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Review #249: JBEE, Trelizz & R-Jay "JBEE: The Mix"

Reviewed on 6.30.2009 (Review #249)

Ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog iz here... 'Bout ta get into my next review fa tha day. Comin' from (now) 15 year-old rapper JBEE, tha YOUNGEST dude I know from Louisiana, ya dig! I believe he had to have been 12 or 13 when this CD that I'm reviewin' of his came out, so we'll see how tha youngin' can sound back from tha 2007 dayz (since this iz from 2007)! It's also a collaboration mixtape wit Trelizz & R-Jay, and here goes my review for it! Tha review for JBEE, Trelizz & R-Jay "JBEE: The Mix"! Start Time: 1:54 PM | End Time: 3:02 PM

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

01. "Gangsta Muzik" Feat. JBEE
You're on tha feature? LOL... Then, which dude's song iz it? Either Trelizz's or R-Jay's... >>> Ewe, lol. It's tha "Hustler Muzik" beat (no wonder that title). My God, that fast talkin' in tha beginning; lemme rewind and see who that iz... *Rewinds* ??? Anyway, it sounds like you on tha 1st verse... Sounds like tha old, Louisiana shit I be reviewin' in my Louisiana Reviewz Marathon (from tha 90's) right now wit tha way you rappin'. Not really sure what ta say about tha 1st verse; still kinda distorted... Tha hook sounds hot wit tha "dope up in my pocket" (or "doe?") part. Sounds like anotha youngin' on tha 2nd verse; nice shit! Really feelin' how that dude be spittin' and shit; soundin' betta than tha 1st verse here. I like tha "and nigga, nigga, nigga, that's hustlin'" part in tha hook. Tha youngin' again on tha 3rd verse here... At 2:52, it skipped a lil' (same wit 2:55). It just did it again at 3:05; what's goin' on here? I like his "shiiit" part around 3:20. My Rating: 4.1
EDIT: I reviewed this as tha 4th song ('cause that's what # it was on tha mp3). I didn't realize this was tha 1st song...

02. "Big Money"
Tha startin' joint... Once again, props to dat boy JBEE fa puttin' my Filmz page in your top friends without you even directly talkin' to me by MySpace or by phone! >>> Forgot it was this old to be for tha Young Jeezy "I Luv It" beat. Pretty nice start to tha beginning; I like tha echoin' vocals. Nice "'bauds on" part in tha 1st verse here. I liked tha 1st verse right there, and I like when you said "dawg" in tha hook; thumbs up! Not bad on tha 2nd verse. You said, "jigga juice;" that was known back then? Then again, 2007 was such a shitty year fa me. It took tha end of tha year fa Louisiana ta capture me from tha bullshit in 2007, ya feel me. My Rating: 3.6
EDIT: Didn't realize this was tha 2nd song... On tha mp3, it was labeled as tha 1st song, so that's why I reviewed this one as tha 1st song.

03. "Black Girl"
Quite ironic wit this title... I reviewed a 2007 CD from Lil' J called "Two & A Quarter (Reloaded)" recently, and there was a "Black Girl" title, which tha beat that was used in tha background was tha Young Jeezy & U.S.D.A. "White Girl" beat. Will this be tha same formula? >>> Wow, how fuckin' weird!!! Two times within one week/both 2007 CDs/both tha same beat/title!!! I like tha "yea, boi!" part in tha beginning. I'm LOLin' so I ain't frontin' on tha beat. Not bad on tha 1st verse; tha hook sounds betta here, although kinda simple on how you sound on it. Tha 2nd verse was nice. I like those "I'm not *insert rapper* *insert their title*" parts. I guess "Watch My Shoes" was out at that time. Because you're young, you sound like some otha teenage rappers I know (P.Willz & 3-Kingz from Orange, TX), who are prolly 1 or 2 years older than you. Not bad on tha 3rd verse too. My Rating: 3.4

04. "Freestyle"
Good thing "A Milli" wasn't out back then. Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if you rapped over that beat eventually. I wonder what this beat iz... >>> So this one iz over tha "International Players Anthem (I Choose You)" beat... I thought tha intro was gonna be shortened so tha beat kicks in... I like tha way your flow iz flowin' on this freestyle right chea. Your quality in your mic/voice iz kinda distorted. I can't hear certain shit clearly... I like how you 12/13 sayin' "fuck nigga" and shit like that; feelin' that. I also like everything after tha 2:00 mark that's goin' on here as well. Nice ending wit tha "I do this shit everyday 'cause I'm out here strapped;" you really strapped at 12/13? Pics...? My Rating: 2.7

05. "Hand Clap"
And what beat iz this...? JUST PLAYIN'!! >>> Oh, failed, lol! Not tha "Hand Clap" beat, but tha "A Bay Bay" beat; LOL @ tha title? It's like Hurricane Chris vs. Hurricane Chris here wit that hook wit instead of "a bay bay," "hand clap." You're on tha 1st verse (as well as bein' on tha hook), JBEE. What made you sound tha way you do for a young age? What gave you tha interest in hustlin' too? A decent 1st verse I guess. REAL HOT part at 2:25 (no less) wit tha "Coogi" and "polo" shit. SMH @ tha "fuck tha girbauds?" Why a pause in tha lyrics at 2:47? Sounded like a clean version wit tha way nothin' was said. Not bad song... My Rating: 2.5

½time: Decent start... I know you were young (and that they're all jacked beats), but if you're hustlin', don't you know anybody that makes beats? Average CD rating iz currently 3.3.

06. "I Roll"
I like tha title, but I can just imagine what tha beat iz... >>> Oh, so it's a beat from you? Good shit! "JBEE on tha beat!" Sounds like a simple hook wit just tha title goin' on here... It got betta at :23 wit mo lyrics! Of course, I'm feelin' tha Louisiana sound in tha beat here/BR style! I like tha "jiggin'" shit too goin' on in tha hook too. Ain't it gettin' kinda repetitive towards tha before 1:00 mark? Okay, added lyrics of "pop 1, pop 2" at 1:07 ta make it a lil' betta. I might as well not write anything 'cause it's just a few extra added lyrics wit tha title repeatin'... Good repetitive song though. Good "jigg, jigg, jigg, jigg" parts at tha end also. My Rating: 3.8

07. "I Roll (Remix)" Feat. R-Jay
LOL @ a remix bein' tha next song!! >>> LOL (wit a smile) @ this song again!! Sounds much betta wit that R-Jay dude (a.k.a. Joka, which that's what it says on tha mp3) soundin' like Boosie on tha 1st verse!! Feelin' tha "black 'bauds" part (he said it SO good)!! Great job from him there! Here comes you on tha 2nd verse here... Soundin' good, although that R-Jay dude was much betta. LOL @ 2:14 where it said, "I whoa," instead of, "I roll!" Now, it sounds like tha original version wit all tha "I roll"s. It more gangsta style here. Glad tha ending had them "jigg" parts in it! My Rating: 4.2

08. PRBoyz "Wiggin'"
Do you mean "BR" or am I just thinkin' wrong? I wonder what this song's about... >>> I'm assumin' a new beat/produced by you? Tha beat sounds anticipating, and tha 1st verse iz off to a pretty good start. Sounds like a lotta rappin' goin' on here. Nothin' really ta say about what's goin' on. No title in tha hook? Neva mind, I hear "wig" in tha hook. Tha 2nd verse iz here and it's soundin' off beat. Underground internet rappin' on tha 2nd verse. LOL @ tha 3rd verse startin' off wit EASILY able ta understand vocals from you here. Gangsta lyrics goin' on here this time wit you. Why was there that blank at 2:30? Bad ending to tha verse that sounded good from you. There's 1:19 left; anything else goin' on? No... That 1:19 of just tha beat was too long. Make it :30 tha most. My Rating: 3.6

09. PRBoyz "Wiggin' (Remix)"
LOL, a remix also? >>> Dude on tha 1st verse "got shot one time;" how does someone lure theirself into gettin' shot somewhere? It's just terrible ta hear! A lil' off beat when tha whistlin' came in tha beat. Good 1st verse and nice 2nd verse too. You on tha 3rd verse again here. What's that poppin' sound at 2:36? I know there was no Facebook chat thing back then, but it sounded like that. You're really "gonna die wit yo finga on tha trigga?" You're quite young at this time... I like that lil' bridge before tha song ended. Ooh, no 1:19 outro and just a :09 outro! I dunno which version I like better... Lemme see what I wrote fa tha original again... I guess this one due to how tha verses sounded. My Rating: 3.7

10. Ville City Allstars (V.C.A.) "51-50"
Tha last song. I like tha "Ville" in their name! >>> LOL, back to tha jacked beats wit "Wipe Me Down" on this one. Why tha quality decrease at :23 (as soon as tha 1st verse started)? Now, it reverted back ta normal at :35... ??? @ tha "wipe me down" at :45, and then, tha quality decrease at :46/came back ta normal at :58. Decent 1st verse; I like tha near-ending of tha 1st verse (I guess you wanna call it a 1st verse). LOL @ tha "wipe me down" part (no less, you sayin' it) at 1:38. Nice "fresh" parts at 1:57 (includin' tha "smokin'" shit parts too). Shouldn't've imitated Boosie's "past 50" part in that part 'cause you're not "passin' 50." Either way, not bad on your part. My Rating: 3.2

Overall: An okay CD. I expect you to be better by now. I see you got a new song wit "Retawded" in tha title (if I'm not mistaken). That prolly sounds better. Keep bein' you. I'm glad you tha youngest dude I talk to in tha music business, ya dig!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

10. "Hand Clap" 2.5
09. "Freestyle" 2.7
08. Ville City Allstars (V.C.A.) "51-50" 3.2
07. "Black Girl" 3.4
06. PRBoyz "Wiggin'" 3.6
05. "Big Money" 3.6
04. PRBoyz "Wiggin' (Remix)" 3.7
03. "I Roll" 3.8
02. "Gangsta Muzik" Feat. JBEE 4.1
01. "I Roll (Remix)" Feat. R-Jay 4.2

Average CD Review:

Total Score: 34.8
Total Songs: / 10
Average CD Rating: 3.5

Review #248: L-Bain "The Last Resort"

Reviewed on 6.30.2009 (Review #248)

Wat up? Ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog iz back up in tha buildin', ya dig! Time to get into this next review... Naw, it ain't from Louisiana, but it's for my boy L.B. a.k.a. L-Bain! Yup, tha dude that runs everyone's FAVORITE site for Southern music ( http://www.wordofsouth.com ) has dropped a CD!! Not only iz it not Rap, not R&B, but it's Slut-N-B; OOH!! Lookin' REAL forward to hearin' this (I heard from others that this shit iz funny; thumbs up)!! Without anymo talkin', here goes my review fa L-Bain "The Last Resort"! Start Time: 10:53 AM | End Time: 12:07 PM

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

01. "The Last Resort (Intro)"
Tha big start... Let's see what goes down here... >>> I like that beat start. You sound like Wes Fif in tha beginning (or Plies) wit tha "homie" part within tha first few seconds. I agree wit tha "shit's trash now" when it comes ta music right now. It may sound like a long intro fa some people, but when you talk knowledge on here, then I wanna listen ta what you gotta say! Now that tha intro's over, let's FINALLY hear some of your music!! My Rating: N/A

02. "It's Still Trickin'"
Looks like this gon be an interesting song; let's see... >>> Sounds like a slow start... After 34 seconds, here comes tha hook. I think it sounds pretty good/a lil' funny on how it sounds. Tha 1st verse sounds good. LOL @ tha "every night, when I go ta sleep, I think of my disease." Good job on tha 1st verse, and LOL @ tha "you're bad just like your credit;" GREAT line!! Sounds like a featured person on tha 2nd verse... Pretty good on tha 2nd verse, regardless. Here comes tha 3rd verse here. Ooh, "immune to tha coochie;" glad they said "coochie!" Not bad for tha 1st 1/2 of tha 3rd verse. It sounds like you on tha 2nd 1/2 of tha 3rd verse here... It sounded good also; I like tha attitude applied. Nice talkin' outro, and LOL @ tha Auto-Tuned title at tha end. My Rating: 3.9

03. "3 Second Violation"
"3 seconds?" More like 49x "3 seconds" 'cause it's 2:27 on tha length, lol. This looks interesting, and I'm assumin' it's a song? >>> I think tha same dude from tha last song iz producin' this song. This beat intro sounds MUCH betta!! Tha intro sounds interesting, and makes me wanna know what's gonna happen on this song, lol. I like that singin' on tha hook, lol. Great job on deliverin' tha singin'/lyrics on here. Nice job on that 1st (and only) verse on here. That hook iz just catchy, and gets my thumbs up! My Rating: 4.3

04. "4 Pack" Feat. Ill Essense
Okay, here's a featured person cited (so this must be an official featured artist). Glad to see a "4" title in tha #"4" joint on this CD, lol. Wit 5:01 on tha length, this should have some humor, and make me enjoy this shit; let's see... >>> OMG, lol @ tha beat start; outta space, lol? Nah, just playin'. That's what it reminded me of when it started. Ooh, it kicked in at :28. Sounds like random internet rappin' in tha hook, lol. Nice regular Nintendo type of beat here, lol (in a good way). Here comes tha 1st verse wit you on it... LOL @ "oral presentation." Even tha snappin' at 1:23 ain't botherin' me, so you KNOW you're doin' yo thang on these songs! I like that "like you're workin' fo ya rent" part; LOL @ tha "choo choo." Right before tha 2nd verse, it sounded GREAT wit tha sex scene'd type lyrics (wit tha "nuttin'" part, lol). Tha 2nd verse (Ill Essense) iz off to a great start; tha dude sounds pretty cool, so thumbs up on how he sounds (as well as what he spittin'). Great job from Ill on tha 2nd verse, doin' tha damn thang! Only 2 verses? LOL... Glad after tha talkin' that it ended wit tha hook again. My Rating: 4.0

05. You Ain't Shit (Interlude)
My cousin Jacqueline's birthday on tha length!! LOL (1:21)!! Looks like a title where you don't give a fuck about tha next person; let's see... >>> Again, anotha nice beat in tha background; sounds like one of those inside forests type music, lol. Sounds like a funny song (and sounds like Nina Sky). Great job from tha female in tha beginning, and LOL @ your part. LMAO @ her "nigga, you ain't shit, but yo dick sho' iz" part!! I guess that was just a lil' interlude, so, no rating. My Rating: N/A
EDIT: Weird that I called it an "interlude" and not a skit 'cause I was basin' tha title off tha mp3 (and not tha back cover). It says "(Interlude)" on tha back cover, so smh @ me...

06. "Rappers Slut" Feat. Spark Dawg & Ju1ce (The Replacementz)
Do you mean " 's "? Then again, we'll see when I hear it. I know you, a web designer, wouldn't make errors. But now, we got Spark Dawg, a WOS forum member on tha feature wit this Ju1ce dude (wit a "1" in his name), so this should be interesting! >>> Spark startin' it off... LOL @ "we slut 'em out!" Good job, Spark, wit makin' "her go from wet, wet to damp, damp." Great job, Spark, on tha 1st verse! I KNEW somethin' was gonna be up wit tha hook, and it gave me a nice smile on my face, ESPECIALLY wit tha way it went wit tha beat! I thought I was right about tha error, but tha "slut" can be called a "Rappers Slut" while also bein' a "rapper's slut" too. That Ju1ce dude on tha 2nd verse, applyin' that good shit to tha track too, so thumbs up! Yea, that hook again!! My Rating: 4.7

07. "Come On Over"
Who KNOWS what'll happen when tha gurl "comes on over," lol!! >>> Ewe, that voicemail shit in tha beginning, lol. Yea, more consistency here, as L-Bain, you're singin' slower here! Glad this came right afta that "Rappers Slut" song!! Definitely feelin' tha hook, as it's nice and hypnotizin', lol. Startin' tha 1st verse wit Auto-Tune. Not gonna criticize it here 'cause it sounds like I'm more interested in how tha song's lyrics/storyline's goin', lol. You sound like one of those Sesame Street characters wit tha voice on here, lol. Glad you had tha 1st CD review I'm doin' today 'cause it really uplifted my tired-ass 'cause I was real tired gettin' up today, but I KNEW I had ta review! REAL GREAT job on tha 1st verse!! Ooh, switchin' up to tha rappin' at 2:06! I like tha "eat you up like food" part at 2:26. I did like tha singin' better on here, but tha rappin' ain't stoppin' tha topic! Anotha one wit only 2 verses... Could've had anotha verse, but at least you're supplin' talkin' at tha end. Ooh, neva mind, tha hook iz here again (right before tha song ends)! My Rating: 4.4

½time: Well, it seems like this CD has everything it needs ta apply to tha Slut-N-B genre! Luvin' tha singin', as well as some of tha rappin'! Glad you had featured some rappers, so thumbs up ta that! I can just imagine how much further we're gonna go into tha genre wit tha last 8 songs! Average CD rating iz currently 4.3!

08. "Go On In" Feat. Young Legend a.k.a. Bol Johnson
Looks like this Young Legend wants ta be tha next John Legend, lol? Wit this genre, it may happen, Slut-N-B style, lol!! Lookin' forward ta hearin' this one too!! >>> Sounds like a slower beat start here, but it sounds like you're ready ta "go on in" for tha females here, lol. Nice, slow hook here. It sounded decent 'til I heard tha title; "we finna go on in... on sum sluts!" Switchin' studio time fa booty time, lol? Sex can wait at times. I'd rather go in tha studio right now 'cause I luv makin' music. Not bad on tha 1st verse. Here comes that Young Legend dude on tha 2nd verse, soundin' like OJ wit his "I'm gettin' honeys, I'm gettin' sluts" part. Good job from Young Legend on his part. LOL @ your "hey, hey, hey..." part. Now, this part from you iz Auto-Tune. Regardless, at least "skeetin'" iz goin' on in that part, so tha sex game can apply, lol. IDK about that ending wit tha OJ type part again, but at least it's slutable, lol! My Rating: 3.8

09. "Share You" Feat. Wes Fif
I got this song earlier in tha year (when you posted it on tha board), which feels like millions of years ago 'cause it was before Nu$$ie died. I didn't put it in rotation, although based off of tha songs on here, I feel that many of tha songs on here were better than this song. But, lemme rehear this song. >>> Okay, here comes that hook I remember. This was tha introduction to Slut-N-B fa me, and I remember tha hook bein' a lil' funny/good wit tha way it sounded. Here comes you on tha 1st verse. Now, I'm rememberin' you soundin' like Wes Fif on this verse here. Glad you had them sexual lyrics goin' on in tha 1st verse, so thumbs up ta that! Here's tha Fif dude on tha 2nd verse... Glad he applied tha sexualness into tha verse (LOL @ tha "luv tha way my nut taste"). I rather bein' sucked on tha dick than tha nuts 'cause I'm ticklelish (LOL) on tha nuts, ESPECIALLY suckin'!!! OMG, that must feel crazy!!! I liked his "slobb" part too, lol. He DEFINITELY had a nice verse, lol. Thought it was Fif on tha 3rd verse, but it's you. LOL, "SWALLOW THA SEMEN!!!" OMG!!! LOL!!! Talk about crazy! Also, tha rest of tha verse sounded great too! My Current Rating: 3.9

10. Damn Brah (Skit)
Although "dawg"'s one of my favorite slang terms (and has been), "brah/bruh" will be one of my BIG favorites now, ESPECIALLY since all my Louisiana peeps say it; FUCKIN' LUV IT!! Lookin' forward to it in this skit; will it be to a gurl, Slut-N-B style? LOL... >>> Tha dude on tha message sounds mad about a lil' Slut-N-B style that went on without him knowin'. I luved his "dawg/brah" parts though. Interesting skit. My Rating: N/A

11. "I Wouldn't" Feat. Max Minelli
"I wouldn't"'ve GUESSED there was a Louisiana person on here!!!!! Just when I thought I took a break from a Louisiana CD (which I neva do), there's a Louisiana person here, so you KNOW it's Louisiana 100% of tha time wit me! Wit a NICE 4:57 on tha length, I can't imagine how sexual this song gon be...!! >>> Sounds like anotha slow song wit tha start here. Tha beat iz gettin' betta towards tha :13 area around. Tha beat sounds a lil' like "Born N Raised" in tha hook? Interesting hook too; I like it. You on tha 1st verse, always deliverin' tha Slut-N-Bness! Feelin' tha sex-type lyrics in tha 1st verse; nice job, Bain, lol! OMG, OUTTA NOWHERE, Max Minelli on tha 2nd verse, lol!! Of course, deliverin' his great lyrics and flow on this verse here!! Great ta hear this voice on this track!! You KNOW if you a female, you EASILY fallin' in luv wit this Max Minelli verse; feel tha attention of him!! Great job on that 2nd verse right there, Max! Yea, finally, a 3rd verse! Speakin' of "gettin' a text so damn early," my gurl from college (Alexia) texted me at 3:33 AM (latest text message I got) yesterday, lol! That was WATZ GOOD (even though it was just about Twitter; it woke me up in a good mood from my sleep). Nice job on tha 3rd verse too, keepin' tha song consistent. So, what was it like workin' wit Max Minelli on this? How did this collaboration come about? My Rating: 4.1

12. "I Know You Know" Feat. Tha TC & Lil' T
More new featured peeps... Well, unless Lil' T iz different from tha Lil' T from "Shaniqua" from 2001. Anyway, it looks like this may be a great joint (again) wit 5:05 on tha length! >>> Sounds like a nice, somewhat Early 2000's influence in tha beat start here. LOL @ tha hook; anotha FUNNY soundin' hook!! LMAO @ "this dick right here not gon suck itself!" Here comes tha 1st verse, openin' up to some sexual lyrics here! LOL @ breakin' tha shyness from tha gurl that wants ta have sex wit a hard dick, lol!! Nice job on that 1st verse, fa real!! REALLY shows tha sexualness of tha style of tha genre!! Let's see tha 2nd verse here... I like tha start to Tha TC's voice here; sounds cool. He kept it trill wit his verse, so thumbs up ta him. Lil' T comin' up here on tha 3rd verse... Not bad fa tha start, but he's applyin' more sexual lyrics here than tha 2nd verse, so thumbs up. My Rating: 3.9

13. "I'm That" Feat. Yung O
Should be some mo great shit, especially 3:26 on tha length (tha day [in 2001] where I won $200 on a $2 scratch-off lottery ticket)!! >>> More of a gangsta style of tha hook here wit tha "strap cocked back" part. Still, tha sexualness continues also wit tha "yo bitch on my sack! She suckin'..." part! Startin' off wit that Yung O dude on tha 1st verse here... Nice emerge into tha verse; he doin' his thang! You on tha 2nd verse here, doin' a decent job here. I like how tha hook ended towards tha end wit tha title (and tha beat havin' a cold ending). My Rating: 3.7

14. Still Ain't Shit (Skit)
LOL... Lookin' forward to this skit/shit, lol (I typed both words by accident, and just kept 'em there)! >>> Raw gurl on tha voice message here... A lil' bitta jealousy, but it's Slut-N-B, so... My Rating: N/A

15. Epic Meat (Outro)
LOL, endin' it wit a title like that, lol!! >>> LOL @ how you sound on here wit sayin' that title too! Like that beat too! Nice job on this, including tha talkin' at tha end. My Rating: N/A

Overall: DEFINITELY somethin' I enjoyed right here!! You did yo OWN thang on this shit wit yo OWN genre and shit; THUMBS UP!! Keep WOS alive, and keep doin' yo thang!! This CD iz for everybody!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

10. "I'm That" Feat. Yung O 3.7
09. "Go On In" Feat. Young Legend a.k.a. Bol Johnson 3.8
08. "It's Still Trickin'" 3.9
07. "I Know You Know" Feat. Tha TC & Lil' T 3.9
06. "Share You" Feat. Wes Fif 3.9
05. "4 Pack" Feat. Ill Essense 4.0
04. "I Wouldn't" Feat. Max Minelli 4.1
03. "3 Second Violation" 4.3
02. "Come On Over" 4.4
01. "Rappers Slut" Feat. Spark Dawg & Ju1ce (The Replacementz) 4.7

Average CD Review:

Total Score: 40.7
Total Songs: / 10
Average CD Rating: 4.1

Friday, June 26, 2009

Review #247: Real Profit Ent. Presents "Official Vol. 1: The Underground"

Reviewed on 6.26.2009 (Review #247)

Ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog here, doin' my 3rd review fa today (I'm on my grind, ya dig)! This next one iz from Real Profit Ent.; I know MMX on tha board be havin' some secret weapons hidden, so now, I have a feelin' he 'bout ta UNLEASH 'em ALL on me, so I can REALLY enjoy this mixtape!! Very high anticipation level here; can we make a GREAT compilation CD? Let's find out! Here goes my review fa Real Profit Ent. Presents "Official Vol. 1: The Underground"! Start Time: 6:10 PM | End Time: 8:16 PM

Quick Note: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0. Each rating iz my own opinion!! I only please myself with my ratings!! I don’t care how lyrical you are! As long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings (if a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much REALLY LOVE it as it’s considered “mindblowin’” when I hear it) so any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song. Anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it.

01. "Inside Fistbox, Outside Gunplay" Feat. Kontreversy, Natural & Damage
GREAT length (4:31), check. GREAT rapper on tha track (Damage), check. Multiple newbies on tha track (Kontreversy & Natural), check. GREAT title, check. Tha only state poppin' (Louisiana), check. Last, tha BEST place fa music (Baton Rouge), check!! Now, you KNOW DAMN WELL this joint gon be POPPIN' like a loaded gat!!! >>> Yea, "it 'bout ta get STR8 STUPID in this ma'fucka!!" Tha beat intro iz CRAZY, and I'm sure after this GREAT intro, this shit gon POP off!! Likin' tha beat change at about :26! Yea, what a FUCKIN' EXPLOSIVE HOT hook from Kontreversy, as well as tha 1st verse here; HOW FUCKIN' CRAZY how he gettin' on tha track!!! Only 1 song in, and I KNOW I'm lookin' REAL FORWARD ta makin' a commercial fa this mixtape, ya dig!! Kontreversy THA STR8 DUMB WAY ON THIS SHIT!!!!! Let's see what that boy Natural has ta offer on tha 2nd verse here... Nuttin' but RAW SHIT here!!! GREAT SHIT from 2:12 - around 2:18!! Tha flow iz just CRAZY and tha lyrics are GOIN' THA DUMB WAY!!!!! Yea, FUCKIN' LUVIN' tha lines at 2:36 wit tha "I'm loaded, I'm smokin;" REAL TIGHT SHIT HERE!!!!! Let's hear dat boy Damage doin' BIG thangz on tha 3rd verse... Yea, I'm GLAD ta hear anotha joint from him after "V.I.P."; DELIVERIN' THAT TIGHT SHIT!!! I like that "like gymnastics, I'll flip ya" part! Yea, he "in here retarded;" SO FUCKIN' CRAZY!!!!! This iz tha shit I wanna hear when it comes ta mixtapes!!! A perfect start to tha mixtape here; hope it STAYS this way!!!!! My Rating: 5.0

02. "Wack Rappers" Feat. Damage, J.T. The Creeper, Lah & Natural
Of course, keepin' tha lengths over 4:30, so you KNOW this shit gon be poppin' again!!! I'm curious ta hear how all these "wack rappers" are described right now wit 4 GREAT rappers (2 I'm hearin' fa tha 1st time) unleashin' this shit to them "wack rappers"!!! >>> Ooh, interesting intro wit "each yo wack-ass rappaz fa lunch." Sounds like Damage in tha beginning, deliverin' a REAL CATCHY-ASS hook!!! Tha 1st verse from Damage iz soundin' GREAT on this shit! "$500 for a verse," so you KNOW he grindin'! I gotta hit him up (had his cell numba fa tha whole year now) and tell him I did this review, ya dig. DEFINITELY did his thang on this GREAT 1st verse!!! Tha 2nd verse iz here, and it's soundin' GREAT too; Real Profit Ent. rolls wit some of tha BEST peeps out here in Baton Rouge! You KNOW when "a Baton Rouge nigga" iz in tha verse, it's on and poppin' fa includin' Baton Rouge in tha verse!! Yea, "tha rhymes are so cold, they done froze up my ear;" not really, but GREAT line & verse!! I feel like I'm typin' a buku amount of shit here 'cause tha shit iz SO TIGHT here!!! Here comes tha 3rd verse here wit Lah on tha 3rd verse... Sounds like an internet rapper comin' from tha undaground, and rollin' wit Real Profit Ent.! Good job fa hearin' Lah for tha 1st time; nice shit! Yea, you KNOW this shit iz official when there's a 4th verse!!! Natural here, so let's see what he gon bring... Some "jiggin'" and "bouncin'" in his verse; nice shit here. DEFINITELY enjoyin' his consistent flow here; GREAT SHIT!! Nice ending to his verse, and nice lil' "Head Bussa" type ending wit tha beat. My Rating: 4.6

03. "Back Back (My)" Feat. Natural, B-Thone & Kontreversy
I wonder what tha "my" has ta do wit tha title... B-Thone (anotha newbie) on this, so Natural & Kontreversy gon continue ta make me impressed as well; lookin' forward to this (4:35 on tha length)!!! >>> OMG, a Savage beat intro!! Wow, what a surprise!!! Now, there ain't NO FUCKIN' PLAYIN' HERE!!!!! Sounds like Mouse on tha hook, and I'm likin' whoeva it iz. Tha 1st 1/2 of tha hook was nice, and I heard tha "my" parts. Wow, tha 2nd 1/2 of tha hook was REAL NICE; CATCHY-ASS shit!!! I heard more "my" parts, so NOW I see why it a part of tha title! Tha start to tha 1st verse here iz GREAT! Iz that B-Thone 'cause it sounds like I neva heard that voice before? Sounds like he ain't nothin' ta be fucked wit! DEFINITELY did a nice job on this shit; good job! Really like that "TIIIIIME/SHIIIINE/GRIIIIND" part in tha hook!! Here comes tha 2nd verse here, doin' tha damn thang!! LOL @ "lookin' like an eagle in tha road;" big thangz done here!! Ooh, tha 2nd 1/2 of tha 2nd verse here... Great job done there! Looks like there's room fa a 3rd verse!! Catchy shit here, like he said, "on a whole 'notha thang." I like tha "rise like a cloud" part too. I was feelin' this joint, and so forgot Savage did tha beat throughout it 'cause it was SO CATCHY and had GREAT rhymes!! Good job, Savage, fa puttin' a NICE beat to this CATCHY song here!!! My Rating: 4.8

04. "Everytime I Close My Eyes" Feat. Kontreversy, Lah & Natural
Failed ta be 4:30+ (4:16 on tha length). I'm not too crazy about tha title (unless it's somethin' like "I invision that kush everytime I close my eyes" or somethin' related ta smokin'/poppin' pillz). Let's see what we got though 'cause Kontreversy's on it... >>> Not that bad of a start. Not that bad of a hook here, although it don't compare to tha last few songs! Kontreversy startin' it off pretty good, goin' "from AM ta AM" on this shit and tha shit he be doin' wit tha chicks. Here comes tha 2nd verse, nearly soundin' like a Philly version of Rick Ross almost. I like that "tha dick iz yours, so suck it" part dedicated to tha females. Nice job from Lah on tha 2nd verse. Now, tha 3rd verse here, Natural style. Ooh, this iz what this song needed; extra sexual lyrics!! He be "nuttin'," so some action iz goin' on here! Plus, that fast rappin' iz doin' good here too!! My Rating: 3.8

05. "G's I Stash It" Feat. Delwin Da Krazyman, Kontreversy & B-Thone
This looks like it gon be a REAL good one!! Delwin, Kontre & B-Thone on this bitch, so it 3x tha power (unless a MEGA BR producer comes out; then, it'll be 4x)!!! >>> Yea, that beat iz OFF THA CHAIN in tha beginning!! Really likin' Delwin in tha beginning! Tha hook here iz nice; glad it's like a sample! Here comes Delwin on tha 1st verse! Yea, "tha club on that purp;" nice part, Delwin. He doin' his thang on this verse, just rappin' and rappin' and rappin', and... you know, JUST rappin'!! Yea, here comes Kontreversy on tha 2nd verse, just luvin' how he comin' on this bitch!! DEFINITELY a nice flow wit tha shit he spit; GREAT job! Now, there's room fa B-Thone on tha 3rd verse here!! Doin' his thang, and I agree wit him, "let a real nigga through;" you KNOW I gon "let him through" when it comes ta promotin' tha shit outta this CD wit its review I'm doin' as well as tha commercial! My Rating: 4.7

06. "I'm An Alcoholic (Remix)" Feat. Damage, Wes Fif & Level
Glad to see more music from Damage, but there's somebody on here that I refuse to review due to they've disrespected me a few times last month. I try ta show them luv, and they can't respect it; WTF? Not gonna go in depth now, but when their part(s) come up, I'm ignorin' them/not sayin' ONE thing about 'em! They have ta pay me $15 (they, not you due to they need ta show me respect) if they want me ta say somethin' about them in this review/how they did in tha song. Also, they will be excluded from tha commercial when I make it, UNLESS they pay me $50. Aye, if they can make money, they can USE IT on a SERIOUS RESULT (me)!! But yea, this should be tight!! >>> Tha same producer from "V.I.P." iz producin' this, and they sound good! Damage iz doin' a NICE job on tha hook; LOL @ "my alcoholic ass," lol! He did a NICE job once again wit his lyrics in tha hook, and now, he on tha 1st verse, "takin' these bitches ta school," and shit! Nice job on tha 1st verse from Damage on his part; GREAT SHIT!!! I wonder how Wes Fif gon collab on this shit? He blends in GREAT on this shit!! Yea, "BR niggaz say he retarded/out his mind!" Nice shit from Fif here. Glad ta hear Fif on this, so thumbs up! My Rating: 4.6

07. "In My Lac" Feat. Kontreversy, K.Y.D., Lah & J.T. The Creeper
Oh, shit, 6:08 on tha length here!! Looks like this joint gon bump a long way, huh? Lookin' forward to tha cast on this joint right chea!! >>> This sounds nice for a slow jam. Like that beat, tha tempo on it, and I like that screwed & chopped hook on tha hook here; nice combo! Tha 1st verse here iz soundin' pretty good right chea. I like tha "my nigga smokin', so it ain't really clear in here" part. I like tha "you know that dick feel good when it drunk, mane;" so, alcohol changes tha way your dick feels? LOL... I won't realize that feelin' 'cause I won't be drinkin'... Here comes tha 2nd verse here from a Memphis dude? Glad he "takin' a trip ta Baton Rouge." Good job on his verse, as he kept it consistent, and made it interesting ta listen to. Here comes this 3rd verse here... Ooh, "got that purple & blue grass; that killa..." You KNOW I luv my weed raps! He had tha best verse on here so far; great job deliverin' that shit! Here comes tha 4th verse... Luved tha "shiiiid" part at 4:55. He sounds like he just keepin' it consistent, so it's great ta have a great amount of rappers on tha track! Yea, at 5:18: "smokin' on tha fat sack, real niggaz feel dat (real niggaz feel dat)!" Definitely enjoyin' this; nice job wit this shit right here! My Rating: 4.4

08. "Never Too Many" Feat. J.T. The Creeper & Damage
Tha length decreased by exactly 2 minutes, lol. And tha rappers decreased by 1/2 also, lol. Two people on here I'm lookin' forward to, so let's see what they got! >>> Ooh, you KNOW you got a winna wit DJ Big Wayne on tha track! Ooh, tha hook iz tha shit!!! Luv tha "neva too many" shits in tha hook!!! GREAT HOOK/LYRICS in tha hook!!! Yea, what a FUCKIN' GREAT START to tha 1st verse from J.T. The Creeper (wit "Louisiana hustla" startin' off tha 1st verse)!! I hear all those drum patterns that are CRAZY (e.g., 1:08), and can EASILY tell that DJ Big Wayne iz on tha beat ('cause he does that in Thrilla's "Gas Station" song, which I LUV that effect). REAL GREAT 1st verse, and I luved tha random "DJ Big Wayne" tags in tha 1st verse. Ooh, Damage on tha 2nd verse, comin' through STRONG!!! LOL @ tha "take a bath," and tha "DJ Big Wayne" tags are just GREAT; FUCKIN' LUV 'EM!!! Damage and his raw/young voice!! Yea, here comes Damage again on tha 3rd verse!! I bet it gon be a 1/2 verse of him; glad he mentioned them "fresh 'bauds" he got on in this! J.T. The Creeper on tha 2nd 1/2 of tha 3rd verse (I knew Damage was gon be on just a 1/2 verse)! Wow, those "DJ Big Wayne" tags wit tha crazy drum patterns are just GREAT!!! I need ta holla at him and show him how GREAT of a person I am!! Yea, even tha ending had 2 "DJ Big Wayne" tags on it, so MAJOR THUMBS UP to that boy; REAL GREAT song that ALMOST got a **PERFECT RATING** from me!! My Rating: 4.9

09. "If It Ain't About Paper" Feat. Damage, Natural, PKT & Lah
A long length here again (5:24) wit 4 rappers (including my boy Damage), so this should be some GREAT shit again!!! I wonder who produced this one? >>> Oh, it's Joe again. Sounds like an addicting beginning beat. Ooh, tha Pimp C sample in tha hook iz HOT! Damage on tha 1st verse here, "ballin'" wit dem "stacks on deck;" luved his "shiiiit" part too! Definitely liked what he spit on this shit; ALWAYS keepin' it hood wit this shit!! Here comes tha 2nd verse here! Natural doin' a nice job deliverin' this verse right chea! Feelin' tha flow as it continues, and he did his thang on that verse! Glad ta see 2 more verses on this shit, so I'm lookin' forward ta what's left!! Ooh, nice fast start to tha 3rd verse! GREAT street shit here in tha verse, just keepin' it trill wit this shit! Definitely a NICE verse from that boy PKT! Now, we're left wit Lah... Nice start here, keepin' it consistent. Just too consistent, especially towards tha end of his verse! Real glad y'all know how ta keep it consistent on these tracks!! My Rating: 4.5

½time: Well, I knew it from tha start: This iz a CRAZY-ASS MIXTAPE!!!!! Pretty much tha WHOLE ENTIRE THANG GOIN' OFF/THA DUMB WAY/CRAZY RIGHT NOW!!!!! That boy MMX from Word Of South KNOW what he doin'!!! Hope you luvin' this review right nah, and wait 'til tha commercial drops!!! I'm DEFINITELY stayin' focused fa tha last 10 jointz on here; GREAT shit, even while it's thunderin' out like crazy down here on Long Island, NY! Average CD rating iz currently a WHOPPING 4.6; KEEP THIS SHIT GOIN'!!!!!

10. Skit
LOL, just "skit"? LOL... Only 1:16, but I'm DYIN' ta hear who on this shit!!! >>> Interesting here, hearin' 'bout information 'bout these hoes. I hear "woochie;" you KNOW I luv hearin' "coochie" (although it wasn't said) 'cause a gurl in my current college's last name has tha sound of "coochie" in it, so I go dumb when I hear "coochie"! My Rating: N/A

11. "Hit Her With That Missle" Feat. Damage, Kontreversy & J.T. The Creeper
I thought this was gonna be an instant gunplay type song, but when I saw tha "her" in tha title, I'm guessin' now tha "missle" iz tha dick? LOL... But, wit my 3 boyz on this track, you KNOW I'm lookin' forward ta mo shit, ya dig!! >>> Wow, no intro!! It sounds HOT!! I was right about tha "missle", lol. I like tha "shiiid" part in tha hook; nice sample! Damage startin' tha 1st verse off, goin' off wit this shit! Ooh, I luv tha "you a pill head, be goin' off dem jiggaz" part! LOL @ tha "soft like a pillow" part; nice. Nice job ONCE AGAIN from Damage on ANOTHA great verse!! Let's see how mah boy Kontreversy gon do... He's prepared fa any shit, so nothin' bad gon happen ta him! Ooh, "I hit her wit tha missle, had her insides blowin' ta piece;" I REALLY liked that part, "2:00 in tha mornin'" no less! J.T. gon deliver a NICE verse prolly right here on tha 3rd verse... Yea, he gettin' sexual wit this shit; yea, "he dat nigga." LOL @ tha "call that nigga tha masturbater" part; you KNOW when I hear "masturbating" in a verse, it ALWAYS sounds tight!! J.T. The Creeper had tha best verse on here, DOIN' tha damn thang!! My Rating: 4.6

12. Reddawg Feat. Lah & Damage "I'm Sick Wit It"
Iz there an "it" missin' from tha end of tha title? Either way, I guess this iz a Reddawg single featuring Real Profit Ent. dudes, huh? Looks like I'll enjoy it, so here we go wit tha review! >>> Tha "V.I.P." producer again! Yea, it sounds like tha "it" iz missin' from tha title, so I gon put it in. Ooh, tha hook IZ "retarded!" Ooh, nice start from Reddawg, as he doin' tha damn thang on this shit!! Keepin' it club style and "jiggalatin'" on this shit! Tha hook reminds me of Mouse a lil' bit how it sounds on Reddawg's vocals. Lah on tha 2nd verse here, soundin' better than previous features. Definitely was feelin' his verse, as he delivered everything he needed to fa tha track! That boy Damage on tha 3rd verse... Gotta luv his voice! He doin' tha damn thang fa a youngin' (no less, he just said, "unda 21"). Ooh, "he done popped a jigga," although "he dropped outta school." Either way, I'm glad I turned 21 (already) 5 dayz ago; I feel like I ain't takin' no mo bullshit in my way! Yea, "don't test Damage when he drunk; he'll stomp yo ass like a cockroach" (like he said)! REAL nice job from Damage right there! I also like how there's no silence at tha end of each track! My Rating: 4.7

13. "You Don't" Feat. B-Thone
LOL, one person... I wanna see how my boy B-Thone holds it down by himself!! >>> Nearly sounds like my boy Blu Black in tha beginning. Huh? A lil' downhill here wit tha beat; not likin' tha style at all. Okay lyrics, but betta flow here about tha females. Why does that hook have ta just be a sample? That's anotha thumbs down fa me. Decent 2nd verse fa me, but no interest comin' from me. Tha 3rd verse here has more goin' on, but nothin' else I need ta say. Maybe this should've been called "You [meaning me] Won't" as a warnin' to it bein' not fa me. Then again, tha hook doesn't sound that bad, but this doesn't fit in wit tha mixtape. It's like tryna fit football players wit gameboy players together, lol. But yea, there should've been 2 otha people on here ta help out wit tha track. My Rating: 3.3

14. "Like Me" Feat. Natural, B-Thone & Kontreversy
No preview, but lookin' forward! >>> Sounds like a nice intro wit tha beat and tha "Real Profit Ent." intro! Tha hook sounds typical, and nearly reminded me of Romeo's "U Can't Shine Like Me" song, lol. Ooh, "polo down" in tha hook; now, I'm FUCKIN' LUVIN' IT!!! Natural havin' a REAL, REAL GREAT flow goin' on here in tha 1st verse; doin' tha DAMN thang on this beat!! Ooh, that shit around 1:18 wit tha "killin' these niggaz lyrically" was REAL TIGHT!!! B-Thone doin' a BETTA job here, especially on tha hook!! Tha 2nd verse here goes ta him, and he doin' a NICE job!! Ooh, I like his "polo shirt" part around 2:13! Now, Kontreversy on tha 3rd verse, "so F... L to tha izY," lol. I like that "bitin' on a lemon" part; great shit here! Too cold of an ending as it should've had tha hook repeat. My Rating: 4.7

15. "Pump Up The Volume" Feat. Natural
Does this have ta do wit tha 80's Techno hit? Only Natural on here, so I guess prepare ta be lonely on tha track! >>> Joe on tha track here, and it sounds like it gon be lyrically... Sounds like Dee-1 on here, and it sounds like he doin' lots of chores ta get money and respect. Too consistent of rappin' here; should've switched up wit a hook or somethin'. Nice "blaze 'em up" at 1:50, and tha next 4 seconds after that. Oh, at 2:00, it finally came up wit a hook. Not bad on tha hook; this betta than tha #4 song on here. Tha 1st verse on here was just TOO CRAZY wit tha rappin', and it sounds like tha 2nd verse iz GOIN' NUTS too!!! LOL @ tha 2nd verse bein' so much shorter, but still held it down! A 3rd verse here, startin' off wit wantin' ta "advance" ta $ucce$. Yea, "separatin' tha differences from real and fake" iz what I'm doin'. Anybody who doesn't do what they say they gon do fa me (e.g., sendin' me shit), then they fake. I've discovered a few fake dudes this year, and I'm glad ta not deal wit them anymore! It's not like they think of me on tha outside anyway! Although it surpassed a 4.0 rating fa me, I'm still gonna give a lyrical rating 'cause of how CRAZY tha lyrical talent was on this! Lyrical Rating: 4.9 | My Rating: 4.1

16. "Phuck U" Feat. B-Thone
Not anotha song wit one person... I feel that it's worth a lotta bad luck! Low anticipation, although nice title, lol! >>> Joe again on tha track, although I think this beat intro iz hot! Ooh, Boosie sample on tha hook; I like his "my bloodline sicka" part! Much betta solo joint! Nice "light up a blunt you had last Saturday, nigga" part in tha 1st verse; you doin' a nice job deliverin' this 1st verse here! Tha 2nd verse iz here, so let's see... Real nice job here, especially at 2:19 wit tha "body in tha trunk" part; sick shit here!! Nice start to tha 3rd verse wit "niggaz that got work." I agree at 3:04: "nothin' gon stop you from $ellin' yo drugs!" Keep bein' you, and doin' yo thang, B-Thone! Nice beat ending!! My Rating: 4.3

17. "D.I.M.E." Feat. J.T. The Creeper, Xen, IL Duce & Damage
Il Duce's name looks familiar... *Checks my iTunes* Ooh, he was on Beat Flippa's "Street Certified" CD. Also, Xen's new ta me, so I'm lookin' forward ta this!! >>> Joe ain't stoppin', but that intro iz SO Baton Rouge style!! Anotha sample here, although I thought it was about a female; it about "diamonds," lol. Ooh, J.T. "like an ultra light;" ooh. LOL @ tha "got luv fa my niggaz like Wayne & Baby." Wayne & Baby's thang was gay, so J.T.'s luv fa his boyz wasn't gay at least. I like tha "smokin' kush" part in tha 1st verse too; it sounded REAL GREAT!! Tha 2nd verse here from Xen iz soundin' REAL NICE!! He doin' his thang! I liked tha "recess" line, lol. DEFINITELY a nice job from Xen there, doin' a GREAT verse! Let's hear this Il Duce 3rd verse... Nice "street fight" part. Nice gangsta lyrics too, and yea, "he [IL Duce] killin' these tracks; this beat don't stand a chance!" Nice line right there, and he DEFINITELY had a nice verse! Look @ all these GREAT verses!!! How will Damage handle tha 4th one? Still holdin' it down! LOL @ tha "undawear" part! Wit a "big dick up in his pants," he ready fa fuckin' and doin' his thang wit err-thang! Great job from him, as ALL 4 VERSES HELD IT DOWN!!! I think Xen had tha best, but then again, I feel that they all tied! My Rating: 4.5

18. "Sweet Dreams" Feat. Natural, Kontreversy, Xen, B-Thone, J.T. The Creeper, Damage & Lah
Just like tha VERY OLD New York scratch-off lottery ticket down here: *******LUCKY 7'S!!!!!!!******* There are 7 WHOPPIN' artists on this (squeezin' into only 4:27)!!! I think this tha whole entire Real Profit Ent. crew!! Lookin' forward ta seein' how this one goes down!! Iz this based off tha Nas song? >>> Sounds like The Beatles. Joe on tha track again? LOL... I like this beat here and that hook wit tha sample sounds good. Natural on tha 1st 1/2 of tha 1st verse here... Doin' his thang on this shit, and I'm likin' his flow here! Definitely feelin' his emotion on this shit! Kontreversy on tha 2nd 1/2 here... Glad he believes in himself as he said, "I knew I would." Nice job on tha 1st verse there! Here comes tha 1st 1/3 of tha 2nd verse wit Xen: Yea, "lay on him like a pillow," so you KNOW he don't bite (to tha females), lol. Definitely a nice job from him! B-Thone on tha 2nd 1/3 of tha 2nd verse here, and he tryna come up from a bad past, but doin' tha damn thang now. Here comes tha 3rd 1/3 of tha 2nd verse here wit J.T. The Creeper, DOIN' THA DAMN THANG!!! Luved his flow on this, ESPECIALLY tha "smoke my pine" part!!! Here we go wit tha last verse, startin' it off GREAT wit Damage!! Tha 1st 1/2 of tha 3rd verse doin' tha damn thang here now that Damage on this!! That voice and flow was just GREAT!! Definitely felt tha "call me Sub-Zero" part; reminds me of Mortal Kombat! Tha 2nd 1/2 of tha 3rd verse from Lah here... He did his thang, deliverin' tha "sweet dreams" he wants; good shit! My Rating: 4.2

19. Outro
LOL, just "outro"? LOL... Let's see how we end it... >>> Yea, shout out to tha whole "Real Profit Ent." fa doin' tha damn thang here!! Speaking of Ice Gen, I didn't hear him on here... (unless he was Xen?) Yea, I gon DEFINITELY "leave a comment on tha MySpace" wit this review, ya dig! I DEFINITELY enjoyed this mixtape, and I'm addin' it ta my iPod ASAP!! My Rating: N/A

Overall: Well, REAL NICE JOB WIT THIS SHIT!!!!! It gets a BIG "A" from me if this was a test!!! Y'all came wit tha RIGHT production (some of it was just AMAZING) and such GREAT tracks!!! DEFINITELY A REAL HOT MIXTAPE RIGHT CHEA!!! Lookin' forward ta future projects, and keep doin' tha damn thang!!!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

17. "You Don't" Feat. B-Thone 3.3
16. "Everytime I Close My Eyes" Feat. Kontreversy, Lah & Natural 3.8
15. "Pump Up The Volume" Feat. Natural 4.1
14. "Sweet Dreams" Feat. Natural, Kontreversy, Xen, B-Thone, J.T. The Creeper, Damage & Lah 4.2
13. "Phuck U" Feat. B-Thone 4.3
12. "In My Lac" Feat. Kontreversy, K.Y.D., Lah & J.T. The Creeper 4.4
11. "D.I.M.E." Feat. J.T. The Creeper, Xen, IL Duce & Damage 4.5
10. "If It Ain't About Paper" Feat. Damage, Natural, PKT & Lah 4.5
09. "Hit Her With That Missle" Feat. Damage, Kontreversy & J.T. The Creeper 4.6
08. "Wack Rappers" Feat. Damage, J.T. The Creeper, Lah & Natural 4.6
07. "I'm An Alcoholic (Remix)" Feat. Damage, Wes Fif & Level 4.6
06. "G's I Stash It" Feat. Delwin Da Krazyman, Kontreversy & B-Thone 4.7
05. "Like Me" Feat. Natural, B-Thone & Kontreversy 4.7
04. Reddawg Feat. Lah & Damage "I'm Sick Wit It" 4.7
03. "Back Back (My)" Feat. Natural, B-Thone & Kontreversy 4.8
02. "Never Too Many" Feat. J.T. The Creeper & Damage 4.9
01. "Inside Fistbox, Outside Gunplay" Feat. Kontreversy, Natural & Damage 5.0

Average CD Review:

Total Score: 75.7
Total Songs: / 17
Average CD Rating: 4.5

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