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Review #166: DJ Scrap & T-Bo "Dat White Dude"

Reviewed on 12.23.2008 (Review No. 166)

We got ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog in tha buildin’, ‘bout to do anotha review, ya dig. This iz for my boyz DJ Scrap & T-Bo, wit their mixtape, “Dat White Dude.” Let’s see how well this’ll turn out to be. It’s FrankieThaLuckyDog’s review for DJ Scrap & T-Bo “Dat White Dude”! I’m really not in a review mood right now, so I betta be hit wit good shit or else…! Also, I’m gonna say this on every review I do for a while: FOR ANYONE READIN’ THIS: Go check out my brand new music video, “Change Tha World,” featuring Tha Wennipearl (my cousin Jen)!! It’s a great song (written and produced by me) and a REAL GREAT music video (directed and 100% edited by me): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6DG24-KY1c | Start Time: 9:29 PM | Video Game Playing: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (for Super Nintendo)

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

01. Intro
Let’s see how long it takes for me to get cheered up… >>> Real good intro. I really like all tha lyrics representin’ you (T-Bo), and Baton Rouge. :tu Where has DJ Scrap been? I feel like he fell off tha face of tha Earth… He neva gave me feedback on my review for his “I Run Louisiana” mixtape after he was, “supposed to call me back.” I have a feelin’ this’ll be a real good mixtape! BTW, this looks like this gon be tha very last review I’m doin’ for 2008! My Rating: N/A

02. “300 Degreez”
Hope it’s this hot… FYI, if you take off one of tha 0’s, it’s a lil’ under that many degreez right now on Long Island. >>> Sounds like a sample to “Separate Ways” in tha beginning wit tha music (I know that ‘cause of Dee Robert’s HOT vocal trance song, “Separate Ways,” which was a cover of tha old song, in 2002; it had that beginning as music between tha verses). This sounds HOT on a Hip-Hop beat, and for Mr. GUTTA T-Bo!! VERY HOT 1st verse, and “ON FIRE!!!” hook! Any white boy(z) from Baton Rouge ALWAYS spit FLAMES, and have FLAMIN’ HOT tracks when it comes to their songs!!! CRAZY 2nd verse!!! “300 Degreez” ain’t THAT hot, compared to Juvie and Wayne’s other titles. This should be like, “1,000 Degreez.” Startin’ on tha 3rd verse, I really like how you spelled, “Louisiana,” when you said, “L-O-U-I-S-I-A-N-A.” :tu That 3rd verse was just as great as tha otha ones; you’re DEFINITELY “ON FIRE!!!!!” I think I’m in a better mood now; thanx! My Rating: 4.9

03. “Call Tha Police” Feat. Sam I Am & Playboy
“HOLY SHIT!!!” That was my reaction when I saw tha ID on this shit, including Sam I Am bein’ a feature! I wonder how much shit I can comment on/quote from Sam I Am within his verse!! VERY HIGH anticipation level here!!!!! >>> Nice lil’ intro on this, especially wit tha type of sirens and tha police talkin’. :tu That’s a RETARDED hook!! You’re on tha 1st verse… “Somebody call tha muthafuckin’ police,” on you; you’re retarded!! This iz CRAZY so far! You had a REAL GREAT verse on this shit! *Due to playin’ his video game consistently, Frankie rewinds it back to tha hook again before Sam I Am comes on, due to he wants to focus on him!* Already, Sam I Am startin’ it off REAL GOOD; LOVE that, “Baton Rouge CITY!!,” part!! WHAT A GREAT FUCKIN’ ATTITUDE he has!!!! Great “Desert Eagle” part! All tha CRAZY/RETARDED/ANGRY shit he just spit was CRAZY!!! Looks like when I review your older shit, T-Bo, it gon look REAL GREAT to hear!! Let’s hear this Playboy dude on tha 3rd verse… “Flippin’ since he was 16,” huh? That’s watz good. My cuz was doin’ that shit before 16, lol. That’s cool that, “T-Bo and Sam hit you up to get on this track.” :tu Anotha REALLY GREAT joint!! My Rating: 4.8

04. “Pain & Pressure”
I hope I like this song since it has that title… You BETTA deliver that raw/gutta on this shit!! >>> Thank GOD it’s not boring as fuck! Tha beat intro was pretty cool, and then, it had a Runners type of beat! This iz EASILY gon be some HOT shit! Again, anotha GREAT verse! Cool hook… Tha title ain’t in it, so that’s different/cool for this. Hearin’ tha 2nd verse now… Glad you, “still jiggin’.” :tu Tha 2nd verse was nice to hear! Tha 3rd verse seems pretty strong… Too bad you lost your parents and grandma. :( Even though for stressin’, you shouldn’t be drinkin’ your life away. Just rap your life away ‘cause tha rappin’ iz gettin’ you far; tha drinkin’ consistently could affect your health in tha future. My Rating: 4.5

05. “Come Find Me”
Let’s hear how you gon handle this joint by yourself, again… >>> I’m glad tha beats are still knockin’ hard!! Seems like a delicious, in your perspective, verse on tha 1st verse, since you, “eat dem haterz up!” Guttaness continues as you delivered a TIGHT 1st verse! Tha hook iz catchy, so that makes it pretty nice to add onto its statistics! Not bad on tha 2nd verse about tha female, even though it’s pretty typical when rappers have to always bring up females in every CD of theirs… Only 2 verses? My Rating: 4.1

06. “Fly Away”
Tha title looks like it’ll depress me… It better not! >>> Yup, only a few seconds in, and this ain’t 99% for me. Please, don’t, “put tha iron to your face.” Are you aggravated from somethin’? I wonder what that interesting sample iz on tha hook? Nice 2nd verse. No need to take all this shit ‘cause my brother does take, *sounds it out* “Zanex,” and he’s throwin’ his life away. Even though tha beat iz extremely boring for me, this has great lyrics at least. Due to this bein’ more of a “lyrical” song, I will give it a “Lyrical Rating” as well, so don’t mind my rating as this song was not for me. Lyrical Rating: 4.8 | My Rating: 2.5

07. “When I’m Ridin’” Feat. Max Minelli & Bengie B
Yeah, we’re FINALLY gettin’ back on track here!! High anticipation for tha collab!! >>> Yes, PLEASE stick to this shit, and not tha depressin’/slow shit. Jammin’-ass beat right here, and GREAT start wit nothin’ but tha BEST from Baton Rouge!! Seems like a consistent start; GREAT 1st verse!! That hook seems familiar from somewhere else, but this tha 1st time I’m hearin’ this; great hook. Yes, Max on tha 2nd verse!! That’s right Max! I’m glad he, “acts an ass, and leaves without a trace.” :tu I like that part where Max was rappin’, and it was acapella a lil’. REAL nice attitude from Max, and GREAT 2nd verse!! Let’s hear this Bengie B dude (not exactly sure if I know him)… For some reason, it seems like I heard it before (wit tha Webbie and Young Ready quotes). Again, more shit about my brother on this (where he said, “Zanex bars”). He did his thang on tha 3rd verse; GREAT SHIT all together!! Lemme see if I know it from somewhere… Aight, only 2 jointz came up when I typed, “Bengie,” in my iTunes library… Well, no luck. I just don’t know where I heard it from… My Rating: 4.6

08. “Keep Hatin’”
This one should go hard!! >>> Not sure of tha beat start… I expected darker. Sounds a lil’ like Max on tha vocals on this one… Okay, beat izn’t too bad on this; I can dig it. Not bad so far, but it sounds like a typical club song… Yeah, only 2 verses on this shit too. Tha verses were okay for me… Maybe this’ll need some growin’ time for me in tha future. My Rating: 3.5

09. “Money Makin’ Mission” Feat. Lil’ Witness
Now, it’s a familiar title… I think one of my previous reviews had a “triple M” title. Let’s hear how retarded it gets wit Lil’ Witness on it!! >>> Oh wow, VERY GOOD start!! It didn’t even wait; at 0:00, it just revealed its HOTNESS!! Catchy/dark/FLAMIN’ HOT hook!! Great verse from you as you always show your raw side! That beat iz just TOOOOOOO TIGHT!!! Who are these producers behind these tracks? 2nd verse iz you, again! I do HOPE you, “touch a million dollars next year,” ‘cause ’08 finna be over. Great 2nd verse; you ALWAYS on yo shit! :tu GREAT to hear Witness on tha 3rd verse… I ALWAYS have anticipation for tha GREAT featured rapper when it comes to features on CDs/mixtapes! Deliverin’ those RAPID-FAST, CRAZY rhymes!!! His “rappin’ dragon head” doesn’t stop wit all that fire! My Rating: 4.7

10. “Beat It Up” Feat. Essa & Sam I Am
I wonder who Essa iz… I can’t really say too much of what to expect from that Essa person, but Sam I Am SURE gon tear this shit into 1,000+ PIECES!!! Let’s hear how y’all “beat” this track “up!!” >>> Let’s hear how good you do wit this female song also… Tha beginning showed some female elements. I like how Sam I Am was a part of tha hook. :tu Pretty crazy lyrics for tha females from that Essa dude on tha 1st verse! :tu Wow, Sam I Am already comin’ up on tha 2nd verse… Slower rappin’ here, but still goin’ NUTS wit his attitude!! Yeah, “make tha pussy bite.” *Crunch* He did his thang, fa’sho!! :tu Let’s hear tha patiently awaited verse from you on tha 3rd verse… Nice verse, even though I have heard better from you on this CD. My Rating: 3.9

½time: Well, off to a REAL HOT start here!! I’m really, REALLY feelin’ most of these jointz right here!! Tha white boyz in Baton Rouge REALLY KNOW how to deliver that HEAT! I think due to all tha stereotypin’ goin’ on about white dudes not bein’ able to rap good, etc. etc.; that’s all wrong! Tha white boyz that TAKE it SERIOUS do they thang, ESPECIALLY all tha white dudes I’ve heard in Baton Rouge so far (you, Southpaw, Rackley, A-Mar, Dyl, and tha South Coast Coalition boyz), as well as One-i, Jayroc, and anyone else I forgot from Louisiana. Keep up this HOT FIRE, and I hope I give you some REAL HIGH ratings for tha 2nd ½!!

11. “I’m Come Down” Feat. “B” & Playboy
Iz tha title in a lil’ different form of a slang style here? It’s either defined as “I’m” bein’ “I’mma,” or as “Come” bein’ “Comin’.” Let’s hear what we got here… >>> Good, a long length of 4:46! Pretty nice start wit a decent beat intro. That “I *insert words here* like money,” sayin’ iz gettin’ pretty played out now. :td Well, looks like tha title iz defined as “come” bein’ “comin’.” That 2nd verse seems pretty nice. Iz “Zanex” mainly a “white boy” thing? Really likin’ that 2nd verse wit tha smooth flowin’ of tight club/party rhymes. :tu Hearin’ tha 3rd verse now… Too much “hit tha club” shit goin’ on; a lil’ too much here. Again, it’s pretty nice and smooth wit tha flowin’ of tight club/party rhymes. :tu Shit, that stupid, “I ___, ___, and ___ like money,” shit again. My Rating: 4.2

12. “If You Got A Problem”
Just lookin’ at tha title already wants me to give it a 4.6+ rating; will it happen? >>> I’m guessin’ not wit tha Yung Joc sample… Tha beat iz startin’ to get pretty cool at :16. It’s gettin’ even cooler at :30! Good, hearin’ that GUTTA start to tha 1st verse! You did yo thang on tha 1st verse! REAL GREAT start to tha 2nd verse wit tha, “I’m eatin’ rappers to feed my blood thurst,” line; FUCKIN’ CRAZY-ASS SHIT!!!!! Nice joint right here wit tha verses and tha beat; okay sample, but it serves its purpose. My Rating: 4.3

13. “Make Me Say Yeah”
Let’s see if you can, “make me say, ‘yeah’,” wit this shit. >>> I had a feelin’ somethin’ was gonna go wrong. C’mon now… This iz tha OFFICIAL 1st failed song here (“Fly Away” wasn’t a “failed song;” it was REAL GOOD for somethin’ (lyrical content), but not my style). That auto-toned, NOT ID’d person on tha hook sounds extremely terrible. How does this mix wit tha GUTTA shit on here? That beat even sounds a lil’ distorted/messed up in tha hook. You sound like Plies on tha verses… Even a 3rd verse on this? C’mon… Some of those other jointz on here could’ve used a 3rd verse. Sorry, but I don’t take auto-tone shit serious AT ALL TIMES! Plus, I think it’s a VIRUS when it hits Louisiana rappers/singers/SONGS!! Oh yeah, and tha verses were too typical/plain. My Rating: 1.6

14. “Welcome To Baton Rouge” Feat. Gabriel Saint
MUCH BETTER/anticipating title that gets a LOT of thumbs ups from me!! Let’s hear how good this joint iz!! >>> Tha beat sounds a lil’ bad so far… :( Tha way you intro’d tha verse was pretty good wit tha, “fresh,” part. I like that you mentioned, “girbauds,” in your 1st verse too. Tha hook iz pretty nice, and catchy. Tha beat sounds too much like a “light” style, unlike tha darker styled beats. Looks like Gabriel iz on tha 2nd verse… Not bad, just decent. A better beat really needed to be here. My Rating: 3.3

15. “Street Shit” Feat. “B”
Let’s be real this time, okay? >>> Sounds like a Max Minelli type of beat intro… Pretty good… Tha, “kidnap yo fuckin’ kid,” part was pretty gutta. A 47-50 year old guy went up to my cousin Jen, who’s just a lil’ older than me, and said, “do you wanna go out wit me?” What a fuckin’ fag that dude must’ve been! Anyway, tha hook iz pretty nice and cool. Let’s hear this 2nd verse… Still comin’ through wit those nice rhymes. :tu Tha, “same clothes, 3 dayz, I’m on that flight,” part was good to hear in a verse. Who cares how many dayz you got your clothes on; you’re grindin’. I’ve been rockin’ my black polo/blue pants for 3 dayz now as well, lol. I stay fresh, regardless. Ooh, that “B” dude came outta nowhere on tha 3rd verse… Cool voice. Great shit that was spit here, and some mo’ shit for tha hood! :tu I like tha Max Minelli style in this joint! I also like that, “street shit,” echo at tha end. :tu My Rating: 4.2

16. “Murder” Feat. Kevin Gates
*Saw Kevin Gates on tha ID 1st while listenin’ to The BPA Feat. David Byrne & Dizzee Rascal “Toe Jam” on Music Choice Electronica, and just got a smile with anticipation* BTW, I have a lot of faith in tha No. 16 joint, and recently, I did a review for Yung Sicka’s “Paypa Talkin’ (At Its Finest)” CD, and Kevin Gates was on No. 16 as well; CRAZY SHIT! And everytime I listen to any REAL GREAT rapper from Louisiana (e.g., Kevin Gates, Young Ready, Dee-1), I get that same feelin’ of listenin’ to Dance music wit 133+ BPM (because just like wit Louisiana music barely doin’ much in tha mainstream Rap scene these dayz, tha Dance music wit high BPMs are sadly, rare now). But you and Gates should “MURDER” this joint down!!! Let’s hear what I’ve been anticipating for for tha last…like 5 minutes!!!!! >>> Who’s signature intro iz, “this iz a S__ production,?” I can’t quite understand their name… Anotha joint that sounds very familiar. BTW, tha one that did this beat also did Southpaw & Rackley “Gets No Better,” so that’s why I’m wonderin’; still REAL BANGIN’!! A GUTTA intro to tha 1st verse from you!!! Very familiar, but I can’t think if I heard in tha past. REAL RAW 1st verse from you on this shit! *Excited voice* YES, Gates on tha 2nd verse, already!!! I REALLY LIKE when rappers act out another person by questionin’ themselves on songs. Just like wit Gates said at 2:06, “who was right?” GREAT SHIT!! Such CRAZY hood lyrics from Gates on this shit!! He DELIVERS that “murder” when it comes to rappin’!!! HOLY SHIT, HE JUST KEEPS GOIN’!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An EXTREMELY GREAT verse (maybe one of tha best ones on this CD)!! Oh shit, that’s it? No 3rd verse? This was too short… My Rating: 4.9

17. “Jigg To The Left”
I’m surprised I still don’t 100% know what “jiggin’” iz… Iz it “movin’”? But, lemme hear your “jiggin’” type of joint… >>> It seems like as each joint iz progressin’ on here, that REAL GUTTA attitude on tha hook iz comin’ back (just like wit tha 1st joint on here)!!! Really like tha hook, and tha vibe of this shit iz tight! Great 1st verse, and now, it’s tha 2nd verse… I thought you jacked someone when you said, “I’m out my draws, head, shoes, shirt, socks,” but you’re tha one that said that earlier on this CD, so you just jacked yourself. It’s all good though ‘cause at least you, “out your body.” My Rating: 4.2

18. “Dat White Dude”
Not just a CD title for you, but now, it’s tha title track! I didn’t expect there to be a title track on here; that’s watz good! What will you bring to tha table on this joint? >>> Who did that intro on this wit tha real deep voice? That was REAL, REAL TIGHT wit tha, “Baton Rouge, Louisiana,” part!! Tha beat iz nice and slow, and that hook iz just WAY TOO CATCHY/GOOD!!! Tha 1st verse iz tha truth, especially wit people that shouldn’t care if you’re white; you’re a REAL GREAT rapper, so that’s all that matters! Tha 2nd verse was REAL NICE wit all that “back in tha day” shit, especially tha, “rockin’ golds since ’94,” part. I like how at tha end of tha verse, it led into tha question, which iz tha hook/title. :tu GREAT job on this shit! My Rating: 4.4

19. “Once A Thug”
An interesting title. I hope it pays off for me. Let’s hear tha guttaness!! >>> Good “pants saggin’/tattoos/look on yo muthafuckin’ face” intro!!! I see tha “Ridin’ Spinners” sample iz in this too. I like how I can clearly hear it say, “was once a thug…” I always thought that sample said, “my spots are lucky, must be me;” that was back in 2003. Great start to tha 1st verse wit tha shit goin’ on, includin’ tha, “jiggin’ all night,” part. A “REAL thug”’s version of a verse performed by you on tha 1st verse! :tu Decent/pretty good 2nd verse on this shit. Keep tellin’ yo thugged out stories, ya dig! My Rating: 4.3

20. “Go Whiteboy” Feat. South Coast Coalition
LOL @ tha title (wit tha “go”)! Let’s hear how we gon end this, especially wit tha SCC!!! >>> Hearin’ a rockish intro just PROVES that this gon go REAL HARD!! “Where tha whiteboyz at?” Right here, dawg; I’m white. What a “great white boy anthem” right here, lol! I feel like this a “consistently goin’” anthem for playin’ my video games. I hear Mista Matt on tha 2nd verse… I always thought he had that cool, Fort Minor voice. Real nice verse from him. Forgot to tell you how CATCHY that hook iz! Love tha, “go whiteboy, go whiteboy, go!” part! Yeah, that 3rd verse iz soundin’ pretty nice too! My Rating: 4.5

Overall: End Time: 11:46 PM. Well, you DEFINITELY did yo thang on this CD here!! Only one song that just SO didn’t fit on this bitch, but most definitely, there’s REALLY no reason for people, ESPECIALLY me, to ask, “who’s dat white dude?” Keep doin’ yo thang, and I’m lookin’ forward to tha future collaborations and shit! I hope you hook up wit Young Ready, since you hooked up wit Kevin Gates on this CD! I also hope you really like this review; merry “early” Christmas to you. I’m also glad to say that I did around close to 130 reviews this year! I KNOW I’m gonna do at least DOUBLE of this year for 2009, so you know I be on my grind!!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

19.       “Make Me Say Yeah” 1.6
18.       “Fly Away” 2.5
17.       “Welcome To Baton Rouge” Feat. Gabriel Saint 3.3
16.       “Keep Hatin’” 3.5
15.       “Beat It Up” Feat. Essa & Sam I Am 3.9
14.       “Come Find Me” 4.1
13.       “I’m Come Down” Feat. “B” & Playboy 4.2
12.       “Jigg To The Left” 4.2
11.        “Street Shit” Feat. “B” 4.2
10.       “If You Got A Problem” 4.3
09.       “Once A Thug” 4.3
08.       “Dat White Dude” 4.4
07.       “Go Whiteboy” Feat. South Coast Coalition 4.5
06.       “Pain & Pressure” 4.5
05.       “When I’m Ridin’” Feat. Max Minelli & Bengie B 4.6
04.       “Money Makin’ Mission” Feat. Lil’ Witness 4.7
03.   “Call Tha Police” Feat. Sam I Am & Playboy 4.8
02.   “Murder” Feat. Kevin Gates 4.9
01.   “300 Degreez” 4.9

^ That’s really what’s up that this review turned out to be 8 and ¾’s pages!!

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Review #165: BluBlack "Code Blu"

Reviewed on 12.20.2008 (Review No. 165)

Wahhhhhhhhh, what up? It’s ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog here. I’m so fuckin’ anticipated for another review right now ‘cause I’m reviewin’ my ma’fuckin’ dawg Blu Black’s new CD, “Code Blu.” Tha shit iz only 18 dayz old, so it bein’ real new iz really watz up. I tried to get him to get me tha CD, but instead, I had to support my dawg to tha fullest by buyin’ that bitch for $9.99 on his site, ya dig! He deserves it, and I know I finna fuckin’ love this shit!! Here goes my review for Blu Black “Code Blu”! I’m gonna put my heart into this review, so I’m hoping it gon be at least 9 pages!! Also, happy 74th birthday to my grandma Muka. This goes out to her (since her first name iz Helen, and she’d always say this to my mom, Helen): “Helen are ya there?” That’s a classic quote right there! I’m glad that quote got me into really likin’ answer machine/voice messages! Also, I’m gonna say this on every review I do for a while: FOR ANYONE READIN’ THIS: Go check out my brand new music video, “Change Tha World,” featuring Tha Wennipearl (my cousin Jen)!! It’s a great song (written and produced by me) and a REAL GREAT music video (directed and 100% edited by me)! | Start Time: 4:13 PM | Video Game Playing: The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past (for Super Nintendo)

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

1.18.2009 EDIT: Due to I got this CD in tha mail from Blu Black's manager 6 dayz ago, I finna put tha featured artists in tha title ID's now.

01. “Retardid”

I like how it’s spelled wit tha “did” at tha end. I know this joint gon be SO FUCKIN’ “retardid!!!” I’m DYIN’ to hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >>> I like your intro on this, and I like tha, “ya heard me!,” parts. Really dyin’ to hear this shit as it’s progressin’!! Yeah, you’re “muthafuckin’ retarded, ya heard me!” I do agree wit you sayin’, “you don’t know about me? You in pre-school, nigga.” I like that, “oh yeah, oh yeah,” part right before tha hook, ‘cause it reminds me of “Out Da Box.” Yeah, that’s cool that your, “dread game retardid,” along wit that other shit. I muthafuckin’ love this shit right here!!! It can’t get any better!! I see how you jacked pieces of your “Out Da Box” verse on your 1st verse here. That 1st verse was definitely on some great shit! You don’t know how much I FUCKIN’, FUCKIN’, FUCKIN’ LOVE THAT FUCKIN’ HOOK!!! It’s just toooooooooooooooooooooooooo fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkin’ consistennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s “retardid!!” I like tha, “I done hustled weed pills…,” part; you tha fuckin’ shit, dawg! I like how you said, “gangsta/danger,” on this shit. Yeah, “turn this song on, you done started a fight;” I so fuckin’ agree wit you on this! I was such in a GREAT FUCKIN’ MOOD to review this fuckin’ song! I can’t tell you how much I fuckin’ LOVEEEEEEEEEE it on a first listen!! Tha repetitiveness in tha hook makes this sound REAL good, as when I tried to quote shit, it was goin’ so fast, so I couldn’t really keep up. You DEFINITELY have HUGE-ASS hits on your hands, dawg, ya dig. These jointz DEFINITELY gon BUMP on my iPod throughout 2008! Real Baton Rouge shit right herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeee!!!!!!!! And I just did a .5 page review on this song! My Rating: 4.9

02. “I Love Stuntin’” Feat. Yung Yola
This should be a REAL nice joint as well! Fuckin’ LOVE Baton Rouge! I talked to J-Dirty yesterday, and he was like, “err-one down here knows your name, and knows who you are.” That makes me continue to motivate myself more and more and more and more…!!! I’m dyin’ to hear how good this joint gon sound!! >>> I hear some high pitched Lil’ Jon “yeah” chants. Yes, anotha repetitive hook!! “I love,” tha, “I love stuntin,’” parts! I like those sounds (tha “din-din”) in tha verse’s beat. Sounds like a great 1st verse! I like tha, “I done smoked some chronic that was greener than a treefall,” line; great shit here! I felt your 1st verse here, as it defined a great verse for tha hood; you ain’t nuthin’ to be fucked wit, dawg! I guess because that I paid for your album before hearin’ it, that it became to have tha luck I expected!! Who iz that on tha 2nd verse? There’s no ID on who it iz? Yeah, “that boy knows money.” I’m glad he, “gets money tha dumb way; retarded.” He definitely did a nice job on his part! Great joint right here! My Rating: 4.5

03. “Out My Body” Feat. Big #'s & Sims
Yes, let’s keep this shit goin’!!! You know I love topics/titles like this!!!!!!!!! I wanna hear how much you’re “out ya body” here!!! You already know I’m puttin’ this WHOLE FUCKIN’ CD on my ma’fuckin’ iPod already!! Just from hearin’ only 2 jointz so far!! >>> Yes, 4:36 on tha length! I like tha coughin’ in tha beginnnin’. “Yeaaahhhh!!!,” this iz another joint wit a catchy hook! I LOVE when tha hook just goes FUCKIN’ RETARDED!!!! Lovin’ tha repetitiveness again!! I’m glad you, “got dat purp in tha jar,” and, “got dem pills in tha bag;” you fuckin’ makin’ yourself feel good, and that’s watz good. It’s always good to be positive about yourself than negative. GREAT 1st verse, and anybody that hangs wit J-Dirty, and makes music, EASILY makes REAL, REAL, REAL, REAL, REAL GREAT music!!!!!!! I wonder who’s on tha 2nd verse… I like tha, “pass that pill,” part; pill passin’! He definitely did his thang, as I pretty much loved tha verse; can’t help but to EASILY love these verses, hooks, jointz, etc. I FUCKIN’ LOVE Louisiana!! Who’s on tha 3rd verse? I gotta ask you when I call you during tha end of this review. Tha dude on tha 3rd verse iz doin’ his thang on his verse. Pretty much just NOTHIN’ but JAMMIN’-ASS rappin’ right here!! I FUCKIN’ LOVE these beats!!!!!!!!!! Towards tha last 20 seconds, I LOVE those, “yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!” chants; they’re tha shit! They make this joint sound REAL TIGHT!!! CRAZY-ASS shit right here!!!!!!!! I can’t fuckin’ get enough of your music, and I’m dyin’ to know who all these featured people are!! Hopefully they’re readin’ this review as I speak (when I post it online)!! My Rating: 4.7

04. “Hustle” Feat. Butla & Toke
Anotha great title. This CD was really meant for me, huh? PERFECT formula when it comes to this shit!!! I know you gon hold down all 19 of these jointz on here!!! NO DISAPPOINTING music, and STRAIGHT BANGERZ!!!!!!!!! >>> Wow, this iz just like tha sequel to tha last joint!!! Fuckin’ club banger right here!!!!!!!!! Still lovin’ tha, “yeahhhhhhhhhh!” parts, and tha repetitiveness in tha hook! Yeah, I agree, “I’m ya muthafuckin’ boy, ya heard me.” I love that, “like Walmart, ya betta watch for fallen prices,” line! You makin’ these GREAT lines to mix wit tha shit you be spittin’! You MOST DEFINITELY gettin’ a commercial from me to promote this CD of yours, ya heard me! Once January 12, 2009 comes, I’m goin’ back to my college, so I’ll be able to enhance tha commercials! Anotha dude on tha 2nd verse? I wonder who it iz… This a jammin’ verse right here, as tha vibe, and tha shit that dude be spittin’ be jammin’ as fuck! Let’s hear that 3rd verse… I like that, “pussy-ass prick,” part. Usually, it’s, “pussy-ass nigga,” but he said, “prick,” so thumbs up for goin’ a different route! Oh shit, only 10 seconds left… It ended outta nowhere, but was DEFINITELY jammin’!! My Rating: 4.6

05. “It’s Nothing” Feat. Yung Yola & Butla
This Rap shit iz what’s “nothin’” to you, dawg. You FUCKIN’ makin’ me real happy wit this shit ‘cause this iz tha shit that be jammin’ harder than tha ma’fucka!!! >>> Shit, fuckin’ TIGHT beat intro!! You know it’s Jigga City when you hear beats like this!! Yeah, “your luck iz lookin’ supa far;” I so agree wit that shit you be sayin’, dawg. REAL GREAT 1st verse from you, as I fuckin’ love all tha shit you be spittin’! That hook iz pretty catchy right here! Different dude on tha 2nd verse… You like your collaborators! That’s REALLY watz good that, “Blu Black on tha track;” you produce HOT FIRE!!! That dude on tha 2nd verse sounds like a RAW Baton Rouge dude! I’m glad he’s, “in tha streets thuggin’.” Now, a different person on tha 3rd verse… He makin’ this shit continue to go dumb! “Purple kush burnin’;” that’s watz good! LOL @ tha random, “fuck!,” part at tha end. My Rating: 4.6

06. “Burning Up”
Off to a REAL GOOD start wit this CD, Black! I feel that this gon go down in history as one of tha best CDs to come outta Baton Rouge, ya feel me! And you’re just NAILIN’ ALL THA MA’FUCKIN’ TITLES in for me!! Gotta love tha subjects you be rappin’ on here, and this joint gon be just as good!!!!!!! >>> Off to a pretty good/jammin’ start. I thought tha hook would be more on tha, “my kush be burnin’ up,” but it’s more on some, “I’m on fire,” type of shit. Yeah, “225, Louisiana;” FUCKIN’ LOVE it to tha fullest!!! You spit some pretty jammin’ shit here! That hook iz becomin’ real catchy now! Yes, you’re FUCKIN’ on tha 2nd verse also!!! I really needed to hear you on multiple verses again!!! I really like that, “as a gumbo, boilin’ out da pot,” line; you DEFINITELY some “boilin’, raw gumbo,” dawg. GREAT 2nd verse too, and I love how you stick to tha title! I guess you ruled tha whole joint, as you were tha only one on this bitch. LOL @ that female computer voice at tha end (and was also in tha beginning). I like those beats at tha very last two seconds!! My Rating: 4.3

07. “In My System” Feat. Trally Boy & Toke
Keep this shit goin’, dawg! I FUCKIN’ LOVE these titles/subjects!!!!!!!!!!!!! >>> Anotha pretty smooth beat here… Ooh, this has that Down Bad style to it on tha hook! Wow, WHAT A FUCKIN’ GREAT HOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tha formula I look for for high rated jointz!! That dude on tha 1st verse DEFINITELY did his thang; great shit he be spittin’! Gotta FUCKIN’ LOVE jointz about havin’ shit “in ya system,” ya heard me! My ma’fuckin’ “boy, Blu Black,” on tha 2nd verse!! I’m glad you, “love tha feelin’,” of havin’ tha shit “in ya system.” NOBODY, “gon stop you,” when it comes to this shit, and how you feel at different times! FUCKIN’ GREAT 2nd verse from you!!! Yes, a FUCKIN’ Down Bad dude on tha 3rd verse!!! He did his fuckin’ thang on this shit! Great fuckin’ job here!!!!!! My Rating: 4.7

08. “Smoke Something” Feat. Butla
Wow, ANOTHER GREAT TITLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blu Black, I got yo back all day, err-day, until I fuckin’ die, bruh!! I’mma get you REAL far as far as promotion, support, videos, blogs, etc. etc.! Keep hollain’ at me, ya dig! I’m dyin’ to hear how good this iz!!!!!! >>> I like all that shit in tha beginning! Yeah, you, “high as gas prices;” I agree wit that shit ‘cause you keep that shit in ya system! Tha beat iz pretty nice and smooth here. Keep talkin’ about all tha shit you got here!! SUCH A FUCKIN’ KICK-ASS, GREAT 1st verse!!! That hook iz DEFINITELY on some TIGHT-ASS shit too!!! Tha 2nd verse iz someone different… I’m glad, “tha drugs are kickin’ in him.” That’s cool that wit his smokin’ that he, “smoked a marathon,” and, “won a gold medal.” I know I may like “Retardid” a lil’ better now, this gets an EASY **PERFECT RATING** from me!! Tha whole entire FUCKIN’ SONG was just smokin’ shit!! GREAT JOB stickin’ to tha topic, fa’real!! My Rating: 5.0

09. “Cash” Feat. Supa & Showtyme World
Anotha GREAT title here!!!! You know I ALWAYS got “cash;” I’m a REAL GOOD “cash” saver! Let’s hear how good you do on this shit, dawg! >>> LOL @ that beginning voice. Good thing it’s 4:58 on tha length! Yes, Supa of Down Bad on this bitch!! Tha beat iz pretty nice and jammin’! Supa doin’ his thang on tha hook; it’s REAL great!!! Speakin’ of this, I saw my step-mom spend $1,750 (tha most I’ve seen at one time) on Christmas gifts while I was with her. I hope she, and my dad, can get me a bunch of old Louisiana CDs from tha South Coast Coalition store on their site! Supa did a FUCKIN’ GREAT job on his shit!! You’re on tha 2nd verse, and deliverin’ that great shit, again! I agree that you’re a, “money makin’ ma’fucka!” You had a GREAT 2nd verse, but I think I liked Supa’s verse betta; he holdin’ this track DOWN! Hearin’ tha 3rd verse, and it sounds like someone that was on this CD before… Of course his, “chain below 0, so his nose stay runnin’;” he doin’ his thang! He did his thang on tha 3rd verse. It might’ve been better than your verse, Black. It’s all good though ‘cause this joint jammin’ as fuck (of course)! Supa, KEEP FUCKIN’ REPEATIN’ THAT HOOK, dawg!!! My Rating: 4.5

½time: My God, this shit iz off to an AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING START!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m SO FUCKIN’ GLAD I bought this shit! I promise, when I get a whole lotta cake, I finna BUY every fuckin’ Louisiana CD that I reviewed in tha past (except for tha ones that are really, really bad). Louisiana iz where my heart iz for tha music, and I’m GLAD it’s now a year and a day of my connection blowin’ up!! I finna give you a call right nah and tell you how GREAT this CD iz!!!! *Calls* 2:24 conversation! I’m glad you really appreciate tha work I be doin’ for you, dawg, ‘cause you said there was a lot of hard work put into this shit. I’mma make sure this gets even better, and that you get what you deserve! I’m so glad to be doin’ this review shit right here! Keep tha formulas and topics on and poppin’, and you’ll expect tha REALLY high ratings!!

10. “I Gotta Get It”
Let’s hear what you, “gotta get,” ‘cause I know it gon be somethin’ I’m REALLY interested in hearin’!! >>> Good Baton Rouge beat intro, as it’s just too fuckin’ catchy to listen to! Sounds a lil’ younger, or more recent on your voice. Tha hook iz DEFINITELY nice to hear! I like all tha lyrics you be spittin’ on this 1st verse, right chea! That’s watz good that you, “roll wit nothin’ but big dawgs;” I’m one of them wit this internet shit! That’s REALLY watz good that you rockin’, “a blue wife beater wit black Coog’s wit your J’s laced.” You know you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOTTTTTTTT YOOOOOO FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKIN’ SWAGGGGGGGGGGGGG UPPPPPPP, YA DIG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got yo back, dawg; all day, err-day, ya diiiiiig! That 1st verse was REALLLLLLL GREAT to hear!! Now, hearin’ tha 2nd verse… “Blue dreads,” huh? That’s watz good. It’s cool to have a different color dreads. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, when I was comin’ down to Long Island last week, on December 13, I wore a black polo wit blue pants, and I was like, “this iz to my dude Blu Black, ya heard me.” Yeah, you SO are, “a shiny-ass nigga;” I agree wit that shit. Wow, this 3rd verse iz DEFINITELY tha shit!!! All tha shit you be spittin’, I’m just FUCKIN’ LOVIN’ IT!!!!!!!!!! Shit, this shit just ended? WHAT?!?!?!!? My Rating: 4.8

11. “Work Out” Feat. Toke
This should be ANOTHA REALLY GREAT joint right here!!! I know it HAS to have that club feel to it!!! >>> Because Christina Milian “Us Against The World” just was on tha radio, I thought that was a lil’ sample of her in tha beginning. You makin’ tha clubs go on FIRE wit that hook!! That beat iz on some REAL fast/tight shit!! Pretty catchy-ass 1st verse, as it’s that consistent, Baton Rouge club shit! It sounds like a Down Bad member on tha 2nd verse… Not exactly sure, but it’s cool that tha dude on tha 2nd verse, “has long dreads.” That was a nice 2nd verse right there! That hook iz just too retarded!!! Yes, you’re on tha 3rd verse!! You did yo thang, and I guess you shared it wit tha dude on tha 2nd verse… GREAT shit goin’ on here! LOL @ that girl on tha sample at tha end, again. It sounds so random. My Rating: 4.4

12. “Broke Hoe” Feat. Young True & Sims
Looks like a sequel to tha previous joint. You’re REALLY good wit makin’ these sequel jointz!! >>> LOL @ tha, “broke bitches.” This seems pretty catchy, and tha repetitiveness in tha hook helps. I thought tha beat was gonna be a lil’ faster/bounce style, but this iz still pretty nice to hear! Yeah, “everything iz true feelings;” I so agree wit that quote of yours. You be doin’ tha damn thang, dawg. Pretty nice 1st verse. I wonder who gon be on tha 2nd verse… I don’t know who it iz, but too bad for all these, “broke hoes.” It’s good to have a hoe wit money, ‘cause these “broke hoes” be drainin’ out ya money. Great 2nd verse right there. A different dude iz on tha 3rd verse… Not bad. Even though tha other topics on this CD were better, it’s still good to hear about a different topic, so that’s why it gets at least a 4.0 rating from me! My Rating: 4.1

13. “Like Ooww” Feat. Sims
What will this joint entail for me? >>> Feelin’ this beat intro right here! Yes, “Simms on tha track!” Gotta FUCKIN’ LOVE these Baton Rouge producers, rappers, everything Baton Rouge!! That, “sip that brown/white,” part in tha hook iz catchy. Now, I hear tha title, and NOW this shit iz POPPIN’, FA’REAL!!!!!!!!! I’m head-bobbin’ to your GREAT 1st verse right here; perfect for dudes that just wanna take it easy. I wonder who iz on tha 2nd verse? That’s cool that tha dude on tha 2nd verse, “threw a jigga in his mind.” I like tha, “multiply tha drinks, and tha dro…,” part also. I just noticed that it said, “and I’mma pop my pill,” in tha hook; REALLY TIGHT hook right chea!!! Great shit right chea! My Rating: 4.6

14. “Hood Song (Dat Lane)” Feat. Beezy Bird, Lil' Mike, Ace, Needy Nee & Kidd
Yeah, some mo’ shit fa’ tha hood; I dig this, lol. I’m takin’ a break from listenin’ tha CD for a sec, ‘cause right now, on Music Choice Electronica, there’s a “rare song” (where it’s a special old song that only comes on once a month) on. It’sQueens Of The Stone Age “No One Knows (Unkle Reconstruction)”, and what do you think they just said (no less, tha 1st thing)? “We take these pills to swallow;” yeahhhhhh!!!! PERFECT to go wit this CD’s topics, especially that last joint on here!! Let’s hear this “hood joint” right now… >>> Wow, it just kicked in RIGHT AWAY!! I slowly hear tha beat, and I can TELL it’s tha Baton Rouge type of beat that I FUCKIN’ LOVE!!!! This hook sounds REAL TIGHT/REAL CATCHY!!! Too fuckin’ catchy!! Oh, it’s all about, “that lane;” cool. Shit, on tha 1st verse, all that shit you do, “in that lane,” iz DEFINITELY watz good!! I can’t wait ‘til tha day comes where I get to meet you, and then, hang wit you, “in that lane,” ya dig. That other dude on tha 1st verse sounded pretty good too on his part; REAL GREAT 1st verse!!! Anotha dude on tha 2nd verse… He has that Young Ready type of flow; I can EASILY tell he a Baton Rouge dude! REAL GREAT 2nd verse from him! It sounds like a girl on tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse… Yeah, “it IZ retontoe” (sp?). She did her thang, as she had a GREAT attitude to this shit! Sounds like a GREAT start to tha 1st ½ of tha 3rd verse!! That’s REAL cool that he’s, “got dat killa in his hand.” Let’s hear tha 2nd ½… That dude’s, “a dog wit no brain;” HE RETARDED!!! This shit was SOOOOOOOO FUCKIN’ TIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!! I like how it ended, as tha beat ended cold, wit, “whatchu know about that lane, nigga?” My Rating: 4.9

15. “Get In There” Feat. Sims
I wonder what this shit gon be about… >>> Lil’ Jon’s “okay” in tha beginning… I predict a club banger… Yes, “Simms on tha track,” again!! Tha beat started to kick in at :13!! Now, I’m REALLY lookin’ forward to this!! A familiar dude on tha 1st verse… Soundin’ great on this shit! I like that, “Mr. Money; cancer, I’m sick, bitch,” part; REAL NICE! I liked all tha other shit he spit as well; he HELD that 1st verse down to tha fullest!! Pretty catchy hook wit those, “aye, aye, get it up!” Yeah, my ma’fuckin’ dawg Blu Black on tha 2nd verse!! That’s REAL COOL that you been, “smokin’ since you got up.” You did yo thang on tha 2nd verse! Even though it was a REAL NICE 2nd verse, I feel that I liked tha dude on tha 1st verse better; he REALLY did his thang! Well, looks like this joint turned out to be MAD catchy and REAL GOOD!!! My Rating: 4.7

16. “On Dem Pillz” Feat. Ms. Brownsville & Butla
I’m DYIN’ to know what’s in store for No. 16!!! *Checks ID* YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I ALWAYS have faith in tha No. 16 joint, it gon REALLY pay off this time!! SO MUTHAFUCKIN’ ANTICIPATED TO HEAR HOW RETARDED THIS SHIT GON SOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >>> Already, that first 3 seconds was GREAT to hear! Tha beat sounds great for this shit! Tha girl in tha beginning sounds GREAT! That’s watz good that she’s gotta, “power up!” You make some GREAT beats, dawg! Yeah, you start it off wit, “I’m too much (on dem pillz).” Oh wait, this iz tha hook… IT’S TOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKIN’ TIIIIIIIIIIIIGHHHHHHHHHTT!!!! Yeah, you’re on tha 1st verse!!! I like all those, “poppin’,” thangz. I know you said, “purple smell, gon enhale.” I wouldn’t myself ‘cause I have Asthma. However, I’ll let my nose do tha talkin’ ‘cause I LOVE tha smell of kush. You did tha DAMN THANG on tha 1st verse; REAL GREAT job!! Let’s hear what this dude on tha 2nd verse has to do… GREAT SHIT, AGAIN!!! He did his thang on this shit, and what a FUCKIN’ GREAT JOINT this iz!! Now playing on Music Choice Electronica: Benjamin Diamond “Let’s Get High”; what perfect timing to come on!! My Rating: 4.9

17. “Transform” Feat. Needy Nee & Beezy Bird
What kinda way are we gonna “transform?” Wit tha topics, or yourself? >>> When there’s no beat in tha very beginning, I get REAL curious to know what to expect… Tha beat iz pretty cool; GREAT Baton Rouge sound, again!!! That girl chantin’ in tha background sounds GREAT! Yeah, you’re on tha 1st verse!!! You did yo thang wit tha shit you spit on this shit! This iz a pretty catchy joint right chea. I like tha, “jiggalate,” parts when tha female chants! Tha dude on tha 2nd verse sounds pretty good too wit tha shit he be spittin’! Just like A-Mar, Dyl, and Max Minelli, that dude on tha 2nd verse, “does it to tha max;” good shit! Tha female was good enough to be on tha 3rd verse… She goin’ retarded on her verse! I LOVE those sounds in tha beat!! GREAT shit on this joint! My Rating: 4.4

18. “X-Factor” Feat. Yung Yola & Butla
I always go for songs wit “factor” in their title. I wanna hear how FUCKIN’ GOOD you made this shit!! >>> I thought tha intro was gonna throw me off, and make me wanna pray for this to be good. However, I think this gon be pretty good! Tha dude on tha 1st verse iz supplyin’ this shit wit some nice shit. Tha hook iz so on tha Baton Rouge tip, wit how it’s recorded, and flown. Let’s hear what you got on tha 2nd verse… You had a nice 2nd verse on this shit! You just love rappin’, and I got so much luv for you, dawg. We gon make history, ya dig. Let’s hear what we got on tha 3rd verse… LOL @ tha, “masturbate,” and then tha, “beaver/wood,” parts; good for tha ladies! That dude on tha last verse had a great verse. My Rating: 4.0

19. “I Been Thuggin’”
How are we gonna end this EXTREMELY RETARDED, BLAZIN’, AMAZIN’, CRAZY CD off??? >>> It bein’ tha outro track on this CD makes it odd to say that it sounds like an intro track; it’s pretty nice wit tha beat and tha hook so far! Let’s hear your 1st verse… I REALLY like that, “got dat work whiter than flower,” part; GOOD SHIT here!! REAL GREAT 1st verse, and I’m DYIN’ to know that you have a 2nd verse on this shit!!! That 2nd verse sounds pretty nice; consistent shit! Yeah, I really like that, “we cook it well done,” part; great shit again!! My Rating: 4.5

Overall: End Time: 6:21 PM. I purposely ended it at 6:21 PM (which it wound up happenin’); 6-21 iz my birthday, ya dig. Anyway, excluding tha previous review I did today, after reviewin’ 3 CDs that tried to be tight, but disappointed me at times, you PROVED THEM WRONG!!!!!!!!! This might’ve been one of tha HIGHEST RATED CDs I’ve eva rated before!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You HAVE tha **PERFECT RATING**, you HAVE all 4.0 ratings or higher on tha songs from me (which means this iz a **CERTIFIED CLASSIC** off tha bat), you HAVE a bunch of OVERWHELMING ratings from me (of at least 4.6 or higher). This CD was ONE OF THA BEST PIECES OF WORK I EVA REVIEWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you send me your CDs in tha mail (which will be when I get your address), I’m gonna print out a hard copy of this review, and send it to you. I want you to show all ya boyz, all tha haterz, all tha producers, manager, rappers, etc. etc. I want them to see what a GREAT job you did wit comin’ up wit a CD!!!!!! This review iz a lil’ over 9 pages long (what I expected), so I’m glad you got to read every word of mine!! Keep doin’ yo thang, and I’m SO FUCKIN’ GLAD I got this CD, AND that I paid $9.99 for it online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, you should’ve had one or two skits on here. I know you had some intro/outro parts on some of tha songs, but it’s all good ‘cause I really look forward to skits!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

19. “X-Factor” Feat. Yung Yola & Butla 4.0
18. “Broke Hoe” Feat. Young True & Sims 4.1
17. “Burning Up” 4.3
16. “Work Out” Feat. Toke 4.4
15. “Transform” Feat. Needy Nee & Beezy Bird 4.4
14. “I Been Thuggin’” 4.5
13. “I Love Stuntin’” Feat. Yung Yola 4.5
12. “Cash” Feat. Supa & Showtyme World 4.5
11. “Hustle” Feat. Butla & Toke 4.6
10. “It’s Nothing” Feat. Yung Yola & Butla 4.6
09. “Like Ooww” Feat. Sims 4.6
08. “Get In There” Feat. Sims 4.7
07. “Out My Body” Feat. Big #'s & Sims 4.7
06. “In My System” Feat. Trally Boy & Toke 4.7
05. “I Gotta Get It” 4.8
04. “On Dem Pillz” Feat. Ms. Brownsville & Butla 4.9
03. “Hood Song (Dat Lane)” Feat. Beezy Bird, Lil' Mike, Ace, Needy Nee & Kidd 4.9
02. “Retardid” 4.9
01. “Smoke Something” Feat. Butla 5.0

Review #164: Gillie Da Kid "I Am Philly"

Reviewed on 12.20.2008 (Review No. 164)

It's FrankieThaLuckyDog, here. We're about to switch it up to a Philly review. I finna review my dude Gillie Da Kid's latest mixtape, "I Am Philly." Hopefully he comes correct on this 'cause I know he doesn't bullshit. So, here goes my review for Gillie Da Kid "I Am Philly"! Also, I'm gonna say this on every review I do for a while: FOR ANYONE READIN' THIS: Go check out my brand new music video, "Change Tha World," featuring Tha Wennipearl (my cousin Jen)!! It's a great song (written and produced by me) and a REAL GREAT music video (directed and 100% edited by me)! | Start Time: 1:57 PM | Video Game Playing: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (for Super Nintendo)

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don't care how lyrical you are! As long as it's jammin' enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it's considered "mindblowin'" when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before " >>> " iz what I'm sayin' before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type " >>> " iz what I think of tha song while I'm listening to it.

01. "Real Niggaz" Feat. Vince Black, Meek Mill, Bump Jay & Black Deniro
Looks like tha beginning of this mixtape could start off RAW wit that GREAT title, and Meek Mill bein' on this shit! Lookin' forward to this! >>> I didn't expect tha beat to sound like this… TIGHT SHIT!! Great intro, and now, it's you on tha 1st verse… Good "work iz up…" line. You did a REAL great job! Tha 2nd ½ of tha 1st verse iz up… Consistentness! Yes, Meek Mill on tha 2nd verse… Just TOO TIGHT, AS ALWAYS, when he raps!! He just RIPPED that shit, and just doesn't give up!!! He tha shit all day, err-day! Now, tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse… Just real great shit again!! Ooh, there's a 3rd verse… Not 100% sure who both those dudes exactly are, but (of course) TIGHT shit!! My Rating: 4.9

02. "What'z Up" Feat. Cyssero & Meek Mill
That's REAL good that it's back 2 back wit Meek Mill on tha feature! And that's cool that Cyssero on this shit too. I wonder how high I'll rate this one… >>> That intro beat sounds real great in my earphones right now. I'm :34 in, and still, tha intro… I still feel anticipated. Pretty catchy start; this should be real nice! It's you on tha 1st verse… Tha "cornier and cornier" shit iz tight. It sounded like you said, "I got this nigger in my site." LOL @ it not soundin' like "nigga" at that part. It's all good though 'cause y'all keep it real wit your rhymes. Great 1st verse, as it went hard to tha fullest! Hearin' tha 2nd verse from Cyssero… Philly dudes keep it real consistent wit all tha shit they spit! I guess 'cause it's real hood down there, and that tha people down there just live tha real shit. He did his thang on this shit! Meek Mill just goin' off on tha 3rd verse! Yeah, "this Philly at its finest;" I SO agree on this shit! Doin' CRAZY rhymes right chea! My Rating: 4.5

03. "Who Dat Be"
I peeked at tha length (only bein' 1:27), so no wonder why it's short: it's an album exclusive. Let's hear how this gon sound for a sample… >>> This sounds tight, wit that TIGHT "Philly club" formula like tha other jointz! Your 1st verse was definitely raw!! That's a real nice/catchy hook, and we'll see how well this does in tha future wit bein' a single, bein' in tha clubs, etc. My Rating: 4.4

04. "Money Ain't A Thing"
I didn't expect another album exclusive snippet here… I guess you want to tell tha streets what you got cookin' up… That's cool. >>> I like tha The Runners style in tha beat intro… Sounds like it gon be REAL tight!! That's cool that tha hook went all tha way 'til :55! This iz DEFINITELY some tight shit, as you did a GREAT job on your verse!! My Rating: 4.5

05. GDK Speaks
I thought it was gonna be Meek spittin' an intro to tha next joint, but, I was wrong. Let's hear what you got to say… >>> Yeah, you ain't nothin' to be fucked wit when it comes to hustlin', and this Rap shit! My Rating: N/A

06. "Ain't I Freestyle"
Let's hear how good you do on this anthematic beat! >>> I thought it was gonna be tha Yung LA beat, but no, it's Jay's beat… Clean? Why iz this clean? Was this recorded somewhere where it had to be clean? That's cool that you'd, "lose your left hand," for your dude. However, I guess 'cause I don't have any homies to talk to everyday in person, I think that's a lil' too much to sacrifice for one of your dudes. Anyway, great shit you be spittin'. I like how you're doin' tha hook. This should've been created as a dirty version! My Rating: 4.0

07. "Make A Move" Feat. Styles P
Don Cannon on tha production, and Styles P on tha feature… This should be more tight shit, even though I'm gonna have a feelin' tha jointz wit Meek Mill gon be better… >>> Tha beat iz pretty nice. I thought it was gonna be darker, but it's all good. Styles doin' his thang wit tha shit he spittin'! Pretty nice shit goin' on from you as well. I like tha "Weezy tha best" rhyme that you did. My Rating: 4.1

08. "Can't Tell Me Nothin' Freestyle"
There's no title ID here… I wonder what to expect? >>> It's 2:53, and it's over tha "Can't Tell Me Nothin'" beat… I guess I'll just ID it as "Can't Tell Me Nothin' Freestyle" since tha other freestyle was ID'd as "Ain't I Freestyle." As far as this, it's nice to hear, but, I'm real sick of "Can't Tell Me Nothin'," and now, it bein' 1.5 years old, it's old as fuck now. I kinda got bored of people rappin' on that beat, and usin' tha same style as Kanye did. My Rating: 3.6

09. GDK Speaks Again
Let's hear this "speak"in' "again," lol. >>> Again, more real shit from you. My Rating: N/A

10. "Swagger So Mean" Feat. Bump Jay & Black Deniro
So, Black Deniro's in this, huh? He was in that 1st joint, so I finna put him in tha ID of tha 1st joint, as he was on tha 3rd verse (tha 1st ½). According to tha beat that played on when you were speakin' just now, I have to say it's pretty nice. Let's hear how tha whole entire joint gon entail… >>> Not bad on tha 1st verse. Tha hook iz gettin' catchy, and so iz tha beat. Tha 2nd verse was pretty nice. Easily, tha hook iz tha best for me here. 3rd verse was pretty nice too. My Rating: 3.9

½time: It's off to a TIGHT start!! Loved that 1st joint a whole lot on here!! Tha beginning of this mixtape DEFINITELY did it REAL big!! I hope to hear more HOT dark beats, including lots more (if any) features of Joey Jihad and Meek Mill!!

11. "I'm Dat Nigga"
Back to tha HOT album exclusives… Lookin' forward to hearin' this!! >>> LOL @ tha female "I'm dat nigga" sample; sounds good. I like this beat a lot here! You had a great verse on this shit. Love that sample and that beat! My Rating: 4.3

12. "What'z The Math"
Good, anotha album exclusive here… Riz De on tha beat… Let's see if it can be as good as tha other album exclusives… Gotta love that title! >>> I'm not crazy about this beat; sorry. Tha hook has a better feel in tha beat, and tha title in tha hook makes this sound pretty catchy. My Rating: 3.7

13. "Only Ones" Feat. Black Deniro & Nitti
What could we have here? >>> I was just about to say, "no!! Why tha slow beat/slow soul sample?" Okay hook… Tha 1st verse was nice. I like tha, "even if I run outta work, I still got money," line. I love when rappers talk about their work and shit like that. Speaking of that, LOL, I just jynxed myself, as on tha 2nd verse, tha dude was talkin' about that work. Great "work" lines throughout tha whole 2nd verse; that's watz good! Let's hear tha 3rd verse… Pretty good from you. Tha beat could've been better, but tha topic on this joint iz DEFINITELY watz good!!! No wonder, tha sample has "work" in it too. My Rating: 4.4

14. "Flashing Lights Freestyle"
Let's hear how you handle these "lights," lol. >>> Okay, I'm not really into tha "imitating tha original's singing hook" type of hooks. LOL @ tha, "my prerogative," quote in an ad-lib. Tha shit that was spit on here was cool though. My Rating: 3.8

15. "Best In The City" Feat. Rocky, Fontaine & Maino
I expect this to go hard… >>> Real catchy hook here! Fontaine on tha 1st verse… He's makin' a catchy verse. Good shit right here! Maino on tha 2nd verse… Yup, he doin' his thang on here! Let's hear what you got to say on tha 3rd verse… Yeah, "when you talk about Philly, you think about Gillie;" that's true. Lemme give my shout outs to Joey Jihad and Meek Mill. In my opinion, they ALWAYS deliver that CONSISTENT raw NON-STOP, all day, err-day!! They neva stop, and I always look forward to new shit from them! My Rating: 4.3

16. "A Milli Freestyle" Feat. Meek Mill, Bump Jay & Nitti
This looks familiar wit Meek, you, and Bump bein' on this shit. Meek Mill had an "A Milli Freestyle" on his mixtape, "Flamers." I wonder if this iz tha same one. Lemme find out… I'm gonna read my review that I wrote on "Flamers" and see who goes 1st/2nd/3rd/etc… >>> Yup, this tha same one. Let's hear what I had to say: Iz that Gillie Da Kid on tha 1st verse? I think that iz. That's REAL TIGHT! I'm gonna kick a lil' somethin' real quick [this was to Meek Mill]… "Meek Milly in here, spittin' Philly game to them queers…" Yeah this iz soundin' real great. 2nd dude iz real good wit all that fast rappin' [it bein' Bump Jay]!! Good thing "shawty's wet like fallin' rain." FINALLY here's Meek Mill on tha 3rd part! When he laughed while he were spittin', it sounded like Weezy no less, lol. <- To add to add to this: Meek Mill doin' tha FUCKIN' THANG!!! You did a great job on this too, Gillie! Nitti on tha 4th part… Did a great job too. Last time, I rated this 4.4. This time, I feel like it's better! My Current Rating: 4.6

17. GDK Speaks Again
Let's hear what you got to say after all these hot jointz, again! >>> Great attitude when it comes to these skits/interludes! I like tha counting money that you did on tha mic. My Rating: N/A

18. "Haters"
What does Ike Turna got to do on this beat… Hope he supplied you wit a good one! >>> LOL @ tha different title! Music Choice Rap got this shit back in like July 2008 *checks date…* Yup, July 31, 2008 @ 5:56 PM. They ID'd it as, "Do Your Job," and so did it when I downloaded it. I thought this had a pretty nice, jammin' beat, along wit that catchy hook. I thought this was gonna get more exposure, like wit "Get Down On Da Ground." Tha verses were pretty nice, but more on tha club tip here. You "did your job" on this shit. My Current Rating: 4.2

19. "Jockin' Philly" Feat. Black Deniro, Oschino & E Ness
Lookin' at tha title makes me think this iz a freestyle over tha "Jockin' Jay-Z" beat, but, I could be wrong… >>> It iz still a jacked beat. Wow, that sounds hot without tha Akon part on it in tha beginning! It's tha "Out Here Grindin'" beat. Let's hear how much y'all could cram in in tha next 2 minutes, 50 seconds (as it's on :37 right now). Tha 1st part sounds TIGHT… Let's hear tha 2nd part… Good job. I like that "imitating hook" this time. What do we got on tha 3rd part? E Ness did his thang. What do we got on tha 4th part… "Studied us like lab rats" <- GREAT part! Gillie, you're on tha 5th part… Good job, and I liked how you flowed on this shit. Good job wit tha crammin' in! My Rating: 4.2

20. "Go Get 'Em" Feat. Bump Jay & King I
An exclusive I see… I hope it's real good! >>> I like that, "what up my nigga?," echoing in tha intro. Great beat intro! Sounds like a Drumma Boy type of beat, or, iz it a jacked style? This iz a pretty tight 1st verse; definitely got respect for it. Tha hook was good. I like how you started tha 2nd verse wit tha, "haze," and tha, "dutch." I'm glad you, "hustle 24/7." Good job on your shit. Tha 3rd verse iz soundin' gutta wit tha, "choppa," shit. Crazy shit to nearly end this mixtape off! My Rating: 4.4

21. "My Life" Feat. Freeway
There's no ID on this last one, so I'm expectin' it to be a freestyle. I thought it was gonna be an outro for a second… >>> I don't know tha beat. According to your, "PC Beats," intro part, it sounds like it's an original! Sounds like a REAL nice version of what a The Runners beat would sound like. Freeway's featured on this? Hopefully if there's more people that I could ID err-one. According to tha end of tha hook, it sounds like it could be called, "My Life." Let's hear your 1st verse finally, after it was rewound back… Pretty nice 1st verse. Freeway iz on tha 2nd verse… I like tha, "keep tha smith on me like Will," part. Pretty nice job. He's on tha 3rd verse also… And, it's also you. I guess y'all sharin' tha verse. That's cool that Freeway's, "Meek Mill, in his bag." Good job, and instead of y'all sharin' a ½ of tha verse, y'all did it in quarters (meanin' you did a quarter verse, and then alternated). Nice shit here. My Rating: 4.1

Overall: End Time: 3:30 PM. Gillie, you did "yo ma'fuckin' job" on this mixtape, dawg!! Real tight shit, especially havin' Meek on here 3 times!! You should've had Joey Jihad on this bitch; that would've been retarded!!! Anyway, keep doin' yo thang, keep keepin' it street, keep keepin' it real, and enjoy this review!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

18. "Can't Tell Me Nothin' Freestyle" 3.6
17. "What'z The Math" 3.7
16. "Flashing Lights Freestyle" 3.8
15. "Swagger So Mean" Feat. Bump Jay & Black Deniro 3.9
14. "Ain't I Freestyle" 4.0
13. "Make A Move" Feat. Styles P 4.1
12. "My Life" Feat. Freeway 4.1
11. "Haters" 4.2
10. "Jockin' Philly" Feat. Black Deniro, Oschino & E Ness 4.2
09. "I'm Dat Nigga" 4.3
08. "Best In The City" Feat. Rocky, Fontaine & Maino 4.3
07. "Go Get 'Em" Feat. Bump Jay & King I 4.4
06. "Who Dat Be" 4.4
05. "Only Ones" Feat. Black Deniro & Nitti 4.4
04. "What'z Up" Feat. Cyssero & Meek Mill 4.5
03. "Money Ain't A Thing" 4.5
02. "A Milli Freestyle" Feat. Meek Mill, Bump Jay & Nitti 4.6
01. "Real Niggaz" Feat. Vince Black, Meek Mill, Bump Jay & Black Deniro 4.9

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