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Review #90: Max Minelli "The Remedy"

Reviewed on 5.27.2008 (Review No. 90)

Wat tha deal iz it's yo boy Frankie here wit another review! Tonight I give my time to my dawg, tha legendary, Max Minelli wit his new CD "The Remedy". I feel bad that it only sold 613 copies in its first week… If I see it in tha stores, I'm definitely gonna cop it to support him!! To prove his $ales were bad, Music Choice Rap didn't even play his new song "U Gotta Luv Me Baby" that much (they played it once when they premiered it on April 18, 2008 @ 12:44 AM). I hope eventually it gets poppin' more 'cause he deserves more spins than one (look at me, I play tha song at a pretty good pace on my playlist). Anyway, on wit this review. Here's my review for Max Minelli "The Remedy". Start Time: 11:08 PM | Video Game Playing: Tetris & Dr. Mario (for Super Nintendo) (on my computer)

01. "I'm The Shit"
Aight we 'bout to start this thang off. Brand new shit for me, so I definitely have a high AL (anticipation level) for this new Max Minelli shit! Hope it's REAL good!! >>> 4:35 on tha length. That's watz good. It's nice and long. Okay I'm DEFINITELY REALLY feelin' tha beat on this shit right now! Yeah Max Minelli! You are "tha shit!" Great hook, and tha 1st verse iz soundin' good so far! Tha verses were definitely great in this joint. VERY GOOD start off to what's 'bout to be a REAL GOOD CD! Damn, I'm DEFINITELY coppin' your CD in tha stores!! Keep doin' yo thang Max Minelli! I hope one day I get to meet you and hang out wit you! My Rating: 4.5
EDIT: Here's a live video of me reviewing this song (showin' you how I do these reviews):

02. "U Gotta Luv Me Baby"
Tha 1st single right 'chea… Hope somethin' gets done to it (like a music video and shit like that). It did not bad on my Top 10 Countdown and it's doin' pretty good on my playlist. I heard it first on DeTrane's "Jigg City Radio Vol. 2 (Bootleg)" mixtape on March 17, 2008, and it wasn't mind-blowin' at first, but it got better and better tha more I heard it. Like, that beat iz just NICE!! My attention got caught when you said "I don't even like Rap, I do this for my people." It's a very important line 'cause it shows you how much you're a very supportive person! However, I disagree wit that quote 'cause to me, Rap music = my people <- I support them both tha same. Tha people that I mainly support are those in tha music bu$ine$ (like my boyz Jimmy The DJ & DeTrane). If it was my boyz at college, then it's DEFINITELY Rap music > my peoples at college 'cause I tried to support my peoples at college, and I feel that if I give into them, they don't give back, so that's why it's all about tha music bu$ine$ for me! Yeah Max, who doesn't luv you? Tha haterz, that's who! My Current Rating: 4.4

03. "Fresh 2 Def" Feat. Coline
Definitely got a high AL on this. Looks like a "swag" song! >>> What's wit tha random zappin' in tha beat? I couldn't picture a girl on a Max song, but yeah, tha girl sounds nice. I'll give her tha acceptance. I like tha "To The Max" (from A-Mar & Dyl) sample when Max Minelli goes in his verse "you know how I do it, fresh out tha plastic seal" in that song. I like tha "you can't clone me" part in tha hook from Coline also! This would be a great follow-up single from "U Gotta Luv Me Baby"! My Rating: 4.1

04. "Centerfold (Remix)"
A remix I see… I neva heard tha original. Still anticipating tha new Max!! >>> Yeah definitely feelin' this shit too! Beat iz on point and on some "non commercial" shit! REAL GOOD rhymes too! Max you're a FUCKIN' beast!! I like tha "we belong together like Mariah" line. My Rating: 4.3

05. "Buzz Kickin' In"
High AL… I KNOW he ain't gon stop this consistantness!! >>> This iz some good shit also. I like that "talkin' through my ink pen" line. Nothin' much to say about tha rest of it. Nice jam. My Rating: 3.9

06. "iPimp"
Add this to tha "i__" collection, lol. High AL on this, ESPECIALLY since it's an "i" somethin'!! >>> It's off to a nice start wit tha beat and tha flowin'! I like tha rendition of "Shoulder Lean"! Yeah, you may "not be God, but you are Godzilla." I feel you on that one dawg; nice line! It has a commercial feel to it. Will this be a future single? My Rating: 3.8

07. "Shut 'Em Down"
You know you do it well dawg! >>> That reversing beat in tha beginning iz nice. I like that hook!! I thought I heard this before at first, but I didn't. I like when those dudes are like "down-da-da-down-down-down." Really nice verses by you dawg, especially tha 2nd verse where you were rappin' fast towards tha end! Tha hook iz definitely on sum tight shit! Great first listen. What's up wit these endings? They're a lil' "too cold" (like wit this and "U Gotta Luv Me Baby", it sounds like you hear tha beat tryin' to continue, but it fades out in a cold way in like a ½ second). I don't mind it, but it sounds odd… My Rating: 4.3

½time: DEFINITELY off to a REAL GOOD start! I REALLY hope tha 2nd ½ stays that way, and will tha first song be my favorite? I think so.

08. "Good To Me" Feat. Russell Lee & Reno
Not sure what it's gonna sound like… >>> Beat iz a lil' nice in tha beginning. Wonder what'll be like when it kicks in more… Oh wow it's NICE!! I wasn't sure about tha featured people, but they made tha hook nice! I like that "on like a light switch" line in tha hook! It's a jam right here! You know I love when singers cuss! Great verses on this joint!! Love that cold ending!! My Rating: 4.5

09. "Legendary (B.R. Mentality)" Feat. Miguel
Who could this Miguel be on tha feature? Looks like it gon be another tight joint! High AL!! >>> Very quiet start… sounds like underwater… Beat iz good. This could throw me off here and there, but tha 2nd verse has some NICE rhymes (as well as tha 1st too)! I thought this was gonna be harder… that Miguel person iz a singer… I thought he was gonna rap. At least you have 3 verses tho, so that's good! Good shit, and somethin' different. My Rating: 4.0

10. "Happy I Made It" Feat. Russell Lee
Another Russell Lee song… I was almost afraid it was tha last joint on "Max Pain 2 (The Rise Of Max Pain)" that I didn't rate high ("Lord Knows"). I just wanna keep my ratings up for this CD. Let's see what's gonna happen wit this one… *gets a drink…* >>> 5:00 in length… Tha start makes me not anticipate this… This izn't my type of song, but I do enjoy your rhymes all tha way!! That last minute of tha song, tha vocals sound lower quality. I actually like that and consider it somethin' different. Props on that. This brought back that 90's R&B style! Have to feel it in some way! Lyrics get a 4.8 on tha rating, but tha overall rating of me for this song, well… My Rating: 3.5 (due to it wasn't much of my style)

11. "I'm So On" Feat. C-Loc
Okay a lil' oldie right here… I actually heard this on Music Choice Rap for tha first time last year (as they premiered it on March 14, 2007 @ 1:29 AM, 22 minutes after tha "Wipe Me Down (Remix)"), and I got to hear it at one other time and I really liked it. Almost wanted to consider it. Definitely have a high AL on re-hearing!! >>> Didn't expect that first 30 seconds… Nice beat. That beat iz addicting!! I remember that hook! Definitely a jam right there! I think it only got like 2-5 spins on MCR. Why don't they promote artists like you very special? Only a few artists that I've talked to online, or have heard first online have gotten to Music Choice Rap, but didn't get much spins. My Rating: 4.2

12. "Pop A Max Pain Pill"
I had a feelin' this song had to do wit "pills" 'cause when tha first milli second of tha song played, I thought I heard "pill". Anyway, got a high AL 'cause of tha "pills"!! >>> Yes it gon be a hard type of joint!! Yeah this was some tight shit!! Love tha lyrics (of course). Great hook/beat/vibe!! I like that "pop ten of me/I am tha remedy" parts at tha end!! My Rating: 4.4

13. "Gangsta B."
What's this? >>> Iz that title censored in tha ID I have or iz it supposed to say "bitch"? *Checks Amazon.com…* Nah, it's just "B" in tha title. I should've known since tha first song was "I'm The Shit", lol. This iz somethin' jammin', so I give it tha thumbs up, although I prefer tha more street/harder songs from you. My Rating: 4.0

14. "Beat It Up" Feat. Reno
Good there were no repeats from "Max Pain 2 (The Rise Of Max Pain)", even tho that had 3 songs that would have had better ratings wit me (4.5+). Anyway, let's see what's goin' on at tha end… >>> Sorry, but this ain't for me. I don't like that this and No. 13 were consistant. They're both songs about girls… Shouldn't there have been a separation somewhere? You didn't catch my attention on this really except that hook (which was aight). Reno however had tha BEST PART of tha song! His part was real nice!! I guess this can get a "not bad" rating. My Rating: 3.7

Overall: End Time: 12:41 AM. That was DEFINITELY a GREAT CD by you dawg (Max Minelli)!! I really HOPE you get to promote this CD a LOT more, and make it sell 613,000 copies!! Every single song was listenable on this CD, so you know what that means! I finna put it on my iPod. Keep doin' yo thang homie, and keep makin' that HOT music for tha streetz!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

14. "Happy I Made It" Feat. Russell Lee 3.5
13. "Beat It Up" Feat. Reno 3.7
12. "iPimp" 3.8
11. "Buzz Kickin' In" 3.9
10. "Legendary (B.R. Mentality)" Feat. Miguel 4.0
09. "Gangsta B." 4.0
08. "Fresh 2 Def" Feat. Coline 4.1
07. "I'm So On" Feat. C-Loc 4.2
06. "Shut 'Em Down" 4.3
05. "Centerfold (Remix)" 4.3
04. "Pop A Max Pain Pill" 4.4
03. "U Gotta Luv Me Baby" 4.4
02. "Good To Me" Feat. Russell Lee & Reno 4.5
01. "I'm The Shit" 4.5

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Review #89: Young Brizz "The Prelude To The Truth"

Reviewed on 5.26.2008 (Review No. 89)

It's ya boy Frankie wit my 89th review eva: This dude Young Brizz wit his mixtape "The Prelude To The Truth". It was by request from him when he hit me up on his music page, so here it goes: my review for Young Brizz "The Prelude To The Truth". Start Time: 10:40 PM Video Game Playing: We're Back – A Dinosaur Story (for Super Nintendo) (on my computer)

01. "Intro"
Okay here goes nothin'. Remember: I don't know you, so everything's gonna be tha way I feel! >>> I'm glad you're here "to kill tha hate population." That was a nice line. I think this iz hot intro over tha "She Got It (J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League Version)" beat. Good job. I don't rate intros unless they have rappin' in them, so here goes my rating: My Rating: 3.9

02. "Philly's Most Slept On"
That's cool that you're reppin' Philly. Some of my boyz from college come from Philly, and they're tha some of tha coolest people. I think you're from somewhere else… *Checks…* Oh you're from Virginia also (some people from my college come from there, but I'm not sure if I'm cool wit anyone from VA anymore currently). Let's see this joint. Can't determine my AL (anticipation level) for this due to tha intro had a jacked beat, so I gotta stay focused… >>> Another jacked beat ("The Crack House"), but I gotta give you credit for using tha HARD/TIGHT beats, and not tha Pop/too commercial shit (that I've seen on other mixtapes before). Tight hook! I like tha "try to shake my hand, like a game, I will play you" line. My Rating: 4.2

03. "Street Grind Gangstas" Feat. Germ General
What could this be? >>> Different beat, so lookin' forward! Hook iz tight, and good 1st verse! Good 2nd verse too. I liked tha 1st verse better. Damn only 2 verses… Expected a 3rd one for a length of 3:57… My Rating: 4.1

04. "Show You How 2 Ball" Feat. Remo Da Rapstar, Spaz & Rich Boy
Another feature. That's good. Looks like it gon have a jacked beat (just 'cause as soon as I saw it, I predicted it was gonna be "Show Me What You Got" beat, but I hope you went harder than that if it iz one). Let's see… >>> Good no beat and a "Throw Some D's" sample! Nice refreshing new beat! Tha 1st verse sounded a lil' like a Fabolous flow in tha beginning wit tha "baby" parts at tha end. At 1:47, I got a lil' worried 'cause it just stopped for a second. Feelin' that 2nd verse. 3rd verse was tight too, and it sounded a lil' like a Lil' Wayne flow! Jammin' right there. My Rating: 4.3

05. "All Or Nothing"
Let's see this… >>> Okay now I'm lookin' at tha back cover instead of lookin' at tha ID on tha music player I'm using (this way I'll know if it's a jacked beat or not on any of tha tracks). And I'm also mainly usin' it 'cause it cut tha info off in tha filename/title (like it says "prod by rex of" instead of "Rex Of Below Zero Ent." Anyway, nice Philly sounding start. Talk about a good positive song. People make songs like this and they bore me. This ain't that. Plus, it's only 3:48, so it's good. Real nice beat, and gotta feel tha motivational lyrics! "Stop wishin'" <- I feel tha same about this line sometimes. Look at all tha blessings I have in tha music bu$ine$ right now (talkin' to rappers, DJs, managers). I feel blessed to make these TIGHT reviews and just have a passion for Rap music (mainly dirty south Rap music and mainly mainly Louisiana Rap music). My Rating: 4.4

Intermission: 11:06 PM – (around) 11:27 PM. I was talkin' to my rappin' grandma. I just took a lil' relaxin' break after that. Now it's 11:36 PM, and I'm back to this review!

06. "Holding Weight (Young Brizz Verse)"
So one verse here, let's see… >>> That was on some nice Philly shit right there! My Rating: 3.9

07. "Clearing The Air Interlude"
Good an interlude! I wanna hear what you got to say homie! >>> Yes 2:08 (whoppin' length)! Yo real talk, major props on tha interlude dawg. It was real good to hear from you homie. Nice message too. I hope you do it real big (or even bigger) in tha future!! My Rating: N/A

08. "So Hot"
No producer… Hope it's a real good beat and not "This Is Why I'm Hot"… >>> I don't think it's a jacked beat. I don't know this, but this sounds HOT! It sounds good on tha rhymes and I like tha "get down on tha ground like Gillie" line (shout out to Gillie too doin' big thingz)! My Rating: 4.0

½time: This a pretty good mixtape so far. Can't say much but to keep doin' yo thang homie!

09. "Pick It Up" Feat. Finesse
>>> Tha beat iz a lil' odd/good, but nice song so far. I like tha "keep tha 50 wit me, call me Young Buck" line in tha 2nd verse. Didn't expect no 3rd verse on this too, but I like tha CMG (Certified Money Gettas) acronym. My Rating: 3.8

10. "Word In The Street" Feat. Geolani
What will this sound like? >>> Almost wasn't really feelin' tha beginnin'… It has that good Philly sound to it, so I give it props to it. I like tha "salad, your wig'll get tossed" line in tha 2nd verse. Nice hook also. My Rating: 3.6

11. "It's Over Now" Feat. Leon Tomas
Another collabo. I have a feelin' this one'll be better… >>> Good song for you (maybe a single), but it's not my type. Sorry. My Rating: 3.1

12. "Dolla Billz" Feat. Finesse, Young Elz & Laza
Let's see how this collabo gon do… >>> Surprised I didn't even catch that it was a jacked beat (since it doesn't say a producer on tha back cover). It's tha "Dolla Bill" beat by DJ Envy & Red CafĂ©/Fabolous/Jermaine Dupri. Good beat choice, and under rated song IMO! I don't have much to say. Nice rappin' throughout tha whole thing. My Rating: 3.5

13. "Don't Be Mad (Young Brizz Verse)"
Wonder what beat this iz… >>> Don't know, but it's on some Philly shit. That was nice for one verse! My Rating: 3.9

14. "Pocket Full Of Dubs" Feat. Swinn
That's an interesting title. I like it. Even though it could be a jacked beat, I have a high AL for it! >>> Sounds like an ol'skool beat… That's a catchy hook. I like this. Like it a lot for somethin' wit an ol'skool beat. My Rating: 4.0

15. "Fall Back Or Fall Back" Feat. Pay$oz & Rated R.
Hey somebody on here that I somewhat know who they are. Yes, ya boy Pay$oz was on Music Choice Rap back on July 30, 2007 when his song "Give It Gas" premiered on there. I also kept track of what current/new songs Music Choice Rap played in tha Week of July 30, 2007 – August 5, 2007 (CLICK HERE to see tha stats). Anyway, that's another interesting title, so high AL again! >>> Yeah this iz pretty nice (on some Philly shit). Like tha "fall back or fall back" parts. It's like you got no choice! My Rating: 4.1

16. "It's Over Now (Remix)" Feat. Leon Tomas & Hood Fella
Why iz this remixed? It was my least rated song… Low AL. >>> Yeah I don't have to say anything about this. I guess tha other one iz better in a tie breaker. My Rating: 3.1

17. "Dreams Of Being A Millionaire"
Okay time to end this… >>> Okay I gotta give it props for bein' a positive song. I'll rate it high 'cause of it havin' a real positive message. Definitely felt all tha words throughout that song. It gets my . My Rating: 4.3

Overall: End Time: 12:41 AM. Pretty good. Actually, it was better in tha beginning. Tha 2nd ½ wasn't really for me that much. But good job on yo shit Young Brizz. Keep doin' yo thang.

Rankings (according to my ratings):

16. "It's Over Now (Remix)" Feat. Leon Tomas & Hood Fella 3.1
15. "It's Over Now" Feat. Leon Tomas 3.1
14. "Dolla Billz" Feat. Finesse, Young Elz & Laza 3.5
13. "Word In The Street" Feat. Geolani 3.6
12. "Pick It Up" Feat. Finesse 3.8
11. "Intro" 3.9
10. "Don't Be Mad (Young Brizz Verse)" 3.9
09. "Holding Weight (Young Brizz Verse)" 3.9
08. "So Hot" 4.0
07. "Pocket Full Of Dubs" Feat. Swinn 4.0
06. "Fall Back Or Fall Back" Feat. Pay$oz & Rated R. 4.1
05. "Street Grind Gangstas" Feat. Germ General 4.1
04. "Philly's Most Slept On" 4.2
03. "Show You How 2 Ball" Feat. Remo Da Rapstar, Spaz & Rich Boy 4.3
02. "Dreams Of Being A Millionaire" 4.3
01. "All Or Nothing" 4.4

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Review #88: Down Bad "From Da Block 2 Da Club"

Reviewed on 5.25.2008 (Review No. 88)

Watz good it's Frankie, and it's tha late afternoon right now. I'm 'bout to review ('cause I feel like it) my boyz Down Bad's mixtape "Down Bad: From Da Block 2 Da Club". This iz tha 1st mixtape I'm reviewin' by them, so I'm definitely anticipated (Baton Rouge in tha building)! Gotta LOVE tha shit outta Louisiana!! I found this straight off of Datpiff.com . I'm at my aunt Linda Dud's cabin right now (50 minutes from my house), and it's nice here. I originally started writin' this preview of before I listen to tha mixtape at around 5:00 PM, and it's 8:19 PM right now, so now I'm ready (after tha shit that went on during that time). Here it goes: my review for Down Bad "From Da Block 2 Da Club". Start Time: 8:24 PM | Video Game Playing: Secret Of Mana (for Super Nintendo) (on my computer)

01. "Can U Help Me"
How we gon start this thang off? >>> 7:40 on tha length, wow! I guess that's 'cause tha intro iz fused wit this. Fast start at 0:35? Now it's switchin' up at 0:54… at 1:07 it's somethin' different… 1:17 it's back wit Way3000… I guess he was showin' me tha big songs of Down Bad. Now it's tha actual song at 1:32 I think. Nope, back wit Way3000 at 1:58. I'm actually enjoyin' Way3000. 2:05 it's playin' "I'm Out Chea". 2:14 he's showin' me "Full Speed"… 2:31 he's back. Props on all those parts in tha intro and all those song clips! Iz this it at 2:45? Naw, 3:08 he's back! Now he introduced who Down Bad was. Okay what's this at 3:23? Okay it's tha song finally… Let's see… Nice start so far. With a title like that, mixed wit a sound like this, I'm prolly definitely gonna like this!! Good first verse! Yeah, thumbs up to tha 2nd verse. I think it iz "your birthday 'cause you are gifted." I knew by it bein' tha first song on here that it would be a club banger unexpectically. Most times I'd see that title, I'd think it's a slow song. I'm glad this izn't! Nice 3rd verse too. Pretty much all tha verses were jammin' and shit. My Rating: 4.2

02. "Full Speed"
I neva heard it, but it was featured in tha intro, so high AL (anticipation level) for this one. Looks good…! >>> I like tha beat so far tha same (maybe a lil' better) than "Can U Help Me". I like tha "lips like an ashtray" line on tha 1st verse. Nice 1st verse. That start to tha hook iz real nice. I like tha "think you a whi--think--think you a white boy…" and "shittin' on ya'll niggaz like my ass on a toilet/smell me regardless" lines a lot. My Rating: 4.3

03. "So Wopped"
What's that word supposed to be? >>> I think I got confused 'cause of how it's spelled in tha ID. This iz another one from tha intro. That title should say "wopped". I have a feelin' this iz gonna get tha same rating as tha other 2 songs 'cause this has like tha same nice formula. I like that 2nd verse, especially tha end of it. Nice beat on this and hook. 3rd verse almost reminded me of Dyl… My Rating: 4.3

04. "Jiggin' Nah"
I have a feeling this iz gonna have tha same formula as 1-3. >>> Yeah that beat sounds hot (just like tha other songs). Baton Rouge in tha building (225)!! Tha hook iz a lil' repetitive, but I don't mind that. Not much to say 'cause it's just like tha other songs wit tha vibes and shit (which iz great). My Rating: 4.2

05. "What Nah"
Another "nah" title, lol! >>> I thought for a second Way3000 was gonna have a skit, but it's this instead. Beat intro iz a lil' better this time. I like tha "talkin' that shit--talkin'--talkin' that shit" and then tha slowed lyrics for a second. Still don't have much to say. Same rating. My Rating: 4.2

06. "I'm Out Chea"
I have this (from DeTrane's "Jigg City Radio Vol. 1") and it's labeled "I'm Out Chea" (which sounds more right). I wonder what I rated this (I'll laugh if I put "4.2")… *Checks…* I gave it 4.3, which iz tha higher version of what I'm rating on here. I have a feelin' it'll be higher, but lemme re-hear… >>> Yeah I'd give it tha same rating. Sounds like tha other songs to me wit tha feeling, but yeah, this iz a lil' better than those 4.2 rated songs I rated. Once again, good rhymes, good beat, good hook. My Current Rating: 4.3

07. "On Lock"
>>> It sounds like I'd give it 4.3. A better song. Out of all tha songs I rated 4.3, this might be close to tha best. Nice jam, and once again, nice beat/rhymes/hook. My Rating: 4.3

½time: I think this iz a first ever… All of tha songs so far have tha same feel to me. I rated each song either 4.2 or 4.3. Lol @ tha consistant, stable ratings! Even if tha formula was tha same (good rhymes, good beat, good hook, club song), it's definitely all good. At least there's no shitty/aight songs so far!!

08. "Let's Make A Movie"
I wanna "make" another music video soon… I don't know when I'm gonna get in tha mood to create somethin'. Anyway, heard a small second of tha intro play right before tha last joint stopped, so I got a high AL on this! Will tha rating differ?!? >>> Beat's pretty good. Topic iz better, so this could be a 4.4… I hope this izn't my favorite song off of this. Either way, good song. Again, good rhymes/beat/better hook/better topic. My Rating: 4.4

09. "Can't Stop"
Looks like this stable consistantness "can't stop"! >>> A better sounding intro for this. It has a lil' bounce feel to it. Great feel to it. Like tha hook a lot. You know I "can't stop" doin' these reviews! 3rd verse sounded like T.I. on tha flow (like from "Front Back"). Same rating as tha previous song, but this song iz better for me. Actually no, I'm gonna boost it higher! My Rating: 4.5

10. "Dat's A 10/4"'
Lookin' forward to this one! It iz No. "10" and can it get a rating of at least "4" (lol)? >>> Oh no short one @ 2:27… Almost was gonna rate 4.1, but it's catchy. I like it. Tha singin' in tha hook iz nice. My Rating: 4.2

11. "On Fire"
Curious about this one… and iz that Way3000 in tha beginning? >>> YEAH!! Lol @ that "Make It Rain" wit a high pitch! I think so far this iz tha one that has tha lowest rating for me. Still good, but not as good as tha others. Beat iz not bad. Hook iz good tho. My Rating: 3.9

12. "Calm Down"
That's what tha last rating just did. But I guess it's time to "calm down" after bein' "on fire", lol. Like that transition! >>> Another short length… I don't like this one better than "On Fire". Shit, tha ranks just "calmed down" even more. I mean, tha consistant sound iz still good tho. Just didn't feel that one as much as tha others. My Rating: 3.7

13. "Streets Is A Feast"
Maybe this'll have a "street" feel to it… >>> I knew it wasn't, but it's a club feel (like usual). Aight/nothing special, but better than tha previous song. My Rating: 3.8

14. "I Thug Hard"
My interest iz decreasing… I hope for an increase… >>> 4:44 on tha length should hopefully be better… Wow I'm fuckin' up so bad in tha game I'm playin'. It's pissin' me tha fuck off and I'm sweatin' my fuckin' ass off. Good thing I'm not blamin' it on this song! This song iz a lil' better… I guess back to tha 4.0 or higher ratings now! At 4:06, it just changed to "Dey Know" beat? Way3000 at tha end, so that's good. My Rating: 4.2

15. "Out Da Boxx"
Here comes tha last joint… >>> I didn't type anything while it was playin' 'cause I was fighting a semi-boss in tha game I was playin', and it took me tha whole song to beat it. This joint was good tho. Great hook, good beat, nice Louisiana feel! My Rating: 4.3

Overall: End Time: 9:43 PM. That didn't feel like it took 1 hour, 19 minutes, but it did. This mixtape iz jammin'. Nothin''s really mindblowin' to me (songs wit 4.6 ratings or higher), but it's very consistant wit keepin' tha jams stable. Look @ tha first ½: everything was 4.2 or 4.3. Then it went a lil' higher and then a lil' lower, but I neva saw a stable first ½ eva on a review. So in conclusion, Down Bad makes good music, and their music iz jammin'. Great for tha clubs!!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

15. "Calm Down" 3.7
14. "Streets Is A Feast" 3.8
13. "On Fire" 3.9
12. "Dat's A 10/4"' 4.2
11. "Jiggin' Nah" 4.2
10. "What Nah" 4.2
09. "I Thug Hard" 4.2
08. "Can U Help Me" 4.2
07. "So Wopped" 4.3
06. "Out Da Boxx" 4.3
05. "I'm Out Chea" 4.3
04. "On Lock" 4.3
03. "Full Speed" 4.3
02. "Let's Make A Movie" 4.4
01. "Can't Stop" 4.5

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Review #87: K.Dot "Street Knowledge (Hosted by VL Mike)"

Reviewed on 5.24.2008 (Review No. 87)

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It's yo boy Frankie here wit another mixtape I'm reviewing (by request). This iz my dude K.Dot wit his mixtape "Street Knowledge". It's hosted by my dawg, tha late, great, VL Mike (R.I.P.). K.Dot discovered me 5 dayz ago on VL Mike's Myspace page 'cause he saw that I made an R.I.P. VL Mike video for VL Mike. Tha link to that iz here:
. Anyway, I don't know anything about how K.Dot sounds (since I neva heard of him), so everything iz gonna be tha way it iz. If I like you, I like you. If I don't, I'll say it. Get ready! Here's my review for K.Dot "Street Knowledge (Hosted by VL Mike)". Start Time: 6:59 PM | Video Game Playing: Animaniacs (for Super Nintendo) (on my computer)

01. "Believe" Feat. DJ Black Jesus & VL Mike
Lookin' at tha date it went on Datpiff.com and it says Febraury 16, 2008. That's 2 dayz before I reviewed VL Mike's "Place Yo Betz" mixtape. Anyway, I guess this iz tha intro track, so here it goes!! >>> Nice start. Good intro, and good start of you rappin'. That line at 1:10 that I can't understand 100% ("Siberian dinner") was nice. I like your rappin'. I don't mind that odd "believe" sample in tha background 'cause that beat iz nice wit tha rhymes. Good start, so I'll give it a solid nice rating. My Rating: 4.0
EDIT: I just re-heard it, and I didn't realize VL Mike was in tha beginning.

02. "Blast" Feat. Young J
This iz a first… you ID it as tha featured artists first in tha title (and in tha filename) instead of after. Usually, I'd see this: Blast (Feat. Young J) or Blast ft. Young J (somethin' like that). Instead, this iz how you have it: ft. young j – blast. I like tha differentness, but when it comes to me, I always ID everything 99.9% correctly and neatly, so if I was to put this on my iPod/iTunes/upload it online, it would be Filename: K.Dot Feat. Young J – Blast and Artist: K.Dot Feat. Young J; Title: Blast; Album: Street Knowledge (Hosted by VL Mike); Anyway, I do wanna hear this wit a High AL (anticipation level) 'cause it sounds like you wanna "blast" somebody! >>> Oh good it's nice and long at 4:43!! Wow it's off to a REAL GOOD start wit that hook comin' STRAIGHT OUTTA my surround sound on my boombox! Love tha hook too, and tha beat gives me an "Err-day (Remix)" J-Nicks/Natureboy Rowe feel a lil' to it wit those "din-din-din-din" sounds in tha background. Oh wow in Animaniacs (for Super Nintendo), that I'm playin' on my computer right now (thanx to my 4 year old brother Dylan for gettin' me hooked earlier today wit him on it), I beat this part in one try that was real hard. Wit him, I died like 30 times in a row. Yeah… I LOVE that hook! Tha whole song has a great story to describing tha title and tha style to tha track. Lol at goin' from this to Animaniacs SNES game to this. Just like Max Minelli says, "u gotta luv me baby!" My Rating: 4.8

03. "Get It Off Ya Chest"
OMG a Runners beat?!? You got a hold of them? I hope so. This BETTA NOT be a jacked beat (and considered "produced by The Runners" in tha ID). If it iz, I'll be very upset!! No AL due to I don't wanna be confused! >>> Okay this iz tha type of anticipation I wanna hear. Wow when The Runners's "AHHH" sound comes on (wit tha surround sound), it sounds like a car startin', lol. But GREAT start wit that Bun B sample! Tha beat iz *Jill Criscuolo voice* "GOIN' INSANE…IN-SANE!!" Wow REAL HARD, and nice rhymes too! You got a close-to-sick flow too! This iz only Song No. 3, and already I rated 2 songs 4.5 or HIGHER!! My Rating: 4.7

Intermission: Just got an e-mail from my boy Al (who I'm real cool wit on tha Dance/Trance music scene; thanx to him, that's why I say "High AL" on all these reviews), and he told me he heard tha Bordes/Klubjumpers Dance Remix of "Lollipop" by Lil' Wayne & Static Major. He's gonna try and rip it for me since at his job, they have Sirius The Beat on. It might expand my popularity just like wit what tha "Low (Discotech Edit)" by Flo Rida & T-Pain did; I got 280,000+ views on my "Favorite Rap and R&B Songs of January 2008" video I made on Youtube January 28, 2008 (to show luv to songs/mixtapes I like in that month; this mixtape can be featured in my May 2008 video if tha rest of it goes REAL good). Now let's see if tha momentum can continue wit Track No. 4…

04. "We Go Hard" Feat. T-Dash & D.Envy
Another Lo artist… High AL 'cause of tha title!! Oh and wow it's takin' me a while to get to play this song… It's 'cause I'm listenin' to Pet Shop Boys "It's A Sin" on Music Choice Retro Active (I don't like a lot of their music unless it's 80's Pop-Dance music like them and New Order), so another 3 minutes to wait… Oh now I'm thirsty… damn I guess this joint iz TOO "hard" that my anticipation has to keep rising! *Gets a drink…* Oh now Robyn "Konichiwa Bitches" (HOT rappin' unexpectically from this HOT LOOKIN' singer) iz on Music Choice Electronica (they play lots of Alternative-Dance music wit some of it havin' rappin' in it)!! It's only 2.5 minutes long, so this'll be quick… Okay now… IT'S TIME!! >>> Good intro. Nice down, down south beat!! I like tha "flipmode like Busta" line on tha 2nd verse. Yeah this iz jammin' all tha way! I like tha "inhaler" line towards tha end (due to I have Asthma)! This track sounded more like a freestyle. My Rating: 4.3

05. "Show Me Luv" Feat. VL Mike
I have a low AL on this 'cause I don't think I'm gonna like after I heard .1 seconds of tha intro at tha end of tha last song… >>> Sample not my type… Beat doesn't sound like it's for me in tha beginning… Your rappin' iz faster on this one… Didn't expect that. It's good, but not what I expected from you since those previous jointz were REAL TIGHT wit tha slow flow. Wow that sample iz so gay… tha whole "hug me/squeeze me" parts. Ewe… That's just my opinion tho. Well, this iz only 2:40, so it's not that long. Oh so you're from Chi-Town huh? Glad you're really into dirty south Rap music. I guess tha Chi-Town makes sense in this 'cause this sounds like a Kanye West/Consequence song. My Rating: 3.0

06. "I'll Catch Ya" Feat. T-Dash & D.Envy
I added a "dash" to T-Dash's name. Anyway, High AL for this 'cause I like tha "ya" in tha title! >>> Losing interest 'cause it's not a dirty south type of beat… Tha hook was not bad… actually tha end wit tha "catch"in' parts iz soundin' better. It would've been better if it had "boi" at tha end of each part. That's what made tha "We Ain't Playin'" by L.E.P. & Fabolous hook hot. I only said that 'cause right before tha hook, it says "boi." You sounded good on tha joint. It sounds a lil' better now. I guess I was a lil' thrown off at first 'cause I was losing in Animaniacs as well. My Rating: 3.8

07. "Be Careful"
And now we have Scott Storch… Curious wit a High AL! >>> Only 2:24… how short… Tha beat iz that usual hot SS production… Like tha hook wit tha vocal/beat match. Good advice for tha boss I'm versing in Animaniacs 'cause I'm not "being careful". Even tho I liked, it started reminding me of 50 Cent during tha hook. Ewe… My Rating: 3.7

08. "Don't Need Dat" Feat. VL Mike
You should change up tha beat style now! I hope so… >>> No change up… Lol @ you wearin' tha same clothes dawg. "Keep green on me like I'm Luigi man" <- too bad I wasn't playin' Super Mario right now, lol. Nice line tho. Pretty good hook. It's another short joint at 2:45. My Rating: 3.6

½time: REAL HOT start, and then slowly slidin' down end of tha 1st ½… I hope it goes back to tha dirty south sounds!!!

09. "Travelin'"
Have a feelin' I'll really like… or really not like… Yessur Productions… are they dirty south? >>> Bad intro start… Actually, it's not as bad as I thought it was gonna be… Rhymes are pretty good. Beat iz pretty decent throughout tha song. My Rating: 3.3

10. "Stay Broke" Feat. Young J, J Problem & VL Mike
King Kong Productions on this one. What's gonna happen? >>> A lot better intro on this one… Wow not only iz tha SONG BETTER, but I finally stopped screwin' up in tha Animaniacs game I'm playin'! VERY GOOD beat (prolly tha other ones in tha beginning were better). Glad it switched up finally!! Hook sounds like VL Mike, but it's a good hook overall. My Rating: 4.6

11. "Whip It"
Hopefully Bez iz a good producer… >>> 1:46 on tha length… and it iz a good production! Why iz it so short (and those other songs were 3.5 minutes)? I always liked when Rick Ross said "whip it" in "Hustlin'" 'cause of how it sounds like "ribbit" (mainly in this one). Was there too much pausing at tha end for whoeva that was at tha end… it sounds like you could hear tha silent sound of tha mic. My Rating: 4.3

12. "Damn Thang Money" Feat. Heata
Let's hope Lo Key did a good production on this. Lookin' forward!! >>> Beat iz nice. A lil' weird in tha background, but that makes it sound like a nice beat from online. This iz when I really like your flowin'; it's nice and slow! Great verse by you! Great 2nd verse by Heata too! I like that "pocket full of—do tha damn thing—money." My Rating: 4.1

13. "Now"
Why did tha first 2 seconds of tha beat have to play at tha end of tha last joint? That kinda ruins tha AL I would try to have for each joint. Anyway, not sure what's gonna happen wit this… >>> Sounds like tha shit I would hate on… Let's see… More of a Twista type of beat (tha girl in tha background iz like a Juelz Santana type of sampled girl). "Like jeans, you're fadin'/it's green, I'm makin'" <- Nice 2 lines right there! Wow fuckin' again… this time it was FOUR seconds of tha intro at tha end of this. WTF? And this was short. I didn't mind it tho. My Rating: 3.6

14. "Secret Lovers" Feat. Hypno
What's wit this title for this mixtape? Low AL… >>> 4:30 on tha length… why tha longness? Okay not really gonna hate on this 'cause it's nice and smooth, but it should've been tha last track IMO. 1st verse reminds me of a mix of T.I. mixed wit Pitbull & Lloyd's "Secret Admirer". I actually like it. Very good slow jammer. I don't approve of slow jammers bein' on mixtapes tho… Mixtapes are for tha streets… This izn't an album now… Hypno held that track down. Good sample too. My Rating: 3.9

15. "The Hardway" Feat. Roach Killa
Lol @ tha roach name. Nas iz gonna be rappin' as a roach on his new album. Now that should be REAL interesting!! Anyway, let's see what this track gon do. I'm dry and slowly catchin' a sore throat (I hope not), so I gotta water-up! *Gets a drink…* >>> From tha Chi to Ten-A-Key… Boring start intro… This iz too slow and too boring for me. Tha rhymes weren't bad tho. My Rating: 2.5

16. "Livin' A Movie" Feat. VL Mike
Usually I have faith in tha No. 16 song, but no AL here (even tho a real good title). Because of that stupid intro keeps comin' in 2 seconds before tha previous song ends, it just makes me mad, and I don't think this'll be that special… >>> This beat has some hot parts in it. Tha hook sounds pretty good. Actually it's better now that you said "they livin' a movie." Oh wow VL Mike was at tha end… REAL REAL NICE (and about 30 seconds too)! This track was nice for me. My Rating: 3.9

Overall: End Time: 8:42 PM. I'd rather this all dirty south. I really liked tha dirty south songs. Some of tha Chi-Town soundin' songs were aight, but a bunch of them bored me. I will feature this on my "Favorite Rap and R&B Songs of May 2008" video when I upload it on May 31, 2008 on Youtube. This'll be featured under tha "go cop these hot CDs/mixtapes" section.

Rankings (according to ratings):

16. "The Hardway" Feat. Roach Killa 2.5
15. "Show Me Luv" Feat. VL Mike 3.0
14. "Travelin'" 3.3
13. "Don't Need Dat" Feat. VL Mike 3.6
12. "Now" 3.6
11. "Be Careful" 3.7
10. "I'll Catch Ya" Feat. T-Dash & D.Envy 3.8
09. "Livin' A Movie" Feat. VL Mike 3.9
08. "Secret Lovers" Feat. Hypno 3.9
07. "Believe" Feat. DJ Black Jesus & VL Mike 4.0
06. "Damn Thang Money" Feat. Heata 4.1
05. "Whip It" 4.3
04. "We Go Hard" Feat. T-Dash & D.Envy 4.3
03. "Stay Broke" Feat. Young J, J Problem & VL Mike 4.6
02. "Get It Off Ya Chest" 4.7
01. "Blast" Feat. Young J 4.8

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