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FrankieThaLuckyDog Receives a 3rd Letter From Dassie (6.27.2014)

FrankieThaLuckyDog here, lettin' y'all know I received a 3rd letter from my boy, Dassie GhostTown Yungin, who's currently locked up, right now! Tha letter came in tha mail on June 27, 2014, which he wrote out to me a week prior. He's got a LOTTA luv fa me, and it's only right that I hold tha Ghost Town gangsta down, all day!

P.S.: He even included me in one of his raps!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

FrankieThaLuckyDog Celebrates Milliyone Musik's Foxx's Birthday (2014)

FrankieThaLuckyDog, celebratin' my boy, Foxx, who's with Milliyone Musik's birthday, June 26, 2014! Shot in my studio room in Peckville, PA, I spelled "Happy Birthday Foxx" outta New York scratch-off lottery tickets.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Review #1,408: Level "Turn Down 4 What?"

Reviewed on 6.23.2014 (Review #1,408)

FrankieThaLuckyDog here, with possibly, my final current review for a while. I was ‘pose to get this done before my birthday, which was two dayz ago, but between work, a party, and catchin’ up on files, I didn’t have time. Now, I must get it over with ‘cause I’m ‘pose to be havin’ a life-changing surprise, expected later today! This review I finna get into iz Level Turn Down 4 What?, a new CD of his, just months after tha previous one, Unsupervised. I have to admit, I’m not a fan of that DJ Snake & Lil’ Jon song, of tha same title; I dunno how it got big… Of course, I made sure I didn’t buy this, due to you don’t show me luv, officially. Maybe, if you would’ve thanked me for your awards and answer your phone (who doesn’t text in 2013?!?), I prolly would’ve put money in ya pocket. I also believe this my final current review for a while ‘cause personally, I feel like I’m not meant for this Louisiana business, at all. Rarely does anyone show me true luv, and absolutely nobody extends themselves to see me, do services with me, etc. So, I have to let it go. I sadly had to stop doin’ my Tha Louisiana Archives mixtape compilations, two dayz ago, ‘cause nobody booked to be on it. It’s sad ‘cause it was open to anyone in Louisiana, from tha undaground, name or not! I released 17 issues, every 90 dayz; why ain’t nobody want me to continue it? Plus, I have to review all tha old CDs I have; work really has taken over me, too… Also, can’t forget: DJ B-Real robbed me outta my Louisiana dignity and passion, too! It’s sad when your favorite Louisiana artist blocks you, owes you, changes their # and won’t reconnect with you. It’s like, get your life together ‘cause you really ruined my dream! Start Time: 10:56 AM | End Time: 12:08 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes 100,000x (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it! After I was robbed by two artists who claimed their “money [was] long,” hearin’ about how much you “got money” and anything “money” really bothers me. If you have not done business wit me before, I won’t tolerate “money” talk in tha music!!

© 2014 CD Review (Review #1,408) reviewed on 6.23.2014 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

01. Intro
>>> Movie intro, courtesy of “DJ PK1”. True: “These niggaz ain’t ya friends;” I learned from what I went through, wit these Louisiana niggaz! My Rating: N/A

02. “Icy”
>>> Damn, tha “Thinkin’ With My Dick” beat? Couldn’t get any original production, here? Either way, it still sounds dope; nice hook, bein’ “icy.” Either way, wit all this auto-positive shit you spittin’, I have made a vow (currently) to always think negative/less of myself, in tha Louisiana business. Like, I told my grandma, “I hope I do less and less, each year;” true shit. I really hope I’m falling off! Now that I’m anotha year older, it’s time fa a new life! Good shit in tha 1st verse, too. Tha 2nd verse sounds pretty catchy, too, even though, seriously, it goes in one ear and out tha other, especially when you rap about “money!” My Rating: 4.1

03. “MC Hammer” Feat. Mouse On Tha Track
>>> Really likin’ tha hook a whole lot; reminds me of tha good Louisiana music I used to listen to and enjoy! Definitely tight shit; great shit on tha hook! Tha 1st verse from you sounds jammin’, too; you still get all this attention? I’m glad I lost mine; it feels great for me to fall off and be independent/do what tha fuck I wanna do! Tha 2nd verse’s nice, too; glad you still saggin’ on ‘em, no matta when, as “[yo] pants ‘bout ta drop.” Regardless of how you don’t treat me important or anythang, at least yo music has Baton Rouge quality in it… Got Mouse on tha 3rd verse and he sounds good, as always; diggin’ that voice and delivery, on this beat! “Drink tha wiiiiine!” You also appeared in tha beginning of tha 3rd ¼ of tha 3rd verse, with Mouse; nice… My Rating: 4.7

04. “Locked Up” Feat. Mz. Trill
>>> Beat sounds nice, and you sound good on tha hook. Really chained, here, with bein’ “locked up and ready ta fuck.” Feelin’ what you got goin’ on, here. Tha 1st verse iz contradicting, for tha start: “Don’t call or text me;” you don’t do neither, Level; you haven’t since June 2010! And, you neva even thanked me for my awards. What do I gotta have a vagina or somethin’ in me for you to respond, smh? An okay 1st verse… Here’s tha 2nd verse, with Mz. Trill, comin’ through wit good, “horny” rhymes… She sounds great on this beat! You’re on tha 3rd verse, comin’ through wit what you got. Even though you luv fuckin’, you have kids at such a young age, which defeats tha purpose of focusing 100% on your rap career. Thank God I know how ta wait; not even near fuckin’, yet! And, it’s a beat from Sinista. My Rating: 4.4

05. “It Ain’t Far” Feat. Racked-Up Ready & Mouse On Tha Track
Still callin’ him “Young Ready”, here? >>> A beat from Mouse, here; pretty serious intro! Also, an uncredited Mouse on tha hook, here! Pretty serious hook, too; definitely feelin’ tha classic gangsta sound of Baton Rouge, here!! Tha 1st verse sounds pretty nice, too, from you; always luv your energy! Hearin’ Ready on tha 2nd verse, and he sounds more “Young” than “Racked-Up”, here. But, since this iz 2014, I gotta put “Racked-Up”, since he changed his name. Here you are on tha 3rd verse, comin’ through wit mo gangsta shit; sounds nice… My Rating: 4.9

06. “Fuck You”
>>> I should’ve known it was this beat, of tha same title, smh; guess tha short length tells it all? Sounds like you don’t give a shit about anyone, on tha 1st verse; you even treated me “like trash!” Like, fa’real! I luv how on tha 2nd verse, you brag so much about slangin’ “dat dick,” but now, you’ve been stuck with a kid for a long time, now. It’s like, you can’t even get outta Louisiana ‘cause of it! My Rating: 3.8

07. “Get It Today”
>>> Likin’ this beat intro of just one sound! Tha hook sounds pretty nice, too; why you gotta add that dick-suckin’ shit on your vocals, toward tha end of tha hook, though? Who you turnin’ on, smh? Not diggin’ tha beginning lyrics of tha 1st verse; why do all these rappers just rap about “money?” What gets you so erected to rap about it? E-R-E-C-T-E-D!! I have ta say, this beat’s pretty nice, either way, and I think this a real-catchy joint! I have ta admit: In tha 2nd verse, I’m feelin’ that “I’m a grinder! I’m a grinder! [Somethin’-Somethin’] tha 49’ers!!” part; you delievered it catchy! My Rating: 4.6

08. “On Yo Dum Ass” Feat. Skip
>>> Q-dash-R-dot-E-dot-D on tha beat. Sounds like you’re remakin’ tha flow/style of “White Tee” on tha hook, here; it’s catchy fa they “dum ass!” You sound pretty catchy on tha 1st verse, too… Skip startin’ tha 2nd verse wit an expected-“hiccup,” from tha “dick;” pretty rough, lol? I like how he “rollin’ up a gar, on [they] dum ass!” Tha 3rd verse iz pretty catchy, too; can’t deny it… My Rating: 4.3

09. “I Kno U Go Get Me”
>>> Okay start and 1st verse; tha hook sounds catchy wit tha repeatin’, though. Tha 2nd verse ain’t too bad, as well… Even a bridge, too… My Rating: 4.0

10. “Strip Club Ones” Feat. Detriot
I think it’s “Detriot” and not “Detroit”, only ‘cause I know you did a song with Magic, and he collaborated with people known as “Detriot”. >>> A lil’ bit of a bounce vibe for tha beat, here, from Q-Red; thought it would’ve been someone else on tha beat. Anyway, an okay hook from you, for tha start. Hearin’ some singin’, too; yeah, this iz “Detriot”, spelled like that. Would luv to comment on this beat, but you already know I can’t! So, I’ll just say that tha singin’ actually sounds good. And, here you are on tha 1st verse, comin’ through wit mo fuckin’-at-an-early-age-kinda shit. Tha 2nd verse sounds good, too… Not really feelin’ tha dick-suckin’-soundin’ vocals from you on tha 3rd verse, though; don’t know why you gotta do that ‘cause it turns me completely off! My Rating: 4.2

½time: So far, pretty nice and consistent; I believe I like this a lot betta than tha previous CD! You have that old Louisiana sound on most of tha tracks, which I used to feel! Now, I know none of these songs’ll eva get on my playlist, knowing today, but at least this review’s good. So far, a 4.3 for tha CD rating! Speakin’ of tha playlist, lol, I remember when I had, like, 3,000 Louisiana songs on my iPod!! LOL, I prolly have less than 10, now! Thanx, B-Real, fa ruinin’ my dream! No mo Louisiana in my priorities!

11. “Open Doors” Feat. Box
>>> Sounds like an okay song, so far; good shit from Box on tha 1st verse, nice and consistent wit it! Gotta feel his streetastic shit! Tha hook sounds catchy wit you tryna “kick it down,” Level. Here you are on tha 2nd verse… Ehh, do you really have ta say, “Still tha hottest?” Not cool! No need to think so positive! I hope I’m nowhere-near “tha hottest,” fa’real! I know I’m not; I’m not bein’ cocky ‘bout myself! Also, I saw nobody talk about this CD ‘til I celebrated Box’s birthday, and randomly saw a pic. Not to mention, this CD’s at least a month old, by now, and I ain’t hear anyone talk about it. And, where’s my hard copy? Talk about fallin’ off! Why I only get Easy Hustle shit in 2010? Why only one fuckin’ year with you guys?! Well, you’re not wit Easy Hustle, anymore, but still… I believe you’re a mailing virgin… My Rating: 4.0

12. “Ball Like A Dog” Feat. Mookie Blakk
Revived from tha dead? Whateva happened to all these people? It’s like, they talk on tha phone for one year and then, they’re nowhere to be found! Why? It ain’t hard to answer a fuckin’ phone, smh! That’s anotha reason why I had to get outta this business! >>> Almost sounded like tha audio quality was weak, in tha beginning… A hook from tha fallen-off Mookie, comin’ through wit a catchy hook. Even on tha 1st verse: He still “[throwin’] back?” Nice, but why’d he just fall off tha face of tha Earth wit me? What’d I do? I’m glad I’m no longer passionate about this shit ‘cause really, I was worth less than nothing, all this time! I know it! That’s why, I did all tha phone calls, not them! I did all tha initiative texts, not them! But, nice 1st verse, if he still in that zone… You on tha 2nd verse, here; it sounds okay… My Rating: 4.1

13. “Tonight” Feat. Mouse On Tha Track
>>> Almost sounds like an unsourced Mouse on tha hook, here, durin’ tha 2nd ½ of it? Sounds catchy, wit this beat; you sound good on tha verse, too… “Hit up Bella Noche,” huh? I thought that club was from tha ’07, Jigga House dayz? Wow, you really threwback, here, lol! My Rating: 4.3

14. “Sit Yo Ass Down” Feat. Thug Brothers
>>> Pretty energetic, Shonta-like beat, here; definitely nice and classic-soundin’! 2014, huh? Almost seems unreal! Nice job wit tha 1st verse, though you spoiled it wit tha “five grand for a show.” I even saw that online, that you charge $4,000 to be booked? Really? Gunplay only charges $500 more, and he wit a major? Nothin’ makes sense, here; you can’t be all greedy, now! Anyway, enough of dat, it’s time fa tha 2nd verse, wit this Thug Brother dude… It sounds pretty catchy, as always; a pure Baton Rouge sound! I like that ending of tha 2nd verse, wit, “Pop it fa Lil’ 38! Pop it fa Lil’ 38! Pop it fa Lil’ 38!” Tha 3rd verse iz nice, too, and yeah, true 2014, here: “I know, I know, like I’m Rich Homie,” lol! My Rating: 4.5

15. “I Don’t Play Dat”
>>> Sounds like a pretty serious beat intro… Sounds like a good 1st verse? Nice; I always think it’s tha hook, first… “I’m 26;” so am I, now. Of course, I’ve known your age. But, I develop a lot slower, baleedat! Hearin’ you on tha 2nd verse, say, “I ain’t scared at all;” really? Why you afraid to answer a text, then? At least I “ain’t” afraid! Bein’ autistic, I can do what I want, with no fear! Next stop, tha abandoned, Kings Park Psychiatric Center; let’s explore! My Rating: 4.0

16. “Gun Rage” Feat. Mista Cain & Mookie Blakk
>>> An EQ beat. Not feelin’ tha “playin’ wit my money” shit in tha beginning of tha 1st verse. It’s like, what happened to tha true shit of jiggaz? What’s wit these lyrics that err-body be spittin’? So boring! But, tha 1st verse has a bit of a jam to it. Tha hook has a bit of that Louisiana “bow” in it, but I dunno if I can take it too serious… Speakin’ of, here’s that completely-overrated Cain on tha 2nd verse, that always goes in one ear/eye and out tha other. Either way, it’s pretty much betta than other shit I’ve heard, so I’ll give him props fa tha consistency. Still, there’s no room fa me in this business; glad I’m no longer in it…, hopefully! Damn, an unsourced Mookie on tha 3rd verse, here? How can you leave him out, Level? I finna put Mouse on tha feature on that song I thought he was in, too! He sound good on this shit; nice job, y’all… My Rating: 4.3

17. “Hit It” Feat. Mz. Trill
>>> Good hook; thought it was gon be catchier, but it’s still good. Mz. Trill on tha 1st verse, comin’ through wit good shit, once again. Faster rhymes, more sex, lol! Tha 2nd verse from you’s good, too; can’t deny it. My Rating: 3.7

18. “Showing Love” Feat. Box & Mookie Blakk
>>> An EQ beat. This sounds okay fa tha hook, here; sounds like an uncredited singer… Tha 1st verse from you ain’t too bad, here… Got Mookie on tha 2nd verse (instead of Box; ID order error), and it’s like, why’d he recycle some of his ’08 rhymes? That beginning two lines about tha “like a pro” shit. It’s like, who tha hell still live in 2008? It still a good-soundin’ verse, though. Now, we got Box on tha 3rd verse; feelin’ his “is you wet yet? We should call you ‘Tsunami’” line! My Rating: 3.9

19. “Dat Good” Feat. Cupid
>>> Beat sounds catchy, includin’ tha way you deliver tha 1st verse… Tha hook has almost tha same kinda flow as Mookie does, even though it’s Cupid. Hmm, I guess this ain’t too bad… Tha 2nd verse sounds good from you, kickin’ it off wit a “splash.” Tha 3rd verse’s Cupid; not really into tha rap-like rhymes from him… My Rating: 3.6

20. “Sex Me”
>>> G-Motivation beat. Uncredited vocals on tha chorus? Sounds like it’s tha ‘90s R&B dayz, almost. Tha 1st verse ain’t too bad, here, though I think this gon sound boring… Tha 2nd verse aight, but I’m bored, by now. My Rating: 3.4

21. “Buy My Drink” Feat. Mookie Blakk & April Reign
Continuously spellin’ her like tha “Rain”, though I always go with what I first saw: “Reign”. >>> *Gasp* Wow, LEVEL MADE A SONG AT AT LEAST 128 BPM?!? Let alone, it’s 132!!! About time?! Doesn’t sound bad, at all; I can fuck wit this pop-dance-rap-like beat…! You sound good on tha 1st verse, too; spittin’ them good rhymes fa tha club! And, Reign on tha 2nd verse, too, comin’ through wit some nice singin’; I dig it! Here’s Mookie on tha 3rd verse, comin’ through wit some nice rhymes, ova this fast beat! Nice job! My Rating: 4.4

Overall: I have to admit, this was a pretty good CD; very consistent! Nice surprise at tha end, with tha 132 BPM song! Glad you still on tha (mysterious) grind wit tha quality, Baton Rouge-soundin’ music! Hope it continues…; not sure if I gon, though!


20.       “Sex Me” 3.4
19.       “Dat Good” Feat. Cupid 3.6
18.       “Hit It” Feat. Mz. Trill 3.7
17.       “Fuck You” 3.8
16.       “Showing Love” Feat. Box & Mookie Blakk 3.9
15.       “I Kno U Go Get Me” 4.0
14.       “I Don’t Play Dat” 4.0
13.       “Open Doors” Feat. Box 4.0
12.       “Ball Like A Dog” Feat. Mookie Blakk 4.1
11.        “Icy” 4.1
10.       “Strip Club Ones” Feat. Detriot 4.2
09.       “Tonight” Feat. Mouse On Tha Track 4.3
08.       “Gun Rage” Feat. Mista Cain & Mookie Blakk 4.3
07.       “On Yo Dum Ass” Feat. Skip 4.3
06.       “Locked Up” Feat. Mz. Trill 4.4
05.       “Buy My Drink” Feat. Mookie Blakk & April Reign 4.4
04.       “Sit Yo Ass Down” Feat. Thug Brothers 4.5
03.    “Get It Today” 4.6
02.    “MC Hammer” Feat. Mouse On Tha Track 4.7
01.    “It Ain’t Far” Feat. Racked-Up Ready & Mouse On Tha Track 4.9

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      83.2
Total Songs:                      / 20
Average CD Rating:       4.2

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FrankieThaLuckyDog Celebrates Bullheaded Records' Frankyboy Murdafeen's Birthday (2014)

FrankieThaLuckyDog, celebratin' my boy, Frankyboy Murdafeen, who's with Bullheaded Records' birthday, June 19, 2014! Shot in my studio room in Peckville, PA, I spelled "Happy Birthday Murdafeen" outta New York scratch-off lottery tickets.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

FrankieThaLuckyDog Celebrates Kontinuous Entertainment's Box's Birthday (2014)

FrankieThaLuckyDog, celebratin' my boy, Box, who's with Kontinuous Entertainment's birthday, June 17, 2014! Shot in my studio room in Peckville, PA, I spelled "Happy Birthday Box" outta New York scratch-off lottery tickets.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Review #1,407: Big Jay Presents "Pyrex Radio Vol. 7: Sex, Drugs & Money"

Reviewed on 6.01.2014 (Review #1,407)

My next review gon be Big Jay Presents Pyrex Radio Vol. 7: Sex, Drugs & Money. After five years in tha making, it’s finally here! Yeah, it’s been 1,207 reviewz since I reviewed Vol. 6, back on May 15, 2009! Time flies! However, time didn’t fly without some shit I went through. Since tha last Pyrex Radio, I’ve been robbed by two Louisiana artists, a combined total of $955! None of these artists are really active, anymore, and kids got in their way. It feels like I got raped, or shot/survived. It has also made me more greedy in tha music business, as my Louisiana passion’s pretty much dead. Everything changed when DJ B-Real blocked me from both Facebook & Instagram, on February 5, 2014, after I asked for an updated number; I even tried to give him faith to continue, actively. I had wound up asking some of his patnaz to rely tha message that he’s wrong fa blocking me, and err-body I asked was a pussy about it: “That’s between you two,” and shit, as well as not givin’ me his new number. Damn, I ain’t know so many ain’t have my back, after I put so many on my playlist, radio show, on TV, and more! So, basically, my taste has died. I had to get a job because of this, so basically, I’m rarely available, today. But, I’ll review this new Pyrex Radio like it’s tha good ol’ times, as best as I can. Hopefully, no shady artist pops up, though I have a feelin’ this CD gon be fulla people that have pissed me off, in some type of way. I haven’t looked at tha tracklist, as usual. But, to sooth myself, I’m gonna have one of my hard-working co-workers on my screen, while I review this! Ahh, yes!! Yes, yes, yes!! Let’s get inta this!! Start Time: 10:12 AM | End Time: 1:03 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes 100,000x (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it! After I was robbed by two artists who claimed their “money [was] long,” hearin’ about how much you “got money” and anything “money” really bothers me. If you have not done business wit me before, I won’t tolerate “money” talk in tha music!!

© 2014 CD Review (Review #1,407) reviewed on 6.01.2014 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

01. Fiend “Pyrex Radio Vol. 7 (Intro)”
A production from Fiend, here, as well as kickin’ it off? Wouldn’t’ve expected him ta start thangz off, so this iz good! Y’all on tha back cover have an extra space before “Prod.”, though… >>> Though I may not add any of these songs to my playlist (no more Louisiana adds after B-Real blocking me), I will still be up fa a good review. And, I have ta say, this iz pretty serious fa tha intro! I know all of tha Pyrex Radio intros have been pretty serious! Really feelin’ his production; supa intense, fa tha Louisiana ears! And, that vicious voice, tha way I love it!! Nice hook, includin’ tha “Pyrex Radio” title part! “From a mailbox to a cell block;” nice!! My Rating: 4.7

02. Mista Cain, Max Minelli, King Sav, Percy Keith, Zoe Realla, Keezy Off 38th & Lee Banks “Shooters”
Wow…, speechless? BTW, why does Max Minelli’s name always turn out to be a compound word (“Maxminelli” on tha back cover)? Also, I’m pretty sure “Zoe Rella” has an extra “A” to define his “real”ness… Anyway, a few uncomfortable artists on this, including a few that unfollowed me and didn’t thank me for awards. Also, tha really-overrated Mista, too. All I have ta say iz, thank God I got paid on Friday and am going to work tomorrow! I have enough bravery to listen to this, right now, produced by Savage! >>> Yup, “I ain’t dropped since ’09.” Unexpected dickridin’ “in tha background,” too, fa tha Cain. Here he iz on tha 1st verse; of course, it sounds good ‘cause of tha beat and flow/voice. But, can neva take this serious, anymore! Just like no one can take me serious anymore? Well, I’ll make sure it’s all dance music, Gunplay, some alternative, and a few other rappers that bump in my car, only! Anyway, Max’s up 2nd, comin’ through wit consistent rhymes; can deal with him, of course! And, Sav on tha 3rd verse; great, though bein’ through so much now, I can’t take all this super-positive shit serious, at all… Great voice and true Baton Rouge sound, at least. I’ll just listen ta tha music and no longer connect wit anyone; that’s all! Yawn, Percy on tha 4th verse, comin’ through wit some nice shit, though, it’s whateva… Still neva even got a retweet or confirmed acknowledgement from him; no wonder why I work, now! Zoe on tha 5th verse, comin’ through wit a good, Baton Rouge; sounds good… I like tha “I’mma dawg” part at 3:11, includin’ where tha beat went out cold, fa a second, wit tha bark! This Keezy dude’s up next (6th verse); nice how he sounds, though it sounds like he wit tha Cains, or somethin’. So, with that bein’ said, there’s a good chance that’s he’s got everyone’s help, and doesn’t need mine. And, 7th and last iz Banks; not bad, but then, tha lyrics got real consistent; gotta luv how he said so much, without stumblin’! My Rating: 4.5

03. Max Minelli “Share My Drugs”
Austin On The Track producin’, here. Back on tha last Pyrex, he went by “Lil’ Austin”. Now, he Austin Rashaad. I laugh how nobody goes by “Young” or “Lil’”, anymore, but everyone wanted to fit in that category! Anyway, this should be nice, with Max talkin’ ‘bout his “drugs!” >>> Nice lil’ drop in tha beginning… Beat confused me in tha beginning, a lil’ bit, and there’s some mixin’… Either way, it sounds like a catchy, Pyrex-like sound, here; can’t deny it! “Only share my drugs wit my bitch,” I see? Thought it would’ve been wit dudes only…? I think Max’s one of tha only artists that’s been on every Pyrex Radio issue. He’s on tha 1st verse, comin’ through wit regular-soundin’ rhymes, wit a catchy flow. Hearin’ tha 2nd verse, and it’s pretty nice, too. “Keep it 1000,” huh? Yeah, first heard that when I was talkin’ to Skull Duggrey and now, it seems like err-body goin’ wit it. Tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse sounds like Max still keepin’ it cool, wit how he deliverin’ this; nice… My Rating: 4.3

04. Mouse On Tha Track Feat. C-Loc “All The Way The Sickest”
Wow, I thought it was gonna be anotha Mista song; I would’ve thrown up! But, we got someone exactly a half-decade older than Lee Banks, here, with Loc! And, Big B On The Track on tha production? Don’t recognize tha producer, but this should be tight! >>> Nice intro; sounds like Mouse? That deep, Louisiana-soundin’ shit that I was born ta luv! Always one of tha coolest voices; I’ll always remember who was born first, by a few weeks, when it comes ta holdin’ down Boosie, Mouse, Webbie, Foxx & all dem! Nice shit on tha 1st verse, and tha hook goes fed! Really feelin’ this production, too! Oh, it makes me miss bumpin’ Louisiana music; too bad that life goes on! :( Nice 2nd verse, too; I feel ya, Mouse! At least he normal by followin’ me on Twitter, retweetin’ me and all that; no complaining…! Outta nowhere, C-Loc kicks tha 3rd verse off wit a, “Shiiid,” soundin’ like Ready, almost, wit dat, “Shiid!” BTW, I was talkin’ ‘bout how y’all say, “Shiiiid,” at work, yesterday. I luv how I bring dat southern vibe ta my job! Pretty good shit from Loc; can’t deny it. And, here you are, Jay, comin’ through wit a “bruh” outro, holdin’ it down! My Rating: 4.7

05. Lil’ Phat Feat. Racked-Up Ready “S.T.R.E.E.T.S.”
Wasn’t too anticipated when I seen Phat as tha main artist, but I guess I’ll give you tha chance, since you haven’t put anything out of his since he’s been gone. However, I saw tha producer’s name, and nearly fainted; I screamed, “Nooooo!!!” I hate this feeling that comes up under, when I’m not working!! OMG, I dunno what to do… I’m not hungry, but I think I need a donut or two, before I hear this! *Checks for anotha snack…* I ate anotha two cookies, and have eaten five within an hour! God, my armpits smell terrible!! So much sweat came outta me! :( Anyway, my favorite Louisiana artist, that I’ll prolly neva hear from again, iz on tha production, and his name iz DJ B-Real. No wonder why my manager luvs me to pieces: I use that B-Real motivation while working; I generated a fanbase—an original character, and luv working, because of B-Real’s no call/text, no show shit! Even though this iz only 3:11, this prolly gon bring Down Syndrome outta me, or somethin’; lemme hear, and yes, I gon still be honest (it took me 15 minutes to press play!)… >>> You on tha intro, payin’ tribute… Sadly, though it kills me to say this, tha beat seems to be tight. I wouldn’t be surprised if a B-Real song tops this review. Then again, I think tha Mouse & Fiend tracks were better… Hook’s pretty nice from Phat, with tha spelling… And, tha 1st verse’s good ta hear, too. I still think havin’ “children” too early was too quick to progress his life. Part of it lead to his death. I gon make sure I keep my dick in my draws, fa a while! Yeah, B-Real has made a heavy influence on me to not have children fa a long time! Yeah, gon be 26 in 20 dayz, and I’m still puttin’ my career first! Anyway, got Ready on tha 2nd verse; feelin’ his street flow/content, once again! That classic Pyrex Radio vibe, includin’ his spellin’, too! Can’t deny it! My Rating: 4.6

06. T2 Feat. Mista Cain “Make Da Newz”
How can my mind (and armpits) recover afta that?! *Checks title/producer* OMG, not again!!!!! *Checks for snacks before revealing tha artist…* Aight, luckily, my mom made popcorn and I just took a piss, to let some of tha pain away. *Checks artist…* Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!! No wonder why I’m tha shittiest, stupidiest, biggest loser, when it comes ta tha undaground of Louisiana! This dude, who left me stranded on Long Island, from July 24 – 26, 2010, when tellin’ me he was in New York to see me? So 2010, here; goes to show you how much I’ve grown and have gotten away from my faggy, Louisiana ways!! Usually, I’d just skip this, in disgust—double/triple disgust, but because I’m already in this mist, I guess I’ll just finish it. Always remember: In one ear and out tha other! BTW, this only, like, tha 3rd T2 song I’ve heard, since 2010! >>> *In my 2010 voice* Oh my God, this sounds so tight!! Can’t wait to play this on my iPod!! But fa real, beat’s pretty nice and serious, kinda like it was 2010, and tha hook’s pretty nice! Just like tha hook, tha 1st verse’s T2, and yeah, it’s pretty nice. I’ll be honest, like tha biggest bitch on tha planet; kinda like a Spitta feel, with this “newz” content and shit. And now, tha boring Cain on tha 2nd verse. I’d rather hear tha ditching T2 than tha Cain, only ‘cause it seems like a “newz” story! Just a good collaborator with Cain, here; don’t need ta say anything else about what he comin’ through wit. Pretty nice fa a collaboration, though why would B-Real focus more on people like this than me? That’s tha kinda shit that lets me know that I wasn’t meant fa Louisiana! Sorry, I choose not to fuck ‘til I’m ready (though, my autism lacks engaging in those activities); sorry, I don’t sell drugs; sorry, I don’t have habits; sorry, I’m having trouble finding a person that can go with me to Louisiana; sorry, I’m way beyond everyone; sorry, I’m an asshole!! My Rating: 4.6

07. Fiend Feat. 38 $lim “Off The Porch”
A production from Q-Red, here, anotha producer that ain’t see me as important. It’s like, why do all these producers pop out babies and not like promotion/spending money?! Oh well, at least I know that I have a job, now, and I remember to put it before Louisiana! But, I wouldn’t’ve thought Fiend would have a track produced by him… >>> Not really into tha dedication you showin’ on tha intro, Jay. I don’t usually leave feedback, but I’m in tha mood to keep self-destructing… Ahh, it’s anotha tight, intense beat, okay?! Fiend on tha 1st verse, comin’ through wit that street shit! I’m likin’ this Baton Rouge approach he takin’ with tha production; it’s really workin’, not like that R&B shit he was on, not too long ago! Tha hook’s pretty nice; sounds like it’s in tha background. Too bad I’ll neva see a part of this “$100,000.” I’m not judgin’ them, but it’s verrrryyyyyyyyyyyy rare for a Louisiana person ta make me a priority! I dunno why niggaz hate promotion? Anyway, tha 2nd verse went by pretty quickly; fit in pretty nice! My Rating: 4.6

08. Keezy Off 38th Feat. Q-Red & Donkey “B.A.N.”
God, I think I need to go to tha hospital! Betta yet, I should go to my job to get my grub on. “You comin’ through on your day off?!” Yes, to get away from tha Louisiana thoughts that stalk my mind! Glad they see my motivation, at work! I’m using all my Louisiana dedication and applyin’ it at my job; I don’t have to struggle to make $20! Anyway, produced by Q-Red, this’ll prolly be tight… *Blushes* >>> Sounds like it’ll be tha top-rated song on this CD; sounds like that serious, bad-azz attitude on tha hook, here! Really diggin’ what tha hook has ta offer, and yes, as much as I’m embarrassed ta say it, tha beat’s pretty tight and intense! Tha 1st verse’s pretty nice, too; this that Baton Rouge sound I was used to! Nothin’ wrong wit tha way it sounds; it should always stay alive! Lookin’ at tha title, I was like, “Banning what?” Then, I realized it’s “Bitch-Ass Nigga.” Oh look, it’s 11:15 AM (B-Real’s birthday), listenin’ to a Q-Red production; what else gon happen next, lol?!? Here’s Donkey, from Bad Azz Entertainment, on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through wit some gutta shit! I gotta respect tha crazy attitudes; cannot be denied!! And, even, “Free Boosie;” pre-March 2014, here, though I like to think err-thang’s from 2014, here. Now that I heard everyone else, I realize that it’s Q-Red on tha hook. I dunno, but as much as tha hook has that pure quality to it, I think that tha more mad someone gets, tha more guilty they are! I can’t wait to go to tha hospital, after stressin’ out so much, and send tha picture to B-Real or somethin’. I hope no one from Louisiana can even find me, within tha years to come! And yes, I’ll take tha hook into consideration: Ain’t I such a “bitch,” Q-Red? I know I am! Even this honest rating proves it! My Rating: 4.9

09. Mouse On Tha Track Feat. Kevin Gates “Sex, Drugs & Money”
Just like this mixtape’s series’ title. And, ahh, after four songs of sweatin’ with guilty pleasures, we got a 100% normal set of artists, again! Whoo, I’m outta oxygen from those previous jointz… But, here’s an interestin’ collaboration, with Mouse doin’ tha beat! I know this gon be pretty entertainin’!! >>> Beat’s pretty nice; pure Baton Rouge sound, here, fa tha streetz! Gates on tha 1st verse, and he sounds pretty nice; definitely feelin’ how he keeps shit goin’, no matter what year/status it iz! Tha hook’s definitely catchy, from Mouse; “na, na, na, na, na!!” And, Mouse on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through wit great shit! “Marijuana ain’t legal, but we smoke it all day;” already! Don’t worry, Mouse; just wait a few more years! Definitely a nice verse; makes you feel good when you listenin’ ta this! An outro from Shell? Nice, though he don’t pick up tha phone! I had finally talked ta him on May 18, 2012 fa under a minute. He was ‘pose ta freestyle fa me, but neva answered tha phone, again. I just luv bein’ such an underrated faggot!! My Rating: 4.7

10. Shell (Thuggaman Jones) Feat. Bonka “4 Real”
New name fa Shell, on tha ID? I had also thought “Thugga Man” was compound, vice versa of Max? Anyway, though I’m anticipated fa this, with Flight School Productions on tha production, I feel funny ‘cause Bonka neva thanked me fa his 2011 awards. :( Everyone made me bankrupt, almost! Though this ain’t real life, in my four-wall room, lemme just hear this! >>> Oh yeah, I forgot about his shitty, auto-tune approach, now. Sorry, Shell, but you need ta go back to ya quality shit! This gay voice on tha hook ain’t gon pull it off! At least his voice’s normal, on tha 1st verse; I’ll feel it… Though it’s such a gay voice on tha hook, I have ta say, it’s not tha end of tha world; I can kinda deal with it, with this review. And now, Bonka on tha 2nd verse. Of course, no one’ll prolly have met each other, if it wasn’t fa my awards, radio shows, playlists, and more! I feel like I was tha leader that’s too faggy to get credited! But, Bonka ain’t too bad, here. I think tha beat’s pretty nice fa tha both of y’all New Orleans natives. But, I don’t think it can keep a 4.0 up with me… My Rating: 3.7

½time: Well, this has got to be tha most-uncomfortable review I’ve done in a long time!! It goes to show you how much I’ve gone through and have trouble movin’ on, every day. Can’t believe how many rough situations I’ve had to deal with, while reviewin’ this CD! No matter what I’d think about, it would just get worse and worse, each time! But, despite everything I’ve gone through, I’ve decided to be honest—I swear, honesty equals faggotry, at times. I oughta be fake for a day; I bet I’d get so many likes, views and comments… I refuse to sell-out at any time!!! But, as far as positive shit on this CD, every joint has went real hard!! Tha productions, vibes, and all tha artists have brought their A-game to this shit, in a true Pyrex Radio tradition! Only dud was tha Shell hook, but it wasn’t that bad… Overall, halfway in, tha CD rating’s at a 4.5!! Let’s keep it up, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, ahead! I don’t think it gon get any more fucked-up, though… Then again, I could be wrong, with buku surprises! *Puts guard up!*

11. 38 $lim Feat. Yung Neff “Cocaine Wishes”
Diggin’ tha title, especially since I’ve been off dat Snootie Wild & Yo Gotti “Yayo”, recently. I’ve even had a customer ask for “cocaine,” at my job! One of my craziest moments? I even told them, “Have a yayolicious Tuesday!” Anyway, we got Young Hits on tha beat, here; I guess all y’all hang out with each other? Each and every familiar producer I know’s been on this CD, so far? >>> Beat’s worth it, but I’m not really inta tha start, off tha jump. Not really into tha “pocket fulla green,” as well as tha borderline, a-tune voice, on tha hook. I’ll still have faith in it, though… Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it sounds like that good, undaground, Baton Rouge shit. However, I bet these people have private Instagrams. FYI:

Afta B-Real had put his IG private and was selective with approvin’ requests, especially from me, his biggest music connect, I literally could not take any music artist serious, anymore.

Like, really? MySpace, everything was public, for artists. Facebook, you kept tha rap name, and things were only for people you’d talk to. Now, with Instagram, you still keep tha rap name, and everything’s private? I can see if it was your real name… Good luck gettin’ exposed, smh! Anyway, a nice 1st verse, though, from $lim… Hearin’ Neff on tha 2nd verse, and it’s more of that good shit from Baton Rouge. It makes me wanna travel again, and that’s sayin’ a lot fa a 2014 release! Nice job, guys! However, that hook has ta go! I like tha Shell one better! Nice 3rd verse from $lim, too; it’s all about servin’ tha streetz, hopefully, without a private IG! My Rating: 3.8

12. Clever Kev Feat. Shell (Thuggaman Jones) & K.Gates “My City”
EQ Tha Misfit (not “The”) on tha beat, here. And, we have a no call, no show as tha main artist, here; thanx for increasing my faggotry! You know, that shit gets you fired at my job; you have ta pull through on time!! But, it still should be good, fa a song. >>> Beat ain’t too bad, as well as tha 1st verse from Kev; just on a regular note, here… Sounds more like him on tha 2nd ½ of tha 1st verse. Just like tha previous song’s mentioning,

A review’ll be a review, but we prolly won’t go further than that ‘cause of somethin’ like this! Now, Shell on tha 2nd verse, preparin’ a cool voice before tha verse kicks in? Will it be a normal voice? Yes, thank God! Much betta wit how he sounds, as “tha muthafuckin’ reaper!!” This tha true “thug” feel of Shell that I’m diggin’! Very consistent; he had no filler, this time!! Whoa @ Gates comin’ in, outta nowhere!! Nice, quick approach on tha 3rd verse and this shit’s pretty nice! Very consistent rhymes; tha streetz have ta absorb this, to tha fullest!! My Rating: 4.4

13. Zoe Realla “U Gon Hear Me B4 U See Me”
Now, you got his name spelled right! And, a King Sav beat; should be nice! >>> Whoa @ tha start to tha 1st verse!!! Tons of rhymes, and tha flow’s ridiculous!!! True Louisiana sound, even with tha Savage beat!! Too bad all these sounds don’t equal to enjoyin’ people, anymore! I wish people would just stay focused, and not lose track of things, just ‘cause of kids! Even everyone I talk to says tha same thang!! Glad I’m not alone!! And, tha hook’s pretty nice; true Baton Rougeness, here!! And, tha 2nd verse’s pretty serious, too; this dude can’t be denied!! Just two Pyrex Radios ago, seven years ago, I got introduced ta him (though, I reviewed him on February 18, 2008), and he wasn’t playin’!! Afta a while, he came back, like, last year, and iz holdin’ shit down! Nice job, Zoe!! My Rating: 4.8

14. Young Dolph Feat. Mouse On Tha Track, Lee Banks & Racked-Up Ready “Don’t Fold”
*Sees tha producer first, on tha ID, and screams* Time for more food!!! Gotta cook a quick lunch!! Ugh, I’ve neva smelt so bad in my life!!! Just grabbed popcorn and prepared a pizza. What’s even more fucked-up iz that tha pizza’s gonna come out at 12:14 PM, my cousin’s death date! Unplanned? Perfect for a B-Real production!!! Anyway, I just revealed tha ID and this gon be tha 1st time I’m hearin’ this Dolph dude. Of course, I’m prolly losing oxygen, tha more I see B-Real’s name on tha ID. It’s like, why did life have to be so evasive and unsupportive? Just like J Buc said to me one time, about someone else, “Yall stop all that beefin shit…thats wats wrong lets get this money.” I luv how he says that to me, but hasn’t restored tha B-Real situation. I hate that I listened to everyone and now, no one wants to help, in return! But, in a guilty pleasure perspective, this should be a nice collaboration! >>> Everytime I hear tha B-Real beat, I immediately scream tha name of tha co-worker!! I have ta say, I’m diggin’ tha slow beat start and this Dolph dude sounds great, on tha 1st verse! Baton Rouge at its finest, no matter what! You know it’s bad when you’re randomly on Debbie Gibson’s Facebook page and a fan says, “You should marry B-Real.” It’s like, that name’s inescapable!!! That’s Mouse on tha hook? Almost thought it was gonna be tha Dolph dude, at first; pretty catchy… Anyway, look at Lee on tha 2nd verse; crazy, consistent rhymes!!! Nice effort; it definitely works!!! Too bad B-Real won’t realize that in order to be successful in this music biz, you have to be open, not all evasive! That’s why, I love dance music; it’s my favorite music, and err-body be hittin’ me up on Twitter, from that genre! You know! B-Real, please explore tha EDM world!! And, Ready on tha 3rd verse, still “Young,” here; sounds pretty nice. Overall, y’all did a nice job; seemed kinda short fa a bunch of y’all, though, but it still worked! My Rating: 4.5

15. Kareem Feat. Que Tha Truth & Killa Kyleon “Lean On Me”
A $hop With Ken beat. BTW, Que’s name iz “Tha”, also. But, lookin’ at Killa and this title, it almost looks like a remix/remake, since he dropped a Lean On Me disc, back last year? I dunno, but I seem to neva escape these evasive producers, lately… :/ Umm…, am I dying soon? Why do I exist in this music world? I hate myself (in a music business perspective)! >>> A long beat intro… Sounds like somethin’ that was grabbed from tha random undaground of Louisiana and was added to here, thanx ta Big Jay. Hearin’ Kareem on tha 1st verse, and I thought he was gonna be a lot worse, with an a-tune voice, or somethin’. Tha hook sounds pretty nice; really diggin’ tha laidback vibe, here. I could just imagine what “lean” tastes like, though there were, like, three fatal overdoses within these past three dayz, that my family just dealt with! Hearin’ tha 2nd verse from Que, and it sounds pretty good, especially when he lets y’all know that, “This shit taste just like candy!” Good shit; flowed pretty nicely! Okay, it sounded like Killa was just inserted inta this, like a remake, before tha 3rd verse started… Even his, “Check 2, 1, 2, what it do,” was also from his “My Nigga” track… But, I have ta say, wicked, crazy, raipd-fireness from Kyleon!!! My Rating: 4.6

16. Racked-Up Ready Feat. Lee Banks, K.T., Mista Cain & Ghosttown E “Street Nigga”
A track from K.T., here… Umm…, I’m not sure what ta say, but I guess I’m lookin’ forward ta this new nigga, E, on tha feature! >>> Didn’t expect K.T. to appear so fast; I fucks wit him, on tha hook. I’m feelin’ his “street nigga” perspective; nice job! Tha beat’s pretty nice and gangsta, too; Ready on tha 1st verse, here… And, whataya know: A dude obsessed with anotha dude (“Mista”), when it comes to “talkin’” ta him! No way would anyone admit they talked ta me, in a song! It’s like, when I ask someone ta get B-Real ta unblock me (‘cause I have no way of contactin’ him), they’re like, “I ain’t tellin’ anotha man ta talk ta anotha man,” even if it’s an IG approval request. But, they can go and brag about dudes in their songs? I don’t get it; I just hate bein’ treated so unfair!! But, nice job wit tha 1st verse, Ready… Here’s Banks on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through wit his “street” shit. Too bad that every song has ta have, “Racks,” in it; like, will there be a song without a money reference? That’ll be like bustin’ a nut when I hear it happen! Nice job, Banks; couldn’t deny your “street” talent, once again! And, Cain on tha 3rd verse. I just luv how he literally proved ta me that this ain’t my generation. Though we ain’t beef, his dickrided buzz makes me realize that there’s no longer any room fa Louisiana interest, fa me. It’s like, why do niggaz need me? BTW, E on tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse, and I have ta say, it’s a good, new voice ta hear, fa tha 225! Let’s just pray that his IG ain’t private! ;) My Rating: 4.4

17. Shell (Thuggaman Jones) Feat. 31st Deedy “Still Gettin’ Blowed”
‘Bout ta go grab my pizza. My cousin’s death date time just passed, so I can bet ya anything that B-Real produced this song, prolly! *Checks ID* OMG, I almost slammed my remote down on my desk when I saw tha “B”, but it’s Brotha B, lol! I have problems!! Don’t think I know tha producer, but I’ll review this one, right quick! >>> Whoo @ tha beat intro; stuck in tha zone/a video game? More like tha zone! Like Shell’s start of tha 1st verse, how he “[wakes] up in tha morning,” and “smokes a blunt…!” Great vibes, here; let’s hope he don’t fuck tha hook up, with his voice! Okay, hook’s nice! See, no need fa a gay voice, Shell! This works perfect, and tha “gettin’ blowed” perspective’s always great ta hear!! Now, got Deedy on tha 2nd verse, comin’ through wit some nice, “blowed” feeling! Gotta luv dat: “Blow-ah-owe-ah-owed,” on tha hook! Even got Shell on tha 3rd verse, comin’ through wit some nice “shit”—“OG,” just like he said! Good shit; always “[smell] like a pound!” And, ooh, at 3:30, it got screwed & chopped! That’s what’s up, Dolby D; you know what it iz!! My Rating: 4.6

18. Adrian Bagher “Be Alright”
Time ta eat my pizza. Do I sense a B-Real production? *Checks ID* Okay, produced by EQ. Of course, I don’t even need to do research ta know who this really iz. They were so 2010 fa me, and only talked ta me that year. They tried ta use tha always-failing excuse as “busy” to claim why they don’t fuck wit me, anymore, and I didn’t fall for it, Dat Boy A!! As private as he iz, I’m surprised he’s using his full name as his new way to ID himself… I have a feelin’ this ain’t gon be that Louisiana sound from him, that I’m used to… >>> Though he chooses no longer to make me a priority, I’ll say that this iz pretty nice to be a lil’ different… It has a lil’ bit of a dancin’ (not “dance music”)—dancin’-rap vibe to it. I remember tha last Pyrex Radio edition had a different A song that didn’t interest me, at first, though it really wasn’t terrible. This one’s different, and although my interest ain’t all tha way there, I can appreciate it, in a way. Really, “Everything iz gonna be all right,” as far as my ruined Louisiana connection? I feel like it’ll neva be restored. Once you get robbed, that’s it! Nice 2nd verse, though; I feel tha same shit about my “father,” though, I neva let it setback me. Tha only times was when gettin’ things first. Like, when I used to talk to A, back in ’10, my dad was more focused on my stepmom’s family, than me. So, it took up until then to get a car and shit; it was rough. Now, times have changed and I’m more royal, I guess, as far as my status? My Rating: 3.7

19. Big Jay Big Homie “Shout Outs”
So, that’s what you go by, now? Interestin’… And, a 4:16-length “shout outs” list, produced by Mouse? This should be interesting, though, with all tha work I done put in, of course, I know I’m not on this list! I’m as good as completely forgotten about! >>> Feelin’ tha ‘90s vibe in this beat… Oh, so 2 Saint & DeadlySounz recorded this? Nice… Same with Wookie, though it would’ve been nice ta hear from him, as far as doin’ some shit. Oh, and yeah, whateva happened with “T Mck”? Thought he was next ta blow or somethin’, based off tha previous disc? And, y’all should get a commercial made fa this CD! Only $75 fa a 30-second commercial; $125 fa a 60-second commercial; prices are nice and cheap! Nice “Lee Banks” positive outlook, though I don’t think anyone should break outta Louisiana. Let err-body stay undaground. And, wit “38 $lim”: “Been down since 9th grade;” how do people stay cool fa so long? Afta, like, three years, ain’t it long enough? No one really lasts with me longer! Lots of names you shoutin’ out that were from my past; let’s blush! No B-Real, yet? Why’d “Percy Keith” get two shout outs? Surprised you ain’t give B-Real a shout out, despite him appearin’ on here, afta so long? And, of course, I got nothin’ ‘cause I realized that I’m really worth nothin’! My Rating: N/A

20. Spitta Feat. Lee Banks & Max Minelli “Deez Niggaz”
Endin’ it wit a track, produced by Q-Red. Should be good, good, good… >>> And, tha hook’s pretty nice; I feel it, and yeah, “Deez niggaz pussy.” I wish I would’ve known, back in tha day! However, I was so hypnotized by…, what?! Nice beginning part from Spitta, transitioning inta tha hook; good job! Got Lee Banks on tha, I guess, 1st full verse, here, comin’ through wit some G-shit… And, Max Minelli on tha 2nd full verse, comin’ through wit some G-shit, too… No matter what artist it iz, they only live in Louisiana, as far as where they travel! And, here comes Spitta on tha 3rd full verse… I like how he said, “Bruh,” even when it was described of how someone’s “pussy.” Really? “Sneakin’ on Instagram”? I think “niggaz” get it twisted—well, B-Real, specifically. Whateva happened to tha dayz where it was all about bein’ tha fan, tha big supporter, tha manager? Like, when I have every Louisiana CD, I get criticized fa “stalking,” rather than bein’ a collector. When I call to support/do business, I get criticized fa “bugging,” rather than helping out. What’s wrong wit this fuck-boy world?!? My Rating: 4.4

Overall: So, this review took me 2 hours and 51 minutes ta review. I think that’s more like it, like tha old times, even though there were some obstacles ta cross! Anyway, before I get into tha complete overall, I got a phone call before reviewing tha Adrian song, that I’m goin’ to be appearin’ in a short film in less than an hour! I’m gonna be a werewolf, lettin’ out all my B-Real-neglected pain out!! Perfect, right? Thank God fa other outlets! Anyway, I thought this was a very-good put project!! That classic-soundin’ Baton Rouge sound, and it had, literally, every producer that has invaded my life! I even survived all of tha uncomfortable moments, no matter how terrible it was, hearing some of this shit! But, props fa makin’ a nice disc, Jay! And, hopefully, you get some promo from me (like tha commercial I mentioned). I do feel that my time’s so close ta bein’ up. If I don’t hear about anything, regarding promotion, I really think it’s time fa me ta officially go. Turning 26 in 20 dayz, I’m thinkin’ Louisiana should just get put in tha grave, fa me. I mean, I’m tryna put out my 18th mixtape compilation on my birthday, but I only got one like and one message; no submissions, so far! Haven’t I fallen off? I’m as good as a dead piece of shit!


19.       Adrian Bagher “Be Alright” 3.7
18.       Shell (Thuggaman Jones) Feat. Bonka “4 Real” 3.7
17.       38 $lim Feat. Yung Neff “Cocaine Wishes” 3.8
16.       Max Minelli “Share My Drugs” 4.3
15.       Racked-Up Ready Feat. Lee Banks, K.T., Mista Cain & Ghosttown E “Street Nigga” 4.4
14.       Spitta Feat. Lee Banks & Max Minelli “Deez Niggaz” 4.4
13.       Clever Kev Feat. Shell (Thuggaman Jones) & K.Gates “My City” 4.4
12.       Mista Cain, Max Minelli, King Sav, Percy Keith, Zoe Realla, Keezy Off 38th & Lee Banks “Shooters” 4.5
11.        Young Dolph Feat. Mouse On Tha Track, Lee Banks & Racked-Up Ready “Don’t Fold” 4.5
10.       Fiend Feat. 38 $lim “Off The Porch” 4.6
09.       Shell (Thuggaman Jones) Feat. 31st Deedy “Still Gettin’ Blowed” 4.6
08.       Lil’ Phat Feat. Racked-Up Ready “S.T.R.E.E.T.S.” 4.6
07.       Kareem Feat. Que Tha Truth & Killa Kyleon “Lean On Me” 4.6
06.       T2 Feat. Mista Cain “Make Da Newz” 4.6
05.       Mouse On Tha Track Feat. Kevin Gates “Sex, Drugs & Money” 4.7
04.       Fiend “Pyrex Radio Vol. 7 (Intro)” 4.7
03.    Mouse On Tha Track Feat. C-Loc “All The Way The Sickest” 4.7
02.    Zoe Realla “U Gon Hear Me B4 U See Me” 4.8
01.    Keezy Off 38th Feat. Q-Red & Donkey “B.A.N.” 4.9

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      84.5
Total Songs:                      / 19
Average CD Rating:       4.4

Of course, if it’s not B-Real, it’s Q-Red topping tha rankings; what else iz new? Oh, and last thing: DO NOT say, “Eat dat dick up,” ta B-Real; he’ll SCREAM at you and think you’re calling him, “Gay!!!”

Review #1,406: Li Reep "Talk Of Da Town Vol. 1"

Reviewed on 6.01.2014 (Review #1,406)

Time fa anotha review. I was gonna review it last night, but when I have a day at work, I get tired real quick. But, straight outta Double D Records, once again, here’s De-C’s lil’ artist, Li Reep Talk Of Da Town Vol. 1. I’m not really a fan of Vol. 1 in titles, but I’m sure this won’t be too bad… As long as you have a good ear fa beats, and keep that 225 sound alive, just like De-C did, previously, then you aight! Start Time: 8:09 AM | End Time: 9:22 AM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes 100,000x (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it! After I was robbed by two artists who claimed their “money [was] long,” hearin’ about how much you “got money” and anything “money” really bothers me. If you have not done business wit me before, I won’t tolerate “money” talk in tha music!!

© 2014 CD Review (Review #1,406) reviewed on 6.01.2014 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

01. “BunkTown Thang”
I like tha title… Looks like a real representation of Louisiana… >>> A nice vibe, fa tha hook; nice and undaground, tha way I love it! I like how you rhymed “significant other,” on tha 1st verse. Tha 2nd verse keeps it goin’, too… Even “nuttin’ on [her] hand;” crazy! My Rating: 4.3

02. “Dog Azz”
Yeah! >>> Nice vibe; feelin’ how you comin’ through on tha 1st verse, here… Very “pussy”licious, here? Nice hook; nice and descriptive! Ah, so vulgar, lol! Tha 2nd verse keeps this vulgar shit goin’, pretty good… Tha 3rd verse’s pretty nice, too; keep it goin’, once again! My Rating: 4.2

03. “Coo-Wee!!”
Nice excitement! >>> Likin’ tha beat start, here… Tha hook sounds good; sounds like some nice, old music… Tha 1st verse’s pretty nice; feelin’ good, here… Nice job wit tha 2nd verse, too, straight on dat “Mardi Gras” vibe. Pretty catchy and anti-like, on tha 3rd verse, here! My Rating: 4.3

04. “I Go Hard”
>>> This sounds great; feelin’ tha old Down Bad-like style, on tha hook! Miss these times! Now, err-body wanna make East Coast, bullshit, tryna-be-different-soundin’ shit, and they fail miserably!! Tha 1st verse’s pretty nice; great vibes!! Hearin’ tha 2nd verse now, and it sounds pretty consistent, too, wit tha flow; can’t deny it! Tha 3rd verse’s pretty raunchy and descriptive; gotta luv it! “Chew” your “dick”? Crazy, when gnawing comes into play! My Rating: 4.4

05. “S.M.D.” Feat. De-C
Nice feature… >>> Nice start wit you havin’ an “erection” fa tha start; don’t really hear that too much, in an intro! However, it sounds a lil’ like “This Is Why I’m Hot” on tha beat intro? Hearin’ tha hook, and oh, this iz what tha title stands for, I see (“Suck My Dick”)…; catchy hook. Tha 1st verse sounds nice, though tha “This Is Why I’m Hot” sound’s throwin’ me off… Nice “dog bones” shit ta start off tha 2nd verse, with De-C! Nice shit; feelin’ that undaground voice, thugged out! Tha 3rd verse from you’s soundin’ like a survival game. However, you have a kid? I dunno…; that’s usually tha fatal choice fa rappers! My Rating: 4.1

06. “Everyday” Feat. Alphacon
>>> Sounds like an online beat, here… A good 1st verse from you, but just take note: You’re, like, one or two years older than tha dude that had kids, and failed to stay focused, in tha Louisiana rap game! My favorite Louisiana artist, that iz, only 29… Anyway, lol @ tha hook: It sounds like you’re only secret, unless you’re “bustin’ a nut”? Fa real?! That’s when people “gon see [you]”? Crazy…! Hearin’ Alphacon on tha 2nd verse, and it sounds pretty good; sounds focused… Tha 3rd verse from you ain’t too bad… Gotta luv that you on dem “blue dolphins.” I have yet ta see what these jiggaz look like, in person, within tha years ta come! My Rating: 4.0

07. “Hate The Police”
>>> Startin’ off like Final Fantasy-like music and then, it transitioned to, like, ‘90s rap… It sounds pretty nice, here, and tha 1st verse’s pretty nice; consistent, catchy flow. Nice hook; I’m feelin’ what you feelin’! I hope “tha police” don’t catch me when I go visit tha abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Center, located on Long Island, NY, as I just like to get footage… But yeah, nice hook! Tha 2nd verse’s pretty catchy, too; yeah, I hate that they “catch ya” ‘cause you “smell like weed smoke!” Tha 3rd verse sounds good; I hate that they’d judge you less if you “had white flesh.” It’s like, if only err-body would just stay in their lane? My Rating: 4.4

08. “Rosetta Stone (Remix)”
Think it’s just spelled “Rosetta” and not “Rosezetta”… >>> Not diggin’ tha low quality beginning, as well as it bein’ Drake; should just skip this… Regular rhymes; too bad tha hook fucked this up… Tha 2nd verse sounds catchy, too. Tha 3rd verse’s pretty good, too, though I don’t get why people should knock dudes fa “pissin’ sittin’ down.” It’s like, it doesn’t make tha piss get everywhere, as well as if your legs need ta be cold, you need that coldness on you ta pee! My Rating: 3.5

½time: So far, pretty nice; consistent and a great Louisiana vibe, fa me! A 4.2 fa tha CD rating, currently; keep it up!

09. “Say Wat I Want”
>>> “Grown-ass man” fa only “30”? I dunno; I’m almost 26, and I feel like tha youngest person, all tha time! I prolly gon still look like this at 40! But, I’m feelin’ your “fuck you” attitude, here; nice 1st verse and hook! Tha 2nd verse’s pretty nice; consistent wit how you comin’ through wit it! My Rating: 4.2

10. “(No Hook)”
Not sure what to expect… >>> “My dick taste like barbeque”? Talk about how different you come through wit it! LOL, so a hoe gon taste fried chicken, or somethin’, lol? Lots of rhymes, and then, tha title came outta nowhere (well, literally, without words)! Tha 2nd verse’s pretty vicious and consistent! Not even any breather room! As far as not puttin’ “a ring on [her] hand,” don’t you think that ruins rappers? I literally keep seein’ these young dads drop like flies, outta tha rap game; they retire by, like, 30, or somethin’! My Rating: 4.4

11. “Worst Luck”
>>> Doesn’t sound like an original hook, but it sounds catchy… Nice 1st verse; I’m feelin’ tha catchy flow you providin’ to tha table… Gotta luv your “Polo horses,” too! Tha 2nd verse sounds pretty nice, too… It kinda reminds me of this one artist I don’t wanna bring up. They had this nice undaground feel, but then, their kids got in tha way (smfh, again!!)! They flash so much cash in their pics, but I only made $20 off of them, within four years! Really? That can’t pay off my loans!! My Rating: 4.1

12. “Died N Your Arms” Feat. Alphacon
Hope this ain’t what I think it iz, which I think it iz (sample on tha hook)… >>> Not really inta songs that sound depressin’, or are about real shit, but this one ain’t too bad… A nice, strong 1st verse from you, here; I feel ya. And, I was right about tha sample on tha hook, smh; not terrible, like tha Drake one, though. Hearin’ Alphacon on tha 2nd verse, and it sounds betta, fa this track; I’m diggin’ this! Hearin’ you on tha 3rd verse, and this iz pretty nice! Even a dude that “had a mouth fulla gold;” hope I can see that again, soon! Haven’t seen it since October 6, 2007! My Rating: 4.2

13. “Not Gone Let U Go”
Gotta go take a shit before I get ta this… >>> Damn, iz it me, or when I take an intermission from listenin’ to a CD, it starts ta get funny/shitty? Caught me off-guard with this R&B hook… Ehh, it ain’t that bad; I can feel it. Afta a minute, tha 1st verse’s here… Okay, kinda feelin’ it; you seductin’ this lady… Tha 2nd verse’s also good; can’t complain too much… That “make me wanna eat ya up…” line’s pretty in-there, lol! My Rating: 3.7

14. “Getting Blowed”
>>> Nice beat start; sounds like it gon be good… I’m likin’ tha hook; it’s all about hangin’ in there! I know I’m strugglin’ wit gettin’ people in Louisiana ta make me a priority, but at times, I kinda hang in there… Nice job wit tha 1st verse, holdin’ it down… Tha 2nd verse sounds pretty good with this sad shit goin’ on, in tha world… Tha 3rd verse sounds like tha truth, especially how, “Niggaz changin’ like tha weather.” I totally agree wit dat; can’t believe how many 100s of people from Louisiana changed on me! I don’t even get likes or comments on my shit, anymore! My Rating: 4.2

15. “Hard N The Trap” Feat. CJG
>>> What was tha reversed shit in tha beginning? *Checks* Pointless; why reverse somethin’ pointless, that I can’t even understand? Nice hook, though, and tha 1st verse’s pretty nice… Again, tha “bustin’ a nut” line? You recycled yo own shit? Hearin’ tha C.J.G. dude on tha 2nd verse, and it sounds pretty good; catchy voice! Great job; keep this shit poppin’! I like you on tha 3rd verse, wit tha, “Get it hard or soft, like Taco Bell!” And, tha 2nd ½ of tha 3rd verse’s CJG, comin’ through wit some wicked shit! Nice voice, once again! Why tha reverse shit toward tha end, once again? My Rating: 4.2

16. “Azz Whooped” Feat. De-C & Mayhem
>>> Great hook wit this chantin’; definitely nice on this tough beat! LOL, I thought y’all said, “You gon get ya fuckin’ answers!!” Catchy title part; catchy flow! You on tha 1st verse’s pretty nice; yeah, “sneak somethin’!” Nice job wit this shit; can’t deny it… A near-soundin’ Bone Thugs-like vibe, on tha 2nd verse? Nice job, De-C! You know you got shit on lock, here! Or, iz this De-C on tha 3rd verse? Nearly tha same voices, though it’s pretty nice! Very consistent wit these rhymes!! My Rating: 4.5

17. Outtro
A double “T”? >>> Why do you consider this a “mixtape,” smh? It’s an album, it sounds like! There was no blending or hosting, so therefore, it’s not a “mixtape;” sick of people gettin’ it twisted! Thought there was rappin’ on here, but it’s just an “Outtro”, spelled wrong… My Rating: N/A

Overall: I thought this was pretty nice. It seemed like I liked De-C’s CD betta, but statistically, you did betta ‘cause you had less songs that weren’t for me. Glad you have your shit on lock, and keep it up! Double D Records got shit on lock, still; can’t wait ta review tha ’01 CD, wheneva tha time may come!


16.       “Rosetta Stone (Remix)” 3.5
15.       “Not Gone Let U Go” 3.7
14.       “Everyday” Feat. Alphacon 4.0
13.       “Worst Luck” 4.1
12.       “S.M.D.” Feat. De-C 4.1
11.        “Say Wat I Want” 4.2
10.       “Getting Blowed” 4.2
09.       “Died N Your Arms” Feat. Alphacon 4.2
08.       “Hard N The Trap” Feat. CJG 4.2
07.       “Dog Azz” 4.2
06.       “BunkTown Thang” 4.3
05.       “Coo-Wee!!” 4.3
04.       “(No Hook)” 4.4
03.    “I Go Hard” 4.4
02.    “Hate The Police” 4.4
01.    “Azz Whooped” Feat. De-C & Mayhem 4.5

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      66.7
Total Songs:                      / 16
Average CD Rating:       4.2

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