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Review #187: Chasa a.k.a. Menace Da Fiend "Strictly Thuggin'"

Reviewed on 3.28.2009 (Review No. 187)

FrankieThaLuckyDog… Back here wit anotha review for my dawg Chasa/ChaYsuh, and his album (last time I reviewed, it was his mixtape), “Strictly Thuggin’”. I have a feelin’ it’ll be betta than tha mixtape, but who knows. Here goes my review for Chasa a.k.a. Menace Da Fiend “Strictly Thuggin’”! We goin’ back to tha ’06 wit this one! FOR ANY ARTISTS READING: If you want a shot at gettin’ a record deal, as well as gettin’ looked by all tha major labels in tha country, get at me!!! Start Time: 9:03 PM | Video Game Playing: Donkey Kong Country 3 (for Super Nintendo)

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

01. “Intro”
Now, we start off wit an “intro” (unlike tha last one was a “prelude” first). Let’s hear how you changed/remained within tha same year! >>> Yes, more rappin’, again, for an intro! You do sound better; glad to hear your voice on this shit again. You got a focused attitude for this shit! Catchy lil’ hook after tha verse. Not bad, wit a good beat for an intro; nice chanting from tha beat towards tha end! My Rating: 3.8

02. “Die Tonite”
Wit this bein’ tha 1st full song, how will it sound? >>> Soundin’ focused still ova a nice beat. Tha flowin’ ain’t that bad, and tha lyrics are okay. Now, tha hook sounds better. I hope all these facts (e.g., goin’ out and meetin’ someone at 11:30 PM) are true if you’re rappin’ about this. If this tha case, then good shit. Tha 2nd verse was good. Hearin’ tha 3rd verse now, and it’s gettin’ better. Nice “Tony Montana” line. That rawness came from your mouth on that verse, and if I had to rank tha verses, it would be: Verse 3 > Verse 2 > Verse 1; nice joint to start thangz off, fully. My Rating: 4.0

03. “Make It On My Own” Feat. J-Riz
Sounds like it would make a good sequel from “Die Tonite”. Lemme hear how this gon sound, along wit tha newer featured artist. >>> Ooh, 4:42 on tha length, and it sounds like that intro kickin’ in hard!! Good start to tha hook!! LOL @ tha 1st verse not rhymin’ wit “nigga” and “pimpin’…” It sounds great for tha 1st verse so far! I like how you said, “dawg,” 3 times! Now, this iz a type of song you should be on, as well as a beat like this! Tha 2nd verse sounds like it can be followed up good from tha 1st verse. Now, I’m hearin’ that J-Riz dude… Sounds like I can hear that BR sound in his voice. Yeah, “225 street possessed;” great part! Just like tha 2nd verse, I like how his verse ends wit that, “c’mon, Chasa! Pass that blunt…” part; good shit! My Rating: 4.5

04. “Catch A Round”
I like that title! Let’s see how gutta it iz!! >>> Okay hook, although I thought I’d hear some gunshots/sound effects in tha hook. Okay 1st verse; nothin’ much to say. Let’s hear what we got on tha 2nd verse… You got an attitude on this track; I guess that helps you rap good. LOL @ tha “faggot-ass” part; you mad at someone? Better 2nd verse right there. Hearin’ tha 3rd verse, and it’s soundin’ raw wit tha “hospital, layin’ in a coma” part. Great 3rd verse, and I thought tha song ended for a second (at 2:46), lol. My Rating: 3.7

05. “Hardcore” Feat. Statik & Mac Milla
Tha title reminds me of what we watched in Modern Belief class wit my female teacher: We watched K’naan “Are You Hardcore?” video; didn’t expect her to know him, and bring that song to attention (which I didn’t know at first). Let’s hear how tough you are on this song (thumbs up to all tha good titles)! >>> It took about 30 seconds to get into tha verse, and LOL @ tha “I’m tha muthafuckin’ G” part in tha beginning (at how it came in)! Was that somebody on tha 1st verse that wasn’t listed? ‘Cause I hear you on tha 2nd verse, and you’re deliverin’ that better verse. Good verse from you. Now, there’s anotha rapper on tha 3rd verse. He sounds like a Play-N-Skillz dude… I like that fast rappin’, and it sounds like this a true joint right here! I didn’t expect there to be a lil’ skit after tha song. But, what did that have to do wit tha song? Iz that an explanation of somethin’ “hardcore”? Tha “bitch in tha bed” type shit? My Rating: 3.8

½time: Well, at ½time already ‘cause there’s only 11 jointz on here. So far, tha CD rating iz worth a 4.0, but that could easily change ‘cause of there not bein’ many songs. This iz off to a great start (better than tha mixtape), so we’ll see how much better this gets!

06. “Wuzzam Wid It”
Will I go for this? >>> Okay hook, okay beat, and not bad start to tha 1st verse. Nothin’ to really say about tha 1st verse; just a decent song so far. Okay 2nd verse, and I see you talkin’ about tha females. Good, I guess. Not bad on tha 3rd verse too; nothin’ really to say else about this song. My Rating: 3.4

07. “To Da Flo”
Uh oh… Not for me? >>> Hearin’ tha 1st few words, and I almost got scared. After like almost 40 seconds, tha hook’s here. I expected worse, but it’s almost below average for me. LOL @ tha “I’m tha shit, can’t you smell a nigga” line startin’ off tha verse! So, you wanna “murk a nigga” ova a girl? Don’t you already have a girlfriend? IDK… Ain’t that a lil’ too much? Shit, this iz 4:02? I thought it was a minute shorter… LOL @ tha “ya heard” on tha 3rd verse (where’s tha “me”? I know you were tryin’ to rhyme it). Good beat, and that’s tha only thing that kept this song steady. My Rating: 2.9

08. “My Niggaz” Feat. J-Riz
I think it’s cool that a lot of people make songs wit this title; too bad I can’t. I wonder how your version sounds… >>> Now, this iz a shorter song… Whoa, “give me 95 feet;” you know you feel like a giant if that’s what’s on your mind! Good “smokin’ blunts wit my thugz” part. Hearin’ tha hook, and it’s simple, so it’s decent for me. That line in tha beginning of tha 2nd verse, “I got yo back if you got my back,” iz tha truth! I always tell that to people, and you know “I got yo back” wit this shit, ya heard me. Hearin’ J-Riz on tha 3rd verse, and I don’t have anything to say so far. I’m tryin’ to “listen to tha lyrics that burn,” but I haven’t really found any in this song. Nice beat ending! My Rating: 3.7

09. “Die Spot” Feat. Shadetree
Anotha “die” song, and LOL @ it bein’ a “spot”! I guess that’s ‘cause of bein’ gangsta? And LOL @ tha featured artist’s name… >>> I like that hook, especially wit that “designated die spot” part! Shadetree’s on tha 1st verse, and L…O…L… at all that fast rappin’! LOL, he ain’t stoppin’!!! And it just went back into tha hook, lol! Great 1st verse, lol! An “obsessed wit his gun” Chasa on tha 2nd verse here, where your gun iz treated tha “same way” like “your dick,” lol. Not bad 2nd verse. My Rating: 3.9

10. “Money Money (Remix)” Feat. Statik
Ooh, a remix to an older joint. Let’s hear how it sounds… >>> LOL… It sounds like tha intro to my song, “Who I Am”, in tha beginning! Ooh, at tha “money fallin’ out my ass like I had presidents fa dinna” line! Looks like you doin’ yo thang wit shit! I think I liked tha original better, but this sounds good too. Tha 2nd verse from Statik was on point. Hearin’ tha 3rd verse, and I hear tha “hopped off tha porch at 13” line again, lol. Keep hustlin’, and doin’ yo thang. Let’s see what I rated tha original… LOL, 4.5! Oh, that was higher ‘cause of Chevy. That was much betta. My Rating: 3.7

11. “Gotta Shine” Feat. Nicole N
Will this female help tha hook or somethin’ on this song? Lemme find out what I’m gonna expect tha end of tha CD to be like… >>> 10:06 on tha length wit a slow start? This ain’t for me wit tha slowness and tha type of lyrics it’s on (wit tha beat). I’m hearin’ tha hook now, and she sounds sexy. LOL @ her background vocals on tha 2nd verse, especially wit tha “Myspace” part. A better 2nd verse, but not on my level here. Well, at 3:29 in tha song, it ended. Now that there’s 6 and a ½ minutes left, I wonder what’s remaining? Will it be shout-outs? At 4:00, ya boy Thug comes in… Still tha same topic as tha otha lil’ ending skit. Ooh, there’s a hidden track after tha skit! Great beat, and okay hook so far wit tha “jump around, nigga” part. Not bad 1st verse from whoeva that dude iz on this. Hearin’ tha 2nd verse, and it sounds a lil’ typical vs. an almost alike version of Memphis Bleek/T.I./Trick Daddy “Round Here” from 2003. Here you come on tha 3rd verse, and it’s like, holy shit, you got an attitude fa this! Good job on your verse, as it was better than tha featured dude’s 1st 2 verses. Ooh, you got a 4th verse on here… It sounds like you soundin’ fresh on this verse. Even though I liked tha 3rd verse better, good job on tha 4th one. Oh, and nice beat ending too! Now, tha rules wit 2 tracks in one iz that I combine tha ratings together to get a combined rating. Tha 1st joint was not for me, so I’m sorry, but it’s a 2.0 for me. Tha 2nd joint was a 3.7, so combined, it’s 5.7/2 = 2.85, which rounded up iz a 2.9. My Combined Rating: 2.9

Overall: End Time: 10:09 PM. Well, 1 hour, 6 minutes it took me to review this. Tha beginning of tha album started off pretty good, and then it was kinda decent towards tha end. I liked your mixtape better, but I’m lookin’ forward to hearin’ new music from you. Keep doin’ yo thang, and I’m real glad I’m cool wit you. You need to get on some BR type beats next time! It’s a blessin’ to be cool wit so many people from Louisiana, especially Baton Rouge!!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

11. “To Da Flo” 2.9
10. “Gotta Shine” Feat. Nicole N 2.9
09. “Wuzzam Wid It” 3.4
08. “Money Money (Remix)” Feat. Statik 3.7
07. “Catch A Round” 3.7
06. “My Niggaz” Feat. J-Riz 3.7
05. “Intro” 3.8
04. “Hardcore” Feat. Statik & Mac Milla 3.8
03. “Die Spot” Feat. Shadetree 3.9
02. “Die Tonite” 4.0
01. “Make It On My Own” Feat. J-Riz 4.5

Average CD Review:

Total Score: 40.3
Total Songs: / 11
Average CD Rating: 3.7

Review #186: Chasa a.k.a. Menace Da Fiend "Unda-Estimated Vol. 1"

Reviewed on 3.28.2009 (Review No. 186)

Wat up, it’s FrankieThaLuckyDog, you know. Today, I gon review a 2006 mixtape, as well as an album, from Chasa a.k.a. Menace Da Fiend (from Baton Rouge), now known as ChaYsuh. Now, any CD older than 6 months I was gonna automatically throw in wit my “Louisiana Reviewz Marathon” coming up (where I’m reviewin’ ova 550 Louisiana CDs from tha past to tha present). However, because I’m talkin’ to him now, I decided to review ‘em right away so he can see my opinion on his shit, ya dig. Thanx fa discoverin’ me through B-Raw and his MySpace, as well as havin’ tha current record for latest phone call wit me eva at 5:53 AM (4:53 AM Louisiana time)! Now then, it’s time for my review for Chasa a.k.a. Menace Da Fiend “Unda-Estimated Vol. 1”! We’ll see how “unda-estimated” you are when I hear this shit! FOR ANY ARTISTS READING: If you want a shot at gettin’ a record deal, as well as gettin’ looked by all tha major labels in tha country, get at me!!! Start Time: 5:52 PM | Video Game Playing: Donkey Kong Country 3 (for Super Nintendo)

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

01. “Prelude”
Let’s hear how we gon start this shit off… >>> Not an “intro,” but a “prelude” for you as tha start. Tha beat sounds pretty nice, and I hear that this iz more rappin’ that just a typical intro. You gave a lil’ shout out to Dutty Devioso on this shit; nice. Pretty nice rappin’ so far. You did yo thang on this opening track right here. Lookin’ forward to seein’ what you got next! My Rating: 3.8

02. “Intro”
Huh…? Oh, I guess that 1st joint was tha “prelude” to this “intro,” lol. Lemme see what we got goin’ on here… >>> Well, I thought tha beat was original on tha 1st 2 seconds, but no, it’s a “Draped Up” beat. I wonder how you gon handle it… You were only 17 at tha time? It feels like it was a while ago wit 2006… So, I’m guessin’ we’re tha same age ‘cause I was 17 in 2006 ‘til June 21, when I turned 18 that year. It sounds pretty good, and tha “pistol…” part was NICE, as well as tha “eyes red from tha killa” part I luved. Nice lil’ verse here. My Rating: 3.9

03. “I Mean Dat” Feat. Chevy & G-White
Got some features here… Let’s see how good they gon do wit you… >>> 4:40 on tha length, so you ain’t doin’ a short one here. Now, that I’m hearin’ you in tha beginning, that’s tha voice I think I’m used to when I was on tha phone wit you. Oh, so this iz tha “Shake That Monkey” beat from Too Short & Lil’ Jon; 2003/2004 style here. Okay hook on this. Okay, here comes tha 1st verse… Nothin’ much to say, but it was pretty good. Let’s see what we got for tha 2nd verse… Ooh, he sounds real good. Mr. “27 years old” wit how he sounds on this shit; sounds great. Tha “I’m like cocaine, nigga, you ‘bout to take a blow” part was great! He had a NICE verse. Let’s hear what we got for tha 3rd verse… Still wit that rawness! He sounds like he tha rawest between you and Chevy on this! Great job from him wit tha shit/attitude he had! Well, I thought for a second there was gonna be a 4th verse, but it sounds like talkin’, along wit tha hook again. Soon, you’ll be givin’ me a shout out, as well as B-Raw and any otha dudes. My Rating: 3.7

04. “Jig Wid It, Pop Wid It”
Lil’ incorrect spellin’ of “jigg,” but I’ll leave it ‘cause this iz YOUR CD. If it was somethin’ like tha word “it’s” spelled “its” (w/o an accent mark), then I’d correct it. Well, I don’t think I’m lookin’ forward to this ‘cause that looks like “Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It.” I almost brought that song up in Modern Belief class Thursday, when my female teacher asked me, “Frankie, iz Hip-Hop tha same now, as it was in tha 80’s?” I said, “Hell no!,” as well as, “Tha snap movement changed things… Rememba that song, ‘girl shake that laffy taffy,’…,” and she rolled her eyes at that song. >>> And I’m right wit tha beat, so I gon roll my eyes now. Instead of “hum brah,” in tha background, it sounds like, “huh boy…” I’m glad you “smell like a pound” ‘cause it’s all about me support anyone, regardless of what they do. As long as they cool wit me. Anyway, decent verse; I thought it was gonna be worse. Tha hook I can’t say anything about ‘cause it’s nothin’ I wanna hear except tha “huh boy” shit in tha background. Sounds like you really in some sex mood on tha 2nd verse… LOL @ tha “’till I frown like a baby” part at tha end of tha 2nd verse. Anotha verse that was okay/beat my expectations. Up, I guess anotha verse… Well, I guess it ain’t here yet ‘cause tha hook repeated. I don’t think tha hook should’ve repeated. Oh, no verse. I guess I got ripped off. Oh no, tha hook again, lol! Not really my kinda song that I would go for, especially that original version that was DISGUSTING!! My Rating: 2.8

05. “Out Chea” Feat. Chevy & Lil’ Filthy
I thought I saw this title not too long ago (not meanin’ Down Bad’s song wit nearly tha same name)… W/E… Chevy’s on it, so you know I’ll be anticipated to hear him. Who’s tha “filthy” dude, lol? >>> I don’t know tha beat, but based off of tha beginning, it doesn’t really sound Louisianaish… Oh wait, tha hook sounds good! Sounds like REAL HIGH quality on tha volume ‘cause it’s bumpin’ here! Hearin’ tha 1st verse from you, and it’s soundin’ GREAT! Was that a burp at :48? LOL… Great verse from you, and that hook iz GREAT!! Sounds like Stat Quo almost on tha hook… Here comes that 2nd verse! No wonder, it’s that Chevy dude! Ooh, “25 sacks of that yay,” so you know this shit iz official! REAL nice job wit him on tha 2nd verse; glad you cool wit that dude! Here comes tha “filthy” dude on tha 3rd verse… Sounds like a typical, underground BR rapper… Uh oh, “dick chopped off” lyrics from him, so it’s not a fuckin’ game here! I REALLY like how tha verse ended wit all tha quietness! Good job from him on tha 3rd verse. Now, that I just hear tha beat at tha end, it sounds like “I Smoke, I Drank” sound effects. My Rating: 4.4

06. “Money Money” Feat. Chevy
Yes, anotha Chevy featured joint!! I don’t know what to expect wit a title like that, so I’mma let tha joint play! >>> Sounds anticipating wit tha intro… Ooh, an original beat! Tha REAL HIGH quality on tha sound I can hear in this one too (iz that tha way I can tell it’s an original beat?). Ooh, tha “sellin’ pills” part sounded GREAT to hear in tha hook! I luv this slow flow on here! Great, original beat here! I’m definitely feelin’ this one here! After 1:23 of a HOT beginning, here comes tha 1st verse from Chevy… Now, he sounds good, but you sounded better on that hook, fa sho! Short verse, but nice anyway. I’m GLAD that hook here again!! Too bad tha “sellin’ pills” part was just in tha beginning… Ooh, you’re on tha 2nd verse… “Hopped off tha porch at 13;” that line sounds good (I’m guessin’ that’s when you started hustlin’?). Great verse from you on this. This time, for tha 1st time on here, you surpassed your featured folks on how much I liked your verse better on here! My Rating: 4.5

07. Fuk Chasa (Skit) Feat. G-White
Why a “fuck you” kinda skit? That’s cool that there’s a featured artist on tha skit; neva saw this b4. You know I’m DYIN’ to hear a skit, especially from you, so let’s see here… >>> Yes, there’s a phone call! Curious to hear what we got goin’ on when tha phone answers!! Too bad it’s about fuckin’ his girl… I like tha music in tha background (tha way it sounds), and just hearin’ y’all talk iz cool (tha way y’all sound). I expected prolly a better skit, but a skit iz better than nothin’ ‘cause I luv hearin’ skits on CDs!! My Rating: N/A

08. “’Bout Chuh Feddy” Feat. Sin
Not exactly sure on tha title (‘cause I don’t exactly know what “feddy” iz), but I know that “chuh” = “cha”. Let’s see what you wanna offer here, bruh. >>> Sounds like anotha original track! LOL @ tha “let’s get ready to rumble” part. Ooh, a new dude on tha 1st verse (Sin). Sounds like a non-Louisiana type of song in tha beat (like one of those I’d randomly hear on tha internet). He either doesn’t sound black, or not from tha South. An okay verse from him/not bad. Hearin’ tha hook, and it sounds pretty good; lol @ tha near-chipmunk voice in there. Here comes tha 2nd verse from you… Sounds raw wit tha “still gunnin’” part; you sound like you serious wit yo shit. Good “pot fulla hot grease” line, and good verse! Neva mind, I think “feddy” = “money”. Let’s see what’s remaining here… Sin on tha 3rd verse, and it sounds like his verse iz DEFINITELY betta than his 1st verse, especially wit tha “railroad track” part. Oh, it’s a sharing verse, as you’re on tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse. Good “posted up” part, although it lead to “lookin’ at someone’s hoe,” where I thought it was gonna be somethin’ that had to do wit smokin’/sellin’ drugs. I like that “it’s gutta nigga; what?” part at tha end. My Rating: 4.1

½time: Okay, I got to tha ½ point here… It seems like I like tha original tracks better (of course), and tha featured artists are keepin’ this CD up for you. Pretty good start to tha CD, as it’s currently an average CD rating of a 3.9. We’ll see how tha rest gon do fa ya!

09. He Was Just Playin’ (Skit) Feat. Anasi
Ooh, anotha skit already!! I guess “he [G-White] was just playin’” about tha last skit? I dunno, but I finna find out! >>> Shit, only 22 seconds long. Nothin’ to say. My Rating: N/A

10. “Hate This”
Will I “hate this”? I hope not… >>> Oh, 5:02 on tha length; you BETTA do yo thang on this! Not bad beat, although not tha style I’m lookin’ for in a BR artist. Tha hook sounds okay, I guess. Sounds like a pretty good verse here on tha 1st verse. Nothin’ much to say, but I guess thumbs up. Sounds like some info on BR on tha 2nd verse. Good “white bricks” part, and yeah, “it’s retarded.” I hope to get to BR one day; I’m glad I have a HUGE following out there wit my name and shit! Sounded like a much betta 2nd verse here! It sounds like a good 3rd verse here wit tha shit you talkin’ about for tha hood. LOL @ tha “you ain’t neva broke a pencil;” there a lot of fakerz out there? I dunno… Sometimes I can’t tell if anyone’s fake, unless they don’t do somethin’ good for me, meanwhile they do somethin’ good for someone else. My Rating: 3.8

11. “N Luv Wit Da Killa” Feat. Jay
Shit, just when a jacked beat thought came into my head, why did it just have to happen? I can tell this ova tha “I’m N Luv Wit A Stripper” beat (holy shit, how old of a joint, just by rememberin’ tha spellin’ of it). No anticipation level here. >>> I rememba bein’ “n luv wit tha original” song, but now, I can’t even listen to those songs anymore. I REALLY LIKE how you start tha 1st verse off wit tha “smokin’” shit; luv that! REAL catchy hook (I’m glad “killa” for this song iz tha weed vs. a killa), although I might have to adjust to those vocals. Hearin’ tha 2nd verse, and it’s soundin’ betta! No interest in tha 3rd verse, but yeah, GREAT song! I think this iz tha best song on here due to tha theme and tha smokin’. I’m gonna tie it wit tha otha joint I really liked on here. My Rating: 4.5

12. “Shut Da Club Down”
If this ain’t original, I don’t think I’m gonna look forward… >>> Weird beat start, and it iz original… Not bad hook, and hearin’ tha 1st verse… Sounds focused here… although, too much typical lyrics about tha hoes. I don’t know why people need to have an extreme amount of songs about girls… Either way, I’m glad “HIV couldn’t fuck wit” you. Good ending wit tha “ya heard me” part. LOL, this was like 5% Louisiana style unfortunately. Not much of a Louisiana type of topic (even if this was refered to a Louisiana club). My Rating: 3.5

13. “Sick Azimiz”
I already know tha beat; lemme hear how you do on it… >>> LOL @ rememberin’ that beat intro… This was like when Bow Wow started cussin’, and using tha word “nigga.” Good, you refered tha “Baton Rouge, nigga. Dat 225” and “jiggalatin’” parts to BR; that’s watz good. Pretty nice 1st verse, and tha hook was good/like tha original. I know you mentioned tha “nobody flippin’ these beats sick like me.” On these jacked beats, I think you’re just a tiny bit better than otha people. I mean, you have a chance on these beats, but there have been better songs I’ve heard on jacked beats. For songs like your “N Luv Wit Da Killa” iz tha types I wanna hear on jacked beats; it’s like creating tha song in a new way! Tha 3rd verse sounds good, and I like that “Trey Songz” lil’ part about his song, “Gotta Make It”. My Rating: 3.7

14. “So Retawded” Feat. Mike Gutta
Ooh, could this be a jackpot song on your mixtape? I HOPE so!! Use correct formula here!!! >>> This might be tha big one to look forward too! You know that beat intro iz TIGHT! What’s tha “H-Town” shit? I thought this iz strictly BR shit? GREAT/SICK-ASS beat wit a catchy hook. Unexpected 1st verse soundin’ like it’s all ova tha place… He sounds mixed up; where are you? Good, here you are on tha 2nd verse! Not bad, but it still sounds all crazy wit everything goin’ on from tha beat to tha “my hood” parts to tha vocals. I expected a way betta “retawded” song. My Rating: 3.9

15. “Shady Cat” Feat. NiCKNAME & Vita
What kinda collabo iz this? >>> I feel like I like this. Tha beat reminds me of some older 2000’s type shit from tha East Coast. Yeah, it may not be Louisianaish, but I can deal wit this. Even those vocals on tha 1st verse sound like some old shit. I like that 1st verse, and I didn’t expect tha hook to come outta nowhere. I hear you now on tha 3rd verse; I didn’t know if you came up already. Interesting song, and good verse from you. Tha “pass tha philly” part in tha hook = catchiness for this song. Almost sounds like a T-Bo or someone who’s white on tha hook/1st verse. This was betta than that last joint I heard on here, so I’m ratin’ it higher than that one. My Rating: 4.0

16. “Be About It” Feat. Mac Milla
Looks like this’ll be somethin’ I’ll be interested in; lemme find out. I like tha featured artist’s name BTW! >>> I like how tha beat sounds for a beginning. Yeah, “Baton Rouge in tha beginning.” Sounds like one of tha rappers from tha last song almost. Mac doin’ a good job on his verse. Good verse from him. I’m hearin’ tha hook, and it’s good/not bad. Yes, you’re on tha 2nd verse… Sounds like you go good wit this beat. Good verse from you wit some of those gutta lyrics. I ratha hear lyrics about gunnin’ vs. “do that ___ dance” lyrics from anyone, easily! LOL @ tha “breeze from a cold” start to tha 3rd verse from Mac. He doin’ his thang on this verse here! Sounds betta on this verse than on tha 1st verse! REAL GREAT verse from him; good shit here! My Rating: 4.1

17. “You Ain’t On” Feat. Ghetto Angel
This iz tha final joint, so I’m gonna see what it iz, and then eat dinner. >>> Good thing it’s not a boring ending. A duet here wit tha rappin’… Okay hook on this. She’s on tha 1st verse here… Did she not rhyme tha first 2 lines? It almost like she said, “Baton Woods,” at tha end, lol (I know she said, “Baton Rouge”). Not bad verse from her, even though nothin’ to quote. You’re on tha 2nd verse, and you are “on” wit this verse. I REALLY luv tha “you can smell tha green from my mouth piece” part. I feel blessed to be cool wit people wit mouth pieces, as well as tha ones that are on that kush, ya dig. Good verse from you, and good ending song. My Rating: 3.8

Overall: End Time: 7:36 PM. Not bad for a 1st CD, Chasa/ChaYsuh. I wonder how your album, “Street Thuggin’,” will do wit me and my review later on tonight. Keep up tha good work, and I’m curious to know how you sound currently (you prolly sound better).

Rankings (according to my ratings):

15. “Jig Wid It, Pop Wid It” 2.8
14. “Shut Da Club Down” 3.5
13. “I Mean Dat” Feat. Chevy & G-White 3.7
12. “Sick Azimiz” 3.7
11. “Prelude” 3.8
10. “Hate This” 3.8
09. “You Ain’t On” Feat. Ghetto Angel 3.8
08. “So Retawded” Feat. Mike Gutta 3.9
07. “Intro” 3.9
06. “Shady Cat” Feat. NiCKNAME & Vita 4.0
05. “’Bout Chuh Feddy” Feat. Sin 4.1
04. “Be About It” Feat. Mac Milla 4.1
03. “Out Chea” Feat. Chevy & Lil’ Filthy 4.4
02. “Money Money” Feat. Chevy 4.5
01. “N Luv Wit Da Killa” Feat. Jay 4.5

Average CD Review:

Total Score: 58.5
Total Songs: / 15
Average CD Rating: 3.9

Friday, March 27, 2009

Review #184: Young Ready "That's How I'm Coming"

Reviewed on 3.27.2009 (Review No. 184)

It’s ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog here. Finally gettin’ some free time to do some more reviewz! I ain’t too behind, but I got a paper in Philosophy due, so I betta get to these quick. I was originally ‘pose to get this CD from Young Ready and/or his representative, but they haven’t gotten it to me yet. I did have this on my computer since February 19, but I wanted to get tha hard copy. I don’t wanna delay this ANTICIPATING CD any longer, as well as gettin’ some of these jointz on here in rotation wit me, so I finna do tha review now! Here goes my review for Young Ready “That’s How I’m Coming”! Once again, congrats on winnin’ 2 awards wit me on my 2008 Awards (rememba to hit up Savage for ‘em) for *CERTIFIED CLASSIC* (100+ spins wit me) for “Cock, Aim, Shoot” w/ C-Murder, and “Best New Louisiana Artist I Discovered This Year (2008)”. Also, tha letter you sent me from jail back on September 14, 2008 (as well as me gettin’ it September 18, 2008) still remains as tha BEST music business moment for me of all time! FOR ANY ARTISTS READING: If you want a shot at gettin’ a record deal, as well as gettin’ looked by all tha major labels in tha country, get at me!!! Start Time: 12:54 PM | Video Game Playing: Donkey Kong Country 3 (for Super Nintendo)

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

01. “Intro”
Q-Red on tha track, and a feature here, so I’m anticipated to see how we gon start this off!! >>> Of course, lovin’ tha intro, and your typical “bow” shit. Yeah, I know this from tha past, and it sounds like it works GREAT for an intro! Great C-Loc mention wit tha “under that old law” part! That voice of yours iz just PERFECT for ANY type of Rap track from tha underground (EXCLUDING Pop type of shit)!! Yeah, you’re REALLY “untamed!!” NO ONE CAN STOP YOU!!! Oh, I see you put tha “That’s How I’m Coming” title at tha end of tha verse; givin’ it that ’09 flava! Where’s Solo? *Checks tracklisting you wrote me on tha letter* Okay, on tha “Junkie Medicine (Cocaine Edition)”, this was originally “You Ain’t Heard About Me” w/o a feature, and wit Simms on tha track; good job on tha new version. I rated that one a 4.5, but I feel that this one was shorter. My Rating: 4.3
EDIT: See No. 11 for tha “Solo” thing…

02. “Snap-Pose” Feat. Max Minelli & Mouse
Ooh, look at this one!! A lil’ mainstreamish title, but wit Max and Mouse contributing to tha track, you know this one gon be a BEAST!!! >>> Great beat, and tha “err-time I hit tha stage…” part sounds like some underground song from tha past; maybe they jacked you? Mouse iz on tha hook, so he should be sourced IMO! That hook BY FAR BEATS tha typical mainstream sound!! Great shit, and WOW, REAL GREAT start to tha 1st verse wit you!! Lovin’ tha “sometimes I rock wit Coogis” part; oh, and now tha “Coogi down” part wit “all types of colors!” CRAZY SHIT, YOU KNOW HOW TO GO OFF ON THIS BEAT!!! Not only are you such a SICK-ASS rapper, but you stay FRESH (gotta feel tha green clothing/background on tha CD cover)! Great job on tha 1st verse, and now, it’s time for Max on tha 2nd verse… Yeah, “polo down” and “triple beam” type shit keeps him on point. You know I luv his flow, and he just does it REAL GREAT wit you! Yeah, “dust Max off” ‘cause he doin’ it BIG!! GREAT JOB there wit this MEGA catchiness!! Good job for Mouse on tha beat and hook!! Oh shit, still 1:06 left!!! Yeah, it’s you on tha 3rd verse…!!! Still doin’ tha damn thang wit yo “swagga game official.” YOUR VOICE WORKS SO FUCKIN’ PERFECT ON THESE TRACKS!!! Tha ratings NEVA go sour on your end!!! My Rating: 4.7

03. “Gangsta Bow (Remix)” Feat. Lil’ Phat
Where’d Phat come from? I know that you’re cool wit B-Raw, and B-Raw always talks to me about chillin’ wit Phat/Delwin Da Krazyman doin’ more shows than Phat, so I guess we’ll see how you collab for tha remix. Now, a lil’ pressure here: Tha original has a current rating of 4.8 wit me, so I HOPE tha remix can live up to tha expectations!!! Simms on tha track (I think that an error on tha back cover ‘cause that ‘pose to be “Simms”? Simms produced tha orig, and it says “Sim” on tha back cover…) and Q-Red on tha track; MEGA combo!!! >>> Great how it came in outta nowhere!! Yeah, at 4:32 on tha length!!! All those kick-ins and “bow, bow, bow” parts again!!! Yeah, this’ll be a GREAT competition wit tha 4.8 rating!! It somewhat sounds better? I guess ‘cause it’s comin’ outta nowhere wit that hook, and it’s STILL CRAZY!!! CRAZYYYYYY 1st verse wit those CRAZY rhymes from you!!! Can’t even SAY how CRAZY that 1st verse was wit all that shit goin’ on!!! OMG, how it went into tha hook outta nowhere!!! This some REAL GREAT shit here for ’09!! Let’s hear what Phat has to offer on tha 2nd verse… Good thing he ain’t cheesy on this song/verse!! Gutta Phat here!! All those “shootin’/thuggin’” lines throughout his verse was REAL TIGHT!!! GREAT JOB HERE!!! LOVE THA 2009 HOOK!!! GREAT, a 3rd verse from you… TOO CONSISTENT!!! Tha “you mad ‘cause tha fans you had don’t even notice you” line was RAW, in a “tha hater iz a pussy-ass” type of harassment!! You DEFINITELY did yo thang on tha 3rd verse, and made this sound BETTER than tha original!! Only you would SURPASS a 4.8 rating wit tha same song bein’ remixed!!! My Rating: 4.9

04. “Stand Over You” Feat. Lil’ Phat
Ooh, B-Real on tha track!! Anotha Phat song, so I hope he STILL brings that fire!!! >>> This time, it only 3:08, so y’all gon have to REALLY do y’all thang here!! LOL @ “Blue Boy;” thought of Blu Black (Baton Rouge rapper known for producing/bein’ featured on “Out Da Box” from Down Bad) when it said that in tha intro. Well, GREAT BEGINNING VERSE wit tha “choppaz” part (oh wait, that’s tha beginning of tha hook). Even tha title works REAL GREAT here too!! No pussy-ass shit here EVA from Young Ready!!! You’re on tha 1st verse here, and just FIYAH wit tha “burnin’” rhymes!!! I don’t know exactly what to type here ‘cause alls it iz iz NOTHIN’ BUT CRAZY SHIT!!! Yeah, you “a cold, blooded nigga how really about bidne$$.” REAL GREAT 1st verse as you don’t fuck around wit yo shit!! Oh, so I’m hearin’ that GREAT hook again, and that “choppaz” part was just a part of tha intro. LOL @ tha beginning of tha 2nd verse wit Phat, “beef ain’t nothin’ but a word.” Really, it ain’t ‘cause it ALWAYS happens, and y’all have to evade it as best as you can! Why would anyone hate on people from Louisiana, ESPECIALLY Baton Rouge?!?! I like tha “S-L-I-C-K” part from Phat on tha 2nd verse! STILL did his thang on his verse wit that CRAZY shit!! GREAT ending to tha verse wit tha “got tha same glock from last year;” you KNOW Phat serious, and that y’all go tha dumb way!!! CRAZY-ASS beat from B-Real, and I ALWAYS respect all this underground shit from Baton Rouge; there’s NO OTHA, NO OTHA!!!!! My Rating: 4.8

05. “Let’s Get It Up There” Feat. Lil’ Phat
All tha Lil’ Phatness almost tries to lower my anticipation, but it seems to be REAL LUCKY wit tha type of songs he’s on!! I KNOW there’ll be other BR rappers on here later, but now, we got a Savage beat (what great alternatives of tha producers wit keepin’ tha same featured artist)!!!!! HOLY SHIT, time to see what I think of this one!!! >>> Wow, GREAT kick-in for tha beginning!!! I luv tha mixin’ (glad this mixtape has mixin’ in between tha tracks)!!! Didn’t expect this to be a Savage beat, but it CRAZY!!! Wow, LUV tha hook!!! Any hook you come up wit (which most of these are SO unexpected) are just CRAZY!!! Tha 1st verse iz startin’ off wit a MUCH RAWER Young Ready!!!!! Just TOO SICK wit this shit here!!! You’re SO PISSED OFF HERE!!! LUV THA ANGER!!!!! All tha “don’t fuck wit me!!!!!” lyrics here work REAL GREAT!!! That hook iz on some REAL TIGHT shit!!! Tha perfect “don’t fuck wit me!!!!!” song!!! No Phat on tha 2nd verse this time, lol. You’re on tha 2nd verse, and tha pissed offness decreased very little, but STILL comin’ through REAL STRONG wit those RAW lyrics!!! Did you write this shit in jail? No wonder why you wrote in my letter, “I’ve been writing some sick shit since I’ve been down.” It’s TRUE, and these jail-influenced lyrics PAY OFF, ya dig!! Phat on tha 3rd verse, and still “clutchin’,” lol. Of course, not near you on this track, but he comin’ through wit his great BR rhymes! Good job Phat, and ESPECIALLY you, Ready, fo HOLDIN’ THIS BITCH DOWN!!! From tha unexpected HOT beat to tha unexpected HOT hook to tha unexpected HOT VERSES from you, this deserves a **PERFECT RATING** from me!!! I can see how you REALLY wanted to get outta jail ‘cause you were FIENDIN’ for tha studio!!! My Rating: 5.0

06. “That Level” Feat. Reno & Shell
I thought Level was gonna be featured when I saw tha “level” in tha title. But wit Mouse on tha track again, I can’t even TELL YOU how much anticipation iz DRIPPIN’ OFF ME wit this joint!!! I saw who was on it and shit, Shell’s on this bitch, and it’s 4:16 on tha length, so let’s see if we got anotha **PERFECT RATING**!!! If I guess right, that would be REAL RARE ‘cause there’s NO WAY I can predict a perfect song, but, who knows!!! >>> What’s tha “Blue Boy” shit in tha intro? Well, looks like it takin’ after tha “Let’s Get It Up There” joint ‘cause tha beat iz UNEXPECTED and REAL HOT!!! Wow, EXTREMELY GREAT HOOK from Reno and then, you on tha hook!!! FUCKIN’ LUVIN’ THA TITLE TOO!!!!! One of tha best hooks I heard, so THUMBS UP!!! Yeah, “Mr. Gangsta Bow” on tha 1st verse (you)!! More GREAT, GRIMEY gun rhymes here!!! I just MUTHAFUCKIN’ LUV IT!!!!! REAL GREAT verse right there!!!!! Yes, I’m glad err-body gettin’ a chance wit tha verses!!! Reno on tha 2nd verse, and your “Gangsta Bow” joint/sayin’ was SO HOT that he had to quote you on it when he said, “Young Ready, he a gangsta, bow!” Tha “head off ya shouldaz/brain in yo lap” part iz just CRAZY!!! He a REAL GUTTA dude, fa real!!! Such EXTREME rhymes here!!! I can just imagine how Shell gon do on a joint like this… I hear him in tha background!!! Different soundin’ from him, as he sounds more darker wit his voice, and MUCH MORE gutta here!!! OMG, just luvin’ this shit right here wit a passion!!! This I think iz better than tha last joint… or iz it? Both jointz just TOO RAW, even though tha last one had more anger; this one sounded like it had more raw lyrics. Who doesn’t EMBRACE that hook?!? And yeah, I predicted tha rating right; **PERFECT RATING** again!! No wonder why you were my favorite Louisiana artist I discovered in 2008!!! You’re tha 2nd one to have 2 back 2 back 5.0 ratings (Mookie Blakk was first last month wit his “Off Tha Porch (The Lost Album)” CD)!!!!! My Rating: 5.0

07. “That Ain’t Ya Hoe” Feat. Mouse
I hope this doesn’t ruin tha consistency… Not tha title I would see in this mixtape, but wit Mouse on tha feature, and Q-Red on tha beat, there should NOT EVEN be NEAR a problem!!! >>> Cool sounding beat here… It’s gettin’ anticipating. Well, I didn’t expect a song like this, but it’s PURE LOUISIANA SHIT RIGHT HERE!!!!! What a CATCHY-ASS hook!!! Of course, luvin’ it!! Mouse was PERFECT for that hook!!! You’re on tha 1st verse here, and tha lyrics are typical for me. At least it’s in a Baton Rouge perspective. I didn’t see anything special wit tha 1st verse (not tha type of lyrics I anticipate from you, or get shocked from), but good job either way. Mouse on tha 2nd verse here… It sounds like he doesn’t say much in his verses, but it’s catchy. It’s still goin’ here… Decent verse, but mega catchy. Let’s see how we gon end this… You’re on tha 3rd verse, and it sounded a lil’ better than tha 1st verse, but not much wit tha lyrics here that blows my mind like tha otha songs. I don’t think anyone could’ve made a much more catchier hook for a female song!! It may not be a 4.6+ rating, but I still love it! My Rating: 4.4

08. “So Serious” Feat. Juice
Have I heard this Juice dude before? Hope he’s a Louisiana, betta yet a BR, person! *Checks my iTunes* Oh, he was on your “Junkie Medicine” mixtape. Well, I barely remember how he sounded, so I hope y’all get REAL “serious” on this joint!!! >>> Sounds like anotha GREAT beat (thanx Q-Red)!!! That “ma’fucka, I’m dumb!” part sounds REAL GREAT!!! Will it say it throughout tha song? I REALLY hope it does!!! Wow, EXTREMELY HOT BEAT HERE (ESPECIALLY DURING THA HOOK)!!!!!!!!!! That REAL “SERIOUS” hook iz REAL CRAZY!!!! I FUCKIN’ LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE CRAZY-ASS SHIT FROM YOU ON THA 1st verse!!! You’re REAL ANGRY again (or should I say, “REAL DUMB”)!!! Tha “get you smoked like a blunt/knock out all yo fronts” part had a REAL GREAT start to tha 1st verse!!! You’re such a MURDERIN’ “martian” wit this underground shit, ya dig!!! Just NOT GIVIN’ A FUCK about anyone in yo way!!!! A SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKIN’ GREATTTTTTTTTTT 1st verse from you!!!!! Hearin’ tha 2nd verse now from Juice, and he ANOTHA GREAT rapper!!! Sounds like he got some STABBIN’ rhymes here!!! Reppin’ “Zion City, doin’ homework;” you know this dude STRAIGHT wit his shit!! REAL GREAT 2nd verse wit lyrics that don’t fuck around!!! Let’s hear what we got left for tha 3rd verse… It’s you, again (who else?)!!! GREAT LYRICS “on some bow shit!!!!!” Sam I Am may have tha RAWEST attitude on tracks, but you got one of tha BEST VOICES for this shit wit tha flowin’ and lyrics!!!!! As much as I luv you as a rapper, you’re a REAL great person as you keep in touch wit me when I write you (only fake dudes ignore me)! Well, this iz anotha **PERFECT RATING**, but easily my favorite here so far!!! My Rating: 5.0

½time: OMG, Ready!!! This some REAL CRAZY SHIT right here!!! You currently are holdin’ a record for tha HIGHEST RATED CD I eva rated (currently, tha average rating of this CD iz a WHOPPING 4.8)!!!!!!!!!! At tha ½time on Kevin Gates’s latest mixtape, “All In”, tha average CD rating was a 4.2, which iz typical, but you BLOW MY MIND AWAY wit all this shit you cook up on these tracks!!!!!!!!!! I betta finish before my time runs out. You’re such a GREAT RAPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09. “Get Ya Mind Right” Feat. Juice
Now, we’re gettin’ “juiced up” wit tha Juice songs now, lol. You KNOW how to plan your mixtape out!!! Whodie 10 on tha beat, so we’ll see if he comes correct for you on production!!! >>> More HOT SHIT!!!!! Beat goes REAL GREAT!!! I almost felt pressure wit it bein’ under 3 minutes long, but it’s comin’ REAL GREAT!!! Tha hook iz REAL GREAT from Juice, and tha whole “gun theme” in tha hook iz REAL GREAT to hear on this shit!!! He no less starts tha 1st verse off!! He “makes ya mind go blank,” so you know he ain’t playin’!!! “Been ‘bout it, ‘bout it since he was little,” so you know he know his Rap shit!! I’m GLAD I’m not listenin’ to fake shit ‘cause in Modern Belief class yesterday, wit my female teacher, we were talkin’ about Rap music, and how a lot of it today iz fake, and just tries to get money off of; I’m REAL GLAD underground Louisiana music that I listen to ain’t like that!!! I at least talk to most Louisiana peeps, so it’s real there! You’re on tha 2nd verse, and it’s just CRAZY wit tha gun parts!!! WHAT A FUCKIN’ ATTITUDE HERE!!! I can’t believe you went to jail last year; what a bitch!!! Tha “9-1-1” part was SICK when you said, “I’m like, ‘9-1-1’…;” you’re TOO NUTS, and just went NUTS ON YOUR VERSE!!! My Rating: 4.9
EDIT: SMH @ labelin' tha producer as "Whodie 10." Tha real producer iz Wodie On The Beat, and he just confirmed tha error to me now. I betta go fix dat error in tha tags on tha commercial I made (too bad I can't fix it in tha commercial itself...).

10. “Hitman” Feat. Black Roy
I thought tha featured artist was tha intro person in some of tha tracks (but that was “Blue Boy” that was said). Let’s see how this new featured artist gon do on a Savage beat wit you!!! 4:18 on tha length, so you KNOW this’ll be SO FUCKIN’ SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!! >>>> Great, unexpected/non-typical beat from Savage, and CRAZY hook wit tha “deposit” part in tha hook from you!!!!! OF COURSE, you, “still rock tha dumb way;” you will NEVA change!!! I actually was talkin’ to your representative about tryin’ to get you a deal, but there have been some connections before somewhere else (won’t say online just in case). When you said, “fuck what they talkin’ ‘bout,” I think of Nu$$ie (R.I.P.) ‘cause that was in his “Dirty South” song. You did yo FUCKIN’ THANG on tha 1st verse, and hearin’ tha 2nd verse now… It’s just TOO FUCKIN’ NICE!!! Tha “you weak, dawg…” part just EASILY defines how you handle these tracks vs. anyone else!!! And just sayin’ “dawg” gets me in a better mood to review this. I HOPE YOU LIVE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! You’re one of tha best rappers EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REAL GREAT 2nd verse!!!!!!!!!!! Hearin’ that Black Roy dude, and just hearin’ his voice, it sounds like he definitely iz a newbie. He ain’t fuckin’ around wit his rappin’ as he a “certified goon” wit tha gun lyrics! Ooh, tha “kidnap/ducktape” part iz just NUTS!!! Whoeva “ducktapes” someone iz just INSANE!!!!! Even if tha person has that thought in them AUTOMATICALLY makes them a thug, and someone you SHOULD NOT EVEN GET CLOSE TO!!!!! I like this better than tha last joint; close to a **PERFECT RATING**!!! My Rating: 4.9

11. “Ride Out”
I saw tha title, and realized it was on tha Savage/Max Minelli “The Equation”. But, I have a feelin’ this ain’t tha same track since Savage produced that one, and C-Loc produced this one (ooh, anticipation for C-Loc producing). If there’s nobody on this joint, then I have a feelin’ tha “Feat. Solo” shit on tha back cover iz messed up (it shouldn’t say “Feat. [anyone]” if nobody else iz on it). Let’s see what we got here… >>> Ooh, I hear tha C-Loc type of rhymin’ in tha beat, so I could tell he be on it! Oh, I hear tha “hoe, I get straight to tha point” in this! BTW, I put this song (wit Savage & Lil’ Cali) in rotation wit me, so it’s GREAT to hear a different version!!! You know that hook iz nice and smooth, but that verse iz NUTS!!! Speakin’ of nuts, lol @ tha line, “I came out, soon as I felt myself ‘bout ta nut. Then, I ripped tha rubba off, and I skeeted all on her butt.” THAT LINE IZ SOOOOOOOOOOOO CRAZY!!!!! And even tha greeting, “wham, bam! Thank ya, mam,” iz great to hear, and so random, lol. You don’t see rappers greetin’ girls in their songs, lol. Unlike every otha rapper, who’s like, “I fucked a hoe; it was great,” you at least add visual experiences to it, which make it sound MUCH BETTA than any typical song about a girl (e.g., when I heard “1 Rubber”). Ooh, interesting shit goin’ on here on tha 2nd verse wit tha “bi-sexual” shit, lol. At least there’s fuckin’ goin’ on here… Still more graphical sex lyrics, and not tha boring lyrics that are so typical!! LOL @ tha “pulled tha magnum right off… in her mouth” part; CRAZY!!! It sounds like I can hear tha pasting of tha “you can ride out” parts ‘cause it sounds like there’s a lil’ space (e.g., at 3:06-3:07). Well, no featured artist so tha “Feat. Solo” thing can be cut off tha ID’s. I like this one better than tha one originally on Savage & Max Minelli’s mixtape!! Glad to hear a 2nd verse, BRAND NEW, from you!!! My Rating: 4.8

12. “1 Rubber” Feat. Max Minelli & C-Loc
I didn’t know Mouse did this beat… How weird that I just brought this song up in tha last song, and it’s here!!! I knew I saw a title on this CD that I already heard, and it looks like you understood my review for Tha Camp’s “Break It Off!” CD REAL GOOD ‘cause you picked my favorite song off there!!! Only you would do somethin’ like this! Otha CDs/mixtapes, I see boring repeated songs, but you, only tha BANGAZ!!! Here’s what I had to say about this joint: Tha beat iz tight! Sounds like some “let’s fuck” type of shit!! That’s you on tha hook, Ready. Sounds tight, ‘specially at tha end wit tha “1 rubber in my pocket!!” LOL @ tha “whipped it out them boxers line.” You’re tha FUCKIN’ SHIT Young Ready!!! I GOT SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUCKIN’ RESPECT for you!! I got yo back all day, err-day dawg. You FUCKIN’ deserve everything you want, ya dig!! Great 1st verse and tha hook iz tight! Very consistant wit this CD! Sounds like C-Loc on tha 2nd verse! I like tha “girbaud pockets” line; cool shit!! Cool that Max Minelli iz on tha 3rd verse! He sounds like he’s real serious about tha song!! He did his thang and this whole fuckin’ song iz TIIIIIIGHT!!! My Current Rating: 4.9

13. “That Life”
Q-Red on tha track, and you’re doin’ tha whole song. Let’s hear how this gon turn out to be fa me… >>> Great Down South organ in tha beginning of tha intro; you know these beats be on point!! REALLY LOOKIN’ FORWARD TO HEARIN’!!! LOL @ tha “that life” part; CAME OUTTA NOWHERE!! Great hook, and its meaning behind it goes great wit tha speed of this joint. Yeah, “no way Young Ready missin’,” when it comes to tha “red beamin’.” You ALWAYS on point wit yo aim on EVERYTHING, whether it’s gunz, aiming, otha people, and handlin’ songs/features; GREAT 1st verse too! Tha “wickedness” comin’ at me on tha 2nd verse here… Yeah, too bad for tha “paroll” shit; my brotha just got outta jail 3 dayz ago, but it don’t even seem like he here ‘cause he just be out all day… He makes shit too obvious. That’s why I say, “Rappers I know may smoke, deal drugs, etc., but they’re smarter than my brother. My brother just makes things obvious, and just continues to do tha same shit.” Tha 2nd verse was STILL on some GREAT shit wit all tha lyrics goin’ on wit you! Hearin’ tha 3rd verse, and more “probation” type of lyrics; glad to be hearin’ about this shit. Really feelin’ this shit. Oh, so Zoe iz in jail? Who was tha *Zoe voice* “S-N-I… T-C-H” that snitched on him? I’m SICK of people, ESPECIALLY tha rappers, goin’ to jail. Shit, I can’t wait ‘til Blu Black comes out in 3 dayz!!! He been locked up fa not even 2 months, and it just feels like faeva ‘cause shit pretty boring witout him around. Real great 3rd verse, and I liked at tha end of tha hook wit tha “outta trouble” part. My Rating: 4.5

14. “That’s How I’m Coming” Feat. Savage
Savage on tha beat, and on tha feature!! Was this when y’all were in tha studio when I called up on tha evening of November 6, 2008? That was GREAT talkin’ to you, unexpectedly, that night!! We’ll see “how y’all coming” on this joint; huge anticipation level!!! >>> Tha lengths on these jointz are always 4:10-4:20, which seems lucky for you on here! Nice lil’ part in tha first few seconds! Ooh, tha Savage beat iz GREAT!! Almost reminds me of tha “Suicide” beat Savage did for himself a while ago. REAL GREAT hook, again!!! Tha 1st verse starts off REAL GREAT wit tha “this ain’t a game/Super Mario” part; I luv video games, but yeah, of course, in tha BR streets, there ain’t NO GAMES BEIN’ PLAYED!!! Err-body iz serious!! Catchy verse wit those gutta lyrics goin’ on!! Oh, forgot to mention wit tha hook wit those “buku, buku” parts; they sound great in tha background. Great collaboration hook wit Savage!! I thought Sav was gonna be on tha 2nd verse, but it’s you, wit “ya nuts faeva hangin’.” It sad that “Louisiana tha murder state.” I hate how my family stereotypes it, especially wit my family bein’ racist at times. I don’t want it to decrease my chances of gettin’ there. Whateva, fuck it; I gon be in Louisiana REAL SOON!! I REALLY like that YELLIN’ attitude (like my Dad) at tha end of tha 2nd verse wit those last 2 lines; GREAT SHIT!!! Oh, no Savage on tha 3rd verse; he just collab’d on tha hook… It would’ve been cool to see him on a verse, but it’s GREAT that you’re on tha 3rd verse ‘cause I got SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH LUV for you, ya dig! Anotha REAL GREAT verse from you!! Luv that “I’m tha DUMBEST of tha DUMBEST of tha DUMBEST 80’s babies” part; NICE attitude on that part too!! Looks like y’all work GREAT in tha studio!! My Rating: 4.7

15. “Out The Mud” Feat. Juice & Black Roy
I can EASILY PREDICT this gon be STRAIGHT UP… THA DUMB WAY!!!!! SOOOOOOO RETARDED RIGHT HERE!!!!!! And Mouse’s on tha track, so you KNOW I finna embrace this joint!!!!! >>> Tha 4:10-4:20 lengths continue (4:15 on tha length)!!! Luv that title, and tha beat intro was just REAL ANTICIPATING for this joint!!! Catchy hook, and this shit soundin’ REAL TIGHT so far!!! Hearin’ tha 1st verse, and EASILY, you “ballin’ for a salary.” I feel like tha underground of Louisiana wheezes without you, Ready. EVERYBODY in BR pretty much luvs and respects you, as well as me givin’ you SO MUCH LUV!! All tha cop references in this verse was REAL GREAT; you know I LUV hearin’ about this shit!!! That hook iz REAL TIGHT, especially tha drug part in tha beginning, along wit tha title!! Ooh, tha 2nd verse here, and looks like this more of a drug song (there weren’t many on this CD)!!! REAL GLAD to see one of these songs here ‘cause gangsta songs and drug songs are my FAVORITE on CDs!!! Tha “got weed, dope, and pills” part sounded REAL NICE to hear; always tha type of shit that I REALLY wanna hear!! Ooh, that piano iz COLD at 2:28!!! GREAT JOB from Juice on that verse; he was REALLY CRAZY wit tha drug lyrics there!!! Oh, now I rememba that voice of Black Roy, as he’s on tha 3rd verse… Ooh, tha “ducktapin’” lyrics again!!! Pretty good verse from him, but you and Juice were REALLY tha catch on this joint! Wow, that hook iz just GRIMEY fa tha streets!!! My Rating: 4.8

16. “All Night” Feat. K.T.
Tha final joint here… Already, let’s get into it (K.T. on tha beat too)!! >>> Well, I have a feelin’ this’ll be my least favorite on here… Not bad beat (nice and slow). Tha 1st verse was good from you. I didn’t expect K.T. to be a singer (unless I forgot about him). Okay hook, but not bad. Let’s hear this 2nd verse… You on it, and it looks like it more on tha sex tip. A better verse here. You prolly could’ve came more sexual on tha lyrics for tha females (like you did in those other songs on this mixtape). Well, let’s hear what we got on tha 3rd verse… I actually feel this more, and I think this iz a GREAT song to end tha CD off; nice and slow. Not bad on tha 3rd verse, but I couldn’t really say anything about it. Well, tha highest lowest rating on a CD was 4.2 (on C-Loc’s “Under That Old Law”), and this CD now ties that, thanx to this joint. My Rating: 4.2

Overall: End Time: 2:59 PM. Well, Young Ready, once again, anotha REALLY GREAT CD you got here!!! I think statistically, this was tha BEST CD I EVA RATED!!! Every song I rated at least a 4.0 (which means this CD iz a 5 star CD in my case), and there were a RECORD SETTING 3 **PERFECT RATING**s!!!!!!!!! After you bein’ in jail vs. my long delay wit reviewin’ this CD, I think it REALLY, REALLY, REALLY paid off here!!! Now, I REALLY want a hard copy of this CD so I can have it ‘cause it’s worth more than diamond status to me!!!!! Will this win CD of tha year? It gon be a REAL HARD competition ‘cause peeps like B-Raw, Blu Black, Down Bad, and Mookie Blakk all have had some of tha BEST CDs I’ve heard this year, and now, I gotta throw you in that category!! Oh shit, it gon be REAL TOUGH when tha awards come in December 2009/I announce ‘em in January 2010!!! Keep doin’ yo thang, and I HOPE you, your peeps, and your representative REALLY luvs this review ‘cause I LUVED this CD wit a passion!!! That’s why it’s a 10 page review!
P.S.: Kevin Gates’s “All In” mixtape’s average CD rating was a 4.1 wit me.

Rankings (according to my ratings):

16. “All Night” Feat. K.T. 4.2
15. “Intro” 4.3
14. “That Ain’t Ya Hoe” Feat. Mouse 4.4
13. “That Life” 4.5
12. “Snap-Pose” Feat. Max Minelli & Mouse 4.7
11. “That’s How I’m Coming” Feat. Savage 4.7
10. “Ride Out” 4.8
09. “Stand Over You” Feat. Lil’ Phat 4.8
08. “Out The Mud” Feat. Juice & Black Roy 4.8
07. “Gangsta Bow (Remix)” Feat. Lil’ Phat 4.9
06. “Get Ya Mind Right” Feat. Juice 4.9
05. “1 Rubber” Feat. Max Minelli & C-Loc 4.9
04. “Hitman” Feat. Black Roy 4.9
03. “Let’s Get It Up There” Feat. Lil’ Phat 5.0
02. “That Level” Feat. Reno & Shell 5.0
01. “So Serious” Feat. Juice 5.0

Average CD Review:

Total Score: 75.8
Total Songs: / 16
Average CD Rating: 4.7 (automatically a 5 star rated CD) (RECORD SETTING!!!)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Review #183: Meek Mill "Flamers 2: Hottest In Tha City"

Reviewed on 3.13.2009 (Review No. 183)

It’s ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog here… Damn, anotha review on Friday tha 13th (last Friday tha 13th, last month, I reviewed Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em’s wack album, “iSouljaBoyTellem”). I think this one gon be FIYAH though! I chose to do tha review for Meek Mill “Flamers 2: Hottest In Tha City” today ‘cause one year ago today, at 5:01 PM, Juice, who I was cool wit at my former college, Lackawanna College, gave me tha artist/title information for Joey Jihad & Meek Mill’s “Bossman” joint, which did OVERWHELMING wit me (26 weeks in rotation)!! It broke tha record for most times played on my computer (310 times), most times played on my iPod (303 times), most times played on one of my playlists (which last 3 weeks) (114 plays), and most played song EVA wit me in one year (613 times played)!!! that’s REALLY watz good, and I wanted to honor this day ‘cause tha song TOOK OFF wit me (I knew it was gonna be an addiction when I downloaded it)!!! Now, here goes more luv to Meek Mill as I review this new mixtape of his. Here’s my review for Meek Mill “Flamers 2: Hottest In Tha City”! Start Time: 9:01 PM | Video Game Playing: The Legend Of Zelda – A Link To The Past (for Super Nintendo)

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

01. Intro
This mixtape gon start off wit what? >>> It was real hard to hear what he was sayin’, but good look on tha dudes that were gettin’ him on tha phone; FREE MEEK MILL!!!!!!!!!! My Rating: N/A

02. “Shine’n”
You already know you be “shine’n” on this underground shit, ya heard me! I can’t even imagine how HARD you gon start this mixtape off!! >>> Yeah, this some HOT shit here! I LUV how you have a mix of dirty south beats on yo shit; tha shit sounds EXTREMELY HOT!!! Tha beat iz DEFINITELY great, and it’s off to a GREAT start!! Oh, T.I. came outta nowhere! It been a minute, but I remember you bein’ signed to Grand Hustle Records (since like September 2008 around, right?)! That voice of yours wit tha rhymes just iz CRAZY!!! Good “can’t wear skinny jeans ‘cause my glock won’t fit” part; HOT shit!!! Yeah, “I’m back! Watch tha whole hood chant for me!” I’m glad you repeated that line twice! My Rating: 4.4

03. “So Fly”
That you are! How good will this one be? I’m expectin’ just like “Shine’n”!! >>> Good beat/great vibe to this shit! I like tha “got ‘shawty’ on tha ‘low’ ‘cause I ‘get, get, get it!’” part (GREAT Shawty Lo punchline shit)!! Yeah, “hataz gotta smell your shit!” You just keep spittin’ this HOT-ASS shit!!! Tha hook iz a lil’ typical, and great, but when it’s you, tha hook iz DEFINITELY fa tha hood, and doesn’t matter ‘cause it’s automatically GREAT!! GREAT 1st verse BTW, and now, I’m on tha 2nd verse… You’re rappin’ wit a VERY fresh swag here! Even though you’re wit Grand Hustle, at least you didn’t bore yourself/force yourself to have a mainstream sound!! Your sound STILL has that HOT, UNDERGROUND sound!! It time fa tha 3rd verse here… I tell ya, I type faster tha faster you rap. GREAT “get her wide open like a door witta key” part; you tha fuckin’ shit, ya dig!!! One year exactly of knowin’ you, and you just KEEP goin’!!! My Rating: 4.5

04. “Ain’t I” Feat. Nitty
I have a feelin’ we gon switch ova to tha “Ain’t I” beat (‘cause of tha whole Grand Hustle thing)… I don’t know ‘cause you got a feature on here. Lemme see… >>> Yup, I was right (couldn’t’ve guessed wrong). You KNOW this gon be ANOTHA BANGA ‘cause of tha freestylin’!! WOW, your voice just DELIVERS that HOT SHIT fa tha hood!!! CRA-ZY!!! GREAT JOB on your part; you TORE IT UP!!! Nitty goin’ at it on tha 2nd part here… He DEFINITELY has that flow/style that’s just as good as you! GREAT drug line as he said “we be flippin’ like a light switch.” He DEFINITELY had that 2nd part ON LOCK!!! What a GREAT JOB here; CRAZY SHIT, but kinda short… My Rating: 4.4

05. “Hottest In Tha City”
You KNOW a part of tha mixtape title had to be in one of tha titles here. And you KNOW I’m anticipated for this shit right here ‘cause you ARE one of tha “hottest in tha city” of Philly, ya heard me! HOPE to hear some Joey Jihad on this mixtape as well!! >>> A lil’ Plies intro wit tha “got a question for tha streets: who hotter than me?” Nice lil’ sample used for tha “hottest in tha city” part; nice start here! Glad you “puffin’ on” some shit, ya dig. Still kept that RAW-ASS attitude throughout tha verse, doin’ tha damn thang, ya heard me!! Huh? Clean 2nd verse? Wait, no… It just keeps reversin’…? I think it has a message… I heard a lot of “niggaz” backwerdz, and I heard somethin’ wit “only reason” or somethin’? Nice idea for tha start of tha verse! DEFINITELY a nice job, again, on tha 2nd verse! TEARIN’ this shit up!! Good, a 3rd verse… “Give… raw like Dominicans.” <- Nice line there! Also, GLAD you got “purp by tha pound/crack by tha oz!” Very cold ending, but kept it G throughout tha whole joint, once again! My Rating: 4.3

06. “Speed Of Light” Feat. B.O.B.
What could you be cookin’ up wit tha B dude? And I like tha title as well! >>> Good, it’s a good length (3:49 on tha length). Sounds like a good, mainstream Rap intro on this shit… Soundin’ good wit that nice, true hook from B.O.B.! Good, you’re on tha 1st verse! A lil’ slower on tha verse here, but still sounds good. Good job on tha 1st verse, and sounds like 100%+ true fa tha hoods here! You’re also on tha 2nd verse here… Yeah, tha feds be doin’ too much shit to err-body! My brotha been in jail since December 6… They keepin’ him in there a lil’ too long… A great 2nd verse from you on this. Good, you have a 3rd verse too… Keepin’ in continuous wit tha topic of tha song and shit. What a GREAT ending to tha 3rd verse; we know God gon “read your rights.” My Rating: 4.3

07. “Flamers (Freestyle)”
Ooh, anotha freestyle! I wonder what beat I gon expect… How about… “My President”? I don’t know… >>> LOL @ it bein’ “Heartless”, and only 1:21 on tha length… It back to tha CRAZY flowin’ version of you! LOL @ tha “My President” part in here of what you said (what an odd, ironic guess of me guessin’ tha beat, and you wound up sayin’ tha beginning of tha hook)! GREAT, there’s an acapella at tha end, and it sounded SO PURE, PERFECT!!! My Rating: 4.4

08. “Prolli” Feat. Oschino
I like how tha title iz spelled, and Oschino collaboratin’ again; could be good, but hopefully, REAL great!! >>> Sounds like a good, interesting beat here. Anotha hook fa tha hood; you just can’t stop! Damn, I FUCKIN’ LUV your fast rappin’ on these tracks ‘cause you add them CRAZY lyrics to it and shit!!! GOOD JOB on tha 1st verse; wow, that hook!!! Nothin’ but INSANE shit here!!! Ooh, Oschino off to a REAL GREAT start to tha 2nd verse wit that “polo on his shirt!” I ENJOYED his verse to tha fullest; CRAZY shit here, again!!! Oh wow, GREAT START to tha 3rd verse as well!! Sounds like you just FUCKIN’ MURDERIN’ THIS SHIT!!! This shit would be SO GREAT listenin’ to playin’ gun games like 007 (even though I’m playin’ Zelda right now)! My Rating: 4.6

09. “Money Galore” Feat. K.Smith
This could be REAL good as well… Looks like a newbie on tha feature too! >>> Wow, terrible start I think… Looks like K.Smith a downer for me wit that auto-tone shit, even though it ain’t tha worst auto-toned shit I heard before… Tha lyrics in tha hook are better than typical auto-tone shit. You’re startin’ tha 1st verse off wit tha slowness again… Tha lyrics you spittin’ are STILL GREAT, and I like tha “Simon” part (wit “Simon Says”); GREAT 1st verse! Neva mind about tha hook havin’ good lyrics (forgot it had tha “make it rain” shit in it). It just sounds good wit tha title. Oh wait, K.Smith on tha 2nd verse? Then I guess that’s an unidentified artist on tha hook (thank God). He did his thang on his verse, as it sounded pretty good; you were a lot better though, Meek. He on tha 3rd verse too here… Ooh, GREAT “pounds of dro” part “wrapped up…” too! A better 3rd verse from him on this. SMH @ tha Chris Brown auto-toneish hook. My Rating: 3.7

10. “Goons Gone Wild” Feat. Ar-Ab
Looks familiar… Might’ve been a Juice profile song… >>> Prolly was… Good acapella intro (for tha first few seconds), and then, that HOT beat came in!! Sounds like some slowly-increasing HOTNESS bein’ spit here!! Tha hook came outta nowhere, and came wit that TIGHT shit! Ooh, “bird huntin’ like tha game on Nintendo” <- HOLY SHIT, you CRAZY!!! I like tha “I don’t go to sleep; N.O…” part too (‘cause tha “N.O.” part reminds me of New Orleans (‘cause that’s what it iz abbreviated))! Finally, anotha verse comin’ here, and this time, from new dude Ar-Ab! He sounds like he got a hungry voice for this underground Rap shit! Great verse comin’ from him on this shit! Great “all tha drug dealers…” part from him too! Wow, tha verse iz STILL goin’, and it just ended. GREAT “gun’s so big” part at tha end. Too bad tha hook only came on once… My Rating: 4.5

11. “We Getting Money” Feat. Bump J & Gillie Da Kid
Was hoping Joey was featured, but I had a feelin’ Gillie was featured after I saw Bump on this bitch. Let’s hear how good this one’ll be (hope it’s better than tha otha “money” song)!! >>> Longest one on here so far (4:35 on tha length). Great intro of hoping you come home soon! A different kinda beat here… Let’s hear tha rhymes… You’re on tha hook, and tha “we getting money… YOU DIG” part sounds like it tha shit, and works GREAT fa tha hood, again! Yup, you’re on tha 1st verse too! Good “play wit birds” part on this; you been doin’ tha damn thang wit this shit! Great job on tha 1st verse right there, fa’sho! Let’s hear what Bump J got to say on tha 2nd verse… “Keep them birds flyin’ every hour, non-stop;” you know this dude be GRINDIN’ LIKE CRAZY!!! Wow, he doin’ such a GREAT job on this shit!! Just how he flowin’ on this shit sounds SO INFECTIOUS!!! REAL GREAT 2nd verse (best one outta this song so far)!! Tha final verse comin’ from Gillie… STRONG “glock hot smokin’” part, as Gillie doin’ his thang on this shit; you know he neva ages on tha rappin’! Anotha GREAT song here!! My Rating: 4.5

12. “Gettin’ It In” Feat. Peedi Crakk
Now, let’s see how good Peedi’ll be as a featured artist this time… >>> LOL @ tha “Rotate” beat; HOLY SHIT, I’M ANTICIPATED!!! Yes, tha FAST Meek Mill on your 1st verse!! REAL CRAZY/RAPID FIYAH RHYMES here!!! LOL @ tha auto-toned, T-Pain imitation you did here… JUST A CRAZY-ASS FREESTYLE HERE!!!! HOLY SHIT, CRAZY SHIT!!!!! EVERYTHING YOU’RE SAYIN’ IZ UNDENIABLE!!! Where’s tha title, lol? After 2:25, it’s time for Peedi… His rappin’ iz always pretty good for these kinda tracks, and he ain’t disappointin’ here. GREAT “lotta X, lotta O’s” part. He keeps doin’ his thang on this, and it just ended outta nowhere; EXTREMELY CONSISTENT HERE!!! My Rating: 4.7

13. “Posted Up”
Hopefully after tha “Rotate” beat freestyle that we can keep these HOT-ASS jointz comin’!!! Looks like a REALLY GREAT title that I wanna hear what’s goin’ on!!! >>> A lil’ short wit 2:33, and it sounds like a jacked beat song? I don’t think it iz, and that Bun B sample wit that HOT-ASS down south beat has it goin’ on here!! Wow, GREAT “jumpin’ like a hiccup” part!! Y’all know Meek Milly gon make ERR-BODY “jump like a hiccup,” ya heard me! That 1st verse was DEFINITELY on some nice shit! This sounds like your “On The Block (Remix)” song almost, even though that was even better! Oh, and another ironic thing as on tha 2nd verse, you start wit tha hook to “On The Block (Remix)”, lol! You takin’ tha thoughts outta my head, LMAO!! Tha 2nd verse had it goin’ on too, as it just kept DELIVERIN’ that HOT-ASS SHIT!! I like tha endin’ a WHOLE LOT wit tha “Taco Bell” part! My Rating: 4.7

½time: Well, EXTREMELY consistent here (maybe if you exclude tha auto-tone’d hook song)!!! You DEFINITELY be puttin’ in that HARD-ASS work wit these mixtapes, ya heard me!!! So far, it’s a 4.4 average rated mixtape CD, so KEEP UP THA GREAT WORK, and I HOPE tha rest of it continues!!! I’m gonna take a break right now, and talk to my rappin’ granny. >>> Well, we were on tha phone long (‘cause my mom was on tha phone wit her). Now, finally gettin’ back into this after about 45 minutes…

14. “So Many Girls”
How will this catch my attention (song quality wise)? >>> Pretty good start, but too poppy for a song that I’d wanna hear from you. Sounds like an odd T-Pain on tha hook. WAY TOO SLOW rappin’ style here… No comment on tha 1st verse. No comment on tha 2nd verse as well; too typical. Why tha fake T-Pain? Great beat, but this ain’t your type of song; sorry. My Rating: 3.0

15. “Trappin’ All Day” Feat. Gillie Da Kid
Now THIS iz more you!! Hope it turns out to be anotha BANGA, especially tha 1st one for tha 2nd ½!! >>> Sounds like DJ Drama type of beat, but sounds GREAT wit you on it!! GREAT “well connected like a server” line; still doin’ yo thang on this mixtape (of course)!! LOL @ tha “hi hater/bye hater/nah laters” part; good shit! You did yo thang, fa’sho, on tha 1st verse!! YEAH, that hook iz on some HOT SHIT!!! You givin’ tha hood tha BEST music!! Gillie goin’ on tha 2nd verse, and he seems like spittin’ some lastin’ rhymes. He had a good verse, even though I ain’t got much to say about it. You know I luv shit like this fa tha hood! Oh, there was a 3rd verse on this, but it only lasted under 10 seconds, lol? My Rating: 4.3

16. “Way Back”
We’re 16 jointz in, and no Joey so far… I remember on tha last “Flamers” that Joey came in, wit an ironic thought, at No. 16 as a feature wit dat “On The Block (Remix)”. I wonder how you gon handle a No. 16 joint by yourself?? >>> Boo @ only 1:49 on tha length! Sounds like a GREAT beat (Young Jeezy style)! It didn’t even take a second for you to spit, and to spit that HOT SHIT!!! Mild-speed rappin’ here, and it sounds GREAT wit dat beat!! Yeah, “where you come from, it’s a blessin’ to be 16,” ‘cause it’s REAL hood in Philly, ya heard me (and LOL @ tha “16” part since this iz No. 16; tha 3rd ironic thing on this CD as a thought, LMFAO!!)! Wow, at around 1:20, it got REALLY CRAZY wit tha rhymes, and tha lifestyles of Meek Mill, ya dig!!! WOW, tha “page without a Myspace part;” CRAZY!!! EXTREMELY HOT freestyle!! My Rating: 4.7

17. “36-24-36 Bad Body” Feat. K.Smith & 5PM
Tha title looks better than tha No. 14 joint on here… I HOPE you came wit a good, hood formula for this song. >>> Bad start… I wanted to give this a chance, but now, I feelin’ upset… Sounded like Yung Berg in tha beginning (like wit “Sexy Can I”)? Tha hook a lil’ boring? Hearin’ tha 1st verse from K… Not really into his verse, as it sounds like it goes for tha track, but for a Meek Mill song? HELL NO! Now, it sounded like Bobby Valentino background vocals in tha hook… Here comes you on tha 2nd verse… You still have that GREAT flow… Ewe, what’s tha snappin’ in tha beat? Those beats were SO 2005/2006; not 2009!! Can’t say really anything about your verse. Tha lil’ bridge part from K.Smith was ehhh… Wat iz this doin’ on a mixtape??? It doesn’t go hard at all… My Rating: 2.2

18. “Gettin’ To The Money” Feat. Omelly & Oschino
Wasn’t there a title on here wit tha same name almost?? *Checks* No. 11 had almost tha same title. I don’t know about these multiple song titles… I mean, I know this’ll be hot (hopefully), but I’ll just let tha song play. >>> Wow, you came outta NOWHERE wit tha RAPID-FIRE!!!!! Ova tha Rocko “Tomorrow” beat, this should be some good shit! Great job wit your GREAT verse!! Let’s hear what we got for tha 2nd verse… Sounds like I’m anticipated for it ‘cause I’m dyin’ to hear what tha dude gotta say for some reason! Yeah, tha dude doin’ his thang on this! All tha shit he be spittin’ on this iz great! Great rhymes right there! Huh, tha beat ended at 2:36? A beat change here… Yeah, you’re back on tha next verse!! A mo gutta attitude here from you, since you want “Jay-Z for breakfast, and Weezy fa dinner!” This tha “DON’T FUCK WIT ME!!” version of Meek Milly!! Doin’ yo thang on this shit, fa’real!! GREAT SHIT, and great combination of verses and beat switching!! My Rating: 4.4

19. “The Future”
What will “tha future” show you for 2009 and after? Well, if you keep tha hood buzzin’ wit these HOT-ASS mixtapes, you KNOW you gon have a GREAT future!! I hope tha Grand Hustle thing continues to go your way!! >>> That beat again, and 1:57 on tha length, unfortunately. Sounded tha same as tha 2nd part of tha last joint, only I heard somethin’ about “keys like a custodian,” which sounded REAL HOT!! Ooh, tha “Cali bud same color as string bean” part was tha SHIT!! This sounds HOTTER than tha last joint/what was combined and shit!! I still think this was tha last part of tha “Gettin’ To The Money” joint though, only it sounded hotter. My Rating: 4.5

20. “Do My Thang” Feat. Oschino
Speakin’ of Juice, this title right here was a joint he made me discover last year (it was Lil’ Wayne & Juelz Santana “Do My Thang”), so I have anticipation for this!! >>> Sounds like it gon go hard… Sounds like you got tha RIGHT attitude on tha hook! Ooh, Oschino came outta NOWHERE on tha 1st verse!! It got even BETTA at around 1:22 wit tha CRAZY, FASTNESS!!! He goin’ NUTS on this shit, and makin’ me wanna keep those HIGH ratings and shit!! REAL GREAT verse from Oschino on this shit!! Let’s see if you gon be on tha 2nd verse… Sounds like it… yup, you are! Tha verse iz GREAT, and tha whole “purple by tha pound shit?” GREAT!! And tha “pussy so wet” part ended tha verse in a GREAT way! You ALWAYS come through wit closin’ out your verses!! Looks like Oschino was TOO GREAT, so he had to continue, as he has tha 3rd verse!! Oh wait, as he “did his thang” (lol), you came in after him, and now are continuing ‘til tha song ends! Oh wait, now, at 4:12, to close it, Oschino’s back… Well, GREAT combo of tha 3rd verse right there, and I REALLY LIKE how tha mixin’ of tha title (how “thang” repeated) ended it! My Rating: 4.5

21. “Brush ‘Em Off” Feat. Oschino
More Oschino fo my ears; that’s watz good! Or should I say, “More Oschino + Meek Milly fo my ears; that’s watz good!!” >>> A lil’ short on tha length… What beat iz this? Iz it “Who Gives A Fuck Where You From”? I think it iz, but for freestylin’, do you have to have tha auto-tone? C’mon… CRAZY SHIT still be spittin’ (especially tha “white/KKK” part)!!! REAL GREAT verse, although tha auto-tone weakened my rating. Let’s hear Oschino now… No auto-tone! Shit, at 1:31, he used it! Tha rhymin’ and flowin’ here iz consistent, and sounds REAL GREAT!! GREAT job on tha rhymes, but minus tha auto-tone next time ‘cause y’all don’t need to be in that mess!! My Rating: 4.2

22. “Big Freestyle”
Uh oh, a BIG freestyle!! How will this follow up tha previous one? >>> A lil’ longer (2:31 on tha length)… More like only around a touch ova 2 minutes… Sounds like a real old Dipset beat here… Tha flowin’ iz pretty slow, but tha rhymes are still keepin’ it great! GREAT “veteran” line, and good rhymin’ here. Not too big for me, but still great to hear (of course). Tha “gettin’ money like a ma’fucka” was Weezyish, so good thing for tha lil’ Weezy part. My Rating: 4.0

23. “I’m Back” Feat. Oschino
Well really, you ain’t gone nowhere; you STILL doin’ yo fuckin’ thang on this shit, ya heard me! >>> Not bad start… Tha “how ya like me now?” part in tha hook sounds pretty good! Tha 1st verse sounded good, even though not much of feedback comin’ outta me… Oschino’s on tha 2nd verse, and I seem to be in such a GREAT mood to review/hear his verse!! Startin’ to like his voice better on these jointz, and I’m glad you got him on many of your jointz! A better verse than you on this… My Rating: 4.0

24. “In My Bag (Autotune Remix)”
I accidently peaked, and saw that this was on here. I thought it was good to put this song on here, but what’s this Autotune shit? Not auto-tone, right? Please no… >>> Well, it’s only 1:30… Oh, it iz. Sounds like a freestyle… WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR OWN SONG?!? I do HOPE you get “a mill by 25.” This wasn’t called for except for 1:23-1:30 (tha last 7 seconds) wit tha “cocaine” part and tha “Rosa Parks” part. Good rhymes, but don’t do this to your own song, especially wit no hook!! My Rating: 2.4

25. “Can’t Let You Go” Feat. 5PM
This iz featuring you? Then, who’s tha original artist? EDIT: I see on tha back cover now it’s 5PM. I don’t think I’ll be lookin’ forward to this one… >>> Oh no, 4:19 on tha length… Why iz Biggie auto-tuned? Let him R.I.P., and not touch that CURSED shit!!! Not my style of song, especially for you… I don’t think you should be featured on a soft song. Finally, you’re up again at 2:42… A better part on this song… Tha guy singin’ iz okay, but I don’t really like a song like this; it’s VERY boring! My Rating: 1.9

26. Jamie Fox (Outro)
That’s Jamie Foxx wit an extra “x”… Let’s hear how he gon end this… >>> So, this wasn’t Jamie Foxx (wit 2 x’s), it was someone else? Okay… Nice shout outs at tha end, but still, Joey Jihad should’ve been on this; what happened? My Rating: N/A

Overall: End Time: 11:54 PM. Well, it didn’t take me almost 3 hours; it took me a lil’ over 2. Anyway, well, this mixtape ended poorly, but had a WHOLE LOTTA BANGERZ on it!! REAL GREAT rhymes (as usual), and REAL GREAT flowin’!! You STILL doin’ yo thang, and keep that hood shit in you, ya know what I’m sayin’! Hope you get outta jail soon, and keep that music pumpin’, ESPECIALLY wit Joey!!!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

24. “Can’t Let You Go” Feat. 5PM 1.9
23. “36-24-36 Bad Body” Feat. K.Smith & 5PM 2.2
22. “In My Bag (Autotune Remix)” 2.4
21. “So Many Girls” 3.0
20. “Money Galore” Feat. K.Smith 3.7
19. “Big Freestyle” 4.0
18. “I’m Back” Feat. Oschino 4.0
17. “Brush ‘Em Off” Feat. Oschino 4.2
16. “Trappin’ All Day” Feat. Gillie Da Kid 4.3
15. “Speed Of Light” Feat. B.O.B. 4.3
14. “Hottest In Tha City” 4.3
13. “Flamers (Freestyle)” 4.4
12. “Gettin’ To The Money” Feat. Omelly & Oschino 4.4
11. “Ain’t I” Feat. Nitty 4.4
10. “Shine’n” 4.4
09. “Do My Thang” Feat. Oschino 4.5
08. “The Future” 4.5
07. “Goons Gone Wild” Feat. Ar-Ab 4.5
06. “I’m So Fly” 4.5
05. “We Getting Money” Feat. Bump J & Gillie Da Kid 4.5
04. “Prolli” Feat. Oschino 4.6
03. “Way Back” 4.7
02. “Posted Up” 4.7
01. “Gettin’ It In” Feat. Peedi Crakk 4.7

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score: 97.1
Total Songs: / 24
Average CD Rating: 4.0

Monday, March 9, 2009

Review #182: 3 Way Street Radio Presents "Jigg City Rockstars 2"

Reviewed on 3.09.2009 (Review No. 182)

FrankieThaLuckyDog here… Got ANOTHER REALLY ANTICIPATED review to do right now! Most recently, on tha last review I did, I enabled tha average CD rating feature in my reviews now. That was tha 1st mixtape to have that, and now, this gon be tha 1st compilation CD to have that! Plus, this tha 1st Rap compilation mixtape I’m doin’ this year; how anticipating! Without delayin’ any longer, here goes tha review for my dawg Way3000, and his mixtape: 3 Way Street Radio Presents “Jigg City Rockstars 2”! Happy birthday to my girl Nook today! Start Time: 7:27 PM | Video Game Playing: The Legend Of Zelda – A Link To The Past (for Super Nintendo)

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

01. Max Minelli “Do It Do It (Swagga Walk)”
Was tryna guess what was first, but I didn’t know what to expect. Looks like wit this bein’ first that this’ll be tha BIGGIE! Saw it on Word Of South, but wanted to wait for a review to peep it out (didn’t rush on it yet). Let’s see how we gon start this, and how this 1st single from Max’s “Pain Medicine” gon sound…! >>> Whoa, 5:53 on tha length? Hopefully that extention iz you talkin’ in tha beginning, 3000! What’s tha Trance music in tha beginning? Oh, LOL @ me guessin’ tha music right! Tha Robert Miles “Children” beat/sample. Iz this tha real beat? If so, this could be good! Unexpected to see this on a Baton Rouge beat, lol. Nice lil’ intro from tha 3 Way Street Radio DJs, including you. Oh, so that’s not tha beat (now it sounds like DJ Felli Fel’s “Get Buck In Here” beat). This sounds more like tha style… Decent start so far, and I’m feelin’ tha mixin’ goin’ back n forth on this here. Good thing this iz long for me to judge… It felt like it was draggin’ ‘til tha “do it, do it/do tha swagga walk” part came up; pretty catchy. I knew from tha start that Mookie’s “Swagga Walk” song was gonna be better (that was much more catchy). Tha 2nd verse sounds a lot better from Max here. Not exactly tha type of shit I’d hear from Max, but it still good regardless. Oh, there’s a 3rd verse… I didn’t catch much of it, but aight I guess. Good starting song, but might need some growing life for me. My Rating: 3.9

02. Supa (Down Bad) “Hood Supastar”
And another anticipator here… Even has “supa” in part of tha title! Lookin’ forward to hearin’ new solo music from him!! >>> Gotta luv when Supa says “Supaaaaa” (and holds tha “a”)! Sounds like single material again, only better. Still has that great Down Bad music, and that GREAT, chanting hook that gets in you! Good “J-Lo hood bitch” Supa’s got here. Supa did his thang on tha 1st verse; there’s really nothin’ bad to say about any of tha Down Bad members, especially Terror and Supa! Tha 2nd verse soundin’ good too. That’s a voice that’s UNDENIABLE!! Who ignores that voice? Yeah, “you don’t like him, nigga, suffocate;” what a GREAT lil’ line there! LOVED tha part at 2:34, “I’m from Baton Rouge, boo, where we jigg, pop pills, sip… …smoke kill.” Good job Supa wit tha catchiness! Oh, there’s a 3rd verse, but it endin’ wit Greg Deuce; good job wit this joint here! My Rating: 4.2

03. Lil’ Cali Feat. Lil’ Boosie “I’m All That”
I thought it was a Lil’ Boosie featured song, as well as it bein’ a Lil’ Cali song. I remember hearin’ this one, and this iz ID Error No. 1: Lil’ Boosie ain’t ID’d. Anyway, here’s what I had to say: This sounds A LOT BETTER! Great hook, and startin’ off tha 1st verse wit you rockin’ dem “’bauds;” that’s watz good. I hear some Project Pat “Chickenhead” samples in this (wit tha “alright, alright, alright”). Catchy 1st verse on this. Boosie had a pretty good verse as well on his part. Hearin’ his 3rd verse… Of course, I like it; that’s all I have to say. And, in tha hook, I like tha “brand new (brand new)” part about tha money. <- To add to this: It sounds like it’s speeded up in tha pitch. LOL @ tha repeatin’ of “Cali, boy you—Cali, boy you…;” that sounded GREAT to hear it repeat! Cali’s such a “gremlin” (no less a part of tha Hammond/Baton Rouge group Da Gremlins). Great mixin’ on tha 3rd verse wit tha “rollin’ rollin’ rollin’—rollin’ rollin’ rollin’—rollin’ rollin’ rollin’” part! Mixin’ and pitch increase makes me wanna increase tha rating a lil’. My Current Rating: 4.5

04. Tank Jones Feat. Juvenile “Alright”
Speakin’ of tha “alright” samples I was talkin’ about on tha Cali/Boosie joint, it just so happened to follow into an “Alright” joint, no less by Tank Jones. Wanna hear some more shit from my boy Tank Jones (I ain’t even review a whole CD from him yet; where you at, boy?). Let’s see what made you put this joint on here; high anticipation for it!! >>> Sounds like a GREAT anthem wit tha way tha hook sounds! Shit, tha flow iz equal to tha Lil’ Cali/Lil’ Boosie joint wit how it sounds wit tha upliftin’ sound of tha 1st ½ of tha hook, and then tha 2nd ½ repeats in a good way! Hearin’ tha 1st verse… This dude’s just great when it comes to this shit! Baton Rouge has SOOOOOOOOOO many GREAT rappers that I just fuckin’ luv!!! He did his thang on tha 1st verse wit that tight shit he be spittin’! LOL @ Juvie comin’ on tha 2nd verse! ID Error No. 2: Juvenile not in tha ID. Didn’t expect this collab, and it’s soundin’ great! Nice job rewindin’ his “Louisiana…” part. Good shit he be spittin’ here. This shit here be jammin’!! Nice lil’ ending from Tank Jones, as well as Greg comin’ outta nowhere wit tha outro. My Rating: 4.3

05. Big Fancy Feat. Bro-Bro, Tank Jones & Nu$$ie “I-10 Cowboy”
Oh shit, couldn’t get enough of Tank Jones as he had to be on this joint too (great double follow up from “alrights” to double Tank Jones)! And wit Nu$$ie on this (R.I.P.; it bein’ 1 month today), this should be good! Oh, and I wanted to make an announcement about it, so even though it kinda late, I will say it: For y’all Baton Rouge dudes that like to go out and shit, BE ALERT this week!! When there’s not a leap year, February & March follow tha same pattern wit tha weekdayz! Nu$$ie died in this week/weekday 1 month ago today, which was tha start of a Friday tha 13th week. Today marks tha start of anotha Friday tha 13th week! Don’t let tha Friday tha 13th week curse hit anymore BR peeps! I had to say that, so now I’ll see how GOOD this collabo goes…!! >>> Gotta luv when there’s a collab like this, and its got a near 5 minute length!! It’s 4:42, and “Beat Flippa on tha track!!” Whoa, what’s wit that GUTTA/RAW hook?!? You know I FUCKIN’ LUV any vocals that are witta ANGRY/GUTTA/RAW attitude!!!!! LOL @ tha “yeeeehaawww!” rewinded 2x! Time for this 1st verse from Bro-Bro… He doin’ tha right thang on this shit right here! Good shit from him, as he keepin’ that DCF power alive!! Damn, that fuckin’ hook!!! Let’s see this 2nd verse… It’s Tank Jones, and yes, he “got dat white gurl on him!” Can’t start a REAL TIGHT verse off without a drug line! This beat be jammin’; just MUTHAFUCKIN’ LUV these Baton Rouge beats!! He DEFINITELY had a GREAT 2nd verse on this shit! What a MEGA COLLABORATION!!!!! Iz Nu$$ie next? LOL @ tha “yeeehawwww!”s! Nu$$ie’s on tha 3rd verse! HOLY SHIT, HOW TIGHT!!!!! He goin’ REAL, REAL, REAL RETARDED ON THIS SHIT!!!!! Gotta luv tha mix of drugs and all tha “yeeeeehawwww” style in tha vocals here!! REAL GREAT flow!! He did such a GREAT FUCKIN’ JOB on this!!! And tha 3rd verse iz endin’ wit a 2nd ½ from Big Fancy. That “ghetto Santa Claus” did his thang wit his RAW voice right there!! Holy shit, what a FUCKIN’ JAM right here!!! All tha verses were on point, tha beat was “beat flipped” by Beat Flippa, so you know it was FIYAH!!! Tha vocals were just CRAZY, and tha flows? Shit, UNSTOPPABLE!!! And to add how Nu$$ie was actin’ on this shit: As I told you 3000, when I come out wit my “Tha Louisianimals” TV show (featuring damn near every Louisiana person I stay in touch wit from you to tha rappers on here), when I write tha scripts to Nu$$ie’s scenes, in my head iz him goin’ in a lot of scenes by actin’ tha dumb way; REAL retarded!! Tha shit gon be funny as hell, and I gon try to handle all tha voices, and everything on that bitch! I have no date on when to expect to put it out everywhere, but it gon show anotha side of my Louisiana passion! And for those that wanna see my R.I.P. Nu$$ie video on Youtube, type in tha search bar “R.I.P. Nu$$ie Video”, and it’ll come up. My Rating: 4.9

06. NIP Feat. Co-G & Cupid “Off Da Wall”
I recognize NIP from tha past (was on that “Out My Socks” joint I really liked, as well as wit Co-G). I believe his name iz ID Error No. 3: His name ‘pose to be in caps. Great to see more different artists on this shit (iz that 2nd artist pronounced like tha clothing line “Coogi”? If so, that’s REALLY watz good), but I don’t get Cupid… He a one-hit wonder for “Cupid Shuffle”; why he gotta keep poppin’ up in Louisiana jointz (this tha 3rd one; Dizzy, Lil’ Cali, and now this)? >>> Ooh, a “retarded in here” intro! Tha BR beats continue wit this shit! Good thang for tha hook, as it has that “retarded” feel to it; gotta FUCK-FUCK-FUCKIN’ luv it!!! What a fast 1st verse here… STR8 CLUB BANGA right here!! Tha dude on tha 1st verse had a GREAT voice for this shit, and for tha clubs! Good shit from dude on tha 1st verse! Tha 2nd verse here sounds like a regular voice… Great “on them jiggaz” type of lyrics! I like how he spelled “Mr. Phat” by sayin’ “M-R’ah-dot-P-H-A-T.” Cupid endin’ it wit a 3rd verse? I thought he said in “Cupid Shuffle”, “They say I’m a rapper, but I say no…” LOL… He sounds so random, but does it good on this track. My Rating: 4.4

07. Sam I Am “Still Jiggalatin’”
What tha… I didn’t expect him to pop up so fast!! *Bows down to Sam I Am* I really hope one day I get to get in touch wit him (I only have tha booking number on his page, but gonna call that when I review his “I’m Raw” and “Talk Of The Streets” mixtapes, which gon be a while from now)! He such a RAW muthafucka!! I NEVA heard anyone more ANGRY on a track, or more GUTTA/RAW, than him!!! I wanna see how high I gon rate this, as well as how much he “still jiggalatin’”!!!!! >>> That GREAT Baton Rouge beat wit tha horns!! Oh, those GRIMEY-ASS vocals of Sam I Am!!! I’m glad he “still” everything!! “Still fulla dat brown and still fulla dat white” <- Shout out to Mookie Blakk as he luved tha commercial I made for his “Off Tha Porch (The Lost Album)” CD, which was CRA-ZY!!! Of course, tha 1st verse was just OFF THA CHAIN!!!!! He sounds REAL GREAT on a vibe/beat like this!! Shit, how will those 2 CDs I just listed from back in tha day will sound like? He’s TOO FUCKIN’ RAW!!!!! That hook iz DEFINITELY catchy, as well as tha “still” makes it stay current! “Still” LUVIN’ tha “still” parts in tha 2nd verse; GREAT SHIT HERE!!! My Rating: 4.8

08. Big Poppa Feat. KP “Where The Pillman @”
Was REAL SCARED to see Big Poppa on here, but thank God you chose one of tha songs (no less tha single) that I rated pretty high outta his wack CD that came out. Lemme give a fresh review on this joint right here! >>> I hear tha “Independent” beat, and I hope you didn’t use tha “Independent” beat one… Shit, you did. Sorry 3000, but this gets like a thumbs down for me! There was one on his CD that sounded a lot better wit a new beat! I’ll consider this a “fuck up mix” since there’s a better version. I won’t even bother to do a re-review, so here’s my original say: Any of tha lyrics that don’t have to do wit pills just sound boring to me… More typical lyrics. Looks like I hear a featured artist on tha 2nd verse… He sounds better. Well, he on tha 3rd verse… I didn’t know he didn’t have great lyrics on tracks. I guess it’s just tha beats that count here (as well as tha hooks). My Current Rating: 3.7 (decreased by ½ point due to this version)
Here’s tha TIGHT version (4.4 rated by me):

09. Lady B “All Night”
She was on one of tha otha 3 Way Street Radio CDs? *Checks* Nope, then I don’t know who she was. Let’s see what she brings to tha table here… >>> Good thing you’re on tha intro, 3000. Ooh, Shaunte on tha track! She’s soundin’ good for a jiggalator! ID Error No. 4: A male iz on this too (I don’t know exactly who he iz right now). Great 1st verse from her, as she did her thang! Feelin’ tha mixin’ in tha beginnin’ of tha 2nd verse! Ooh, a female “weed smoker.” It make her qualify to be a female, takin’ over this Baton Rouge beat from Shaunte. A nice 2nd verse from her on this. Up, that male dude iz on tha 3rd verse… He “feels like tha world iz his;” he sounds like he wanna take ova this game. Tha mixin’ soundin’ great too in tha middle of his verse! Yeah, “Baton Rouge go tha hardest!” I, with a FUCKIN’ PASSION, LOVE BATON ROUGE MUSIC/PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude did his thang on tha 3rd verse (whoeva he was). Glad you were on tha outro too, 3000. My Rating: 4.1

10. Tech Feat. Dog & Ms. Intoxicated “Throw Me Back (Remix)”
Look at this mix of people here! LOL @ just tha name “Dog”; I like that (as it’s 1/4th of my name). That Ms. Intoxicated gurl’s name sounds REAL NICE for this Baton Rouge shit too! And as for Tech, it time for him to FINALLY SHINE!! I asked Way3000, “any other numbers you wanna gimme?” So, he said, “I got this dude Tech; I’mma give you his.” He gave me his, so when I’m done wit this review, I’mma call him. Hope we become cool; I trust 3000 on tha number! >>> Anotha Baton Rouge type of beat here! Okay start, but tha hook ain’t that good for me. Shit, lemme hear this 1st verse… Tha “lost my arm” parts sounded like some ol’ Jeezy; luved that! Ooh, “he popped 8 mo!” Good job by throwin’ that in there! Even tha female quoted Tech; that’s how GREAT that part was! Well, it was a GREAT verse from Tech! I think I might like tha hook better now, as it sounds great wit tha beat. Let’s hear how this Dog dude gon do… He on tha 2nd verse, and already “got tha Goose;” you know he prepared for not just tha club, but this verse too! Oh shit, he “done wasted his pill.” It’s sad to feel jiggaless! It sounded like a better verse from him, and now when I hear tha hook, I can’t think of it bein’ a “dance;” I just like hearin’ tha title so many times. Let’s hear tha “intoxicated” one… Yeah, “this some pill shit;” err-body contributin’ good verses! LOL @ tha pill tossing! Err-body “throwin’ each otha one.” Now, that contributes to a GOOD BR verse; pill tossing! Nothin’ gets betta than a mix of tons of shit! Well, I gon have to think of tha rating here… It might qualify for a 4.0 ‘cause of all tha verses bein’ good (Dog’s bein’ tha best while Ms. Intoxicated’s bein’ tha most interesting one to hear), tha beat bein’ good. Only thing was tha 1st ½ of tha hook. It sounds like it’ll be one I’ll decide to listen to more, so we’ll give it that 4.0 rating. My Rating: 4.0
EDIT: That number was Dog's that I had, but still, good to hear all 3 of them for tha 1st time!

½time: It took a while to get to tha ½ point, but I’m here. Not much disappointments here, as there’s DEFINITELY a lot more bangers!! True Baton Rouge shit here, and I’m lookin’ forward to continuing!! Tha average CD rating currently iz 4.28, which rounds up to a 4.3! And so far, none of tha songs I contributed are on here (my MEGA RATED songs, lol). I guess I submitted ‘em late? I don’t know…

11. Wild Yella Feat. Lil' Polkk & Young Show “I’m Feeling Myself”
A newbie? Yup. Looked like Lil’ Yella for a sec, but I remember, not sure who’s profile it was, seein’ this dude, who had tha “Got Pills 2: Still Rollin’” cover on their profile pic, who had a display name as “Yella Yella Yella”; iz this tha dude? I neva really peeped his profile out, so after I’m done peeing, I’ll check it out, lol. Looks anticipating as well! >>> Oh, it sounded like a GREAT Baton Rouge start here! That title came outta nowhere, and it sounds like this dude ain’t fuckin’ playin’!! What a GREAT start to tha 2nd ½ of tha CD here!! This gon be a “swag” song, and I know I gon luv it!!! That “instant lovin’” beat here wit this dude on here! I’m glad tha title comes at tha end at every line! Shit, that part at 1:05 wit “smoke/pop pills;” too FUCKIN’ tight!!! Tha 2nd verse here sounds good too; this dude iz unstoppable wit tha shit he be spittin’! He puttin’ himself above every other dude that wanna beat him; that’s watz good! GREAT SHIT here!! Ooh, there’s a featured person, which makes this ID Error No. 5: Unknown featured female on tha 3rd verse. I’m glad he still sayin’ tha title after each line that tha gurl be spittin’. My Rating: 4.6
EDIT: There are 2 featured artists so it's also ID Error No. 6: Tha featured artists are Lil' Polkk & Young Show.

12. Lil’ Cali “Dust My Body Off”
Hearin’ you on tha intro on this one too… Good job on tha intro, and LOL, a submission from me! I submitted this song to you, and it looks like you HAVE to have double Cali on this mixtape, lol! As HOT as this joint iz, here’s what I had to say: Just like he says, “Savage on tha beat, but lemme show you what a savage do.” He a savage on this beat, and this iz one of my opening anthems for 2009! I like in tha beginning, when he says, “You eva feel like, you fresher than some fruit, nigga?” That shit sounds tight, and I always joke around wit my mom, tellin’ her, “Are you fresher than fruit?” LOL… He ain’t fuckin’ playin’ when he keep goin’, “dust my body off…” I like when he says, “I’m flyer than a G-4.” When he says, “G-4,” it sounds like Max Minelli (how he raps). Tha 1st verse iz pretty nice, and I like how he says, “hum brah,” throughout tha hook; that’s watz good. Nice on tha 2nd verse, especially givin’ Nu$$ie some props wit your lil’ version of “They Hate My.” R.I.P. Nu$$ie. Type in Youtube tha “R.I.P. Nu$$ie Video” to find tha R.I.P. video I made for him. <- To add to my previous review, which didn’t have tha bridge due to a shortened length, I like tha bridge wit all those “dust ya body off” parts. I wonder when that video gon pop off online? It has been 9 dayz since tha video shoot. Nice rewindin’ on tha bridge too! Down to tha last 48 seconds… Why tha “Let It Rock” beat? How gay… I wish I could visit your cell-phone shop; I know you a HARD worker there, as most of tha time I talk to you on tha phone, you’re workin’. Shit, I FUCKIN’ HATE bein’ 20 hours away from Louisiana; why 20??? LOL @ tha skippin’ of “Let It Rock” at tha very last second. My Current Rating: 4.8

13. Ca$h “Walk Wit A Dip”
A former 3 Way Street Radio person… Let’s see how he gon return… >>> Only 2:12 on tha length? Tha beat almost sounded like Beyonce’s “Diva”, only without tha “I’mma a diva” parts in tha background. Hearin’ tha 1st verse, and it sounds like this a dude that sounds cool. Good, he “blowin’ on” some shit. Yeah, “from da Boot,” ya dig. Too bad tha length only 2:12. He did his thang on tha 1st verse, as he sound like he can handle this Louisiana Rap shit! Let’s hear what we got on tha 2nd verse… Goin’ to “see her strip” thanx to him “puttin’ gas in his whip.” Too bad this shit was too short ‘cause he had it goin’ on wit what he was spittin’! Tha “puttin’ gas in tha whip” part made me imagine goin’ on a long journey (e.g., to Florida or Louisiana). And while it was on, he lured out tha HOT joint from…

An-Ya “Nightlife (Mike Rizzo Global Radio Mix)” on Music Choice Dance; she a HOT one, and that song got 100 spins wit me within one week recently! My Rating: 4.2

14. Lil’ Josh & Ernest “Watch Me Do My Dance”
Don’t tell me I gon listen to a title like that, now??? >>> Good beat start. Just hearin’ tha “I’m in tha club stuntin’” part just sounds typical. Doesn’t this sound like Tech’s song? Lil’ Josh’s on tha 1st verse, and good job on “smokin’ on a big blunt.” Tha verse wasn’t as bad as I expected. That hook gets no feedback from me, even though it ain’t too bad. Now, Ernest’s on tha 2nd verse… He got tha “fresh braids,” so he got some swag. Not bad on tha verse. My Rating: 3.5

15. Dorrough Music “Walk That Walk”
What’s wit tha titles? >>> Tha BR Ying Yang Twins? WTF @ clean version? You want a low rating here automatically? Not too crazy about that repetitive hook… Tha 1st verse was okay, wit typical club lyrics. A better club song iz on Music Choice Electronica now: DJ Blaqstarr Feat. Rye Rye “Shake It To The Ground”. Tha 2nd verse sounded a lil’ better I guess, but I don’t have much interest reviewin’ this song… I heard “Ribah on tha beat” for Song 16… Are we goin’ ATL/Florida now? My Rating: 3.2

16. Fetti Feat. C-Loc & Tank Jones “Walk It Like A Motorbike”
WTF again wit tha title? It makes me wanna take a shit (thanx to tha cold draft hittin’ my feet. For some reason, when my feet get cold, I have to take a shit ASAP; WTF?). BRB, and I’m anticipated for Loc & Jones!! >>> You know that beat intro sounds GREAT wit tha “Camp Life” part from C-Loc! Sounds like a Young Jeezy type of dude on tha 1st verse… Again, it’s a clean version. What’s wit tha Jeezyness? Okay verse; nothin’ special to make me really like it. Sounds like a mainstream song… Looks like C-Loc was placed on tha 2nd verse… C-Loc did his thang on his verse, as his voice iz unblockable, and that shit sounded nice. How come tha hook sounds odd? Like it sounds like auto-tone or some shit like that? I like tha “Camp Life” parts in it, and tha beat to it. Let’s hear how Tank Jones gon do on tha 3rd verse… He a big dawg, so he doin’ his thang on this. At 2:57, which it happens right before tha verse ends, iz tha BEST part of tha beat!! Good job from Tank Jones on this. My Rating: 3.8

17. Derty Feat. Lil’ Boosie “Uh Oh”
I think I submitted this… *Checks* Yup, it’s a submission, and there’s an error; EWE, lol! ID Error No. 7: It says Lil’ Bossie, and not Lil’ Boosie. Well, this joint didn’t make it to 2009 wit me (a lot of Late November 2008 songs didn’t quite make it sadly). Maybe this mixtape’ll make me resurrect it back? Who knows. Time to give it tha official review! >>> And you’re in tha intro to this; nice intro. Tha quality sounds better on this? I heard that this iz a reworked beat from T-Lo’s “All Day”? I wish Derty would spit more lyrics; it’s more Lil’ Jonish chanting, even though I really like it! He sound like a 250 pound beast on this shit! Tha “middle of tha flo wit my shirt off, jiggin’ like a ma’fucka” part iz GREAT (was gonna consider puttin’ that part in my “Tha Louisianimals” episodes ‘cause it would work great). That part iz also from “Somethin’ In Da Air” from Beat Flippa, Tank Jones, Derty himself & Nu$$ie (R.I.P.). I don’t anticipate Boosie’s verses that much, but he ALWAYS sounds REAL GREAT on his shit! Just how he came in wit tha “I’m a dog, a beast, a legend on these streets” line sounded great! He did his thang on his verse, and wit tha Derty verse, I like tha “if you don’t like me, then I don’t like you, niggah” (just how he says “nigga” word)! A nice, short verse from him. Tha rest of tha song still sounds great, as he’s unstoppable too! Any rapper that weighs a lot, or iz tall, stomps on pretty much ANY track! My Current Rating: 4.5

18. Wochee “Show Me My Opponent”
I thought it said “Webbie” as tha artist, and wit tha title, I was a lil’ confused for a second. I heard tha title/sample many times (even though I like it), so we’ll see how great this dude iz to pull it off… >>> Ooh, good underground, Baton Rouge beat start! Of course, tha sample iz great, but that beat sounds GREAT wit it! Gotta luv when tha last part of tha sample sounds like he’s got chips in his mouth, lol. Well, this 1st verse sounds pretty good. Almost has a Supa from Down Bad voice… He sounded nice and motivated for his verse right there! Tha 2nd verse iz soundin’ better wit tha “I got tha best birds/20 grand for a good bird” part; gotta luv tha drug rhymes!!! Good “hard yellow, or dat hard white” part; a REAL NICE drugged up verse!!! Good thing for a 3rd verse here… I like when rappers say, “shiiit;” that “shit” sounds cool when I hear it. Sounds like tha 3rd verse was jammin’, as this whole entire joint went and did a good job! Thumbs up to Wochee on this shit! My Rating: 4.3

19. Mr. Magic Feat. Hurricane Chris & Big Poppa “Da Lou Swag”
Haven’t heard from Mr. Magic in a minute… Sometimes when I hear certain old, Louisiana songs (e.g., “I Smoke, I Drank”), I don’t even think of ‘em bein’ Louisiana jointz (I guess that one ‘cause it had tha Youngbloodz on tha remix). I think ‘cause they were way before my connection, even though old songs like Master P & Fiend’s “Make ‘Em Say Ugh” I’ll always know as a Louisiana joint. We’re almost out of jointz on this mixtape, so let’s hope tha average rating sways along good. All 3 of them betta do good wit this joint! >>> Sounds like a CRAZY beat start! I thought I heard a “I Smoke, I Drank” piano in this…; it sounds good. Hurricane Chris iz on tha 1st verse, and he sounds good on this; he “rollin’ on a scooter.” Shit, anotha clean version. LOL @ tha “wrists out tha refrigerator” part. That hook sounds very familiar (from Big Poppa’s CD), and all those “yah, yah, yah” parts sound good for tha hook! Tha return of Mr. Magic on tha 2nd verse… Still soundin’ tha same wit tha voice, and soundin’ GREAT on this shit! He had a GREAT attitude when it comes to these tracks! Nice voice alternations here too wit him. Big Poppa’s on tha 3rd verse, and I can’t consider him a good rapper. He should stick to doin’ tha hooks ‘cause I feel that’s his peak wit tha Rap game. No comment on tha 3rd verse… Well, it’s official: This joint’s from Big Poppa’s CD (and I gave it a decent rating, lol). It’s Track 2 on there, so it looks like Poppa made a double appearance on here too. I’ll boost tha rating due to it was a full version wit Mr. Magic & Hurricane Chris. My Current Rating: 3.9 (+0.2 to tha rating)

20. Savage Feat. Down Bad “Mind Gone”
And look at what we end it with, lol. I neva knew who’s song this exactly was… I first saw it as Savage’s, then I figured it was Down Bad’s, but I just label it, when I play it, as Down Bad & Savage now. This song can get a *CERTIFIED CLASSIC* award ‘cause it’s only spins away! I had it in May 2008, and then re-entered it in January 2009 ‘cause J-Dirty gave me tha idea to promote it more. Here was my feedback on “Mind Gone” originally: LOVE that Savage beat and that so called “24’s” type of beat; great idea Savage! Down Bad helpin’ out tha hook iz just tight! Great 1st ½ of tha 1st verse from that Down Bad dude [Supa] and great 2nd ½ of tha 1st verse from anotha Down Bad dude [Terror]; likin’ that “I’m No. 1, y’all No. 2 like pencils” part. TOOOOOOOOOOO CRAZY here!!! I feel blessed to be in contact wit Savage; WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT a ½ decade ago I’d be in contact wit all these people?! Great 1st ½ of tha 2nd verse, especially wit that “Kid Rock” part. Likin’ tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse too; OUTSTANDIN’ flowin’ right chea!! YEAH, Savage on that 3rd verse!! Gotta luv those “picture booth…/that goose…/chubby hoes…” parts! Also, I like that “I’m fulla dat shit” part; just how he said it, it sounded like how Louisiana people say it and I like how they say it. CRAZY JOINT; y’all go retarded on this shit!! <- To add to this: You had a good intro in tha beginning, 3000. Shit, tha ending cut off… There was only 10 seconds left of it; it should’ve faded out. My Current Rating: 4.8

Overall: End Time: 10:20 PM. Good job, 3000. I know only 2 of my submissions made it, but it’s all good. I feel that it brings tha mysterious taste to me when it’s songs I don’t know, even though it doesn’t promote certain people I want to get out there (e.g., B-Raw, and Yung Slab). Don’t worry, you’ll be back ASAP wit mo shit, ya heard me! This was anotha REAL GREAT mixtape! I’m glad we had a bunch of REALLY high ratings for me, as well as all tha people that were on here! I gon add this to my iPod ASAP, make a commercial for it hopefully this week, and gon promote it on Word Of South and shit. I hope you luv this 11 page review, and keep up tha REAL GREAT work wit everything you do!! Thanx 4 exposin’ my reviews to people, as well as givin’ me their numbers; it’s VERY, VERY APPRECIATED!!!!! Oh, and DOPE front cover of tha CD, as well as a cool, memorable back (usually, tha tracklisting iz on tha back, so it was cool that it was on tha front this time, even though it was a lil' small)!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

20. Dorrough Music “Walk That Walk” 3.2
19. Lil’ Josh & Ernest “Watch Me Do My Dance” 3.5
18. Big Poppa Feat. KP “Where The Pillman @” 3.7
17. Fetti Feat. C-Loc & Tank Jones “Walk It Like A Motorbike” 3.8
16. Max Minelli “Do It Do It (Swagga Walk)” 3.9
15. Mr. Magic Feat. Hurricane Chris & Big Poppa “Da Lou Swag” 3.9
14. Tech Feat. Dog & Ms. Intoxicated “Throw Me Back (Remix)” 4.0
13. Lady B “All Night” 4.1
12. Ca$h “Walk Wit A Dip” 4.2
11. Supa (Down Bad) “Hood Supastar” 4.2
10. Tank Jones Feat. Juvenile “Alright” 4.3
09. Wochee “Show Me My Opponent” 4.3
08. NIP Feat. Co-G & Cupid “Off Da Wall” 4.4
07. Lil’ Cali Feat. Lil’ Boosie “I’m All That” 4.5
06. Derty Feat. Lil’ Boosie “Uh Oh” 4.5
05. Wild Yella Feat. Lil' Polkk & Young Show “I’m Feeling Myself” 4.6
04. Savage Feat. Down Bad “Mind Gone” 4.8
03. Lil’ Cali “Dust My Body Off” 4.8
02. Sam I Am “Still Jiggalatin’” 4.8
01. Big Fancy Feat. Bro-Bro, Tank Jones & Nu$$ie “I-10 Cowboy” 4.9

Average CD Review:

Total Score: 84.4
Total Songs: / 20
Average CD Rating: 4.2

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