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Review #139: 3 Way Street Radio Presents "Got Pills 2 (Still Rollin')"

Reviewed on 10.17.2008 (Review No. 139)

Wat up!! It's FrankieThaLuckyDog…again!! My 4th review today (surprised I made it this far today)! I'm anticipated for it 'cause tha otha 3 I did today were REAL GREAT!! Here goes my review for 3 Way Street Radio Presents "Got Pills 2 (Still Rollin')"! BTW, because this mixtape iz a compilation, I'm prolly gonna know some songs/have reviewed some in tha past. If that's tha case, I'm just gonna copy from my older reviews and paste tha review onto here. This iz important 'cause I gotta get as many reviews done as possible 'cause college iz to tha point where I have to focus on it more and so I can have tha same rating for tha song. I may change tha ratings if I feel different about tha song now also. Start Time: 8:05 PM | Video Game Playing: Secret Of Mana (for Super Nintendo) (on my computer)

01. Da Ville Boyz "Check Me Out"
Lemme check them out and get into this mixtape! >>> Nice start from you (Way3000) right there. Not bad to a start to this mixtape wit that hook on tha song. Okay 1st ½ of tha 1st verse. Same thing goes for tha 2nd ½ of tha 1st verse. I guess that hook iz good for this mixtape's title 'cause of tha "I rock, I roll" part in tha hook (where this mixtape's got tha "still rollin'" in tha name as well). Not bad on tha 1st ½ of tha 2nd verse. On tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse, it sounds like Lil' Boosie. Not bad start to tha mixtape but I know it'll easily get better. BTW, tha front and back cover to this mixtape looks tight as fuck wit tha doeboy and all tha shit wit tha skittles and shit! My Rating: 3.8

02. Big Poppa Feat. Hurricane Chris "18 Wheeler"
Mr. Ratchet City dude Big Poppa back wit Hurricane Chris after their "Hand Clap" joint from last year. Let's see what they do wit this joint; I expect somethin' good! >>> Almost 6 minutes long here so this betta be worth my time! Beat sounds fast like that "Hand Clap" joint. Long start but it's pretty nice so far. Tha beat iz nice; nothin' outstanding but it's jammin' for their rappin' on this. Hurricane doin' a pretty good job on tha 1st verse. I like tha hook wit tha title when tha title iz said. 2nd verse iz soundin' good wit Big Poppa Of Ratchet City on it. Glad he gave a shout out to Kane & Abel on this. Nice 3rd verse start from Hurricane Chris and then from Big Poppa. Hurricane iz back wit Big Poppa, rappin' back and forth. Likin' this back n forth rappin'! Hurricane's soundin' great around tha 4:00 mark wit his voice increasin' in an attitude! Ooh, at around 4:08, I like that "playin' my Nintendo" line wit tha Super Mario Bros. sample! Yup, I'm playin' my Super Nintendo on my computer (playin' Secret Of Mana right now)! Pretty nice ending verse from Big Poppa. This sounded more like a freestyle track than an actual song. Glad he's "blowin' on Doulja" too. Wow, he doesn't stop! My Rating: 4.4

03. Lil' Josh & Lil' Ernest Feat. Hurricane Chris "Jigga Juice"
This again; yay! Stupid fuckin' video sources like MTV Jams for ignoring this. That means I neva saw tha video ('cause I thought it was gonna air). This and Dizzy a.k.a. Raw D.I. Feat. Stevie Drumma "Sit Still" got ignored from MTV Jams. I always really liked tha really young, Rougeish voice in tha 1st verse. I like tha "and a bag of chips" line too. How random, after listenin' to Hurricane Chris on that last joint, there's no Hurricane Chris on tha ID here. That means, ID Error No. 1 for this mixtape. And still like Hurricane's "flyer than a kite/rollin' like a bike" line. My Current Rating: 4.0

04. Beelow "Jigga City Step"
Let's see this one. Hope it ain't somethin' I won't like… >>> Shontae on this track too. Sounds like tha slow sequel to "Jigga Juice" (especially since they're next to each otha on here). I know I can't really get into dance type of Rap songs like this but I give this one a chance 'cause of them Louisiana lyrics! Can't really comment on this too much but nice lyrics to go wit tha city they call "Jigga City". Either way, I've heard better songs from him. My Rating: 3.7

05. T-Lo "All Day"
Lemme hear if I remember it 'cause I had listened to it once before… >>> Nice lil' intro from Shontae checkin' in. Sounds a lil' familiar and this iz what I said about it a while ago: I don't think that Shontae should announce that Shontae iz on tha track so many times (especially during tha hook). When I make songs and shit, I don't wanna announce that I'm on tha beat and shit throughout tha song (or have a beat intro like Nitti or Mouse in front of every song; no offense). Nitti & Mouse can keep doin' that 'cause I like it on them, but for me and my songs (and anybody that's new to producing), I feel as though that does somethin' wrong to tha song/intro; that's just my opinion. I like at tha end of this, "we came to han-dle business." Also to add to this, nice lil' hook and pretty cool song. I like tha screwed sound on tha last hook. My Current Rating: 4.1

06. Down Bad "So Wopped"
I think that's not how you spell tha title (which I corrected it once before on their mixtape). Tha title should say "wopped" ('cause "woped" = "woah p'd"). It could even be "whopped" 'cause when someone says "whopping," it sounds tha same wit tha "whop" in tha beginning of tha word. This joint has pretty much tha same Down Bad formula (nice beat, nice verses, catchy/nice hook) so you know it gets that good rating from me. But yeah, catchy song wit that nice beat and your typical great Baton Rouge song. On tha 3rd verse, since tha dude said "he out his body," this was good that this song made it 'cause "Jigga Juice" had that in tha hook so it fits perfectly. My Current Rating: 4.3

07. Lava House Click "Pass Me Sum Water"
Looks like a real interesting title! These dudes are back so high anticipation level on how they gon rock this joint! >>> I like how tha beat keeps gettin' better and better as it's progressin'! That's a neat line, "pass me sum water so I can grow harder," for this joint 'cause it goes to show you that they can get better on this joint. Nice to picture in your head to picture rappers gettin' stronger. Not bad on tha 1st verse but I'm likin' that hook. Pretty nice start to tha 2nd verse wit that Tony The Tiger line wit tha "I feel grrrrrreeat!" Up, that shit ended fast but was good. My Rating: 4.4

08. Kidd Kidd "Jiggin' 2 Da Max"
More "jiggin'" shit and this time, just like wit A-Mar & Dyl, it's "2 da max!" Definitely lookin' forward to this! >>> Nice lil' check-in Way3000. Pretty nice beat wit a pretty nice hook. Let's see how this 1st verse gon sound… Not bad on tha 1st verse. This iz a pretty cool joint here. As long as it's about jiggin', you know I'm gonna be interested in it. It sounds like there was someone different on tha 1st ½ of tha 2nd verse. Sounds pretty nice though, including tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse. Up, there's a 3rd verse here… Pretty good wit both ½ves of tha 3rd verse. My Rating: 4.0

09. Down Bad "Full Speed"
Anotha joint from tha Down Bad mixtape. I guess this was a good way to promote tha mixtape bein' out. I ranked this my No. 3 favorite from that mixtape so let's see what I had to say: I like tha beat so far. I like tha "lips like an ashtray" line on tha 1st verse. Nice 1st verse also right there. That start to tha hook iz real nice. I like tha "think you a white boy…" and "shittin' on y'all niggaz like my ass on a toilet/smell me regardless" lines a lot. My Current Rating: 4.3

10. Polo Down "Polo Down"
This iz a first for a Rap song for me for reviewin'… A self-titled song! And havin' "polo" in it gives me a feelin' it gon be tight! Lookin' forward to this shit! >>> I LOVE when a random producer's name will come outta nowhere in tha beginning! This a Beat Flippa track so I know it gon sound nice! Great hook so far wit tha "Polo down" parts wit bein' "fresh & clean." REAL NICE 1st verse wit all tha "Polo" shit. If anyone tells them "stop wit tha Polo" shit, then it's MIDDLE FINGA to them to tha fullest!!! Great 1st verse and this a fresh song right here! Real glad that dude's "in tha club blowin' a fresh pound." Nice start to tha 2nd verse wit those "cold as an iceberg" rhymes (just like tha dude said in tha beginning of that verse). These dudes "rock so many Polos" I see. I wanna see some of them and look at how cool they are. I got lots of cool ones so I'm cool either way. LOL @ that "I'mma make a Polo car" at tha end of tha ending verse! That's watz good! REAL NICE rating 'cause I love tha topic of tha song! My Rating: 4.9

Not bad for a start so far but that "Polo Down" shit took a REAL NICE rating from me so at least there was a REAL HOT song on here! Let's see what's left wit this shit…

11. Bad Newz Feat. Foxx "Grovy (Remix)"
Good thing to grab Foxx on tha remix! I have a feelin' it gon be betta than tha original! >>> Nice start so far and yeah, I'm startin' to remember it wit tha end of tha 1st verse wit that "I pop jiggas" line. Just listenin' to this shit makes me feel that I'm at tha club (still wishin' I can somehow get to a club for tha 1st time anyday now). Oh yeah, I remember commentin' on tha "dreads" part in tha 2nd verse, sayin' that it was cool that this dude has "dreads." I thought Foxx was gonna be on tha 2nd verse but no, Bad Newz stayed on it. Good shit so far, let's hear Foxx! REAL NICE start to tha 3rd verse wit Foxx where he said "all I wear iz Coog baby!" I got 2 Coog shirts and I love 'em! I hope to find more in tha future! Yeah Foxx, "they say Hip-Hop dead but naw, Hip-Hop breathin'." Hip-Hop neva died; it just weakened in tha mainstream and wit tha ideas in tha mainstream. Hip-Hop will ALWAYS be alive 'cause SO many people contribute to it!! My Rating: 4.3

12. Bengie "Gettin' Me"
Who's this Bengie person? >>> Good thing this dude iz stickin' to himself and focusing on himself; nice hook. Good start to tha 1st verse wit all those power-up drinks to power him up. I like tha end of tha 1st verse wit tha "dawg" parts twice. Nice 1st verse. It sounds like a different dude on tha 2nd verse… Glad there's NOTHIN' but "Louisianamals" on this mixtape!! Catchy song right here and I'm likin' it. My Rating: 4.2

13. Tha Camp "Act A Nut"
GLAD IT'S ON HERE!!! I know it only says C-Loc Feat. Max Minelli on this but proper credit goes to B-Real also 'cause he's on this shit too. So instead, I'm just gonna label it as Tha Camp and consider this ID Error No. 2. Good long intro wit that Baton Rouge sound in it! Even tha vocals are VERY Louisianaish!! Just wanna say: "FREE YOUNG READY ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He'll be outta jail before he knows it!!!!! DEFINITELY was feelin' that 1st verse! It had a NICE vibe to it. Just makes tha track sound nice! That hook iz TIGHT wit everything bein' said! Yeah, Max Minelli iz on tha 2nd verse!! He actually was nice enough to respond to my review I did for his "The Remedy" CD. I was REAL glad he did that on May 28, 2008! Max had a GREAT verse, even though I liked tha 1st verse and tha hook better. Feelin' tha "blow that purp/move that work" part in tha hook!! Ooh C-Loc, "fuckin' wit not one but 2 dikes!!" LOL! Good verse but it unexpectedly ended. I rank tha verses as so: 1st: B-Real; 2nd: Max Minelli; 3rd: C-Loc. C-Loc came hard on tha hook though! Also, you said "free Young Ready" in tha beginning of this joint so that means this mixtape ain't too old. My Current Rating: 4.6

14. Get Live Clique Feat. K-Chill "Can't Stop"
What will this joint sound like? >>> 5:34 on tha length! This longness neva ends! Sounds like a Boosie sample just BERSERKIN' ITSELF wit tha "fuck goin' to jail" shit!! That's a nice beat and tha 1st ½ of tha 1st verse sounds jammin'. LOL @ tha dude on tha 1st ½ "nuttin' in a girl's face." Not bad on tha 2nd ½ of tha 1st verse. LOVIN' THAT BOOSIE SAMPLE!! It just fuckin' doesn't stop while tha hook continues!!! K-Chill sounded pretty good on tha 2nd verse. So jammin' right here! THAT FUCKIN' BOOSIE SAMPLE!!! Nice start to tha 1st ½ of tha 3rd verse wit that dude soundin' cool on this shit. Nice lil' ending to tha 3rd verse and now… THAT FUCKIN' BOOSIE SAMPLE AGAIN!!!!! Wow, it's even ENDIN' wit it!!!! My Rating: 4.6

15. Delwin Da Krazyman Feat. Nu$$ie "Mobbin' On 'Em"
>>> Aight this iz a lil' fucked up… I thought this was gonna be ID Error No. 3 but it's not. I was gonna say that, "Nu$$ie iz tha artist, Delwin iz tha featured artist! That's right, I have Nu$$ie's 'The Champ Iz Here' CD so I know!," but I just listened to this and it was mainly Delwin rappin'. Where was Nu$$ie? He only said a few words. I had originally wrote somethin' for this song so now I had to erase it 'cause of tha fucked up version here. I rather hear Nu$$ie's complete version than this. Catchy hook and rhymes that anticipated me to hear Nu$$ie. My Rating: 3.6
^ Would've been 4.0 if it was tha Nu$$ie album version.

16. Des B "Jump Fly (Remix)"
What could this be? >>> Cool that you're in tha beginning talkin' Way3000. Nice start to this so far wit Des B rappin' that hook; nice hook BTW. Glad his "fitted so high" that he "jumps to tha sky;" tha top iz near! Nice 1st verse as I was really feelin' it. Let's see this 2nd verse… "Gonna fly like a pelican." That was a cool line but remember, Janet Jackson said she's "flyer than a pelican." I like that "A1 gon tell 'em, 'bitch play wit me'" line 'cause A1's my dude (a.k.a. Nu$$ie's manager) and you know I got luv for tha DCF (Dope Celebrity Family) like T-Lo, "all day!" I also liked that "LRG down" line too. Because I just finished what I had to say about tha 2nd verse and it's on tha 3rd verse now, you know this iz TIGHT since I had to say soooo much!! So then again, who was on tha 2nd verse? Good shit though. My Rating: 4.5

17. Short Bus Boyz "Loosen Up"
ID Error No. 3:
"Lossen" ain't a word, it's "loosen" if they're talkin' about "loosen up yo clothes bitch." I bet'cha I'm right when I press play! >>> Yup, what did I tell you: It's "Loosen Up" for tha title! Pretty nice 1st ½ of tha 1st verse. Likin' tha vibe to tha 2nd ½ of tha 1st verse right here! That's a nice hook right there! I can tell easily that it sounds like some nice Baton Rouge shit! Likin' that 1st ½ of tha 2nd verse too! Let's see tha next ½ of tha 2nd verse… Still soundin' good! Likin' tha vibe to this shit as it's consistant! Cool shit… There's a 3rd verse? Likin' it as it's slowly ending… Nice jam right here. My Rating: 4.4

18. Lil' Josh & Lil' Ernest Feat. Tank Jones "Big Fine"
I remember reviewin' it in tha past and just thinkin' it was okay. Lemme re-hear and post what I said originally about it… >>> I predicted that it was gonna remind me of YYT/Mike Jones "Badd" and that it was a club banger. It has that type of feel. More of Shontae huh? When people say "fine" (for example) like tha way dude sayin' it on tha hook, I always think of Sean Paul of tha Youngbloodz or somebody wit a grill in their mouth. Looks like Shontae used tha same type of sound effect throughout tha beat (throughout tha verse you could hear somethin' consistant in tha background). Yeah, definitely a fuckin' huge club banger for this song. ID Error No. 4: Tank Jones iz on tha 2nd verse. Actually, I'm likin' this better than when I first heard it. I'm likin' that "now J-Lo wit it" part. Wow, this iz nice and consistant wit that beat! And since I reviewed this tha 1st time, I know that it sounds like "Jigga Juice" a lil' wit tha beat and I like it. Good shit right here. My Current Rating: 4.2 (an increase of 0.6 on tha rating since I heard it tha 1st time!!)

19. Ca$h "Go Girl"
Look how small tha ID looks… Let's see if this can live up to "Big Fine"… >>> I like how all those "go girl"s connect when it's repeated on tha hook. Decent start so far… Sounds like tha way Max Minelli would rap on tha 1st verse. Not bad on tha 1st verse but I think I like that hook better… Yeah, I do. Love those "go girl"s!! Not bad on tha 2nd verse. I think just like wit "Big Fine", this gon take some time for me to like more. Mainly, it's all about that hook and that beat iz pretty nice too. My Rating: 3.8

20. 3Deep "All The Way"
ID Error No. 5:
It's 3Deep, not 3 Deep. ID Error No. 6: No. 20 ain't on tha back cover. Anyway, it looks like I don't know this one so I'm VERY anticipated to hear a recent 3Deep song!! >>> Maybe I do know this… Very familiar soundin'. I checked my iTunes and it didn't come up this song. Okay, just heard tha hook again and it was called "All The Way" on tha "First 6 Months (The Mixtape)" mixtape. That means it's ID Error No. 7 on tha title (I even googled and "All The Way" came up instead of "Get Retarded" when I tried typin' in both under their "automatic suggestions"). Anyway, what was said in tha first place: Tha type of intro I'd like to hear iz what I'm hearin' for this joint. Nice lil' hook. It has that "Not Myself" type of vibe (like tha first part of tha hook it says a few times and then tha 2nd part it says a bunch of times). Not bad on Lil' Phat's part. Yeah Shell's on tha 2nd verse!! Yeah Shell iz a ma'fuckin' BEAST! His rappin' iz tha shit fa'real! I hear that Mouse iz on tha 3rd verse. He makes thangz sound great (as always). Tha perfect Louisiana rappin' iz always needed by Mouse. My Current Rating: 4.3

21. Outro
Good an outro. Let's see watz good. Oh yeah, one more thing: ID Error No. 8: No. 21 ain't on tha back cover. >>> Nice lil' outro right there. I'm glad you had an outro on this one. My Rating: N/A

End Time: 10:02 PM. Well, this was some tight shit again! Puttin' it on my iPod (just like I did wit tha otha 3 mixtapes I reviewed today). I'll be lookin' forward to upcoming projects from you and 3 Way Street Radio! Keep up tha good work!

Rankings (according to my ratings):

20. Delwin Da Krazyman Feat. Nu$$ie "Mobbin' On 'Em" 3.6
19. Beelow "Jigga City Step" 3.7
18. Da Ville Boyz "Check Me Out" 3.8
17. Ca$h "Go Girl" 3.8
16. Kidd Kidd "Jiggin' 2 Da Max" 4.0
15. Lil' Josh & Lil' Ernest Feat. Hurricane Chris "Jigga Juice" 4.0
14. T-Lo "All Day" 4.1
13. Lil' Josh & Lil' Ernest Feat. Tank Jones "Big Fine" 4.2
12. Bengie "Gettin' Me" 4.2
11. Bad Newz Feat. Foxx "Grovy (Remix)" 4.3
10. Down Bad "So Wopped" 4.3
09. Down Bad "Full Speed" 4.3
08. 3Deep "All The Way" 4.3
07. Lava House Click "Pass Me Sum Water" 4.4
06. Short Bus Boyz "Loosen Up" 4.4
05. Big Poppa Feat. Hurricane Chris "18 Wheeler" 4.4
04. Des B "Jump Fly (Remix)" 4.5
03. Tha Camp "Act A Nut" 4.6
02. Get Live Clique Feat. K-Chill "Can't Stop" 4.6

01. Polo Down "Polo Down" 4.9

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