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Review #155: Ace Hood "Gutta"

Reviewed on 11.28.2008 (Review No. 155)

It's been 2 weeks since I did a review; wow. Anyway, it's ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog here. I had a mix of things goin' on: 5 college projects + my digital camera breakin' + malware on my computer; that's a mix of fucked-upness. I also felt very lazy to get back into reviews… Well, without waiting any longer, here goes my review for Ace Hood "Gutta"; lookin' forward and it's a mainstream album (that's rare when it comes to my reviews)! Also, I'm gonna say this on every review I do for a while: FOR ANYONE READIN' THIS: Go check out my brand new music video, "Change Tha World," featuring Tha Wennipearl (my cousin Jen)!! It's a great song (written and produced by me) and a REAL GREAT music video (directed and 100% edited by me)! | Start Time: 5:07 PM | Video Game Playing: The Legend Of Zelda – Ocarina Of Time (for Nintendo 64) (on my computer)

Quick Note:
I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it's considered "mindblowin'" when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before " >>> " iz what I'm sayin' before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type " >>> " iz what I think of tha song while I'm listening to it.

01. "I Don't Give A Fuck"
What a great title, especially for an intro track (AND, especially for a mainstream album)!! I'm lookin' forward to this and I hope you bring dat guttaness to tha table!! >>> Great beat so far and I like that "leave one in that Jesus piece" part; definitely gutta right here. Real tight hook and tha beat in tha hook reminded me of another joint… Definitely feelin' this (great intro song)!! You're prolly tha 1st rapper I noticed that was born tha same year as me (1988). I remember according to Music Choice that you were born in May of 1988; that's only a year older than me. There was even a 3rd verse on this shit! Real nice verses and that straight up rapid/gutta feel! My Rating: 4.5

02. "Can't Stop" Feat. Akon
I don't know about Akon bein' featured… >>> I like that fade-in intro from The Runners. Great beat intro but Akon wasn't called for wit his typical intros. Tha hook has good lyrics but Akon iz just okay to me at all times. Likin' your first verse and I'm glad you're "blunted." Nice 2nd verse also on this shit. On tha 3rd verse, I'm glad "tha printer don't stop." Nice lil' joint here (will it be a future single?). My Rating: 4.0

03. "Get 'Em Up"
Speakin' of future single (what I just said before), I have a feelin' that because this was at tha end of tha "Ride (Remix)" video that just came out, I think this could be tha 3rd single. This iz a nice jam right here. I think rockin' tha black wife beater in tha vid iz cool, especially when you be chantin' tha hook on this! >>> Yeah, jammin' beat and (of course) you rappin' keeps this joint jammin'. It's weird that you said "know I keep that 45" 'cause I just looked at tha number of golden skulls I have in Zelda right now and I have 45, lol. That hook iz tha shit right there; love when tha title iz repeated lots of times! Damn, you so FUCKIN' HUNGRY when you spit this shit right here dawg; I can tell in your voice!! My Current Rating: 4.6

04. "Gutta" Feat. Trick Daddy & Dre
LOL @ tha last thing that comes wit tha last song starts wit tha next song! Last time, I said tha "future single" thing and now, tha last word you said in "Get 'Em Up" was "gutta" and look what joint's next: "Gutta;" lol. This looks like it gon be "gutta" wit Trick on this shit. Let's see how hard this Florida shit hits!! >>> I thought that was Eyereel Allstars Feat. Lucy Clarke "Get It On (Fish & Chips Radio Edit)" in tha very beginning for some reason but no, it turned disco, lol. Its got tha "Turn The Beat Around" sample in tha beat. Okay start so far wit an okay beat… I guess I should put that Dre iz in this too 'cause he's supplyin' tha title in tha hook. Your rapid rappin' was nice at least on this. Right around tha 2:00 mark iz Trick… Sounds tha same as usual for me… Definitely a nice 3rd verse from you as you just go and go and go and go and go AND go wit that rappin'!! My Rating: 3.7

05. "Guns High" Feat. R. City
Now this iz a "gutta" title. I expect more from this than that "Gutta" track on here. R. City as a feature should be interesting too… I bet'cha they do a Jamaican hook. >>> Jamaican intro, good beat and pretty nice hook wit that mix of Jamaican and singin' (like Kevin Gates does on hooks). Definitely a grimey verse from you on tha 1st verse, ya dig. Catchy lines on tha 2nd verse wit tha "hang 'em up like a poster, b" and "play 'em like Monopoly." Pretty nice lil' Jamaican hook from R. City, especially tha "I don't give a fuck" part. My Rating: 3.9

06. "Cash Flow" Feat. T-Pain & Rick Ross
It spent a long time on my playlist (I think 23 weeks). Definitely was an anthem for all tha dudes! I actually really liked T-Pain on tha hook/pre-hook on this and it was DEFINITELY a great debut single/2 verses from you Ace. Speakin' of "cash flow," I remember on when I reviewed your "Ace Won't Fold" mixtape, you kinda jacked your "cash flow" sayin' a bunch of times on there; I'm glad so far, outta 5 songs, that you didn't do it here. I really don't like when rappers use a certain catchphrase 1,000+ times on other songs/features; it annoys me. Speakin' of your mixtape title, I always liked how Rick Ross ended his verse wit "Ace won't fold;" that was tight. My Current Rating: 4.8

07. "Ride" Feat. Trey Songz
Now this was a real nice 2nd single; fell in love wit it as soon as it came out in August. It's now gonna remind me of meetin' tha girl I like at my new college, Alexia, as it was tha 2nd song I played on my iPod while talkin' to her (1st one bein' J*Davey "Mr. Mister"). GREAT Trey Songz hook wit a REAL GREAT beat!! I liked tha video too as it was a REAL nice way to end tha Summer! I was surprised that a remix video came out too; that was cool. I always liked tha "girl we gon be goooood" part in tha hook; that was catchy. Great verses for tha ladies. My Current Rating: 4.5

08. "Fed Bound"
Looks like a real cool title… Let's hope it pays for what I'm lookin' forward to! >>> Interesting samples in tha beginning. That beat sounds like a DJ Toomp beat. Here you come finally around tha :50 mark… I love them "GUTTA, GUTTA, GUTTA!" parts. Ooh, there's "gutta" samples too (it sounds like "gotta" lol). This iz a "gutta" joint right here and you just "keep it G" like you say in tha hook, dawg. Tha verses on this DEFINITELY kept it real! I'm really likin' those talkin' parts where it sounds like one or two people are in tha car; real cool ending! My Rating: 4.3

Well Ace, you DEFINITELY ain't disappointin' me! Really likin' tha "gutta" joints on here, ya dig. You keepin' it real wit all your HUNGRY, GRIMEY, TIGHT rhymes!! I hope tha last ½ of this CD iz just as tight!

09. "Stressin'" Feat. Plies
I just wanna say that I just LOVE tha Justice song called "Stress;" CRAZY shit right there (and iz a "stressless" anthem for me). Let's hear your version of "stressin'" wit dat goon (or should I say, "dat 'awg" Plies, lol)! >>> It's long, wit 5:07 on tha length. Can't help but to easily like Plies in tha beginning (even though he's criticized as a liar). Not bad… Now, I'm hearin' you right after Plies and it sounds like your verse wasn't mastered… Too bad for all tha "stressin'" goin' on. I feel bad that you "scared as hell and shakin'." Even "pullin' your dreads." Don't worry, it gon be okay soon, dawg. Wow, this iz really a sad joint from you. It's a depressin' story and DEFINITELY goes well wit tha title! I'm glad you "do it for your niggaz in jail." I also like tha "middle finger, FUCK tha feds!!" part; just lettin' all that stress out! What a VERY interestin' joint right here as it took my attention to you and Plies's words!! My Rating: 4.0

10. "Money Ova Here"
This betta not be what I think it iz or else this could be in danger! I'm eatin' french toast right now so I betta not throw-up! >>> Good, not a "stolen beat" (where a "jacked beat" iz used for an album). I just really thought this was tha "Money Ova Here" beat from Stack$ & Wayne. But as for this, this iz just as good! I like that really fast intro wit that fast hook! I'm glad "your pants hangin' and you're rollin' on lean." Oh no, you said tha "cash flow" thing on tha 2nd verse when you said "cash flow nympho." I guess that's acceptable for now… Good job on all tha rhymes you spit on here. My Rating: 3.8

11. "Can't See Y'all" Feat. Brisco
Definitely high anticipation for Brisco bein' on this bitch!! >>> So far, we got tha real nice beat! Pretty catchy hook and who would've guessed he'd be on tha hook? That's watz good. I just LOVE your fast rappin'! It's just nothin' but consistant rhymes! I like tha "movin' yay" part in tha 1st verse. Ooh, there's a 2nd ½ to tha 1st verse as Brisco iz spittin' some shit… Nice job. Ooh, he's even on tha 2nd verse! That was some crazy shit, especially all them "boy" parts at tha end of a bunch of tha lines! Even you're on tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse! I'm likin' your part and I'm likin' that there's 2 parts to each verse on this; great sharing! Ooh, more back 2 back shit on tha 3rd verse! First part of Brisco was nice, pretty nice shit from you on tha 2nd part! Ooh, there's 4 parts on tha 3rd verse; wow! Pretty nice shit from Brisco on tha 3rd part of tha 3rd verse and pretty nice part from you on tha 4th part of tha 3rd verse. Wow, I'm like typin' like a mad man wit tha speed of this joint; crazy shit! My Rating: 4.4

12. "Get Him"
It's unexpected that I just finished my french toast in only 2 songs of eating. Usually, it takes me like 20-30 minutes to eat dinner, lol. Anyway, just lookin' at tha title right now and it's remdin' me of when I was playin' The Lion King for Super Nintendo yesterday wit my cousin and my ½ brother. I got up to Level 5 and right when tha hyenas were gonna get Simba, tha big lion was like "kill him," so this bein' called "Get Him" brought that to my attention. I predict a tight joint so let's see… >>> There's that kickin'-in intro! Sounds familiar wit that HOT-ASS hook!! This might've been on MTV Jams during Mixtape Monday? Wow, what a TIGHT beat!! Actually, it reminds me a lil' of T.I. & Alfamega's "Hurt" wit tha fastness in tha hook. Wow, too hot! Great verses but tha hook iz catchin' an EXTREME amount of my attention, especially wit that "BOY, THERE HE GO!" part!! LOL @ tha "hand him a tampon" part. I remember in high school where one of tha girls I liked got caught wit a tampon in her purse. Tha principle I think searched her purse and found it! My Rating: 4.7

13. "Call Me" Feat. Lloyd
Looks like tha CD might slow down now… All those gutta, fast, grimey jointz in a row DEFINITELY made me happy. Let's see how this one gon be; no anticipation. >>> Maybe it ain't slow. I like tha beginning so far wit that mix of piano and The Runners type of beat. I like tha "top of my new coupe" line; pretty nice, fast 1st verse. Hearin' Lloyd on tha hook and he sounds good for this. Maybe this won't be that decent after all! Not bad on tha 2nd verse from you; still sounds nice for tha females right here! My Rating: 4.1

14. "Ghetto" Feat. Dre
Now Dre iz ID'd, lol. I have a feelin' this'll easily be better than tha otha joint he was on on here. >>> Good, I can sit here for 4 minutes, 45 seconds reviewin' this song! He sounds a lil' Jamaican on tha hook/before tha hook came on; nice hook though. I like your 1st verse on here dawg; can't front on all tha shit you spit/how you spit it. I like tha "sellin' coke" part as well as all tha shit related to that in tha 2nd verse; great shit. Sounds like a REAL HUNGRY 3rd verse by your voice!! Definitely a great, gutta verse, especially that "in their sock" part at tha end (describin' tha work). Great bridge wit tha "love your hood, love your projects" part from Dre; kick-ass joint right here! My Rating: 4.2

15. "Top Of The World"
I think tha numbers might've came out recently for Soundscan. Will you be on "top of tha world" wit tha numbers? I have a feelin' you're gonna debut at Number 13, sellin' 49,076 copies; that's just a guess of mine. Let's see what you talkin' about on here… >>> Not sure of how tha piano sounds in tha beginning… Hearin' lil' kids on tha hook and a Jay-Zish beat… Not sure how much I can get into this… I like tha "kiss my anus" part (since err-body likes to say "kiss my ass" instead). Tha hook iz a lil' catchy wit what iz said right now… I like how you said "this iz a classic" 'cause I feel like this iz either close to, or a classic 'cause I'm feelin' this CD. That 3rd verse was DEFINITELY on tha real tip!! My Rating: 3.6
EDIT: Sorry to say that I see Soundscan numbers and that you debuted at No. 36 and sold 24,701.

16. "Ride (Remix)" Feat. Trey Songz, Rick Ross & Juelz Santana
Ewe, lol. I was gonna download it but now, I guess I have it. I didn't expect tha remix to be on here but good job on gettin' a remix video out 'cause not many people get tha chance to do that! Lemme fully give a review on tha remix! >>> I like how tha intro (tha 1st three seconds) has that build up (as it reminds me of a Dance/Trance song's intro); cool shit. I like how tha beat sounds a lil' different in tha hook. Ooh, even more different during tha 1st verse wit you on it! Not bad 1st verse even though I liked your verses in tha original a lot better… I'm not really into Rick Ross anymore and his part was just decent and nothin' special to me. However, Juelz always catches my attention; his 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse was nice. On tha 3rd verse, your part was just okay as well. Maybe tha rhymes didn't catch onto me like they did in tha original but I can't front wit that HOT beat and hook; nice ending! My Rating: 3.8

Overall: End Time:
6:34 PM. I was feelin' ya shit Ace! I'm gonna add tha shit to my iPod right now! You put out a REAL nice album, whether tha mainstream fuckin' cares or not! I was definitely feelin' this shit and I hope you at least get Gold. It gon be REAL TOUGH but keep pushin' and pushin' and pushin' and pushin' big dawg. I hope you do get tha chance to see this and really like it. Keep doin' yo thang out there dawg.

Rankings (according to my ratings):

16. "Top Of The World" 3.6
15. "Gutta" Feat. Trick Daddy & Dre 3.7
14. "Ride (Remix)" Feat. Trey Songz, Rick Ross & Juelz Santana 3.8
13. "Money Ova Here" 3.8
12. "Guns High" Feat. R. City 3.9
11. "Can't Stop" Feat. Akon 4.0
10. "Stressin'" Feat. Plies 4.0
09. "Call Me" Feat. Lloyd 4.1
08. "Ghetto" Feat. Dre 4.2
07. "Fed Bound" 4.3
06. "Can't See Y'all" Feat. Brisco 4.4
05. "Ride" Feat. Trey Songz 4.5
04. "I Don't Give A Fuck" 4.5
03. "Get 'Em Up" 4.6
02. "Get Him" 4.7
01. "Cash Flow" Feat. T-Pain & Rick Ross 4.8

^ REALLY LOVE "Get Him" and "Get 'Em Up" a LOT!!! "Cash Flow" became tha top joint on here 'cause of how much it was known and how used to it I was. Either way, "Get Him" iz tha best song I neva heard on this CD.

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Review #154: DJ Drama & Lil' Wayne "Dedication 3"

Reviewed on 11.14.2008 (Review No. 154)

FrankieThaLuckyDog'z world… That's right, you're in my world as I speak! I finna do a review for tha new Lil' Wayne mixtape; I don't have any anticipation/have bad anticipation. We'll see what happens when I review this shit. I'm gonna go eat 2 bowls of cereal to fuel me up ('cause I feel like I have a really empty stomach right now). After tha bowls, I'll get into this review; this iz a review for DJ Drama & Lil' Wayne "Dedication 3"! Also, I'm gonna say this on every review I do for a while: FOR ANYONE READIN' THIS: Go check out my brand new music video, "Change Tha World," featuring Tha Wennipearl (my cousin Jen)!! It's a great song (written and produced by me) and a REAL GREAT music video (directed and 100% edited by me)! | Start Time: 11:57 PM | Video Game Playing: The Legend Of Zelda – Ocarina Of Time (for Nintendo 64) (on my computer)

Quick Note:
I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it's considered "mindblowin'" when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before " >>> " iz what I'm sayin' before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type " >>> " iz what I think of tha song while I'm listening to it.

01. Welcome Back
Yeah, "welcome back" Weezy, lol. Iz that a good thing (lyrical content) or bad thing (auto-tone bullshit)? I don't even wanna guess! >>> I like when you (Lil' Wayne) talk on tha interludes; you're in your own world like me on this shit. My Rating: N/A

02. "Dedication 3" Feat. Mack Maine, Willie The Kid & Gudda Gudda
Because I thought tha "Welcome Back" intro was 20 seconds longer (instead of 1:17 (what was shown), it was only like :57), I saw tha length of this joint and it clocked in at over 7 minutes! Aye, it BETTA be tight for somethin' this long!! >>> 7:13 on tha length, that iz. A lil' homoish Lil' Wayne in tha beginning wit that "and this iz just a mixtape… damn" (3x) on auto-tone. Already, auto-tone just loses my anticipation and ratings. So far tha lyrics sound pretty nice for tha beginning, but why that retarded auto-tone shit? It doesn't make you gutta… it makes you sound like a retard! Hearin' Gudda Gudda wit tha "crackhead wit no teeth" part that I like; good thing for no retarded auto-tone! Great verse and now, right onto Willie… Your typical, not bad rapper's rappin'. BTW, tha beat iz pretty nice and Lil' Wayne's got them NICE lyrics on this but that gay-ass auto-tone has to go! I think that's Mack Maine on tha next part and he's a lil' better than Willie The Kid on Willie's part. Ooh, likin' tha "study me like I'm a final exam" line a whole lot (best line of tha song)!! I like how he "R.I.P.'d" tha beat at tha end of his verse. Wayne, you're back and I like your "hip, hop like 2 bunnies" line a lot also. Likin' tha "pudding/putting it down" parts around tha 6:40 part! Up, it ended at 6:53; I guess it ends 20 seconds before tha actual time that's shown on my MusicMatch player. Great shit right here minus tha gay-ass auto-tone shit. I would've rated this a 4.5 or maybe even a 4.6 but a lil' deduction due to auto-tone! My Rating: 4.3

03. What Else Is There To Do
What's this? >>> Oh, couldn't've guessed at first that it was another skit. You sound nice and high when you're talkin', lol; great skit. My Rating: N/A

04. "Dick Pleaser" Feat. Jae Millz
I feel weird seein' Jae on a South type of joint but now he's a part of Young Money so tha world iz changin'! Looks like I might have anticipation for this, as long as Jae Millz keeps it gutta and there's barely any/no auto-tone in this shit! >>> Okay lyrics for tha "dick pleaser" females so far… Decent beat too that sounds like it's gettin' better 'round tha 1:00 mark. That "YME for Young Money Entertainment" part was just cheesy and random. I like tha consistant rappin' on your verse. Let's see how Jae gon do… Okay, maybe it's good but this izn't tha Jae Millz I'm used to hearin' so it's a lil' of a disappointment for me hearin' him on shit like this. At 3:19, I thought it was ending but no, tha beat iz still on a lil' and you're rappin' again Wayne. My Rating: 3.9

05. "Ain't I" Feat. Jae Millz
Aren't there a couple of "Ain't I" jointz out already? What's this one and Jae Millz again? >>> LOL @ "Barack O'Drama." This iz more of Jae Millz's style even though I've heard better… Tha "Netherlands/neverland" part was nice to hear. Hearin' you on tha 2nd part Wayne… Still sounds like that consistant rappin' I usually hear from you. I like how you said "swagless" (as I always use "ness" and "less" in when I talk). This iz a lil' better than that last song; anotha somewhat nice/decent beat again. My Rating: 4.0

06. You Love Me, I Hate You
I think this iz a skit from what I might've heard in tha beginning (talking?). >>> YES, it iz and it's 1:41!! Nice lil' message there. I know you like to do your own thing wit where you go and that's cool that you're in tha studio. I'm either at college or doin' reviews at my house; there ain't anybody or anywhere to hang out up here in Northeast PA so why bother to go out up here? My Rating: N/A

07. "Bang Bang" Feat. Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda
I think I heard Soulja Boy Tell 'Em "Let Me Get 'Em" beat in tha background when I heard tha first milli-second of this. Jae Millz on 3 actual jointz in a row so we'll see how good he iz on this (I predict good). >>> Tha beat I guessed iz correct. A jacked beat wit Wayne comes back from tha dead so we'll see how you good on someone else's beat again. I noticed you said somethin' about how you say your "B's and P's" in your rappin' on this. That's cool that you noticed that 'cause we were learnin' about tha "poppin' P's" when doin' vocals in Audio Production class at my new college. Sounds like anotha pretty good Wayne track here! Not bad on Jae Millz on tha 2nd part. He sounds pretty good; can't complain. I thought that sounded like Dizzy on tha 3rd part but nope, it's Gudda Gudda and he sounds pretty tight wit all tha shit he be spittin'; crazy! Instead of "rest in peace," he said "rest in piss;" more different and more gangsta on his behalf! My Rating: 4.0

08. "The Other Side" Feat. LA The Darkman, Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda
Look at this collabo… It's No. 7 + LA The Darkman. Let's see watz good here… >>> It iz that "Fuck Tha Otha Side" beat from Dunk Ryders & Trick Daddy. Ooh, GREAT START from tha dude on tha 1st verse!! CRAZY SHIT and I don't know if it changed to a different rapper but it's pretty good so far! I think that was Gudda Gudda… Oh wait, that was him now (around tha 1:30ish mark). Actually, it just keeps switchin'; it went to Millz (which he was pretty good) and now, that must be LA The Darkman on tha (around) 2:25 part… Nope, it's Gudda Gudda; too much switchin' outta nowhere here. I guess LA The Darkman was in tha beginning wit that HUGE start. Now, here you are at 3:01 Weezy… Definitely nice shit from you again wit all tha shit you sayin'; REAL CRAZY on tha lyrics from pretty much everyone here, especially that beginning!! My Rating: 4.4

09. "My Weezy" Feat. Shanell, Lil' Twist & Tyga
I heard tha "My Dougie" beat in tha beginning… WTH (hell) @ "My Weezy"? What kinda title iz that? >>> Oh no, what will this be like? Now, there's no LA and Gudda Gudda… Oh no, auto-tone… How many odd/weird shit goin' on here? Okay, 1:34 in and NOTHIN' catchin' on so far… That female (Shanell) came outta nowhere… WTF @ her on auto-tone too? Followers!! That Lil' Twist dude sounds like someone like Lil' Trill and/or a young, nice rhymin' Louisiana dude I'd usually hear. Looks like this iz gettin' better wit tha rhymes; Mr. "Coconut Juice" iz spittin' fire!! Ooh, still goin' STRONG at 4:09! For a second, I thought you were gonna be like "Weezy, my Weezy, my Weezy, … she said she like my Weezy, I'm ___…" Well, this was ½ PURE GAY and ½ PURE FIRE!! Now, how should I rate it if it's a 50/50 like that? Well, I'll take what would've been my rating if there was no Lil' Twist & Tyga (which would've been a 2.7) and take what would've been my rating if there was no Lil' Wayne and Shanell (which would've been a 4.5). So, addin' those and it's 7.2; 7.2 divided by 2 = 3.6. My Rating: 3.6

10. A Dedication
How about callin' this "a skit?" Nah, I'm just playin'; but that's what finna come up right now. >>> LOL @ that laughin'; it sounds like you were cryin' for a second, lol. Not bad "dedication." My Rating: N/A

11. "She's A Ryder" Feat. Gudda Gudda
Ooh, just Gudda Gudda featured on this one. Let's see how it's just tha 2 of y'all… >>> Cool beat in tha beginning but I think it's anotha jacked one… Gay auto-tone cuts tha rating right now. Real slow hook that I'm not really likin'… Shit, 4:58 on tha length; this gon be too long for me to handle! UGH, 1:18 in and all auto-tone shit and just an intro! Finally, 1:25 iz Gudda Gudda! Definitely a nice verse but Wayne, you're ruinin' it wit your retarded auto-tone retardedness. I'm SO not likin' tha slow rhymin' on tha verse Wayne; what was that, like 3 words in a line? What a bad verse… Oh no, you're still continuin' on this? Now, there started to be more lyrics around tha 3:30 mark… Still, nothin' special. This was too random and way too long. Good thing for Gudda Gudda for keepin' this outta tha <3.0>My Rating: 3.1

Well, I knew I didn't really have tha anticipation for this. Beginning was not bad but then it just got pretty bad towards tha near-end of tha 1st ½. Mostly, there's jacked beats here so I don't know what to expect that's gonna give interest on me; prolly just most of tha featured rappers!

12. "Still I Rise" (Nicki Minaj)
I was just about to say, 1.) a female featured on this; and 2.) I like her name and that word in her last name (then again, I neva knew how to spell "minaj" so now I know and it looks good seein' it in her name). How will this sound? >>> Ewe, a "No Matter What" beat; funny. Oh no, looks like it'll be "minajless" 'cause she's got a fuckin' auto-tone on! Up, I hear tha rappin' right now from her and there's no auto-tone… SMH @ bein' a hater and that "lesbian" shit. I don't like tha "leave comments" shit and hatin' on Lil' Kim; TERRIBLE verse! Wow, bad hook wit tha auto-tone; c'mon wit this shit!! WHAT?! Why does she have a 2nd verse? Where are you Wayne? This ain't no feature, this a solo! How bad was this shit? My Rating: 1.2

13. "Magic" Feat. Gudda Gudda
Iz this over Robin Thicke's beat? What could I expect? Wit Gudda Gudda on this, it better be better than some of tha SHIT on here! >>> Nope, not that beat but this sounds slower… Yeah, "rest in peace Pimp C." Here we go wit tha fuckin' auto-tone again! Sounds boring… Too long/slow and it's pathetic! Okay, Gudda Gudda on tha 2nd verse at 2:22; hope he revives this shit! Okay, tha RIGHT rappin'! What? Why so short? He did good but why Wayne, why tha "suck my Weezy F babies?" My Rating: 2.5

14. Do's & Don'ts Of Young Money
Lemme hear what you got to say in your high voice… >>> Cool, it's 2:01! Either way, I miss tha old Wayne. That's why I listen to SO much underground Louisiana shit! I LOVE hearin' how all tha underground cats from Louisiana be livin' and their lives; Wayne's just on tha same, boring, not special type of shit these dayz. My Rating: N/A

15. "Whoever You Like" Feat. Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda
Not lookin' forward at all, regardless of tha 2 other dudes on this! >>> What's wit these fuckin' lengths? 4:38!? Auto-tone!? You want anotha <3.0 src="" alt="" title="Licktear" class="inlineimg" border="0"> Wow, I can't get mad at this shit but Wayne's VERY, VERY ANNOYING wit this shit as it can't sound any more retarded than how BADDDDDDDD THIS SHIT IZ!!! *Sigh* Jacked beats… Gudda Gudda's pretty decent on this; SMH @ tha "gimme my space like dot com." Not too into his verse and now, this iz down tha drain; worse than that Minaj girl's song!!! My Rating: 1.0

16. That Was Easy!
I was afraid to see what No. 16 was gonna be but it's just a skit. Yeah, "that was [TOO FUCKIN'] easy" 'cause that shit (No. 15) was PURE TRASH!!! >>> Only 18 seconds? Easier. My Rating: N/A

17. "Get Bizzy" Feat. Gudda Gudda
You think I'm excited? And Gudda Gudda, why be on this joint? Lowest anticipation level EVER!!!!!!!!! >>> Figured it was that beat ("Get Silly"). "Shame shame shame" on tha length bein' 3:12 (my mom's birthday); DOESN'T DESERVE THAT!! Oh, tha auto-tone!! Wow, whoeva listens to this mixtape (or even talks good about it) iz fuckin' gay themselves!! I mainly reviewed this to see how good/bad it was before I be tha waterboy at my old college's football game tomorrow. I have a huge feelin' that err-body gon be talkin' about this mixtape and now, it's just TERRIBLE!!! NOTHIN' CATCHY at all on your 2 verses. What will Gudda Gudda do? Speakin' of "Mike N Ikes," I haven't had them in a minute; gotta get some when I feel like it. I like tha "shit cracked like a crab shell" part. Gudda Gudda gave tha rating some 10ths of tha points but not enough to make me happy! My Rating: 1.6

18. "I Got That Gangsta" (LA The Darkman & Willie The Kid)
Will this bring back some life to this sour mixtape? >>> Once again, GREAT START from LA The Darkman on this ol' skool type of beat. Definitely likin' his verse and I'm fuckin' glad he's on tha hook; yeah, LA's "got that gangsta shit!" Willie on tha 2nd verse… Not bad/good; that "I know Yung LA, tha real Yung LA" part was somethin' I didn't like (as it jacked Rick Ross in "Hustlin'"). No Wayne on this shit huh? Good, I needed a break from you for just a lil' now; hope you learned your lesson! My Rating: 4.2

19. A Message To The DJ's
>>> You got this shit right about those FAKE-ASS DJ's! My Rating: N/A

20. "Stuntin'" Feat. Drake
I hope this iz a cool song and not a fuck-up!!! >>> Shit, Part 1: "Get Like Me" beat. Cool, lyrical rhymes from Drake wit that crazy flowin'! It sounds like you Wayne when you're normal (and not on shit and on an auto-tone)! Great shit from Drake! To DJ Drama: Maybe it's tha 1st mixtape that most people got wit a black president but as for me, tha 1st mixtape I heard wit a black president was Baby L's "Money Planes". Anyway, not feelin' tha auto-tone in tha beginning of your verse but it seems to pick up towards tha middle as there's no auto-tone. Yeah, nice of 75% of tha verse Wayne! This was ½ fucked up (beat/auto-tone) and ½ fire (Drake and 75% of Wayne's verse). My Rating: 3.7

21. Dedicated
Anotha skit? Cool I guess… >>> Anotha 1:28… I'm surprised I'm still awake after all this shit! Not bad for this skit but for some reason, you seem like tha routes you take wit things (e.g., tha auto-tone and forcin' mainstream shit out there) are creatin' a bad image for longtime fans of yours. If I were you, go back to Carter I and before! My Rating: N/A

22. "Put On For The Game" Feat. Tyga & Gudda Gudda
I can't imagine what tha hell this gon sound like… >>> How pathetic that I didn't know what to expect 'til I said tha 1st 2 words of tha title, "Put On For The Game." This iz gonna be one of those beats where I'm gonna hate hearin' on x amount of peoples' mixtapes. Tyga has tha start to this… A lil' slow wit tha flow but there's some fast flowin' and it's pretty nice. Tha other Tyga featured joint on here was a lot better… Let's hear what Gudda Gudda has to offer… That "I'm back like I left somethin'" line iz pretty much played out now. Nice lil' verse from Gudda Gudda and I like tha "su-wooin'" echo at tha end of his part. Oh no, here you come wit that auto-tone again! It's like, tha others didn't use that shit on here; why can't you FOLLOW THEM this time?!? "And it takes a lot of paper to book a show" <- Duh!! No wonder, auto-tone just makes you retarded! Too long, especially too much of soundin' like Kanye on Kanye's verse. Well, I didn't really go for this one. My Rating: 2.1

23. "Dedication 4??????????"
Didn't know what was gonna be last but it's a lil' outro I'm guessin'. >>> Oh no, look how long: 6:26!! I don't know about tha rock shit but you're rappin' on this so this counts as a rating. Pretty nice rappin' FINALLY on your behalf, acapella style! I like all those "fuckin'" parts consistantly. At 1:46, it's quiet. Are you comin' back to tha mic? I'll keep waiting here… 3:46 in and still nothin'… I KNEW IT! Somethin' came back on… At 4:33, I just heard a voice… *rehears* Sounds like anotha song! DEFINITELY a nice beat right here! It sounds VERY loud and your rappin' sounds pretty random on this. Good shit right there; feelin' it, MAINLY 'cause of that REAL TIGHT beat! My Rating: 4.1

Overall: End Time:
1:41 AM. Well, this was DEFINITELY a disappointing mixtape. I didn't wanna review it at first but due to I had a feelin' there was a lot of demand for it, I did it. Don't catch me bullshittin' shit like this anymore; this ain't me. I'm more about givin' good reviews on dem underground cats, ya dig. Tha beginning of this mixtape went pretty nice and then it got a lil' mixed up wit tha auto-tone and jacked beats. I mean, tha jacked beats were REAL COOL for tha "Da Drought 3" mixtape but on here? Didn't even COME CLOSE!!! Things got worse where tha auto-tone got OBSESSED and I had to just give real bad ratings out. It picked up very little again at tha end but that was mainly it. I don't recommend this for anyone to download. SMH @ this bein' 8 pages long of a review.

Rankings (according to my ratings):

15. "Whoever You Like" Feat. Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda 1.0
14. "Still I Rise" (Nicki Minaj) 1.2
13. "Get Bizzy" Feat. Gudda Gudda 1.6
12. "Put On For The Game" Feat. Tyga & Gudda Gudda 2.1
11. "Magic" Feat. Gudda Gudda 2.5
10. "She's A Ryder" Feat. Gudda Gudda 3.1
09. "My Weezy" Feat. Shanell, Lil' Twist & Tyga 3.6
08. "Stuntin'" Feat. Drake 3.7
07. "Dick Pleaser" Feat. Jae Millz 3.9
06. "Bang Bang" Feat. Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda 4.0
05. "Ain't I" Feat. Jae Millz 4.0
04. "Dedication 4??????????" 4.1
03. "I Got That Gangsta" (LA The Darkman & Willie The Kid) 4.2
02. "Dedication 3" Feat. Mack Maine, Willie The Kid & Gudda Gudda 4.3
01. "The Other Side" Feat. LA The Darkman, Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda 4.4

Monday, November 10, 2008

Review #153: Mannie Fresh & DJ Wop Presents The Show "Victory Lap (The Mixtape)"

Reviewed on 11.10.2008 (Review No. 153)

Watz good today this ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog. I'm in tha middle of my 4 hour break from classes right now (as I'm home instead of at tha college). I gotta go back at 2 so I HOPE I can finish this before (like) 1:30 so I can post it online. I heard about this dude The Show from Alex McConduit's show, "The Hip-Hop Spot with Alex McConduit," as I heard some jointz. I'm more familiar wit him on Mannie Fresh's single, "I'mma Get Mine," and a track off of Dizzy a.k.a. Raw D.I.'s latest album, "On The Inside Looking Out," called "No Joking," which I loved! We'll see how he does when I review his WHOLE mixtape wit Fresh & DJ Wop. Here goes my review for Mannie Fresh & DJ Wop Presents The Show "Victory Lap (The Mixtape)"! BTW, after this review, I HAVE NO SCHEDULED REVIEWS TO DO!! OMG… I finally get a break, lol? I've had fallen behind wit reviews since like June or some shit and I neva had a break from 'em so after this one, it's a break! Also, I'm gonna say this on every review I do for a while: FOR ANYONE READIN' THIS: Go check out my brand new music video, "Change Tha World," featuring Tha Wennipearl (my cousin Jen)!! It's a great song (written and produced by me) and a REAL GREAT music video (directed and 100% edited by me)! | Start Time: 11:52 AM | Video Game Playing: The Legend Of Zelda – Ocarina Of Time (for Nintendo 64) (on my computer)

Quick Note:
I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it's considered "mindblowin'" when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before " >>> " iz what I'm sayin' before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type " >>> " iz what I think of tha song while I'm listening to it.

01. Intro
That's cool that it's directed by Mannie Fresh for an intro. BTW, without even reviewin' any jointz yet, this review iz 4 pages long already, lol (that's 'cause there's 38 jointz and I had to number this Word document from 1-38); that's watz good. Let's hear how this intro gon sound… >>> Kinda long towards tha end but nice direction for this intro. My Rating: N/A
I looked at tha mp3s and tha ones that have "cameo appearances" as featured artists; tha ones that have "directed by" appearances are tha producers.

02. "Prove Somethin'" Feat. Poppa
Ooh Stevie Drumma on tha beat/directed this one. I have a high anticipation level 'cause I know this gon have that quality sound to it! Lookin' forward as I'm not 100% sure of Stevie Drumma's productions as I mainly know him from "Sit Still" and 1 or 2 otha jointz from Dizzy's latest CD… >>> Great start to tha 1st verse wit tha "12 years runnin', neva stopped for a breathin'." You sound a lil' like Dee-1 Show; still got that same, cool swag and flow wit rappin'. Tha 1st verse was insane, especially wit tha lyrics! Tha 2nd verse iz just as good; wow, NICE ending wit tha "I'm gone!" and then tha cold endin' wit tha explosion. My Rating: 4.4

03. "Enough About You" Feat. Mannie Fresh
Mannie Fresh co.starrin' this shit/featured on it and produced it; that's a good chunk of Mannie right there. Let's see how much of "enough" you've have "about…" who? >>> It doesn't sound like him on tha beat but that's a REAL NICE beat!! Great 1st verse, fa'real! Now, I'm hearin' tha hook and hearin' tha "enough about you, you, you!" part and realized that "it's about me, me, me;" that's a nice way to do tha hook Fresh. Speakin' of him, here he iz on tha 2nd verse… Pretty nice verse from him. Ooh, there's a 3rd verse on this… Of course, you're "keepin' it 100;" no wait, "102." That's more like you Show; you're on FUCKIN' fire wit this Rap shit!! My Rating: 4.2

04. Radio Interlude
What's goin' on wit tha radio, Show, Wop and Fresh? >>> A lil' random wit those random radio tuning things goin' on but yeah, it hit tha right dial: where The Show came on at tha end/goin' into No. 5 on here! My Rating: N/A

05. "Starstruck"
A cool title and new producer for me (Bass Heavy). Let's see if his "bass" iz "heavy" for this shit, lol! >>> Jammin' shit right chea. Likin' that beat and nothin''s betta than you rappin' on it, ya dig. This might've been a Crescent City Radio song 'cause that hook sounds familiar; REAL nice hook as it's catchy as well as its tightness!! I like how on tha 2nd verse, you mentioned about "you're always ahead 1 [lap]" 'cause it goes wit your mixtape title; good shit and nice 2nd verse! Hearin' tha hook again and really likin' it better! Great 3rd verse too! I'm glad your lyrical content iz not boring/not my style like most lyrical rappers! My Rating: 4.3

06. Show Talks
Yeah, I don't really need a breathin' right now; I'm WAY too busy eatin'/pickin' on Honey Bunches of Oats cereal (and just eatin' it non-stop wit no juice/water, no nothin'). But that ain't tha case. Whether me hungry for food iz a lil' distractin', I finna just keep this mixtape playin'! >>> Cool lil' skit and I'm real curious to know how Fresh picked you up! My Rating: N/A

07. "Freestyle"
Ceaux (that's a cool name however you say it) Young on tha beat! For a "freestyle," at least it's not a "jacked beat" and a beat someone brought fresh out tha oven! Let's see how good you are at freestyle (prolly A1 like A1 (Nu$$ie's manager))! >>> That's cool that you're an "80's baby" (as pretty much 95% of tha peeps I review are born in tha 80's); I'm an "80's baby" (6.21.1988 I hit tha Earth on Long Island, New York). Tha "piff/stress" part I'm feelin' right chea. Yeah, "failure NOT an option;" I definitely agree wit you as you not failin' wit ANYTHING, ya dig! Crazy shit all tha way through! My Rating: 4.2

08. "Switch That (Mannie Fresh Beats)"
What's this? A bunch of beats you're rappin' on (mixed by DJ Wop)? This should be interesting… >>> Ooh, it's long (4:36 on tha length). Likin' tha intro so far wit tha talkin'… DJ Wop fuckin' wit tha vinyls! Ooh, fast/old skool beat at :39! I know tha beat but it's kinda old for me to rememba… It started switchin' into "Set It Off" (mixin' at 1:12) and it's pretty hot!! At 1:43, it switched to "And Then What;" tha rhymes are tight and I don't want them to end wit all this mixin' goin' on!!! At 2:04, it switched to "Bring It Back" beat; likin' all tha random years of beats without bein' in an order! 2:25, it switched to "In My Life;" ahh… Late 2003/2004 was great!!! Great rhymes ova that beat! At 2:46, it's tha "Big Things Poppin' (Do It)" beat… You're keepin' that fire burnin'! Likin' tha "see tha money…" part! Cool that you're imitatin' tha "Big Things Poppin'" joint by sayin' "your shit floppin'…!" Glad this beat iz still on… I always really liked it so that was good that DJ Wop decided to keep this beat on this long! Great shit right here! Creative way to rap ova somethin' and this iz WHEN jacked beats don't become borin' when someone's rappin' ova 'em!! My Rating: 4.5

09. What About The Show Interlude
Yeah, I "want" to know "about The Show" right now! >>> LMAO @ 6 seconds on tha length! That was a nice lil' piece of somethin' sayin' "what about the show" ("the show" referin' to "The Show" (you)). My Rating: N/A

10. "Closer Than Close"
You can't get "closer than" that, lol! Mannie Fresh on this beat so let's see how close it gets to that 4.5 rating I gave as tha highest so far on here! >>> This beat sounds like somethin' (can't think of right now even though it says Mannie Fresh produced it); maybe it's just a sample in tha beat? I don't know… But, looks like you want this bitch badly. BTW, this a familiar beat 'cause I heard it on Crescent City Radio as I remember that fast hook; tha hook iz nice and just comes at'cha outta nowhere! Pretty nice 1st verse and 2nd verse so far… Nice lyrics on tha 3rd verse; very consistant shit here without makin' me doze off! My Rating: 4.0

11. Violator Drop
Watz good wit Violator? >>> Yup, just a drop and it was good. My Rating: N/A

12. "Stop My Shine" Feat. Mitchelle'l
I like tha title 'cause it reminds me of "Can't Stop My Shine" from Griffin, GA underground Rap group tha 92 Boys. I also like how that Michelle's name iz spelled, "Mitchelle'l;" that's cool. Let's see how this gon be wit a female on it… Oh yeah, an Ill Phil dude on tha beat so this iz new for me! >>> Didn't feel tha intro so far but then came tha 1st verse and OUTTA NOWHERE, "burn a blunt/that's weed in my clothes" comes right outta ya mouth and that caught my attention; real nice/cool shit right there!! NICE 1st verse and wow, in a good way, that Mitchelle'l girl sounds a lil' weird on her voice but I do like how she's singin' and that was a nice hook! This iz becomin' better than I thought it was (thanx to those first 2 bars sparkin' my attention fast)! I like tha "she say/I say" part on tha 2nd verse (like how Weezy did it in tha Mario "Crying Out For Me (Remix)"). It's a nice 2nd verse and wow, as soon as I thought tha hook was gonna come on, you're just continuing!! I like how you "signed off" tha 2nd verse and that tha HOT Mitchelle'l hook came back! I'm impressed here! I was predictin' like a 3.5/3.6 rating but now look: My Rating: 4.1

13. DJ Raj Smoove Drop
Let's hear what he got to say… >>> Ooh, he's from "tha 504?" That's REALLY watz good! I love Louisiana music/people "to tha fullest!" <- Ewe, how weird: When I was about to say "to tha fullest," he said it, lol!! My Rating: N/A

14. "I Will Not Lose"
That Ceaux dude on tha beat again… What did he cook up for you this time? >>> What's "EGMG" E__ G__ Music Group? Maybe I'll find out more later… Pretty nice, kick-ass beat here as it sounds like a New York type of beat that I would like (or even a Philly one). "10 years with flow" huh? That's cool and you're doin' pretty good on this shit. A catchy hook right here on this shit. Definitely feelin' that 2nd verse as it sounds NICE on tha boombox I'm listenin' to it on! Great shit! My Rating: 4.1

15. Victory Lap Drop
This iz prolly a 1st on anything I've reviewed: It played and finished before I could even type title/anything!!! LOL! That's 'cause I was playin' Zelda (Ocarina Of Time) and I had to light some things wit a deku stick and I didn't want tha flames to burn out so I missed to type No. 15. Anyway, lol, there wasn't really anything to say 'cause it was tha same "Violator Drop" as before. My Rating: N/A

16. "After The Storm II"
A "II" I see… I wonder what happened… No production credit? >>> That's 'cause it's Jay-Z's beat (which ALWAYS reminds me of Playaz Circle/Ludacris "Can You Believe It"). Likin' that "air through my wind-pipe" part. Even though I can't really get into tha beat that much, you make it to where it's not boring for me; nice and listenable! Towards tha last minute, tha lyrics are gettin' better and better! It's like there's a cliff underneath you and you're just pullin' up tha rope SOOOO MANY TIMES to get away from tha cliff and you're succeedin'! My Rating: 3.8

17. Chamillionaire Drop
What does he have to say? >>> That's cool that you got him on your mixtape to get a drop! My Rating: N/A

18. "Freestyle II"
Ceaux Young on tha "freestyle" beat again… Because I'm lookin' at a pic of Alexia, this girl I like at my new college, on my background, since her nickname iz Steve, I was wondering… Where did Stevie Drumma go? It was like No. 2 and that was it so far? Anyway, I gotta get into this fast… >>> It's a short one (1:26 on tha length). Ooh, "into tha mind of a real nigga;" nice start right there and I'm curious to get "into tha mind" of you right now! Head-bobbin' beat/shit right chea and you sound a lil' different here… I like tha "hyphen/period" part. Nice lil' shit here. My Rating: 3.7

19. "Dear Sucka"
I'm used to it bein' skit, then song, then skit, then song. I have a feelin' this a song but who knows. Let's see what comes outta it (no production credit also)… >>> It's a song. That first 10 seconds was random, but cool. Anotha sour beat (tha Memphis Bleek/Jay-Z beat "Dear Summer"; no wonder why tha title's like that) but you started pretty good in tha beginning! Cool "theme park" part on this. Likin' tha huge amount of lyrical content right here! Wow, even "let your nuts breathe?" That's right! Let Show relax a lil' for y'all listenin'! I'm glad you like "breathin'" as well as "money." LOL @ tha random "fuck you" at around 2:56. You ALWAYS have those NICE, cold endings wit tha "it's over/I'm out" type of shit and I like that! My Rating: 3.8

Shit, it's 12:54 PM… My goal iz to be done in 36 minutes… I doubt it'll happen… But nice mixtape so far wit OUTSTANDIN' lyrical content and just great for my ears! You're not bleedin' my ears wit how you rap and shit so that's really watz good when I listen to tha rappers that go tha "lyrical" route.

20. Mannie Fresh Speaks
Finally, he's back at least! >>> A longer interlude (56 seconds long); perfect for tha ½time! Aight, I guess y'all need to ask you (Show) any questions about how your Rap business path took off. Oh, LOL @ Fresh at tha end wit tha "syke, just playin'." My Rating: N/A

21. "Whachulookinat" Feat. Mannie Fresh
Whitney Houston had tha title 6 years ago… How will Show do it with Mannie Fresh on tha beat? >>> Likin' tha beat start so far wit that typical Cash Money (back in tha day) type! Pretty cool verse right there on tha 1st verse and this must be your swag/club song 'cause it's pretty nice how it sounds! This sounds pretty good for tha mainstream people. Tha 2nd verse was not bad as well. Mannie's on this (an ID error); didn't expect that. He did a pretty nice lil' part. My Rating: 4.2

22. This Is Called The Show Scratch
Iz this a mix/turntable type of shit? >>> Now, that was some cool turntable/mix type of shit (that I predicted); I like tha part wit tha "the show" type of part (relatin' to you Show) at tha end. That was a nice lil' 6 seconds. My Rating: N/A

23. "Get By"
(Just like wit No. 21) Talib Kweli had tha title a lil' over a ½ decade ago… How will Show do it with Mannie Fresh on tha beat? >>> Triple 2 on tha length (2:22). This sounds more of a Fresh beat (like "Big Things Poppin' (Do It)"! That 1st verse was nice. This iz a better club banger type of song than "Whachulookinat;" I like tha "'cause I roll up…" part. Maybe that one had slightly better rhymes but this has a better type of hook/feel to it. I don't know now… I'm gonna tie tha rating and see what happens at tha end. My Rating: 4.2

24. (NY Giants) Corey Webster Drop
This should be an interesting drop… >>> Sounded like it was recorded off your phone; that sounded cool either way. My Rating: N/A

25. "Grind On" Feat. Big Dyce
Ooh neva heard of Big Dyce I don't think but I downloaded a 2003 mixtape of his that I'm gonna review in my Louisiana marathon of reviewin' old Louisiana shit (I have at least 130 CDs to review). I'm aimin' at like February 2009 for that (in honor of Black History Month). It's gonna be a long road but I hope to complete it; I'm all about accomplishin' thingz, ya dig! Anyway, Beats R Us on tha beat (I think I might've heard about them or some otha "R Us" type of people) so this should be interesting! >>> Sounds like an East Coast beat wit a small touch of Mannie Fresh added to it… Not bad on tha 1st verse and that's a real nice hook for tha hood! Pretty nice parts of you on tha 2nd verse, especially tha "Halloween" part. I'm hearin' Big Dyce on tha 3rd verse… That's cool that he "grew up in tha 7th [Ward] and 9th [Ward]." He sounds like a mix of an East Coast rapper wit a REAL HOOD New Orleans type of dude. I liked his 3rd verse and that hook iz just nice. My Rating: 3.8

26. My Favorite DJ Drop
Who iz that? Iz this a person or "your favorite DJ," lol? >>> That voice scared me in tha beginning but tha way she said it was GREAT. My Rating: N/A

27. "Burn"
Ooh, Stevie Drumma's back on tha beats! SMH @ it takin' 25 jointz to get back to him… Anyway, definitely lookin' forward to this! >>> Good start, sounds like some old Rock music bein' sampled in tha beginnin' or somethin' for some NICE Rap music. All tha rhymes are great and I'm likin' tha fast style in tha rappin' on tha 1st verse. Definitely a catchy/great hook; sounds like I heard it from somewhere almost… What iz it, like 150 words at least bein' spit in tha 2nd verse? It's so fast and so quality soundin' for tha ears! I thought there was gonna be a 3rd verse but I just realized there was 24 seconds left. My Rating: 4.3

28. Zaria Victory Lap Drop
Who iz this "Z" girl, lol? >>> LOL @ a real youngin'. You got pretty nice soundin' girlz on this mixtape Show; she sounded nice. My Rating: N/A

29. "Every 16" Feat. Dizzy a.k.a. Raw D.I. & Alizee
Huh? Where in tha world did this come outta? CONSISTANT Stevie Drumma on tha beat!! VERY HIGH ANTICIPATION level for this unexpected Dizzy collabo!!!!! >>> Good length wit 4:12 on tha length! Great beat and great start wit you on tha 1st verse! Great verse and great hook (hook sounds like I heard it on Crescent City Radio; not sure). I like tha "every 16" part in tha rest of tha hook. Ooh, Dizzy iz on tha 2nd verse (couldn't've had a better guess)! Already startin' this verse off without playin'!! Likin' tha "put that ass to bed like J. Holiday" part. He DEFINITELY did his thang on tha 2nd verse and OWNED this joint! Hearin' Alizee on tha 3rd verse… Sounds like a young, gutta girl. DEFINITELY nice on her part as this joint went hard! My Rating: 4.5

Well, it hit 1:28 PM and I gotta go to my 2:00 – 5:00 PM class. It won't be 'til 5, but we'll see how long it lasts… >>> Okay, I'm back at 5:07 PM. It was a while, but class wasn't. Instead of bein' 180 minutes long, class was only 37 minutes long. However, I went to Walmart and then I had to get CD cases at Best Buy (to make my CD singles; I ran outta cases). Now, time for tha remaining 9!

30. "Flashing Lights"
I'm predictin' it's over tha Kanye West/Dwele beat… >>> Yup, and it's pretty lengthy for a jacked beat (3:58 on tha length). Let's see how you do on this… Pretty strong 1st verse as all that "prison" shit and all that you're rappin' about iz hood style. That was a crazy 1st verse and when tha original "Flashing Lights" hook comes on wit Dwele, instead of Dwele, I liked how you said that "money" thing and when you said "dawg;" that was a cool part. Tha 2nd verse was pretty interestin' about how you pose and shit. That's cool that you did that "I'm just tryna get my money, ba-by!" again. 3rd verse was nice to hear too but for this, I thought tha 1st verse was easily tha best. My Rating: 4.0

31. Violator Drop
Anotha drop… I'm expectin' tha same "Violator Drop" as tha previous 2 times it came on… >>> Up, it was slightly different (and sounded better than tha other ones). I liked that beat intro that was comin' on for tha No. 32 joint on here; HOPE Stevie Drumma produced it!!! My Rating: N/A

32. "The Wheels (Show Me)" Feat. TQ
Ooh, TQ on tha feature; bet'cha he does a great hook! And Bass Heavy did this beat so that's prolly just as good as I expected Drumma to do it! >>> Tha length iz great (4:39) and tha intro sounds like I've heard it before… Nice, slow intro and now, you're on tha 1st verse… Pretty nice 1st verse wit those great lyrics; yeah, this sounds like a Crescent City Radio song. I like that hook from TQ as it's different/cool. Tha 2nd verse seems to be SOOOOO much better than tha 1st verse wit all tha shit you be spittin'; CRAZY!! I like tha "Imus/promise" part (not sure how to spell that asshole's name, lol). 3rd verse was good also but that 2nd verse held this joint down! Likin' that catchy hook wit that beat! My Rating: 4.3

33. "Red Bandana"
What's this? I know a "Red Bandana" song from my big dawg JD Killa from tha "N.O.;" for some reason, I have a feelin' you rappin' ova tha same beat as he did (and I didn't think he jacked that beat at first). Low anticipation but this should turn out good! >>> Yup, it's that same beat (whateva it iz). And just like Killa did, you're just lettin' tha sample/beat go through first. Tha rhymes (of course) are raw, especially on a topic like tha title! You did yo thang on tha 1st verse (or however long it iz…). Wow, it was just one verse? Should've put "freestyle" in tha title as well. That's cool that you've been "rappin' since '04;" I've been since '03 (May 28th to be exact) but more serious in 2007 (March I wrote my first original song, "Who I Am"). Either way, looks like this iz my lowest rated song so far on this mixtape. I thought it was wayyy too long of a verse, without even knowin'; JD Killa's version was better. My Rating: 3.3 (tha rating was even lower due to I've heard someone rap ova tha same beat in tha past (JD Killa) and when it repetitively happens with others, it gets tiring; I bash on different people for CONSTANTLY rappin' ova Young Jeezy's "I Luv It" no matter what year it iz)

34. Victory Lap Scratch
Ooh, that "scratch" again! >>> That was just as good as tha otha one! My Rating: N/A

35. "Greatest Story Ever Told"
Crown Kingz Productions on tha beat… Title looks real familiar; let's see! >>> Long one (4:44); betta be good! Nice lil' hook and beat; likin' tha "I'm from" parts, especially since it repeats. Yeah, "I'm glad you're alive to spit these rhymes;" there's no need for you to be dead. Great 1st verse and your voice works real nice wit a track like this! Glad you put a catchy hook to this shit! Tha 2nd verse wasn't that bad… I agree wit you on tha 3rd verse: "fuck da law, hustle hard;" I feel they should legalize kush (as I say in my new joint, "Change Tha World"). I mean, it's like, there's so many money makers today. Why do haterz/snitches treat kush as a crime? "It's tha person's life, let them control tha way they survive!" <- Came straight from my song! My Rating: 4.1

36. Victory Lap Drop
LOL… Anotha one! >>> Anotha great one and I LOVED how her "ya heard me"s kept echoin' at tha end; great 6 seconds! My Rating: N/A

37. "Ten N.O. Commandments"
I have a feelin' this tha last actual song on here… Very interesting title and Mannie Fresh blessin' you wit anotha beat! >>> 2:33 on tha length; shit, it's gonna end b4 you know it! Definitely a nice beat and I hear tha "I'm from tha murda capital…" sample right before tha 1st verse. Dee-1 actually used that sample in his "Murder Capitol" joint from Jimmy The DJ (N.O. dude I'm real cool wit)'s "Gangsta Gumbo Vol. 1" mixtape; that song was real good. Speakin' of Dee-1, you actually sound like him when you rap sometimes (especially on this joint)! Interestin' rhymes in tha 1st verse. For a sec, I didn't know you were counting tha "commandments" 'til I heard tha 8th one. Either way, it was real nice and creative tha way you spit it! My Rating: 4.0

38. Mannie Fresh Outro
How we finna end this? How long iz it gon be? I say :46 seconds… >>> CLOSE, 43 seconds long! That was a nice way he did tha outro. Yeah, "go and buy dis!" People be fake at my old college. It's like, I was tryna sell my CD singles and they was like "I ain't got no money." Meanwhile, they asses was at tha club err-Thursday night; that shit's money. Can't deal wit tha fake so that's why I support tha music business to tha fullest! My Rating: N/A

Overall: End Time:
5:43 PM. Well, it's over; I don't got any reviews left. However, for that Louisiana edition (as I mentioned earlier in tha review) of reviews comin' up in tha future, I'll have at least 130 to do (that's close to tha amount I have done in my life, lol)!! Keep doin' yo thang Show!! This was a REAL NICE mixtape that had those REAL TIGHT rhymes that DID NOT bore me (like most real lyrical cats be doin')! I actually though that "No Joking" joint was gonna be on here as well as easily, "I'mma Get Mine" (mainly 'cause Mannie Fresh bein' a big part of this mixtape). I guess this was older or somethin' 'cause I remember seein' a Youtube clip of you on Crescent City Radio when it was called "The Hip-Hop Hour [not "Spot"] with Alex McConduit." 'Cause if you look at it, there were 38 jointz on here (21 were songs). I thought there was a REAL HIGH percentage of me seein' one, or both, of those jointz on here but no, all material I neva/barely heard! Great shit once again Show!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

21. "Red Bandana" 3.3
20. "Freestyle II" 3.7
19. "Dear Sucka" 3.8
18. "Grind On" Feat. Big Dyce 3.8
17. "After The Storm II" 3.8
16. "Flashing Lights" 4.0
15. "Ten N.O. Commandments" 4.0
14. "Closer Than Close" 4.0
13. "I Will Not Lose" 4.1
12. "Greatest Story Ever Told" 4.1
11. "Stop My Shine" Feat. Mitchelle'l 4.1
10. "Whachulookinat" Feat. Mannie Fresh 4.2
09. "Freestyle" 4.2
08. "Get By" 4.2
07. "Enough About You" Feat. Mannie Fresh 4.2
06. "The Wheels (Show Me)" Feat. TQ 4.3
05. "Starstruck" 4.3
04. "Burn" 4.3
03. "Prove Somethin'" Feat. Poppa 4.4
02. "Switch That (Mannie Fresh Beats)" 4.5

01. "Every 16" Feat. Dizzy a.k.a. Raw D.I. & Alizee 4.5

^ It was a tough decision for No. 1 but because of Dizzy/Stevie/Alizee bein' a part of "Every 16," I decided to rank that as my top joint. Anyway, how do you like how long this iz Show? It's 11 pages long, ya dig!!

EDIT: I see what "EGMG" stands for now (it's your headline on your Myspace page). It's East Gang Music Group.

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