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Theme Song Video #01: "The Hip-Hop Spot with Alex McConduit"

"The Hip-Hop Spot with Alex McConduit"

Note: He unfortunately ignored this by creating another "theme song" after I showed him this one, which was a shame (MINES WAS 100x BETTER!!), and prolly tha big reason why his "phase" I had wit him wore off.

Theme Song Created by: FrankieThaLuckyDog
Edited by: FrankieThaLuckyDog on 6.22.2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

Review #98: Fire Thief, Dat Le & Sono "Princez Of The Underground Vol. II"

Reviewed on 6.20.2008 (Review No. 98)

Watz good ya'll it's FrankieThaLuckyDog. Time to do my 2nd review of tha day. This one iz from my boyz Fire Thief, Sono, and newcomer Dat Le. Let's see how this gon sound like compared to tha "No Homo (Tha Mixtape)" mixtape. Lookin' forward as usual! Here goes my review for Fire Thief, Dat Le & Sono "Princez Of The Underground Vol. II" Start Time: 4:21 PM | Video Game Playing: Cruis'n USA (for Nintendo 64) (on my computer)

01. "Princez In Here"
Here goes tha 1st one… >>> Quiet start… Anticipating… Lol @ tha start. "Tha way my lyrics flow just like a dolphin" <- I like that line. Good 1st verse by Fire Thief. Lovin' tha hook! Dat Le sounded pretty good on his part. "I am tha shit like elephant poo" <- Lmao @ that line! Liked it. This shit iz different and I just really like it! Good shit Sono also. Real white boy rappin' right here! It makes it look cool. No wonder… it's mainly 'cause ya'll from tha south! My Rating: 4.3

02. "Fat Stacks"
Let's see what this one gon sound like… >>> Oh my God that kicked in nice, loud and hard! Definitely feelin' this. It sounds real tight wit that beat and tha flowin'. Oh I just got a text from my boy DeTrane. 'Bout to answer him back right now. That hook sounds like Rick Ross or somethin'. Sono, I like that "bunny" line, lol. LMAO @ "kiss my ball sacks." My Rating: 4.4

03. "100 Million Dollars"
Yup that "100 Million" beat from Birdman and tha crew. Let's see what you guys did to it… >>> Tha beat intro sounds so hot without hearin' DJ Khaled! It's like tha same concept, but it's real good. Sono had a real nice intro wit tha shit he said. "Knife?" Dat Le came outta nowhere at tha end. My Rating: 4.3

04. "Push 'Em Back"
Wonder what this iz about… >>> Good 1st verse by Fire Thief. You got some colorful bling bling I see… Good shit. I like how this iz over a Young Buck song. Good shit. Sono did his thang at tha end outta nowhere! My Rating: 4.2

05. "Fire Princez"
Definin' tha title again… Let's see… >>> I didn't know this was gonna be over tha "Fireman" beat. Tha beginning sounds TIGHT wit Dat Le! Fire Thief flowed great over this beat! Sono's voice sounds NICE AND LOUD! It was even echoing, lol! I love it!! Dat Le KILLED this joint right here! He sounded like he was wildlin' tha fuck out! My Rating: 4.5

06. "Icy (Like Da Princez)"
I like what's in parenthesis, but I'm not gonna prolly go for this if it's over tha "Icy" beat, but who knows what'll happen… >>> Oh it sounds like Gucci Mane in tha beginning, but it's not "Icy". Tha beat iz a lot better and I like that intro, L…O…L!!! Tha shit sounds good. 2nd and 3rd verses were crazy, lol. Lol @ all this: that real cool/odd beat and then all tha shit goin' on at tha end. My Rating: 4.2

07. "Princez Of Multis"
Lemme hear all tha multis you got for this joint. BTW, I like all tha "princez" in most of tha titles! >>> It's tha "Grill 'Em" by J.R. Writer beat… What could I expect? Nothin' much here until 2:29 when it started gettin' funny wit Fire Thief. Sono wtf? LMFAO @ you on this! My Rating: 3.8

½time: Mainly funny, different, so I'm likin' it a lot. Good shit. Wonder what's left…

08. "Gossip"
One word: WEEZY!! >>> I like how you were talkin' to tha sample in tha beginning! Lol @ "I ride tha beat like a tropical elephant." Tha shit was pretty good throughout tha whole thing. I like it. My Rating: 3.9

09. "Gossip (Rasta Remix)"
Another one, lol. Two in a row! >>> I like it better!! Same lyrics in tha 1st verse, lol. Love tha Jamaican style! This sounded better! Better voices in this! My Rating: 4.1

10. "Did I Just Die?"
An Infamous Konvict production here… Let's see what goes on… >>> Good beginning! I like that Cutting Crew sample (which it sounds like tha sample you used was tha way Smitty used it in his "Died In Your Arms" single last year). Tha beat iz real nice. Not sure how much tha sample fits wit this song until I heard tha Sono verse at tha end. Now I can see… My Rating: 4.3

11. "Hurt"
What's this one? >>> Good beat intro. Oh wait, tha T.I. song! *One second later, T.I. comes in* Lookin' forward!! YEAH!! "I roll off like a muthafuckin' railroad" <- Nice. Sono, what are you doin' on your verse, lol? You always be soundin' weird, but I don't mind it. Everything iz cool here. My Rating: 3.8

Break: It's 5:13 PM right now and I gotta eat dinner (a slice of pizza). We'll see how long I take… >>> Aight I'm back at 5:29 PM, 16 minutes later. Lemme finish this up!

12. "Tear Da Club Up"
Let's see what you guys did to tha Mafia. >>> Nothin' really to say… I guess it's jammin'. I like tha lyrics and shit to this. My Rating: 3.7

13. "Good Day"
Okay I heard tha Ice Cube beat a lil' in tha beginning. Let's see what else iz goin' on. >>>> I really like tha 1st verse by Dat Le. 2nd verse by Fire Thief sounds good. I think sometimes Algebra iz easy 'cause of it bein' a math subject, but it iz hard. "7th bell rang…" <- I can't even picture a 7th bell ringin' for class 'cause when I was in high school, there weren't that many classes in one day, and as for college, there's no bells. This joint was bumpin'. Really was feelin' it. My Rating: 4.5

14. "Back Then"
What will this be? Mike Jones beat? >>> Nope, it's Biggie. I first got my 1st computer (shared wit my mom and brother) December 25, 1998, got my 1st labtop December 30, 2003 and my 1st computer of my own January 9, 2008. I like all those facts in tha 2nd verse. I made my 1st song in 2000 (a remake), but my 1st original song, "Who I Am", August 19, 2007. I joined my 1st message board November 4, 2002 (Neoseeker). That's when I created tha "FrankieThaLuckyDog" username and name itself. January 26, 2004 I joined tha Lil' Scrappy message board and then one week later, February 2, 2004, I met this girl Nook on it and really liked her! July 2005 I joined Word Of South board. Good shit right here. I did my 1st review around March 2006. I made my 1st music video January 23, 2007. Figured I'd share some shit. My Rating: 4.4

15. "Princez In This Bitch (The Best Around)"
And to end it off… >>> "Flowin' like a dead body straight down tha river" <- I really like that line! Tha beat sounds real dope. It like kicks in wit your loud vocals real good. I like this joint right here. It went through real nice. I like all of Sono's parts throughout each of these songs 'cause he on some cool shit. My Rating: 4.3

Overall: End Time: 5:50 PM. Enjoyed this shit. Good job, even tho I liked tha "No Homo (Tha Mixtape)" one better.

Rankings (according to my ratings):

15. "Tear Da Club Up" 3.7
14. "Princez Of Multis" 3.8
13. "Hurt" 3.8
12. "Gossip" 3.9
11. "Gossip (Rasta Remix)" 4.1
10. "Push 'Em Back" 4.2
09. "Icy (Like Da Princez)" 4.2
08. "Did I Just Die?" 4.3
07. "Princez In This Bitch (The Best Around)" 4.3
06. "100 Million Dollars" 4.3
05. "Princez In Here" 4.3
04. "Fat Stacks" 4.4
03. "Back Then" 4.4
02. "Fire Princez" 4.5
01. "Good Day" 4.5

Review #97: J-Burna "Spring Training"

Reviewed on 6.20.2008 (Review No. 97)

Wat it do it's ya boy FrankieThaLuckyDog here wit another review. Tha last review I did was for my boy J-Burna, and it looks like he gon have 2 reviews in a row 'cause this one iz for him too. Thanx to, I was able to get this one (along wit tha other one, "M.B.A.M.: The Mixtape"). Lookin' forward to this. I believe this iz a solo mixtape, so definitely more anticipated. Here goes my review for J-Burna "Spring Training". Lookin' forward to more gutta shit!! Start Time: 12:37 PM | Video Game Playing: Gex 64: Enter The Gecko (for Nintendo 64) (on my computer)

01. "Spring Training (Intro)"
It's now Summer, lol. Let's hear tha intro! >>> Feelin' it so far. Almost thought it was just gonna be talkin', but it's rappin'. I like it. A great way to open up tha mixtape. Tha beat flowed good wit you. My Rating: 4.0

02. "Look Out"
Let's see how this one gon be… I'm anticipated! >>> Small length of 2:17… I think tha music shouldn't have been soundin' louder than you on this… Nothin' much to say… No wonder why it was short for me. It's aight. My Rating: 3.5

03. "Stay The Same (Top Of The Game)"
Okay this one will prolly be better. It has a better title too. >>> That ½ second of silence I was able to hear come right outta my stereo before tha music came in. Sounds better definitely. Good 1st verse, and yeah, tha hook iz tight! "Hot like propane" <- I agree. Tha 2nd verse was better and real tight! My Rating: 4.3

04. "If U Wanna See Me" Feat. Young Hu$tle
Okay I see tha "$" on Young Hu$tle's name. That's a way to ID yourself tha right way without it being confused wit other "Young Hustle"s (like tha Young Hustle I know from Louisiana). Let's see tha 1st collabo on here! >>> Real nice down south beat intro!! Real good 5 minute, 5 second length too! This iz easily tha best outta tha 4 on here! NICE hook! Lol @ tha "catepillars out tha cooler" line. I like tha "leave you on tha street…" line and I like all tha times I hear "my niggaz here…" parts (mainly throughout tha hook). Good job wit tha reference to tha trap house. "Pussy wet enough to fit a gallon" <- That was a REAL nice line from Young Hu$tle!! Glad you have that great 20 second call at tha end! Really liked tha phone call at tha end. My Rating: 4.8

05. "Get Money" Feat. Lil' Chaz
A newbie on tha feature for me… Can tell it gon be a good joint right here! >>> There was like 3 seconds of silence and then all of a sudden… BOOM tha beat just kicked in loud!! Good length again at 4:48! Lil' Chaz sounds good on this. I like tha "my girl catches balls…" line. Great hook, especially tha "we don't count 5's, we rarely have 10's." This shit was bumpin' tha whole way! I liked how it had a lot of Lil' Chaz and a lot of you combined. My Rating: 4.5

06. "Bitch Stop Bluffin'"
Looks like it could be another banger! >>> A short one this time, 2 minutes 7 seconds. I'm feelin' tha beginning so far wit tha beat and you on it. I love your rappin' on this! Great shit! Love it for a short song! My Rating: 4.4

07. "Page In My Rhyme Book"
I know somebody had that line… *Thinks of who it was…* Nas had that line. I remember him sayin' it, but I forgot tha song. Let's see if you sampled it… >>> A nice dark intro. You did sample it! Good job. Likin' this vibe to this. Sounds like some NICE 90's rap!! Okay I remember now… Lol @ it takin' me a few minutes to remember. It's from "Made You Look". I like tha "and I grab tha mic like I studied all tha flows" line. I like tha "eatin' all tha rappers and I spit 'em out like pumpkin seeds" line! You must like tha "TV's wit no cable" type of lines 'cause this iz tha 2nd time I heard you say it on this mixtape. It's all good tho. I don't mind anything. My Rating: 4.4

08. "Fuck Wit Us (Die)"
You know I'm really anticipated to hear this one. This consistancy just doesn't stop! I love how you make tha mixtape go hard in a consistant way! >>> I like tha southern style beat a lot! Great hook. You know I'm gon fuckin' love this! "We smoke ya ass like a blunt" <- True, and I like that line. Great shit once again!!! My Rating: 4.6

09. "Gangsta Shit"
Title (just like wit No. 8) explains why this consistancy doesn't stop! Very anticipated!! >>> Gonna try to embrace it as much as I can since it's only 2 minutes, 38 seconds. Of course I love tha hook. Can't even come close to complainin' about it! Great beat too. "Put a hole in ya neck, like you was fightin' lung cancer" <- A gangsta type of line that I really like. I almost like this as much as "Fuck Wit Us (Die)", so this iz gonna have a slightly smaller rating than that. My Rating: 4.5

½time: During tha very beginning, I was like "I can bet'cha tha "M.B.A.M.: The Mixtape" mixtape was better easily. But then as soon as No. 4 came in, it has been VERY CONSISTANT since!! This iz REAL TIGHT! More shit I'm gonna throw on my iPod. You be makin' some hot shit! I don't really know many rappers from B-More (just Comp, but I can't think of anyone else). I think you may hold tha title in my book for "Best Rapper Reppin' B-More". Keep doin' yo thang! Let's see tha next 9 jointz!

10. "Look" Feat. Lil' Reds
My favorite color iz red, so this will prolly be real good for me. I have a feeling. >>> Oh my God tha beat came in HARD and smooth! I had a feelin' it was gonna be gangsta, but this iz CRAZY!!! That beat iz REAL TIGHT and you can handle it!! Lil' Reds was tight and you were real tight! This shit went REAL HARD on tha beat!! Great shit! My Rating: 4.7

11. "Pass Da Beat" Feat. Young Jay
As soon as I saw tha "pass da" in tha title, I was gonna hope it was gonna be "Pass Da Blunt", but it's "beat". We'll see how this will do… >>> I remember that Swizz Beatz feature wit Busta Rhymes on "Watch Ya Mouth" from… *checks date…* Oh close to a year ago, as I heard it when I was down on Long Island, New York, listenin' to CT's Hot 93.7's mixshow on June 30, 2007 @ 8:26 PM. I can dig that you're on this beat. Tha whole shit sounds good. What was that at 1:51? It sounded like it had a lil' milli second of silence? Oh wait neva mind tha beat changed a few seconds later. Good shit! Nobody really does that! I like that hook wit Young Jay talkin' about "pass da beat." Real good shit right here! This iz very creative right here! See, someone like you can make this shit hot after I was thinkin' it was somethin' else at first. That's what makes you a real good dude/rapper! My Rating: 4.4

12. "Interlude"
Yes an interlude!! It's about time one of these came on your mixtape! Oh no it sounds like it might be thunderin' where I'm at right now, so this could be lucky. I'm lookin' forward to hearin' tha interlude! >>> I didn't expect to hear a beat behind it. It's REAL TIGHT and dark! Nice lil' interlude. I thought I was gonna hear more talkin', but it's all good. My Rating: N/A <- FYI, I only rate songs. I don't rate interludes. I would only rate somethin' if there was any singin'/rappin' goin' on.

13. "My Life"
I know about 12387012371238 different people make a song like this, but I'm anticipated to hear one about you, even tho I'm learnin' more shit about you as I'm hearin' these songs. Let's hear your "My Life" track. >>> Okay a good flashback beat right here from Pharoahe Monch & Styles P "My Life" from 2002. I wish I was still livin' on Long Island, New York unlike this shitty-ass, gay-ass Northeast PA. At least when I'm up here, I'm doin' all this shit for tha music business (reviews and shit like for you). It sux that "your life been hurt since birth." I hate how fucked up things have to happen in tha world to everyone. I like tha "world cold like a snow cone" line. They removed tha fuckin' ice cream parlor right near my house not too long ago! WTF!!! I like this shit tho. You did good on it. My Rating: 4.2

14. "Victory Lap"
Speaking of tha same title for No. 13 and this, did you rap over tha Yung Berg/Eve beat of tha same title? Let's see… >>> It's not (I don't think), but it's not bad. Not as good as all those other songs, but I'll not hate on this. Good hook and not bad lyrics. My Rating: 3.4

15. "Goodbye (Outro)"
It No. 15 tho… I guess tha last 3 are bonus tracks? Let's hear tha outro, although I think tha "It's A Celebration Bitches! (Outro)" track will prolly be a better outro track. >>> I like tha "shotgun at my door" part in tha sample. Tha sample sounds sad… I guess I can be sad 'cause this mixtape iz almost over. Here ya go: <- There! I'm sad, lol. "Goodbye to tha weed spots" <- That sux. I'm feelin' this tho. I like tha 17 seconds of talkin' at tha end. You need like a long talkin' for an interlude. That would be good. But yeah, tha "It's A Celebration Bitches! (Outro)" was a better outro easily for me, but this was a very good outro track too! My Rating: 3.8

16. "Champion (Bonus Track)"
I was right about tha bonuses! Let's see if they're really worth tha value of bonuses! >>> I didn't even realize it was only 1:45 at first. It was too short, but I thought it was okay. Nothin' really to say… My Rating: 3.5

17. "Fly Shit (Bonus Track)"
Let's hear this one… >>> Good longer and better beat! Sounds good. I love your flow and your rappin'. It makes these tracks sound real good. It sometimes reminds me of some Philly shit. This shit be bumpin' nice! My Rating: 4.1

18. "Harder (Bonus Track)" Feat. Lil' Chaz & Wite Shoes
Finally Shoes makes an appearance. I thought he was gonna appear a lot earlier in tha mixtape, but it's all good. Last month, I reviewed a Dance song by Chico & Claudia Monet called "Harder (Remix Radio Edit)". It was a REAL HOT/SEXY joint where it was on tha dirty side (where tha girl was like "you got tha magic stick, you like my candy shop? But can you handle it…"). That was tha last song on a CD too, lol (so iz this). Since that was tha HOT dirty shit, I hope this iz tha HOT shit that goes "harder" than a lot of jointz! Let's see if I'm right… >>> 4:22 iz a good length. Lol @ that female sample! Unexpected right there! Oh this iz definitely a "hard" beat!! Yeah Lil' Chaz did his thang and that sample/beat/hook iz off tha chain!! I like when Shoes talks about tha "push, kick" part. That was tight shit. Shoes did his thang on this. So far he has tha best part on it. Uh oh it's thunderin' louder outside! You did yo thang on this, but I think tha best part goes to Shoes in my opinion. Good shit right here! It DEFINITELY went "harder" than tracks out there in tha world right now! My Rating: 4.5

Overall: End Time: 2:02 PM. This was another REAL TIGHT mixtape by you dawg. I was really feelin' it! Keep sendin' me as much shit as you can! I don't mind reviewin' any of it at all! In fact, I love it.

Rankings (according to my ratings):

17. "Victory Lap" 3.4
16. "Champion (Bonus Track)" 3.5
15. "Look Out" 3.5
14. "Goodbye (Outro)" 3.8
13. "Spring Training (Intro)" 4.0
12. "Fly Shit (Bonus Track)" 4.1
11. "My Life" 4.2
10. "Stay The Same (Top Of The Game)" 4.3
09. "Pass Da Beat" Feat. Young Jay 4.4
08. "Page In My Rhyme Book" 4.4
07. "Bitch Stop Bluffin'" 4.4
06. "Get Money" Feat. Lil' Chaz 4.5
05. "Harder (Bonus Track)" Feat. Lil' Chaz & Wite Shoes 4.5
04. "Gangsta Shit" 4.5
03. "Fuck Wit Us (Die)" 4.6
02. "Look" Feat. Lil' Reds 4.7
01. "If U Wanna See Me" Feat. Young Hu$tle 4.8

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Review #95: Lil' Wayne "Tha Carter III"

I regret some of tha ratings...

Reviewed on 6.10.2008 & 6.11.2008 (Review No. 95)

Watz good it's Frankie, enjoyin' this day a whole lot!! First off, it's tha BIG, BIG day for Weezy F Baby! His album "Tha Carter III" FINALLY hits tha stores!!! I'm rockin' my Lil' Wayne 25th birthday edition shirt (signed by Weezy) that I got online (thanx to a Myspace bulletin he posted) in honor of his special day today! Also, I'm listenin' to nothin' but Weezy all day today on my iPod (NO ONE ELSE)!! Well, I gotta take a break from tha Weezyness on my iPod for 2 hours as I do this review (and it's more Weezy). I didn't get to a store today (like Target) to get tha album. Whenever I go to Walmart again, I gotta go to Target to get this CD 'cause I need to get a copy! Today was special though: Instead of goin' to Walmart, I went to Wegmans, bought a $10 scratch-off lottery ticket and I won $100!! That's watz good!! Now, here goes my review for Lil' Wayne "Tha Carter III". And because it's gettin' a lil' past 5 PM, I'm gonna start it at 5:04 PM in honor of New Orleans (504). Start Time: 5:04 PM | Video Game Playing: Donkey Kong Country 2 (Diddy's Kong Quest) (for Super Nintendo) (on my countdown)

01. "3 Peat"
I know this whole CD I'm gonna have a high AL (anticipation level) on each track, lol. Let's see how this SPECIAL CD gon start!!! >>> A good/different start for me. Definitely likin' that beat a lot and it's a good intro track for Weezy. Sounds like "I'm Me" towards tha end. Great sequel to that song tho even tho this iz short. My Rating: 4.3

02. "Mr. Carter" Feat. Jay-Z
High AL for this (of course). Let's see what he did wit tha boss himself, Jay-Z!! >>> Feelin' tha beginning. I like all those things about tha seasons!! Real tight Weezy!! Yeah I agree wit you: 2 words you'll NEVA hear: "Wayne quit." You'll NEVA quit!! I like tha sample to this and tha beat iz a nice East Coast/Southern beat. Jay did his thang. I'm just lovin' this right now!! Love that beat change when you spit at tha end of Jay's verse into yours! Wow GREAT ending wit that crowd at tha end!! My Rating: 4.5

03. "A Milli"
I guess it's spelled without an "e" at tha end. Well this iz tha 1st song I already know. Music Choice givin' it lots of burn here and there (both Music Choice Hip-Hop And R&B and Music Choice Rap). I actually really like tha version wit Cory Gunz (that's 1:56 in length) 'cause Cory Gunz KILLS IT!!! Anyway, this version iz real good too. I HOPE it says "a million here, a million there" in tha beginning of tha 2nd verse 'cause tha full version I have doesn't have that for some reason. And Weezy sounds a lil' random on this (in a good way). It's like a random speech on a tight beat! Love it! >>> 3:41 in length? It's about a minute less than tha version I have. I still HOPE this iz tha one I'm asking for!! I love how that beat sample iz so repetitive throughout tha whole damn song!! It makes ya go nuts in a good way!! TIGHT BEAT too!! YES IT JUST SAID "a million here, a million there!!!" YEAH!!!!! "I don't owe you like two VOWELS" <- LOVE THAT LINE, ESPECIALLY when you say "vowels," it sounds like you had an attitude! Love it!! Love tha "even Gwen Stefani said she couldn't doubt me" line. Actually, I'm glad it's this short wit that fade at tha end 'cause tha long version I have, it's just tha beat at tha end and it made me mad 'cause it threw me off. My Current Rating: 4.9

04. "Got Money" Feat. T-Pain
Hot 97 (in New York) puttin' this one (and "A Milli") on tha spot right now wit "Lollipop". Major burn on Hot 97. *Checks to see where it's ranked currently…* "Lollipop" iz No. 1, "A Milli" iz No. 7, this song iz No. 13, "Mr. Carter" iz No. 21 and "Comfortable" iz No. 75. Other Lil' Wayne featured songs on Hot 97's Top 100 of tha week are: "Love In This Club Pt. 2" at No. 10, Lloyd's song "Girls All Around The World" at No. 25 and DJ Khaled & Tha Crew's "Out Here Grindin'" at No. 73. To see tha chart, you go to <- you have to put a "No." symbol right before tha "W". It won't do it on Myspace because they take it out for some reason. Music Choice Rap iz playin' this one here and there. I can't wait to finally hear it!! VERY HIGH AL on it!! I heard from Wikipedia that it has an auto-tone in it! >>> Play-N-Skillz on tha beat. Yeah this iz on some HOT shit!! This iz tight. Gives me a feel like "The Boss" by Rick Ross & T-Pain 'cause of T-Pain bein' featured. REAL HOT right here!! That "bitch I'm tha bomb like tick, tick" line was good shit. Tight track right here!! My Rating: 4.6

05. "Comfortable" Feat. Babyface
I thought it was good to bring back Babyface outta nowhere wit this one! Music Choice Rap been playin' this for a few months now. They only played it like 5 times though (that's how much I heard it). Anyway, lookin' forward to reviewin' it! >>> Yeah tha hook iz tight. I like that Kanye West beat too! I like how you mention Khia's "My Neck, My Back". Yeah tha whole song iz tight, especially you rappin'. My Current Rating: 4.4

06. "Dr. Carter"
Another song wit "Carter" in tha title huh? High AL for me! Definitely dying to hear more from you!! >>> I like tha intro. What's wit that 1st verse? I heard you say that before wit tha "heart…bass" line and tha "capture me like a gallery" line. That whole 1st verse iz from one of your previous songs. I was hearin' it today when I had your songs on shuffle. Hey I liked tha end of tha verse though 'cause it went right into somethin' else. This iz soundin' like a real interesting song right here! Definitely feelin' it!! I like tha beginning of tha 3rd verse a whole lot!! You said "honey oats" I see… One of my favorite cereals iz Honey Bunches Of Oats. Now-a-dayz I've been chokin' on that shit too much, but that's my favorite cereal of all time! Been eating it for over 10 years! Great beat too! Sounds like Kanye. My Rating: 4.6
EDIT: Okay I was lookin' and lookin'… Where I originally heard tha 1st verse of this song was on "Bonus Track 2" from tha "In The Carter Chronicles" mixtape I got in February 2008. You was just freestylin' somethin' acapella wit no beat in tha background.

07. "Phone Home"
Oh yeah forgot to mention, MTV Jams has been playin' lots of your videos back to back and non-stop during last weekend and up until today. Good shit! I actually was glad to see you introduce them and shit and I'm REAL glad I got to see them (they were all good) as well as jointz you were featured in. Thumbs up to MTV Jams. Well high AL for this one. Tha title gets me curious to hear it just like wit tha "Dr. Carter" song! >>> A Cool & Dre production wit a REAL TIGHT beginning intro!!!!! One of tha best intros I heard!! VERY INTERESTING!! What's wit tha "phone home" parts? This sounds tight tho! This iz ur prospective as a martian. Interesting. I don't like tha hook tho. It sounds weird to me… Reminds me of N.E.R.D. "Everyone Nose" (even tho I like that one). I like that "I'm rare…" line! VERY HOT and VERY INTERESTING song right here! I have a feeling people gon be hating on it 'cause of tha hook tho, but fuck tha haterz!! My Rating: 4.7

08. "Tie My Hands" Feat. Robin Thicke
I swear, this CD looks like it's gettin' better and better!! Tha sequel to "Shooter" I see right here… Who would've guessed… VERY CURIOUS wit a VERY HIGH AL for this one!!! >>> A long song at 5:19 on tha length… Good smooth intro. This iz good for a slow jam. Good parts by you and Robin! BTW, a VERY GOOD 2nd verse by tha 2 of you guys!! Great slow jam! My Rating: 4.2

½time: It's off to a VERY GOOD start! Lovin' all these different types of songs here! Hopefully tha rest of this CD turns out to be REALLY GREAT!!!

09. "Mrs. Officer" Feat. Bobby Valentino
Damn I'm LOVIN' this!! First, a Mr., then a Dr., and now a Mrs.!! Good shit!! Let's see tha sequel to "Tell Me (Remix)"!! High AL!! >>> Good a long one at 4:47! Lol @ Bobby doin' those police siren imitations! Good shit right here. Who was on tha 3rd verse? Anyway, I'm gonna give it tha same rating as tha one wit Robin Thicke. I prolly like this better, but we'll see at tha end. BTW, no offense, but I hope this iz tha end of tha features wit songs about girls (excluding "Lollipop" coming up). We need tha gutta shit now to change things up! My Rating: 4.2

10. "Let The Beat Build"
This looks like some good shit! Hope it's as gutta as it looks! High AL for this!! >>> A long one at 5:09 on tha length. Sample sounds weird… I didn't expect it for this type of song… I like how tha "beat builded". Tha sample iz annoying (people would prolly hate on this song), but of course, your rhymes always save songs like this! I always enjoy tha rhymes!! My Rating: 3.8

11. "Shoot Me Down" Feat. D. Smith
High AL… Hope it's gutta unlike tha last song!! >>> Another good length @ 4:29. It's pretty good… Beat reminds me of some old song… This'll be one of those songs that you'd get used to and really like prolly… My Rating: 3.9

12. "Lollipop" Feat. Static Major
I thought this would be earlier in tha CD… Anyway, I wanna say R.I.P. to Static Major. It's real sad that he's gone. I remember when I first heard/saw him on that David Banner "Crank It Up" joint. That joint/video was SICK as FUCK!!! And this iz prolly Static's biggest song right here. Too bad he's gone. Anyway, I predict this'll be tha No. 1 video on Notorized: BET's Top 100 Videos of 2008 when that countdown goes off on December 31, 2008. Tha big Lil' Wayne song that's been No. 1 on a ton of charts/countdowns/etc.! Congrats on all that! Great video too! Oh yeah when I hear this, this reminds me of a few 2002 Ambient songs by Vertigo Deluxe that Music Choice Sounds Of The Seasons play (just by hearin' tha hook and that certain beat in tha hook). Also, I'm definitely feelin' tha remix wit Kanye West and I'm also feelin' tha Klubjumpers/Mike Bordes remix too (Dance remix)!! My Current Rating: 4.5

13. "La La" Feat. Brisco & Busta Rhymes
Izn't this a lil' old or iz there new verses on it? High AL on re-hearing!! >>> Those sounds in tha beginning of tha 1st verse sound like "A Milli" and that girl "la la"ing sounds like Kerli "Walking On Air" (tha intro). VERY GOOD rhymes by Weezy tho on this!! This izn't tha same thing I heard before (which was somethin' like "I blow on my la la…" or somethin' like that). Brisco iz tha SHIT! I really like him as a rapper! He had a GREAT verse, especially that "horny" part at tha end. I do like tha hook and all that's goin' on wit this joint. Busta Rhymes doin' his THANG too! VERY GOOD beginning of his verse! REALLY LIKE that "money fuckin' retarded! Call it down syndrome money." I like that "nigga I'm tha shit, get tha fuck up out my toilet" line! My Rating: 4.5

14. "Playing With Fire" Feat. Betty Wright
Izn't she from way back in tha day? C'mon now… Where's tha gutta type of songs wit tha gutta type of features? No. 13 was good, but I don't know… I guess high AL 'cause of you Weezy… >>> Actually she sounds real good on this. I didn't expect her to get down tha way she iz on this. This whole joint sounds tight. This iz pretty gutta unexpectically. Good shit right here. My Rating: 4.4

15. "You Ain't Got Nuthin'" Feat. Juelz Santana & Fabolous
I can't believe this iz almost over… But this looks like more gutta shit right here!! VERY HIGH AL on tha collab!!! >>> Good it's 5:27!! Fabolous's part was tight (of course)! Of course, Juelz killed it. He MURDERS everything he touches!! Lol @ that auto-tone! Lol @ you and mentioning "baby" a lot. I like it tho. Weezy F Ba-by! Of course you did yo thang on this! As always, good shit!! My Rating: 4.5

16. "Don'tGetIt"
Iz that how it looks? All as one word as a title? Well we're at Song No. 16 right now and all tha faith iz on No. 16!! This iz Weezy so what could happen? Very high AL!!! >>> 9:52 on tha length? Wow it's so long… Iz this 2 tracks in one or one track? Sounds tight wit tha beat and tha sample!! This was a real interesting song wit a real interesting outro wit you talkin'! My Rating: 4.4
EDIT: I didn't realize this was tha last joint. I thought there was 17 at first, but naw, there was 16. Good shit either way.

Overall (Part 1): End Time: 7:18 PM. Well I can say that this was DEFINITELY a VERY, VERY GOOD CD!! Love your music and your rappin' as always!! I've really liked you as a rapper & person since Summer 2002 (when I first heard/seen tha video for "Way Of Life"). I've only been big wit lovin' music since Summer 2000 by tha way. I considered you my favorite rapper on February 20, 2007. However, if more of tha beats could have been more Louisianaish (like beats like "Tha Block Is Hot", which iz str8 up Louisiana feelin'), then I would've liked it more. Still good shit. Nice mix of East Coast/South music!! REAL GOOD LUCK to you and your success still in tha future! I said a prayer for you right before I went to sleep last night. I predict (this iz just a guess) that this CD iz gonna sell 867,323 copies in its first week!

Continuation: It's 9:23 PM right now on June 11th and today I went to Target to buy tha CD itself, so I'm gonna also review tha bonus tracks and tha "The Leak" CD it came wit. Here it goes:

Bonus Disc

01. "Action"
I heard this was "Lights Camera Action" (a.k.a. "Showtime") from a while back. Anything added to it? Length iz a lil' longer than tha one I have so let's see what's goin' on here. >>> Tha vocals sound more professionally edited on this version. I think I like my other one better. Always loved that beginning "I'm in love wit a beauty / she iz a cutie." I thought that was tha hook at first. This was tha 1st song from you I heard you use tha auto-tone in. 1st verse of course was great. WTF iz wit that girl on tha 2nd chorus? Lol @ "I don't give a fuck about a dog asshole." 2nd verse was real stupid, especially wit all those imitations like "I'm So Hood". 3rd verse was aight. Wow this REALLY blows!!!!!! This iz tha 2nd time I did this on a review (previous time was comparing "No Air (Benassi Radio Edit)" to "No Air (Future Presidents Remix)" by Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown because tha Bneassi Radio Edit (which has a hot beat) was a version I didn't really like too much at first on a review)). I'm goin' to actually review tha version I have wit Juliany & Main Event, who had MUCH BETTER verses than Lil' Wayne's 2nd & 3rd verses!! >>> Yeah I rather have that "not professionally edited vocals" part in tha beginning than tha one on tha bonus disc!! Yeah Juliany has skillz! MUCH better verse by him than Lil' Wayne's 2nd stupid verse! Yeah Main Event has prolly tha best verse in tha song!! My favorite parts from him: "diggin' like a pirate tryna find tha hidden treasure" and "100 pack of rubbers like I'm tryna break a record." TIGHT SHIT!!! My Rating: Version On Bonus Disc: 2.6 | Version Wit Juliany & Main Event: 4.6

02. "Whip It"
Okay this another new joint so high AL on it!! Better not blow like that piece-of-shit version of "Lights Camera Action (Showtime)"!! >>> Good start so far. Beat speed sounds like "Walk It Out" wit all those electronic sounds! "I ain't Santa Claus, but I make it rain, dear" <- Nice line!!! Wow it took 2 minutes to get to tha hook, lol. I mean it's good, but a lil' too commercial sounding? "I'm fly like tha flyers they passin' out" <- This was a good line too! Aight this song iz goin' on too long… I don't mind you rappin', but that beat should change up at least! My Rating: 3.5

Aight now to "The Leak", which I have reviewed all these songs in tha past already on my review to "In The Carter Chronicles" 4 months ago, but I FUCKIN' LOVE PRETTY MUCH ALL OF 'EM!!!!! BTW, I don't have tha time to re-hear them 'cause I gotta listen to in 10 minutes wit my dawg Alex (who does tha show). Curren$y iz supposed to check in so I gotta hear it! I'm just gonna pretty much copy/paste my previous review along wit addin' some extra shit and different ratings (some went up). This iz tha 1st time I'm reviewing songs without playin' tha song!:

"The Leak" Disc

01. "I'm Me"
My original review: It's always anticipating to hear new Weezy music, especially on Music Choice. This one iz good, and I like all them old Weezy samples in tha beginning & tha end. This a good joint right here throughout tha verses & tha hook. My favorite part iz at tha end of tha hooks where there's an echo (especially when it's "BITCH…BITCH…BITCH…BITCH…."
To add to this: I actually only gave this a 4.2 rating. I actually love this song now and it could have a chance to become my "Anthem Of Tha Year". Its gotta go up against Rocko "Umma Do Me", which currently has tha title. Tha official award for this (and other awards) go off January 2009! Love any hook that can explain that you're yourself!! My Current Rating: 4.9 <- Nice +0.7 boost

02. "Gossip"
My original review: Was tha predicted single for "Tha Carter 3: The Leak" CD. I liked this joint a lot and had it (of course) before anyone at my college. I got this October 26, 2007 @ 8:58 PM. Let's see what I'm gonna quote from this joint as I hear it for tha like 100-somethin'ith time. >>> "I'm tryna be polite, but you bitches in my hair like tha fuckin' po-lice." <- That was tight, and tha way "police" was said. I like how tha hook iz different parts of different ladies.
To add to this: Still really feel it and I like on tha "Hottest MCs In The Game" for 2008 on MTV, this plays at tha beginning where they say "Wayne was tha hottest MC of 2007." My Current Rating: 4.4 <- +0.2 to my original 4.2 rating

03. "Kush"
My original review: An odd smooth/slow beat, but knowing Lil' Wayne, he can transform any type of shit into tha shit! "Bitches on dick like a glue-stick" <- OMG tight line! Those 3 lines about tha "turtles" was FUCKIN' HOT! Really likin' that nice smooth hook about tha "kush"! "Keep my shit together, not a screw loose." <- More fuckin' hot shit! "All this ice make me feel like a polar bear." <- I can't even keep my video game on. I gotta keep pausing it to quote some hot shit! This my favorite so far (that I didn't hear b4) wit tha MOST UNEXPECTED BEAT too! I might even play this for my Lil' Wayne pick for April.
To add to this, I didn't pick this for April 'cause I didn't think of anything to get. I forgot I even said that… I should've picked it for April. I picked "A Milli" wit Cory Gunz for my Wayne song of April. Anyway, I still feel tha same about it. It had a high rating for me originally, so I'm gonna keep tha same rating. Hope somebody gets this! If not, I'll play it! Oh yeah glad I got a "non-mixtape" version! My Current Rating: 4.8

04. "Love Me Or Hate Me"
My original review: This may be new for lots of people, but this iz old for me, yet a good oldie 'cause it was during a good timing (end of Spring 2007). This first leaked online on June 12th (as I got it then). I thought it was a freestyle to Lady Sovereign's "Love Me Or Hate Me", but it wasn't. It's a deep song, and I still love it today. Thanx to this song, every month (starting January 2008), I've been picking a new Lil' Wayne joint to play in rotation every single month, so major props to this joint. Yeah it was last month I heard someone bump this joint in tha dorm at my college. LATE, but it's all good. Just remember who had it 8 months ago! ME! I sometimes don't like hearing random people at my college bump this joint 'cause sometimes negative shit comes outta certain people outta my college, and when I had this joint, I was like tha only one wit it/that knew it. I wouldn't wanna see it turn into shit. Anyway, tha whole song/lyrics iz hot, especially tha "C-A-R, T-E-R / VCR" line. Even tho I had this on June 12, 2007, I neva got tha high quality version 'til around December/January.
To add to this: Wow tomorrow marks a year ago I got it already. When I saw it online, nobody really paid attention to it and it pissed me off. I felt as tho it was under rated. Now it's gettin' tha chance to get lots more exposure one year later! I gave it a 4.8 current rating on my previous review to it, so I'm gonna keep it 'cause it's still a current rating. My Current Rating: 4.8

05. "Talkin' About It"
My original review: Beat intro sounds like "Love Me Or Hate Me", only faster. "Ya know I'm comin' wit a gun like Nintendo." <- Nice. At least there was somethin' to quote in this. I like that hook too.

To add to this: This looks like tha more professional title than just "Talkin'" (as it was displayed on tha review I did previously). I like it slightly better. Glad I have a "non-mixtape" version now. My Current Rating: 4.4 <- +0.1 on tha rating

Overall (Part 2): End Time: 10:06 PM. Could've done without tha bonus tracks from Target, but I rather have "Whip It" than "Prostitute 2". Glad for tha "The Leak" CD! That made this CD look even better!! Gonna add tha 7 songs to tha rankings:

Rankings (according to my ratings):

23. "Action" 2.6
22. "Whip It" 3.5
21. "Let The Beat Build" 3.8
20. "Shoot Me Down" Feat. D. Smith 3.9
19. "Tie My Hands" Feat. Robin Thicke 4.2
18. "Mrs. Officer" Feat. Bobby Valentino 4.2
17. "3 Peat" 4.3
16. "Don'tGetIt" 4.4
15. "Playing With Fire" Feat. Betty Wright 4.4
14. "Comfortable" Feat. Babyface 4.4
13. "Gossip" 4.4
12. "Talkin' About It" 4.4
11. "Lollipop" Feat. Static Major 4.5
10. "La La" Feat. Brisco & Busta Rhymes 4.5
09. "You Ain't Got Nuthin'" Feat. Juelz Santana & Fabolous 4.5
08. "Mr. Carter" Feat. Jay-Z 4.5
07. "Got Money" Feat. T-Pain 4.6
06. "Dr. Carter" 4.6
05. "Phone Home" 4.7
04. "Love Me Or Hate Me" 4.8
03. "Kush" 4.8
02. "A Milli" 4.9
01. "I'm Me" 4.9

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Review #94: Fire Thief & Sono "No Homo (Tha Mixtape)"

Good ratings mainly only 'cause of humor.

Reviewed on 6.08.2008 (Review No. 94)

Watz good it's Frankie… and I have this odd lookin' review I'm about to do… Let's see… I'm very anticipated to review it wit 2 things that usually bother me? Tha two things: 1.) It havin' "no homo" in tha title (which I think tha saying "no homo" iz one of tha worst things in Rap music) and 2.) Mostly jacked beats. Why would I be reviewin' this then? Well tha answer iz these cool dudes Fire Thief & Sono (Sonof504 on Word Of South message board) put out this mixtape called tha "No Homo (Tha Mixtape)" mixtape. It's lookin' like somethin' that I'm prolly gonna laugh my ass off and enjoy. Without further or do, here goes my review for Fire Thief & Sono "No Homo (Tha Mixtape)". BTW, I try to never use tha term "no homo" in anything (unless it's a quote/title like this mixtape name) because I dislike it (I let my Autism reflect certain weird things said by me if I say anything weird). Actually, when I see it in posts, I try to let my eyes not see it. BTW, tha mixtape cover iz very funny/creative/odd/OMG! Oh yeah happy birthday to my boy Keon today and shouts out to him! Start Time: 11:22 PM | Video Game Playing: Donkey Kong Country 2 (Diddy's Kong Quest)"

01. "Crank Dat No Homo"
Oh God… … … … … … … … … <- That's what's goin' through my head right now. Nothin' but " … " messages. Maybe No. 1 should have been "No Homo (Tha Intro)" and this be No. 2… What's gonna happen when I press play? And this iz Louisiana music right here… AHHH!!!!!!! >>> I thought tha hook was gonna be better, but I HATE "Crank Dat Soulja Boy"… I'm tryin' to be easy on this… It's funny so it gets tha props. I guess that's Fire Thief on tha 1st verse. I think his voice makes things funny. Sono iz very funny when his voice sounds like it's BLASTING! Sono was funnier on this. And before I pressed play, Duffy's "Mercy" came on Music Choice Hitlist. I was thinkin' "imagine if these dudes did somethin' on Duffy's beat, lol." I would've laughed my ass off entirely. But anyway, tha hook sounds better. I expected to hear somethin' like "watch me (yuuugh) crank dat no homo, now watch me (yuuugh) crank dat no homo." My Rating: 3.7

02. "Freestyle Up The Ass"
Listenin' to Kerli "Walking On Air" on Music Choice Electronica as I'm writing this in between these songs. She said "little creepy bat." As soon as she said that, I looked at tha title and I laughed my ass off… looks "creepy." What beat iz this/what tha fuck iz this? >>> Tha "Back That Ass Up" beat. I remember this. I reviewed this in one of Sono's threads. Very high rating for me on this! I love how tha vocals sound BLASTING! Tha whole thing iz enjoyable and would easily put me in a good mood. I like tha "this iz "No Homo", get out of your home…" part. Let's see what I originally said about it *checks my short review on May 17, 2008…* I like how it sounds like it's BLASTING! I like tha flowin' (of course). Just how you rhyme on this iz funny/real good. I can tell this iz a freestyle. You try to prevent tha stumblin' as best as you can. I sometimes repeat words here and there when I freestyle. Most of tha time I'll be like (which sometimes iz good) "man stop playin', you know tha crown iz mine / you fucked up, you done ran outta time / Time to survive that iz…" <- I'll always define tha last thing that rhymed. Anyway, now it's FT's part… Yeah FT comin' through wit that same tight flow/rhymes as I heard on tha last joint (that "Diss" joint). My Rating: 4.8

03. "Money Make Me Cum" Feat. C Money
OMG one title after tha next… I don't know which one iz funnier/stranger… But a high AL (anticipation level) for me. What could this be about? "Make It Rain" beat? That's my prediction. >>> Lol @ tha auto-start. I don't know tha beat… OMG LMFAO @ this!!! Tha semen shit and shit that's bein' said by Fire Thief!! Where'd that Ross come from? Oh yeah I remember so long ago someone posted somethin' about this song (by Ross). OMG LMFAO @ Sono!! Lol @ your complaining!! When tha Ross part comes outta nowhere, it sounds funny 'cause of how it's pasted in. This was too funny!! My Rating: 4.7

04. "Pink Pony"
*Imitates tha voice in tha beginning* Heyyyy!!! I heard that for tha first time I almost fell over! I actually left that voice on my rappin' grandma's answer machine a few dayz ago. Oh and because this iz this mixtape, I guess I'll get weird… why not. A decade ago, I think I got this "pink pony" from somewhere (might've been McDonalds; it was a My Little Pony pony). I named her "Pony" and gave her tha birthday of April 18th. I don't know where she iz now (maybe my lil' brother has her), but this year, her birthday was so shocking, I checked scratch-off lottery tickets from New York that my rappin' grandma found for me. I found $102 in winning tickets (even tho only $12 cashed in due to tha other $90 was already cashed in without me knowing). Anyway, VERY HIGH AL on this…!! >>> Didn't think this was gonna be this good! LMAO @ "ride tha pink pony." "Ponies in tha club… ride tha saddle!" As soon as tha 1st verse started, OMG!! Lol @ tha doritos! I just ate some before this review! Lol @ one part right around 1:50 that skipped. And then a lil' at 2:14 (tha beat). Tha autotone!! "Shawty said tha pony that she with ain't shit" <- NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm like screwin' up in playin' Donkey Kong Country 2 and just laughin' my ass off! Now it's Fire Thief… Let's see what he gon do… Cricket sound, lol. Tha whole thing was CRAZY! Sono got to shine on this!! My Rating: 5.0

05. "Put On"
Tha new Young Jeezy & Kanye joint? What's goin' on here? >>> It iz… Not sure about it so far… Nothin' really goin' on here. Wow that 2nd verse. *Says what I'm typin' fast* Tha 2nd verse was goin' like at a very fast speed and it was goin' like fuckin' insane wit tha fuckin' rapid-speed. Good fast flowin'! Sorry but this was boring me… I liked that you kept Jeezy on tha hook. Maybe I'll give it a lil' more credit for that. But this sounded like it had nothin' to do wit a subject related to "no homo" (not even tha title was changed). My Rating: 3.5

06. "Young Rhyme Spittaz"
What iz this? >>> Oh "A Millie"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Lets my jaws drop right now and has drool droolin' out* Good part by Fire Thief! "Slurpin' down like a slushie" <- I need to get a slurpie one of these dayz… When I go to Walmart to get Subway… I think they got it! Oh and I asked for carrots on my sub and tha lady was like "you want olives?" She said it in a HOT voice I loved it! LMAO @ Sono!!! LMAO @ tha beat originally havin' all those "a millie, a millie…"s in tha beat! Lol @ tha Spongebob underwear. I stopped wearin' underwear August 10, 2006. Yeah it took a while… Yeah where iz that "honey" herself (Erykah Badu)? I enjoyed this. My Rating: 4.5

07. "Damn She's Old"
Lol. I wonder how old… My rappin' grandma CAN rap and she's 64! Maybe she should collab wit you guys! High AL!! >>> I don't know tha beat, but Chops iz on tha track… Sounds like Dipset meets Lil' Weavah… Lol @ tha crusty feet. I neva saw my dad's feet for your information. Lol @ tha hook and tha "my nuts are cold." Yeah "she had her titties hangin' out!" "Let's cuddle up and shit." "I took her boobs out and started suckin' on 'em" <- Good!!!!!!!! She's only in her 30's? I thought she was gonna be a real, real old girl. I'm glad "she swallowed all tha cum down." My Rating: 4.1

08. "Ain't Got Time For Games" Feat. Tribu
What could this be? >>> "Get Silly" beat? Lol. I have a feeling this'll beat my expectations. Actually it didn't, but it was not bad throughout tha whole thing. My Rating: 3.6

09. "Cock Boys"
Oh God… I knew within one second that this has to be over tha Jay-Z "Roc Boys (And The Winner Is…)" beat. >>> "And tha winner iz me." I was right wit that beat. Looks like this gon be good. Sono soundin' funny… Yeah I agree wit you: "I'm not gay" <- That's one of my quotes to people: "I'm not gay, I'm Autistic." This shit iz pretty good. Funny. Lol @ tha "tha Roc boys in tha building tonight… no, tha Cock boys in tha building tonight!" My Rating: 4.3

10. "My House" Feat. Rasty
I hope this iz tha Curren$y/Lil' Wayne beat… >>> It's not… I don't know tha beat. I actually like this. Good verses by Fire & Sono. Good hook too. Good shit all tha way. I like that ending. My Rating: 4.5

11. "Gettin' Some Head" Feat. Lil' Wayne
Goin' back to tha '06 dayz… Let's see what you did to Shawnna… >>> Yeah that hook was tha shit! Love tha '06 dayz! Oh and Fire, your verse iz on FIRE, especially that rapid-fast-FIRE rappin'!! Lil' Wayne could've been better… I think there was another remix Music Choice played and he sounded a lot better on that one. Fire & Sono > Lil' Wayne on this! My Rating: 4.3

12. "Headshot"
>>> Familiar beat, but I don't know it. Sounds real random… Nothing really to say here… My Rating: 3.4

13. "Gum On My Shoe"
Someone produced this for ya I see… Infamous Konvict. I can't picture what this gon be… Because Max Minelli "U Gotta Luv Me Baby" iz on Music Choice Rap right now (which this iz tha 3rd time it has come on since it premiered 2 months ago), I finna listen to it and wait 'til it's over! >>> I guess because it's different, I gotta give it credit. Kinda plain but good. Actually Fire Thief had a much better part. I like tha "dappin' up my peeps" line. My Rating: 4.0

½time: Tha start was prolly tha best. There were REAL GOOD ones, some okay ones and then some good ones. I hope tha humor continues tho!! Wow it's 12:50 AM. I was slow in tha beginning 'cause I waited too long to get into each track… I'm only ½ way through and I spent 1 hour, 28 minutes on this.

14. "6 Minutes" Feat. Yung Deezy
Who's Yung Deezy? I guess one of your homies. Iz this over Madonna's "4 Minutes" beat wit Timber & Timba? *Gets ready to be anticipated and to be laughin'* >>> Nope it's not. It sounds like it's more tight wit tha beat (I don't know it). It's even "6 minutes", 27 seconds on length. Sono flippin' out, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your part was REAL TIGHT!! I like when Fire Thief outta nowhere said (when he switched to what mixtape we're on) "we're on "No Homo" right now." Lol @ tha end "Fire Thief… he likes candy!" My Rating: 4.4

15. "No Homo"
Title track… What's gonna happen wit this?!? >>> OMG IT'S THA "We Made It" BEAT!!! WHO THA FUCK WOULD'VE GUESSED?!? It's like a 1 in a million chance!!! Good so far. Lol @ that 2nd verse wit all those "no homos." At tha end, I like tha rhymin' of "no homo, Fire Thief & Sono." My Rating: 4.0

16. "Nike Boots Freestyle"
What could this be? No. 16 song so it BETTER be funny as fuck!! >>> That beat iz quiet… I can't tell what it iz… It was good, but nothing to catch me too much. My Rating: 3.8

17. "Boss"
Tell me it's that Rick Ross beat… "The Boss" that iz! >>> YEAH!! I'll always remember tha day (March 3, 2008) when my boy Juice put it on his Myspace! Tha song took off crazy!! He made me like that song a lot more! Good shit I'm really likin' tha rhymes from tha both of ya'll! Again I like tha rhymin' of tha "ridin' down tha street, no homo; ya got Fire Thief, ya got Sono." I was definitely feelin' this shit. Good, and of course, great beat you picked! My Rating: 4.3

18. "Unreasonable Mindset"
That's a real, real good title! High AL for it!! >>> Yup I had a feeling it was gonna have that Jay-Z beat. Lol @ clean instrumental. Sounds good so far. Lol @ "tha girl that sucks on my blatter." Pretty good shit right here. My Rating: 3.9

19. "Down South Riders"
Cool? Funny? Gangsta? What will it be… >>> Don't know tha beat… Okay more gangsta so I'm likin' this. Good shit Sono. Yeah I'm gonna "throw it on my iPod" Fire Thief. DEFINITELY! My Rating: 4.1

20. "I Love Her" Feat. Tribu
??? >>> 5:17 on tha length… How long iz this mixtape? It looks like it's over 80 minutes… I don't know tha beat… Sounds good tho. "I love her like Nintendo" <- Nice. I'm playin' Super Nintendo on my computer right now. Even though that beat sounds like it gon put me to sleep, I'm feelin' this track. Good enough to keep me interested tha whole way. My Rating: 3.8

21. "Run This"
I hope it's tha Birdman/Lil' Wayne beat! >>> Yup! Pretty good start. Lol @ Fire Thief's part. It got lower… Sounded kinda random throughout tha whole thing but I guess good. My Rating: 3.9

22. "Voyage"
Curious about this… >>> Lol… that beat intro iz from Final Fantasy 7!!! LMAO!! MORE UNEXPECTED than tha "We Made It" beat!! What tha hell beat iz this? BTW, I'm really likin' tha rhymin' right now!! This iz definitely on some good shit! Reminds me of some of Princess Superstar's old shit. Great story and it's funny! My Rating: 4.6

23. "Throw Ya Sets Up" Feat. E.M.B.
Maybe I'll see a good transition as we go from "Voyage" to this… >>> I don't know tha beat, but I know it must be a "Dedication" type of beat 'cause of tha Wayne and tha "cannon" sound. Good start to this. Sono's beginning sounded like it was really BLASTING! It was good all tha way through. My Rating: 4.0

24. "Word Of South Diss"
Tha 1st song I eva heard from you guys… And lol @ it. It was tha most funniest thing I heard when I heard it for tha 1st time! It's on tha "Ether" beat. >>> Someone on tha Word Of South board said Fire Thief sounded like B.G. in tha beginning. He does! This iz what I said about it originally when I reviewed it on tha board on May 16, 2008: "Ether" beat… Lmao @ "suck my pennyknuckle" and "" Sounds real good/funny so far. Definitely feelin' it. LMAO @ tha "fuck_texas" dissin'. Lol @ at 2:26-2:27: I can hear that tha "hoe" part was pasted onto tha song. You dissed Memphis Kid? *No comment* Oh I thought sonof504 was tha first dude. Nah he's tha 2nd dude. Let's see what he has to say… Nothin' much. I liked that first dude a lot better on this, but ya'll put together a tight lil' thing here. Gonna download it, add it to my iTunes and my iPod. <- Also to follow that, LMFAO @ Sono sayin' "scream 'BEES KNEES!'" I put a small sample of this song on my "Favorite Rap and R&B Songs of May 2008" video. My Rating: 4.7

25. "Had Your Chance"
What will this sound like? >>> I don't know that beat… What's wit that honking? Lol… Beat iz nice and smooth for tha end… This was a diss? I didn't expect that. I liked tha smooth beat and this was good. My Rating: 4.0

26. "Take A Look At Yourself" Feat. Aplus, IceC1 & Tornado
A big collabo… How we gon end this? >>> "Hollywood Divorce" beat… All of ya'll kinda sound off beat except for Sono a lil'. It's all good. This iz aight for an ending. You guys should've had skits and intro/outros. Come to think of it, Sono ripped tha end of this wit tha "neva display *insert word here*." Good ending by Sono! My Rating: 3.7

Overall: End Time: 2:02 AM. Wow that was loooooooooooong… Ya'll REALLY needed skits and intro/outros! That would've been REAL DOPE for this! But yeah, it was a lil' mix of some songs that bored me, some were REAL TIGHT, some were REAL FUNNY. I did enjoy for tha most part reviewing this. This took me 2 hours, 40 minutes. By 3 minutes, you didn't beat Dee-1 "I Am Who I Am" for tha longest review. Anyway, lemme see how long this CD was in length… 1 hour, 48 minutes, 3 seconds. Lol… Not official CD length (maximum iz 1 hour, 20 minutes)! No wonder it took me so long… I had taken 52 minutes of a break? Lol… Anyway, good shit. Keep makin' tha funny songs!

Rankings (according to ratings):

26. "Headshot" 3.4
25. "Put On" 3.5
24. "Ain't Got Time For Games" Feat. Tribu 3.6
23. "Take A Look At Yourself" Feat. Aplus, IceC1 & Tornado 3.7
22. "Crank Dat No Homo" 3.7
21. "Nike Boots Freestyle" 3.8
20. "I Love Her" Feat. Tribu 3.8
19. "Run This" 3.9
18. "Unreasonable Mindset" 3.9
17. "Had Your Chance" 4.0
16. "Throw Ya Sets Up" Feat. E.M.B. 4.0
15. "Gum On My Shoe" 4.0
14. "No Homo" 4.0
13. "Down South Riders" 4.1
12. "Damn She's Old" 4.1
11. "Cock Boys" 4.3
10. "Boss" 4.3
09. "Gettin' Some Head" Feat. Lil' Wayne 4.3
08. "6 Minutes" Feat. Yung Deezy 4.4
07. "My House" Feat. Rasty 4.5
06. "Young Rhyme Spittaz" 4.5
05. "Voyage" 4.6
04. "Word Of South Diss" 4.7
03. "Money Make Me Cum" Feat. C Money 4.7
02. "Freestyle Up The Ass" 4.8
01. "Pink Pony" 5.0

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