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Music Video #05: Dee-1 Feat. Zella & La La "Priceless (Remix)"

Dee-1 Feat. Zella & La La "Priceless (Remix)"

Edited by: FrankieThaLuckyDog on 4.20.2008

Review #81: B-Tweezy Presents "Witness The Underground Vol. 2: All Points Bulletin"

Reviewed on 4.19.2008 & 4.20.2008 (Review No. 81)

OMG watz good ya'll, ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog iz back in tha buildin' reviewin' some shit again! It's finally tha first day of tha year that I'm rockin' shorts, and it has been 19 dayz (it should've REALLY been 7) since I reviewed somethin', and I apologize for this. To B-Tweezy (who sent me this mixtape), I got this in tha mail from you on Monday, 4.07.2008. I was gonna review it that day, but I've been busy or tired back n' forth each day/night (mainly wit college and my 64 year old rappin' granny's new single "Heart Throbbin' Every Heartbeat" that I wrote/produced/recorded/edited/directed & edited tha music video – tha link iz here: ), but now, I made sure I had some time on my hands FINALLY for this mixtape (and YES, I DO miss reviewing shit already)!! Here goes my review for B-Tweezy Presents "Witness The Underground Vol. 2: All Points Bulletin". We'll see how this can follow up to tha VERY GOOD/LUCKY day I had yesterday (where my rappin' grandma sent me up used scratch-off lottery tickets to check, and I found $102 in winners)!! Remember, since you requested me to review this (and since I don't know anything about who this iz), everything iz goin' to be str8 up personal/FIRST LISTEN, so it's 100% MY OPINION! If I don't like it, I don't like it. If I like it, I like it. If I love it, that's watz good. Start Time: 10:06 PM | Video Game Playing: The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (for Nintendo 64) (on my computer)

01. "DJ Scrap Intro"
I don't have anticipation for this mixtape, so we'll see how I do here… Better be worth tha 12 dayz of waiting!! >>> Okay good I like tha intro. Reminds me of "Chuck Up The Deuce" from Lil' Keke, Paul Wall & UGK (mainly tha beat). Thumbs up to tha intro! My Rating: N/A

02. Jayroc & One-i "Tooly On Deck"
Oh this looks like this gon be a compilation hopefully. I might have more AL (anticipation level) now. I like tha title, and can definitely anticipate it. >>> Okay a slow start so far, and aight/good hook. First verse was okay, but I'd prolly like it better if I was to hear it more. Nothin' bad about this song so far. I can see it having a high 3.0 rating around. Nice start to tha 2nd verse wit tha "9mm, barettas are dog catchaz." I felt tha 2nd verse better. Tha next song has tha "Get Buck" beat in it. Already we have a "jacked beat" song? It better be real tight or else it's "bye bye" for me. My Rating: 3.9

03. One-i Feat. Jayroc & Lil' Witness "Ill Tempered"
Okay it looks like a real good collab for a jacked beat, and a real nice title too. What's gonna happen… >>> Sounds like a REAL nice 1st verse. That must be Lil' Witness I'm guessing. No wonder… I like that "pissin' me off" part in tha hook twice. "In tha water like piranha food." <- That was a nice line in tha 2nd verse, and I liked tha 2nd verse too. Okay slightly like it better than tha previous song. My Rating: 4.0

04. One-i "Look At Me"
Cool another joint by him. >>> Lol… This iz a first eva… It's still tha same beat… Oh wait it's not, but real nice transition. Sounds like a "swag song", so I should really like it. Nice hook. I wouldn't have guessed One-i was white (even tho I saw that everyone on tha cover of this mixtape was white). Yeah this joint iz hot. I guess this mixtape iz slowly gettin' better and better. Hot song. What iz that jacked beat at tha end? Can't think of it. Will it be tha beat to Song No. 5? My Rating: 4.3

05. Jayroc & Dutty Devioso "Reppin' Time"
Tha title gave it away, lol. I totally forgot about that beat (I thought it was Yung Joc for a sec, lol). Looking forward tho. >>> I like tha "hit Foot Locker then buy every kind of kicks on tha display" line and tha "sniff yay" line. Good shit. Pretty good part by Dutty as well, but Jayroc ripped that shit. My Rating: 4.2

06. T-Bo Feat. Mista Matt & B "We Get Money"
Was gonna have a High AL for this, but it's not T-Lo Of Tha Jiggalaters (it's T-Bo instead). Who knows, this could be hot. I just found out who Mista Matt was 'cause he appeared on a 2006 track wit DeTrane. Nice title too. >>> I was just about to say "what's wit all that confusing mixing wit tha samples," but this joint (without tha "Reppin' Time" beat/sample mixin' through) samples tha Young Jeezy/Bun B joint "Over Here" (which iz what Stack$ sampled wit Lil' Wayne for "Money Ova Here"). First verse even sounds like Stack$, but good shit. Nice beat, and I always loved that sample. Tha Stack$ joint had bad luck wit me (as well as any mainstream Rap song of March 2007) 'cause they reminded me of when my boy Big Mike stole my playlist paper (CLICK HERE to see a sample pic of tha playlist paper), and a few people embarassed me 'cause there was Dance and some Pop music on it. Hey, that's what tha fuck I listen to wit Urban music. You don't like it… TOUGH! Due to it really had my socializing level bleeding to death with embarassment, I MADE SURE every mainstream Rap song FLOPPED HARD that month (because of someone who really liked Rap music stole it, and resulted in makin' other people ATTACK tha other genres on my playlist – that's REALLY NOT GOOD AT ALL)!! This was weird 'cause an underground Rap song "I'm Not Them" by Natureboy Rowe broke tha record for spins on one playlist (80) at tha time – he put me in a good mood to play his jointz, but everything else… FLOPPER)! Mista Matt spittin' some REAL TIGHT shit on this!! Reminds me of that dude from Fort Minor, lol. That B dude on tha 3rd verse sounds like a Louisiana person. That's watz good. Lol @ tha "1+1=2; 3, 4, 5…" line. Really like tha "Over Here" sample in this. So GLAD it got sampled again after that FLOPPER song from 2007 by Stack$. My Rating: 4.5

07. Lil' Witness "Str8 Dumb Wit It"
Okay tha jointz have been consistant/gettin' better, so I think I'm gonna trust my AL wit this and have a High AL. >>> Sounds like regular Nintendo music in tha beginning. Oh wow tha flow and tha drums/claps in this are OFF THA CHAIN!! Lovin' tha Lil' Wyte type of flow!! By tha title, I thought this was gonna be really on tha "jigg" type (wit tha Mouse type of beat feel and tha "do it tha dumb way" type of lyrics), but this iz tight shit! No wonder why this iz good; its length iz 3:26. In 2001, 3.26 (March 26th) was tha day where I bought a few $2 tickets, and I won $200 on one of 'em. Moment to remember (just like wit yesterday)!! I would've rated this song a lil' higher, but I think I'm not sure if I like this better than tha "We Get Money" joint. We'll see at tha end. My Rating: 4.5

08. HK "Fuck You"
LOL!! >>> He sounds like a raw dude in tha beginning. Real good music to where I'm at in The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time! I'm tryin' to get to Zelda by avoding tha guards, and this song/tha vibe of it sounds great!! Good hook. He's got a good laid back/raw voice. My Rating: 4.3

09. Amilcar "Serial Killa"
Who's this dude? Looks like this gon be tight! >>> That first few seconds threw me off. Nothin' special about this, and it only says tha title in tha beginning. Beat can be pretty good, and tha flowin' iz not bad. Not close as good as all tha other jointz on here. My Rating: 3.5

10. "Miko Speaks"
Here goes this dude's 16 seconds of fame… >>> Oh so tha mixtape iz called "Witness The Underground Vol. 2: All Points Bulletin". I thought it was a dude Witness. My bad for confusing that. I finna fix that in tha beginning of this review then! My Rating: N/A

11. Miko Feat. Elab "Gangsta"
Let's see this one… >>> Sounds like an 80's Pop/Retro beat in tha beginning. It almost reminded me a lil' of Falco's "Rock Me Amadeus" mixed wit UGK's "Choppin' Blades". A lil' better than No. 9, but still not mind-blowing for me. At least tha hook iz pretty nice. My Rating: 3.6

½time: Okay it DEFINITELY exceeded my expectations & anticipation. Real good start! I'm curious to see what's remaining!

12. One-i Feat. Prince Blakk "Grown Ass Man"
Could be good?… >>> One-i wit his simple intro. I like it, and nice start to tha 1st verse. That Prince Blakk dude sounds a lil' weird. Didn't expect him to sound like that… Real nice verses by One-i. My Rating: 3.9

13. STS & Son Of Sam "Lay Back On 'Em"
Hope this one sounds good! >>> Iz this an original Nitti beat? Tha hook sounds like "Get Buck" (lol again) wit tha "watch me do tha damn thang." Of course it's Nitti on tha beat, so it sounds hot. I like tha "fresh 'bauds" line on tha 2nd verse. Nice verses, and that nice hook. My Rating: 4.0

14. Jayroc & One-i "We Got It"
Let's see if ya'll got this one too. >>> Beat iz kinda boring/annoying. Lol @ my negativeness so fast… Nothin' special. Hook iz not bad. It makes me wanna prevent myself from rating it under a 3.0 rating. My Rating: 3.1

15. "G-Dinero Speaks"
Let's see what tha bidne$$ iz… >>> He sounded cool. Hope he has a song on here (better yet, hope he's got a song next)! My Rating: N/A

16. G-Dinero "I Had To Tattoo It"
"Just like a tattoo" Jordin Sparks would say, or "tat-tat-tatted up" The Alliance would say. Because of that small interlude before this, I have a High AL! >>> Sounded a lil' like (I think) Kanye West (or someone) in tha beginning of tha 1st verse. I like that hook. Nice anthem! I hope to get a tattoo (or a few of 'em) soon. If I was to get 'em, they have to be in color, and I would get a dollar sign, 2 dice, and an Autism tattoo (prolly tha way tha ribbon looks) 'cause I have Autism. My Rating: 4.1

17. Cynix "I Gets Doe"
Looks like a good one, so I hope it iz!! High AL again! >>> Nice beginning. Tha 1st verse almost reminded me of Paul Wall by tha way it sounded. I like tha "I smoke dro" part in tha hook. Good shit. Tied wit tha previous song as well for rating. I gotta see which one I like better at tha end. My Rating: 4.1

18. Jayroc "Make Yaself Seen"
His first solo joint on here. Let's see how he handles himself. >>> More of a club song. It's decent. At 3:25, I thought it skipped, but if you listen closely, it didn't. My Rating: 3.4

19. Jayroc & One-i "Lock, Cock & Pop It"
Heard tha "Pop, Lock & Drop It" beat in tha beginning, and got a lil' thrown off. I see it's these 2 again, and I like tha title change. Let's see what happens here… >>> Not bad. 2nd verse rips tha 1st one tho. Too short, but I like it. My Rating: 3.7

20. Cory Park "Y I'm Hot"
And do you rule tha "park" 'cause you got "park" in your name? Let's hear what this dude has to offer… >>> I figured it was tha Mims beat. Not bad, but too much like tha original. Kinda boring for me. I'm like ready to fall asleep. My Rating: 2.8

21. STS Feat. Dirty Bird & Miko "Posted On The Block"
Oh no another jacked beat. Iz tha rest of this mixtape gon have jacked beats? >>> Too bad tha original neva got much exposure. This izn't that bad. It's nice. My Rating: 3.7

Break: I know there's only 2 songs left, but I'm wayyyyy toooooo tired, so I'm DEFINITELY gonna finish and post this tomorrow! >>> Aight it's nice and early at 9:48 AM. Finna finally finish this and post it!!

22. Lil' Witness & Komain "Slaughtered"
Hopefully this gon be real good 'cause of tha title and Lil' Witness bein' on it!! >>> Nice different beat wit a faster feel to it. I'm liking it. Yeah I love tha beat and that OFF-THA-CHAIN flowin' from Lil' Witness!! Reminds me of Graveyard Soldjas that I reviewed in February (of their 2000 CD "Cut Throat City"). REAL GOOD hook, and YES, tha FAST/OFF-THA-CHAIN flow continues wit that boy Komain!! I bet'cha if I didn't go to sleep before this joint, it prolly would've kept me up. Str8 bangin'!!!!!!!!!!!!! It beats BOTH them songs I rated 4.5 earlier on here, so you know this my favorite joint on here!! My Rating: 4.9

23. One-i & Jayroc "Air Forces"
Yeah, yeah; I heard tha "Air Forces" beat in tha beginning real quick. Maybe I'll be enjoying this too for a "jacked beat" song. >>> Yeah it was one of tha HARDEST beats of 2005/one of tha HARDEST jointz of 2005! This HAD to win an award on my 2005 Awards. *Checks* Too bad it LOST to 334 Mobb's "Nah Mean" for Best Beat of 2005. It lost to Frayser Boy/Mike Jones/Paul Wall "I Got Dat Drank" for Best Underground Song. Young Jeezy DID win Best New Artist of 2005 tho. "Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101" was my 4th most played album, and "Over Here" was my most played music video at night (when I used to do that shit every night) wit 51 spins. Anyway, of course this iz REAL TIGHT, and I'm GLAD for that jacked beat!! You should've named it "Air Jordans" since that's what's bein' said. REAL NICE flashback, even tho NOTHIN' compared to tha 4:01 version of "Air Forces". Too bad tha shorter version got out to tha world. My Rating: 4.3

Overall: End Time: 4.20.2008 @ 9:59 AM. What do you know? Just as I said in tha ½time update, this DEFINITELY surpassed my expectations and anticipations!! REAL nice mixtape! Pretty much tha whole thing iz listenable! Thanx 4 sendin' this to me!!

Rankings (according to ratings):

20. Cory Park "Y I'm Hot" 2.8
19. Jayroc & One-i "We Got It" 3.1
18. Jayroc "Make Yaself Seen" 3.4
17. Amilcar "Serial Killa" 3.5
16. Miko Feat. Elab "Gangsta" 3.6
15. STS Feat. Dirty Bird & Miko "Posted On The Block" 3.7
14. Jayroc & One-i "Lock, Cock & Pop It" 3.7
13. Jayroc & One-i "Tooly On Deck" 3.9
12. One-i Feat. Prince Blakk "Grown Ass Man" 3.9
11. STS & Son Of Sam "Lay Back On 'Em" 4.0
10. One-i Feat. Jayroc & Lil' Witness "Ill Tempered" 4.0
09. G-Dinero "I Had To Tattoo It" 4.1
08. Cynix "I Gets Doe" 4.1
07. Jayroc & Dutty Devioso "Reppin' Time" 4.2
06. One-i & Jayroc "Air Forces" 4.3
05. HK "Fuck You" 4.3
04. One-i "Look At Me" 4.3
03. T-Bo Feat. Mista Matt & B "We Get Money" 4.5
02. Lil' Witness "Str8 Dumb Wit It" 4.5
01. Lil' Witness & Komain "Slaughtered" 4.9

Oh yeah, just realized I wanna put this whole thang on my iPod! And just by this review, you know I CAN'T FUCKIN' WAIT to review more shit, ESPECIALLY from Louisiana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Music Video #04: Grandma Down The Block "Heart Throbbin' Every Heartbeat"

Grandma Down The Block "Heart Throbbin' Every Heartbeat"

Written by: FrankieThaLuckyDog
Produced by: FrankieThaLuckyDog
Directed by: FrankieThaLuckyDog
Edited by: FrankieThaLuckyDog on 4.13.2008

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