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Review #69: Lil' Wayne "In The Carter Chronicles"

Reviewed on 2.27.2008 & 2.28.2008 (Review No. 69)

Time for me to do my 27th review for February. Now how tha fuck can I review 29 CDs/mixtapes total WITHOUT doin' somethin' from Weezy? Ya know I had to find me some Weezy, so here goes my review for Lil' Wayne "In The Carter Chronicles". It's tha bootleg (according to tha ID). Start Time: 9:33 PM | Video Game Playing: Super Mario RPG (for Super Nintendo) (on my computer)

01. "I'm Me"
Music Choice Hip-Hop And R&B has been showin' it love for a month now. Music Choice Rap just added (finally). It's always anticipating to hear new Weezy music, especially on Music Choice. This one iz good, and I like all them old Weezy samples in tha beginning & tha end. This a good joint right here throughout tha verses & tha hook. My favorite part iz at tha end of tha hooks where there's an echo (especially when it's "BITCH…BITCH…BITCH…BITCH…." My Current Rating: 4.2

02. "Mind Right" Feat. Katt Williams
Who's this Katt person? What's this gon sound like? >>> I thought tha Katt person was gonna be a girl. Decent/pretty good start so far. Decent part by Weezy. I thought I was gonna quote somethin', but I didn't. Gotta give this joint a " + ". My Rating: 3.8

03. "Love Me Or Hate Me"
This may be new for lots of people, but this iz old for me, yet a good oldie 'cause it was during a good timing (end of Spring 2007). This first leaked online on June 12th (as I got it then). I thought it was a freestyle to Lady Sovereign's "Love Me Or Hate Me", but it wasn't. It's a deep song, and I still love it today. Thanx to this song, every month (starting January 2008), I've been picking a new Lil' Wayne joint to play in rotation every single month, so major props to this joint. Yeah it was last month I heard someone bump this joint in tha dorm at my college. LATE, but it's all good. Just remember who had it 8 months ago! ME! I sometimes don't like hearing random people at my college bump this joint 'cause sometimes negative shit comes outta certain people outta my college, and when I had this joint, I was like tha only one wit it/that knew it. I wouldn't wanna see it turn into shit. Anyway, tha whole song/lyrics iz hot, especially tha "C-A-R, T-E-R / VCR" line. Even tho I had this on June 12, 2007, I neva got tha high quality version 'til around December/January. My Current Rating: 4.8

04. "Speaks On The Competition"
Iz this a song or interlude? >>> An interlude. Too bad it was like from a phone. I like interludes that are not from a phone. My Rating: N/A

05. "Get It On"
Just like tha Spencer & Hill joint, "let's get it on"! >>> Only 1:24, and that beat intro sounds familiar. "Leave ya'll in tha past like tye dye." Sounds more like an intro type of song (to a CD or mixtape). Nice, but too short. My Rating: 3.9

06. "Mr. Carter"
Aight "Mr. Carter". What ya got cookin' up? High AL! >>> Oh we takin' it back a lil' to tha "Da Drought 3" dayz wit this. Too bad so many people from my college USED me for this mixtape. I burned every ma'fucka this mixtape (both discs) and alls I did was get used (nobody would write me back on Myspace and my respect level didn't increase at college). I stopped burnin' mixtapes for people luckily. Of course this shit iz still hot. I just hope that this Drought 3 shit doesn't appear all over this mixtape. That was a "phase" and those dayz can't come back (at my college). I somewhat feel uncomfortable hearin' these sometimes (even tho I don't give a fuck 'cause I have a new click at my college). My Current Rating: 4.4

Break: 10:10 PM. I finna call up my boy Jimmy The DJ and see watz good wit him… >>> Aight we had a real good conversation, clockin' in at 24 minutes, 50 seconds. Now back to tha mixtape @ 10:43 PM:

07. "Ask Dem Hoes"
Looks like an older song, but I dunno… Trust me, I think I heard a ton of these songs at my college at random times, coming from random dorm rooms, coming from random people rappin'. Of course I always look forward to tha rhymes! I think tha hook iz random to me. My Rating: 4.1

08. "Always Strapped" Feat. Juelz Santana
It's a newbie to me, so VERY HIGH AL (anticipation level) for this joint!! >>> Sounds like an Eminem beat. "Faster than a silver bullet." <- Good line. Sometimes tha beat reminds me of an 80's type of Pop/R&B song during some parts. "Laughin' like a hyena." Juelz Santana's part sounds familiar, but I don't think I heard this. Nice and smooth wit HOT-ASS rhymes!! My Rating: 4.2

09. "Speaker" Feat. Akon
Oh no keep this 3rd semester shit away from me… I had a terrible 3rd semester (September 4 – December 14, 2007) at my college. Too many people started disliking me, and this song was doin' its thang on MTV Jams. BTW, I see it only says "Feat. Akon". Iz this only gonna be tha hook and Weezy's verse? I hope so! >>> Yes @ 1:44 in length! Oh BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WTFFFFFFFFFFFF?????????????? It's "Speaker"?????? And not "9mm"?????????? It's clean. WTF?????????? This mixtape started off dirty… why couldn't it stay dirty? Always liked this line: "so high, you couldn't reach me wit a FUCKIN' antenna!!" And "I'm a SHARK in tha water, you just Long John Silver." My Current Rating: 2.2 <- I originally was gonna give it a 4.4, but I cut it in ½ due to it was clean

10. "Kush"
AHHHHHHHHH THAT TITLE!!! :D Tha last review I did I had a FUCKIN' HOT ASS TITLE for tha No. 10 song, and now I have a FUCKIN' DOPE ASS TITLE for this No. 10 song! I HOPE it's not old, and I'm goin' to love! VERY HIGH AL!! >>> An odd smooth/slow beat, but knowing Lil' Wayne, he can transform any type of shit into tha shit! "Bitches on dick like a glue-stick" <- OMG tight line! Those 3 lines about tha "turtles" was FUCKIN' HOT! Really likin' that nice smooth hook about tha "kush"! "Keep my shit together, not a screw loose." <- More fuckin' hot shit! "All this ice make me feel like a polar bear." <- I can't even keep my video game on. I gotta keep pausing it to quote some hot shit! This my favorite so far (that I didn't hear b4) wit tha MOST UNEXPECTED BEAT too! I might even play this for my Lil' Wayne pick for April. My Rating: 4.8 (close to tha previous review's No. 10 rating; I gave that song, Fans Of Jimmy Century "Hot Sahara (Lenny B Radio Mix)", a 4.9 rating 'cause it was a lil' more mindblowin')

11. "Speaks On Beef"
Yeah there's a lot of Lil' Wayne loverz… dickriders… haterz… fans… etc.. Ya got a big world around you! >>> Why that "In The Hood" beat/part in tha beginning? I can almost not hear Lil' Wayne in tha first few seconds. My Rating: N/A

12. "Gossip"
Was tha predicted single for "Tha Carter 3: The Leak" CD. I liked this joint a lot and had it (of course) before anyone at my college. I got this October 26, 2007 @ 8:58 PM. Let's see what I'm gonna quote from this joint as I hear it for tha like 100-somethin'ith time. >>> "I'm tryna be polite, but you bitches in my hair like tha fuckin' po-lice." <- That was tight, and tha way "police" was said. I like how tha hook iz different parts of different ladies. My Current Rating: 4.2

13. "It's Killin' Me"
This was, and still iz, a pretty frequently played joint on Music Choice Rap. Another one like "Gossip" wit tha gurl in tha hook, and those tight rhymes! >>> "Blowin' up my phone like a bomb threat." I like this part too "leave the drama on daytime television. What iz this detention? It feel like elementary." My Current Rating: 4.1

½time: Yeah good shit so far. "Kush" definitely gave me tha best feeling so far. Damn, I love tha smell of sum "kush". And I'm lookin' forward to hearin' tha last 13 songs!

14. "Dey Know (Remix)" Feat. Shawty Lo
What's wit them ID errors? It should be "dey", not "they", and this iz tha remix. My dude Juice currently has this Lil' Wayne part as his Myspace display name: "I'm focused, I'm thinkin' like I got 2 brainzZzZzzzZZzzzZZz!" Loved tha T-Pain sound effect as soon as I heard it. It's FUCKIN' GREAT!! >>> Lol @ that bad cut/pasting at tha end of Shawty Lo's verse. I can do better!! This has been doin' really well wit me. Too bad Music Choice Rap iz ignoring this remix. WTF? They like aired so many fuckin' remixes not too long ago. Why not this??? That "poo stank" part at tha end iz funny. My Current Rating: 4.5 <- I would've given it a 4.7 if Luda, Jeezy & Plies were on this version (a.k.a. tha full version)

15. "Blowin' Money"
Yes another fuckin' random new song for me!!! High AL!!! >>> Lol @ tha "echo in tha headphones." Real nice beat in tha background. Sounds all spacey/weird. That sounds like a real cool beat. I feel just like Kelita right now 'cause as far as this song, "I like to feel tha beat," and that's what I'm doin' right now. Pretty good sample (I don't know what it iz) in tha hook. Too bad it was so short. My Rating: 4.2

16. "I Took Her"
Have to have a High AL for tha 16th joint. I'm glad it's a newbie too! >>> Sounds like "Pop Bottles" in tha background. Sounds like tha sequel to tha previous joint. Sounds even better! FUCKIN' LOVE those types of beats that sound like "Pop Bottles". Whoeva that producer iz, they're tha FUCKIN' SHIT!! I thought this song was gonna be smooth, but I'm glad I was wrong! Lol @ tha unexpected effect in Weezy's voice on tha 3rd verse. Real good shit, but nothin' to quote. My Rating: 4.4

Break: It's 11:30 PM, and I'm tired as fuck. I'll either continue this tomorrow morning or later in tha day. >>> Back at'cha at 10:19 PM. Let's see what go down for tha rest!

17. "The Only Reason" Feat. Sizzla
Tha "Pom Pom" joint (Reggae style) was some HOT shit! Knowing this collabo wit Sizzla, I prolly gon feel tha same way! High AL! >>> Nice length @ 4:33! Okay real great Reggae flow by Lil' Wayne, especially since it's fast too! I don't see nothin' special about Sizzla's part, but it flows wit tha track good. What's wit tha "brain" censored? Why iz this clean?? This iz too fuckin' supa-clean, WTF? "Pom Pom" was better, but this definitely gets a plus! My Rating: 4.2

18. "Reggae Freestyle"
I thought this was gonna be "Pom Pom" by tha sound of that horn at tha end of tha last joint. But I'm glad we're keepin' it "Lil' Wayne Reggae Style" style! VERY HIGH AL!!! >>> Okay cool it's tha "Ghetto Story" beat. I almost thought it was "Go Getta" in tha beginning. I think it's aight. Nothin' special, but I'm still givin' it a pretty good rating 'cause of tha whole vibe of it. My Rating: 3.9

19. "Talkin'"
Aight Wayne. Lemme hear ya "talkin'" right now. >>> Beat intro sounds like "Love Me Or Hate Me", only faster. "Ya know I'm comin' wit a gun like Nintendo." <- Nice. At least there was somethin' to quote in this. I like that hook too. My Rating: 4.3

20. "What We Do"
Another new joint. Wow that's like a ton in a row for this! Really likin' this consistantness of newness! >>> "All in tha mouth like streph throat." Good line right there, but look at Weezy on this 1st verse. It's like nothin' but REAL HOT lines! Lol @ tha beginning of tha 2nd verse. "I get head and tail like a quarter." <- I tell ya it DOESN'T STOP!!! Good shit right here! My Rating: 4.5

21. "Outstanding"
Each joint sometimes keeps gettin' more and more "outstanding" for me. I hope this continues it. C'mon now… its gotta be "outstanding"! >>> Intro iz kinda real long… Tha beat iz gettin' very boring and tiring… At least Lil' Wayne had 2 hot verses. No hook? That's gay. My Rating: 3.7

22. "Phase" Feat. Danity Kane
…And another new joint! I'm currently in a "phase" change. I easily have a feeling it gon be better than "Outstanding"! >>> Under 2 minutes… Okay at least Lil' Wayne has REAL HOT rhymes! That's what keeps these songs from havin' very bad ratings. I didn't know it officially featured Danity Kane (which was DK). My Rating: 3.8

23. "One Night Only"
Let's see what this one gon be about… >>> Oh no back to tha "Gossip" type of songs. Lol @ what I was thinkin' when I saw tha title: I thought about tha "One Night Only" song by Deena Jones & The Dreams, only tha vocal sample sounds pitched up (as usual). I didn't expect my guess to happen, but it did. I like all those "one night only"s. Yeah feelin' this. It has a T.I. flow to it towards tha end (like "What You Know"). My Rating: 4.1

24. "Trouble"
Got a High AL on this one. Might love it on a first listen! >>> Another sample? Lol. I like that "everybody's ill; illegal" line. Lol @ tha "trouble" samples! Love it! Lil' Wayne must love tha sample on this 'cause it was just playin' for like 15 seconds straight. That sample iz so quiet when it plays for a while. This sounded real nice. Reminds me of "Gossip". My Rating: 4.3

25. "I Feel Like Dying" (Bonus Track 1)
This iz how one of Natureboy Rowe's mixtapes was labeled: "Bonus Track" as tha title. Lol. Lemme see how good it iz… >>> BRING OUT THA TEARS! Not in a good way or bad way. Just 'cause of that "DYING" sample! Good thing they threw this in here! When I first heard tha sample, I wanted to KILL IT 'cause it would be PLANTED in my brain easily, but thanx to Music Choice Rap playin' it a bunch of times, I didn't mind it. I like tha "into a sea of codeine" line. Uh oh Lil' Wayne. You might "feel like dying" right now 'cause Gillie Da Kid "Get Down On Da Ground" just came on Music Choice Rap right now!! BATTLE TIME, lol!!! My Current Rating: 4.5

26. "Bonus Track 2"
Since I heard "It's Killin' Me", "I Feel Like Dying", and a few others already, tha only Music Choice Rap song from 2007 that I didn't hear yet on here was "Dear Lord". I predict this iz that, and I HOPE it iz 'cause that's HOT! >>> Oh it's just an outro. At least it's an outro. Actually, it's an outro/freestyle. A whole shit load of lines to quote in a row: "I'm tryna make ya heart beat like bass. But ya sweet like cake, and I come to fix whatever you shall break. Where is your originally? You are so fake. And picture me like a gallery, capture what I say." I like tha "pistols" part too. Yeah definitely some HOT SHIT right there! I'm gonna rate it 'cause of it bein' a freestyle as tha outro! My Rating: 4.7

Overall: End Time: 2.28.2008 @ 11:09 PM. Yeah I'm glad there were a bunch of newer jointz at tha end. Yeah Weezy got another hot mixtape on his hands! I bet'cha no one at my college has this yet… Or maybe they do… I dunno. This has been online for what, like 11 dayz already?

Rankings (according to ratings):

24. "Speaker" Feat. Akon 2.2
23. "Outstanding" 3.7
22. "Mind Right" Feat. Katt Williams 3.8
21. "Phase" Feat. Danity Kane 3.8
20. "Reggae Freestyle" 3.9
19. "Get It On" 3.9
18. "One Night Only" 4.1
17. "Ask Dem Hoes" 4.1
16. "It's Killin' Me" 4.1
15. "Gossip" 4.2
14. "The Only Reason" Feat. Sizzla 4.2
13. "I'm Me" 4.2
12. "Blowin' Money" 4.2
11. "Always Strapped" Feat. Juelz Santana 4.2
10. "Talkin'" 4.3
09. "Trouble" 4.3
08. "I Took Her" 4.4
07. "Mr. Carter" 4.4
06. "I Feel Like Dying" 4.5
05. "What We Do" 4.5
04. "Dey Know (Remix)" Feat. Shawty Lo 4.5
03. "Bonus Track 2" 4.7
02. "Love Me Or Hate Me" 4.8
01. "Kush" 4.8

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Review #67: Webbie "Savage Life 2"

Reviewed on 2.25.2008 & 2.26.2008 (Review No. 67)

Wat tha deal iz it's yo boy Frankie. Doin' my 25th review for tha month. Tonight, it's one of tha most anticipating albums of 2008, tha Webbie sophomore album "Savage Life 2". Hopefully it turns out great, and "Independent" just got added to Music Choice Hitlist. This must be his most mainstream single to date! Also, today was aight at college. Too bad there might not be many smokin' moments for a while at my college 'cause somethin' happened wit an alarm goin' off, and it sux real bad. But to cheer me up today, I got to talk to this gurl Kelyse online (who I haven't seen since June 1999) on AIM. Definitely glad to hear from someone from back in tha day! Start Time: 10:20 PM | Video Game Playing: Tetris Attack (for Super Nintendo) (on my computer)

01. "2 Smooth"
Are we gonna start things off smooth? Definitely lookin' forward to this new CD! Hope it does REAL GOOD wit tha $ale$!! >>> Sounds like a good sample or somethin' in tha background. Yeah I don't mind that this joint iz "2 smooth". Feelin' tha rhymes and that smooth hook! My Rating: 3.7

02. "Six 12's" Feat. Mouse
This one might sound harder. Lookin' forward wit a high anticipation level (High AL)! >>> I thought this was gonna be better… This iz just a first listen right now, so I dunno. Tha beat iz better than tha last song, but that hook doesn't sound right all repetitive like that. Okay there's no feature on tha ID on this, but that's Mouse on tha 3rd verse. Good job Mouse. I thought you had tha best part of tha song! My Rating: 3.2

03. "Independent" Feat. Lil' Phat & Lil' Boosie
Oh now they put tha features on tha ID, and they put it wrong. I usually ID it by order of who comes in first. Phat has tha 2nd and Boosie has tha 3rd. Either way, I didn't think this song was gonna do as big as it iz doin' right now, but this seems to happen to lots of Trill Ent. songs ("Give Me That", "Zoom", and "Wipe Me Down" blew up). I still love this song, especially tha whole "I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T" throughout tha hook. That was ALWAYS my favorite part on tha "Bad Bitch" song! I thought it was creative for Webbie to just bring that back 2 years later and turn it into a whole song! As far as who has tha best part, I guess Lil' Boosie. My Current Rating: 4.4

04. "I Know" Feat. Young Dro
*Excited voice* Where in tha fuck did this collabo come from? I didn't see this ANYWHERE?? VERY HIGH AL!! >>> Intro gives me a "lookin' for a gutta bitch" type of feel. This iz off to a slow start. Nice line by Young Dro: "whip full of Geiko." Geiko, [my boy] Jimmy The DJ can save you 15% or more on car insurance! But yeah, I thought I'd feel this joint more, but it's kinda slow for me. My Rating: 3.6

05. "Just Like Me"
Okay I'm hoping for somethin' better here… >>> Good beat intro. Did T.I. write this? It sounds JUST like T.I., lol. Pretty good, but not mind-blowing for me. Tha best outta tha new jointz, and not even a 4.0 or higher rating for me. My Rating: 3.9

06. "Thuggin'" Feat. Lil' Phat & Shell of 3Deep & Lil' Boosie
*Goes and finds pics of Brooke Hogan for a sec…* Just playin'. Yeah her pics on Music Choice are MIND-BLOWING when they come on! This joint betta be MIND-BLOWIN'! C'mon look @ that collabo & title! VERY HIGH AL again!! >>> Good a fuckin' better beat! Okay pretty good verse by Webbie, and decent hook. Tha Lil' Boosie verse was good too. Lil' Phat had a pretty good part too, and Shell did his thang (as always). I like that gradual increase wit each part. My Rating: 4.2

07. "I'm Hot"
Yeah Webbie, I know you're hot when it comes to tha rhymes & tha rappin', but can this joint be hot? >>> Decent so far. Tha hook ain't so hot for me… Good rhymes, but I know Webbie can come better than this… My Rating: 3.5

08. "You A Trip" Feat. Big Head
I have no AL right now. Big Head + Webbie betta = some good shit! >>> What's wit all these slow songs? Not feelin' tha beat, sorry. This iz gettin' me disappointed… *INTERMISSION* And now on Music Choice Dance (as a "rare song"; old song that comes on there once every 2 months): Rent "Seasons Of Love (Gomi Remix)", somethin' not disappointing. Most of tha time tha "rare songs" on Music Choice Dance are always disappointing these dayz, but for some reason when I do a review, they're good to where I have to pause tha song I'm playing. I had to pause tha Webbie/Big Head song. *Unpauses tha track* Okay I hear Big Head spittin' some hot shit! I still don't get tha need for that slow beat. Why?? My Rating: 3.6

½time: It's 11:11 PM. Wow what a disappointing start for me! I didn't expect it to be this disappointing so far. I hope tha 2nd ½ goes harder, but I can't keep my hopes up. I just finna keep my hopes up for college tomorrow. I'm really lookin' forward to hangin' out wit my boy Jewison, his boy (who's in my World History class), and my boy Rosco (tha 4 of us form a great click for tha Spring 2008 semester). Hope tomorrow goes good, as well as continuing this review! >>> I'm back, and it's 6:17 PM. Shit, today was FUCKIN' AWESOME! I got to hang wit my boy Jewison for about nearly 2 hours!! We was supposed to go to tha mall for some shit, but he got too focused on playin' a football game wit this dude in tha dorm. I think he won 31-21 (a $5 bet too). Anyway, as good as tha day was, I HOPE tha Webbie CD can pick up!!

09. "Just Like This" Feat. Big Head
Good thing you have Big Head twice in a row! >>> Sounds like a good start to tha 2nd ½. Sounds much better than tha 1st ½ of this CD! Nice beat, and tha hook iz good too. I really like that part in tha hook "man I got so many hoes in this bitch that love my dick." Lol! Sounds different too for a Webbie joint (for tha beat). Big Head did his thang, and Webbie did a good job too. My Rating: 4.0

Break: I ate dinner from 6:42 PM – 6:56 PM. I ate VERY slow and I didn't each much (which iz tha usual case for a 114 pounder like me).

10. "A Miracle" Feat. Birdman & Rick Ross
I have a High AL for it 'cause I think I'm gonna really like it, especially after waiting 15 minutes to hear it since tha last joint. Hope it's "a miracle"! >>> Tha correct beat I wanna hear! Good 1st verse, but tha hook ain't for me. Wasn't catchin' onto me enough. I have a feeling this iz gonna be a single (mainly due to tha collabo). For now, I'll give it tha same rating as "Just Like This", only I like that song better due to it surprised me a lil'. My Rating: 4.0

11. "I'm Ready"
Lol @ 2 "Just Like [insert word]" and 2 "I'm [insert word]" titles al"ready" (lol). I hope "I'm ready" in tha right mood for this… >>> Nice beat intro. Reminds me of somethin'… Pretty cool so far. What do those letters spell in tha hook? Oh it's "trill"; "T-R-I-L-L". I hear Webbie talkin' about tha "they told me 'go commercial'" line. I remember a quote from Webbie (one of my favorite lines). I don't know it exactly, but it was somethin' like "Bun B told me not to go commercial." Either way, real tight rhymes on this. My Rating: 3.9

12. "I Miss You" Feat. Letoya Luckett
I think this might be that future single, although I'm prolly gonna not really feel this. >>> Although I really like that beat, this iz not my song. Decent lyrics. My Rating: 2.8

13. "Doe Doe" Feat. Bun B & Lil' Phat Of 3Deep
I ain't havin' high hopes. >>> I like tha "motivated… blowin' doe doe" parts in tha beginning. That intro got way too repetitive. Damn it's only 7:14 PM and I feel like sleeping. C'mon now how come nothin' mind-blowing iz comin' outta this CD? Shit, I fuckin' can't wait for Promo Only Dance Radio March 2008 (which I'm reviewing as tonight's CD). That'll be REALLY anticipating/great and I'll be wide awake fa'sho! Okay, Lil' Phat made me happy wit his verse. Bun B had tha best verse! Definitely liked all those things about tha "green" he be rollin' up. Actually, I like Webbie's effect when he says "blowin' doe doe…" My Rating: 4.1

14. "Fly As An Eagle" Feat. Foxx & Pimp C
Okay somethin' tells me I'll like it, but not tha hook (as usual wit this CD). Hope tha collabo sounds good! Foxx, keep puttin' out more music! You're tha FUCKIN' SHIT!!! >>> Thought I was gonna not like tha hook (as I said), but it's Pimp C (R.I.P.) and it sounded pretty good. "Sharp as a razor blade." Yeah Foxx FUCKIN' RIPPED THA FUCKIN' SHIT OUTTA THIS!! KEEP DOIN' YO THANG AND STAY SO FUCKIN' ACTIVE IN THA RAP GAME!!!!! Pimp C's FUCKIN' SINGIN' iz CRAZY!!! Finally some shit I really like on a 1st listen! Favorite one right here! My Rating: 4.5

15. "Ya'll Ain't Makin' No Money"
Aight Webbie looks like you're back on your own now (since I've been used to features). >>> Sounds like a big fusion: Mouse + Savage (producer) + that one beat that I heard on here where I said it sounded like somethin' else. I like that line "I'm hot, man, ya'll need to put tha fan on." Nothin' really to say about this; it's good. Nothin' bad. My Rating: 3.9

16. "First Night" Feat. Mouse
High AL 'cause I usually have nice anticipation for No. 16 all tha time! >>> Good beat and sounds good. I like tha "c'mon suck it, I know it's ya first time" in tha hook. Mouse did a fuckin' good job on his part. How many times iz Mouse gonna say that "one hit wonder" part? Lol… My Rating: 4.1

Overall: End Time: 2.26.2008 @ 7:35 PM. Shit I thought there was 17 songs for a sec… I know I LOVE Webbie (as a rapper), but I dunno. This didn't seem like tha otha "Savage Life" CD from 2005. That I loved a lot, especially on a 1st listen. It was one of tha 1st CDs where I listened to tha whole thing in 2 different dayz (due to being tired). This CD wasn't what I was anticipating, and I wish it sounded a lot better. I was disappointed, but I always have faith in my boy Webbie 'cause my boy Webbie be doin' tha damn thing whereva he iz at. BTW, tha cover I think iz one of tha best outta all tha CDs/mixtapes I reviewed this month (I like that cuff).

Rankings (according to ratings):

16. "I Miss You" Feat. Letoya Luckett 2.8
15. "Six 12's" Feat. Mouse 3.2
14. "I'm Hot" 3.5
13. "I Know" Feat. Young Dro 3.6
12. "You A Trip" Feat. Big Head 3.6
11. "2 Smooth" 3.7
10. "I'm Ready" 3.9
09. "Just Like Me" 3.9
08. "Ya'll Ain't Makin' No Money" 3.9
07. "A Miracle" Feat. Birdman & Rick Ross 4.0
06. "Just Like This" Feat. Big Head 4.0
05. "First Night" Feat. Mouse 4.1
04. "Doe Doe" Feat. Bun B & Lil' Phat Of 3Deep 4.1
03. "Thuggin'" Feat. Lil' Phat & Shell of 3Deep & Lil' Boosie 4.2
02. "Independent" Feat. Lil' Phat & Lil' Boosie 4.4
01. "Fly As An Eagle" Feat. Foxx & Pimp C 4.5

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