse; what a blessin’!!! Great job on tha 1st verse, and I luv that hook, especially wit you sayin’ “dawg;” it just makes me feel more blessed ta be cool wit you!! Thanx for discoverin’ me!! LOL @ tha no feature error! I know you didn’t have room on tha back cover, but it should’ve been somewhere… Lil’ Cali’s on tha 2nd verse here; great job collaboratin’ wit him!! He did a nice job, and fit great on this shit! Yea, my big dawg on tha 3rd verse also; Duce!! Great job on that 3rd verse, and it went right into tha hook! Nice ending wit tha “money in my wallet” shit, and tha beat outro!! REAL GREAT SHIT from Q-Red, and it’s still goin’ strong!!! LOL, REAL cold ending at 4:40, leavin’ 5 seconds of silence. My Rating: 4.7

06. “Clear The Hole”
Tha title looks catchy, so I HOPE it’s on some TIGHT shit again!!! >>> My ma’fuckin’ boy Q-Red on tha track… AGAIN!!!!! Tha beats just sound more anticipatin’ when I hear ‘em!! Will Kooley hold this one down? That’s him on tha hook, doin’ tha damn thang!! This iz anotha real catchy song here!! Pretty good rappin’ here in tha 1st verse, although I think Duce did a betta job on tha last song. Yea, “breathin’ in this weed smoke;” tight line! Yea, Duce iz on tha 2nd verse!! My ma’fuckin’ dawg here!! Just straight snappin’ on this Q-Red beat!! Really feelin’ what you spittin’ here, as well as tha GRIMY rhymes!!! I really like tha acapella parts; they make it sound more catchy!! Shit, it’s ending! I wish there was anotha verse! My Rating: 4.6


07. “Cloud Nine”
Anotha title that looks like it has tha potential wit me!! Betta be on sum smokin’ shit!!! >>> Who’s “Rich On The Track”? I heard of him before, so this will be anotha time hearin’ him. Okay start, not much in tha hook fa me so far. Okay, 1st verse here, and tha beat ain’t that interesting unfortunately. Sounds like Lil’ Wayne’s R&B side… Not much on tha 1st verse; wish it was a slow, weed smokin’ anthem (like Blu Black’s “Smoke Something” song)! Kooley was on tha 1st verse, and now, Duce, you’re on tha 2nd verse… Like tha “purp smoke” part. What’s wit tha quiet part around tha 1:50 mark? Reminded me of a restaurant. Expected much betta from this one; too soft. My Rating: 2.7

¾time: Well, a mixed up start. Nothin’s decent (which iz VERY rare on a CD); it’s either REAL GREAT or REALLY not for me… We had all tha sweet female songs on tha last CD; let’s just go hard on this one so I can put it on my iPod, ya dig!! Average CD rating for this CD iz currently at a 3.6, which iz sadly 4/10ths less than tha otha CD’s average CD rating in tha middle; this one had 3 FLAMIN’ HOT songs!! Overall, wit tha otha CD combined, tha average CD rating currently stands at a 3.7.

08. “Classified”
No anticipation. >>> Who iz that beat intro? Iz that Q-Red? B-Real? Talk about no anticipation, and look what we have here!! Too bad it’s just a touch under 3:30 (3:23 on tha length). What’s wit tha whisperin’? Please, don’t waste a beat! Good, it got normal at :40! Pretty nice rappin’ from Kooley here. Nothin’ much on tha lyrics, but tha beat holds it down fa him. Interesting “Nintendo cartridges” part wit tha glock cocked sound effect at tha end of tha 1st verse! That producer’s name iz all in tha background of tha beat; who iz it really? Must be someone I neva heard… Tha same type of rappin’ in tha 2nd verse wit nothin’ ta really say. Different kinda song here. My Rating: 3.9

09. “Jealousy”
Could be a good track… Wit a good title like that, I expect a Q-Red beat! >>> Hell no! Wrong this time, but Big Band intro! *Wants ta get my 88 year old grandma!* “GR8 GRANDMA!!!” LOL. Anyway, sounds like a fast beat vs. Big Band; anotha different kinda song. Now, at :49, it went more into a Baton Rouge sound, lol. My boy Duce on tha 1st verse, doin’ his thang on tha rappin’. What’s wit that Big Band hook? Kooley on tha 2nd verse, doin’ a nice job here. Okay 2nd verse here, but above average. Anotha REAL cold ending at 2:48.5; it like cut tha Big Band sample RIGHT off like a ma’fucka, LMAO!! My Rating: 3.5

10. “Make It Happen”
Ooh, 4:22 on tha length! Glad it’s longer, and I KNOW y’all gon “make it happen” wit this song! Q-Red, can you return, please? >>> Yea, my wish just came true!!! “Q-Red on tha track, and he runnin’ this bitch!” More different shit here wit tha hook soundin’ random, but GREAT wit that beat!! Sounds like Kooley on tha 1st verse, “blue raggin’” wit a “blue rag” on tha 1st verse. Beat sounds more on tha Savage type, which I REALLY like!! Nice job wit tha rappin’ on tha 1st verse; good attitude! Yea, my boy Duce on tha 2nd verse!! Ooh, GREAT attitude here!! Keep it up!! Wow, REALLY likin’ tha “leave you ‘like Chilli’ missin’ tha ‘Left Eye’;” punchlines are at top here!! Real great shit here, Duce!! One of your best deliveries!! Yea, couldn’t get enough of Duce, as you’re on tha 3rd verse!!! Just straight RAW SHIT HERE!!! TOO CRAZY OF A VERSE!!! DEFINITELY Duce’s best here!! My Rating: 4.7

11. “Home”
Almost 4 minutes long (3:56)… I don’t know how much I can anticipate this… >>> I knew it was gonna have a weird start fa me… Anotha sample, more on tha R&B side. Tha 1st verse iz here from Kooley, and it’s soundin’ a lil’ betta than tha typical songs that I can’t feel that much. Okay beat here too. Not bad 1st verse; didn’t realize tha hook was for tha females about goin’ “home” and “bet’cha can’t do it on tha dick at home.” Duce, you’re on tha 2nd verse here, not near tha last song, lol. I can picture you in a suit in tha club or somethin’ here wit a drink in your hand… Not bad. Tha rest of this verse iz aight; can’t say anything. Oh no, long-ass outro wit just tha beat (over 45 seconds)… My Rating: 3.3

12. “Do Me”
Looks like anotha female song… >>> I don’t like these soft-ass starts. Tha WRONG consistency!! Sounds like Kooley on tha 1st verse here… Nice “picked like tha lottery” part, as I’m BIG about tha lottery, ya dig! Not bad 1st verse, and tha hook ain’t even on tha female tip. I’m just not big about tha soft beat. Glad y’all “do you.” Duce on tha 2nd verse here… Glad you obsessed wit your “polo horses” ‘cause I LUV polos, and I’m glad you serious about ‘em! My Rating: 3.5

13. “Young Fella Shout Out”
What’s this? I see tha title used 2 lines; could’ve used that for Lil’ Cali’s feature on tha #5 song. >>> Tha beat nearly reminds me of “Can’t Tell Me Nothin’”, only wit a female in tha background… My boy Duce on tha 1st verse here, doin’ a nice job wit tha way you sound. Pretty nice 1st verse here.Finally, a “ya heard me” in this CD, lol! It took 28 songs (I think since tha intro)! Tha 2nd verse here, and I think it’s Kooley this time. Soundin’ pretty good wit tha way tha rappin’ sounds. LOL @ “rap on tha toilet.” Gettin’ kinda raw around 2:10; great rappin’!! Who’s that T-Rock dude at tha end? I like their “shout out.” My Rating: 3.6

14. “Goodnite”
LOL, really? It only 11:27 PM where I’m at. Yea, I’m a late bird! My 65 year-old grandma goes ta bed at around this time too, lol. Tha otha night (few weeks ago), we were up at 1:30 AM! Now, how would you like ta have a “RAPPIN’” grandma like mine, lol? >>> Not sure of tha start here… Not likin’ tha East Coast style. Oh no, annoying vocal background wit that sample. LOL @ “that was tha patron talkin’.” Can’t really say anything about tha 1st verse, so it’s just aight. I’m guessin’ Kooley again on tha 2nd verse? Yea, he said, “I’m from New Orleans,” so that’s him. Nothin’ much in tha 2nd verse. That’s it? Most of these songs have 2 verses… My Rating: 2.6

15. “Pussy Ass Niggas”
Only 1 song left… And tha title looks STRONG!!! Can we have a STRONG-ASS ENDING?!?!? >>> Yea, “hit that J real quick.” Well, looks like anotha disappointment; tha beat again iz pretty soft, and has anotha annoying vocal sample in tha background. Tha lyrics at least are real gangsta here wit tha “glock” and that good shit on here. Boring beat; why ain’t it changin’ anywhere? Sounds like a good hook though. Pretty nice verse from Duce here on tha 2nd verse. I almost didn’t have anythang ta say until tha end of tha verse. Here comes Kooley on tha FINAL verse… Pretty good. Okay ending song. A mix of hard lyrics vs. a boringish beat. My Rating: 3.4

Overall: Well, I thought it would be WAYYYY better, but I guess you have your own music taste. Only 1 song went hard in tha 2nd ½, and a bunch were decent. Not much of a G-Lane style on this CD as I thought it would be. However, I ain’t doubtin’ yo future. I KNOW you gon click up wit sum G-Lane people like Blu Black in tha future! I’m glad you see him here and there, ya dig! Duce, keep doin’ yo thang, keep fuckin’ wit me! Kooley, keep doin’ yo thang, and appreciatin’ what I do! Regardless of my expectations, of course, I’m makin’ a commercial for this CD; I won’t destroy my promise ‘cause I’m loyal like that, you know!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

15. “Baby Momma” 2.3
14. “Goodnite” 2.6
13. “Cloud Nine” 2.7
12. “Candy” 3.0
11. “Home” 3.3
10. “Intro” 3.4
09. “Pussy Ass Niggas” 3.4
08. “Do Me” 3.5
07. “Jealousy” 3.5
06. “Young Fella Shout Out” 3.6
05. “Classified” 3.9
04. “2nd Line” 4.5
03. “Clear The Hole” 4.6
02. “Make It Happen” 4.7
01. “If U Know Me” Feat. Lil’ Cali 4.7

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score: 53.7
Total Songs: / 15
Average CD Rating: 3.6

^ Wow, I’ve NEVA reviewed a CD where there were NO ratings of 4.0-4.4; that’s wild! I can’t believe tha otha CD statistically won! Now, tha overall status of both combined:

Overall Rankings (according to my ratings):

30. “Baby Momma” 2.3
29. “Goodnite” 2.6
28. “Cloud Nine” 2.7
27. “Sexual Healing” 2.8
26. “Candy” 3.0
25. “P.U.S.S.Y.” 3.0
24. “Looka Here” 3.1
23. “Home” 3.3
22. “Dedication” 3.3
21. “Intro” 3.4
20. “Pussy Ass Niggas” 3.4
19. “Do Me” 3.5
18. “Jealousy” 3.5
17. “Young Fella Shout Out” 3.6
16. “On” 3.6
15. “Stuck To You” 3.8
14. “Cuff Ya Bitch” 3.9
13. “Classified” 3.9
12. “Hoes” Feat. Trey Shawn 4.0
11. “Intro” 4.1
10. “Ain’t Gone Let Up” 4.1
09. “Gossip (Freestyle)” 4.2
08. “Gettin’ Money” 4.2
07. “Kool Millie” 4.2
06. “Grillin’ Me” 4.3
05. “Fuck Rite” 4.4
04. “2nd Line” 4.5
03. “Clear The Hole” 4.6
02. “Make It Happen” 4.7
01. “If U Know Me” Feat. Lil’ Cali 4.7

Overall Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score: 110.7
Total Songs: / 30
Overall Average CD Rating: 3.7

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Commercial #25: Tops-N-Bottoms (July 25, 2009)

Edited by: FrankieThaLuckyDog on 7.23.2009

Commercial #24: Tha G.T. "95% Real, 5% Music"

Edited by: FrankieThaLuckyDog on 7.23.2009

Review #275: J Fletcha "Belly Of The Beast"

Reviewed on 7.22.2009 (Review #275)

Just about 12:00 AM where I’m at right now… Ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog iz doin’ tha 275th review right now for J Fletcha and his 2007 release “Belly Of The Beast”! I’m lookin’ forward ta this ‘cause I KNOW this on sum RAW Baton Rouge shit… hopefully! Without anymore delays, here goes tha review fa J Fletcha “Belly Of The Beast”! There’s major confusion between tha tracklisting on Datpiff (19 tracks) vs. tha way they’re labeled on tha mp3s (track #’s) vs. tha back cover, which says 25 tracks? Start Time: 11:58 PM | End Time: 1:42 AM

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

01. Intro
Lemme get an inside scoop at J Fletcha right now! >>> What’s wit tha hatin’ in tha beginning? Fletcha, you sound real anticipatin’ here! Tha acapella/speaker phone freestyle here iz REAL TIGHT!! LOL @ tha “get in my belly” part! My Rating: N/A

02. “It’s J Fletcha”
This iz labeled as Track 17 on tha mp3? Either way, it looks like an introduction joint; lemme check it out!! >>> What was this Runners beat again? Oh yea, Jim Jones “Reppin’ Time”. How hard will you on this joint? Very long intro (55 seconds)… Tha 1st verse iz soundin’ pretty raw here. LUVIN’ tha “cookin’ fa dinna” lines when it comes to tha hataz!! I like all tha “dawg” parts, as well as rhymin’ it. Shit, I didn’t even realize it was just about 2 minutes long… My Rating: 4.3

03. “Welcome To The Boot”
I forgot what # this was labeled as (I think Track 1), but it’s up next, so let’s see what you are doin’ on this shit! >>> Yea, “step up to tha plate ta Baton Rouge.” A decent start… Sounds like New Orleans in tha beat. Speaking of N.O., “Crescent City” you said, so you’re currently cruisin’ through tha N.O. right now. Pretty good 2nd verse too as well as how tha 1st verse went. More of a Dee-1 style here in tha verses wit tha flow. I like tha “can’t nobody touch this like a bunch of hot fries” part in tha 3rd verse; nice job in that 3rd verse. I thought this song would go hard, but it wasn’t that bad. My Rating: 3.7

04. “Raincoat”
Labeled as Track 2 on tha mp3… I don’t know what ta expect… Not much anticipation… >>> Anotha song wit an unknown start wit me… Different, and somewhat catchy hook. I don’t know about that beat… Ain’t it too hot in Louisiana for a “raincoat?” Okay 1st verse. A lotta “raincoat” lyrics. Kinda repetitive for a song so short. My Rating: 3.1

05. “I Relate”
Labeled as #3 on tha mp3… >>> Only 1:48 on tha length? Sounds like a Young Dro sample on tha hook? Almost thought my interest was lackin’, but tha beat iz pretty good, and tha “blowin’ a pound of dat purple good” part really caught my attention! Nice job on tha rappin’ here; good shit! My Rating: 3.8

06. “I’m Bad”
What caused it? Labeled as #4 on tha mp3 BTW… >>> Tha lil’ piano intro (its sound) almost reminded me of tha start to Yung Slab’s “Say What Up”. Sounds like a good hook wit a nice beat! Good rappin’ in tha verse, as well as that great hook again! My Rating: 4.0

07. “Big Booties”
I thought it said “boobies” when I first saw tha ID, lol. Labeled as #5 on tha mp3. >>> I have a feelin’ I’ll look forward ta this. “Hood Nigga” beat here… Nice “booty” lyrics in tha hook; enjoyed it! Let’s hear tha 1st verse here… Keepin’ it goin’ good wit tha booty lyrics again! Nothin’ much ta say about tha 2nd verse, although it seems like you’re much more into tha gurl during tha 2nd verse. Pretty catchy shit here. My Rating: 3.6

08. “Tighten Up”
Correct track number on tha mp3 here. Only 1:31, so let’s see how much you squeeze in here… >>> Okay start wit a nice amount of hi-hats goin’ on in tha beat. Way too short, but pretty nice beat outro. My Rating: 3.4

09. “Fletcha Freestyle”
[It’s missing?]

10. “I Go Hard”
[Incorrect title (as this was tha same as #5)?]
EDIT: I’m reviewin’ this as “I Go Hard” (which iz labeled as #9 on tha mp3). >>> Nice “It’s Okay (One Blood)” beat. You did yo thang wit tha rappin’ here; good shit! Feelin’ tha hook too! My Rating: 4.0

11. “Step Ya Game Up”
[It’s missing?]

12. “Jena 6”
This one’s in there… It’s labeled as Track #7 also on tha mp3 instead. Hope this ain’t depressin’… >>> “1865” facts I see… Real good information, and great lyrical song that I can like! Tha beat iz pretty good here too! I always say: I LUV BLACK PEOPLE!!! Black people have helped my socializin’, fa real!! Big ups ta 225!! My Rating: 4.4

½time: This tha ½ point… Not bad start. A lil’ mixed up wit tha track numbers and missin’ tracks… I know your music now (wit Johnnie Domino, S.B.R. & Raw Ha Records behind you) must sound MUCH betta! I heard you got a new single produced by DJ B-Real? That’s watz good! Average CD rating iz currently 3.8 (which doesn’t count #’s 9-11 ‘cause they were missin’ from tha Datpiff folder). At tha end, I decided ta review #9, but it didn’t count during tha ½time’s average CD rating.

13. “In My Gender” Feat. L-Boogie.Com
Ewe, LOL @ a website on tha feature! That’s a 1st! Then again, sadly, it’s missin’ from tha folder.

14. “In This Life” Feat. L-Boogie.Com & T-Tyrant
This one made it, but iz labeled as Track 18 on tha mp3… Long song (5:05 on tha length). Let’s see… >>> Sounds like it a mix between a good South beat vs. shit that’s not for me. Pretty good 1st verse goin’ on here; sounds betta than tha hook. Tha 2nd verse iz soundin’ a lil’ catchy here… Ooh, “red, white, green & blue” when it comes to tha pillz! Good “trap house, 1:30 in tha mornin’” part also. Tha 3rd verse sounds REAL nice wit tha fast rappin’! Gangsta lyrics here fa tha hood! Good job on makin’ this an anthem for tha hood! My Rating: 3.9

15. “Take Your Ass To School”
@ tha title; I like it!! However, it’s not in tha folder. Johnnie Domino…?

16. “I’m A Dog”
Anotha song (no less, #16) not in tha folder!

17. “No Side Deals”
Looks like a good title… Pretty good length too (4:27); let’s see what you gon bring on this one. Labeled as Track 15 on tha mp3… >>> Pretty good rappin’ on tha 1st verse. Real good rhymes too. Rick Ross on tha hook (surprised Datpiff didn’t remove it like they usually do, lol). I’m assumin’ this ova a Ross beat from tha past. Not bad 2nd verse. Long music break (1:30+)? Will there be anotha repeat of tha hook? I didn’t expect this ta have 2 verses… Yea, tha hook repeated about 45 seconds later, although it sounds like a long, boring ending. My Rating: 3.5

18. “Sugarcane”
This one’s labeled as Track 10 on tha mp3. Hope it ain’t Pop Rap style wit that title, although I expect good! >>> Catchy organ in tha beginning… Tha beat iz takin’ ova, lol. Catchy hook, especially wit tha title and tha “dawg” part. Pretty catchy verse, although not much ta say… My Rating: 3.6

19. “Ridin’ Solo” Feat. L-Boogie.Com & T-Tyrant
It’s here (labeled as Track 12). Lookin’ forward ta hearin’ tha featured people again! >>> Almost reminds me of a childish beat… Nice hook. Tha 1st verse iz here, “ain’t playin’ games.” “Off tha chain like a pitbull;” <- Double quotes, lol! Pretty nice job on tha 1st verse. Yea, that fast rappin’ dude on tha 2nd verse!! Sounded real short of a verse, but you KNOW he did his thang!! Nice job on tha 3rd verse too wit this shit. My Rating: 4.1

20. “Let Me Hear Ya Spit”
Labeled as Track 14 on tha mp3… Looks like a cool title, so let’s see… >>> Sounds like a cool beat intro… You’re soundin’ pretty good on this song right here, startin’ off tha verse. Great job on tha hook too! Ooh, a 2nd verse fit in here! It was real short though (a few lines)… My Rating: 4.0

21. “We Vets”
Yup… Labeled as Track 13 on tha mp3 here. What can I expect from this joint? >>> Sounds like a pretty good start wit nothin’ ta really say. Pretty nice 1st verse; good flow on this track. Nice 2nd verse too. My bad fa not sayin’ much… My Rating: 3.9

22. “Stop My Shine”
This one was labeled as Track 6. Let’s see how good this one iz! >>> Sounds like a better start here wit tha intro, and that NICE slow beat! Protective lyrics wit your “bulldog near your bed” when it comes ta sleepin’ and that shit! Good job on tha 1st verse, and tha hook was pretty catchy. Once again, good hood shit here. Sounds like tha 2nd verse iz soundin’ cool here. My Rating: 4.2

23. “Fo Da Ladies” Feat. L-Boogie.Com
ID Error #1: Tha “e” iz missin’ in Boogie’s name. Anyway, labeled as #11 on tha mp3, let’s see what we got for a song over 5 minutes long… >>> I don’t know how interested I’m into this one so far… Not much goin’ on in tha beat, tha flowin’ iz decent, and tha lyrics are just okay fa me. Just like tha 1st verse, tha 2nd verse iz just okay, stickin’ to tha topic. Only 2 verses fa a song 5 minutes long? LOL… Once again, anotha real long outro wit tha hook repeatin’… My Rating: 3.0

24. “Highly Intoxicated” Feat. L-Boogie.Com & T-Tyrant
Tyrant (that fast dude) on this shit, so this should be REAL GOOD wit that title! Labeled as Track 19 on tha mp3… >>> OMG, 5:41 on tha length; betta be good all tha way!! This sounds slower, but wit tha title/hook, it should be good! Pretty good 1st verse on this. Likin’ that hook as it’s REAL catchy! LOL, Tyrant doin’ his thang on tha 2nd verse! He “jiggin’” as he said “we jigg” on this shit (1st time I heard that on this CD)! Almost thought tha 3rd verse had a Young Ready feel in tha voice when I first heard it… You did yo thang on tha 3rd verse though. Tha outro iz pretty long, but it doesn’t seem like it on this song. My Rating: 3.8

25. Outro

It’s not even here!

Overall: Well, not bad for a start… Definitely need a lil’ tune-up in tha beats (which I believe you’re on that path wit tha new music)! Johnnie Domino had a song playin’ in tha background while I was on tha phone wit him that sounded REAL good!! Keep up tha good work.

Rankings (according to my ratings):

18. “Fo Da Ladies” Feat. L-Boogie.Com 3.0
17. “Raincoat” 3.1
16. “Tighten Up” 3.4
15. “No Side Deals” 3.5
14. “Sugarcane” 3.6
13. “Big Booties” 3.6
12. “Welcome To The Boot” 3.7
11. “Highly Intoxicated” Feat. L-Boogie.Com & T-Tyrant 3.8
10. “I Relate” 3.8
09. “In This Life” Feat. L-Boogie.Com & T-Tyrant 3.9
08. “We Vets” 3.9
07. “Let Me Hear Ya Spit” 4.0
06. “I’m Bad” 4.0
05. “I Go Hard” 4.0
04. “Ridin’ Solo” Feat. L-Boogie.Com & T-Tyrant 4.1
03. “Stop My Shine” 4.2
02. “It’s J Fletcha” 4.3
01. “Jena 6” 4.4

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score: 68.3
Total Songs: / 18 (counted)
Average CD Rating: 3.8

^ If I get tha otha songs, I’ll re-edit this review wit my review for them too.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Review #274: 3 Way Street Radio Presents "Got Pills 3 (Down Bad Edition)"

Reviewed on 7.22.2009 (Review #274)

Anotha FrankieThaLuckyDog review… Tha next one on my list iz 3 Way Street Radio Presents “Got Pills 3 (Down Bad Edition)”. I have an odd feelin’ about this edition (excluding Down Bad ‘cause Down Bad I ALWAYS got luv for)!! Start Time: 12:17 PM | End Time: 2:28 PM

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

01. Level Feat. Lil’ Cali & Savage “In Dat Thang”
Wow, WORST start EVER to a CD!!! I’m not sayin’ tha song iz bad, but it’s 0.0 (I’ll explain in a sec.). Either way, there are 4 WHOPPIN’ errors: Lil’ Cali’s missin’ in tha ID, Savage iz missin’ in tha ID (he’s in tha hook), it’s Dat, not “that,” and it’s Thang, not “thing.” Now, onto why tha rating iz uncounted: Level decided not ta do business wit me. Nearly 4 months ago, I asked him nicely ta send me a copy of his “Street Credit” CD in tha mail. I gave him my mailin’ address, and he said, “I’ll do that ASAP.” What tha fuck iz ASAP? Four months just went by… I reminded him multiple times, as well as sendin’ it to Nu$$ie’s manager. He failed ta do so, and when I reviewed that mixtape (mp3 online) wit this song on it, I did a 12 page review on tha mixtape, and he had tha NERVE ta not approve tha comment on his page and SAY that he didn’t read it. I sent it to him twice. Also, check this shit out: When I made tha “Pyrex Radio Vol. 6” commercial (featuring him in it), I posted it on his page, and he didn’t approve that also (what kinda promotion does this guy want??). However, when T Mck posted it on his page, he approved it (tha SAME fuckin’ comment)! I tell you, this Level dude iz tryna bring back those old bad-ass dayz in 2007 at my 1st college. However, I’m 21 now, so I DON’T PUT UP WIT THIS BULLSHIT!! Like Nu$$ie said, “out wit tha fake,” so that’s what I’m doin’; exposin’ shit!! Too bad I have ta not hear tha Way3000/3 Way Street Radio intro now. What even made you put him on this mixtape? Do you really talk to this dude? I called him at 12:40ish AM (Louisiana time), and he told me, “I’ll call you right back,” when I was on tha phone wit him for 38 seconds (around). How tha fuck are you THAT busy at that time?!? Yet, you’re tha one that called me back? Shit, I’m SO GLAD these reviewz let me vent!!! My Rating: N/A
ALSO: Any artist I have a problem wit, they’re excluded from commercials when I make ‘em.

02. Supa (Of Down Bad) Feat. King Arthur “Jiggin’ Out My Body”
A normal person, although his manager (not J-Dirty, his own manager) ain’t normal. I was tryna tell him about shit, and he was like, “uh huh… okay… yea… aight…;” bunch of bullshit. I told him I’m on Down Bad’s team, I luv Down Bad, I do all kindz of shit fa Down Bad, and he ain’t interested. How did he become a manager? J-Dirty surpasses him, ya dig! This looks like it’s a brand new song, so this should be REAL nice!!! >>> This iz off to a good start wit tha beat; who can hate this? Of course, tha hook gets a BIG plus, as well as Supa on tha 1st verse!! Glad he had tha 2nd song on here as well as tha last mixtape wit “Hood Supastar”! Sounds like King Arthur on tha 2nd verse (by tha way he keeps repeatin’ his name); I’ll make that ID Error #5. He did a REAL nice job wit this shit; great shit right here!! Tha 3rd verse ain’t that bad, although tha otha 2 verses were betta. Matta fact, as soon as tha “trojan” shit came up in tha 3rd verse, it sounded better! My Rating: 4.5

03. Mouse On Tha Track “Rubbin’ On My Head”
I thought I wasn’t gonna be reviewin’ this song anytime soon, but here it iz. Why iz it just “Rubbin’” on tha CD cover? LOL? ID Error #6: “Rubbin’ On My Head”! It’s sad that this iz 3 for 3 wit tha controversy surroundin’ tha artist/song ‘cause when T Mck & Pyrex Radio made their own WACK-ASS commercial of “Pyrex Radio Vol. 6” (10 dayz after my 2), I didn’t wanna do shit fa them fa free anymore. So, T Mck (on Facebook) invited me to tha video shoot of this song on Facebook. I wrote on tha wall, “To bad I can’t come… However, I can do a commercial for it! A $50 check for 30 seconds (or $55 on Paypal), or a $75 check for 60 seconds (or $83 on Paypal). Paypal payments can be made at or if you wanna pay by check, send me a private message on here so I can give you my mailin’ address.” He wound up erasing tha comment, so I then said, “My comment was erased? And you want promotion?!?” I was mad. Big Jay said he didn’t know what happened, so I assumed T Mck got jealous and deleted it; whateva. Now, onto tha song: I have a feelin’ I’ll like it! >>> *Ignores tha intro from that one-hit-wonder on tha phone* I luv Mouse’s voice at all times, and he makes tha songs sound SOOOOOO catchy!!! Catchy 1st verse wit tha rhymes here; good shit at all times! Tha 2nd verse iz on some good shit too, keepin’ it consistent. This’ll be a real high rating from me! I fuckin’ luv that “tha mirror, tha mirror” part in tha hook; REAL TIGHT here!! I like this better than tha “Tables Done Turned” song, although that one was real good too! My Rating: 4.9

04. Big Poppa Feat. Webbie & Lil’ Phat “Pill Man (Remix)”
ID Error #7: Space after tha dash. After a while, I started ta like this over tha “Independent” beat a lot better than when tha original was on tha last CD. Tha remix should be still good! >>> Nice lil’ added intro from tha 3 Way Street Radio crew, and I thought I heard Lil’ Phat in tha beginning? Then again, it’s just tha original hook. Sounds like Phat iz off to a REAL good start in tha 1st verse wit his “pills” and “ZzzZZzzzzZZZz’s!” I really like his, “I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m…” part too! Webbie’s on tha 2nd verse, and he sounds a lil’ different wit his voice. Still, he’s got his flow, and it good on this shit. Glad that Big Poppa 3rd verse was kept here; you KNOW I luv it, especially his “piiiiiil------illllLLLLLzZZZ” part! Great remix (of course)! My Rating: 4.4

05. Mookie Feat. Down Bad “Kickin’ In”
And ANOTHA great song!! However, it’s “Kickin’ In”; ID Error #8 and ID Error #9: Space before tha dash after Down Bad. Lemme give it its review now! >>> You KNOW that beat iz GREAT, and of course, NOTHIN’s betta than Mookie Blakk on this shit!! That hook iz SOOOOO catchy/tight, ESPECIALLY wit ERR-THANG “kickin’ in!” Tha verses seem like there’s not that many bars, but it’s tha hook that REALLY gets you in tha mood!! Real great job on this hook, as well as tha 1st verse! Down Bad member JR Dot on tha 2nd verse, and he doin’ his thang on this shit. Tha beat almost reminds me of a mainstream taste, but it’s sad that mainstream won’t pay attention. Good job on his verse. That fuckin’ hook iz just TOO GREAT!!! “Rollin’ like a swing, dat pill kickin’ in!,” as well as tha “killa kickin’ in” part too! Cage doin’ his thang on tha 3rd verse; much betta on this verse than tha 2nd verse! He has a GREAT flow wit this shit!! He did his thang wit this shit!! Nothin’ but a GREAT collab!! My Current Rating: 4.8

06. Lil’ Boosie Feat. Foxx & Mouse “Loose As A Goose”
Know this song for my controversial “Pyrex Radio Vol. 6: Arm & Hammer” boil & softball game. LOL @ tha Boosie voice! He keepin’ it “retarded” too!! Goin’ GREAT on that beat too in tha hook; GREAT SHIT!!! Who did this beat? Sounds like one of our local producers from BR (B-Real, Sims, Q-Red)!!! Tha 1st verse iz here, and it’s from Boosie!! Gotta LUV tha BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVES HERE!!! Anotha GREAT comeback, and LOL @ tha question, “Can you gimme head in tha bathroom, gurl?” REAL CATCHY hook, and he did his thang on tha 1st verse!! Who would’ve thought I’d see a Foxx/Boosie collab again, but it’s here!!! Foxx on tha 2nd verse, and (of course) he has that WILD flow wit this shit!!! I don’t get this… This goes fa 2 sides of music that I luv: Dance/Trance music always went Pop until I started to embrace it in 2004; then, it was like, no songs were goin’ Pop. Now, wit Louisiana songs, it did tha same thang. In 2007, it was all about “Wipe Me Down (Remix)”, “The Way I Live”, “A Bay Bay”, “Independent”, etc. My connection started Late 2007, and once it was 2008, there were like no Louisiana songs goin’ Pop anymore, even BIG in tha mainstream Rap world; I don’t understand. Either way, I LUV my Dance/Trance/Louisiana Rap music underrated, and HIGH QUALITY at all times!!! Foxx STILL did his thang wit his attitude fa tha track on here, so thumbs up!! Last, it’s Mouse. I wonder what he gon bring this time; prolly some GREAT flow!! Oh yea, also, his REAL GREAT voice!!! It’s like, where did it come from? LOL @ tha “do what you do, but watch my sneakaz!” And even tha “To Pieces” part he said (from Jimi Jump’s remix)! LOL @ “in tha club like a chicken;” Mouse STRAIGHT dumb wit this shit!!! Mouse gave a shout out ta Handy at tha end! R.I.P.! My Current Rating: 4.7

07. Young Ready Feat. Lil’ Phat “Gangsta Bow (Remix)”
I thought this was a lil’ aged, but because tha one on “Pyrex Radio Vol. 6” had Level in it, I guess it’s good ta have this original remix! Great how it came in outta nowhere!! All those kick-ins and “bow, bow, bow” parts again!!! Yeah, this’ll be a GREAT competition wit tha 4.8 rating [from tha original version]!! It somewhat sounds better? I guess ‘cause it’s comin’ outta nowhere wit that hook, and it’s STILL CRAZY!!! CRAZYYYYYY 1st verse wit those CRAZY rhymes!!! Can’t even SAY how CRAZY that 1st verse was wit all that shit goin’ on!!! OMG, how it went into tha hook outta nowhere!!! This some REAL GREAT shit here for ’09!! Let’s hear what Phat has to offer on tha 2nd verse… Good thing he ain’t cheesy on this song/verse!! Gutta Phat here!! All those “shootin’/thuggin’” lines throughout his verse was REAL TIGHT!!! GREAT JOB HERE!!! LOVE THA 2009 HOOK!!! GREAT, a 3rd verse from Ready… TOO CONSISTENT!!! Tha “you mad ‘cause tha fans you had don’t even notice you” line was RAW, in a “tha hater iz a pussy-ass” type of harassment!! He DEFINITELY did his thang on tha 3rd verse, and made this sound BETTER than tha original!! Only Ready would SURPASS a 4.8 rating wit tha same song bein’ remixed!!! GREAT JOB from Q-Red & Sims on tha beat!!! LOL @ tha cold ending on this one! My Current Rating: 4.9

08. Savage Feat. Down Bad “Mind Gone”
Why iz this on here again? It was on tha last mixtape! Please, no “So Whopped” next! I still luv it (always). Once again: LOVE that Savage beat and that so called “24’s” type of beat; great idea Savage! Down Bad helpin’ out tha hook iz just tight! Great 1st ½ of tha 1st verse from Supa, and great 2nd ½ of tha 1st verse from Terror; likin’ that “I’m #1, y’all #2 like pencils” part. TOOOOOOOOOOO CRAZY here!!! I feel blessed to be in contact wit Savage; WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT a while ago I’d be in contact wit all these people?! Great 1st ½ of tha 2nd verse, especially wit that “Kid Rock” part from JR Dot! Likin’ tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse too from Cage; OUTSTANDIN’ flowin’ right chea!! YEAH, Savage on that 3rd verse!! Gotta luv those “picture booth…/that goose…/chubby hoes…” parts! Also, I like that “I’m fulla dat shit” part; just how he said it, it sounded like how Louisiana people say it and I like how they say it. CRAZY JOINT; y’all go retarded on this shit!! ANOTHA nice cold ending!! My Current Rating: 4.8

09. C-Loc Feat. Young Ready “Knock Ur Jaw Loose (Remix)”
ID Error #10: Space after C-Loc (which iz before tha dash). Looks like a new song, but it’s just under 2 minutes… Why so short? Lemme see who it iz… *Checks* Oh, C-Loc, lol! I just reviewed his whole new CD, and I think this wasn’t on there! That’s watz good that you got an exclusive!! REAL HIGH anticipation here!! I expect sum gangsta/hood shit!! >>> Yea, good shit, although not exclusive. This iz from tha new CD… And Young Ready’s on this? I’m tryna see what real song it iz… Neva mind, after all that confusion, this was labeled as “Bussin’” on “Pyrex Radio Vol. 6.” Tha Young Ready part threw me off, so I’ll just consider this a “remix”. ID Error #11: Young Ready in tha feature. ID Error #12: This a remix ‘cause tha original version was on tha otha mixtape. I won’t change tha title ‘cause it says this title vs. “bussin’;” it don’t say “bussin’” in it. Regardless, I REALLY luv what Q-Red did wit tha beat here!!! He a BEAST too on this shit!! He noticed my commercials by writin’ me, so that’s a PLUS!! Young Ready did his thang on this shit, and C-Loc did his thang on tha hook! Great shit!! My Rating: 4.8

10. Terror a.k.a. Cheez (of Down Bad) Feat. Cage & Derty “Make Me Hurt U”
Buku errors again, lol. ID Error #13: Cheez, not “cheese;” he AIN’T “cheesy”! ID Error #14: Cage on tha 2nd verse. ID Error #15: Derty on tha 3rd verse. ID Error #16: It’s “Make Me Hurt U”. I had it as “Hurt U” ‘til I saw on tha Terror album that it had “Make Me” in tha title. Please, let me handle tha spellings next time you make these mixtape covers!! Tha covers may be REAL TIGHT, but tha errors are disgusting!!! Anyway: You KNOW this iz SO FUCKIN’ HOT!!! Just all tha “make that-make that-make, make me hurt u” parts iz CRAZY!! You KNOW you don’t play, Terror!! I can’t believe how this EXPLODED wit me!! Controllin’ Terror on tha 1st verse wit tha “I don’t care where you from, nigga, put yo arms down!” part! Yeah, “don’t provoke Terror!” Just some CRAZY shit right chere!! At first, I was debating which song was better: this or “Hood Supastar”. Although I LUV “Hood Supastar”, this iz better, as well as more frequently played wit me! Gotta luv tha Cage verse too wit tha “we live in tha world where tha guns don’t jam,” as well as tha “eat ‘em up like spam” part (which I always say when hearin’ it). Tha beat reminds me of 334 MO.B.B.’s “Nah Mean”, and I’m REAL GLAD to hear this kinda beat for a song like this!! Just gotta LUV tha “keep runnin’ yo mouth, you gon see what I’m ‘bout” parts from you in tha beginning of tha hook! LOL @ Derty and his “I’m out da box, I’m so whoppeded,” lol. You KNOW he had to have tha BIG Down Bad songs on his verse, as well as deliverin’ it wit a NICE flow!! Great R.I.P. shout out to Nu$$ie at tha end too! LOL @ tha ending havin’ tha EXACT, same, instant cold ending (at 3:50 instead of 3:51) as tha file J-Dirty gave me. <- To add: Why did tha volume increase at tha end of Cage’s verse? BTW, my current rating fa this one ain’t tha same as it was months ago… My Current Rating: 4.7

½time: Well, it’s almost like there’s no new songs this time ‘round. Just a bunch remixed and songs I’ve heard in tha past. Either way, that’s what makes tha ratings look REAL good!! Too bad we had a controversial start (no less, skippin’ a song)! Either way, tha average CD rating iz at a HUGE 4.7 ‘cause of all tha GREAT songs I know!! That doesn’t count #1 ‘cause #1 was a skipped song. I’m curious ta know what’s really left here…

11. Big Fancy Feat. Kevin Gates, Tank Jones, Down Bad & Nu$$ie “I-10 Cowboy (Remix)”
There’s bad spacing in tha ID… Because of tha “cowboy” missin’ in tha ID, I’m gonna do what I do best: ID Error #17: Space after tha comma before Nu$$ie. ID Error #18: Space after Nu$$ie’s name. ID Error #19: Space after tha “&” symbol before Tank Jones’ name. ID Error #20: “Cowboy” iz missin’ in tha title. Anyway, looks like anotha one of those remixes I’m bound ta luv! >>> Too bad Bro-Bro ain’t on tha orig. This considered “not a remix, but anotha version?” Why no Big Fancy talkin’ in tha beginning like tha original version? Tha hook sounds betta here wit all that YELLIN’ (as I call it)! Much betta hook, and Gates here on tha 1st verse here… Not bad on his part, although I rather hear Bro-Bro. Still, can’t deny Gates ‘cause he doin’ his thang, especially tha “Mr. Let My Pants Sag” part! Gotta luv tha “BUKU MONEY!!!” part in tha hook!! Tank Jones on tha 2nd verse? He should be 2nd in tha ID; ID Error #21! He did his thang on that shit! Which Down Bad memba iz that on tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse? Neva mind, he said his name: Cage. Good shit from Cage on this shit too! I knew tha Nu$$ie verse was gonna be tha original. However, it sounded like tha beat got slower/nearly not matchin’? And why iz it clean? GAY!!!!! Decrease in tha rating by 0.2. Speaking of Beat Flippa (on tha track), what happened ta him? I don’t wanna see if he logged in his MySpace ‘cause I’d be a lil’ offended. However, I told him, “What’s your new cell numba?” His old one don’t work, and I haven’t talked ta him since Christmas 2008… My Rating: 4.7

12. Tech Feat. Dog, Down Bad, Young Gregory & Lil’ Monster “Throw Me Back (Remix 2)”
Anotha non-new song/remix, lol?! Then again, this iz tha Down Bad Edition. And again, ID Error #22: Space after tha 1st comma. ID Error #23: Space after tha 2nd comma. ID Error #24: Space after Lil’ Monster’s name. Either way, I have a lil’ issue wit reviewin’ this, which iz quite sad ‘cause on tha last mixtape, I was anticipated ta review tha original version. Dog owes me $170 and 3 CDs of his. He agreed on all this (which I had gave him my pay name and address), and now, he delayin’ me nearly 5 months of what I need ta do ta support him. WHAT KINDA PROMOTION YOU REALLY WANT?!? Regardless, I could cut tha price down ta $150 (‘cause now, tha reviews are free if I get tha hard copy in tha mail), and I won’t review that “Baton Rouge Diamond” CD ‘til I get what you were ‘POSE ta send me in tha mail! Fair iz fair! You can’t be lazy! It sux ‘cause Tech was waitin’ for me ta do err-thang for that CD, but it’s all Dog’s fault ‘cause he can’t think of me on tha outside. But due to all those extra people on this remix, I’m reviewin’ this for Tech! If Dog doesn’t get me tha $150 and tha 3 CDs by tha time I make tha commercial fa this mixtape, I have tha right ta exclude him from tha commercial, ya dig! I’ll even be nice: If Dog can get me tha $150 and tha 3 CDs, I’ll review tha “Baton Rouge Diamond” (only if I get a hard copy in tha mail) AND do a commercial for it FOR FREE!! That’s a GOOD DEAL, so DON’T MISS OUT on it!! Way3000, I told you my situation wit Dog, so now, here’s an update! Either way, we can destroy tha whole $150 deal, and Dog just sends me tha 3 CDs (and I won’t make commercials for ‘em). Also, I will hook up tha “Baton Rouge Diamond” review if I get it in tha mail. If Dog can hit me up (not text messagin’ either), then maybe I can work somethin’ out… Lemme hear tha remix now! >>> Sounds like a different beat; at least a different beat this time. LOL @ “Part 3.” Although not an ID Error, I’ll just say it’s a “Remix 2”! Tech iz on tha 1st verse here, and LOL @ all this “dumb way” rhymes goin’ on here in tha 2nd verse; glad he “throwin’ all different colors!” *No feedback on 2nd ½ of tha 1st verse!* Okay, an OK for tha 1st ½ of tha 2nd verse here wit Terror here! Good shit! Yea, here’s Young Gregory on tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse! Luv tha pill slang, lol! Great shit from him on that verse! Lil’ Monster (a newbie) on tha 3rd verse here, doin’ good fa a newbie! LMAO, Supa on tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse!! Yea, GOTTA have a BIG pill poppa here!!! Good outro from Tech too on tha end as well. Also, nice “cell phone shop” outro from 3000! My Rating: 4.3

13. Partners-N-Crime Feat. 5th Ward Weebie “So Attracted”
Non BR? LOL… Also, these ID Errors are REALLY pissin’ me off!! You SHOULD REALLY be embarassed!!! ID Error #25: 5th Ward Weebie iz featured in this. And SOOOOOOOOOO EMBARASSING: ID Error #26: Tha 2nd word in tha title iz “Attracted”, not “Attractched”; did you almost spell “ratchet”? I swear, I’ll neva review anotha 3 Way Street Radio CD again if you don’t let me do tha spellings!! Again, not new ta me, as… No comment on tha intro, but I like tha Bounce beat here. Hope tha 1st verse ain’t gay… Too much great shit goin’ on in tha beat, so I can’t really hate much. Still, get rid of tha Auto-Tune vocals! A good hook I must say (even wit those Auto-Tune type vocals), but that “Thang Thang” song [of PNC] sounded betta! Good 2nd verse, and tha 3rd verse iz here… Sounds like it’s much betta here/5th Ward Weebie style (oh yea, that’s him ‘cause he just said his name)! Tha CORRECT rapper here!! Ooh, a Bounce break down at 3:03! I hear tha “dunn-dunn-dunn-dunn” type of shit like tha Bounce from tha 90’s! Nice turn on right there! Thank you, 5th Ward Weebie, for contributing!! My Current Rating: 3.9

14. Terror a.k.a. Cheez (of Down Bad) Feat. Cage & Jack Da Rippa “Pussy Good”
You need ta keep tha names tha same, and not change them when they’re in this CD multiple times. ID Error #27: Put tha a.k.a. Cheez in tha ID like tha last song! ID Error #28: Cage on tha feature (again)! ID Error #29: Jack Da Rippa on tha 3rd verse. Do you forget Nu$$ie when it comes ta his songs? Anyway: *Laughs* LOL @ Terror’s “okayyyyyyyyyyy!!!” Not bad for a start here. I like how tha 2nd part of tha hook iz tha title repeating. Startin’ this 1st verse off wit Cage! He’s REALLY “a freak” when it comes to this joint right here, as well as wit tha gurlz! Although a lil’ soft, I can feel it; I like Terror in tha hook. Yes, Terror, you’re on tha 2nd verse! LOL @ “good like Campbell’s!” He sounds REAL into this song wit his vocals on here! Glad he gon “screw her like a sample;” that’s watz good. Good verse, Terror, as well as Cage doin’ his thang too; y’all keep it consistent! Let’s see what Jack gon offer on tha 3rd verse… He wants to “throw green on that pussy,” but instead, “throws cheese on it.” He’s REALLY into this pussy! Shit, now he wants to “throw a ring on it;” gettin’ his Beyonce on! Good job, Jack. He did his thang, as well as fallin’ in luv wit dat pussy ‘cause dat “pussy good.” Also, when I originally reviewed this, I recorded tha review to this song on my video camera. My Current Rating: 4.2

15. Down Bad Feat. Big Head “Dumbest”
ID Error #30: Space after Big Head’s name. But, this a REAL long one wit nearly 5 minutes on tha length!! I’m REALLY lookin’ forward ta seein’ HOW “dumb” this joint gon go!! >>> Of course, tha good Down Bad type of beat in tha intro here; good shit! Really likin’ tha hook here, especially wit tha title spellin’! Here comes tha 1st verse, SOOOO FUCKIN’ FAST! It’s Cage, and he doin’ his thang on this shit; great rhymes here!! Soundin’ good on tha slower tip here. Big Head ‘bout ta be on tha 2nd verse… When he givin’ me $75 for me ta do him a commercial? Somebody needs ta gimme his cell numba. Pretty good verse, although he did A LOT BETTA on his “Realest Of The Trillest” CD that recently came out! LOL @ Terror on tha 3rd verse! Feelin’ tha way he rappin’ on this verse right chea! JR Dot snuck in on tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse! Real glad he started tha part off wit a nice, fast flow! Yea, “tha whole Louisiana dumbest!” My Rating: 4.3

16. Supa (of Down Bad) Feat. Terror, Young Ready & Big Poppa “Hood Supastar (Remix)”
WTF? Are you fuckin’ serious?!? No title on tha cover?!? ID Error #31: Space after tha comma after Terror’s name! ID Error #32: - Hood Supastar (Remix) in tha ID! Once again, anotha remix that’s prolly good, especially wit Ready on this!! >>> Way3000 always reminds me of soundin’ weird when he cusses/says “nigga” ‘cause I was neva used ta him sayin’ it on tha phone. It’s cool though. Supa here on tha 1st verse, and he’s soundin’ pretty good. LOL @ tha “jacked by a white boy” part; I don’t believe in that in BR. I heard a lil’ betta from Supa though. I hear Big Poppa, but I also heard an “okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,” so, Terror must be on tha 2nd verse! Yea, he iz right here, “gettin’ real loaded.” Ready on tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse here, soundin’ pretty good on this verse. I didn’t expect him ta be on a Down Bad beat so soon. Either way, I did expect betta from him too. Big Poppa makin’ an appearance on tha 3rd verse here, doin’ his thang wit tha flow. LOL @ tha “real life, not a VCR-ah” part! My Rating: 4.1

17. Blu Black Feat. Down Bad & Big World “Wifebeata”
I actually SCREAMED when I saw tha ID at first ‘cause I thought it was “Out Da Box” ‘cause I was almost like, “AGAIN?!?” Then again, I didn’t expect a new song! LOL, I bet this iz anotha “Out Da Box”! I may feel lucky!! I’m mainly interested in my boy, TOP DAWG, Blu Black!!! >>> Betta start here. I like tha quiet/slower beat feature before tha hook! This sounds like it an anthem, and I really like tha topic/title/hook! Can’t be Terrorless (lol) as he’s on tha 1st verse! Good shit from Terror, and speakin’ of tha “hotter than a heata” part, on April 27 (this year), it was Mid 80’s in Florida & Louisiana. However, in Pennsylvania, it was a WHOPPIN’ 96 DEGREES!! … Cage on tha 2nd verse here, always doin’ a nice job! Oh, there HAD ta be an error ‘cause Big World iz on tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse here, doin’ a NICE job too wit that coolness! ID Error #33: Big World on tha feature! Lookin’ forward ta Blu Black on tha 3rd verse here… I actually pictured in my brain that it would be an ERROR, but no, he’s on tha 3rd verse! Still, doin’ his thang, especially wit tha “Monopoly” part! Good shit, although I don’t know who that dude iz on tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse. Could be tha 34th error, but it’s TBA right now. Pretty good part from him too. My Rating: 4.5
EDIT: Confirmed on 7.30.2009 by Blu Black: ID Error #34: This iz ID'd as a Down Bad featuring Blu Black song. It's not! It's a Blu Black featuring Down Bad song! No good at ALL ta do a "Lil' Boosie featuring Foxx" deal here!

18. Dog “Intoxicated”
*SKIPS* (See #12’s reason!) My Rating: N/A

19. Dog & Tech “Southern Band”
C’mon… ID Error #35: Space after that dash before tha title! *SKIPS* My Rating: N/A

20. Down Bad “Full Speed”
Ending it wit an oldie, lol? Sometimes forget what this song sounds like, so I’m gonna re-review it! >>> Yea, this iz nice shit here! I always luv tha hooks, especially when it’s real repetitive on tha 2nd ½ of it! Cage on tha 1st verse here, doin’ a nice job. Gotta luv all his rhymes, ESPECIALLY how he sounds when he raps!! He did his thang on that verse, fa real, especially on tha hook! JR Dot on tha 2nd verse, again, keepin’ this NICE flow goin’ consistently! Glad he “on that purple!” Wow, mixin’ FINALLY in tha middle of tha song? It took 20 songs, lol? Good shit again! My Current Rating: 4.4
EDIT: This was on “Got Pills 2 (Still Rollin’)”; no good ta have ‘em on back 2 back compilations of tha SAME compilation!

Overall: Well, very mixed up here… Almost a 5* rated CD, but “So Attracted” didn’t cross tha “I luv it” line. A lotta songs/artists I was familiar wit, so tha ratings were easily high. I skipped 3 songs, so only 17 songs counted towards tha rankings. I actually am DYIN’ ta hear Tech & Dog’s shit!! I hated that I skipped #18 & #19. Still, GET THEM TA GET ME THEIR CD as well as DOG GETTIN’ ME THA $150 & HIS 3 CDS!!! Then, I’ll re-edit my review here and review tha songs/take out tha controversy! You KNOW I got tha hook-up when it comes ta supportin’ artists!! You KNOW how much I luv dat pill music also!! To add also: ID Error #36: Capitalize tha “L” in C-Loc’s name on tha “Featuring” section. ID Error #37: Put tha “h” in Tech’s name. I’m not gonna say anything about all those spaces needed after all those commas. Also, why tha R.I.P. Nu$$ie thing on tha back? That was on tha last CD. I guess it’s cool now, but no need ta have it on every CD; he needs ta rest in peace. Celebrity Ent. all on his dick, which iz bad. After those 37/38 errors, you really need ta put me in charge of tha spellings. It ain’t a good look/professional look fa BR, ya dig. If you REALLY wanna get a name out there, get on big sites, etc., you GOTTA spell thingz right & use GREAT grammar!! Also, Blu Black has a LOTTA GREAT solo shit out. You REALLY need ta get at him: and get some music from him. His music iz my favorite outta BR!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

17. Partners-N-Crime Feat. 5th Ward Weebie “So Attracted” 3.9
16. Supa (of Down Bad) Feat. Terror, Young Ready & Big Poppa “Hood Supastar (Remix)” 4.1
15. Terror a.k.a. Cheez (of Down Bad) Feat. Cage & Jack Da Rippa “Pussy Good” 4.2
14. Down Bad Feat. Big Head “Dumbest” 4.3
13. Tech Feat. Dog, Down Bad, Young Gregory & Lil’ Monster “Throw Me Back (Remix 2)” 4.3
12. Big Poppa Feat. Webbie & Lil’ Phat “Pill Man (Remix)” 4.4
11. Down Bad “Full Speed” 4.4
10. Supa (Of Down Bad) Feat. King Arthur “Jiggin’ Out My Body” 4.5
09. Blu Black Feat. Down Bad & Big World “Wifebeata” 4.5
08. Lil’ Boosie Feat. Foxx & Mouse “Loose As A Goose” 4.7
07. Terror a.k.a. Cheez (of Down Bad) Feat. Cage & Derty “Make Me Hurt U” 4.7
06. Big Fancy Feat. Kevin Gates, Tank Jones, Down Bad & Nu$$ie “I-10 Cowboy (Remix)” 4.7
05. Savage Feat. Down Bad “Mind Gone” 4.8
04. Mookie Feat. Down Bad “Kickin’ In” 4.8
03. C-Loc Feat. Young Ready “Knock Ur Jaw Loose (Remix)” 4.8
02. Young Ready Feat. Lil’ Phat “Gangsta Bow (Remix)” 4.9
01. Mouse On Tha Track “Rubbin’ On My Head” 4.9

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score: 76.9
Total Songs: / 17 (counted)
Average CD Rating: 4.5

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