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Review #179: Kevin Gates "All In (All Or Nuthin' The Sequel)"

Reviewed on 2.25.2009 & 2.26.2009 (Review No. 179)

Wat it do, it’s ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog in tha buildin’… Not too much in a mood right nah ‘cause it’s very tight between time here. I got a Modern Belief take-home exam that’s gettin’ me nervous (‘cause I gotta write a letter in tha exam, and I don’t wanna fuck it up ‘cause it’s 30 points), and it’s quite hard for me. Only God’ll know what I’ll be like tomorrow when it’s completed. Anyway, I was originally ‘posed to start this tomorrow, but I’m doing it today, in honor of his birthday. I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dawg Kevin Gates!!!!! I hope it has been goin’ REAL GOOD for ya, and I found out from your Facebook page (that you just made); good shit! However, I will only review ¼ of this mixtape tonight; tha rest I’ll do tomorrow. Now, before I get into Kevin Gates’s “All In” mixtape, I just wanna say that sadly, I haven’t had much luck wit his "other" person that manages him (tha (225) 276... phone number person) since tha “All Or Nuthin’” mixtape came out. When I reviewed it back on September 15, 2008, I was in a GREAT mood to call tha dude, and yes, I got through. He no less called me back about checkin’ out tha review (and sayin’ it was good). I only got on tha phone wit him a few other times after that, and then, he caused an unknown stunt on November 2, 2008, when I hit him up outta nowhere, and then, he called me back. I then answered it, and it just hung up. I then called back, left a voice message, and no response since. It ended like that, and just neva got a hold of me (except for on Christmas 2008). Well, he gon have to make a move for Gates if he wants a commercial made for this mixtape from me ($30 for 30 seconds, $50 for 60 seconds; pay on (few bucks more there) or send me a Myspace message, and I’ll send you my address). I will call him after this review, but now that time sucks right nah, I bet’cha he won’t answer/call back, which sux ‘cause people need to take me REAL SERIOUS, and stay in touch wit me!! He really needs to know that I’m diagnosed wit Autism/Aspergers ‘cause I haven’t told him yet! Anyway, enough of that, and now, onto tha review! Here goes my review for Kevin Gates “All In (All Or Nuthin’ The Sequel)”! Oh, and don’t let those haterz, ESPECIALLY tha one(s) that shot you back in November, fuck you over!! Start Time: 10:48 PM |
Video Game Playing: None/The Legend Of Zelda – A Link To The Past (for Super Nintendo)

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

01. Intro
Let's see how we gon start this mixtape of yours off... >>> Yeah, "you'd neva know that he [you]'d come back like this;" glad to see you back so soon! Kinda short, but gets you anticipated!! My Rating: N/A

02. "Your Life"
Talkin' about someone else's "life" here... I wonder why... >>> It feels odd reviewin' without a video game playing right now (due to I got a test to do, so I'm only reviewin' 1-5 right now). Beat iz nice for these REAL NICE lyrics!!! When it comes to your songs, I don't care what tha beat sounds like 'cause your lyrics are just REAL NICE!! Tha hook DEFINITELY sounded good, and I guess that's why it's called "your life;" GREAT 1st verse! Hearin' tha 2nd verse... LOL @ tha "Mrs. Officer" cop imitation! Your voice iz SOOOOOOO CONSISTENT when it comes to this shit!! One of tha BEST voices from tha underground right here! Too bad this iz only 2 verses/2:27 on tha length. Another REAL NICE verse comin' from you on tha 2nd one!! I fell in love wit this song, surprisingly (off on a start)!! Ooh, I hear Ya Boy Earl at tha end... He, or one of your peeps, has to hit me up wit $30 or $50 (by sendin' me a check in tha mail) if y'all want me to make you a commercial for this "All In" CD right here! My Rating: 4.4

03. "I'm A Grinder" Feat. Beezy Bird
Let's keep these gutta, underground tracks wit a nice vibe, continuing!! >>> Sounds like I might've heard this one on a Myspace (tha intro). LOL @ that hook; great voice!! Interesting beat here... Reminds me of one of those beats Ya Boy Earl would like to talk on (will he talk at tha end?). Definitely a nice 1st verse! Tha shit you be spittin' iz tha shit, and real to tha bone!! I'm glad you have tha strength, and tha braveness, of alternating your voice in a good way! Tha 2nd verse sounds just as good, only better!! I like tha "let my pants sag" part at 1:47! LOL @ tha "my homeboy trippin', 'cause he an alcoholic" line. Another great joint here wit those nice "bow, bow..." parts in tha background of tha beat! A fade-out outro on this one? Hmm... And Ya Boy Earl didn't speak on this one... My Rating: 4.3
6.01.2009 EDIT: Word from rapper Beezy Bird from Gardere Lane/G-Lane in Baton Rouge that DJ B-Real sampled his voice (tha "bow, bow") on this shit, so I put him in tha feature! Thanx ta him fa tellin' me that on MySpace!

04. "Who Got Love" Feat. Dat Boy A
YES, featured artist cited!! To tell you tha truth, I actually got tha tracklisting to this CD within 24 hours before you sent it to me on Myspace. And I just went back to where I saw it first, and they didn't have tha featured artist listed for this song, nor did they have tha No. 2 song correctly ID'd. I'm glad I got it from you, tha artist, and I'm glad to source Dat Boy A on this track. I hope this iz another gutta-ass track, and that I get to like who this Dat Boy A dude iz! >>> Ooh, it's a Dead Game collabo here; good shit! Good beat (as usual), and hearin' that hook/intro from Dat Boy A, and it sounds pretty nice. Startin' tha 1st verse off wit you... Shit, you're too fuckin' funny, but in a lyrical way, wit what you spittin'! LOL @ that "my shoes look like shit;" too real and not dickriding yourself! You did a REAL NICE job on your verse, and ended it good too! Let's hear what you got goin' on in tha 2nd verse... Nope, it's Dat Boy A on tha 2nd verse. Strong lyrics wit callin' tha haterz "cocksuckers," lol; he ain't playin'. Almost has a Young Ready type of voice... that's watz good. I like tha "blowin' Doulja" part; good shit! Have to feel his verse right there! He might make out to be a good rapper in tha future wit his own projects. Ooh, there's a 3rd verse from you on here! LOL @ "got my people out tha way, I'mma sit on a few;" good shit from you on tha 3rd verse, but you REALLY held it down on that 1st verse! Real cold/cut off type of ending here, and no Ya Boy Earl at tha end too... My Rating: 4.2

05. "Ain't Real @ All"
Cool for tha "at" symbol bein' used instead of tha word "at." Anyway, another interesting title, so I'm really lookin' forward!! >>> Shit, only 1:54 on tha length? Very short... I can't picture sometimes wit songs under 2 minutes. Tha beat sounds real slow in tha beginning, so what could I expect? Well, its got a slow melody, but a faster beat... Glad "your daddy put up a key for you." Well, it was just a freestyle; you did yo thang on this shit, fa'real!! Sounds like Juelz Santana at tha end, but it's someone else. Interesting lil' skit at tha end that made perfect sense for this. For a sec, I thought Earl was gonna be at tha end (due to it was short like when he was on No. 2). My Rating: 4.0

Intermission: 11:11 PM. Hate to cut it short for you, and your birthday, but I gotta REALLY finish this Modern Belief test; it's gettin' me nervous, especially that it requires me to write a letter... I'll resume this right after tha Modern Belief class, which I should be home around 1:30 PMish tomorrow. After hearin' tha first quarter of this, I'm REALLY in tha mood to continue, and I HOPE tha rest of it goes REAL GOOD too! Congrats on winning tha "Louisiana CD Of Tha Year" on my 2008 Awards for "All Or Nuthin'" (hope you got tha award for it, as well as tha *CERTIFIED CLASSIC* one for "Get In The Way (Remix)", from Southpaw). I'll holla at ya, and continue this, tomorrow! >>> LOL, and speakin’ of Southpaw, it’s his birthday today (LOL @ tha consistent birthdayz), so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him too! It’s 6:57 PM (yeah, I lied about comin’ back at 1:30 PMish to continue this), and tha Modern Belief take-home test iz OVER!! Thanx to my gurl at college, she helped me talk to someone about gettin’ help on it (her Modern Belief teacher), so it wasn’t too bad! But I had to go to tha store real quick to eat lunch, and then, I went to go get a $5 scratch-off, and I lost. However, I found a $20 winner in tha store I got it in, so I was HYPED UP about that (and I rarely find winners in Pennsylvania)! Due to I woke up at 5:15 AM this morning (to motivate me to write tha letter for my exam), I took a nap from 3:25 PM – about 6:15 PM. In tha middle of it, at 4:23 PM, Ya Boy Earl woke me up (LOL; it all good), and I told him about peepin’ out my R.I.P. Nu$$ie video I made (type “R.I.P. Nu$$ie Video” in Youtube to find it), and he’s still gotta check it out (he’s in it with a Dead Game Records shirt on no less). I also told him I was doin’ this review, and he was cool wit it. You know I gotta show him this when it’s finished! I told him that I heard him on Track 2 on here, and he said, “That’s tha only one I’m on,” so I guess we’ll be Earlless. It’s all good ‘cause we’re not GATESLESS! Lemme get back into this review, ya dig!

06. “Shit Could Get Real” Feat. Hound
Just when I’m about to continue tha review, I gotta eat dinner (eggplant w/ sauce & Ensure), lol. Can I get an actual focus here, lol? Anyway, looks like this finna be another BANGER! Likin’ tha title, as well as tha featured artist’s name, so high anticipation level on this one!! >>> Good thing it’s a “full” length (4:09 on tha length). Hearin’ tha beat intro, and it reminded me of Yung Sicka Feat. Young Ready & Reg “Keep Movin’” a lil’ when it came in. Hound sounds REAL GOOD on this shit; nice hook!! Ooh, great transition from hook to 1st verse, as it’s you on tha 1st verse! Nothin’ but RAW SHIT RIGHT HERE!!! Can’t deny that voice of yours that it’s SOOO GREAT for this underground Rap shit!!! DEFINITELY a NICE 1st verse, and I REALLY like that hook to tha fullest! Oh shit, Hound iz on tha 2nd verse!! Even though your verse was better, this dude DEFINITELY comin’ through wit some HOT SHIT!! He spit some REAL TIGHT shit here! Iz he from New Orleans (since he said “N.O. figga”)? DEFINITELY a nice verse, and just lovin’ tha hook more and more when I hear it!! It’s you on tha 3rd verse now, and it ain’t on some bullshit; REAL SHIT!! Anotha GREAT verse, as you just kept goin’ and goin’ wit tha flow and all tha shit you were spittin’!! And nice fade-out on this shit; what a jam here!! My Rating: 4.5

07. “Get In There” Feat. A-One
Heard A-One a few times (checks iTunes real quick… “But You’ll Never Know” from you and him, “Go Hard” from Young Ready, Yung Sicka and him, “I Luv Tha Streetz” from him, and “Go Dumb” from Max Minelli, J-Von, and him). Looks like this’ll be tha 5th joint (if I’m not mistaken) I’m gonna hear from him, and you KNOW I’m anticipated!! Let’s keep this HOT SHIT comin’ along!! *Switches from Ensure to water and comes back* >>> Can’t even complain wit that GREAT, full length of 4:04!! Hearin’ tha beginning, and it sounds like some great shit!! LOL @ tha “she gon suck it, then fuck it, and all that?!?” from you; that shit’s REAL TIGHT for tha background of tha hook!! Hearin’ tha 1st verse from A-One, and yeah, DEFINITELY think he a REAL nice, Baton Rouge rapper!! DEFINITELY did his thang on tha 1st verse; I’mma keep an eye out for A-One! That hook iz REAL catchy right here; good shit!! Let’s see this 2nd verse… Who else, Kevin Gates! Great shit, especially that part at 1:58! Anotha GREAT verse from you right there! Your part on tha 2nd ½ of tha hook (wit tha “’bout money…” part) iz okay, even though I prefer A-One’s “lemme get in there” part a lot better. Hearin’ tha 3rd verse, and it sounds like a “back n forth” type of verse, so I’m gonna rewind it ‘cause I fell behind… *Rewinds* It starts wit A-One (YES!), and it sounds like some TIGHT shit! LOL, just 4 bars? Hearin’ you on tha 2nd 4th, and it sounded great. Tha 3rd 4th from A-One sounded great again, and I also think tha last 4th from you was good too. This was a catchy joint right here! My Rating: 4.4

08. “Million Dollar Dream”
Lemme hear your “million dollar dream”, Gates… >>> Pretty nice start so far, we’ll see what will happen… Okay, beginning of tha verse sounds good. Oh, that was just tha hook. Now, I’m hearin’ tha 1st verse… Interesting lyrics again (“object of tha trap”), so you know I’ll really enjoy listenin’ to this! Too bad “tha fun lost you.” I’m on tha come-up, so you know I’m gonna be havin’ more fun in tha future, when I work wit some of these Louisiana peeps like you in tha future (in person). You did yo thang, fa’real, on tha 1st verse! Let’s hear this 2nd verse… Still sounds pretty good here. It just ended as soon as I started writin’ what I had to write, but it’s all good ‘cause I liked it. That hook iz good/catchy for tha title! LOL @ tha “where tha hell am I? / Who tha fuck are you?” imitation of people on tha 3rd verse. Interesting 3rd verse, and you’re just keepin’ this mixtape comin’ along! Oh, look who’s at tha end! He lied ‘cause he’s at tha end on more jointz… YA BOY EARL!! LOL… I’m GLAD he was at tha end, talkin’ about what he had to say about tha song itself, and its meaning! My Rating: 4.1

09. “Wanna Be Right”
I know you’ve been surrounded by violence and drugs your whole life, but I’m sure you’re doin’ some “right” things. This should be interesting to hear, so lemme just get into it! >>> Shorter length here (2:37), and it sounded kinda mainstreamish, but as soon as tha beat comes in, it doesn’t matter ‘cause you’re rappin’ on it! Interesting lyrics here; lol @ tha “wipe it off” lyrics. You’re DEFINITELY not on some typical shit like other rappers! Good job on tha 1st verse, and now, right onto tha 2nd verse: Jamaican version of Gates here a lil’, and still doin’ yo thang on this; you work great on this beat right here. Great job on tha 2nd verse here, and great lil’ part after tha 2nd verse. Yes, a 3rd verse here! More of an up-tempo attitude on this verse, and it sounded nice! Great job here, Gates! My Rating: 4.0

10. “Slow Jam”
Took a bathroom break, but I’m back for this shit. Anyway, not sure if this’ll be me here… >>> LOL @ one second longer than tha last joint (2:38 now). Not too bad now that I’m hearin’ you rap on tha beat. It sounds like you’re in a good mood from bein’ wit your girl wit how you sound on tha 1st verse. Tha verse iz great (REAL GREAT for a “slow jam”). Hearin’ tha 2nd verse, and it’s another GREAT verse for this song! Nice job on tha 2nd verse. Didn’t realize what tha hook was, but it fits tha song; good job here! My Rating: 3.9

½time: Well, WAY BETTER than what I expected here!! Some people that I saw online said that this was kinda disappointing (as well as tha production). I’m feelin’ EVERY single song so far (not ONE wack song (you don’t make wack music anyway))! I HOPE tha rest of this CD takes tha 1st ½ and keeps it consistent!!

11. “Money Over Here”
Seen a title like this many of times. Let’s see how you do on it, and start tha 2nd ½ (a.k.a. tha 3rd quarter) off! >>> Mainstream Rapish start, but no, it’s a Gus beat (where’s tha “I’m straight wit tracks, cuzin” part?)! Good thing you’re “talkin’ like an English class” (I don’t have to deal wit that shit during this semester ‘cause I had that class last semester, and I got a D ). Tha 1st verse was great, and that hook sounded okay/good at first, but tha “nuts hang/chain swang” part made it better! No wonder why you and Southpaw are cool: Y’all both get beats from Gus. And speakin’ of Gus, tha Gus in Pennsylvania (that animal that’s all over tha scratch-off lottery ticket ads) has been givin’ my mom luck, as she won $50, $20, and $20 on tha new $5 Gus ticket within tha last 3 dayz! Hearin’ tha 2nd verse, and that shit sounded good too; glad you’re on this beat! Good, there’s a 3rd verse… That “rob me” part: Sad that you got robbed that one time last Fall; that bitch-ass that did that to you should face a lot of shit!! Sounds like a GREAT hood verse for tha 3rd verse here! You doin’ yo thang wit this shit! Oh, and wit only 9 seconds left, Ya Boy (my boy) Earl came outta nowhere, and did his lil’ outro thang! My Rating: 4.1

12. “Head 2 My Toes”
Looks like this gon be a good swag song… >>> Ooh, a great, 4:16 length here! Sounds like some Egyptian music in tha beat! Hearin’ tha title, and it sounds like this gon be some good shit! I wonder, who did this beat (tight shit so far)? DEFINITELY sounds like a REAL GOOD 1st verse here wit a GREAT attitude! Gotta luv tha “on them jiggaz” part! GREAT job on tha 1st verse. A lil’ typical wit tha hook (when it repeats), but it catches on for me and this track. Hearin’ this 2nd verse now, and it’s more on tha females! Great job on this verse too; glad you’re “peoples’ entertainment.” Hearin’ tha 3rd verse, and it’s more clubby this time. Glad you mentioned Ya Boy Earl as you said, “I ain’t listenin’ to shit if DJ Earl ain’t spinnin’.” I’m lookin’ forward to bein’ a DJ one day (in Louisiana; prolly Baton Rouge). I would only play NOTHIN’ but GREAT, exclusive, underground Louisiana music! I would make Baton Rouge get more retarded than retarded! Great 3rd verse too, and I see that you mentioned “it’s great on tha tracks if Gus made it.” If Gus made this beat, I wanna add/contact him about some of these reviews and shit I be doin’! He a GREAT Baton Rouge producer!! Hit me up, Gus! My Rating: 4.2

13. “All About The Money” Feat. Malachi
Already, only 2 songs later, another “money” song… Don’t know tha gender of tha featured artist (I’m guessin’ male, but female on hook?), so we’ll find out now. >>> Scared to continue after hearin’ tha beginning… Okay, almost sounded like Ron Browz jackin’ wit tha auto-toneish beginning, but tha hook sounded better; almost sounded like Famous Stranger from New Orleans. Okay start… I like tha “suckin’ on my teeth” part; that’s different. Hearin’ tha 2nd verse, and it’s already better wit tha “sellin’ drugs” part. So, “sellin’ drugs iz borin’,” now? I don’t know… Better verse here. LOL @ Ya Boy Earl at tha end… Showin’ luv to Malachi? Nothin’ but support from YBE here… We’ll see what that dude has for future songs. Well, I thought it was gonna be a completely auto-tone song, but it turned out better. Due to No. 11, this joint didn’t worry me too much, as I felt that it was just a “bonus”. My Rating: 3.6

14. “I Like The Way She Movin’” Feat. Malachi
What tha…? Again, already? I can bet’cha Ya Boy Earl’ll be at tha end of this joint too. I ain’t anticipated for this, so we’ll see what happens… >>> Now, it’s more of a Reggae intro… He sounds almost tha same here, but better. This’ll be a better song than No. 13. Hearin’ tha 1st verse, and you know, wit that hook, you gotta have your Jamaican style on this! Sounded real short, and just went to Malachi; nice collaborating verse. Oh, and speakin’ of Reggae, looks like he said, “Reggae iz all I play,” lol. Tha 2nd verse startin’ now… Your voice iz just SO FUCKIN’ INCREDIBLE!! Gotta respect tha rappers wit dreads. You did yo thang on this verse (or should I say ½ verse ‘cause Malachi’s on tha 2nd ½ of it). It sounds like this iz catchin’ on better, luckily. Now, WHO ELSE was at tha end? LOL!! Ya Boy… EARL!! What’s tha “holla front” part that he says? I found out tha “Chicken & Watermellon” part from his Facebook blog, but yeah, anyway, great catch-on joint. Sounds like a much better single than tha “My Block” song wit that fake Akon hook! My Rating: 3.9

15. “What Up Homie”
I couldn’t’ve asked for a better title! Neva really see a title like this, so I’m really anticipated!! >>> Only 2:18 on tha length? Beat intro sounds different/REAL NICE! More of a lyrical type of song, again. Interesting/great 1st verse. You know I LOVE tha hook!! Interesting hook too; great shit here! Let’s see how much tha 2nd verse can uplift me more… Good “sittin’ in tha trap” type of shit! Yes, you know I love hearin’ this right now!! More great shit wit tha “blowin’ killa behind tha tent” part! Doin’ yo thang on this shit! VERY INTERESTING to hear a song about your boy bein’ in jail; hope he gets out soon! Speaking of which, FREE BLU BLACK!!!!!!!!!! Blu Black’s a Baton Rouge rapper I support a whole lot (as well as workin’ wit him a lil’). My Rating: 4.3

16. “Wreckless”
Look at these GREAT titles! This should be just as interesting as “What Up Homie”! >>> Ya Boy Earl type of intro (almost expected him to be on tha No. 14 joint’s intro). Another pretty good beat, and sounds pretty good. You got a son? Cool… At least you’re not too young. SMH @ you that you “lost your money gamblin’;” that ain’t me, especially since I lost only $5, and got $20 back today! You did yo thang on that GREAT 1st verse! Interesting hook here too, wit tha mix of tha Jamaican style. Let’s hear this 2nd verse… Thumbs up to tha “couple blocks of purp smoke.” GREAT 2nd verse here; great wit tha “sell a lot of cocaine.” We got Mr. “Hustla” Gates here! Let’s here tha 3rd verse here… More “gamblin’” shit wit tha “Poker game.” Of course, forgot to mention, TIGHT mixtape cover (I actually mentioned that in your picture comments of tha front cover to this CD)! I LOVE anything that has to do wit gamblin’ (this bein’ 11 years now I’ve been gamblin’). LOL @ tha “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids” part; unexpected, but only you would come up wit some GREAT shit like that to bring up in your songs! LOL @ tha Earl at tha end too! Yeah, “play it ova and ova and ova again!” GREAT outro from Ya Boy Earl, and some more great shit for my iPod right here! My Rating: 4.2

17. “No Façade”
What’s that F word in tha title, lol? I just typed it in word, and it made tha C turn into a “ç”. Well, I see tha suggestions tha word gave me in Word, so we’ll see how you make it into a song! >>> Good “fulla dat shit” part in tha beginning, and was almost unsure about tha beat. I don’t know why I say that ‘cause as soon as you come in, it’s on point automatically! Good 1st verse, and tha hook was a few seconds long, lol. Still don’t really know tha title definition, but it’s okay. Hearin’ tha 2nd verse, and it rolls pretty nice. Heard tha “fiya weed” part, and that made it a good part! Already on tha 3rd verse in only 1.5 minutes into tha song… Good 3rd verse, and this joint sounds nice. Once again, another different song done great by you! A 25 second fade-out here… My Rating: 3.9

18. “Get Us Rich”
A better version of a “money” title… I wonder how good this’ll be… >>> Ooh, good violin part in tha intro! I wonder, who did this beat? Sounds like this shit gon go hard! Tha “blood got me pissin’ my pants” part sounded raw! Sounds like a NICE verse here, and you did yo thang! Hearin’ tha anticipating hook… DEFINITELY on some real shit right here! Good thing it took a while for tha title to come up; great job! Sounds like another “on some real shit” type of verse for tha 2nd verse! Tha 3rd verse iz soundin’ great too! Hearin’ your lyrical shit iz tha type of lyrical shit I WANNA hear! LOL @ tha “Wayne, I don’t care if you a prostitute or not” line. A fade-out? Tha ending would’ve sounded better if it ended cold. But yeah, a lot of anticipation just emerged outta nowhere for me wit this joint!! My Rating: 4.3

19. “What U Doing Ma”
Looks like a female song… Let’s see how this one gon sound… >>> A Ya Boy Earl intro… Sounds like a real fast beat… Fast rappin’ too… Okay, not bad so far, but I can’t hate on it ‘cause it sounds good for me. You sound more turned on doing tha end of tha 1st ½ of tha hook. Not much to say about tha 1st verse as it went quick, so now, it’s tha 2nd verse… Sounds better this time. This can be a club song, but there are much better songs by you that are not intended club songs, but sound better in tha club. Not tha type of song I’d hear from you, but it passes for me. My Rating: 3.7

20. “One Of Us”
How are we gonna end this? BTW, I’m glad for all tha original beats on here! >>> Sounds like it gon be a slow ending… Hate to hear about tha “Winter clothes,” as up in Northeast PA, it’s FINALLY gettin’ warmer (it peaked at 50 degrees today! ). Tha 1st verse was pretty good. Hearin’ tha hook, and it sounds like you got a smile on your face; at least you in a good mood. Let’s hear this 2nd verse… Glad, in your case, “she gon ride tha pipe.” Tha 2nd verse sounded pretty good too. I like tha “weed I’m puffin’” part in tha hook. Let’s hear tha final “All In” verse here… Sorry for tha “stupid decision,” that “got you wounded and injured.” Make sure you make REAL good decisions, and stay on guard! It sounded like your attitude got better during tha end of tha verse. Well, great job on tha last verse. Ooh, at least 40 seconds of Ya Boy Earl at tha end! Yeah, there was “a lot on this mixtape.” Yeah, “doin’ this shit in tha streets of BR.” Speakin’ of “streets of BR,” “Streets Of BR” (tha song) might get some airplay wit me… I know it a lil’ older now, but I was gonna pick that song to play for February 2009, but I chose “My Block” instead, and I regret it. My Rating: 3.8

Overall: End Time: 2.26.2009 @ 8:58 PM. Well, I feel good now that tha mixtape ended, so your music left a good taste in me! DEFINITELY another GREAT mixtape, even though “All Or Nuthin’” was better for me! Will this get a nomination on my 2009 Awards? Find out in December 2009/January 2010! You DEFINITELY come through wit ALL tha hot shit when it comes to rappin’ and choosin’ tha tracks you spit on! Even though no songs exceeded a 4.5 rating wit me, look at how many I wound up lovin’ (4.0 or higher ratings)!! I actually had lower anticipation for this mixtape due to tha unexpected buzz of “My Block”. I’m glad that song didn’t make it on here, but I suggest that you hire someone else on tha hook. Hearin’ tha hook sounds NOTHIN’ like Akon (sounds like a dude tryin’ to be Akon, but fails badly). Your verses on that song were GUTTA (of course), but yeah, get someone else for tha hook (or even tha real Akon/Akon voice), and then promote it. With that also, I thought this was gonna sound more mainstream, but thank God there wasn’t even one mainstream artist featured!! Keep doin’ yo thang, and I hope you, Ya Boy Earl, Gus, Hound, your manager, and everyone else (especially at Dead Game/Bottomline Records) love this review! How can you NOT like it when it’s 11 pages long!! Keep that underground, raw, gutta, Baton Rouge sound in you forever!!!!!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

19. “All About The Money” Feat. Malachi 3.6
18. “What U Doing Ma” 3.7
17. “One Of Us” 3.8
16. “No Façade” 3.9
15. “Slow Jam” 3.9
14. “I Like The Way She Movin’” Feat. Malachi 3.9
13. "Ain't Real @ All" 4.0
12. “Wanna Be Right” 4.0
11. “Million Dollar Dream” 4.1
10. “Money Over Here” 4.1
09. “Wreckless” 4.2
08. “Head 2 My Toes” 4.2
07. "Who Got Love" Feat. Dat Boy A 4.2
06. "I'm A Grinder" Feat. Beezy Bird 4.3
05. “What Up Homie” 4.3
04. “Get Us Rich” 4.3
03. "Your Life" 4.4
02. “Get In There” Feat. A-One 4.4
01. “Shit Could Get Real” Feat. Hound 4.5

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Commercial #04: Mookie Blakk

Mookie Blakk Commercial

Edited by: FrankieThaLuckyDog on 2.25.2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Review #178: 3-Kingz b.k.a. Tre-K "The Mind Of A King Mixtape"

Reviewed on 2.23.2009 & 2.24.2009 (Review No. 178)

Ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog iz in tha buildin’ right now, ya heard me. Coming up next iz a review for my boy, who I’ve known for 3.5 years now, which might be a record for longest-known underground rapper I’ve talked to, P.Willz, and his group, 3-Kingz. They got a new mixtape out called “The Mind Of A King Mixtape” that I finna check out. I’ve known P.Willz for songs like “Coming Clean” (Willz’s biggest solo joint wit me, featuring Big Moe), “Wut Iz U”, “Grip The Grain”, “Jump Stupid” (wit 3-Kingz, TL & Lil’ A), “Cock Dat 4-5” (wit 3-Kingz), and a couple others… Now, I’m anticipated to see a whole mixtape, 20 jointz, from Willz and his group. Here goes tha awaited review for 3-Kingz b.k.a. Tre-K “The Mind Of A King Mixtape”! I was scheduled to make tha front cover… I will make it as soon as possible. This week gon be hectic ‘cause Spring Break starts after Thursday for me, and I’m tryna get to go to Long Island… Start Time: 11:00 PM | Video Game Playing: The Legend Of Zelda – A Link To The Past (for Super Nintendo)

EDIT: Just made tha front cover now (9:10 AM on 2.25.2009). Because it was for free, I didn’t go outta town wit it; it’s just somethin’ simple.

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

01. “The Royal Check In” (IceMan & LiL’ PaT)
I thought it was just “check” in tha title for a second (‘cause I’m gonna get a “royal check” soon), lol. But I’m likin’ this for an “intro title”, so we’ll see watz good wit it! >>> Your voice now sounds more grown-up from tha 2006 jointz I heard… Nice conversation in tha intro, and I’m glad this iz a song, and not just an intro. Sounds like tha beat iz DEFINITELY on point, and tha 1st verse iz lookin’ like it on some NOT TO BE FUCKED WIT type shit! Nice “if you ain’t sell more than 10 bricks, you’se an amateur” line; great shit from IceMan! Let’s hear this 2nd verse… Raw “suicide doors got me livin’ on my death bed,” Willz; you doin’ yo thang! Great 2nd verse from you… Oh, so we’re goin’ acapella now? That’s watz good! IceMan startin’ off tha 3rd verse (1st acapella verse)… NOTHIN’ BUT GANGSTA LYRICS, and it’s tha type I wanna hear!!! 4th verse goin’ to you… Just gutta shit!!! Great “light it up” part, as I love nothin’ but anything that has to do wit “lightin’ up” (in any topic). I like how it ended wit, “that’s what’s on tha mind of a king, bitch!,” ‘cause it’s tha name of tha mixtape. My Rating: 4.4

02. “Blacc Bandana” Feat. Yung Butta
I know you gave me this joint to promote on Youtube, but I ain’t get to do it yet. I might save it for a commercial… I put “Cock Dat 4-5” on my Youtube page (type it in Youtube to see it). Now, I have a feelin’ this joint’ll be REAL raw, so let’s find out… >>> Pretty nice beat start here, and tha hook iz nice to hear! These lengths on these tracks are RAW AS FUCK (last joint was 5:03, this iz 4:56)!! Startin’ off this shit wit tha 1st verse… Y’all tha “kingz” of gunz, lol. Tha “too hot fa TV, turn tha channel” part was GREAT! GREAT 1st verse! Hearin’ tha 2nd verse right now… Of course, still soundin’ nice, even though I liked tha 1st verse better so far. Can’t deny tha 2nd verse, as it kept it consistent. Let’s hear what we got for tha 3rd verse… It’s you, yes! Gotta feel that Gun/Gangsta Rap music right here! Now, I can hear tha beat sound better/more gutta than how it sounded to me at first in tha beginning; great verse from you (as always; you NEVA disappoint me)! LOL, I just chose my rating for this song, and I didn’t realize there was a short 4th verse from Yung Butta! Nice to hear him at tha end of this. My Rating: 4.6

03. “Cock Dat 4-5” Feat. Jae Bugg & Yung H Of L3K
Thanx 4 listing tha featured people on here! I knew I heard other people on this while listening, so thanx again for listin’ it. As for tha song, I remember when you posted tha video on my Myspace page around September 15, 2008; I wanted tha song, and it took 3 months, but it’s all good! This joint iz another banger from y’all, and more on tha “gun” side. And when you saw it on my 2008 year-end countdown in a low position (like in tha 600-700 range), it’s ‘cause I got it late, and I barely had played it; it’ll be in my 2009 one coming up in January 2010. Tha hook iz great (what else?), and tha 1st verse iz DEFINITELY focused! Like tha “I guess my rappin’ iz like a weapon: illegal” line. Y’alls producer (can’t spell his name exactly (Young Shawn?)) has such CONSISTENT beats in tha songs he produces! Just look at this beat: It just repeats itself SO MUCH in a good way!! Crazy shit here, and you’re on tha 2nd verse! You did a REAL NICE job on this shit! Gotta really feel that y’all are younger than me, doin’ a GREAT job on this shit! Jae Bugg on tha 3rd verse (tha 1st ½ that iz), and I like his young voice; great shit! Yung H iz on tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse, and he’s got that young voice too; y’all ain’t playin’! My Current Rating: 4.7

04. “Road 2 Success” Feat. Tweety B
I wonder what this joint gon sound like… >>> Smoother start for me. I’m likin’ your verse on tha 1st verse here. Glad your grandma considered your motivation. Great verse from you, and it sounds like a nice, screwed hook wit your voice on it (I think). Tha 2nd verse was okay for me, but you did a better job. I liked tha “if you gettin’ bills, then you a real nigga” line. My Rating: 3.8

05. “Don’t Temp Me” Feat. D.Jonez & Tweety B
Looks like a “don’t fuck wit me” type of song, and Tweety’s on it again… >>> Sounds like it would go wit tha previous song’s beat; not too crazy for it at first. Beat and hook doesn’t fit what I thought it was gonna be; sounds too soft… I’m glad you “got a mean-ass swag,” Pat. Of course, can’t have a Pat verse (or song) without “bullets through your head,” lol; good shit! IceMan iz on tha 2nd verse, and he sounds like he’s doin’ a good job wit his attitude on tha verse! I just wish tha beat and tha hook matched this attitude right here! Great job on his verse also; smooth track right here. My Rating: 3.6

06. “It Iz What It Iz” Feat. LiL’ Rodney Of L3K
“Iz” L3K a group y’all fuck wit? Anyway, glad you spell tha word “is” like “iz” ‘cause we’re one of tha few that do that. Lots of people do “ya” or “whateva”, but barely any people do “iz”. Anyway, hope this iz more up-tempo for me; let’s get back into some buck-ass shit, ya heard me!! >>> Good, I hear tha siren, and that HOT beat intro, so you know we on some tight shit here!! Sounds like tha beat iz really buzzin’ (as it’s nice and high qualityish); great hook. Oh, I’m REALLY feelin’ this beginning of tha 1st verse here!! Dude iz RAW on tha 1st verse!! I hear you on tha hook, and this shit iz DEFINITELY tight right here!! Gotta luv this shit; you already know “it iz what it iz,” lol! Tha 1st ½ of tha 2nd verse sounded pretty good to hear; dude was on point. Hearin’ tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse now, and you know I like that “like a football, I’m thowed” part! Ooh, hearin’ LiL’ Rodney on tha 3rd verse… Yeah, just like tha 3rd song on here, “cock dat 4-5,” lol. He DEFINITELY had a nice part on his hand; gotta feel tha young dudes spittin’ that GUTTA shit!! My Rating: 4.5

07. “Tattoo Tearz”
No featured people… Lemme go eat some cake first; be right back… Neva mind, I grabbed oreos, lol. Anyway, I have a feelin’ this ain’t gonna be for me, but lemme hear what y’all spittin’ on this one… >>> LOL @ tha “farm style” type of beat in tha beginning (especially tha “Young Shawn” intro); now, I’m curious. Oh, it’s you in tha beginning! Sorry that it “hurts inside;” I hope this ain’t too emotional… Yeah, “it’s kinda hard tellin’ who’s bein’ for you;” that’s PERFECT for me ‘cause too many people lack stayin’ in touch wit me. I like how you ended tha verse wit tha title, and you had a nice verse here. This iz better than those other 3 point rating songs I rated… Let’s hear what we got goin’ on in tha 2nd verse… Nothin’ really to say, as his verse was not for me. I think ‘cause I know you, I rather hear your emotional statements… I gotta say that he had a good part wit tha “keep doin’ wrong” parts. A 3rd verse here… Even this emotional beat has that HOT, repetitive consistency! Nothin’ much goin’ on wit tha 3rd verse, but tha best goes to your verse. My Rating: 3.9

08. “Find Me A Freak” Feat. J-Child & Problem Child
Two different childs, lol. I remember Max Minelli had a title like this (neva heard tha song, but I think it was a Music Choice Rap song). Let’s see what you got goin’ on wit this one… >>> It just so happens to be Max Minelli’s lil’ part in tha beginning, lol. This should be interesting wit tha mixin’ and shit (don’t mind tha jacked beat here since I don’t really know tha original)! Gotta love tha sexualness in tha 1st verse, lol. That was a nice 1st verse, and Max sounds great on that hook BTW (lookin’ forward to reviewin’ tha original in tha future wit my “Louisiana Reviewz Marathon”)! Ooh, it’s you on tha 2nd verse, Willz. Let’s see what you did… A lil’ shorter, but nice job; you lost to tha 1st verse though, lol. Not sure what I should say wit tha 3rd verse though, but tha 1st verse gets tha thumbs from me. Looks like there’s a 4th verse wit all this left (1:15 left)… I think this joint iz boring me almost, but tha 4th verse was a lil’ better… My Rating: 4.0

09. “Late Nite Tip”
Keepin’ tha consistent topics? >>> Sounds like more jacked music in tha beginning (not sure). I like tha phone in tha beginning. Looks like you pissed off, Pat, wit tha “looks like I’m ‘bout to block yo ass,” when it comes to Myspace messages. I like your 1st verse on this shit right here. Tha hook iz good; nice slow shit. Let’s hear this 2nd verse… Not sure if I like this song better than “Find Me A Freak”; there’s ups and downs between both songs, so it gon be tough. Dude on tha 2nd verse kept it to tha topic, so thumbs up. Oh, there was only 2 verses. There should’ve been a “verse share” between tha last song havin’ 4 verses, and this one havin’ 2. Tough here, so let’s see: “Find Me A Freak” had a jacked hook that I loved; this one had a nice hook that I liked. This song had better verses and a better beat than tha other song, so I’ll see how it goes at tha end. For now, it’s a dead tie. My Rating: 4.0

10. “Sit The Fuck Down” Feat. Jay Child
Now, tha gangsta version of “Late Nite Tip”, lol. Lookin’ forward to hearin’ this one!! >>> Uh oh, Jadakiss’s 2001 song… “Put Ya Hands Up”? Too old to remember tha title… “I got a choppa that’ll light ya ass up like a cigarette,” and “I smoke dro that’ll raise tha roof;” this dude ain’t fuckin’ playin’!!! I see on tha mp3 that it’s listed as his song featuring y’all. I’ll leave it tha way it iz here, but this looks like a REAL GREAT collabo! Hearin’ tha 2nd verse, and IceMan ain’t playin’ right here! Too much crazy, fast rappin’ goin’ on here that’s just TOO NICE!!! Lovin’ tha Jay Child hook here, as this iz some NICE shit! Shit, there’s only 59 seconds left… Gotta have you on this shit, regardless of tha time left! You did yo thang on this. GREAT RAPPIN’ all together!! GREAT potential for Jay Child too! My Rating: 4.7

½time: Took me forever to get to ½time… I’m 1 hour, 21 minutes into tha review (my slow ass, lol). I guess I’m glad I took that 2 hour nap before, so I’m able to stay up and do this shit! Only 10 more to go, so we’ll see how “Cock Dat 4-5” and “Sit The Fuck Down” gon battle it off (unless there’s other jointz better)…

11. “Grippin’ Grain” Feat. Tweety B
Iz this different from “Grip The Grain”? It has to be… >>> Sounds like Aaliyah “One In A Million” beat, only faster. Sounds like a “Still Tippin’” flow on tha 1st verse… Looks like I’ll be lookin’ forward to this? Short 1st verse, but sounded nice. Yeah, this different… Tweety sounds better on this hook; nice hook. Let’s hear what we got on tha 2nd verse… Thumbs up to tha “jumbo jeans.” Pretty nice 2nd verse right there, as I felt it. Hearin’ you on tha 3rd verse… You love makin’ people “see a doctor,” lol. That’s ‘cause you ain’t playin’! Another real short verse, but it worked out. My Rating: 4.1

12. “Blowin’ Fat-Batz”
What do we got wit this title? Neva mind, in tha mp3, tha word “blowin’” iz in front of just “Fat-Batz”, so it makes sense now. >>> Like tha beat start (sounds like it’s jacked from tha “…Entertainment” in tha beginning?). I like this right here, especially wit tha title. Oh, I like how it went faster! Sounds like some GREAT, late night, in tha car type of music. LOL @ you at “church, straight blowed.” You a fool wit this shit, Pat. I liked that 1st verse (of course). Hearin’ your part on tha 2nd verse wit tha “like it’s tha Mardi Gras.” It just so happens to be Mardi Gras right now, Willz, lol! I like tha collaboration verse here (2nd verse). I didn’t expect it to end so soon… My Rating: 4.3

13. “F.R.A.U.D.”
I just so happened to help destroy a “F.R.A.U.D.” that was surfacin’ tha internet recently, for In Your Face Music Group; now, I’m on their team. Let’s hear what y’all gotta say about a “F.R.A.U.D.”! >>> Yup, perfect story wit tha “turned yo back on me” as it reflected what happened wit tha label. Tha 1st verse was on some tight shit, as it was about tha gay-ass “frauds” that go around. Hearin’ you on tha 2nd verse, and it’s soundin’ grimey! Great ending to tha 2nd verse, as this shit was tight! Wow, this was only under 3 minutes long (2:58 on tha length)? A 3rd verse would’ve been nice to hear! My Rating: 4.4

14. “They Just Like My Swag”
This might be tha last song for tonight ‘cause I’m gettin’ tired/real anticipated to see if I get my “royal check” tomorrow. I’ll continue hopefully tomorrow, and hope to make tha cover eventually! Let’s hear what we got for this (looks like a good title)! >>> OooOoOoOOooOOoooOOooOOOooOOOo, tha beat intro!!!!! Yeah, that 3-Kingz type of beat I love!!! Catchy-ass hook here, and you know I’m REALLY lookin’ forward to this! Yeah, gotta FUCKIN’ love any “swag” song (unless it goes too far (e.g., a dance))! Tha dude on tha 1st verse sounds GREAT on this shit! Great 1st verse, and let’s hear that 2nd verse… Ooh, sounds like it off to a RAW start wit those vocals!! Great “backpack fulla paper!” You’re on tha 3rd verse here… Love tha “bitches say I’m dope, yeah, I’ve been a rock” line! Good job, and catchy ending wit tha “swag kinda sick, maybe I shoulda stayed home.” Well, it’s tha current best song on here! My Rating: 4.8

Intermission: Well, that’s it for tonight. DEFINITELY lookin’ forward to resumin’ tha last 3, as well as tha 3 bonus tracks!! Who knows what’ll happen tomorrow!! >>> Well, nothin’ happened at all today. Let’s see how I can last wit tha remainder of songs left on here…

15. “Slow Down 2009 (LiL’ Pat Solo)”
Ooh, you’re doin’ a lil’ solo thing on this here CD… >>> Sounds like a bad return to tha CD… Interesting lyrics for tha 1st verse, but not catchin’ my attention; watz wit tha hook? No more depressing music, please. My Rating: 2.7

16. “Yeah, I Did That” Feat. Jae Bugg Of L3K & Lil’ A
That title looks cool/interesting… >>> You did this beat? Let’s see how good it iz. Off to a quiet start… Catchy, wit tha “title repeatin’” style throughout tha verse. Not bad on tha 1st verse; tha end of it sounded great. Real slow song… Tha 2nd verse sounds better. That dude did his thang on this shit. Now, I hear you on this shit… It’s tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse, and it sounds not bad/pretty good on your part. I guess there was a 3rd of tha 2nd verse, which had Lil’ A on it; pretty good part from Lil’ A. I thought this was gonna go a lot harder, and was a lot more poundin’ (like a “Jump Stupid” beat). My Rating: 4.1

17. “I Ain’t Even” Feat. Pooda
Last regular song on here. Then, it’s tha bonus tracks! >>> Very cool beat here, and great mix of “Jump Stupid” wit some cool Trance, lol. Beginning sounded great. Let’s hear this 1st verse… “I ain’t bein’ touched like a virgin” <- Nice! Tha 1st verse was nice to hear, as dude had a great voice for tha track and attitude! Tha 2nd verse iz soundin’ pretty nice too. Hearin’ tha 3rd verse, and it’s soundin’ raw; that 3-Kingz style I love!! VERY GOOD verse on tha 3rd verse, and GREAT cold ending/echo ending wit tha “movin’ weight” part! My Rating: 4.4

18. “Northside Connection & Beaumont, Texas Diss”
LOL here… First of 3 bonus tracks, and it’s a diss! Uh oh, what to expect… >>> 5:37 on tha length here… What did tha NC and Beaumont do to y’all? Either way, I already know y’all automatically better, regardless of hearin’ what they got goin’ on. Sounds like a smart diss, and tha “dey done fucked up” part sounds like another song (wit tha melody of it). EDIT: Tha melody sounds like some Lil’ Bossy song I heard a while back wit “shawty got a ass on her” or somethin’ like that. “Checked like a correct answer;” that was a nice line to hear! Good verses, and tha anger just didn’t stop! Good diss I guess. My Rating: 3.8

19. “Act A Azz”
What do we got here wit this triple A title, lol? >>> Sounds like a typical sounding hook. I like tha “act a azz” part though; nice repetition! Tha 1st verse was pretty nice. I like this beat here! Great 2nd verse. So, there’s no 3rd verse and at least 47 seconds left in tha beat? It knocks hard, and I like tha tempo change at tha end! My Rating: 4.3

20. “From Da H (Remix)” Feat. Platinum Plus
Tha last one here… >>> Sounds like a catchy hook. Pretty good 1st verse. My bad if I’m not in a mood to say much… I heard you on tha 1st ½ of tha 2nd verse, and you sounded good on this. Hearin’ tha 2nd ½ of this 2nd verse, and it’s soundin’ raw still. Nice 3rd verse on this too. My Rating: 4.0

Overall: End Time: 2.24.2009 @ 8:58 PM. Well, I thought this was a great CD. There were a few jointz on here that I thought didn’t belong (especially to y’all style that I know y’all from), but I liked this; hot shit right here! Keep doin’ it B.I.G. in Orange City, and y’all should have your *CERTIFIED CLASSIC* award for “Jump Stupid” in tha mail pretty soon.

Rankings (according to my ratings):

20. “Slow Down 2009 (LiL’ Pat Solo)” 2.7
19. “Don’t Temp Me” Feat. D.Jonez & Tweety B 3.6
18. “Road 2 Success” Feat. Tweety B 3.8
17. “Northside Connection & Beaumont, Texas Diss” 3.8
16. “Tattoo Tearz” 3.9
15. “Find Me A Freak” Feat. J-Child & Problem Child 4.0
14. “From Da H (Remix)” Feat. Platinum Plus 4.0
13. “Late Nite Tip” 4.0
12. “Grippin’ Grain” Feat. Tweety B 4.1
11. “Yeah, I Did That” Feat. Jae Bugg Of L3K & Lil’ A 4.1
10. “Blowin’ Fat-Batz” 4.3
09. “Act A Azz” 4.3
08. “F.R.A.U.D.” 4.4
07. “The Royal Check In” (IceMan & LiL’ PaT) 4.4
06. “I Ain’t Even” Feat. Pooda 4.4
05. “It Iz What It Iz” Feat. LiL’ Rodney Of L3K 4.5
04. “Blacc Bandana” Feat. Yung Butta 4.6
03. “Cock Dat 4-5” Feat. Jae Bugg & Yung H Of L3K 4.7
02. “Sit The Fuck Down” Feat. Jay Child 4.7
01. “They Just Like My Swag” 4.8

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Review #177: Supa "Live From 225"

Reviewed on 2.19.2009 (Review No. 177)

Wat up, it’s FrankieThaLuckyDog here… FINALLY, no more busy shit ‘til Tuesday!! I had to delay this review 2 dayz ‘cause of how busy I was tha last 2 dayz (wit an online test, goin’ to tha casino wit my mom (helpin’ her get some money), and doin’ a Comm Theory model for Comm Theory class), but I’m back, and ‘bout to review this CD for my boy Supa from Down Bad. For a second, he looked like a ghost on this cover, lol (I guess ‘cause of his hoodie and how it blended in wit his face). I ‘bout to do tha review, no less on KJ Armour’s birthday (happy birthday), so here it goes! My review for Supa “Live From 225” iz here! Start Time: 4:56 PM | Video Game Playing: The Legend Of Zelda – A Link To The Past (for Super Nintendo)

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

01. Intro
Now, it’s DJ Colby D mixin’ up tha intro (vs. Terror’s solo mixtape when it was DJ Chill). Let’s see how he does for this intro… >>> I’m glad they have that beat in tha beginning (tha beginning song). I like tha mixin’ in this intro a lot! Like tha “Out Da Box” mix; Supa, you’re tha shit! Nice intro we got here! My Rating: N/A

02. “Dis Where It’s At”
“Dis” looks like “dis” gon be REAL TIGHT!! Its got a NICE 4:38 on tha length (pretty good for an opening song on a mixtape), and King Arthur’s on tha track!! Let’s see how good I am at predicting this tightness… >>> I couldn’t’ve thought of a different word to start tha song off other than… “Supa!” LOL… I like how you said “Louisiana.” :tu At :24, tha beat started to kick in, and it’s soundin’ pretty good… At :36, it’s gettin’ more taste in it. :tu Tha rhymes you’re spittin’ on this shit iz DEFINITELY nice to hear; you’re gutta wit this shit to tha fullest, ya dig. When you rap, it ain’t no bullshit! Great 1st verse, and that hook’s pretty catchy; definitely like this shit right here. :tu Good “I spit this hot shit, you get burned like ether” line. :tu This 2nd verse DEFINITELY gives yourself tha motivation you need. You ALREADY KNOW Supa needs to hustle. Gotta love that hook (you and Down Bad are GREAT at any type of shit)!! Let’s hear this 3rd verse… Good “hospital/patience” line (where “patience” was in place of “patients”). :tu I noticed… Any song/verse of yours ALWAYS has to have one of tha following words: Supa, club, or jigg. LOL… You did yo thang on tha 3rd verse. You already know this shit gets that tight rating from me; can’t deny ANYTHING you do, dawg. :tu My Rating: 4.4

03. “So Whopped” Feat. Jack & Young Gregory
So, King Arthur produced this one, huh? Good shit too. And glad to see which Down Bad member was wit you on this song… Oh, and I’m guessin’ this mixtape iz easily older than “The Sickest 2K8” CD ‘cause there’s an ID error on tha cover: It says “Woped” instead of “Whopped” (I corrected that, and tha ID was fixed on “The Sickest 2K8”). Anyway, sorry to say this, but I had to knock this song off my playlist/rotation after only 1.5 months…; it even topped my top 10 countdown a couple times. It ain’t my fault… J-Dirty didn’t follow my “airplay rules” by a lack of stayin’ in touch wit me and givin’ me feedback on my “Change Tha World” video. I also tried to get KJ Armour to help, but that didn’t work (yeah, I know KJ’s busy, but a small response can help). I mean, c’mon, Dirty. I give you a commercial, a review for “The Sickest 2K8”, and 41 contacts’ numbers/Myspaces outta my phone (which all this took hours to do). Can’t you just take 5 minutes outta your time? I mean, you peeped out that SHITTY-ASS CD review I did for Drama & Lil’ Wayne’s “Dedication 3;” I don’t get it, and I’m quite upset. I thought you were gonna be tha best person to talk to in 2009; I had a lot of faith in tha beginning of tha year… :( Anyway, to tha song: I like how everytime this song pops up somewhere, tha intro iz different… This actually sounds like it was recorded a while ago…; sounds unmastered… Even tha beat continues while tha 1st verse starts… Not too much into this version… Tha hook iz catchy/good, and tha 1st verse iz great (of course). Sounds like a dirty version (meanin’ tha version I had from “The Sickest 2K8” was clean?)… You on tha 2nd verse… LOL @ tha dirtier lyrics in tha beginning… I easily prefer tha one on “The Sickest 2K8,” and I only liked tha “walk around tha club…” dirty part outta your whole verse; your verse was great though. Jack on tha 3rd verse… Good, but I got used to tha “The Sickest 2K8” version; nice outro from you BTW. I would’ve rated it a 4.6 if it was tha “The Sickest 2K8” version, but there’s a deduction on this version. My Rating: 4.0

04. “Young Gurl Stealer”
Cage on tha beats again! Let’s see how this one gon turn out… >>> Of course, I like tha beat… Love all of Down Bad’s beats as they neva get boring! Oh, that hook wit tha sample… Didn’t expect that, but it sounds good. Tha 2nd ½ of tha hook sounds good wit you rappin’ on it. :tu Let’s hear this 1st verse… You DEFINITELY keep it hood wit what you’re spittin’. That beat iz pretty nice during tha hook; HOT SHIT!! That’s REALLY watz good that you “got ‘bauds on yo legs;” you tha shit. :tu Tha 2nd verse was ALSO on some HOT shit too! Great job, Supa. You doin’ BIG THANGZ wit these tracks! My Rating: 4.2

05. “I Stay Gone” Feat. Big World & A.N.T.
Looks like a real good title, and King Arthur’s doin’ this beat. I got a high anticipation level for this one…! >>> Great to hear King Arthur in tha beginning. It sounds like a “So Whopped” beat in tha beginning… Of course, feelin’ it, and it looks like you’re into this track right here, Supa. Glad you’re “jiggin’ out ya pocket.” :tu Good thing I guessed that tha title had to do wit bein’ “gone off that shit.” :tu  Tha hook was on some TIGHT shit!! Looks like tha hook iz GREAT, and it sounds a lil’ better than your verse. WOW, that “eyes low ‘cause I’m loaded…” shit was HELLA TIGHT!!!!! That 2nd verse looks like it soundin’ REAL, REAL good!!! Wow, Big World did a REAL GREAT job!!!!! He was even on tha 2nd verse!!! Glad you were on tha hook following! Let’s hear this A.N.T. dude… That’s cool that he’s got friends and shit. He did a nice job, and I like tha reference to “King Arthur on tha track.” :tu My Rating: 4.5

06. “Out Da Box” Feat. Cage & Blu Black
Had automatically played this as a single in December 2008 (that was like tha earliest I got a full version, even though it was hella old). I made it do pretty good, and gave it a nice rise on my 2008 year-end countdown. There’s an ID error as it says “Blu-Black” (wit a dash). There’s no dash, and it’s either labeled correctly as Blu Black (tha way it should look) or BluBlack (how he labels it). I’m glad Blu Black produced it (sad to say, but “FREE BLU BLACK!!!!!!!!!!”). Lemme see what I gotta say for it now (I’ve reviewed this song many of times, but gonna give it a fresh review). >>> Glad it’s tha dirty version this time, and it sounds nearly tha same, luckily, as tha “The Sickest 2K8” one (beat/vocal wise). You DEFINITELY did yo thang on tha 1st verse, and that hook iz nice and slow/catchy. Cage did his thang on tha 2nd verse, as it sounded great. I remember when I heard this Blu Black verse right here… I wondered what was next for him, and look at HOW GREAT it turned out to be for his music!! “Code Blu” REALLY put me on tha Blu Black map, ya dig. And I pretty much help him out a whole lot, so I’m glad for that. Once again, a nice lil’ verse from him. My Current Rating: 4.4

07. “Sticks And Stones”
LOL @ me accidently typing “stoners” by accident, lol. Well, I neva heard this one, so I’m lookin’ forward to it! King Arthur wit another beat! Looks like Cage supported Terror a lot, and King Arthur supported you a lot on tha tracks. >>> Good, takin’ it to my birth place, New York. :tu Sounds like a decent/average verse… Terrible that “you almost got shot;” I ain’t even gonna go there about how people just fuckin’ love guns, smh… Tha hook iz on that typical/cliché type shit, so no comment there. Tha 2nd verse here iz definitely soundin’ better. :) Tha bridge was ehh… not bad. Tha beat mainly stood out. My Rating: 3.8

08. “I Always Sagg” Feat. JR Dot
I looked at tha length on my computer, and I was like, “5:24!?” ‘Cause on Terror’s mixtape, most jointz were under 4 minutes; yours are pretty full-lengthy. But I predict this’ll be my favorite song ‘cause that title iz tha SHIT!! HUGE ANTICIPATION!!! >>> Ooh, “heartbeatin’” beat intro! This gon be SO FUCKIN’ TIGHT I KNOW IT!!! Yeah, “King Arthur on tha ma’fuckin’ beat!” Tha beat iz off to a REAL NICE start; love it already! How high will I rate this??? Went right to tha hook at :49! Yeah, this iz some REAL TIGHT shit!!! LOVE tha hook!!! JR sounds pretty good on tha 1st verse! He’s doin’ it BIG on his verse, as it’s just rappin’ wit that tightness! Hearin’ you on tha 2nd verse, and I’m likin’ it. I like tha “turn tha radio on, there’s a pill song” line; nice shit! You did yo thang fa’sho on tha 2nd verse! Let’s hear what tha 3rd verse gon be like… Good thing it’s a verse, and not a bridge! Sounds like a tough verse from you! Great 3rd verse, and some nice shit right here from you and JR, along wit King Arthur on tha track! My Rating: 4.6

Intermission: Gotta go to tha bathroom… Be right back! *Leaves at 5:56, one hour into tha review… Returns at 6:02 PM* Now, back to tha review!

09. “I Thug Hard, Go Hard” Feat. JR Dot & Young Greg
Another ID error: It’s Young Greg, not Yung Greg. Anyway, looks like this joint’ll go hard! Lookin’ forward to hearin’ Terror on this mixtape soon (hope he’s on here)!! >>> Cage makin’ a catchy beat here… Well, tha hook could’ve “went harder,” and I thought it was familiar for a sec, but JR used tha “go hard like a retard” part somewhere else… Decent hook, and JR’s on tha 1st verse… Sounds like he’s REALLY focused on this shit, as he’s just spittin’ non-stop! Great 1st verse from him, and I like when you say “that’s how I live, boy.” :tu Let’s hear you on tha 2nd verse… Still soundin’ good… I like tha “kush in my blunt” part at exactly 2:00 in tha song. Pretty nice verse from you. Let’s hear what Young Greg gotta say on tha 3rd verse… Yeah, I remember that voice from “So Whopped”. Good verse from him, as it’s your typical, good Baton Rouge verse. My Rating: 3.9

10. Real Talk Skit
Ooh, it’s a skit, and it’s 52 seconds long! You know I’m REALLY lookin’ forward to hearin’ what you got to say, dawg! >>> Nice to hear you say somethin’, and it was good hearin’ you. Nothin’ much to say, except for that I fuckin’ love your music!! My Rating: N/A

11. “Just Shake It”
King Arthur track, but typical title that I might not go for… I prolly’ll just really like tha beat; that’s it. >>> I hear tha Baton Rougeness in tha beginning of tha beat. :tu LOL @ tha “shake it, don’t break it” part; a lil’ too typical… Oh, tha 1st verse iz up? Shit… Aight 1st verse. Tha hook iz just aight. I didn’t have much expectations from this; at least you’re rappin’. Nothin’ really to say about tha 2nd verse… Can’t have a Supa verse sometimes without pills, lol. My Rating: 3.5

½time: Well, you know I’m feelin’ this shit right here! Supa, you doin’ a GREAT job on this mixtape! I’m lookin’ forward to your newer one to come out (that’s your default pic on your Myspace)!!

12. “Fall In” Feat. Jack & J-Hustle
Switchin’ to a Cage beat… Looks familiar, but I’m gonna review (or re-review) it anyway… >>> Cool beat for tha beginning… Beat iz DEFINITELY on point here, and that hook iz on some NICE shit; good job, Jack, on tha hook! :tu He’s on tha 1st verse also… That “Louisiana jigga” part from him was cool to hear. :tu Not too familiar now, but I’m hearin’ you right now at 1:04, and it soundin’ REAL nice wit that fast beat! Tha 2nd verse goes to you… Yeah, “S-U-P-A;” what else, lol? Nice lil’ 2nd verse from you. Looks like J-Hustle’s left for tha 3rd verse… Soundin’ GREAT, and he rockin’ them “dickies.” :tu I like tha “J-Hustle blow that green up” part, and he DEFINITELY had a good time doin’ that verse; it’s tha shit!! :tu My Rating: 4.3

13. “Cloud 9” Feat. J-Hustle
Keepin’ J-Hustle, but switchin’ to a King Arthur beat… >>> Nice beat, and it sounds like a good hook here. :tu J-Hustle startin’ it off, and he’s doin’ good, again! I like tha “Down Bad” line he just said. He did his thang, and that was a great verse. I wonder what you have in store for tha 2nd verse… Nothin’ to be fucked wit with this verse. Great verse, especially wit tha “rainin’…bullets” part at tha end of tha verse. Just fuckin’ love that hook now!!! Yes, J-Hustle’s on tha 3rd verse also!! He doin’ his thang on this shit! I knew this was gonna be a 2 part verse; now, you’re on tha 2nd ½… Not bad on that shit. Gotta love this hook here; J-Hustle did a REAL HUGE job on that hook!!! My Rating: 4.2

14. “She Gimme What I Want” Feat. Jab & Young Greg
That Young Greg ID error again on tha back cover… Not sure what to expect from this one… >>> Cool King Arthur beat right here… I wonder what’ll happen… Hook on some typical shit again, only that Jab dude makes it sound better than a typical one. Young Greg iz on this 1st verse here… Just hearin’ “I hit tha club, and all tha bad bitches want me,” just makes me bore a lil’ wit a typical thought. Not too crazy about tha 1st verse… You’re on tha 2nd verse… Nothin’ much to say so far… These female type songs are gettin’ boring now… It’s like, every rapper has to have x amount of female songs? Let’s hear Jab on tha 3rd verse… Soundin’ better, especially since he “rollin’ up some kill,” as well as all those other “roll” parts! Tha rest of tha verse was ehh… My Rating: 3.7

Intermission: My bad for another one, but I gotta finish my dinner. Eating tha dinner while doin’ this interferes, and I feel like I do tha review slower, and eat a lot slower… Okay, that only took about 5 minutes, so I’m aight now.

15. “Between Us”
Takin’ a break from tha features, and still keepin’ tha long lengths… I wonder what to expect here, wit King Arthur on tha beat, again. >>> God, another female song… And a hook that does NOTHING for me… Tha beat iz nice, and there’s nothin’ to say about tha 1st verse. No more interest for this song, as it’s gettin’ lower and lower on my rating. Good thing this wasn’t tha No. 16 song! My Rating: 3.0

16. “J’s On My Toes”
Recent re-reviewed it (this iz a combined review of when I first heard it on Way3000’s mixtape + Terror’s “When Terror Strikes”): So King Arthur iz on tha beat huh? Looks like it’s soundin’ real nice so far. Ooh, tha beat changed real fast at about tha :20 mark. Good beat. Maybe King Arthur should just stick to beats instead of makin’ dance type of songs [refering to King Arthur’s “Wheel Chairs” joint]. Good lyrics wit “keepin’ that work for tha fiends.” Yeah, this a REAL nice beat and there’s so much goin’ on here to comment about…! Okay, NICE beat, pretty cool hook, nice 1st verse, what else? I only think tha 2nd verse iz okay though. 3rd verse wasn’t so bad too. Maybe this sounded better in tha beginning but still, tha beat really stood out on this one. To add to this: Yeah, this shit be jammin’! That beat FUCKIN’ HOT!! Supa and his “uh huhhh!!”ness iz REALLY addictin’ when listenin’ to him! :tu Down Bad’ll go down as pretty much tha best group in Baton Rouge… EVA!!! Well, I guess next to Concentration Camp… My Current Rating: 4.3

17. “Up In Da Club” Feat. Terror & Cage
More King Arthur, but more typical type shit. I hope Terror can save this joint! >>> I get so jealous wit tha title/hook ‘cause I feel like I’ll neva get to tha club… No transportation, nobody up here, straight bullshit situation I’m in. Tha hook I can’t comment on ‘cause I’m jealous, but nice lil’ beat so far. Sounds like your 1st verse iz on some good shit! Like all tha “jiggin’” parts. Good job on your 1st verse; this ain’t too bad for me. And tha whole “poppin’ them choppaz” part in tha hook iz another reason why my family has to stereotype all that shit, which decreases tha chances of me gettin’ to tha club. Sounds like Cage on tha 2nd verse, and it’s not bad. REALLY lookin’ forward to Terror on tha 3rd verse… THAT FUCKIN’ VOICE; YEAH!!! I REALLY HOPE he loved tha review I just did for him wit tha “When Terror Strikes” CD! Pretty nice for him. On a song like this, I didn’t expect better for tha verses, as I knew they were gonna be averageish. My Rating: 3.8

18. “Don’t Push Me” Feat. Terror
I always get these “Don’t *insert word* Me” titles confused… Especially wit Terror bein’ on ‘em. I know “Don’t Insult Me”, “Don’t Watch Me”, and now, “Don’t Push Me”, lol! But Terror’s on this shit again, so I’m REALLY lookin’ forward! Looks like we might get back to some more GOOD songs I don’t know! >>> OH SHIT… It’s tha “The Message” song from Grandmaster Flash!! My Modern Belief teacher put tha video on in class, and we had to tell her what things are bein’ described in tha video; GREAT SHIT that day! And this ain’t even on that beat; you know it’s an original beat!! And tha beginning sounds GREAT, especially wit an imitation of tha “The Message” joint. Damn, you sayin’ a lot on tha 1st verse; feelin’ this 1st verse! Ooh, Terror on tha 2nd verse… FUCKIN’, FUCKIN’, FUCKIN’ LOVE tha part about tha “kushy/George Bushy,” and good looks on tha “good/bad guy like Nu$$ie” part. :tu Terror smokin’ = $ A GREAT MOMENT $ He had a REAL NICE verse to hear; fuckin’ got SO MUCH LUV for Terror, ya dig! Supa, you’re tha best character outta Down Bad by tha way wit how your voice gets on tracks, and does whateva! My Rating: 4.2

19. Real Talk Skit (TIC)
I can’t read (smh) tha parenthesis part after “skit” for some reason… But, let’s see what we got goin’ on here… >>> Dude sounded cool, and I don’t know what else to say; glad he’s “loaded,” ya heard me! My Rating: N/A
EDIT: Just looked in tha light, and I think it said “TIC” in tha parenthesis part.

20. “I’m Holdin’ (I Been Drinking, I Been Smoking)”
This iz a title I really like, and it makes me predict that tha hook gon be a sample of your beginning verse on “Out Da Box”. Let’s see if I’m right! >>> Good beat intro (nice Baton Rouge sound)! Glad you “fulla dat shit!” :tu Not a sample, but pretty much what you said in tha beginning of tha verse. No more “pop 1, pop 2,” it’s now “pop 3, pop 4,” lol!! :tu Did yo thang on tha 1st verse right there. GREAT start to tha 2nd verse wit tha “purple haze” part. :tu Great 2nd verse/great verses on this joint right here! My Rating: 4.0

21. “Don’t Fuck Wit Me” Feat. Terror
Another King Arthur track… >>> Yeah, “I’m from Louisiana where them niggaz go tha hardest;” that’s a TRUE statement right there!! NOTHIN’ ELSE fits but Louisiana music for me, ESPECIALLY Baton Rouge music!! Pretty nice beat goin’ on here!! Do I hear background vocals from Terror? Oh shit! It’s you on tha 1st verse, so let’s see here… A tough Supa here on this verse! You did yo thang! I’m gonna put Terror in tha ID, and consider it an ID error ‘cause background vocals DO count! Great 2nd verse on this, and that hook iz tha truth, especially wit tha “I’m from Louisiana…” part!! My Rating: 4.1

22. Outro
And we end it wit 1:14 of… >>> J-Dirty… He gotta get back in touch wit me if he want me to say somethin’ about this outro! My Rating: N/A

Overall: End Time: 7:36 PM. Well, good job Supa! You have yourself a REAL NICE mixtape!! You did yo thang on this shit, but I actually liked Terror’s mixtape better. I thought it was gonna be tha opposite, but I was wrong. You did yo thang, but Terror surprised me more. Lookin’ forward to everything you got goin’ on in tha future! Take this review, and enjoy it!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

18.       “Between Us” 3.0
17.       “Just Shake It” 3.5
16.       “She Gimme What I Want” Feat. Jab & Young Greg 3.7
15.       “Sticks And Stones” 3.8
14.       “Up In Da Club” Feat. Terror & Cage 3.8
13.       “I Thug Hard, Go Hard” Feat. JR Dot & Young Greg 3.9
12.       “So Whopped” Feat. Jack & Young Gregory 4.0
11.        “I’m Holdin’ (I Been Drinking, I Been Smoking)” 4.0
10.       “Don’t Fuck Wit Me” Feat. Terror 4.1
09.       “Young Gurl Stealer” 4.2
08.       “Cloud 9” Feat. J-Hustle 4.2
07.       “Don’t Push Me” Feat. Terror 4.2
06.       “Fall In” Feat. Jack & J-Hustle 4.3
05.       “J’s On My Toes” 4.3
04.       “Dis Where It’s At” 4.4
03.   “Out Da Box” Feat. Cage & Blu Black 4.4
02.   “I Stay Gone” Feat. Big World & A.N.T. 4.5
01.   “I Always Sagg” Feat. JR Dot 4.6

Monday, February 16, 2009

Review #176: Terror a.k.a. Cheez "When Terror Strikes"

Reviewed on 2.16.2009 (Review No. 176)

Wat up, this ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog, in tha buildin’, ya heard me. Right about now, I got an anticipating, solo review to do for my dawg Terror a.k.a. Cheez, 1/5th of Down Bad. I finna review his “When Terror Strikes” CD, so we’ll see how much “terror” Terror can cause, lol. Without anymore delayin’, here goes my review for Terror a.k.a. Cheez “When Terror Strikes”! Oh yeah, Terror, you look serious on tha front cover, so I’m anticipatin’ lots of shit to pop off here!! Start Time: 8:23 PM | Video Game Playing: The Legend Of Zelda – A Link To The Past (for Super Nintendo)

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

01. Intro
A 58 second intro… I expect DJ Chill to mix up some HOT shit here! >>> Nice mixin’ wit tha “Down Bad in tha buildin’” and tha “Make It Rain” sample, introducin’ Terror! Nice intro that just has me ITCHIN’ wit anticipation!!! My Rating: N/A

02. “Don’t Watch Me”
Already tellin’ err-one to “not” do somethin’. Let’s see how we gon start this shit off… >>> Nice lil’ start so far. It bein’ Terror means it’s catchy. Hearin’ tha 1st verse… Gotta really feel Terror on tha way he spits; I like his voice a lot. STRONG lyrics wit “buss in her mouth!” You ain’t playin’ wit this shit, dawg. What made you do a lil’ solo thang? Just curious… Tha 1st verse was on point, ya dig. Tha 2nd verse doin’ a good job too. A lot of “pistol talkin’” here, and it sounds pretty good. Likin’ tha typical Down Bad type of beat too; great shit! My Rating: 4.1

03. “Problems” Feat. JR
Ooh, now it’s 2/5ths of Down Bad! Let’s hear how y’all express tha word “problems”! >>> Cool start for tha beat. Sounds pretty grimy wit you startin’ it off; likin’ tha “court” shit. I’m likin’ this long verse from you. It’s just nothin’ but great lyrics you be spittin’. Cool, that’s JR on tha hook. I like when it says, “problems;” nice definition on tha hook! This iz some hot shit right here! I hear JR on tha 2nd verse… He’s hungry for “cash, fast!” Sorry for tha “stereotypes” and all tha “problems” JR be facin’! Oh shit, tha song iz over. My Rating: 4.3

04. “BR State Of Mind” Feat. Supa
*Imitates tha voice slowly* “Suuuuuupaaaaaa!!” That dude’s CRAZY!! He got a CRAZY/TIGHT flow tha way he be wit his swag, and how he raps and shit! Lookin’ forward to this collabo, as well as hearin’ tha title (like it)!! >>> Sounds like some good Baton Rouge music in tha beginning! Soundin’ great wit you startin’ this shit off! So, “Savage on tha track?” If so, that’s watz good; nice 1st verse! Ooh, Supa soundin’ raw on tha hook! Nice, short hook! Here he iz on tha 2nd verse… Tha beat iz nice and tight for Supa to sound good on it; he did his thang! This iz tha shit right here, especially “in tha Baton Rouge state of mind!” You had a nice 3rd verse on this shit, tellin’ tha lame-asses to not fuck wit you; that’s watz good. My Rating: 4.2
EDIT: Read tha production credits at tha bottom (since tha next song had a star next to tha title), and it says, “all songs produced by Cage Da Conducta”. He a REAL GREAT/CONSISTENT producer if that’s tha case ‘cause Down Bad ALWAYS have consistent formulas played wit their beats!

05. “At Night”
Okay, King Arthur did this beat. Let’s see how he can do wit tha beat… How will it affect tha consistency? >>> Dark beat intro, and can’t deny tha way you come in in tha intro; too FUCKIN’ great!! Love tha “perspective” part in tha hook; great shit, Terror! Ooh, I’m lovin’ this shit!! Nice shit wit tha rappin’ fast when you were talkin’ about “tha sun” twice. Tha beat iz RAW, and you rappin’ on this just makes this an “at night” banger!! This song/tha hook iz tha truth; “gutta shit goes on at night.” Look at what happened to Nu$$ie… R.I.P.; make sure you stay safe, dawg. You know I FUCKIN’ LOVE all y’all Down Bad members to tha fullest!! Tha 2nd verse iz once again, stayin’ on topic; great job wit tha lyrics! LOVE how you say tha “perspective” part; GUTTA SHIT RIGHT HERE!!! My rating just keeps gettin’ higher everytime I think about this song, and how you and King Arthur laced it together!!! My Rating: 4.7

06. Terror Alert I
There’s a “1” next to tha title… Does it mean anything? Not sure yet, but look how King Arthur laced tha previous song. Cage gon have to set tha bar pretty nice to compete… It’s all good though ‘cause this iz your CD, and you gon shine on ALL your tracks; all ratings are dedicated to you, homie! >>> Speaking of Cage, you just gave him a shout out. I didn’t realize this was a skit until I saw tha length (usually, I check tha length first ‘cause I have tha CD in my laptop, and it’s playin’ in iTunes). Good shout-outs, and what does J-Dirty have to say…? Okay, he sound a lil’ different/lil’ tough. “Supa’s CD comin’ out July (next month),” so this was June 2008 at tha time? Shit, I would’ve put this wit tha “Louisiana Reviewz Marathon” if I knew at first (‘cause I’m tryna put anything 6 months or older in there), but it’s all good ‘cause I just wanted to do tha review for this, and Supa’s mixtape ASAP. My Rating: N/A

07. “Head Buss” (Cage Feat. Jack Da Rippa)
Terrorless (lol)! But, it’s still 2/5ths of Down Bad, so you know this shit gon be good! Let’s hear some more of what Cage & Jack have to offer! >>> Feelin’ tha intro; good beat here! That hook iz GREAT, and just delivered nice and smoothly. It’s not fuckin’ playin’! Let’s hear this 1st verse from Jack… Jack “french-fryin’” hataz to tha fullest! Yeah, he’s “tha fuckin’ nigga,” when it comes to this shit. Cage sounds pretty good on tha 2nd verse; anotha dude on his tough shit! Nothin’ to be fucked wit here! My Rating: 4.3

08. “Bullet Proof” Feat. Mone & Nu$$ie

^ Gon and show Nu$$ie and myself some luv by watchin’ that video. That’s tha R.I.P. Nu$$ie video I made 4 dayz ago (already near 3,000 views on Youtube). I posted it on buku amount of Myspace pages (mainly Louisiana people’s pages). I wonder who tha Mone person iz (guessin’ a girl on tha hook), but Nu$$ie, let’s see what made him wanna collab wit you…! This shit gon be SO RETARDED if it comes out right!!! >>> Good that Nu$$ie’s in tha beginning of tha song… Yes, here comes you wit tha TIGHTNESS again! You make them REAL NICE hooks, dawg. I DEFINITELY feel how you deliver this shit. Yes, you’re on tha 1st verse! You did a great job on your verse, and I gotta really like when you say, “I’m comin’ fa youuuuu.” Up, Mone’s not a girl, as he’s a dude, spittin’ on tha 2nd verse… No bullshit here, as he’ll “shoot you in yo leg!” Raw shit comin’ from this dude here! He DEFINITELY did a nice job on this shit right chea! 1:17 left on tha length, so let’s hear if Nu$$ie’s on tha 3rd verse… Yup, it iz. You know he deliver that REAL shit! Yeah, “check tha stats, facts are facts!” Nu$$ie on some “1992 crack” shit. You know he be spittin’/dealin’/doin’ that REAL shit! And because I didn’t resume my playlist dayz after Nu$$ie died, when resumin’ it, it felt like he was still alive! His death was SO FUCKIN’ INSTANT; WTF?!?!!?!?!! I like at tha end of tha song when you did tha “I’m comin’ for you…” part, and tha beat stopped for a few seconds; I thought tha song ended, lol. My Rating: 4.4

09. “Fuck Wit Us”
I couldn’t’ve listened to tha title any better; you know I fucks wit you, on tha real. >>> ZAP! Feel that? That’s what tha beat iz doin’ right now! Oh, so this iz tha negative side of “fuckin’ wit you?” When I said, “you know I fucks wit you, on tha real,” that’s tha positive side. Nice lil’ hook, dedicated to tha haterz. Sounds like tha rappin’ on tha 1st verse iz that Down Bad formula, as it just goes without stoppin’. Good line in tha 2nd verse wit “I need more than fans, I’m too hot, bitch;” great shit right there! This sounds like a nice mixtape track since it sounds nice and short. Wow, 1:59 in, and we’re on a 3rd verse; see what I’m sayin’! I like that you brought up tha “fresh air” part (gotta love tha song you made wit Down Bad when you’re on tha hook on that “Fresh Air” joint; HOT SHIT). Nice 3rd verse, especially wit tha fast rappin’ at one point! It’s like, how many lines can you spit in 3 verses, under 3 minutes? My Rating: 4.2

10. “My Time”
Let’s keep this no feature/short length shit comin’ along! You deliver that hot shit like pizza! >>> I feel tha beat, only this iz more of a vibrating beat; just as good as tha zappin’ in tha beginning of tha last song! Sorry to hear that you “doin’ bad already.” Wit this review, you’re NOWHERE NEAR doin’ bad! Oh, I love tha repeatin’ in tha hook (it’s a GREAT Baton Rouge sound when it sounds like that). And tha “nigga, oKAY…” part iz just GREAT! When you hold tha note on words, that shit iz TOO HOT!! I had 4.1 rating pictured in my head, but it might be slightly more thanx to tha hook! Tha 2nd verse was nice to hear, as you just keep this shit comin’ along. Damn, just hearin’ that “nigga, oKAY…” part, TOO FUCKIN’ GRIMY!!! YOU SPIT/FLOW WIT THAT HOT, DARK SHIT!!! Hearin’ tha 3rd verse, and it sounds GREAT wit tha “treasure” part; great shit, again! And tha 3rd verse just ended, wit no hook at tha end… Then again, it was only 3:19. My Rating: 4.3

11. “All In”
Still on tha no feature/short length type shit! All eyes on you, dawg! >>> BTW, speaking of tha title, lookin’ REAL FORWARD to Kevin Gates’s new mixtape, “All In (All Or Nuthin’ The Sequel)” comin’ out… TOMORROW!! Hearin’ tha hook off top, and it sounds pretty nice; good, catchy shit from you, again! Let’s see what you gon talk about on tha 1st verse… “Keep a baretta,” so you strapped. An “under protection” 1st verse, spit by none other than… Terror! Let’s hear this 2nd verse… A “timeless” dude here; he all about HUSTLIN’, ya dig! Good “mathematics/facts” shit goin’ on too during tha end of tha 2nd verse. Good, there’s 43 seconds left, so I’m gonna enjoy this a lil’ more. A GREAT START to tha 3rd verse, as “sometimes, you gotta let it burn.” Yeah, roll that shit up, and just relax, and enjoy this review! Uh oh, 3 seconds left! Well, you ended it good this time. My Rating: 4.1

12. “Tell Me” Feat. Jack Da Rippa & JR
After 3 solo jointz, time for now 3/5ths of Down Bad on tha track!! And it’s 3:54, so it has a pretty nice length! >>> Creepy beat intro (lookin’ forward)! Catchy hook… You know “you ain’t right?” Why? Good, you’re on tha 1st verse… Just like in tha hook, I like tha “nooo…” parts you be sayin’ in tha hook. That’s watz good that you “weeded up;” Terror smokin’ dat good shit, ya heard me! Great 1st verse from you, as you NEVA disappoint! I thank God for this CD of 27 Terror tracks! Thank you SOOO much!! Jack spittin’ dem club lyrics on tha 2nd verse. A lil’ short, but it was nice to hear. Let’s hear how JR gon handle tha 3rd verse… Sounds like he’s untamed… Oh weird, he just said “untamed” after I typed it, lol. TOO UNTAMED here, lol! Soundin’ nice, especially wit tha “shiiiit” part. I like when people say “shit” like “shiiiiiiit;” that “shiiiit” tight to me. Oh, and when I just heard KJ Armour say it in tha Mookie interview on Youtube, I was like, “cool shit (or should I say, ‘shiiiiiiit’), KJ.” My Rating: 4.2

13. Terror Alert II
Yes, another skit (or should I say, “alert”)!!! >>> Yeah, really like that you were talkin’ again on a skit! So, JR’s your cousin? That’s watz good. Y’all are like family anyway ‘cause Down Bad NEVA fails/breaks up/conflicts in drama anyway! Does JR have tha No. 14 joint on here? Lemme find out! My Rating: N/A

½time: 9:25 PM… WTF? I’m already 1 hour, 2 minutes into this? Time flies… Gonna hit up rappin’ granny ‘cause I need to let my back rest for a lil’, so let’s see what happens. *Calls rappin’ granny* Shit, it’s busy. Not only that, it didn’t even connect on my cell… Well, gonna embrace myself for 14 more HOT jointz!!

14. “Stunned Out” (JR Dot)
Yup, it’s him. And wit 3:44 on tha length, he’s stealin’ your shine for 1/27ths of this mixtape, lol! >>> Slow start, but sounds like it’s buildin’ up. Nice screwed & chopped hook goin’ on here. Let’s hear what he has to say… Cool “see-through J’s” he rockin’ on tha 1st verse. Got dat “cigarillo of purp in his mouth;” he havin’ some “fully loaded” fun on this shit. And he gave a shout out to J-Dirty on this: “Ridin’ dirty wit Dirty…” Nice lil’ 1st verse from him on this shit. I felt a lil’ unfocused on tha 2nd verse…; kinda draggin’, but it works I guess ‘cause JR got somethin’ to say. Only 2 verses on this? My Rating: 3.8

15. “G-A-N-G-S-T-A”
Back wit some terror wit Terror, again! Lookin’ forward to hearin’ how “G-A-N-G-S-T-A” this shit iz, lol! >>> Catchy music in tha beat so far. Ooh, tha hook got GRIMY at :22! Sounded like a good 1st verse goin’ on here. Oh wait, here’s tha official hook wit tha “I’m a gangsta-ass nigga” here… Good shit! Oh, so that “I’m a G-A-N-G-S-T-A…” part was tha 2nd ½ of tha hook; my bad. Let’s hear this 2nd verse… Love when you rap, dawg! OH THAT FUCKIN’ BEAT!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! Ooh, there’s a 3rd verse on this shit! Doin’ tha damn thang on it too; great shit here! My Rating: 4.5

16. “Kritikal” Feat. Johnny Hustle & JR
Ooh, looks like some MORE HOT SHIT right here…! I like tha spelling of tha word “critical,” and wit 2 featured people on this (one bein’ a Down Bad member), this shit could make people swing thru vines in tha club!! Uh oh… What will happen when I press play? >>> Uh oh… Tha beat iz creepin’ in… “Throwin’” shit iz goin’ on… You JUST made tha beginning seems SOOO “kritikal”!!! Yes, you’re on tha 1st verse… SO FUCKIN’ LOVE EVERYTHING YOU DO WIT THIS RAP SHIT!!! You did yo thang on tha 1st verse, and that hook iz SOOOOO serious wit tha “chairs/shoes,” and all tha other “kritikal” shit goin’ on!! Hearin’ tha 2nd verse, and it’s JR… He’s REALLY gone off that doulja on this shit right here!! He popped some jiggaz, and just goin’ REAL NUTS wit this verse!!! REAL NICE “wil’ out section” descriptions, and CRAZY-ASS RAPPIN’!!!!! Johnny Hustle on tha 3rd verse… Still a good job here, but JR went from just a 3.8 rated song to just RIPPIN’ THIS SONG TO PIECES! Oh, that’s it, Johnny? His verse sounded short, so no comment really. My Rating: 4.5

17. “Which Way”
Yeah, “which way” we gon go now…? No offense, but I feel that tha rating gon drop a lil’ (mainly ‘cause 4.5 iz pretty tough to beat itself, from tha previous song). Will I be right, or wrong? What’s tha probability of bein’ right? *Solves it* There’s a 35/41 chance of it happenin’ … >>> Good beat intro (got that one right)! Tha hook iz on some real shit, but was delivered in a “non-boring” way. Not bad on tha 1st verse here… Let’s see how tha 2nd verse gon do… I’m likin’ tha flowin’ on this verse, as it’s interestin’ me. Tha 2nd verse sounded better, and was nice to hear; great switch on tha flow for that one. Let’s hear tha 3rd verse… Too many sins I see? Well, it’s tha hood; what you gon do? Sometimes, you can’t help it. Glad you “still dumb and retarded.” Nice beat outro, and I guess I had a correct prediction wit my brain (no offense). My Rating: 3.9

18. “Same Situation” Feat. Savage
Hope Savage has a verse… If he does tha hook, I hope it doesn’t sound a lil’ disappointin’… I’m REALLY lookin’ forward to just you and Savage though!!! >>> Sounds like another beat I’ll fuckin’ love!! Glad you’re on tha hook on this shit! Likin’ tha hook right here, as you’re makin’ it real! Sounds better than tha “Which Way” one. Savage a lil’ greedy here, as he went RIGHT for tha 1st verse (usually, he’s got like tha last verse on any features)! He did a good job on his verse. Now, how can you compete wit tha big dawg, Savage? It’s soundin’ pretty good, but it would be a tight tie between you and Savage. I like your hook better on this vs. your verse. I like how these songs are endin’ wit those TIGHT beats!! My Rating: 4.2

19. “Merry Go Round” Feat. JR & Supa
Was gonna stereotype tha title for a sec, but knowing you, you won’t fuck it up; you’ll make it real! >>> Sounds like a dark intro… Ooh, tha beat iz dark and synthy!! Gotta love when Baton Rouge rappers use tha title in tha 2nd ½ of tha hook; GREAT FORMULA!! Tha hook sounded nice. FUCKIN’ LOVE, LOVE, LOVE tha beginning of tha 1st verse, right before JR comes in! You FUCKIN’ bless tha track wit its TIGHTNESS!!! JR did his thang on his shit; great job! Good that you’re on tha 2nd verse!! I like tha spellin’ of “p-i-m-p-i-n-h-o-e-s,” and then, “yes.” Short verse, but tha shit be soundin’ nice. That “whoa, bitch, hold on,” part iz SOOOOOOO FUCKIN’ TIGHT!!!! HUH? Supa? ID error, lol!! Fuckin’ GLAD to hear Supa on here again!! Supa doin’ his “baseball tricks” in this shit right here! GREAT flowin’ on his part, and that FUCKIN’ REALLLLLLLLLL TIGHT part of yours at tha end!! Great ending, as it faded out wit it!! My Rating: 4.4

20. Terror Alert III
Only 21 seconds long! But, I wanna hear what you got to say! >>> Yeah, you betta believe I’m “enjoyin’ this shit” right now; SO FUCKIN’ ENJOYIN’ IT!!! It’s almost 8 pages long right *Supa voice* nah!! My Rating: N/A

21. “J’s On My Toes” (Young Supa)
Looks like we hit tha 1st song I know already. And when I reviewed it, I didn’t even know it was Supa at first (I was still adjustin’ myself to all tha Down Bad members’ voices). Let’s see what I had to say: So King Arthur iz on tha beat huh? Looks like it’s soundin’ real nice so far. Ooh, tha beat changed real fast at about tha :20 mark. Good beat. Maybe King Arthur should just stick to beats instead of makin’ dance type of songs [refering to King Arthur’s “Wheel Chairs” joint]. Good lyrics wit “keepin’ that work for tha fiends.” Yeah, this a REAL nice beat and there’s so much goin’ on here to comment about…! Okay, NICE beat, pretty cool hook, nice 1st verse, what else? I only think tha 2nd verse iz okay though. 3rd verse wasn’t so bad too. Maybe this sounded better in tha beginning but still, tha beat really stood out on this one. <- To add to this: Yeah, this shit be jammin’! That beat FUCKIN’ HOT!! Supa and his “uh huhhh!!”ness iz REALLY addictin’ when listenin’ to him! Down Bad’ll go down as pretty much tha best group in Baton Rouge… EVA!!! Well, I guess next to Concentration Camp… My Current Rating: 4.3 (+0.2 on tha rating!)

22. “Go Hard” Feat. Cage
Ooh, Cage iz on this one! Terror + Cage again = >>> Dunn… Tha beat kicked in! Yeah, “sick shit!” This sounds like a HOT, underground beat!! Ooh, it’s gettin’ better at :16! You’re soundin’ pretty good on this verse right here (Verse 1). You “can’t get enough of dem drugs,” so you know you jiggin’. At 1:03, all that shit goin’ on pretty tight (wit all tha fast rappin’)! Hearin’ Cage right now, and he doin’ a good job. I’m up to 2:02 right now, and it sounds like you “gettin’ money repeatingly.” I like that “desert eagle’ll leave you past tense” part. My Rating: 4.1

23. “Make U Jiggalate” Feat. JR & Supa
Ooh, longest one so far (a whoppin’ 4:31 on tha length)!! I’m REALLY lookin’ forward if its got “jiggalate” in tha title, and that’s what you and 2/5ths of Down Bad are makin’ tha crowd do!! >>> Yeah, it starts wit *imitates his voice* Suuuppaa!! Startin’ off pretty nice… Yeah, you’re on tha 1st verse! YEAH, this “gets retarded!” Great verse, especially to go wit tha clubs, and I like how you said, “nigga,” at tha end of your verse. Let’s hear who gon be on tha 2nd verse… (my guess: Supa) Nope, it’s JR… Yeah, “y’all on ya way to tha top/no way y’all gon flop!” I SO agree wit that! Oh, where did Supa come outta at 2:17! That’s right that “all y’all do iz make hits!!” Pretty nice verse, and I like your lil’ part wit tha “D-o-w-n-B-a-d iz what I representin’ ‘til I d-i-e” part; GREAT SHIT! Let’s hear this final verse from… *imitates* uh huh… Supa!! Likin’ tha verse a whole lot, especially tha “cock-eyed” and “hot fries” part; Supa’s just FANTASTIC wit this shit, especially wit not just tha lyrics, but that flow/voice he’s got!! Royal shit right there, as it suddenly ended. My Rating: 4.3

24. “Ovawit” Feat. Johnny Hustle
Looks like 2 words together as one word… >>> Good hook to describe tha “combined title,” lol. Hearin’ tha 1st verse from you, and it sounds pretty grimy. You had a nice, smooth verse. Hearin’ tha BRC president, a.k.a. Johnny Hustle, on tha 2nd verse… Nice job. This was a lil’ short, but it did its job. My Rating: 3.9

25. “Holla At Cha Boy”
Looks like this’ll be a cool song, in my opinion, mainly ‘cause it’s just you, tha title, and tha 3:47 on tha length! Lookin’ forward to hearin’!! >>> Tha beat’s pretty nice (King Arthur on this one), and tha hook’s nice too. Hearin’ tha 1st verse, and still lovin’ what you be spittin’. Tha 1st verse was on some nice shit. I’m lookin’ forward to “hollain’ at cha” in tha future (hopefully it starts wit this review, even though you should know me from J-Dirty). Tha 2nd verse iz soundin’ better right now, especially wit tha “pills/tryna not get killed” part. DEFINITELY some nice shit goin’ on in tha 2nd verse! This shit sounded nice to listen to; good job. My Rating: 4.2

26. Terror Alert IV
Another 21 second skit, lol! >>> “Wazzup, Terror.” Yeah, I know this iz tha end. It’s REALLY SAD right now!! You gon LOVE this review, dawg. My Rating: N/A

27. “Time Up” Feat. Mone & Supa
Well, even though you said it was from ’06, I neva heard it… ’06, that just feels like so long ago, even though it doesn’t (and it was only 3 years ago). Let’s see how we gon end this shit!! >>> You sound slightly different here… Ooh, good beat as soon as it kicked in a lil’ at :12. Ooh, GREAT hook from Supa! Sounds like this was an underground classic for you and Down Bad, huh? Good, you’re on tha 1st verse… Good job to “stay on tha grind 99 [percent of tha time] wit a 9.” Your voice brings tha excitement to tha tracks, and I really like tha shit you be spittin’; great verse! Let’s hear who gon be on tha 2nd verse… It’s Supa! Soundin’ great (as usual), soundin’ grimy (as usual), and on that real shit, ya heard me! Great verse from him! Up, it went right into tha 3rd verse, comin’ from Mone! Soundin’ great also on his part. Deliverin’ that great, Baton Rouge shit, along wit you and Supa! Nice fade-out to tha end of tha mixtape! My Rating: 4.3

Overall: End Time: 10:41 PM. Well, I FUCKIN’ LOVED THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE!!! Terror on some REAL TIGHT shit!!! Can Supa stand a chance? Find out tomorrow (hopefully) when I get to review his “Live From 225” CD! For now, enjoy this 10.5 page review, Terror; you a fuckin’ BEAST, ya heard me!!! Keep tha TOP LEVEL flowin’, voice, and rhymes up!!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

22. “Stunned Out” (JR Dot) 3.8
21. “Ovawit” Feat. Johnny Hustle 3.9
20. “Which Way” 3.9
19. “Go Hard” Feat. Cage 4.1
18. “Don’t Watch Me” 4.1
17. “All In” 4.1
16. “Holla At Cha Boy” 4.2
15. “Same Situation” Feat. Savage 4.2
14. “Fuck Wit Us” 4.2
13. “Tell Me” Feat. Jack Da Rippa & JR 4.2
12. “BR State Of Mind” Feat. Supa 4.2
11. “Make U Jiggalate” Feat. JR & Supa 4.3
10. “J’s On My Toes” (Young Supa) 4.3
09. “Time Up” Feat. Mone & Supa 4.3
08. “Head Buss” (Cage Feat. Jack Da Rippa) 4.3
07. “Problems” Feat. JR 4.3
06. “My Time” 4.3
05. “Bullet Proof” Feat. Mone & Nu$$ie 4.4
04. “Merry Go Round” Feat. JR & Supa 4.4
03. “Kritikal” Feat. Johnny Hustle & JR 4.5
02. “G-A-N-G-S-T-A” 4.5
01. “At Night” 4.7

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