Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Commercial #441: #CharlesHershieieShouldRapOnDisChallenge, Day 23

Day 23: October 15, 2019

Frankie's 3rd commercial series; as Frankie produces a new beat, a thought pops in his head: "Charles Hershieie should rap on dis!," he hollaz.

Throughout each day of tha series, Frankie will be producing a new beat for Charles Hershieie, f.k.a. Skull Duggrey & will be sendin' him tha beats to rap on.

This series will go on from September 23 - October 31; that's 39 new beats in 39 dayz! Enjoy!

#CharlesHershieie #SkullDuggrey

Follow Charles Hershieie: @therealskullduggrey

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