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Review #31: Jimmy The DJ "Gangsta Gumbo Vol. 1 (Hosted by Dee-1)"

Reviewed on 11.27.2007 (Review No. 31)

Watz good Jimmy The DJ, my homie. This yo boy Frankie. Here goes my review for tha "Gangsta Gumbo Vol. 1" mixtape. By tha way, to prove that I really wanna listen to this mixtape, I'm POST-PONING doing BOTH my Ethics paper that I have to fix, as well as my Macroeconomics test that I still have to do (which I can use my notes and do it at my house due to I'm Autistic, and got a lot of shit to do wit Ethics). Either way, I'm really anticipated for this because I don't know what to expect… I didn't read tha tracklisting (which I usually don't at first), and I'm looking forward to hearing some new talent, ESPECIALLY outta tha N.O.! I will rate each song from 1.0 – 4.0. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already), so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before " >>> " iz what I'm sayin' before I listen to tha song, and anything after I type " >>> " iz what I think of tha song while I'm listening to it. So here it goes, and at tha end, I'll tell you one main reason why I really wanted this mixtape (tha first reason was 'cause of tha dope cover). Start Time: 10:01 PM.

01. "Intro"
Aight a :30 intro. I won't rate this due to there's prolly not gonna be a rap in it, but lemme see wat it sounds like: >>> Intro just gets me more anticipated to hear tha mixtape! My Rating: N/A

02. Dee-1 "Murder Capitol"
Aight here it goes 1st song, new rapper to me, so High AL (anticipation level)! >>> Nice start. Tha beat has it goin' on at different parts, and I'm liking that. Tha hook sounds pretty good for a start. Nice 1st verse. Good 2nd & 3rd verse! I actually can't get enough of that hook, it's real tight! Oh real nice speeding tempo at tha end! My Rating: 4.1

03. Nu$$ie Feat. Skull Duggery "Dumb Way"
Like tha title, and tha rapper names seem cool, so another High AL! >>> Ooh Nu$$ie sounds pretty good on his part. Nice verse by him, and nice line "call me Nu$$ie Bad Azz." Nice hook. Sounded a lil' like a "Wipe Me Down" beat in tha background. 2nd verse was good, but 3rd verse iz soundin' real good. Good joint as well! My Rating: 3.9

04. Lil' Witness "You Right"
Got some more High AL! >>> Real nice smooth beat intro! He's got a good flow, and this iz somethin' I think I would like. Nice hook! Sounded like another speeded ending. My Rating: 4.0

05. Team Yea Yea "Woozy"
Let's see… >>> Sounds like a club banger. This one sounds better than most club bangers out now. Good verses and hook for a club banger. My Rating: 3.8

06. Sleep Feat. Big Gill & Kuale Boy "House Shoes"
Let's see this 3 way collaboration; looking forward! >>> That sound effect from Soulja Boy/"Ain't Gon Let Up"/"PB&J" that I like. This iz okay for me… My Rating: 3.5

07. B-Raw Feat. Gutta "Parking Lot 2 Picture Booth"
Could be good. Let's find out… >>> Ooh tha beat iz bangin'!! Shit this iz bangin'!! B-Raw kickin' sum mu'fuckin' ass!! DEFINITELY lucky no. 7 on tha mixtape!! My Rating: 4.6

08. Young Tre "In Da Hood"
I think Dirty South Radio has this (I saw them play a Young Tre song yesterday). I think this iz Bohagon's dude? Not really sure, but High AL iz what I'm sure of! >>> Nice that it did tha same sample as what Brisco did (tha Bun B sample from Webbie, Lil' Boosie & Bun B's "Show Ya Tattoos (Remix)" from 2005). Nice beat, and pretty good on tha flow. I like that it's a lil' slower than tha Brisco/Lil' Wayne joint. Pretty good. He sounds very slightly like Lil' Wayne on tha vocals. Nice lil' line at tha end "fresh 'bauds, white tee." I like seein' rappers/people wit Girbauds. That's really watz good. They're my favorite type of pants, and I love 'em. My Rating: 3.8
EDIT: My bad, this ain't Bohagon's dude (that's Playboy Tre); this dude's cool though.

09. Konfidence Feat. Pikasso "The Anthem"
It's all about "tha anthems"!! Right now 2 jointz got it goin' on wit tha title "Anthem". One joint iz Pitbull/Lil' Jon, and tha other one iz a vocal trance song by Filo & Peri/Eric Lumiere. Both bangin', so let's see if this can be tha 3rd! >>> Good intro so far! Good verses, and great hook! Beat iz bangin'! Like tha beginning of tha hook "runnin' from tha kush." 3rd verse was on point! My Rating: 4.1
EDIT: Neva mind, it's "blunted from tha kush;" that's tight right there!

10. A-Mar & Dyl "Knock 'Em Out"
High AL, and I see it's A-Mar, tha dude who's mixtape you gave me as a bonus (his 2005 mixtape "My Gutta Wayz"). Lookin' forward to that, but let's get into this! >>> Odd sounding in tha beat background, but it should be good! Very Lil' Boosieish on tha vocals. Not bad. I damn near lost my mood for tha song due to I kept screwin' up in this video game I was playin' on my computer (Diddy Kong Racing for Nintendo 64), but tha joint turned out nice still. My Rating: 3.7

11. Lil' Boosie Feat. SCC "Livin' What I'm Spittin'"
Oh speaking of Mr. Bad Azz here he iz. Looking forward to a new joint of his, especially wit a feature! Very High AL!!! >>> Real nice verse by Boosie. Soundin' great. Nice rhymes throughout tha whole song! My Rating: 4.4

12. "Skit"
Right in time for tha ½ time! >>> Oh that's you Jimmy. That's watz good. 'Preciate you droppin' by. My Rating: N/A

Halftime: So far so good. I hope it stays that way. Hopefully there's at least 1 more shocking joint like No. 7!

13. Dee-1 Feat. Zella & La La "Priceless"
Aight let's see if he holds it down on this joint as well! >>> Decent start. What's wit that girl throughout tha hook? Sounds pretty good. For some reason I'm starting to loss interest? I don't know why… My Rating: 3.5

14. JD Killa "Red Bandana"
>>> Nice beginning. Really like that laugh in tha beginning. I have that sound effect on my iPod, and it's funny. Looking forward to hearing! Cheesy sample on tha hook! Feelin' tha lyrics to tha hook, but that sample has to go! Tha song came out pretty good tho on tha verses. Nice "yeah boy" (Public Enemy sample) at tha end! My Rating: 3.7
EDIT: Didn't mean to criticize it at first; I think it's a cool joint.

15. Sleepy "Believe Me"
I hope I believe it's good. Not sure what to expect. >>> I had a feeling I wasn't gonna feel it. Didn't catch on. I don't have any interest. My Rating: 2.6

16. STS Records "I Can Make You Famous"
Usually No. 16 iz a real good joint most of tha time for me when it comes to me reviewing shit, so hopefully this'll revive that incident of No. 15! >>> Like tha speed of tha track, but hopefully it catches on… Hehe… he mentioned Girbauds… This iz not sounding like a Louisiana song or a dirty south song… Reminds me of LL Cool J "Headsprung" wit tha flowing. My Rating: 3.4

17. Shome "Closer"
Maybe this'll revive tha mixtape? >>> Sounds good on tha intro. Nice and slow. Oh no female sample. I don't really go for those female samples, especially high pitched. Great rhymes, but not my type of song unfortunately. Oh yeah nice speeding at tha end. My Rating: 2.5

18. VL Mike "Ether (B.G. Diss)"
Oh no… a B.G. diss! Sorry, but not looking forward! >>> Booo… to tha "Ether" beat no less… Wow he's mad… I like his temper. My Rating: 3.0

19. J-Balla "Showin' Up"
Aight maybe this'll make a come back. I have a High AL finally so let's have faith in it!! >>> Nice start, and more wit tha Girbauds! Real nice hook fa'real! J-Balla be ballin'! Oh really feelin' tha 2nd verse!! "I'm on my shit, I be showin' up!" <- That's tha shit right there!! What a comeback to tha mixtape!! And nice that instead of speedin' up, it was slowin' down towards tha end! My Rating: 4.5

20. Nuttiochie Boyz "Like We Jigg"
Maybe a club banger? Hope this mixtape ends wit bangers!! >>> Crunk rock start… I like tha 1st verse, and all that "ya'll niggas can't jig like we jig"ness. Another mention to Girbauds when he said "'baud pants" at 2:23. My Rating: 3.5

21. Shome "New Orleans Freestyle"
She's back again…? Hopefully some fire… outta a freestyle. >>> Not really feelin' tha beat (it sounds like Jay-Z's "Encore" or "Show Me What You Got". Not sure which one). She does flow good on it, and that was real short, so I guess it gets a . My Rating: 3.3

22. Sleep Feat. Big Gill & Kuale Boy "Check Us Out"
Aight I'll check you out again. Heard tha beginning of tha beat on accident, but it sounded real dope, so I got a High AL! >>> Yeah tha beat iz dope! That's a good line for when you wanna spread your music around "gon check us out, we from tha south!" Great production on tha track! Sounded pretty good throughout tha song. My Rating: 4.0

23. The Steppaz "Step Up"
Cool… Why not, a High AL. >>> Good beat start! I guess it's pretty good sounding. Good hook. My Rating: 4.2

24. B-Raw "Freestyle"
Okay how will it end wit only 1:02 remaining? I think there should've been an outro, but I heard tha 1st second of this, and it was tha "Make 'Em Say Ugh" beat. Let's see what he did to it. >>> Too cold of an ending, but he did his thang. My Rating: 3.7

Overall: End Time: 11:53 PM. Not bad for tha 1st time hearing a "Gangsta Gumbo" mixtape! Beginning was real dope, but then it went downhill on about ½ of tha 2nd ½. At least there was that one surprise that I was expecting on tha 2nd ½, and it was at No. 19! And here's that main reason why I got tha mixtape: I'm currently goin' to college, and I'm on my 3rd semester. During tha 2nd semester, I met this dude Jeff Gumbs, and we became cool. During tha 3rd semester I wanted to build my friendship wit him, and when I wanted this mixtape from you, we were cool. About ONE WEEK LATER, he didn't stick up for me (like a friend should – I told this dude Tressor off 'cause he was talkin' shit to me, and Jeff was laughin' while it happened. Then when I mentioned it to Jeff on Facebook, he was like "I ain't fuckin' protectin' you!! What tha hell do I look like?? You want everyone to be all nice to you, but here you are givin' niggas tha finger and shit"), and he told me to not write him anymore on Facebook, so since 10.19.2007, I never talked/wrote him. It's like WTF? I'm one of tha best/nicest people in tha world! Yesterday I gave my mom $80 and a $20 lottery ticket as an early Christmas present! What person does that these dayz? He don't know what he's missing! He used me 'cause I had his back when it came to missing class. I gave him tha notes, I burned him mixtapes and shit like that, and I get this in return? Whatever… I told him I was Autistic, and I think that ruined our friendship sadly. He thinks I use my disability as an excuse for everything? I do use it for a lot of things, but shit, he's an asshole. At least his name and tha name of this mixtape compilation sparked tha attention of mine to get this mixtape, and I'm glad I got it from you/glad I talked to you those times. I heard better mixtapes in tha past, but your's still gets a from me. Keep doin' yo thang, and prolly later this week hopefully I'll check out A-Mar's "My Gutta Wayz". And now, here are tha rankings (according to ratings):

Rankings (according to Ratings):

22. Shome "Closer" 2.5
21. Sleepy "Believe Me" 2.6
20. VL Mike "Ether (B.G. Diss)" 3.0
19. Shome "New Orleans Freestyle" 3.3
18. STS Records "I Can Make You Famous" 3.4
17. Dee-1 Feat. Zella & La La "Priceless" 3.5
16. Nuttiochie Boyz "Like We Jigg" 3.5
15. Sleep Feat. Big Gill & Kuale Boy "House Shoes" 3.5
14. B-Raw "Freestyle" 3.7
13. JD Killa "Red Bandana" 3.7
12. A-Mar & Dyl "Knock 'Em Out" 3.7
11. Young Tre "In Da Hood" 3.8
10. Team Yea Yea "Woozy" 3.8
09. Nu$$ie Feat. Skull Duggery "Dumb Way" 3.9
08. Sleep Feat. Big Gill & Kuale Boy "Check Us Out" 4.0
07. Lil' Witness "You Right" 4.0
06. Konfidence Feat. Pikasso "The Anthem" 4.1
05. Dee-1 "Murder Capitol" 4.1
04. The Steppaz "Step Up" 4.2
03. Lil' Boosie Feat. SCC "Livin' What I'm Spittin'" 4.4
02. J-Balla "Showin' Up" 4.5
01. B-Raw Feat. Gutta "Parking Lot 2 Picture Booth" 4.6

^ Pretty good that 8 songs had at least a 4.0 rating. "Dumb Way" I rated a 3.9, but that was close to a 4.0 rating. Hope you like my review.

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Performance #01: "Who I Am" (Open Mic Night) (11.13.2007)

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