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Drawing #01: Famous Stranger "Guns & Guitars (Strings & Straps)" CD

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Review #112: Baby L's "Menace To Society"

Reviewed on 8.20.2008 (Review No. 112)

Watz good it's FrankieThaLuckyDog again. I just woke up about 19 minutes ago and it's now 12:26 PM, 12 hours and 4 minutes after I did my last review, for tha Blood Money Boyz. Now, I'm on Long Island, NY right now, preparing to FINALLY celebrate my graduation/birthday party (which should've happened 2 months ago but I couldn't get onto tha island fast enough) so why am I doin' this review? Well, first off, I'm doin' it early (as I did tha last one real late/real early w/e you wanna call it) and 2nd, it's my dawg Baby L's 17th birthday today so I had to surprise him wit these reviews! Now tha last review had a shocking moment: DJ Scotty K Feat. Knockhopper "Goodnight Tonight" came on Music Choice Dance (right when I started tha review; it's like tha same feeling if I was to hear like Dee-1 on Music Choice Rap). However, at one point I got pissed off in tha game I was playin' and attacked tha jacked beats. Nearly tha whole mixtape was jacked beats (prolly 'cause it was a buzz mixtape of what to expect from tha Blood Money Boyz). Hopefully one day I hear them on original beats. I think this mixtape gon have tha opposite: there won't be a shocking moment but all tha beats will be original (hopefully like "Pop It Off") so I'm not gonna talk anymore and just get into it: Here's my review for Baby L's "Menace To Society" a.k.a., tha 2nd of 2 birthday present surprises for you!! Start Time: 12:35 PM | Video Game Playing: Blast Corps (for Nintendo 64) (on my computer)

01. Intro
Maybe this'll be a better intro… I can only picture what's about to happen! >>> Okay was that you? Didn't sound like it but wit what was said (about tha dad), I can see where you comin' from. That sounded like an old beat but it worked real good wit tha intro. I like it. My Rating: N/A
EDIT: Correction: This was just taken from a song (as I heard in tha 2nd INTERLUDE) but it fit good.

02. "This How L's Rock"
Now I'll know what you sound like fa'sho (since I only mainly know you off of "Pop It Off"). Hopefully my anticipation can stay alive… C'mon, no played out beat or original beat!! >>> Okay I'm glad to finally hear you exactly and it's tha "Playas Rock" beat so I'mma give it a thumb up. It sounds great so far and tha lyrics for you, a "former 16 year old", are in tha life of a youngin' on tha streets. I'm glad you are smart wit tha way you hustle. And don't take this wrong, but when people say "you die faster from smokin' weed, doin' drugs, drinkin', blah, blah, blah…," I don't think you die faster. I think you advance your life faster. That's why someone like you sounds like someone who has experienced shit. But fa'real, I love hearin' about this shit in songs so that's why I enjoy listenin' to it! Anything that I can't/choose not to do, I love hearin' it in songs! My Rating: 4.2

03. Interlube
I think you got an error and I'm gonna fix it. You have it as "Interlube" and that should be a d. But lemme hear what you got to say! >>> At tha 1st few seconds, I was worried if it wasn't you but I heard you on this and good shit! Glad you spoke on tha mixtape somewhere! You remind me (not tha way you sound but tha way you do this rap shit) of this underground rapper from Orange City, Texas that I talk to. His name iz P.Willz (a.k.a. Youngest-N-Charge) and he iz about 1-2 years younger than you. Anyway, I'm gonna prolly start to love hearin' you rappin' 'cause you take this shit seriously. And I like tha quality on tha mic! It feels like it's nice, loud and has an underground rap style! Oh yeah and even though it was an INTERLUDE, that beat in tha background I couldn't tell what it was but I liked that "Stuntin' Like My Daddy" sample (which I've heard a bunch of times but I love). My Rating: N/A

04. "I'm Raw"
What beat could this be? "I'm Me"? >>> Incorrect (as always) but it's "That's Right". I'm feelin' your "raw" lyrics (like wit tha "on tha scene wit a strap…" part) and tha way you deliver 'em! Oh and I luved your "ya dig!!" part at tha end of tha 2nd hook. I'm glad you keep tha lyrics to a song to tha subject and not switch to shit about bitches (e.g., "I keep an AK, shoot this dude while I got a bad bitch watchin' me, wantin' to sex me, fool"). My Rating: 4.3

05. "Tell Tha Rap Game"
Okay good thing you switch tha titles to where I can't really guess what beat each song iz. I guess I'll have to be surprised… >>> Tha beat iz comin' in hard and I almost didn't know tha beat, but rapper Famous Stranger (from New Orleans) used tha same beat and sample (no less called tha track tha name of tha sample). I'm gonna be lookin' forward… Let's see who's version iz better! Oh I see you was by tha pots at Age 13. Cool. Your shit was cool but I think I like Famous Stranger's version better. Good hook though! My Rating: 4.0

06. "I Kno Why"
I wonder what it could be about/what beat… >>> Okay same title beat (should've known). It's tha usual, "tha hood luv you" ( ), "tha cops hate you" (fuck 'em)! Great 1st verse and yeah, you don't lie: you do wear a black bandana (as shown in your pic). I'm glad you on tha block "24-7" (as you said). Keep doin' yo thang and don't become like VL Mike and die 'cause I got a lot of luv for you and I wouldn't want anything to physically hurt you. My Rating: 4.3

07. "Streets On Fire"
Yeah tha title gave it away but see, not only are you smart wit your hustle, but when it comes to jacked beats, you're smart wit them too! You could've picked tha played out "Superstar" song/beat but no, you chose "Streets On Fire", a song NY's Hot 97 played in their mixshow starting January 2008 (which I really liked). I'm really lookin' forward to see what you did to it!! >>> Oh yeah almost forgot about that TIGHT sample in tha beat (as nobody really knows). Tha beat samples tha Ambient song Rob Dougan "Clubbed To Death". That's why I really liked it in tha 1st place!! Even though it originally had a long intro, it feels a lot longer here. Good thing you "stay strapped" and all that fast rappin' iz tight! Really feelin' tha fast rappin'! Glad you "smokin' dat purple" as you said (no wonder why your rappin' iz great). Tha fast rappin' made me not think of tha intro bein' too long! My Rating: 4.5

08. "Burn This City"
I might know what I could expect, but lemme get a refresh… >>> Okay maybe it's somebody else's beat but I don't know it so I'll treat it as somethin' new! Lookin' forward!! Baby L's doin' tha fuckin' thang!! You're DEFINITELY raw if you "make someone's family shed a mutha fuckin' tear!!" Oh yeah, what happened to ur boy B.P.? Okay, great song. My Rating: 4.2

09. "It'z Me"
Now (as I heard tha 1st "milli"second of tha beat) it's tha "I'm Me" beat. Lemme hear "you" spit on it! >>> I'm glad you said tha "Blood Money Records, where dreams come true." Oh tha mic has an effect in it or somethin' on this joint so I give it props. I'm likin' tha start of this and tha "money iz tha mission" part. I like tha hook, even though there's too many "not chu" parts (where's tha "fuck you" part where Weezy would say it?). My Rating: 4.0

10. Interlude No. 2
What's wit tha Interlube again? Correct me if that's what it's supposed to be 'cause it looks wrong (that's why I fixed it). But yeah, I'm DEFINITELY lookin' forward to hearin' anotha INTERLUDE from you again!! >>> Oh it's different from talkin' (it's more like tha follow-up to tha intro). I'll correct what I said about tha intro where I thought it was you and shit. I'm glad you used these (which this iz different from what someone else would do) 'cause these define you, your situation and tha theme of this mixtape. Good shit for an INTERLUDE!! My Rating: N/A

½time: It's a great mixtape so far (especially for jacked beats). You picked tha right beats (a lot better than tha Blood Money Boyz mixtape). You sound real good rappin' and your topics (for a "former 16 year old") iz tha shit I luv to hear! Curious question: I know you hustlin' hard, so… where's tha money for beats? Just wondering 'cause that's what a lot of people wanna hustle for.

11. "Warning Shots"
I think you made an error in tha title (as you had forgotten tha "r" as it says "Waning Shots"). But it's time to get our Biggie on and mix it wit sum L's and see what happens! >>> Forget what I said about Biggie ('cause I thought it had to do wit his "Warning" song). I like those shots in tha beginning. I almost thought I knew tha beat but I don't. It's real nice!! Long intro but I'm glad you're fuckin' spittin' finally!! Yeah who cares "about those otha drug dealers" when there's you (as you said). I agree 'cause you're tha smart one! My Rating: 4.4

12. "Where Ya Hood At"
What beat could this be…? >>> Oh tha "I Work Hard" beat and yeah, you do "work hard" when it comes to ya hustle. I was busy playin' tha video game so I didn't say much but pretty good on this. Keepin' ur rhymes up! My Rating: 3.8

13. "Smokin' On Da L"
You spelled "smokin'" wrong (not "smokein"). But whether or not it's a jacked beat or not, I'll have anticipation for this 'cause of what you're smokin' on (luv tha "smokin'" songs)! What beat could it be? Can't think… "Duffle Bag Boy"? >>> I don't know it so that's a plus already! Sounds a lil' like Famous Stranger! Good shit! I like tha "my flow on point, you otha niggas need surgery" line! So you bloodin' (as you said)? Wow this song iz tha shit!! Best song on here!! I really like tha 2nd verse about you and ya boy Fred where you would smoke during your break by tha supermarket! LOVIN' tha hook a WHOLE lot!!! My Rating: 4.9

14. "It'z L's Time"
Time for me to teach you: I see you put tha ' after tha "L" (which iz correct in your name), but it should also go after tha "it" 'cause it's/it'z = it is/it iz (e.g., Baby L's has an L and it's/it'z burnin' right now) while its/itz = its/itz (to represent somethin' of somethin') (e.g., Baby L's has fresh kush and its/itz condition iz brand new). You did this also for "It'z Me". Anyway, it's DEFINITELY your time to shine right now! Lemme hear! >>> Ooh tha beat iz bumpin' a lot and I don't know it again! Yeah "it'z L's time" right now!! Tha shit was good and I like how all this shit iz about you trappin' and doin' yo thang out there in tha streets! My Rating: 4.2

15. "Pop It Off"
Here's tha song right chea!! You got that Curren$y soundin' in your voice and I can't wait to give this another review!! >>> That beat (sounds original) iz tight and this iz tha truth! Once again, I like how you said "dawg" twice in tha 1st verse (as I really like when rappers say that in their songs). Great song and great hook again! My Current Rating: 4.7

16. "Supa Fly"
Wonder what could tha beat be…? 334 MO.B.B./Rich Boy "Supa Fly" beat? Test Drive "Supa Fine" beat? What will it be? I have faith in tha No. 16 song so here we go! >>> Yup tha 334 MO.B.B./Rich Boy beat. I didn't think you would know them but good job. Let's hear what you got to say! Pretty good shit… nothin' really to say. My Rating: 3.7

17. "Soon You'll Understand"
Forgot tha " ' " in "you'll" but it's all good. Like tha title says, "soon you'll understand" about that apostrophe. LOL! >>> Whoeva had tha original beat to this used tha same sample as what The Alchemist used for "Hold You Down" in 2004. Hey great motivation message! You said "be tha best at what you do," so I say tha same thing to you as I'm gonna keep directin'/editin' videos and doin' reviews! Too bad you gotta work 2 jobs, especially since that CUNT Katrina had to hit Louisiana! I like your high voice at tha end. My Rating: 4.3

18. "Some Way Some How"
Prolly tha sequel to tha previous joint. Let's see… >>> I don't know tha beat but most of these are prolly jacked so this iz prolly another one, but lemme hear what you got to say… Yeah this feels like tha sequel to "Soon You'll Understand" 'cause of tha motivation message of goin' to tha top and for tha beat soundin' like somethin' from tha East Coast. My Rating: 3.7

19. Lan Gezzy "Dedication To Lan Gezzy (R.I.P.)"
Forgot tha 2nd "d" in "Dedication" (as you put "DEICATION"). I guess it's important to hear this one since it's all in CAPS. Let's hear this… Hope it ain't too sad… >>> I'm glad you spoke in tha beginning! I guess this iz a joint by him. He sounds decent so far but I think you're a lot better. It's catchy and prolly tha most mainstream soundin' song on this mixtape. Glad you put him on here but this iz just decent for me. My Rating: 3.6

20. Outro
Iz it gonna be that intro/interlude song again? I think it iz! >>> Yup that song again, lol! I liked tha other ones better but this was still good. My Rating: N/A

Overall: End Time: 2:28 PM. Okay VERY good mixtape from you (especially wit jacked beats). Good shit and I DEFINITELY enjoy listenin' to you! Keep doin' yo thang and I HOPE your birthday iz/has been REAL GOOD!! I'm gonna go get ready for my graduation/birthday party celebration finally. Keep doin' yo thang my dawg! You know I'll be hittin' u up on tha text.

Rankings (according to my ratings):

16. Lan Gezzy "Dedication To Lan Gezzy (R.I.P.)" 3.6
15. "Supa Fly" 3.7
14. "Some Way Some How" 3.7
13. "Where Ya Hood At" 3.8
12. "It'z Me" 4.0
11. "Tell Tha Rap Game" 4.0
10. "Burn This City" 4.2
09. "This How L's Rock" 4.2
08. "It'z L's Time" 4.2
07. "Soon You'll Understand" 4.3
06. "I'm Raw" 4.3
05. "I Kno Why" 4.3
04. "Warning Shots" 4.4
03. "Streets On Fire" 4.5
02. "Pop It Off" 4.7

01. "Smokin' On Da L" 4.9

Review #111: Lil' Keith "Life After Hustla City"

Reviewed on 8.20.2008 (Review No. 111)

YEAH it's about that time again!! Wat up it's ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog here wit another review and this gon be, depending on what you wanna consider tha day, tha earliest review I've eva done in a day (since it's now 12:03 AM, which means that a new day iz here). I'm doin' it so early 'cause it's my dawg, who turned 17, Baby L's birthday today so happy birthday to him (actually, it ain't his birthday yet in his eyes 'cause it's only 11:04 PM on 8/19/2008 where he's at, lol). But it's official on Long Island, NY right now 'cause it's 12:04 AM on 8/20/2008. This iz tha 1st of 2 birthday presents for you Baby L's. Tha 2nd one iz comin' up later today. Here goes my review for Lil' Keith "Life After Hustla City". Oh and I'm definitely excited to review this right now 'cause when I was on tha phone wit you a week ago, you were like "you think my shit goes hard? Wait 'til you hear what my boyz's shit sound like." That's anticipation for me right there! Start Time: 12:21 AM | Video Game Playing: Blast Corps (for Nintendo 64) (on my computer)

01. "Intro"
Dunn dunn dunn… >>> Fuck that "This Is Why I'm Hot" beat… Nah I'm just playin'. Things just got GREAT… No wonder, it's your birthday. Now I know your birthday iz VERY VERY special… This iz tha 2nd time this happened on a review (tha 1st time was on Jimmy The DJ's "Gangsta Gumbo Vol. 2" mixtape). What iz happenin' iz that DJ Scotty K Feat. Knockhopper "Goodnight Tonight" iz playin' on Music Choice Dance right now (VERY great song that I played around tha time this mixtape was put on Datpiff) so CONGRATS on luring it out to play on Music Choice Dance right now!!!!! *Mood iz currently SKY-HIGH for this mixtape!!!* Now back to tha review 'cause I just heard tha rappin'!! … There prolly should've been a better beat but then again, this iz just an intro. I like tha part about tha weed and shit. I also liked how tha ending explained why this beat was used in tha 1st place: 'cause what was said: "and that iz why I'm hot," so no wonder for this beat. My Rating: 3.7

02. "Niggaz Betta Pray"
I'm prayin' for a song without a jacked beat! Yeah hopefully 'cause of tha title (doesn't even look like it could be over anything). Let's cross our fingers and find out!! >>> I got scared but what…ev…a… it's a good beat from Young Capone's "What It Iz". I don't like jacked beats 'cause it lacks creativity a lil' but I'll try to be nice to you and your click and listen closely to tha lyrics. It was good so far. And I see there was a change in beats as it went to "Party Like A Rockstar" beat. Tha lyrics sound a lot better on this beat. Lol @ "I don't give a dang." Lol @ "dang". Now it's tha "Mic Check" beat so let's see what happens… Sounds like tha vocals are comin' through only tha left speaker and they sound like they were recorded off of a low quality mic. Not bad. It ended that beat too quickly… My Rating: 4.0

03. "Get Back"
Let's see what gon happen wit this… >>> It's a "Reppin' Time" beat. Oh I like tha beginning wit tha talkin'. Lol @ 0:55 when tha volume all of a sudden got louder. I like those "pockets full of drug money" and "my swagger fly, I might wet you baby" lines a lot! Looks like this gon be a real good one over a jacked beat! I also like at tha end wit tha line "I'm back in town, smokin' a pound and prolly breakin' a key." My Rating: 4.3

04. "Don't Hate"
Yeah don't hate on my dawg Baby L's and tha Blood Money Boyz 'cause they kick ass! Can't wait to hear all ya'll over brand new beats!!! >>> It's a Snoop Dogg/Pharrell/Charlie Wilson "Beautiful" beat so who knows what'll happen… Sorry, but way off wit tha beat… Can't take tha video game I'm playin' so a low rating from me since I'm pissed off! My Rating: 3.0

Pissed Off Intermission: Wit all this jacked beat shit, I'm not continuing for a minute. I'm playin' this video game and I'm doin' very VERY VERY hard tasks so I'm very pissed off… Jacked beats just make me more angry so I'm gonna wait… *Break at 12:55 AM*. Okay I'm gonna say this every fuckin' time I lose: FUCK A JACKED BEAT! HOW COULD YOU BE HARD ON A JACKED BEAT?!? FUCK A JACKED BEAT! HOW COULD YOU BE HARD ON A JACKED BEAT?!? FUCK A JACKED BEAT! HOW COULD YOU BE HARD ON A JACKED BEAT?!? FUCK A JACKED BEAT! HOW COULD YOU BE HARD ON A JACKED BEAT?!? FUCK A JACKED BEAT! HOW COULD YOU BE HARD ON A JACKED BEAT?!? FUCK A JACKED BEAT! HOW COULD YOU BE HARD ON A JACKED BEAT?!? FUCK A JACKED BEAT! HOW COULD YOU BE HARD ON A JACKED BEAT?!? FUCK A JACKED BEAT! HOW COULD YOU BE HARD ON A JACKED BEAT?!? FUCK A JACKED BEAT! HOW COULD YOU BE HARD ON A JACKED BEAT?!? FUCK A JACKED BEAT! HOW COULD YOU BE HARD ON A JACKED BEAT?!? FUCK A JACKED BEAT! HOW COULD YOU BE HARD ON A JACKED BEAT?!? OMG… I just FINALLY beat tha level (it's 1:09 AM right now)!! I think I felt better since Music Choice Dance just premiered a new song wit tha Saint Etienne vocalist just now: it's Mark Brown Feat. Sarah Cracknell "The Journey Continues (Thomas Gold Remix)". Now back to tha mixtape and if there's jacked beats, it's usually hard to get over a 4.0 rating.

05. "I'm Tha Mayor Man"
What now? >>> I think I killed tha jacked beats for a sec! Oh wait no… just tha 1st 10 seconds was original. Now it's "Fireman" but I guess I'm lookin' forward. Tha 1st verse sounds tight. It goes hard. Great 2nd verse too! My Rating: 4.2

06. "Quick To Back Down"
I guess tha title gave it away… but I haven't heard this beat in a long time so we'll see what you guys did to it. *Gets a drink…* >>> I like tha imitation of tha "quick to back down" parts and I like that driving at tha end. Tha rhymes were good I guess but nothin' ear-catching, prolly 'cause of tha jacked beat. My Rating: 3.4

07. "Spit Ya Game"
Prolly tha same rating. Sorry, but can't have anticipation. >>> And I don't have anything to say. Decent rhymes. My Rating: 3.2

08. "Blood Money Is Tha Label"
I know rappin' over jacked beats iz a start to things but c'mon now. I thought ya'll hustle. Where's tha money for beats? >>> NOT THIS FUCKIN' BEAT FOR THA 182730192831098237102983721983102389th time!!! Almost wanted to skip but real low rating automatically!!! Would've been like a 4.3 rating with a regular beat, but a 2.2 rating for this fuckin' beat. My Rating: 2.2

09. "Acapella"
OMG… could it be… a NOT jacked beat!!! That's 'cause there HOPEFULLY iz none!!! *Crosses fingers for no beat since it's an "acapella"*!!! >>> Okay I had to scroll through it 1st 'cause tha 1st dude (on tha 1st 40 seconds) has VERY low quality on tha sounding so I gotta listen a lot closely… Okay there iz a beat but it doesn't sound familiar (sounds good). I could barely hear what was goin' on during tha 1st 30 seconds… I guess it was good if I could hear it. Dude on tha 40 second mark (where it sounds clear) sounds tight. My Rating: 3.6

10. "I Bring Tha Pain"
Are we goin' ol'skool now? >>> No, not Method Man but it's "Make It Rain". Dunn dunn dunn… Figures, I was about to beat tha level but no, this jacked beat had to fuck me up. Heard this beat enough… Remember that this iz my 111th review so I've been reviewin' lots of shit. If I was gettin' paid for this review, you know tha ratings would be lower but I'm bein' nice by keepin' some of these up. My Rating: 2.3

½time: Not to be mean, but nothin' original so far… Everything iz over other peoples' beats. I know ya'll new and shit but still, I listened to a lot of people that were "new" and they got beats. I can't get into somethin' that has a jacked beat (especially a very mainstream one). Someone on tha Word Of South forum was like "niggas still rap ova otha niggas beats?" and I cosigned that statement to tha fullest! Baby L's, I know your song "Pop It Off" was original and was some TIGHT SHIT! I know your mixtape, "Menace To Society", iz prolly gonna be a lot better (and hopefully has original beats). Let's see what happens wit tha 2nd ½…

11. "Diamonds In Ma Chain"
What beat…? Refresh me… >>> *BRING OUT THA DEAD!!!* I thought it was gonna be Ludacris "Diamond In The Back", then Smitty "Diamonds On My Neck", but no, this NIGHTMARE song I had to deal wit from 2007 (loved but it was cursed since someone that didn't like me liked this) from Fab & Jeezy! That 1st verse was tight, especially wit that pencil led line!! Good for a jacked beat. My Rating: 3.9

12. "BTC"
What does this stand for? >>> Lol @ tha random "Oh Yeah (Work)" beat. I don't get tha random title and therefore, it's just decent. My Rating: 2.8

13. "He Don't Want It"
*Gulp* >>> Ooh new beat hopefully!!! Now THIS iz what Blood Money Boyz should SOUND LIKE!! I like tha "choke like a hicup" (sp?) line on tha 2nd verse! Whether this iz an original beat or not, I'll give it to you guys. I neva heard tha beat b4 so it's definitely a plus! My Rating: 4.4

14. "Blood Money"
I'm gettin' tired… Hopefully this iz an original beat to keep me awake! >>> Nope. I might just go to sleep. Even though it ain't a played out song ("Chop Chop"), how come every mixtape wit jacked beats that I get has tha same beats? No matter what year it's from (2006, 2007, 2008, etc.). It's kinda gay… Sounds kinda random wit what you did to this, especially at tha end wit that talkin'. My Rating: 2.9

15. "I'm In Tha Hood"
Oh I'm just yawnin'… Why do we have to go back to this beat? Those FUCKIN' FUCKED UP Fall 2007 times… C'mon now… >>> Just like wit tha "Diamonds" beat, I love tha beat/song but tha song itself was cursed from someone who doesn't like me (since they like it). That's why I get all iffy. Rap over an original beat. Then you'll "bubble like beer" (like you said). I hear that you said tha "man, I'm so ____..." part too early (as it was supposed to really come when you said "I hit a nigga sidewayz…"). Yes, I know tha song good! I don't get tha imitations. Are they needed? Like tha "spin this shit back" (which iz like when Wayne said "I need you to spin this back" at tha end). I like tha toilet sound thing at tha end. My Rating: 3.5

16. "What You Know 'Bout Keith"
Shit, I always have faith in No. 16 but holy fuck, I wonder what tha hell I could expect… *Checks ID* Yup, an upset face! >>> Okay I thought it was gonna be T.I.'s "What You Know" but know it's Lil' Mama "Lip Gloss (It's Poppin')" beat, which iz a lot better when it comes to a jacked beat! Yeah, you're "playin' boyz like a Nintenda" (I'm playin' 64 on my computer right now). I like that line. This was pretty good. My Rating: 3.6

17. "Walk It Out (Freestyle)"
Here we go… *waits to faint* >>> Yeah I pass. That was a waste of 3 minutes. Should've had an ORIGINAL beat!! My Rating: 1.4

18. "Real Niggaz Ballin'"
Wit that N word in tha title, it betta be an original beat… If it's "We Fly High", I almost would wanna skip 'cause it's 2:13 AM (thinkin' it's that 'cause of tha "ballin'")… What am I doin' up so late? Good thing it's Baby L's birthday or else I wouldn't've done this this late! >>> Now here's tha T.I. beat and a good choice. I like tha "real niggaz ballin' / fake niggaz fallin'" parts. Tha "shoot him" parts are good too. It's worth my stayin' up! Real good 1st verse! I like tha "friend request" line and all tha shit that went on! Nothin' really happened after tha 1st verse but this was a good beat to pick 'cause this song (tha original) was special (not cursed) to me 'cause my boy Darnell liked it before I even got to hear it. My Rating: 4.1

19. "I'm So Fly"
I hope not Lloyd Banks beat… Most of these are from '07… >>> Good thing it wasn't Lloyd Banks! It's Juvie & Mannie!! Intro iz kinda goin' on too long… It took 1 minute, 14 seconds… There wasn't much goin' on so I'll say decent. My Rating: 3.1

20. "Black Republicans"
Oh no another cursed one!!! Damn 2007 had its so called "good" moments but by tha end of tha year, most of tha "good" moments were cursed by certain assholes I dealt wit! >>> Yeah that beat and I heard "girbauds" so that's watz good. Good for tha "money runnin' long like a lotto" line. Tha rappin' sounds like it's comin' outta nowhere (like it's just hittin' hard very randomly). My Rating: 3.6

21. "Freestyle"
Over what? I can't picture… Prolly some shit like "I Get Money"… >>> Oh from a cursed moment beat to a "great moment" beat. Tha dayz when my best friend Lil' Frankie and I started talkin' to each other a lot and he liked a lot of songs I liked that was out. This was one of them (it's tha "Vato" beat). I give this a thumbs up. I still like all that random hard rappin' outta nowhere. My Rating: 3.7

Overall: End Time: 2:31 AM. Okay, I don't have much to say 'cause I let most of it out during tha review: I don't go for jacked beats!!! Nearly every song was over someone else's beat. Yeah, even though "Goodnight Tonight" came on as a surprise during tha beginning of tha review, I guess it didn't make this mixtape lucky… it might've made Baby L's (your) mixtape, "Menace To Society", become lucky (we'll find out). But sorry, this was an okay mixtape for me and barely anything was catchy enough for me to enjoy a lot. I'm suggesting that you guys get on some original beats 'cause it'll help! I really wanna hear what you guys sound like on brand new beats 'cause it sounds like you got somethin' to say! Once again, happy 17th birthday to my dawg Baby L's! Keep doin' yo thang big dawg and keep up tha ORIGINAL music Lil' Keith & Blood Money Boyz!

Rankings (according to ratings):

21. "Walk It Out (Freestyle)" 1.4
20. "Blood Money Is Tha Label" 2.2
19. "I Bring Tha Pain" 2.3
18. "BTC" 2.8
17. "Blood Money" 2.9
16. "Don't Hate" 3.0
15. "I'm So Fly" 3.1
14. "Spit Ya Game" 3.2
13. "Quick To Back Down" 3.4
12. "I'm In Tha Hood" 3.5
11. "Black Republicans" 3.6
10. "Acapella" 3.6
09. "What You Know 'Bout Keith" 3.6
08. "Intro" 3.7
07. "Freestyle" 3.7
06. "Diamonds In Ma Chain" 3.9
05. "Niggaz Betta Pray" 4.0
04. "Real Niggaz Ballin'" 4.1
03. "I'm Tha Mayor Man" 4.2
02. "Get Back" 4.3

01. "He Don't Want It" 4.4

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Review #110: Max Minelli "Max Pain"

Reviewed on 8.17.2008 (Review No. 110)

What up it's FrankieThaLuckyDog wit another review… I'm gonna take it back to 1999 wit this one… I'm gonna review Max Minelli's "Max Pain" CD. We'll see what he was like in 1999. Oh and I'm REAL GLAD I'm on Long Island right now 'cause 6 years ago today, it was tha worst day of my life as I moved outta Long Island to go to shitty-ass Northeast PA. Here goes my review for Max Minelli "Max Pain". Start Time: 8:27 PM | Video Game Playing: Blast Corps (for Nintendo 64) (on my computer)

01. "Ackrite" Feat. Russ Lee
Like that combination into one word as a title. I have lots of anticipation to see watz good… >>> Sounds real great for a start on a 1999 song! Great collab and great hook! My Rating: 4.2

02. "Say It Loud"
*Wonders what to expect…* >>> Sounds good. Really feelin' this ol'skool style. Pretty good hook. My Rating: 3.8

03. "But You Luv It Tho" Feat. Flow & Reno
Prolly a great collab! >>> Great verses, especially from Reno. Good hook too. My Rating: 4.3

04. Loc Talk
Let's hear what he has to say… >>> I got about 3 things to review from him (C-Loc) so those will come up in tha future! My Rating: N/A

05. "Whashapnin' Thug?" Feat. C-Loc
Oh here's tha boy himself on this track featured! Nice title too so high anticipation!! >>> Yeah very ol'skool soundin'… That hook iz good. HOLY SHIT C-Loc did his FUCK-----IN' THANG!!! Now I can't wait to review his shit!!! My Rating: 4.5

06. "My Hood"
What's it like (1999 style)? >>> A long joint @ 5:01… Nothin' really special. What's wit that weird sample in tha background all tha time? I like all tha "in my hood" parts though throughout tha hook. Weird beat… My Rating: 3.6

07. "Close 2 Me" Feat. Reno
Lucky No. 7… >>> Good style of tha beat and good hook. Reno doin' his thang on his verse! VERY TIGHT!!! Great anthem (unexpectically an anthem) and great verses by Max Minelli! Can't get enough of that hook! My Rating: 4.5

½time: This iz pretty good so far. I can't complain. Tight ol'skool Louisiana shit right here!

08. "Hustla High"
Cool title. Let's see what happens… >>> Real cool lyrics. Didn't expect tha title to be tha name of a school (made up). My GPA (last semester) was 3.59. I love that hook! Great song!!! My Rating: 4.7

09. "Do Ya Thugg Thang"
Hopefully another GREAT one (could be 3 in a row)!! >>> Cool song. I like that hook (as it reminds me of tha latest Ice Cube song). Good beat too! My Rating: 4.3

10. "Our Mama Cherrin'"
What's this? >>> Good lyrics to a song like this but decent for me. My Rating: 3.3

11. "Don't Work, Don't Eat" Feat. Flow, Reno & Russ Lee
Biggest collabo so far. Let' see… >>> Pretty good jam. Likin' all tha verses and tha hook iz good too. My Rating: 4.2

12. "I'm So On"
Don't I know this song? >>> Tha 2007 song was better… This iz still pretty good though. Good beat too. My Rating: 3.9

13. "Keep It Real" Feat. Russ Lee
Maybe this'll sound better… >>> *Pukes* No where near… I don't like that singin' in tha hook. Bad female song. My Rating: 2.7

14. "Dope Cost Money"
Now THIS'll be better, especially since it has a drug in tha title!!! >>> Pretty good. It would be better if this was a recent song instead of an old song… This was good throughout tha whole way. Liked it. My Rating: 4.3

15. "Dyin' To Come Back"
Hope it's interesting… Oh it's tha last song too! >>> Decent/good for me. Nothin' much to say but a good hook. My Rating: 3.8

Overall: End Time: 9:31 PM. That was a pretty good CD for somethin' 9 years old. Keep doin' yo thang Max!

Rankings (according to ratings):

14. "Keep It Real" Feat. Russ Lee 2.7
13. "Our Mama Cherrin'" 3.3
12. "My Hood" 3.6
11. "Say It Loud" 3.8
10. "Dyin' To Come Back" 3.8
09. "I'm So On" 3.9
08. "Don't Work, Don't Eat" Feat. Flow, Reno & Russ Lee 4.2
07. "Ackrite" Feat. Russ Lee 4.2
06. "Dope Cost Money" 4.3
05. "Do Ya Thugg Thang" 4.3
04. "But You Luv It Tho" Feat. Flow & Reno 4.3
03. "Close 2 Me" Feat. Reno 4.5
02. "Whashapnin' Thug?" Feat. C-Loc 4.5

01. "Hustla High" 4.7

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Review #109: Young Ready "Junkie Medicine (Cocaine Edition)"

Reviewed on 8.16.2008 (Review No. 109)

Watz good it's ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog wit tha 2nd review I'm doin' today. I don't know what to do (I have 12 to do) so let's see what I pick… … … … … … Okay, I'll pick some gangsta shit right now! This from my dawg Young Ready (FREE YOUNG READY ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and his mixtape, presented by Grime Time Entertainment, called "Junky Medicine (The Cocaine Edition)". I think that's tha full name 'cause I googled it for a tracklisting and I found that name on some site (it's tha 1st result when you type Young Ready "Cocaine Edition" in Google). And now, here it goes! Tha moment I've been waiting for… My review for Young Ready "Junkie Medicine (Cocaine Edition)"!! Start Time: 11:55 PM | Video Game Playing: Blast Corps (for Nintendo 64) (on my computer)

Before I Start: I don't have a tracklisting (due to I downloaded it from Word Of South's forum) so it's a "blind review". I have no clue what's on here.
9.18.2008 EDIT: I got a tracklisting now and guess who I got it from... YOUNG READY!! Yup! In a letter, so I'm gonna put tha IDs! Tha review iz still a "blind review" though 'cause I reviewed it without IDs.

01. "You Ain't Heard About Me"
Let's see what goes on… I can't tell but I'm very anticipated!!! >>> Oh really feelin' this for a start!! DEFINITELY Baton Rouge shit right here (I know he's from there but when he repeats tha end of tha hook back n' forth, that's like a Baton Rouge style and I love it). Really love tha hook A WHOLE LOT and tha 1st verse was nice! You're DEFINITELY "untamed" as you do tha muthafuckin' damn thang, ya dig!! My Rating: 4.5

02. "Arm Reach" Feat. B.T. & Pitt
That 1st joint was REAL TIGHT wit a nice feel to it! Dyin' to hear what's next!!! >>> Good it's nearly 5 minutes long (as it's 4 minutes, 59 seconds)! That beat iz real catchy/nice! Love it already!! Pretty good hook and great verse! Sounds like someone iz featured on tha 2nd verse. I don't know who it iz but they're good! Tha person (who was different) who was on tha 3rd verse was good too. Yeah I do agree wit that hook, "I know you don't want me to do yo bitch-ass up." If you do someone's "bitch-ass up," they gon be DONE FOR!! My Rating: 4.3

03. "Gangsta Bow"
Number 3… Let's see… >>> I know it and it's easily tha "he a gangsta" joint right? REAL GLAD it's on here!! This iz tha 1st song I heard from you! I 1st heard it on February 15, 2008 when I reviewed tha "Pyrex Radio Vol. 3: On Tha Muscle" mixtape. I think this mixtape from 2007 or some shit 'cause that's what tha modified dates were when I downloaded it (it said somethin' like March 2007). I REALLY love that hook and just you rappin' on this shit iz real nice!! That beat iz good too! My Current Rating: 4.8

04. "I Don't Trust 'Em (Hoes)"
Let's see what's after that HOT-ASS joint!!! >>> Tha beat almost sounds familiar but I don't know it. I'm feelin' this shit. Damn, I just love when you rap! It's REAL… no wait, it's TRILL!! I like tha whole topic about ya boyz and tha girlz. Good shit. My Rating: 4.1

05. "80's Baby" Feat. Blaze & Pitt
I'm glad this shit has been consistant! Let's keep it goin'!!! >>> Ooh a darker beat! By tha intro, it sounds like there's featured rappers on here (I heard Blaze, who has an extra joint on here in tha folder I have). This iz pretty good. And yeah, I'm an "80's baby" since I was born June 21, 1988. But yeah, nothin' much to say but that it was jammin'. Tha beat was tha best outta this song. My Rating: 4.0

06. "Dumb Shit" Feat. Pitt & Crucial
What will be next? >>> Anotha great beat! Tha hook iz good and tha flow of tha song iz great. Great Baton Rouge collaboration here. If only I knew who else was on tha song, I'd be able to say more but good shit. My Rating: 4.1

07. "We Ain't Scared"
Lucky No. 7… I know you got tha heat for this!! >>> Sounds just like tha last song wit that hook. I guess this iz a remix? I'm givin' it tha same rating but I guess it sounds better. My Rating: 4.1

08. "My Mainline"
Hopefully it's a different song… >>> Tha hook iz nice. I hope there's a bitch writin' you letters and shit while you're CURRENTLY doin' time in stupid-ass jail right now. Nice lil' message to someone who likes you when you're doin' time. My Rating: 3.7

½time: Definitely good shit right here! I wish I had tha IDs to tha tracks! When I send this to yo Myspace (as a message to tha person who's on yo page right now), they better write me back! Maybe they'll give me a link to all tha IDs. Who knows. Let's see what's left of this tape…

09. "Dirt Knap" Feat. Bigum, D-Nic & Klippa Raw
Startin' tha 2nd ½ off wit… >>> An "ASAP" beat. Jacked beat on tha unknown ID, lol. I like your beginning on this! Oh good hook from you too! I like that line "I'm like cancer, I can't be answered" a lot!! Someone different on tha 2nd verse I hear… Good shit! Another different person on tha 3rd verse. He was pretty good. Tha person on tha 4th verse was tight. Good shit all together! My Rating: 4.2

10. "My Section" Feat. Yung Sicka & Blaze
Hope this one gon be real hot!! >>> Nice start so far. I'm pissed off right now in tha video game I'm playin' so I ain't really sayin' shit right now. I do like it though. My Rating: 4.1

11. "Go Hard" Feat. Yung Sicka & A-1
What's next? >>> Good intro part by that Stacks person. Tha beat iz tight. Oh good this iz tha same song wit that beat! Tha whole "go hard in tha paint" part in tha hook iz nice!! Like all those "go hard" parts!! I hear you on tha 2nd verse. Definitely on some good shit bruh!! Lol @ "look here dick." I neva hear somebody call someone a "dick" in rhymin' so this iz like a 1st, lol. Good shit all tha way through! My Rating: 4.4

12. "You Ain't Listening" Feat. Juice & Lil' Foxx
>>> Tha beginning iz tight so far and now I hear you after that dude on here. TIGHT SHIT!!! Tha beat iz bangin' and tha whole joint iz tight! I like it tha same as tha previous joint so we'll see what one iz better at tha end! Oh and I liked that last line, "you ain't a cat, you got one life." My Rating: 4.4

13. "Tha Preditor"
What do we got? >>> A nice beat intro! Wow this joint iz tha shit!! Really love tha 1st verse wit all tha shit that's bein' said!! Yeah you're "tha down south preditor." I like that "hit tha lottery" line in tha 2nd verse! REAL TIGHT SHIT RIGHT HERE DAWG!!!!! My Rating: 4.7

14. "Fly Away" Feat. Big Trill
What's next? >>> Tha beat iz nice and your flowin' iz tight! I didn't expect that Nelly Furtado "I'm Like A Bird" sample. Good shit. A different person on tha 2nd verse… Great collabo and you did yo thang on this! My Rating: 4.1

15. "That Boot"
Next… >>> You rappin' just iz jammin', ya dig. I love it!! I like this shit right here! I like all tha shit you rockin', especially when you mentioned "girbauds." Good shit! I like tha hook a whole lot ("deep down in that boot iz where I live. We hustle wit pills and bust that iron…"). GREAT SHIT!!! Just FUCKIN' LOVE THAT HOOK!!!!!!! My Rating: 4.6

16. "On Tha Muscle"
Tha last one and tha one I always have faith for (No. 16)… >>> It's 5 minutes, 59 seconds long! Love tha length! Feelin' this shit right here! I love when you rap!!! Yeah "it's on tha muscle," ya dig. Good shit again! My Rating: 4.2

Overall: End Time: 1:31 AM. That's was great. It didn't feel like this review was almost 2 hours long but time flys! Real good mixtape from Young Ready and I HOPE you put out a new one real soon dawg! You know I'll be waiting wit LOTS of anticipation to hear it!! Keep doin' yo thang dawg and I HOPE you get outta jail REAL REAL SOON!!!

Rankings (according to ratings):

16. "My Mainline" 3.7
15. "80's Baby" Feat. Blaze & Pitt 4.0
14. "Fly Away" Feat. Big Trill 4.1
13. "Dumb Shit" Feat. Pitt & Crucial 4.1
12. "We Ain't Scared" 4.1
11. "My Section" 4.1
10. "I Don't Trust 'Em (Hoes)" 4.1
09. "Dirt Knap" Feat. Bigum, D-Nic & Klippa Raw 4.2
08. "On Tha Muscle" Feat. Big Head 4.2
07. "Arm Reach" Feat. B.T. & Pitt 4.3
06. "You Ain't Listening" Feat. Juice & Lil' Foxx 4.4
05. "Go Hard" Feat. Yung Sicka & A-One 4.4
04. "You Ain't Heard About Me" 4.5
03. "That Boot" 4.6
02. "Tha Preditor" 4.7

01. "Gangsta Bow" 4.8
And let's see what that extra joint was by Blaze called "Gunz". It was wit this mixtape when I downloaded it… >>> I like tha "you'll let ya nerves calm" part in tha hook! That shit was nice. I give it a thumbs up! My Rating: 4.2

Review #108: Frayser Boy "Da Key"

Reviewed on 8.16.2008 (Review No. 108)

Wat up, it's ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog here, broadcasting from my aunt Arline's computer room on Long Island. I gotta catch up on my reviews man so now that I'm real bored, I finna do one. First off, happy 50th birthday to Madonna. Due to she's my all time favorite artist, I'm playin' NOTHIN' but her songs today (EXCLUDING reviews) as I do every year on this date. Right now, I'm about to review Frayser Boy's latest album, "Da Key", and speaking of this date, 3 years ago, I purchased Frayser Boy's last album, "Me Being Me", and I instantly fell in love wit it (favorite CD of 2005). We'll see if he can do it again wit this, so here it iz! My review for Frayser Boy "Da Key". Oh and one more weird thing: tha previous review I did, Dank's "South Cak" mixtape, had 17 tracks ALSO and he no less looked like Frayser Boy so this iz tha PERFECT time to do this review! This iz also tha longest I've delayed a review, as I downloaded this CD on May 27, 2008 so it's an almost 3 month wait, but I KNOW it gon be worth it!! Start Time: 12:10 PM |Video Game Playing: Blast Corps (for Nintendo 64) (on my computer)

01. "Intro"
Hope we got another good intro here…! >>> I heard tha 3-6 TIGHT production in tha beginning so my anticipation rose! Another GREAT intro right there! Tha production was FIYA and tha lyrics were tight! My Rating: 4.4

02. "Big Money"
Now that I heard tha intro, I'm really anticipating on hearin' more on this album! High anticipation level!! >>> This iz REAL HOT!! Three 6 Mafia NEVA get old when they produce! Looks like another REAL GOOD album right here! I wanna get my hands on that "Gone Off That Bay" album from 2003! Tha hook iz tight and REAL GREAT lyrics again from Frayser Boy! He makes tha best songs when it comes to most topics!! Great ending beat too! My Rating: 4.6

03. "Hood Thang"
Title looks like it gon be anotha GREAT song!!! >>> Tha hook actually reminds me of tha Moe Trae Feat. Young Chris "Hood Thang" song that came out Late 2006 on Music Choice Rap! Still sounds real good tho! Another REAL GREAT beat and GREAT lyrics again!!! Frayser Boy NEVA disappoints!! Can't say much 'cause it's what I want all tha time when it comes to songs!! My Rating: 4.6

04. "Hoe Nigga"
Good another different subject! Go tell them bitch-asses what you're made of! >>> Okay tha beginning iz aight wit all those "hoe nigga" parts, but I can't complain too much 'cause these beats always keeps these average songs alive! And ya know I gotta really feelin' tha rhymes in tha verses!! My Rating: 3.9

05. "What We Smoke, What We Pop"
Okay ANOTHA different subject! This'll be A LOT better prolly! Lots of anticipation for it 'cause I love tha title!!! >>> Definitely a VERY VERY GOOD start wit that TIGHT-ASS hook!!!!! I like that "taste tha rainbow" line in tha 1st verse! This iz tha best joint on here so far. Lyrics again durin' tha verses were real tight and gotta just love these beats!!! My Rating: 4.9

06. "How I Came Up"
Let's hear tha whole story!! >>> Didn't expect another song related to tha drug game!!! Yes, wit a different topic from tha last joint! Tha hook iz just REAL and REAL TIGHT!! That 1st verse was tha shit!! Real tight throughout tha whole song and great song/lyrics! I'm gonna tie tha ranking wit tha last song but I think I like this one better! My Rating: 4.9

07. "Twerk Dat Thang"
This'll prolly be just good, but I hope it ain't tha downfall of thangz… >>> Actually, it's a great start wit a fusion of like a Dance/Techno feel wit somethin' Zo (reppin' Georgia) would produce for tha 92 Boys (from Griffin, GA). That hook was nice! I'm glad I ain't complainin' 'cause I like it! Great verses and real nice hook!! My Rating: 4.5

08. "100 Or Nothing"
You = 100 ('cause that's what you keep it). Fake-asses = nothing ('cause that's how they really keep it). Let's hear what you got to say! >>> I like that spooky music in tha beginning! This iz a tight joint but I can't say much about it. It's true though in tha hook. My Rating: 4.3

½time: Best album of 2008 easily!! While Wayne went too mainstream on his album and while Madonna went too Pharrellish on her album, Frayser Boy still kept it consistant wit this shit! Damn, now I'm just DYIN' to hear "Gone Off That Bay"! My God, just picturing that it was a ½ decade ago that that CD came out, it must be FIYA!! But anyway, prolly tha BEST START to an album this year (pretty close wit Playaz Circle last year wit their IMPRESSING album). We'll see how tha last part of this CD goes…!

09. DXS Talk (Skit)
I'm glad there's a skit on here! Really wanna hear what's goin' on!! >>> Even though I expected Frayser Boy to talk, it still was good to hear DJ Paul. My Rating: N/A

10. "Money Gettin' Mission"
This should be REAL TIGHT! Can't lie wit what Lil' Bossy said in "Where You Been At?": "I'm stayin' up late because money iz tha mission!" That's a true line so now I'm gonna hear Frayser Boy express it and I'm gonna be REAL impressed hopefully!! >>> Tha style in tha beat iz a lil' different. It's not as dark as tha other beats (almost didn't realize it was this song for a second). I still feel it though and I like that hook a lot. Tha lyrics were good once again too. My Rating: 4.2

11. "Hatin' On Me"
Only tha spicks'll do that. Why would anyone hate on you? Let's hear what you got to say to tha haterz!! >>> Sounds like tha Barry White sample in tha guitar on this. This sounds pretty good but I would think songs in tha beginning of this CD were better… Tha hook iz pretty good and tha verses are great too. My Rating: 4.0

12. "Blame It On Patron" Feat. Juicy J
Wow it took 12 songs for a feature in a song! That's tha way to do it!! Should be good and prolly be a club banger! >>> Sounds like someone else iz on tha hook. This iz definitely mainstream sounding (1st single??). I like it but still, tha songs in tha beginning of this CD were better. Good verses again. My Rating: 3.8

13. "Come On Then"
Hopefully somethin' better… >>> It's jammin' but nothin' really to say… I really feelin' that beat as somethin' to jam to. I don't know about that random "you're the one" sample. Sounds a lil' weird… But I do feel this song. My Rating: 4.2

14. "Wanna See Me Fall"
What's gonna happen…? >>> Sounds pretty good. Too bad people wanna see all those negative things about you. They're just haterz! Yeah so many people down me 'cause of tha way I act (due to I have Autism/Aspergers). I barely talk in public 'cause people don't open up to me to give me tha chance. Plus, people hate on my voice. What does my voice have to do wit all tha fuckin' abilities I have? I'm one of tha best people alive!! My Rating: 4.2

15. "Another Level"
I like tha title! High anticipation and hopefully another real hot banger!! >>> A better beat and a great subject! I feel this more than some of those previous joints on here. Tight beat too! My Rating: 4.3

16. "Any Day, Any Time"
That's when you spit hot shit, ya dig! I got lots of faith for tha No. 16 song at all times so we'll see how you did No. 16!! >>> Beat sounds like there was a dose of Mannie Fresh in it (wit tha way it sounds a lil'). This iz tight and I'm definitely feelin' it!! My Rating: 4.4

17. Outro
And there's no posse song… But it still was a TIGHT CD!! Let's hear tha outro! >>> Yes it's 2 minutes, 2 seconds!! As always, that's how Three 6 Mafia like to end these CDs. It's a great way so on it. My Rating: N/A

Overall: End Time: 1:13 PM. It only took me 1 hour, 3 minutes to review this shit and it was jammin' like a ma'fucka! REAL GOOD shit Frayser Boy! I'm GLAD you still got tha skillz in you!! Keep doin' yo thang!!

Rankings (according to ratings):

15. "Blame It On Patron" Feat. Juicy J 3.8
14. "Hoe Nigga" 3.9
13. "Hatin' On Me" 4.0
12. "Wanna See Me Fall" 4.2
11. "Money Gettin' Mission" 4.2
10. "Come On Then" 4.2
09. "Another Level" 4.3
08. "100 Or Nothing" 4.3
07. "Any Day, Any Time" 4.4
06. "Intro" 4.4
05. "Twerk Dat Thang" 4.5
04. "Hood Thang" 4.6
03. "Big Money" 4.6
02. "What We Smoke, What We Pop" 4.9

01. "How I Came Up" 4.9

Monday, August 11, 2008

Review #107: Dank "South Cak"

Reviewed on 8.11.2008 (Review No. 107) *OFFICIALLY PAID ME!!*

Watz good it's ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog here, 'bout to do another review. This iz a 1st wit my reviews: Currently, I'm chargin' people (mainly people I don't know) $10.00 a review from me (mainly due to I'm gettin' bigger online, me bein' too occupied and me bein' too lazy to do certain reviews). There's a catch to payin' me: For example (which this iz what I'm currently in), if I have like 10 CDs to review that I neva get tha chance to at tha time, I'll make sure I'll do yours tha day I get your payment (without any delays). Also there are times where I'll be like "oh, I'm too busy/too tired/don't feel like doin' a review." If you pay me, I'll make sure I unbusy myself and I do tha review ASAP. So for tha 1st time, it happened today (well last night but I checked it today and found out). This dude Dank (from South Carolina) hit me up and paid me to do a review for his mixtape, "South Cak". I'm glad you paid me so I'm lookin' forward to this. You look like Frayser Boy so I have anticipation for that (since I like him). Here goes my review, 1st one I got paid 4, for Dank "South Cak". Remember: this iz based on my opinion, whether you paid for it or not; it's a review! I'm pretty sure I'll like it but anything could happen! Start Time: 11:48 PM | Video Game Playing: Blast Corps (for Nintendo 64) (on my computer)

01. "South Crack"
Wonder what it'll be… an intro or right into a track… If it's a track, you know I got anticipation… >>> Looks like a song wit that 2 minutes, 21 seconds on it… Okay you don't sound like Frayser Boy but it's all good. Tha beat sounds familiar (not sure if it's jacked) but it's good. You made this joint sound good so great opening track by you. Still lookin' forward to hearin' more! My Rating: 4.2

02. "Detonator"
Okay likin' tha title so this could be a good one. Lemme hear!! >>> Ooh new beat wit a short length (1:13). Okay yes I'm hearin' you rappin' again and I'm definitely likin' it! Tha DJ sounds good talkin' on these jointz too. You definitely sound real good rappin'. Even though this was short, I'm still givin' it a nice high rating. Tha combination of tha beat and you sounded like a joint from Philly so I'mma give it my props. Good shit once again!! My Rating: 4.6

03. "South Cak Representa"
That's what you are. Dependin' on how long it iz, I wanna hear tha representation on it right now!! >>> I hear "Dope Boy Fresh" beat… It wasn't no 1,000 degrees out today. It was about 65-70 wit an "almost tornado" hittin' Long Island, NY, a bunch of shitty rain + lightnin'. I still went to tha pits to hang out today. Anyway, I really like that hook and tha Young Jeezy soundin' "YEAH!!!!!" ad-libs. This shit sounds hot and don't sound dumb on a jacked beat. Great shit and I'm glad tha DJ iz at tha end. My Rating: 4.3

04. "This Dat Shit"
I have a feelin' it iz! I peeked at tha length and it's 3:50. It should be REAL good wit a longer length! >>> Not really feelin' that "Candy Shop" type of violin melody in tha beginning… At least it didn't happen throughout tha 1st verse. Okay beat sounds like somethin' you'd hear on Music Choice Rap by a random artist… Tha hook iz pretty good. I think this should be somethin' mainstream sources should play. But other than that, it needed more of a down south feel to it to make me like it more. Oh and that DJ at tha end, once again, had another great message. My Rating: 3.7

05. "Crank Dat Hammer Back"
Looks like it gon be tha Soulja Boy Tell'em beat… Dunn dunn dunn… I think I'm gonna like it from you though. Not sure 'cause I hate tha "CDSB" song. >>> Okay I like your "shoooooooot" parts (where it would say "yuuugh"). You actually were tight on this. I give it credit. My Rating: 3.8

06. "Grind Hard"
Everyone does that. Now lemme see how you "grind hard". >>> Ooh good a long length and NOT a jacked beat!! Great beat and great 1st verse so far. Oh and tha hook iz tight too! Good shit/jammin'!! I like all those "2 to da *insert here*" parts (especially when it rewound back) during tha 2nd verse. Yeah definitely jammin', ESPECIALLY wit that beat!! Okay I like tha calls at tha end, especially tha 3rd caller who said "dawg" twice (sounded REAL great on tha beat)!! Oh I like how tha hook came on again after all those callers! My Rating: 4.7

07. "Money Ova Here"
Will it be "ova" tha Stack$ & Lil' Wayne beat? I had controversy wit that song during March 2007 so that's why I'm a lil' iffy about it (even tho I really like tha song). Let's see what you did to it… >>> Yeah shout out to Shod B & Pistol Pete (as tha DJ gave them a shout out in tha beginning). They had a nice mixtape (minus tha jacked beats), "Smokin' At A Gas Station" (I reviewed back on February 7, 2008). Wasn't too crazy about this… and it was even 2 verses. I guess 'cause of tha controversy remindin' me of tha track. You even sounded a lil' like Stack$ on it. My Rating: 3.2

08. "Let 'Em Know"
Heard tha "Chop Chop" beat play at tha very end of tha "Money Ova Here" joint. I have a feelin' this "jacked beat" song will be better. Let's see… >>> Pretty decent so far. I like tha hook tho. Yeah tha hook iz tha standout of it. Just as good as tha Soulja Boy Tell'em version. Oh and I hear "I Luv It" beat next. I hope these jacked beats calm down a lil' 'cause they make me have no anticipation. Plus, it's somewhat rare that on a jacked beat that I give at least a 4.0 rating. My Rating: 3.8

½time: Off to a pretty good start (wit some of tha jacked beat songs bein' aight). I wonder what's next… Hopefully more original songs come up!

09. "Gunz Ova Here"
Nearly tha same title as No. 7. If I didn't hear tha "I Luv It" beat at tha end of tha "Let 'Em Know" joint, I wouldn't've guessed it was over this beat (or even a jacked beat). Let's see what you did… >>> Okay you made tha hook sound different than what other people would do… Oh yeah, surprisingly, this iz tha beat I heard tha most on everything I reviewed (must've heard this beat on like 4 other mixtapes). Not bad verse and great hook but nobody did it better than Wayne on his "Da Drought 3"! My Rating: 3.5

10. "American Gangsta"
I'm guessin' Jay-Z's beat (even tho I can't slightly remember it). You do prove to yourself that you are "gangsta" since you got tha "gunz ova here" and shit so ya can't complain. >>> Doesn't sound like a Jay-Z beat at all… Maybe that's why it's "gangsta" and not "gangster" (like he had it). Whether it iz his beat or not, I really like that sample in tha beat and shit. Tha beat was nice and I was feelin' tha whole track. Good shit. My Rating: 4.2

11. "Shotz Go"
Not sure what I heard in tha beginning (on accident). I won't say unless I'm right. Let's hear this… >>> I thought it was tha "Gossip" beat. Good sound and good subject! This iz random (which I don't officially know) but that sounds like a The Cure guitar riff or somethin' sampled in tha beat. I only say that 'cause of "Pictures Of You (Extended Dub Mix)" by The Cure that plays on Music Choice Sounds Of The Seasons (sounds like it). I like it. I'm likin' tha verses and I really like that hook a whole lot wit that beat!! Oh yeah I realized just now tha NICE 4:40 length!! My Rating: 4.5

12. "I'ma Rider"
Can't think of what this could be… If I had to pick between surprise and jacked beat, I'd pick jacked beat. >>> Ooh could be a surprise wit a LONGER length (4:49)!! I don't know about immediate surprise but I'm glad it's nice and long wit an original beat! I'm really feelin' tha 2nd verse a whole lot wit tha gunz and shit as well as talkin' about SC. Definitely feelin' that beat and feelin' tha hook a lil' more! My Rating: 4.1

13. "Cak (Freestyle)"
>>> Okay I thought I would like it a lil' better since it's over tha Funkmaster Flex/Jae Millz/Jadakiss "Bring It Back" beat. You freestyled a lil' too fast in tha beginning but it got better throughout tha whole thing. Not bad. My Rating: 3.6

14. "White Girl"
Can it be what I think it iz? >>> Yes it iz. Tha "White Girl" beat. Not only am I pissed at tha game I'm playin' right now, but this iz just unexceptable. You should've chopped it off when your verse ended 'cause I didn't need to hear tha whole USDA crew again. Your part was pretty good. My Rating: 2.0

15. "Get 'Em"
Oh no… Not another… one… >>> Good it's not! I thought it was gonna be tha JR Writer "Get 'Em" beat and I didn't feel like hearin' it! Not that I'm in tha mood to write shit, but good beat and pretty good verse. My Rating: 4.0

16. "Blood Shed"
>>> I didn't write anything so I just went into it… Okay, I see a long length.
It's No. 16 so I'm gonna see what kinda faith I'll have in it! I like that Monopoly "you just a parker, nigga" line. Actually, this song didn't catch onto me that much. Too East Coast soundin' (like barely soundin' like a down south song). My Rating: 3.4

17. "Never Forget Me"
Let's see how we gon close it… >>> I don't even know tha beat and Akon iz on it? *Pukes* Maybe it's a good message to tha end of tha mixtape but not really for me. Can't go for an Akon song on a mixtape. My Rating: 2.9

Overall: End Time: 1:17 PM. Well for my overall opinion, I say that this was a pretty good mixtape. Just like wit Shod B & Pistol Pete's, you should end doin' tha "jacked beat" songs (Pistol Pete took that into consideration ). Most of tha original songs were tight (some bein' REAL tight). Keep doin' yo thang, I hope you like tha review and thanx 4 payin' me for it.

Rankings (according to ratings):

17. "White Girl" 2.0
16. "Never Forget Me" 2.9
15. "Money Ova Here" 3.2
14. "Blood Shed" 3.4
13. "Gunz Ova Here" 3.5
12. "Cak (Freestyle)" 3.6
11. "This Dat Shit" 3.7
10. "Let 'Em Know" 3.8
09. "Crank Dat Hammer Back" 3.8
08. "Get 'Em" 4.0
07. "I'ma Rider" 4.1
06. "American Gangsta" 4.2
05. "South Crack" 4.2
04. "South Cak Representa" 4.3
03. "Shotz Go" 4.5
02. "Detonator" 4.6

01. "Grind Hard" 4.7

^ REAL TIGHT Top 3 that I picked!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Review #106: 9th Ward "What The Hood Made Me"

Reviewed on 8.08.2008 (Review No. 106)

Watz good it's ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog here and now that I'm visitin' my hometown, Long Island, NY, right now, I can finally catch up on some of tha other shit I didn't have tha time to get to in Northeast PA. I'm gonna be reviewin' a mixtape from my dude 9th Ward outta Louisiana. I downloaded this mixtape a while ago *checks date…* OMG June 16, 2008… DAMN I be behind wit these reviews!! Well I've been havin' a lot of shit on my mind but it's tha "What The Hood Made Me" mixtape from 9th Ward. I'm gonna be reviewin' it wit a lot of anticipation!! Hope to hear some more HOT SHIT from Louisiana (Music Choice Rap playin' about 2-3 songs of his)!! Oh and just because today iz 08/08/08, I'm gonna start tha mixtape at 11:11 PM, in honor of all tha same numbers. Start Time: 11:11 PM | Video Game Playing: Blast Corps (for Nintendo 64) (on my computer)

01. Intro
Let's see how we gon kick it off! This iz tha 1st time I'm hearin' you!! >>> Real great intro!! You sound like a real cool, gutta, gangsta dude so you know I'm really lookin' forward to this! When you said that "other niggaz wack; they got 3 songs, they shit iz wack," I feel that you're gonna prove them wrong and do yo thang. I have a feelin' that this mixtape gon be filled wit LOTS of bangerz!! DEFINITELY give me some more Louisiana heat, especially from tha 9th ward 9th Ward! My Rating: N/A

02. "I'm 'Bout It"
Yes you are! Let's see how true you can explain it in this song! A high anticipation level for hearin' tha 1st song I've eva heard from you right now! >>> So far tha intro iz VERY GOOD wit a VERY GOOD underground feel to it!! I do agree wit you so far: you're "wicked like a witch." Great start to tha 2nd verse as you got "girbauds" on. They're one of my favorite clothes to wear. Can I just say that you RIPPED this song wit REAL lyrics, TIGHT lyrics and a REAL TIGHT hook!! Tha beat was OFF THA CHAIN too!! What a GREAT START to this HOT mixtape!!! My Rating: 4.9

03. "Boy Gone"
Gonna keep tha momentum goin'!! >>> Pretty good start so far. Startin' to feel that beat better. This iz easily not a disappointment; hot shit so far! It took a while to get to that hook but it's hot! Yes another real nice joint! You know I'm gon fall in love wit this mixtape easily!! You need to holla at my dawg Jimmy The DJ; he'll put you on his mixtape easily 'cause you got hot shit (he's reppin' New Orleans). Tight shit once again! My Rating: 4.3

04. Bitch Nigga Flippin' Interlude
If that's tha title to tha next joint, then you know I have HUGE anticipation for it!! Dyin' to hear tha interlude!! >>> Yes it's 1 minute, 23 seconds!!! No wonder why I was dyin' to hear tha interlude! You sound tight no matter what you say! I'm really feelin' all tha "ya heard me/ya dig" parts and all tha cussin'. Sounds great and I like that you sound a lil' high or w/e when you're talkin'. That's watz good. If people think you're soft, then they thinkin' tha wrong shit 'cause you bringin' that REAL SHIT, ya dig!! Great interlude and now to tha song!! My Rating: N/A

05. "Talk That Shit"
Okay so this wasn't called "Bitch Nigga Flippin'" (which iz what I thought due to tha interlude). Really lookin' forward to this and all yo shit, ya dig!! >>> I like tha other 2 songs I heard on here so far better but this iz tight too. Tha hooks seem to really kick in hard when they come on. Really feelin' 'em and I'm glad these beats are just real tight!! I like that "my trigger got tha chicken pox and it's itchy" line a lot! Wow tha "talk that shit now ROLL WIT IT" part in tha hook iz CRAZY!!! My Rating: 4.2

06. "Bolo"
Not sure what it means but it rhymes wit "polo" so I have anticipation. >>> Sounds better wit tha beat!! Wow it's a 90's Cash Money style!! Love it!! I like when you say tha title in tha hook! Wow you said it like 12x at tha end of it! Tha end was great wit that "9th ward" chanting part. Great shit!! I hear tha "Still Fly" beat towards tha end. I hope this joint was an original beat 'cause if it wasn't, then that's a lil' disappointing but I loved it on a 1st listen so congrats! My Rating: 4.5

07. "Pockets Low"
I didn't expect a jacked beat but I predict this'll be hot!! >>> Once again, as soon as tha hook came in, thingz got REAL TIGHT!!! Great rhymes on this too!! Can't mind tha "Still Fly" beat 'cause this has REAL NICE quality to it!! My Rating: 4.4

08. Real Music Interlude
Ooh another interlude!! DEFINITELY wantin' to hear what you got to say dawg!! >>> I can agree wit most of tha shit you said! Matter a'fact, I think you sound a lil' like B.G. wit tha way your voice sounds (high and shit). And yeah, we both listen to "shit niggaz neva heard of" (like you said). For me, I always stick to my roots; Party 105.3. I stick to listenin' to Dance/Electronica/Trance music, lots of underground Rap music (tha mainstream shit, like you said, iz gettin' real wack these dayz) and upbeat Pop music. I just LOVE supportin' tha Rap music scene, mainly in Louisiana so you know I got yo back. My Rating: N/A

09. "Pay Per View"
And you were talkin' about this when you were talkin' in tha interlude. Lemme hear what you got to say about it! >>> Oh no I hope this doesn't ruin thingz…
Good thing it's only 2:25! Tha "Coffee Shop" beat kinda dumbed thingz down for me but at least it was even shorter as Nitti jumped in. My Rating: 3.4

10. "My Nigga" Feat. Nitti
Iz "this a Nitti beat"? >>> It iz! Barely heard Nitti rap but he was tight. Another "ear-catchin'" hook again! And now I hear you on tha hook + tha 2nd verse! Louisiana flava to tha fullest right here!! A lil' short but good. My Rating: 4.0

11. "My Chopper"
Okay 1st of 2 or 3 Music Choice Rap songs by you. Let's see what else they got… *checks* "Add Me Up" on April 9, 2008 @ 12:21 AM, "Super Model" July 8, 2008 @ 1:11 AM and this song, "My Chopper". Because of tha title, and Joe Hound, Dre & C-Ride havin' tha HOT song from last year wit tha same title, I have a huge amount of anticipation for this joint right here, ya heard me!! >>> Okay good so far. I guess this a single huh? When tha hook came in (tight once again), it sounded like a mainstream feel but not in a stupid way. Due to tha title, it came through in a gutta/mainstream way, which iz what tha mainstream world iz missin' these dayz. That's why most mainstream music sucks these dayz! Tight shit, mainly that hook!! Great Music Choice Rap song!! My Rating: 4.2

½time: Aight it's about that time! I do need a break! Because I threw up today (haven't done it since December 15, 2006), I've been drinkin' Ginger Ale (sp?) so I finna get a drink of that, get up and then get back into this review!! >>> Okay longer than I expected. It's now 12:32 AM and I just got finished wit havin' a snack (4 Stella Dora cookies), an Ensure (chocolate drink) and some of my Ginger Ale. Now it's time to get back into this shit so I can go to sleep!!

12. "Chopper City"
Perfect sequel to tha "My Chopper" song! I have a feelin' I'll like this better. Let's see if I'm right! >>> Almost was worried that it was tha "Lollipop" beat but I'm glad it wasn't! Tha beat intro iz a lot hotter!! Yeah this iz DEFINITELY a lot hotter!! BANGIN'-ASS-BEAT!!! This was DEFINITELY fiya right there!! Tha lyrics were REAL TIGHT too (as they mainly talked about Katrina fuckin' up Louisiana and shit)!! My Rating: 4.7

13. "Like Me" Interlude
Ah yes another interlude!!!!!!!!!! I guess I'm gonna learn more about you huh? Lookin' forward (as always)!! >>> Interesting… Look, you may have yo mama's slippers on but lemme tell ya somethin': dudes from my college be actin' all hard and shit and they be wearin' pajamas. I be lookin' at them like "WTF?!" I stopped wearin' them shits at 12. How can you rock a durag, a hoodie and then fuckin' pajamas? Shit's gay in my opinion! Also, that part about you talkin' about tha 9mm. I had a 9mm pulled on me. Luckily, there was no clips and tha dude was just jokin' around. Really, ya can't joke around wit that shit 'cause this dude by where I'm stayin' at on Long Island got shot by his brother 'cause his brother was playin' around. Even though I didn't know tha kid, it was a sad event, especially since it happened on my birthday (2008). He was only 17. R.I.P. My Rating: N/A

14. "Like Me" Feat. Skrilla
Yeah now we're talkin' wit tha interlude name bein' tha title name of tha next joint finally! Let's see… expectin' hot shit!! >>> Sounds like a Nitti beat and tha beginning sounds like "Hood Nigga". This shit iz fresh and I like it. Good shit wit a hot beat and great "like me" parts after nearly after line. Great collabo! My Rating: 4.4

15. "Copycat"
Let's hear it for tha dickriders dickridin' you! >>> Hearin' tha hot beat in tha beginning makes me get upset wit that length (1:27). I like tha beginning wit tha white tee and tha girbauds! Yeah this was tight and once again, an "ear-grabbin'" hook!! Wish it was longer… I'll just pretend to play it 3x in a row and say that that's that. My Rating: 4.3

16. Myspace Interlude
And here's No. 16… what to expect… *looks at ID* An interlude. Wonder what's good wit yo Myspace… >>> Almost tha same length (4 seconds less), LMAO!! Good shit. I wouldn't give my extended info out to anyone on Myspace tho 'cause there's lots of weirdos… My Rating: N/A

17. "Supermodel"
Okay Drumma Boy doin' a production. Once again, this tha 2nd of 3rd Music Choice Rap songs from you that I'm hearin'. Not sure what to expect so no anticipation for this one… >>> It's pretty good so far. I like it. Great start wit tha "girbauds" part. This sounds more mainstream than tha "My Chopper" song. Good thing Drumma Boy doesn't use his "signature sound effects" in this (whateva that sound he usually does every 4 lines). This hook iz tight and it doesn't sound like that gay-ass "Crank Dat Yank" type of shit. My Rating: 4.3

Break: I didn't wanna do this but I'm tired as FUCK right now!! I got a block party tomorrow (wit tha whole fam on Long Island) from 2:00 - 10:00 PM. It gon be TIGHT so I'll hope to finish this review before then. For now, I finna get some sleep! It's 1:01 AM. Be easy!! >>> Aight I got a lot of sleep but I was real glad when I woke up 'cause A1 (Nu$$ie's manager) woke me up outta nowhere at 11:45 AM ('cause I called him yesterday and tha day before) so that's watz good. Shout out to Nu$$ie and A1. Now that it's 12:05 PM, 1 hour, 55 minutes before tha block party here on Long Island, I gotta get this review done (6 songs left)!

18. "Hypnotized"
Another Nitti beat for this one… Let's see what I'm gonna think. >>> This iz a pretty good slow jammer. This time, I like tha lyrics and verses better than tha hook. Good singin' on tha hook too and once again, I'm feelin' that 1st verse a lot. Unexpected Nitti beat too (he went a different route wit it). That's good. I predict this iz a real good FOLLOW UP single (not 1st single like Plies would do and go all "female single" route). If there was a cleaned up version for tha radio, then it would be poppin' on there. That's my opinion. My Rating: 3.9

19. "From The Heart"
Could this be hard… could it be about tha fallen ones…? My intentions say tha fallen ones but I think (and hope) it'll be about doin' this rap shit "from the heart" and goin' hard wit it. Lemme see… >>> Okay it's an interlude. So both guesses were wrong. It's gonna be about Katrina hittin' New Orleans. 2005 was prolly tha SHITTIEST year of this decade! So fucked up (especially wit my social life and gay-ass high school). Nothin' was poppin' except for me startin' to like more mixtapes ('til tha snap music came; good thing I ventured to Louisiana music). I wanna hear your "30 minutes of writing" for this next song! My Rating: N/A

20. "New Orleans Crying"
I feel real bad and can't picture how bad thingz were… My boy Alex McConduit got hit wit Katrina and I feel REAL BAD for him!! And now people like you I'll feel bad for as well! Here goes my listen on it! >>> Oh yeah sounds good for somethin' written in 30 minutes. I didn't think I could write somethin' that fast but I did write my "R.I.P. VL Mike Tribute" rap I did in only 2 hours. I like tha beat a lot and tha "New Orleans crying" parts. Yeah tha lyrics were real good too and this was kinda short but it works for a song like this. My Rating: 4.4

21. Shoutouts
Okay who we gon shout out? Lookin' forward to hearin'! >>> Iz it 5 minutes, 13 minutes long? That's really watz good if it iz!! … … It was that long! Mixtapes need somethin' like this at tha end (Lil' Wayne did a 10 minute one on "Da Drought 3"). All that shit was good that you said and sometimes when you say "ya heard me," it sounds like Webbie when he was on MTV2 in 2005. And I liked that echoing at tha very end of this. My Rating: N/A

22. "What The Hood Made Me"
It's tha title track to tha mixtape. I really liked tha title when I 1st saw it on tha mixtape and now I finna find out officially "what tha hood made you." Lots of anticipation once again! >>> Very short wit only 1 minute, 23 seconds. I really like that screwed sample in tha hook! Tha verse was tight and tha song overall was great! Good beat too! I wish it was longer! My Rating: 4.3

23. "I Got Money"
This should be good!! Sizzle on tha beat so we'll see what happens! >>> Another short one (I guess they're bonuses since tha "Shoutouts" were like tha official end). Beat iz tight again!! Wow that hook iz NUTS!!!!! Oh I see you officially cut it off on tha last 30 seconds that was left. You did say "save 'em for tha album." I figured it had to be somethin' like that. Tha beat sounded like a Nitti beat and tha verse was real good. Gonna rate this nice and high! My Rating: 4.6

Overall: End Time: 8.09.2008 @ 12:34 PM. Well, looks like this goin' on my iPod right away! HOT FLAMES from New Orleans!!! You DEFINITELY proved them WACK, BULLSHIT artists wrong by puttin' out this HOT mixtape!! Hopefully when I send this to you on Myspace, you (or whoever) responds back to me, appreciating tha review 'cause that'll make me happy (plus, it'll make me like you more as an artist). Keep doin' yo thang and I wish tha best in $ucce$$ wit you.

Rankings (according to ratings):

16. "Pay Per View" 3.4
15. "Hypnotized" 3.9
14. "My Nigga" Feat. Nitti 4.0
13. "Talk That Shit" 4.2
12. "My Chopper" 4.2
11. "What The Hood Made Me" 4.3
10. "Boy Gone" 4.3
09. "Supermodel" 4.3
08. "Copycat" 4.3
07. "Like Me" Feat. Skrilla 4.4
06. "Pockets Low" 4.4
05. "New Orleans Crying" 4.4
04. "Bolo" 4.5
03. "I Got Money" 4.6
02. "Chopper City" 4.7

01. "I'm 'Bout It" 4.9

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