Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Review #10: Pitbull "El Mariel"

Reviewed on 10.31.2006 (Review No. 10)

Alright! Finally! It's 11:32 PM, and now I'm about to get into the Pitbull CD "El Mariel". I'm going to be doing a review for the album, and for the first time, how much I like each song. A few minor notes about the ratings:

1 STAR (*) = It's wack. Totally not feelin' it.
2 STARS (**) = Average
3 STARS (***) = Good song!
4 STARS (****) = WOW! I LOVE IT! Surprised me on a first listen!

Now then, on with the album!

01. Intro
-> Nice intro! My Rating: *** (Bonus)

02. Miami Shit
-> Feelin' it! HOT beat, great song! Thumbs up!! My Rating: ****

03. Come See Me
-> Unexpected HOTT beat!! Nice flow/HOT chorus! Thumbs up again!! My Rating: ****

04. Jealouso
-> I like that beat. It's different! The chorus iz great, as well as his vocals on the chorus! Yet, this song has me absorbed! My Rating: ****

05. Que Tu Sabes D'eso Feat. Fat Joe & Sinful
-> Again, I tell u. Pitbull NEVER FAILS! Another UNEXPECTED HOTT beat, and HOTT chorus!! Nice collabo! My Rating: ****

06. Fademaster Skit
-> Nice. My Rating: N/A

07. Be Quiet
-> Another different song! Real catchy for me! My Rating: ****

08. Ay Chico (Lengua Afuera)
-> Too catchy of a song, lol. One thing I don't like that much for some reason iz when the girlz say "ay-ay-ay-ay chico". My Rating: ****

09. Fuego
-> Nice! Not sure if it's 80's or 90's, but itz got a sample from Debbie Deb's "When I Hear Music". That's a HOT chorus. GREAT BPM (probably about 128 at least)!! I predict this'll be a future single! I guess it'z that sample that has a feeling for it! My Rating: ****

10. Rock Bottom Feat. Bun B & Cubo
-> "Trill" type of song! Cubo (of course) alwayz does his thang! Pitbull did his thang! That chorus iz sum tight ass shyt!! Bun B did a fantastic job on it!! Wow this joint iz HOTT (I alwayz expect that from a Track 10 on any CD most of the time)!! My Rating: ****

11. Amanda Diva Skit
-> My gurl Amanda Diva on the Pitbull CD?!? Wow! Nice lil' skit right there! My Rating: N/A

12. Blood Is Thicker Than Water Feat. Redd Eyezz
-> Nice ol'skool West Coast feel to it. Feelin' the lyrics. Good song! My Rating: ***

13. Jungle Fever Feat. Wyclef Jean
-> Eva since "Hips Don't Lie," Wyclef has alwayz got my anticipation level high for tracks with him! Pretty good song. The first part of the chorus iz hot. My Rating: ****

14. Hey You Girl
-> Nice intro! Sounds like it samples another song. Either way, HOTT chorus!! I'm assuming 120-127 BPM on this song. That's good. I like the bridge! My Rating: ****

15. Raindrops Feat. Anjuli Stars
-> I've only had 2 major deaths in my life (grandpa and 13 year old golden retriever), but I can't relate to songs like this. Either way, song wise, Pitbull has a great flow/lyrics on this! The chorus iz nice. My Rating: ***

16. Voodoo
-> Hmmm it reminds me of "Toma". Not bad. I like the bridge. My Rating: ***

17. Descarada Feat. Vybz Kartel
-> Nice. I like that line "shakes like japanese earthquakes." Lol! Catchy song. My Rating: ***

18. Dime Remix Feat. Ken-Y
-> A lil' sounding like "Bedroom Boom," only a Spanish version. Real nice chorus. The "snap" music annoys me (like alwayz). My Rating: ****

19. Bojangles Remix Feat. Lil Jon & Ying Yang Twins
-> Catchy chorus / song once again. Expected this song to be bigger. My favorite part iz when YYT say "I go to the strip club to PLAY WITH MY TOYS!" My Rating: ***

20. Born N Raised [DJ Khaled Feat. Pitbull, Trick Daddy & Rick Ross]
-> Let's flash back to (I think) May 25, 2006 when I first heard it. That day, I fell deeply in love with this song! All flows are TIIIIIIGHT, HOTTTT chorus, HOTTT beat, and CrAzZZzzZy song!!! My Rating: ****

21. Outro
-> Nice lil' outro right there! My Rating: N/A

22. Guilty By Association [Target Bonus Track]
-> Nice beat!! Good chorus. My Rating: ***

Overall: Now it's 1:33 AM. GREAT CD! The first ½ was perfect!!!


1 STAR (*) x0
2 STARS (**) x0
3 STARS (***) x6 + Intro (Bonus)
4 STARS (****) x12

Overall CD Rating
(According To Rating Scores; Intro Iz A Bonus): 69/72

My favorite song would probably have to be... well I can't decide right now. I'll have to listen to the CD more. I HOPE this CD reborns "CD listening" for me 'cause I've been lazy with listenin' to CDs throughout the whole year.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Review #02: T.I. "King"

Reviewed on 3.28.2006 (Review No. 2)

Okay. This iz the first Rap album I'm doing a FULL review on. Here's my review from when I was listenin':

T.I. "King" Review:

01. King Back -> Like this song. Chorus tight, Just Blaze did his thang!

02. Front Back (Feat. UGK) -> Probably my No. 1 Spring 2006 anthem. Great song right here! Major thumbs up for teaming up with UGK!!

03. What You Know -> Must've sung this song about at least 10x today, especially when I been tired, lol. Definitely catchin' on better to me, and yeah, T.I.'s voice iz catchy on this one!

04. I'm Talkin' To You -> Another great Just Blaze joint right here! Really likin' this one! I like the whole "rapping fast" thing towards the end! T.I. on FIRE!!

05. Live In The Sky (Feat. Jamie Foxx) -> One of those touchy/real type of songs. Nice of Jamie Foxx to hop on this. Definitely a way to just chill after hearing that tight "I'm Talkin' To You."

06. Ride Wit Me -> I thought this was gonna be the first single, but it wound up being "What You Know". Either way, this joint iz real hot, and definitely iz a listen to everytime I hear it on Music Choice Rap!

07. The Breakup -> Can I just say, this iz a funny skit, lol!

08. Why You Wanna -> Sampling the old Dance classic from Crystal Waters "Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)"! Sounds good. Like the chorus, good song, and I predict this'll be one of those future singles.

09. Get It -> The first verse reminded me a lil' of Lil' Wayne. Not bad, chorus catchy. Thumbs up on this one!

10. Top Back -> Like the vibe for this one. Pretty good.

11. I'm Straight (Feat. B.G. & Young Jeezy) -> That a Jazze Phizzle beat? Sounds pretty good. And the song iz "straight"! Nice collab on this! Song sounds good. Chorus iz catchy. Thumbs up to the Pimp C. skit at the end of the song!

12. Undertaker (Feat. Young Buck & Young Dro) -> Nice colabo again! Not bad for a song. The hook reminds me of a P$C type of hook, but it's all good.

13. Stand Up Guy -> Likin' this one! As soon as I heard the hook, I thought of Eminem "Ass Like That" 'cause of the tone of his voice sounded funny. Thumbs up on this one!

14. You Know Who -> Like the music in this one. T.I.'s voice iz different again, so that's a plus. Cool song right here!

15. Goodlife (Feat. Pharrell & Common) -> Not bad. Like the chorus. Pretty good song.

16. Hello (Feat. Governor) -> Hmm...not bad. Sounds like a New York type of song. It's okay.

17. Told You So -> I like the subject on this song. Pretty good.

18. Bankhead (Feat. P$C & Young Dro) -> Not bad of a song. Glad to see a song on here with P$C. IMO, the song iz okay.

Overall: Really like this CD, and if I can just start playing CDs more (I've been lazy wit playing CDs recently thru the Winter), then this one'll get some good airplay throughout 2006!

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