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My Underground Playlist Adds: November 2013

Lil' Cali Feat. Versey "Pow!"

Racked-Up Ready Feat. Savage "Ain't Tryna Be Ya Mane"

31st Deedy Feat. Savage & Ree-Up "Dope Boi Swag"

Point Blank Fam Feat. Kevin Gates "Roller Coaster"

2 Slugz Feat. Lil' Cali "All Week"

Live Boy Scooter "Get Smoked"

Hollowtip "#MollyWorld"

Live Review #06: Milo Sheff "En Cold Blood"

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FrankieThaLuckyDog Celebrates SouljaMade Ent.'s C-Teze's Birthday (2013)

FrankieThaLuckyDog, celebratin' my boy, C-Teze, from SouljaMade Entertainment's birthday, November 30, 2013! Shot in my room in Peckville, PA, as well as Port Jefferson Station, NY, I spelled "Happy Birthday C-Teze" and "SouljaMade Ent." outta New York scratch-off lottery tickets.

Shout out dem boyz at SouljaMade Ent.:
B-Teze, C-Teze, Lil' Chris & Dutch Mane
Shout out to dat boy, DJ B-Real, also!!

Review #1,339: Milo Sheff "En Cold Blood"

Reviewed on 11.30.2013 (Review #1,339)

Ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog here, finna review my boy, outta Connecticut, Milo Sheff! Reppin’ fa dat Flite School Entertainment, here’s my review for his new disc, En Cold Blood. BTW, I’m nervous to review this right now ‘cause one, I haven’t heard a Milo Sheff song since June 2004 (“Wind Up”). Also, when I purchased this off of iTunes, tha genre iz “Pop.” Well, it could go good if it’s some good-soundin’ music, like dance music, but if you’re gonna be all auto-tune/“I wish I had a better life”-type shit, then I’m not buyin’ it! Also, I like tha front cover of tha CD a lot! Nice job thinkin’, Sheff! Now, let’s get inta this! Let’s see what my nerves buildin’ up iz all about!! Start Time: 11:38 AM | End Time: 1:14 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes 100,000x (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it! After I was robbed by an artist who claimed they “get money,” hearin’ about how much you “got money” and anything “money” really bothers me. If you have not done business wit me before, I won’t tolerate “money” talk in tha music!!

© 2013 CD Review (Review #1,339) reviewed on 11.30.2013 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

01. “Anhedonic”
Not sure what ta expect wit this title; does it have ta do with an antidote? I have to say, as much as I’m nervous, I’m excited…, I guess? Don’t take anything personal if I bash on this. I’m givin’ my honest opinion. I have no idea what to expect!!! OMG, I just prayed for this to be good, just now! OMG!! >>> Okay… It sounds like New Orleans bounce music for a start, so I’m likin’ this! I have ta say, as nervous as I was, I’m feelin’ this. It has that old vibe of your music, and it doesn’t sound like you’re fully singin’. I have ta say, catchy! Wow, quotin’ tha ‘90s, here, wit tha “Put It In [My] Mouth” shit; nasty!! Lookin’ in my audio-editing program right now, and tha volume on this track iz approximately six decibels off. That means, when I’m done hearin’ it, I’ll fix it. That’s why, it’s quieter than I thought… My Rating: 4.3

02. “Forever”
Wow, 6:13 on tha length? Hopefully, it’s as Shefflicious as tha previous joint! Let’s see what this be about… >>> Tha beginning sounds like a Mario Winans-like hook from tha early 2000s? Again, anotha great vibe here!! Didn’t expect a 6:13 song ta be uptempo; that’s what’s up!! Jammin’! BTW, lookin’ in my iTunes library right now, and tha song I was referrin’ to wit tha beginning line was Lloyd Banks & Avant—not Mario Winans—“Karma (Remix)”, from 2004. That’s what it sounded like on tha vocals in tha beginning! Oh… 3:11 in, it sounds like a hidden track! In tha case of a double track on one track, I will try to combine tha ratings! So, so far, I think I’d rate that—Why don’t we wait! It sounds like an instrumental part, here… Sounds like a good party wit this instrumental part; nice thinkin’! My Rating: 4.2

03. “Auto-Resist”
I like your titles, Sheff! Anything wit an “auto” effect gon probably have a good chance of gettin’ a good rating from me! >>> Again, I like your character on tha vocals, and I’m feelin’ tha uptempo beat, once again! Oh, even computerized vocals in tha background? I’m diggin’ it! Almost reminds me of tha ‘80s rap!! Even though you’ve been in tha game for almost all your expected rap time, I do hope you get to “Europe!” I love how you prepared/scared me when you said that this wasn’t a “rap album.” I consider it rap; it’s good, unique, and not typical! Hot 93.7 definitely could show this luv!! My Rating: 4.2

04. “Amoxicilin (Keep Dyin’/Secluded)”
Wow, what a title!! When a drug iz in tha title, you know this shit gon be on-n-poppin’!! Of course, someone who doesn’t do drugs, I happen to luv any kinda drug-type music! So, “Amoxicilin,” here we come!! >>> Sounds like classic-soundin’ Sheff on tha beat, once again! Glad your production neva gets old/outdated/brainwashed by tha mainstream!! Oh yea, today marks 142 months since I’ve known about you!! Yes, back on January 30, 2002, when I first heard you on Kid Fresh’s Hot 8 @ 8 countdown, wit dat “Retribution”! Glad we’re connected and you recognize my talent! Once again, this song ain’t gettin’ boring for its 5:16 length! I just feel it; it’s all about this “sick” “love!” Wow, “duct-tape you in gold?” Crazy, but valuable!! My Rating: 4.4

05. “Cold Blood Type O”
Another hospital-like title, here; I’m anticipatin’ it, especially this “type!” Maybe, it should be “Type M,” for Milo? Anyway, let’s peep this joint out!! >>> Interesting sounds, here… Tha BPM’s a lil’ faster, and it sounds great! Tha “here we go” kinda has that A Tribe Called Quest anticipation; gotta feel it! Lots of instrumental parts? You have a unique way of thinkin’; I don’t think anyone in tha mainstream would think tha way you do! I gotta meet you sooner or later! Jammin’, as always; nice and consistent album—not mixtape—here!! My Rating: 4.4

06. “Check It Off”
So, it sounds like you have a checklist, here? I’m anticipatin’ this; I know you gon give me anotha great feelin’ with anotha great track! >>> Feelin’ tha beat start a lot! Sounds like you’re checkin’ “off” these winnin’ females; that’s what’s up! They qualify to be in your life, Sheff! I like tha “DMGM” shit; sounds catchy fa this… I like how you say, “I’ll never evolve.” It’s kinda true, since you’re always true to form wit your sound! Also, you’re always loyal—loyal!! It does run in your blood, like “Royals”! LOL! My Rating: 4.2

½time: Wow, from bein’ nervous, I’m definitely feelin’ this CD right now!! Its got a classic Sheff sound to it, and you always do you; that’s all you know!! So far, a 4.3-rated CD, qualifyin’ for five stars!!! Yes, if all tha jointz on here can get a 4.0 or higher rating, then this CD’s a five-star review for me!! Keep up tha great work, Sheff!! Also, behind tha scenes of this ½time update, you picked up tha phone. Glad you appreciate me for likin’ this, and I know you’re lookin’ forward ta seein’ this live review!!

07. “Universe” Feat. Jazzy Sheff, Milo Sheff Jr. & Kaden Sheff
A family on tha feature, lol? Iz this a first fa me? I don’t think I reviewed a whole entire family… Then again, I’m not sure about my anticipation, so we gon have ta see what happens, here… >>> Beat has a lil’ bit of a ‘80s/’90s feel to it; gotta feel it!! Likin’ tha production, and tha hook sounds pretty catchy, as usual! It sounds like tha memorable/popular dayz of B2K on tha 1st verse/your vocals; catchy! Makes me think back of when I first heard about you, hence tha B2K reference! I like tha reference you’re makin’ wit tha “Saturn rings;” nice! For a family on tha feature, not corny at all! Other dudes prolly would be like, “I’m poor…; my life sucks…; *sighs*; *cries*;” LMAO! But, you know what it iz! My Rating: 4.1

08. “Don’t Like You”
Wow, a negative attitude on this CD, lol? Nah, I’m just playin’; you know what it iz! I’m lookin’ forward ta hearin’ why “you” “don’t like” this someone! >>> Wow, hot beat start; undaground at its finest!! Catchin’ my attention in a great way!! Vocals sound real quiet on tha hook… Sometimes, I neva picture mine bein’ clearer… But, tha production’s really holdin’ it down, right now!! I dunno what else ta say about this… I like how tha beat stops, like you say! Again, that’s you usin’ your brain!! Prolly would’ve rated it a lil’ higher if tha vocals were a lil’ catchier and clearer. Either way, it might be my top-rated, so far? My Rating: 4.4

09. “Charm Lucky Lady”
Looks like you had an encounter wit a special—or should I say, “lucky”—“lady!” Let’s see what dis be ‘bout… >>> Sounds like anotha catchy production, once again; I don’t mind tha hook, either… Sounds like you’re really doin’ it up wit your luck wit tha ladies! Nice breakdown wit tha “put ya hands up” parts; good job thinkin’ of a bridge! Rarely do you hear a bridge these dayz!! Ooh, nice beat at 2:24!!! Wow, sounds like somethin’ I’d approve/use when producing!! My Rating: 4.1

10. “J.T.B.Y. (Just Thinkin’ ‘Bout You)”
Miami on tha length, here, a.k.a. 3:05! Not sure what ta expect. As long as it has a good vibe like tha previous jointz, I’ll feel it! >>> Sounds like a catchy song; almost like a “Crunk It Or Junk It” on Hot 93.7—Wednesday nights!! Sounds decent tha whole way ‘round. However, you kicked it up a notch wit tha beat again, at 1:47!! You got some great sound ideas in mind! My Rating: 4.0

11. “Your Stress”
Let’s see what this 3:07 joint sounds like… >>> Tha beat sounds like a mix between a basketball event vs. tha hood; gotta luv it! Tha hook’s pretty catchy, too; I like tha computerized-soundin’ title! For a title that would sound depressing, I luv how it’s like a jam; can’t complain! Glad your music doesn’t sound all sad and stupid! My Rating: 4.3

12. “Good Being Bad”
Let’s see how this bonus track of 2:45 gon end this thang off!! >>> Beat’s uptempo, at least; this ain’t that “bad.” It sounds catchy how you deliver tha vocals… I’ll give it four stars; it’s decent, but tha vibe’s always on-n-poppin’ wit chu, Sheff!! My Rating: 4.0

Overall: I have ta say, as nervous as I was, you definitely did a great, unique job wit this CD, Sheff!! I’m impressed!! I’m surprised it made its way to five stars wit me!! That’s ‘cause you keep tha vibe goin’; your sound neva gets old or boring!! And, in case you were wondering, I was ‘pose to review this CD a few weeks ago. However, to try to catch up on things, I was fixin’ up about 17,000 songs!! When I say, “fixing up,” I mean fixin’ tha volumes, takin’ out tha silence, fixin’ up tha artist/title/year/album/album artist/track number/disc number/label/beats-per-minute/producer/genre/artwork information on each track, and renamin’ tha filenames! So yea, Sheff, 17,000 songs—about 900+ CDs!! And, I still pulled through fa this review—live—and, did everything in tha month of November! Well, tha volume/audio of tha songs, I did in July & August. But, anyway, great job! Don’t give up; you’re neva too old fa music!! Keep bein’ you!! I’ll call you prolly when this live review iz saving or somethin’. I need ta get my grub on!! I’ll also not post this text version of tha review ‘til I get tha live one saving!! I’m proud of ya, Sheff, and it’s a blessing ta be connected wit you!!


12.       “Good Being Bad” 4.0
11.        “J.T.B.Y. (Just Thinkin’ ‘Bout You)” 4.0
10.       “Charm Lucky Lady” 4.1
09.       “Universe” Feat. Jazzy Sheff, Milo Sheff Jr. & Kaden Sheff 4.1
08.       “Check It Off” 4.2
07.       “Forever” 4.2
06.       “Auto-Resist” 4.2
05.       “Your Stress” 4.3
04.       “Anhedonic” 4.3
03.    “Cold Blood Type O” 4.4
02.    “Amoxicilin (Keep Dyin’/Secluded)” 4.4
01.    “Don’t Like You” 4.4

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      50.6
Total Songs:                      / 12
Average CD Rating:       4.2 (automatically a 5-star-rated CD)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

FrankieThaLuckyDog Celebrates DJ Jimi's Birthday (2013)

FrankieThaLuckyDog, celebratin' my boy, DJ Jimi's birthday, November 26, 2013! Shot in my room in Peckville, PA, I spelled "Happy B-Day DJ Jimi" outta New York scratch-off lottery tickets.

R.I.P. Video #27: Soulja Slim

View on phone:

Recorded November 26, 2013.

Broadcasting from my backyard in Peckville, Pennsylvania, it's FrankieThaLuckyDog, with a special version of my tribute videoz. Today marks a decade since New Orleans rapper Soulja Slim, born James Adarryl Tapp, Jr., was brutally murdered in front of his mom's house on 4600 Lafaye St., on November 26, 2003; he was only 26 years-old. Slim suffered three gunshot wounds to tha face, and one to tha chest, from an unknown gunman. Twenty-two-year-old Garelle Smith was arrested in connection with tha murder, as police found a stolen police pistol in Smith's possession, on New Year's Eve, 2003. However, in 2008, tha case was dropped due to a lack of witnesses and tha New Orleans 60-day law. Smith had a similar situation happen in August 2011, when he was found dead also with gunshot wounds to his face and chest.

Born and raised in Magnolia's projects, Slim was a sophomore dropout at Booker T. Washington High School. He released his debut album, Soulja Fa Lyfe, in 1994, under Parkway Pumpin' Records as Magnolia Slim. A year later, he represented his skillz on tha No Limit Records compilation, Down South Hustlers: Bouncin' And Swingin'. His major label debut, Give It 2 'Em Raw, was released in 1998 on No Limit Records. Slim continued to build his reputation by starting tha Cut Throat Committy Records label. Slim released his 7th and final CD, Years Later...A Few Months After, in 2003, while still alive. Following his death, his greatest success came when he was featured on fellow New Orleans'er, Juvenile's 2004 hit, "Slow Motion", which topped tha Billboard Hot 100. Slim was only tha 6th artist and 2nd rapper, behind The Notorious B.I.G., to top tha Billboard Hot 100 posthumously.


Soulja Fa Lyfe (1994)
01. A Lil' Something To Say
02. "On The Scene - Soulja Fa Lyfe"
03. "Powda Bag"
04. "Lil' Bit"
05. "Kick It For Dem Hoes"
06. "Bitch Nigga"
07. "Soulja Made For Walkin'"

Dark Side (1995)
01. "The Dark Side" Feat. 6 Shot
02. "Slippin'"
03. "How You Figga"
04. "You Got It" Feat. 6 Shot

Give It 2 'Em Raw (1998)
01. "From What I Was Told"
02. "Street Life" Feat. Master P, Silkk & O'Dell
03. "Wright Me" Feat. O'Dell
04. "At The Same Time" Feat. Snoop Dogg
05. "Only Real Niggas"
06. "Pray For Your Baby" Feat. Master P & Tre-Nitty
07. "Head Buster" Feat. Big Ed & Mr. Serv-On
08. "Me & My Cousin" Feat. Full Blooded
09. "You Got It" Feat. Mia X
10. "You Ain't Never Seen" Feat. Master P
11. "Anything" Feat. Mia X
12. "Imagine" Feat. C-Murder & Mac
13. "Takin' Hits" Feat. Master P
14. "Wootay"
15. "Get High With Me" Feat. Mystikal & Tre-Nitty
16. "Law Brekaz"
17. "What's Up, What's Happening"
18. "Hustlin' Is A Habit" Feat. Steady Mobbin'
19. "Getting Real" Feat. Fiend, Full Blooded & Silkk The Shocker
20. "N.L. Party" Feat. Master P, Silkk, Big Ed, Full Blooded, Mac, Snoop Dogg, Gambino Family, Kane, Abel, Magic, Prime Suspects & Tre-Nitty

Hype Enough Records (Limited Edition) (1999)
01. "Souljafalyfe"
02. "Made For Walkin'" Feat. KLC, Warren Mays & Mr. Serv-On
03. "Powda Bag"
04. "Kickin' It For Them Hoes"
05. "Bitch Nigga" Feat. Slugger & Mushatt
06. "You Got It" Feat. 6 Shot
07. "Trife Life"
08. "Word Up" Feat. C-Nille Da Bandit & 6 Shot
09. "Killa Konnections" Feat. C-Nille Da Bandit & 6 Shot
10. "Combat" Feat. Corey "C" & King Ric
11. "Da Heist"
12. "Slippin'"
13. "Lil' Bit" Feat. Big Reppa & QB1
14. "All I See Is Green"
15. "Free Up The Cream"
16. "How Ya Figga"
17. "Watch What U Say"
18. "All Hail The King"
19. "Victim Of The System"
20. "3rd Ward Convicted Felins"
21. "Suck A Dick"
22. "Bitches Come A Dime A Dozen"

The Streets Made Me (2001)
01. "Intro"
02. "Get Cha Mind Right" Feat. Black Felon
03. "Make It Bounce"
04. "Soulja 4 Life"
05. "I'm A Fool"
06. "Gun Smoke"
07. "Make It Happen" Feat. Krazy
08. "Slim Pimpin'"
09. "'Bout Dis Shit"
10. "Smoked Out"
11. "Talk Now"
12. "Bossman" Feat. Ms. Peaches
13. "Let It Go"
14. Skit Feat. Wango
15. "That's My Hoe"
16. "Straight 2 Da Dance Floor" Feat. Trinity, Twelve A'Klok & Damien
17. "Ya Heard Me"
18. "What You Came Fo" Feat. Trinity & Twelve A'Klok
19. "My Jacket"
20. "Where They At"
21. "Can't Touch Us" Feat. Afficial, Krazy, Master P, Silkk The Shocker & Slay Sean

Years Later (2002)
01. Intro
02. "Years Later"
03. "Feel Me Now"
04. "Soulja This, Soulja That"
05. "Not My Dawg" Feat. B.G.
06. "I'll Pay For It"
07. "Hit The Highway"
08. "Souljas On My Feet"
09. "Mothafuck You" Feat. Twelve A'Klok, Curren$y & Tre-Nitty
10. "I've Been Here Before"
11. "I Wanna Fuck" Feat. Twelve A'Klok, Damien & Tre-Nitty
12. "Bubble Gum Game"
13. "Love Me Or Love Me Not"
14. "Best West Shit"
15. "One Thing 'Bout A Player" Feat. Twelve A'Klok, Tre-Nitty & Damien
16. "Rata Tata"
17. "M.A.G.N.O.L.I.A."
18. "Too Damn Cut Throat" Feat. Tre-Nitty & Zo

Years Later...A Few Months After (2003)
01. "Intro"
02. "Hustler"
03. "Cheeze Eataz"
04. "Yeahh"
05. "Heata On Me" Feat. B.G. & Lil'RealOne
06. Speak Yo Mind
07. "I'll Pay Fa It"
08. "U Hear Dat"
09. "Souljas On My Feet"
10. "Magnolia"
11. "U Bootin' Up" Feat. Juvenile
12. "Lov Me Or Lov Me Not"
13. Holla At Me
14. "If It Ain't Real"
15. "Fuck You Nigga"
16. "U Gonna Feel Me"
17. "Hit The Highway"
18. "Comitty" Feat. Twelve A'Klok, Lil'RealOne, Kayotic, Cut Throat Hussan, Lil' Menace & Tre-Nitty
19. "Pay For It (Remix)" Feat. Mystikal

Uptown Souljas (w/B.G.) (2003)
01. "What U Wanna Do" Feat. 6 Shot
02. "Nigga Wazup" Feat. Calicoe & 6 Shot
03. "Let It Go Down"
04. "Got'em Runnin'"
05. "However, Whatever, Whenever"
06. "Never Know"
07. "Mind Games"
08. "It's On Now"
09. "Ride With Me"
10. "Behind Mine"
11. "Murder Show 2004"
12. "My Nigga"
13. "Fuckin' & Duckin'" Feat. 5th Ward Weebie

Cutthroat Meets Chopper City (Chopper City & Cutthroat Comitty) (2004)
01. "Ether (Intro) Freestyle"
02. "Quick Back Down"
03. "You See It Freestyle"
04. "In My Lifetime Freestyle"
05. "Soulja We Ridin'"
06. "Big Gunz"
07. "Pimp Hard Freestyle"
08. "Bust Back"
09. "Made You Look"
10. "Any Section"
11. "Elevators"
12. "Real Niggaz"
13. "2 Words Freestyle"
14. "Beef: Fuck No Limit"
15. "Soulja Slim Second Line"

Cutthroat Mixtape Vol. 1 (Cutthroat Comitty) (2004)
01. Intro
02. "You See It (Freestyle)" Feat. Chopper City Boyz
03. This Is My Party (Freestyle)"
04. "Any Section" Feat. Chopper City Boyz
05. "Don't Want That"
06. "Clap Back (Freestyle)" Feat. B.G.
07. "Hotel (Freestyle)"
08. "I'm So Real"
09. "Sunshine" Feat. Mac
10. "I'm Tellin' Ya" Feat. Soulja Slim
11. "Fuck What You Heard"
12. "Damn (Freestyle)"
13. "Anything (Freestyle)"
14. "Can't Deny It (Freestyle)"
15. "Shit Up (Freestyle)"
16. "We Miss You Soulja"

Cutthroat Mixtape Vol. 2 (2004)
01. "You Ain't Crazy (Krazy of 504 Boyz Diss)"
02. "Fired Up" Feat. Fiend & B.G.
03. "How We Roll (Cutthroat Comitty)"
04. "If It's Beef"
05. "I'm Coming Through"
06. "They Say"
07. "Murda"
08. "Believe That"
09. "Sewed Up"
10. "Gangsta Shit (I'm A Soulja)"

Sounds Of Cutthroat (Cutthroat Comitty) (2004)
01. "Cutthroat Music"
02. "Holla At Me"
03. "Dat Nolia"
04. "No Cutthroat"
05. "Come On"
06. "Water Whipped"
07. "U Ain't No Soulja"
08. "Comin' Thru"
09. "Promise"
10. "How We Roll"
11. "U Niggas"
12. "What U Thought"
13. "1000 Deaths"
14. "Fire It Up"

(Untitled Mixtape) (Cutthroat Comitty) (2004)
Tracklisting N/A

Neva Seen Us Coming (w/B.G.) (2004)
01. "What You Wanna Do"
02. "About Mine"
03. "If It's Beef"
04. "Neva Seen Us Coming"
05. "We Don't Give A Fuck"
06. "U Never Know"
07. "Mind Games"
08. "It's On"
09. "Ride Wit Me"
10. "How I Got It In Blood"
11. "A To Tha K"
12. "My Nigga, My Dogg"
13. "Hoes I Be Fucking"

Greatest Hitz (2005)
01. "I'll Pay For It"
02. "Slow Motion" (Juvenile Feat. Soulja Slim)
03. "U Bootin' Up" Feat. Juvenile
04. "From What I Was Told"
05. "Closing Down Shop" (C-Murder Feat. Soulja Slim & Magic)
06. "Love Me Or Love Me Not"
07. "Like That" (B.G. Feat. Soulja Slim)
08. "I'll Pay For It (Remix)" Feat. Mystikal
09. "'Bout Dis Shit"
10. "Get Cha Mind Right" Feat. Black Felon
11. "Ghetto Ties" (C-Murder Feat. Soulja Slim & Da Hound)
12. "Come Serve Me" (Young A Feat. Soulja Slim & B.G.)
13. "You Got It" Feat. Mia X
14. "Soulja Mentality"
15. "Bossman" Feat. Ms. Peaches
16. "What U Wanna Do" (B.G. & Soulja Slim Feat. 6 Shot)
17. "Hustlin' Is A Habit" Feat. Steady Mobbin'
18. "Get High With Me" Feat. Mystikal & Tre-Nitty
19. "Walk Like A G" (Fiend Feat. Soulja Slim)
20. "Certified" (V-Bilt)

Blood In, Blood Out... (Cutthroat Comitty) (2006)
01. "Intro"
02. "Don't Ask Me"
03. "U Ain't No Soulja"
04. "Take My Life"
05. "I Know" Feat. Jigg
06. "If I Fuck Witya"
07. "Feel Me" Feat. Thugga Brown
08. "Ride For Me"
09. "Holla At Me"
10. "N.O.L.I.A."
11. Message (Soulja Slim's Father)
12. "A Thousand Deaths"
13. "Scared To Say"
14. "Water Whipped" Feat. Bree
15. "November 26th" Feat. Jigg
16. "Where I Been"
17. "What U Need"
18. "If It's Murda"
19. "Betrayal" Feat. Atheena
20. "Fuckin' Wit U" Feat. Heat
21. Set It Off

Thug Brothers (Hosted by DJ 5150) (w/B.G.) (2008)
01. B.G. Intro
02. "Like That"
03. "U Nasty" Feat. 6 Shot
04. "Get That" Feat. Juvenile
05. "Not My Dog"
06. "Fire" Feat. Fiend
07. "My Nigga"
08. "Stay Hustlin'"
09. "Heata On Me" Feat. Lil'RealOne
10. "NoLimit2MyCashMoney"
11. "Fuck The Police"
12. "Neva Know"
13. "Runnin'"
14. "Behind"
15. "It's On"
16. "Ice Cream Man"
17. "Soulja Shit"

Featured on:
"Weed Friends" (Lokee Feat. Magnolia Slim)
"On The Run" (C-Murder Feat. Soulja Slim & Da Hound)
"Gs & Macks" (C-Murder Feat. Soulja Slim & Silkk The Shocker)
"Ghetto Ties" (C-Murder Feat. Soulja Slim & Da Hound)
"Walk Like A G" (Fiend Feat. Soulja Slim)
"What Cha Mean" (Fiend Feat. Mac, Soulja Slim, Kane & Abel)
"Watch Me" (Kane & Abel Feat. Silkk, Mystikal & Soulja Slim)
"'Bout That Combat" (Kane & Abel Feat. Soulja Slim & Full Blooded)
"Let's Go Get 'Em" (Kane & Abel Feat. Fiend, Soulja Slim, Big Ed, Mac, Mia X & Mystikal)
"Can I Ball" (Mac Feat. Soulja Slim)
"Money Don't Make Me" (Magic Feat. Soulja Slim)
"Mama Raised Me" (Master P Feat. Snoop Dogg & Soulja Slim)
"20 Dollars To My Name" (Snoop Dogg Feat. Fiend, Soulja Slim & Silkk The Shocker)
"Come Up" (U.N.L.V. Feat. Magnolia Slim)
"Closin' Down Shop" (C-Murder Feat. Soulja Slim & Magic)
"Grind N Shine" (Lil' Derrick & Kayotic Da Kidd Feat. Soulja Slim)
"I'm Not Just" (C-Murder Feat. Soulja Slim & T-Bo)
"Thugged Out" (Krazy Feat. Soulja Slim)
"In The Club" (Krazy Feat. Soulja Slim)
"Magnolia Breaking" (Mr. Marcelo Feat. Soulja Slim)
"Water Whipped" (Soulja Slim & The Cutthroat Comitty)
"Ball N Chill" (Soulja Slim)
"Gangsta" (Soulja Slim Feat. Sess & Mr. Marcelo)
"U Not My Dog" (B.G. Feat. Soulja Slim)
"Slow Motion" (Juvenile Feat. Soulja Slim)
"You Want It (We Got It)" (UTP Playas Feat. Soulja Slim, Wacko, Godfather, Young Buck & Tara)
"Down Here (Remix)" (South Coast Coalition Feat. Sean P, Max Minelli, Mookie, T-Bo, Magic, Lil' Boosie & Soulja Slim)
"Like That" (B.G. Feat. Soulja Slim)
"Magnolia Breakin' 'Em Off (Remix)" (Mr. Marcelo Feat. Soulja Slim)
"Gansta Shit" (Sess 4-5 Feat. Soulja Slim & Mr. Marcelo)
"Come Serve Me" (Young A Feat. Soulja Slim & B.G.)
"Come Serve Me (Remix)" (Young A Feat. Mia X & Soulja Slim)
"In These Streets" (Chamillionaire & Stat Quo Feat. B.G. & Soulja Slim)
"In These Streets (Chopped & Screwed)" (Chamillionaire & Stat Quo Feat. B.G. & Soulja Slim)
"Holla @ Me" (C-Murder Feat. Soulja Slim)
"Gangsta Shit" (K.Gates Feat. Soulja Slim)
"Believe Dat" (K.Gates Feat. Soulja Slim)
"Wrong Side Of Da Track (U Know Dat)" (Savage Feat. B.G., Soulja Slim & Fiend)
"Who Can I Run To" (Juvenile Feat. Soulja Slim)
"Nigga Owe Me Some Money" (B.G. Feat. Soulja Slim, Lil' Boosie & C-Murder)

Other Songs:
"Dirty South" Feat. Magic

R.I.P. Soulja Slim
9.09.1977 - 11.26.2003

Footage Credits:
(See end of video)

Friday, November 15, 2013

FrankieThaLuckyDog Celebrates Jigga House Records' DJ B-Real's Birthday (2013)

FrankieThaLuckyDog, celebratin' my boy, tha best dude outta Louisiana, DJ B-Real, who's with Jigga House Records' birthday, November 15, 2013! Shot in my room in Peckville, PA, I spelled "Happy B-Day DJ B-Real," "B-Real Da Best (#1)," and "Don't Ignore This!" outta New York scratch-off lottery tickets. Hope you show me luv wit this and things I feature you in, B-Real!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

FrankieThaLuckyDog Celebrates Down Bad Ent.'s Jack Da Rippa's Birthday (2013)

FrankieThaLuckyDog, celebratin' my boy, Jack Da Rippa, who's with Down Bad Entertainment's birthday, November 11, 2013! Formerly, these were shot in my studio room, but because my brother randomly took over it without tellin' me, I temporarily moved these to my living room, in Peckville, PA. I spelled "Happy B-Day Jack Da Rippa" outta New York scratch-off lottery tickets.

Friday, November 8, 2013

FrankieThaLuckyDog Celebrates Forever Young Entertainment's $hop With Ken's Birthday (2013)

FrankieThaLuckyDog, celebratin' my boy, $hop With Ken (Lil' Ken), who's with Forever Young Entertainment's birthday, November 8, 2013! Shot in my studio room in Peckville, PA, I spelled "Happy B-Day Lil' Ken" outta New York scratch-off lottery tickets.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

FrankieThaLuckyDog Celebrates Ya Own 2 Ent.'s Dae~Dae's Birthday (2013)

FrankieThaLuckyDog, celebratin' my boy, Dae~Dae, who's with Ya Own 2 Entertainment's birthday, November 3, 2013! Shot in my studio room in Peckville, PA, I spelled "Happy B-Day Dae~Dae" outta New York scratch-off lottery tickets.

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