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Review #35: Amanda Diva "Life Experience"

Reviewed on 12.27.2007 (Review No. 35)

Watz good Amanda Diva this yo boy Frankie! I'm glad I'm reviewing this right now! I'm reviewing your latest joint "Life Experience", and YES, I did BUY it off of iTunes for $7.99, so there you go (I bought it last week as an early Christmas present to you), and now I'm gonna listen to each track and review each track. Start Time: 11:51 PM

01. "Life Experience (Intro)"
Let's see how Ms. Diva gon handle tha intro! >>> Of course, you spit sum real shit right there! My Rating: 3.9

02. "Bright Lights"
Since this iz tha 1st actual joint (that's got a good length), I'm anticipated, so I got a High AL on this! Hope it turns out to be real good! >>> Not too big about those background vocals in tha beginning from those other females (not you). Nice rhymes. I'm feelin' that hook a lot (except for sometimes those background vocals). I like that lil' sample "ya'll ain't grown; we older than yo lil' ass." My Rating: 3.6

03. "Supa Woman"
We got tha lead single right here. I haven't gotten tha chance to see tha video, but I gotta check it out and leave sum feedback on ur Youtube page. This was not bad on a first listen when I checked it out a month ago. I put it on my playlist, and am slowly givin' it spins. Gotta luv ur Jamaican accent in tha beginning! Tha hook iz aight, but it's good for exposing urself. "That's why they talk about me" My Rating: 3.5

04. "40 MC's (Remix)" Feat. Q-Tip
Now tha original version of this song was real, REAL tight (it was tha 1st joint I heard from you on your Myspace back in June 2006). It went REAL good on that Nas "You Know My Style" beat. As for this version, I don't really like that beat, and tha vocals are slower. Either way, tha rhymes are really, REALLY, REALLY good!! Not bad for tha hook, and nice lil' part by Q-Tip. I'm liking it better than when I first heard it back on February 3, 2007. My Rating: 4.2

05. "Windows Over Harlem"
Well anything from here I think iz nothin' but new jointz for me. I really like tha title on this one, so I'm lookin' forward to it wit a High AL! >>> Gotta luv tha poetry in tha rhymes! Nice beat and as always, tha real nice rhymes of Amanda Diva! Feelin' tha hook. My Rating: 3.9

½time: Not bad so far. I expected a lil' better, but this iz pretty good. Your rhymes never get old/boring!!

06. "Brown Girl"
Let's hear some more rhymes!! >>> Again, I'm feelin' your rhymes. Real nice story on this one! It gets better and better as I'm typing this! REAL GOOD 1st verse! Another good hook. I like it sometimes when you switch up from tha rappin' on tha verses to tha singin' on tha hooks (or sometimes throw in tha Jamaican accent)! My Rating: 4.1

07. "New School Old Soul (Interlude)"
Lemme peep out this interlude… >>> Nice beat. Yeah tha message iz true! You do got that "old school flow wit that new school twist." Since there was no rappin' or verses, there's no rating for this. My Rating: N/A

08. "I Know (Better World)"
Let's hear some more rhymes again! >>> Not bad. Tha flowin' iz crazy tho, ESPECIALLY on Verse 2! Nice singin' on this! Yeah roll wit Amanda Diva! Tha singin' was long, but it was definitely a nice combo of rappin' and singin' on a track… "right"? Yeah. My Rating: 3.7

09. "Life To Love (Outro)"
Oh so we're up to tha outro already? What's No. 10 then? *Gets curious*… Lemme hear this outro: >>> That nice beat again, and great message again! My Rating: N/A

10. "Crazy World (Bonus Track)"
Ending it wit a bonus I see… Let's see what can be crammed into these 2 minutes, 22 seconds… >>> I dunno why there was 16 seconds of silence in tha beginning. That freestyle that you was doin' in tha beginnin' (which wasn't this one) sounded hot. This was a nice freestyle you did. I didn't expect it to be a freestyle, but it came out good. My Rating: 3.8

Overall: End Time: 12:34 AM. Not bad for a CD. Nothin' was bad, but nothin' was extremely shocking in my opinion (except tha rhymes). Keep up tha great work! I actually have another surprise comin' up for ya (prolly tomorrow).

Rankings (according to ratings):

08. "Supa Woman" 3.5
07. "Bright Lights" 3.6
06. "I Know (Better World)" 3.7
05. "Crazy World (Bonus Track)" 3.8
04. "Life Experience (Intro)" 3.9
03. "Windows Over Harlem" 3.9
02. "Brown Girl" 4.1
01. "40 MC's (Remix)" Feat. Q-Tip 4.2

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Review #34: Playaz Circle "Supply & Demand"

Reviewed on 12.26.2007 (Review No. 34)

Here goes anotha CD review: I'm reviewin' my boyz Playaz Circle's latest joint "Supply And Demand" (nice title by tha way). Looking forward to it, even tho it's only about 10-12 tracks. It should've been a lot longer in my opinion, but let's see what tha boyz cooked up for tha world! Start Time: 11:33 PM

01. "Dear Mr. LA Reid"
Let's see how this starts thangz off for an intro track… >>> Smooth for a start. Pretty good. Very long for that intro (it's like 1:18, but it was good). Gotta luv Tity Boi's rhymes! "Hang like tha letter D." A great verse by him as well as a great verse by Dolla! My Rating: 4.0

02. "No. 1 Trap Pick"
I heard a sample somewhere (might've been a Youtube video clip or sumthin'), but luv that title, and I got a High AL for it!! >>> Gotta feel that beat intro! This sounds better than what I predicted/thought I heard. Sounds pretty good. I'm definitely feelin' it. "Fresh errr-day like tha 1st day of school" <- True dat! This good, although I expected a lil' more "drug related" shit on this. My Rating: 4.4

03. "Duffle Bag Boy" Feat. Lil' Wayne
Definitely one of tha biggest anthems of tha year! Hmm… I didn't think of this, but I think this might be my anthem of tha year for my 2007 Awards! Such a great collabo, great hook, but even better: PREMIERED on Music Choice Rap on my birthday (June 21st) this year! That's REALLY watz good! Tity Boi REALLY does his thang on his verse, and Dolla's verse iz real tight as well! I still don't know why everybody cut off that 14 sec. intro and that 18 sec. outro. That was uncalled for! I'm glad they kept it on here tho! I neva got sick of this song at any time, but since tha year iz ending, I had to take it off my playlist for 2008 since tha year iz winding down, and it has also been on my playlist for a whopping 26 weeks now. Plus, I think this song broke an MTV2 record for most weeks in a row @ No. 1 on tha MTV2 Hip Hop Countdown (it was No. 1 5 weeks in a row)! My Current Rating: 4.8

04. "Betta Knock" Feat. Ludacris
This one Music Choice Rap got not too long ago (I guess they playin' it as an album cut or sumthin'), but if I could remember, it was pretty tight, so lemme re-hear. I think Ludacris had good rhymes on it. >>> That 1st verse iz tight! Yeah nice mix of err-thang: tha beat, tha verses, Luda on tha hook. Yeah Tity Boi doin' his thang! Really enjoy hearin' him spittin' hot shyt! My Rating: 4.3

05. "Paper Chaser"
This that slow jam that I'm really feelin'! Music Choice Rap plays this also as an album cut! Looking forward to givin' it a rating! >>> Feelin' that hook! Good 1st verse, and nice rhymes on tha 2nd verse! Great combo also!
Gotta luv that girl computer voice at tha end! My Rating: 4.2

½time: So far on a real good track! Nothin' but bangerz!!

06. "We Workin'"
Let's see what this gon sound like! >>> By that 1st lil' intro, I knew it was gon sound hot (whoeva produced "White Gurl"). Real tight beat!! Of course Tity doin' his thang! Tight 2nd part of tha 1st verse by Dolla! Tight hook, and tight 2nd verse by tha both of them! My Rating: 4.8

07. "U Can Believe It" Feat. Ludacris
Premiered on Music Choice Rap back on February 10, 2006 @ 8:22 PM… I think this one was okay, but lemme re-hear it and give a review… >>> I think one reason I didn't catch too much to this song at first was prolly 'cause tha beat. Wasn't too big about tha beat… This might be tha next single and get re-released? Not officially sure… Decent. Nice hook tho. Sounds like it could be a good 2nd single. Way too long for an ending. It was like 1:18 long or sumthin'. My Rating: 3.6

08. "Paint Still Wet"
I think after No. 6 shocked me, I'm thinkin' this one might also shock me. Nice title, and High AL! >>> Beat sounds good, so I'm definitely lookin' good! Sounds like a P$C type of song. I see they redid tha UGK line by sayin' "she don't wanna freak me, she wanna freak my car." Tha hook iz pretty good, and that was a nice 1st verse by Dolla. Wow real good verse by Tity! Rippin' tha damn thang!! Yeah Tity Boi continuing tha damn thang! Great 3rd verse by tha both of them! Damn these jointz hot!! My Rating: 4.3

09. "Outlaw"
Yeah for another brand new joint for me! High AL!! >>> Ooh tha intro kicked in hard! Tha beat iz real nice wit that rock mixed in (tha right way that iz)! Hook ain't that bad. Looks like Dolla spittin' his verse pretty good! Lookin' forward to hearin' Tity Boi! Yeah he continuing again wit that HOT SHYT wit his flow!! Greatness! My Rating: 4.2

10. "Gucci Bag" Feat. Shawnna
This one (according to Music Choice) was originally released in '05. Lemme review it 'cause I never really heard it (except once on Music Choice R&B And Hip-Hop - they added it recently). >>> Tha beat iz nice, and tha hook iz good. Yeah that hook iz growin'. Nice verse by Tity Boi again. Oh yeah this was tha joint where Shawnna doin' her thang on tha flow! Really feelin' it! My Rating: 4.2

11. "Let Me Fly"
(Without lookin' at tha title just yet) Wonder what tha ending gon be like… *Looks* Iz this gon be a slow type of jam? Let's see… >>> Intro really threw me off in a bad way! Sorry but I'm not feelin' this really… Can be a real song, but not my type at all… Not feelin' tha gurl in tha background at all… Very good for an ending song and a nice real type of song, but definitely not for me at a go
od moment. My Rating: 2.0

Overall: End Time: 12:32 AM. This must've been tha quickest review I've done (59 minutes). There should've been a whole lot more songs… This could be "Album Of Tha Year" for me… Damn this album was REAL good!! Loved it! I REALLY HOPE Playaz Circle stay around for a real long time! They been already around for 10 years, but I hope they keep doin' they thang! In my opinion, DEFINITELY, tha "Duffle Bag Boyz" are here to stay!!!

Rankings (according to ratings):

11. "Let Me Fly" 2.0
10. "U Can Believe It" Feat. Ludacris 3.6
09. "Dear Mr. LA Reid" 4.0
08. "Outlaw" 4.2
07. "Gucci Bag" Feat. Shawnna 4.2
06. "Paper Chaser" 4.2
05. "Betta Knock" Feat. Ludacris 4.3
04. "Paint Still Wet" 4.3
03. "No. 1 Trap Pick" 4.4
02. "Duffle Bag Boy" Feat. Lil' Wayne 4.8
01. "We Workin'" 4.8

^ I prolly should've flipped No. 3 wit No. 4. "Paint Still Wet" was real good, especially since it was longer. I'm SO glad I reviewed this CD!!! Playaz Circle, keep doin' yo thang!!!

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Music Video #03: C-Coop "Certified Goon"

C-Coop "Certified Goon"

Edited by: FrankieThaLuckyDog on 12.21.2007 (originally 10.28.2007)

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Review #33: A-Mar "My Gutta Wayz"

Reviewed on 12.20.2007 (Review No. 33)

Here goes my review for A-Mar's CD "My Gutta Wayz". Thanx to my dawg Jimmy The DJ for sendin' it to me as a bonus. 'Preciate that. Start Time: 9:24 PM

01. "What You Know 'Bout Me"
Let's see how this joint's gonna kick this thang off! >>> Very good intro music! Lil' Boosie's brother? Nah I'm just playin', lol. Yeah he does sound like Lil' Boosie, and this iz sounding good. Real good rhymes, real good flow, and real good sounding! Great way to start this shit off! My Rating: 4.4

02. "I Ain't Playin'"

Wit a flow like tha one you got, I'm sure you ain't playin'. After that first joint, I got a High AL now for this joint due to that. >>> Yes more on tha gangsta side of thangs! More of a Webbie flow wit a Lil' Boosie voice on this joint. That's a real nice mix fa'real! Looks like this mixtape gon be consistant by tha looks of this and tha previous joint! My Rating: 4.3

03. "Beat It Up"

Yeah my boy A-Mar 'bout to kick sum MA'FUCKIN' ASS!!!!!!!!!!! >>> Let's see what he does on tha Yung Joc/Nitti beat… Like that line "fuckin' around in traffic." I'm likin' his rework of "It's Goin' Down". My Rating: 4.0

04. "Thug In Me" Feat. Young Hustle

Looking forward to this collab! High AL! >>> Lol… It's "Shoulder Lean" beat. Let's see what goes on wit this… Like tha rework on this too! "Hang around tha drug spots, that's tha thug in me" <- I like that. Good start by Young Hustle! "First I let my nuts hang, then I let my glock pop, then I let tha ma'fuckin' slap in tha whip knock." My Rating: 4.2

05. "Thug Cry" Feat. Dyl

After all these reworks, I'm guessin' this iz gonna be a rework of Z-Ro's "Man Cry"? *Gets a drink and comes back in 90 seconds…* >>> Naw close… Looks like it gon be a rework of Jay-Z's "Song Cry" >>> I thought I was goin' to dislike this for a second, but it's soundin' good 'cause A-Mar knows how to FUCKIN' rhyme!! That was good, so I gotta give it a thumbs up! My Rating: 4.0

06. "Handle Ya Beef" Feat. Young Phat & Kid

This looks like it's gon be a good collab! Looking forward!! >>> Yeah u tha "lil' one in tha back countin' yo cash" fa'sho! Great verse (of course) by A-Mar! Wow what an EXCELLENT start on Verse 2! "AK 47, 45, Mack 11, Toota Roota 38, 22, Smith N' Wessun, Desert Eagle…" <- That shit was REAL tight back 2 back on tha flow!! Shit thank God I'm hearing 76 minutes of A-Mar right now wit this mixtape! It's tha shit! A-Mar keep doin' yo MA'FUCKIN' THANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Cries* Tha song iz ending!! Real good song right there!! My Rating: 4.7

07. "My Gutta Wayz"

Aight title track, and looking forward (of course)! >>> I knew it was gonna be a rework 'cause of tha short length. Yeah I feel you on this. You may be sorry for yo gutta wayz, but at least they paid off fo thangz! My Rating: 4.0

08. "BR Boyz 2" Feat. Dyl

Baton Rouge stand tha FUCK UP!!!!! >>> Lil' old beat from 8 Ball & MJG "You Don't Want Drama" '04 style! Looks like it might sound like classic 'cause of tha '04 beat… Let's see… Really likin' that chorus mayne! It took a while for A-Mar to come on, but it was still good. My Rating: 3.8

09. Full Throttle Entertainment "Do Somethin'"

Let's see what FTE's got on this… >>> That dude (not A-Mar) on tha hook's killin' it! Shit that was real good for a hook boy! Like that "meal ticket mission" line. That fuckin' hook! I love it!!! Pretty good 2nd hook! Was really feelin' that dude (I think he's tha same one on tha hook) in tha 1st ½ of tha 2nd hook. Yeah tha hook again!! "More toys than a lil' kids closet" <- Nice line! "Catch a fuckin' round like a boxing match" <- Another nice line back 2 back! My Rating: 4.6

10. "Crank It Up" Feat. Black Vynm, Sleepy & Dee-1

Look at this collabo, and PLEASE be a rework of tha David Banner/Static joint!! High AL! >>> Oh it's not, but it looks like it's gon be sum fiya wit a nice underground beat! That was a nice verse by Black Vynm. Nice underground club banger wit a different/good twist! Of course, tha master a.k.a. A-Mar killin' it! "This iz how we life shawty, we gon keep it real" <- Shit that's another fuckin' good hook! Shit… This FUCKIN' MIXTAPE iz ON FIRE!!! My Rating: 4.4

½ Time:
Holy shit!!! I think this iz tha BEST 1st ½ I've EVA had for a CD/mixtape! All but one joint got at least a 4.0 rating! A-Mar tha underground king of Baton Rouge, fa'real!

11. "U Don't Live Like I Live"

Yeah I know why… 'cause you're a fuckin' underground king! High AL on this joint! >>> Nice on tha "real" tip, just like wit how Lil' Wayne did on it originally. "Make it roll like dice" <- A for that line. My Rating: 3.9

12. "My Dawgs"

A favorite title/subject of mine (Wes Fif did tha joint during tha Spring of this yer recently), so yeah, I got a High AL on this! >>> Yeah doin' err-thang wit yo dawgs! That's watz good. I try to do err-thang I can wit my dawgs, but they don't seem to connect wit me that much sadly. Wes Fif's song wit tha same title'll prolly never be beaten, but your's iz good too. My Rating: 4.2

13. "Keep It In The Studio" Feat. Young Hustle

Yeah tha return of Young Hustle! Got a High AL on this one too, and yeah, you better "keep it in tha studio" for now 'cause if it gets out, it'll be takin' ova tha whole rap game due to how GOOD A-Mar iz!! >>> Ooh tha beat iz soundin' cool. Yeah Young Hustle gon be one of tha next ones to blow ma'fucka! That was tight, ESPECIALLY wit Young Hustle on tha track! My Rating: 4.3

14. "Flow"

Let's see this quickie… >>> That was a pretty good lil' flow right there. My Rating: 3.7

15. "Mama"

>>> Nice sequel to No. 7. Was feelin' tha whole sequel thing and tha rhymes! My Rating: 3.8

16. "Down 2 Ride" Feat. JB & Young Hustle

Was thinkin' No. 16 was gonna look good, and its got Young Hustle on it!! Yeah I got a whole lot of AL for this! It gon be tha shit I know it!!! >>> Ooh "Ridin' Rims" beat… Nice verse by A-Mar and great 2nd verse! That hook iz nice. Sounds real good, and sounds like it grows on ya. My Rating: 4.1

17. "For The Money" Feat. Dyl

$ $ $ $ $ >>> Nice 1st verse by Dyl. That hook iz good. It's all about tha money mayne! My Rating: 3.9

18. "Let Me In"

Let's see watz good wit this joint… >>> Let's see how crunk this iz wit "Get Crunk" in tha background… Yeah you gotta get in! I agree wit u. "Treat my hataz like my dice, dawg, I'm shakin' 'em up!" <- Nice line. Tight flowin' on that classic beat. My Rating: 4.1

19. "What U Know 'Bout Me (Chopped & Screwed)"

Oh so these are bonuses huh? Looking forward to this C&S of that 1st HOT joint from this mixtape! >>> Now instead of Lil' Boosie, you soundin' like one of them dudes (from Wacko & Skip out tha N.O.; not sure which one). This was real good C&Sin', although tha voice could be a lil' more screwed… My Rating: 4.3

20. "Handle Ya Beef (Chopped & Screwed)" Feat. Young Phat & Kid

And what song was this again…? Oh this was my favorite from tha mixtape! Ooh so you know I'm really lookin' forward to hearin' it C&S style! >>> Sounded good, although I prefer tha original regular verison. My Rating: 4.1

21. "BR Boyz 2 (Chopped & Screwed)" Feat. Dyl

And tha finally joint/finally joint C&S style… >>> This sounded nice C&S. I think I'm goin' to rate it higher than I rated tha original version. My Rating: 4.0

End Time: 11:18 PM. Wow what a mixtape! I sure did enjoy that! Once again, thanx so much to my dawg Jimmy The DJ for sendin' me this joint as a bonus! That was REALLY worth it. And no offense, but this mixtape was better than tha "Gangsta Gumbo Vol. 1", but I gotta give that one credit 'cause that's how I found out who A-Mar was, ya dig? So yeah, this iz definitely one of tha best reviews I've done! A-Mar and Young Hustle are tha next to blow, ya feel me!!

Rankings (according to ratings):

21. "Flow" 3.7
20. "BR Boyz 2" Feat. Dyl 3.8
19. "Mama" 3.8
18. "U Don't Live Like I Live" 3.9
17. "For The Money" Feat. Dyl 3.9
16. "BR Boyz 2 (Chopped & Screwed)" Feat. Dyl 4.0
15. "My Gutta Wayz" 4.0
14. "Thug Cry" Feat. Dyl 4.0
13. "Beat It Up" 4.0
12. "Handle Ya Beef (Chopped & Screwed)" Feat. Young Phat & Kid 4.1
11. "Let Me In" 4.1
10. "Down 2 Ride" Feat. JB & Young Hustle 4.1
09. "My Dawgs" 4.2
08. "Thug In Me" Feat. Young Hustle 4.2
07. "What U Know 'Bout Me (Chopped & Screwed)" 4.3
06. "I Ain't Playin'" 4.3
05. "Keep It In The Studio" Feat. Young Hustle 4.3
04. "What You Know 'Bout Me" 4.4
03. "Crank It Up" Feat. Black Vynm, Sleepy & Dee-1 4.4
02. Full Throttle Entertainment "Do Somethin'" 4.6
01. "Handle Ya Beef" Feat. Young Phat & Kid 4.7

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