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Review #42: Natureboy Rowe "Dallas Hottest Commodity 1.7"

Reviewed on 1.30.2008 (Review No. 42)

Watz good it's ya boy Frankie. It's about fuckin' time I got to get to this! Sorry for tha delay. It was a combination of doing my Top 777 Songs of 2007 countdown, gettin' back to college, and a bunch of mixtapes I had before I got to this one. Anyway, definitely lookin' forward to reviewing this, but more anticipated to reviewing "Stackz: It's Nothing" mixtape. Right now, here goes my review for Natureboy Rowe's "Dallas Hottest Commodity 1.7" mixtape. BTW, I'm at my college right now (in tha lunch room), and this iz tha first mixtape I'm reviewing right at my college, and this iz also tha earliest I've eva done a review b4. Start Time: 11:57 AM | Video Game Playing: Tetris & Dr. Mario (for Super Nintendo) (on my computer)

01. "Intro (That Price)"
Let's hear tha start of tha mixtape. I heard this joint on Natureboy's Myspace page a real long time ago. >>> I like that lil' extra intro part. Nice that there's mixing in this too. Tha thing that really makes tha song good iz tha "dun-da-da-dun-dun" in tha hook! I love that, and that caught my attention in a real good way, right away! Real nice start to tha mixtape. Great rhymes (what I usually expect from Natureboy), and right now I'm currently wit my boy Terrence a.k.a. T.O. chillin'. My Rating: 4.6

02. "I'm Not Them"
I've heard before, and I still love it since I reviewed it. REAL good beat by King Stunna, and tha song just describes what I go through on a daily basis: "I'm tha best in my city and I ain't even signed" <- True Fact No. 1. "Got more than sellin' dope and fuckin' broads on my mind." <- True Fact No. 2. "I ain't talkin' like them, I ain't rappin' like them, I ain't nothin' like them 'cause I'm not them!" <- True Fact No. 3. I say this 'cause I'm Autistic, and I don't really do things most people do. I'm not a "follower". My Rating: 5.0

03. "My Wheels Clean"
I think I remember hearing this one too... >>> Tha Bow Wow sample from "I Think They Like Me (Remix)" sounds great! Great Texas beat! This iz some pure shit right here. More tight rhymes from Natureboy on this joint! My Rating: 4.5

04. "So Terrific"
I like tha title, and now I finna give this one a review, so let's see what comes outta me. >>> Tha voice sounds a lil' younger... It does sound good tho. Feelin' that hook a lot. I just realized that I never did a review wit anybody around. There's like 50-70 people in this lunch room right now so it seems odd. A lot of people talkin' to me/gettin' my attention while I'm doin' tha review right now. Lol. It's like I usually never get tha recognition, but now that I'm doin' a review (without people knowing), I'm gettin' recognition. Lol… My Rating: 3.9

05. "Thanking Throwed"
Looks like a new joint. Looking forward to hearing so I got a High AL! Hope Natureboy did tha damn thang!! >>> Yes this iz new sounding. Nice lil' hi hat sounds in tha mix of that ol' skool beat. Sounds great, especially that hook. For some reason, listening to this right now makes me wanna play 007 for Nintendo 64 (on my computer), but I'm stickin' to Tetris & Dr. Mario (for Super Nintendo) (on my computer). Too bad this joint was so short. 1:47. My Rating: 3.8

06. "King of SDT"
Good title. Lemme find out what this sound like. >>> Very anthemetic on tha hook. Soundin' real good! "I ain't tryna burn a bridge, but tha city iz mine." <- I like that line. I really like this joint. My Rating: 4.4

07. "Errr-day (Remix)" Feat. J-Nicks
I remember this joint from a while back. Tha flow iz CRAZY!! J-Nicks starts tha joint off CRAZY wit 2 verses, and then Natureboy Rowe takes ova on tha 3rd verse! Tha hook iz crazy, as well as tha beat (produced by Young Juve - 1st time I heard him). CLASSIC shit right here!!! My Rating: 4.9

08. "Got 'Em Hatin' (Remix)" Feat. Plies
This was another banger too. This iz Plies on tha "harder" tip (unlike tha "Shawty"'s and tha "Hypnotized"s), which iz good. In tha beginning of November 2006, I got tha original "Got 'Em Hatin'", and that was tha 1st time I heard Plies. Let's see what Natureboy did to this. >>> Just what I expected (of course). Good job on Natureboy Rowe bein' featured on this remix! My Rating: 3.9

09. "Car Wash"
>>> Lol @ tha "Magic City" beat. Nice lil' selection there. Hook sounds good. Love that line "roarin' like tha Lion King." Real good first verse! Lol @ "my nigga came thru and spilled some chips." I really like that line 'cause it's somethin' different. Very good for a beat I already heard before! My Rating: 4.4

10. "Have A Party" Feat. Rashad
This ain't over tha Mobb Deep/50 Cent joint iz it? >>> I'm glad it ain't over tha Mobb Deep/50 Cent beat! Rashad sounds pretty good singin' on this. Nice rhymes Natureboy! He sounded great on this joint! My Rating: 3.9

11. "Still Me (Remix)" Feat. The Game
Remember it on Natureboy's Myspace page. Let's hear it again. >>> I don't think I heard Game's 2nd verse on that remix from tha page, so this could be slightly better than that remix I heard. I still kinda hate that hook tho, but at least Natureboy saves tha song from me disliking it badly. My Rating: 3.0

12. "Act A Fool (Remix)" Feat. Lil' Jon & Three 6 Mafia
This must be old, but I never even heard it yet, lol. I know tha original (was in heavy rotation on Music Choice Rap back in late '06). Let's see what was done to it. >>> Yeah Natureboy just makes "unsure" songs turn into better songs. All it takes iz some bars, and there ya have it: a HOT remix! I like tha "break nuggets" part, but yeah for some reason I was never big about this song at first. No video was made also. My Rating: 3.3

13. "Gone Happen"
Let's see... >>> This shit iz hot. Real nice beat and real nice rappin'. Gonna have to give it a higher rating than those previous songs. Just realized how hot this line was "and I'm hot dawg so you niggas betta catch up" <- That's REAL good! My Rating: 4.2

½time: It's currently 1:09 PM. I got 51 minutes 'til my next class, so I gotta hurry up here…

14. "This In You (Get Loose)"
Looks like a club banger... High AL! >>> Wow this song iz a very good produced song IMO! Tha hook reminds me of tha T.I. & Nelly song "Get Loose" from tha "Urban Legend" CD. Nice rhymes on this female joint. It's slightly better than "Go Live" (which I heard on Natureboy's Myspace page a while ago). My Rating: 4.4

15. "Back 2 The Hood"
>>> Oh nice on tha "I Luv It" beat! Nice hook. Pretty good on Natureboy's version. Tha hook keeps growin' on me everytime I hear it! Perfect quote from this: "you don't like Southern Rap, nigga suck my dick!" My Rating: 4.1

16. "How To Act (What It Do)"
Okay how iz this joint gon act? Natureboy better have done tha damn thang on this or else I'll be a lil' disappointed 'cause tha previous jointz have been consistant on this mixtape! >>> Oh WOW real nice flowwwww boyyyy!! "I stay fly, I think I see Mars" <- LOVE that line!! Natureboy definitely knows "how to act" on this joint! Good on tha "Get Buck" beat. Another line I like: "got a Khaki color whip, lookin' like sum Dickie pants" <- Lol that came outta nowhere, but tight. My Rating: 4.6

17. "I Sag" Feat. Yung Mike
Collabo time! Let's see what goes on wit this! >>> I recognize that beat. It's from J.R. Get Money's "Cook In The Kitchen". That song was about drugs, and wow this joint iz about being cool/saggin'. Good switch up! That's another thing I really like about Natureboy Rowe when I hear some songs by him: if it's on a jacked beat, he can make tha song sound so different (in a good way) to where you can't even tell if it's a jacked beat! "Belt buckle made of chrome" <- yeah it's tha perfect "so fresh" song right here!! My Rating: 4.7

18. "Talk That Talk"
And what's this…? >>> Beat sounds really old (I can't think of what it iz - I don't think it's Young Capone "What It Iz"). I like that "I gots flow like tha...uh..." line. Now this beat iz drivin' me nuts (can't think of what it was originally). Good flowin' on tha track again! Another great line "look I'm ROWE...!!" Aight I'm lookin' thru my iTunes library to see what that beat was *looks*. I just re-heard tha beginning of this, and just remembered that it was Young Capone "Lights, Camera, Action" (from January 2006, which I got 3 months before Dirty South Radio). Either way, My Rating: 4.0

19. "Set Traps" Feat. Hezeleo
I never heard. >>> Yeah this looks new. It looks too short, but this has a hot hook. Yeah Natureboy does "sag". No. 17 says it all, lol! My Rating: 4.0

20. "So A1"
I sometimes forget what "so A1" iz. My 63 year old rappin' grandma told me, but I forgot. >>> Nice lil' hook right here! Nice 1st verse right there. I like tha "like Slim & Baby, I got cash money" line. This iz nice and smooth right here. BTW, Natureboy's rhymes are so FUCKIN' great!! My Current Rating: 4.0

21. "Diddy Rock (Rowe Outro)"
Diddy? >>> Lol @ tha Diddy... Nice fast beat and fast flow. I like tha "side 2 side" line; that was nice. Outro iz soundin' pretty good. My Rating: 3.9

22. "Standing Ovation"
This looks like another new joint. Lemme peep it out. High AL! >>> Really likin' tha intro! This sounds REAL good! Natureboy Rowe DOIN' IT BIG for 2008! That's a REAL good hook wit that REAL good beat. Gotta feel tha 1st verse. Love tha hook everytime I hear it! My Rating: 4.7

23. "Deep Cover Flow"
Yes keep these jointz comin'! >>> Oh a short flow. I love that lil' thing "DJ Bigg Rich" that comes out here and there. This beat was REAL hot and had a REAL hot Game diss "200 Bars" from uh… 2004 I think. Yeah that was really tha shit. "'Cause I got an Xbox don't mean you can play wit me." <- Nice. Real short flow, but good. Lol @ that ending. Really liked it! My Rating: 3.7

24. "DJ Bigg Rich Outro"
Aren't there 2 jointz after this? What's gonna happen after this? It just gets me EVEN MORE ANTICIPATED! >>> Props on that contact info! Bigg Rich, keep doin' yo thang mayne. My Rating: N/A

25. "Bonus Track 1"
Lookin' forward to this bonus joint! High AL!! >>> Sounds like a Wu-Tang beat. Lol @ that hook. OMG err-body get afraid of Natureboy Rowe! He'll knock you over if you fuck him over! Who's tha featured rapper on tha 2nd verse? Iz he a part of Natureboy's click? Great outro. Nobody will fuck wit Natureboy tha wrong way, especially when people hear this! My Rating: 3.9

26. "Bonus Track 2"
Time to end this. But how? >>> Tha "konvict" intro thing scared me almost. I didn't know what to expect. It's tha "9mm" beat. Hook sounds pretty good (it sounds like somethin' else - oh that "ass" song by T.I. & Wyclef Jean "You Know What It Is"). There was a nice sample during tha hook too. Sounded good. My Rating: 3.8

Overall: End Time: 1:53 PM. I'm typing this while I listen to "Bonus Track 2" due to I'm limited on time. Anyway, real nice. Definitely some good shit on here. Lots of NICE/HIGH ratings! Time for me to go to my Sports in American Society class. I'll send/upload this review when I get home.

Rankings (according to ratings):

25. "Still Me (Remix)" Feat. The Game 3.0
24. "Act A Fool (Remix)" Feat. Lil' Jon & Three 6 Mafia 3.3
23. "Deep Cover Flow" 3.7
22. "Bonus Track 2" 3.8
21. "Thanking Throwed" 3.8
20. "Have A Party" Feat. Rashad 3.9
19. "Got 'Em Hatin' (Remix)" Feat. Plies 3.9
18. "So Terrific" 3.9
17. "Bonus Track 1" 3.9
16. "Diddy Rock (Rowe Outro)" 3.9
15. "Set Traps" Feat. Hezeleo 4.0
14. "Talk That Talk" 4.0
13. "So A1" 4.0
12. "Back 2 The Hood" 4.1
11. "Gone Happen (Album Version)" 4.2
10. "King of SDT" 4.4
09. "Car Wash" 4.4
08. "This In You (Get Loose)" 4.4
07. "My Wheels Clean" 4.5
06. "How To Act (What It Do)" 4.6
05. "Intro (That Price)" 4.6
04. "Standing Ovation" 4.7
03. "I Sag" Feat. Yung Mike 4.7
02. "Errr-day (Remix)" Feat. J-Nicks 4.9
01. "I'm Not Them" 5.0

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Review #41: A-Mar & Dyl "Raggz 2 Riches"

Reviewed on 1.28.2008 (Review No. 41)

Watz good… First off, I wanna say happy birthday to my cuzin Lil' Darryl. It's his b-day today, and thanx to Jimmy The DJ, I think I got more presents than him, lol. Jimmy The DJ sent me a total of 44 mixtapes: Dee-1 "Still We Rise" (x4), A-Mar "My Gutta Wayz" (5x), Jimmy The DJ's own "Gangsta Gumbo Vol. 1" (12x), random underground mixtapes (x13), a floppy disk (I'm sure there's not a mixtape on there), and tha mixtape I'm about to review right now, "Raggz 2 Riches" from A-Mar & Dyl (10x). Hopefully I get to give out these mixtapes and have success wit it this week. And as for this review, I sadly was almost not able to do it tonight. Why? Because I caught a tension headache 'round 4 PMish. I took a 1.5 hour nap to try and heal it, but it didn't heal. I took Tylenol right when I woke up, and luckily, I feel better, and feel good to do this review! Lots of anticipation for this! I had 6 other CDs to review, BUT due to this one came in tha mail for me, this one goes before them, so without further or do, here's my review for A-Mar & Dyl's "Raggz 2 Riches" mixtape!! Start Time: 9:29 PM | Video Game Playing: Goldeneye 007 (for Nintendo 64) (on my computer)

EDIT: It looks dusty… Hopefully it doesn't skip…

01. "Gangsta Music"
Aight first joint, 3:19 length, High AL, and hoping this turns out good!! >>> Not only iz this gangsta so far, but I chose tha right game to play (since its got weapons and shit). Yeah glad to hear A-Mar again! Dyl on tha 2nd verse. Yeah . Yeah "this that A1 certified gangsta shit." Great smooth start to tha mixtape! Once again, I like A-Mar's "Lil' Boosie"ish voice. I think, in my opinion, that it's a blessing to have a voice like Boosie's. My Rating: 4.4

02. "Jigged Out"
Keep tha jointz comin'! Let's see how this one gon be… … >>> Good start. Nice down south start. Sounds like somethin' that would sound like somethin' from years ago 'cause A-Mar's voice sounds a lil' younger to me in this one. Third verse sounded a lil' like Unk at 3:13 and 3:25 in "2 Step". Nice lil' joint. My Rating: 3.9

03. "211" Feat. B-Rock
Okay first feature on tha mixtape. Gives me a High AL 'cause tha name reminds me of T-Rock. >>> Nice hook. Definitely feelin' it. Lookin' like a good 1st verse so far. "Choppa bullets pull out just like tha rocket." <- Liked this line. "Gettin' tha key to tha safe" <- Kinda what I'm doin' in 007 right now. I'm tryin' to get tha key to tha door and I'm supposed to plant a mine on this computer or some shit. My Rating: 4.2

04. "Fuck Wit Dat"
*Makes a prediction* Iz tha hook gon be like "fuck wit dat chopper…"? I'm feelin' that as a prediction right now 'cause I'm still tryin' to find that key, and alls I got iz a chopper, and I'm shootin' like tons of guys in 007 right now. High AL! >>> Aight I was wrong: more on tha "fuckin' wit pussy" side of thangz. Soundin' good so far tho. "Get dumb dumb dumb dumb/beat that pussy up like a drum drum drum drum." <- "I'm not a rabbit, but watch how fast I'mma hop…" <- Another . *Found tha key in 007* Yeah definitely feelin' that joint. Tha flow reminded me of underground rappers Natureboy Rowe and Yung Mike on their collabo joint "I'm Throwed". My Rating: 4.4

05. "I Need A Blessin'"
I already got so many blessings right now, so I feel blessed already. I feel blessed for lots of things. Off tha top of my head: Living, healthy, my fresh clothes, my family, computer/labtop, Jimmy The DJ, Word Of South, communicating online (like wit Myspace), able to direct/edit so good, and lots of other shit. Let's see what this gon sound like. >>> Okay good it's not slow, and it's more on a down south beat. Yeah feelin' tha flow/lyrics on this one. At least it's good unlike certain "real life" songs that sound too boring wit tha beat. Even tho I backed up my file on tha computer in 007, it was a blessin' that I remembered to plant tha mine on tha helicopter 'cause once I placed it, I had 10 seconds to escape, and I did. My Rating: 3.8

06. "Let 'Em Fly"
Aight I got a High AL for this. I bet'cha this one gon be good. *Takes a 1 minute break to get a drink* >>> "Tha Block Is Hot" beat. Yeah this iz gangsta. "Die muthafucka die" <- I just got killed in tha next level, lol. I liked this rendition of "Tha Block Is Hot" tho. My Rating: 4.0

Break: It's 10:03 PM… You know what I gotta do! Call up Jimmy The DJ! Here it goes… >>> Aight it switched up to AIM, so now I'm talkin' to him on AIM. We had a good chat. Now, 39 minutes later, at 10:42 PM, I'm back, and ready to continue this joint!

07. "So Hard" Feat. Mista Matt
Already heard tha intro on accident ("Leather So Soft" beat). Let's see this rendition. >>> Lol at tha hook! Really on tha sex tip! Yeah this sounds good. Definitely for tha sexy ladies. My Rating: 4.0

Break: Sorry about tha break again. I gotta call up my 63 (almost 64) year old rappin' grandma. It's 10:49 PM right now. >>> Aight we had a good conversation about tha day and all tha shit I got from Jimmy The DJ. We were on tha phone for 20 minutes, 5 seconds. Now it's 11:10 PM, and now back to tha mixtape with HOPEFULLY no more interuptions!

08. "U Mad Huh"
Well I'm mad that it's a lil' on tha later side of thangz, but who tha hell be mad at A-Mar & Dyl? Tha haterz that's who. Anyway, let's see what this one's about. >>> Nice Nitti beat. Really feelin' tha 1st verse and tha hook. Yeah rockin' them 'bauds. Ooh wow that fast-rapid rappin' came outta nowhere from Dyl. Really feelin' it. Short, but real good. My Rating: 4.5

09. "What Do I Do"
Likin' these questions as titles. You just keep bein' you 'cause you doin' yo thang wit Dyl. Here goes my listen. >>> Very quiet start. Seems to be more serious. Feelin' it tho. My Rating: 3.7

10. "Tha Dumb Way" Feat. D-So & Lil' Boonie
I thought that said "Lil' Boosie" at first. Either way, it looks anticipating, and it's a double collabo, so it gives me a High AL! >>> I take that hook as somethin' funny, and it's makin' me laugh. Love it! Really feelin' that beat too. Love that line "we gon do you like some shit and flush ya down tha drain." <- Good shit. 2nd verse was real good, and 3rd verse soundin' good too. Nice 4th verse too. My Rating: 4.6

½time: Of course bangin'!! Can't doubt that boy A-Mar including his boy Dyl.

11. "Beat It Up (Remix)"
Yung Joc "Pak Man" on Music Choice Rap right now, and tha title of this makes me think of it bein' a remix to Yung Joc's "Beat It Up". Let's see if I'm right. >>> Oh this iz tha remix to A-Mar's joint on "My Gutta Wayz" I think (which iz his own version of "It's Goin' Down"). Sounds different (unless I can't remember), but tha second verse was pretty good. My Rating: 3.5

12. "Now Or Never" Feat. T-Bo
>>> Feelin' that hook. It's soundin' pretty good. My Rating: 3.9

13. "Repped Out"
Maybe this'll be hotter. I predict it. >>> Good beat. Tha beat reminds me a lil' of J-Balla's "Showin' Up". Lol @ tha "retarded"ness. My Rating: 4.0

14. "Gutta Bitch"
I took a 2 minute break for a sec 'cause I kept not being able to beat this level in 007 fast enough for this cheat, so I was losin' my mood a lil', but I got tha cheat by beatin' tha level EXACTLY in tha time required, so now I'm back to continue this mixtape! *Checks title* Okay iz this gonna be different or iz gonna sound like Webbie's joint? It'll prolly sound different, and it'll prolly be good. >>> Tha flow reminds me a lil' of Webbie's joint. This pretty good, but that other joint "Fuck Wit Dat" was better. My Rating: 3.6

15. "Fight Song"
This one I'm lookin' forward to. High AL! >>> Nice faster beat. Nice down south music again. Yeah tha hook was good. This was enjoyable, so it gets my . My Rating: 4.2

16. "Light 'Em Up" Feat. City Boy & Young Hustle
This should be good. Tha collabo looks good once again. High AL! >>> Great beat. Soundin' real good. Nice hook. It's tight. Great collabo. Tha verses were tight, and tha song overall worked out good. My Rating: 4.3

17. "Dance Like A Stripper" Feat. C. Nelson
I dunno about this song. For some reason I'm not lookin' forward… >>> Lol @ "A Bay Bay" beat. Not bad. Listenable at least. My Rating: 3.7

18. "Bars & Apple Fanta"
Let's see this one. Likin' tha title. >>> I like tha beat fusion mix in tha beginning. Not bad for a start, but it sounds like it's gettin' better when Dyl raps on this. Too bad there was no A-Mar on this. My Rating: 3.8

19. "M.O.B."
Second-to-last joint here. Let's see what tha bidness iz. >>> Yeah it's back to A-Mar and it's tha "I Luv It" beat. Good job on all of tha verses. Glad to hear A-Mar again. My Rating: 3.8

20. "Let Me Through"
Okay this tha last one. Let's see how we gon end this. >>> This "Myspace Freak" beat was a lil' unexpected to me. Still lookin' forward. It sounded good. I just so happen to like A-Mar better than Dyl, but that's just my opinion. They definitely dope, and A-Mar definitely doin' his thang! My Rating: 3.7

Overall: End Time: 12:13 AM. That was a good mixtape. Definitely liked it, especially tha beginning. Tha ending was more average-good to me, but definitely listenable. Nothin' was bad, so that was good. Which song was tha one that a music video was shot for? Hopefully it's somethin' I rated wit a 4.0 or higher rating.

Rankings (according to ratings):

20. "Beat It Up (Remix)" 3.5
19. "Gutta Bitch" 3.6
18. "Let Me Through" 3.7
17. "Dance Like A Stripper" Feat. C. Nelson 3.7
16. "What Do I Do" 3.7
15. "M.O.B." 3.8
14. "Bars & Apple Fanta" 3.8
13. "I Need A Blessin'" 3.8
12. "Jigged Out" 3.9
11. "Now Or Never" Feat. T-Bo 3.9
10. "Repped Out" 4.0
09. "Let 'Em Fly" 4.0
08. "So Hard" Feat. Mista Matt 4.0
07. "Fight Song" 4.2
06. "211" Feat. B-Rock 4.2
05. "Light 'Em Up" Feat. City Boy & Young Hustle 4.3
04. "Gangsta Music" 4.4
03. "Fuck Wit Dat" 4.4
02. "U Mad Huh" 4.5
01. "Tha Dumb Way" Feat. D-So & Lil' Boonie 4.6

^ Yeah my pick for my favorite song from tha mixtape mainly came from tha humor I got out of it.

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