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R.I.P. Video #24: Magic (No Limit)

Recorded March 2, 2013.

This iz FrankieThaLuckyDog, broadcasting from my room in Peckville, PA, informing you all with some shocking news for tha rap world: Awood Johnson, known as Magic and sometimes Mr. Magic, died in a car accident last night, Friday, March 1, 2013, along with his wife, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Johnson grew up in New Orleans' 9th Ward and was known for being signed with New Orleans' rapper, Master P's No Limit Records, in tha '90s. Johnson released his debut album, Sky's The Limit, on September 15, 1998; tha album was his most successful to date, peaking at #15 on tha Billboard 200 chart. His second album, Thuggin', was released on August 31, 1999, only peaking at #53. His third album, White Eyes, was released on March 18, 2003, peaking at only #147. His final album, On My Own, was released on August 26, 2003, this time through Koch Records; tha album didn't chart on tha Billboard 200, but made it to #54 on tha Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Johnson was a part of tha group, 504 Boyz. Tha 504 Boyz scored a top 40 hit with tha single, "Wobble Wobble", in 2000, peaking at #17 on tha Billboard U.S. Hot 100 chart, but topping tha U.S. Rap chart. Their debut album, Goodfellas, was released on May 2, 2000. Tha album was certified gold, peaking at #2 on tha Billboard 200 chart, and topping tha Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Tha group's second album, Ballers, was released on December 10, 2002, which contained tha single, "Tight Whips", and also, "Get Back"; "Ballers" peaked at #49 on tha Billboard 200. Hurricane Katrina: We Gon Bounce Back was tha group's final album, released on November 8, 2005; it failed to chart. Johnson regained success when he formed Body Head Bangerz with New Orleans rapper, Choppa, and former boxing champion, Roy Jones, Jr., in 2004. Their single, "I Smoke, I Drank (Remix)", featuring tha YoungBloodZ, peaked at #81 on tha Billboard Hot 100 chart. They released their only album, Body Head Bangerz Vol. 1, on August 3, 2004 on Body Head Entertainment. Johnson died at tha age of 37.


Sky's The Limit (1998)
01. Intro
02. "Ghetto Godzilla" Feat. Master P
03. "Did What I Had 2" Feat. Mystikal
04. "Depend On Me" Feat. C-Murder
05. "9th Ward"
06. "No Hope" Feat. C-Murder, Lady TRU & Sons Of Funk
07. "Take It To Da Streets"
08. "Ball 'Til We Fall" Feat. C-Murder
09. "I Got Love 4 Ya" Feat. Steady Mobb'n & Snoop Dogg
10. "I Never"
11. "Money Don't Make Me" Feat. C-Murder & Soulja Slim
12. "Sky's The Limit" Feat. Mia X & Sons Of Funk
13. "No Limit" Feat. C-Murder & Snoop Dogg
14. "New Generation" Feat. Fiend & Mac
15. "What I Gotta" Feat. Silkkk The Shocker & Mo B Dick
16. "Hard Times" Feat. C-Murder
17. "Life Is A Bitch"
18. "Gimpin'" Feat. Kane & Abel, Big Ed & Mac
19. "Special Forces" Feat. Ghetto Commission
20. "When Drama Came" Feat. Fiend & Snoop Dogg
21. "Mobb 4 Ever" Feat. C-Murder, Fiend, Prime Suspects, Gambino Family & KLC
22. "Chastity" Feat. Lil' D

Thuggin' (1999)
01. Beginning
02. "That's Me"
03. "Ice On My Wrist" Feat. Master P
04. Party Time
05. "Wobble Wobble" Feat. C-Murder & Mac
06. "Soldier" Feat. Sons Of Funk
07. "9th Ward"
08. Premeditation
09. "Good Lookin' Out" Feat. D.I.G.
10. "Do You Really Want Peace" Feat. C-Murder
11. "Club Thang" Feat. C-Murder & Q.B.
12. "Puff Puff"
13. "Thank You Lord For My Life" Feat. Mia X
14. "Keep It Gangsta" Feat. Silkk The Shocker
15. "Freaky" Feat. Ms. Peaches
16. "We Gon Ride" Feat. C-Murder
17. "Wanna Get Away" Feat. Ms. Peaches
18. "Thugs" Feat. C-Murder
19. Ending

Goodfellas (w/504 Boyz) (2000)
01. Intro
02. "Roll, Roll"
03. "Big Toys" Feat. D.I.G.
04. "Whodi" Feat. Mr. Marcelo
05. "Wobble Wobble"
06. "Check 'Em" Feat. Traci a.k.a. Baby Girl
07. "Uptown" Feat. Suga Bear
08. "I Can Tell" Feat. Mercedes & Jabo
09. Commercial
10. "If You Real, Keep It Real"
11. "Beefing"
12. "We Bust" Feat. Ghetto Commission
13. "Thug Girl II"
14. "Life Is Serious" Feat. Erica Fox
15. "Them Boyz" Feat. X-Con
16. "Moving Things" Feat. Samm & Erica Fox
17. Commercial II
18. "D-Game" Feat. Terrar a.k.a. Pusha T & Pharrell
19. "Enemies" Feat. X-Con
20. "Souljas" Feat. Snoop Dogg & RBX
21. "No Limit"
22. "Say Brah"

Ballers (w/504 Boyz) (2002)
01. Intro
02. "Tight Whips" Feat. 5th Ward Weebie, Lil' Romeo, Lil' D & Slay Sean
03. "Who Run This" Feat. 5th Ward Weebie, C-Note & Papa Reu
04. "Holla"
05. "Haters Gon Hate"
06. "I Got You Girl" Feat. Tyron
07. "Look At Me Now" Feat. Afficial
08. "Yeah Yeah" Feat. Slay Sean & Young Blaze
09. "Get Back"
10. Commercial
11. "My Life Is Sweet" Feat. Afficial
12. "Wanna Live Like Us" Feat. Afficial
13. "Tell Me"
14. "War" Feat. Afficial
15. "I Gotta Have That There"
16. "Everywhere I Go"
17. "Everybody Chillin'" Feat. Kango Slim
18. "We Gon Ride"
19. "Grab Da Wall" Feat. 5th Ward Weebie & P-Town Moe

White Eyes (2003)
01. Intro
02. "War" Feat. Trouble
03. "Hustler"
04. "What U Gonna Do"
05. "Creepers"
06. "I'll Be There" Feat. Sweety
07. "What Up Then" Feat. Monique O'Neil & Suga Bear
08. "Shake A Little Something" Feat. Partners-N-Crime & 5th Ward Weebie
09. "Fire"
10. "Good Life" Feat. 6 Piece
11. "What"
12. "With You" Feat. Tyron
13. "Friday"
14. "Ball Like Us" Feat. Suga Bear & Ezell Swang
15. "Never Slippin'"
16. "Smoke On"
17. "Forgive Us"
18. Outro

On My Own (2003)
01. And It Starts Feat. Mr. B
02. "Tear It Up"
03. "Do What U Do"
04. "Knock It Down"
05. "Wilyn"
06. La La
07. "International Gangstas" Feat. Curren$y
08. Wild Wayne
09. "Ninth Ward"
10. DJ Ro
11. "We Give You" Feat. Trouble
12. "So Tired" Feat. Trouble
13. Down Here (Skit)
14. "Down Here"
15. "My Life"
16. "Time To Go" Feat. Da Bear
17. Short & Simple (Skit)
18. "Short & Simple" Feat. Detriot
19. "Y'all Don't Really Want None"
20. Detriot
21. "All I Do"

Body Head Bangerz Vol. 1 (w/Body Head Bangerz) (2004)
01. Intro
02. "Can't Be Touched" Feat. Trouble Tha Truth
03. "Don't Start It" Feat. Juvenile
04. "U Know My Kind" Feat. B.G.
05. "I Smoke, I Drank" Feat. Lil' Boosie & Young Bleed
06. "I Smoke, I Drank (Remix)" Feat. YoungBloodZ
07. "Keep It Moving" Feat. Petey Pablo & Fiend
08. "You A Freak" Feat. Swells
09. "Big Bodies"
10. "Ballers" Feat. Lil' Flip
11. "24's" Feat. Bun B & Mike Jones
12. "Can't Let Go" Feat. Swells
13. "Body Head Anthem"
14. "Yahoo"
15. "Getting Money Right" Feat. Swells
16. "Go Hard, Go Home"
17. "Outro/We Run It" Feat. Young Pappy
18. "Y'all Must've Forgot"

Hurricane Katrina: We Gon Bounce Back (w/504 Boyz) (2005)
01. Intro
02. "Them People" Feat. Yogi, Halleluyah & Jazzy
03. "D-Boys" Feat. Halleluyah, Rowdy & Playa
04. "1, 2, 3, Gs" Feat. Black, Tank Dog, Yogi & Jazzy
05. "That Work" Feat. Halleluyah
06. "Streets Is Callin'"
07. "Real Talk"
08. "Hurtin'"
09. "We Don't Play"
10. "Jump Shob"
11. "You Don't"
12. "Go 'Head"
13. "Bounce Back"
14. "Bounce"
15. "Mob Life"
16. "Murder"

Featured On:
"Buck 'Em" (Big Ed Feat. Fiend & Magic)
"Picture Me" (C-Murder Feat. Magic)
"Watch Your Enemies" (C-Murder Feat. Magic)
"No Limit Soldiers II" (Master P, C-Murder, Fiend, Magic, Mr. Serv-On, Mia X, Big Ed & Silkk The Shocker)
"Real Niggaz Gon Ride" (C-Murder Feat. Magic)
"Heaven 4 A Thug" (Magic Feat. Mac)
"Dying In My City" (C-Murder Feat. Magic & Snoop Dogg)
"Do You Wanna Be A Rider" (Fiend Feat. Magic, Prime Suspects & Gambino Family)
"So Much Drama" (Gambino Family Feat. Magic & 2-4-1)
"Don't Cry" (Gambino Family Feat. Fiend, Gotti, Q.B., Magic & C-Murder)
"Blood Line" (Ghetto Commission Feat. Magic)
"Our Thing" (Ghetto Commission Feat. Mac, Magic & Q.B.)
"Throw Them Thangs" (Kane & Abel Feat. Magic)
"Meet Me At The Hotel" (Mac Feat. Magic & Mia X)
"Nobody Make A Sound" (Mac Feat. Magic, 2-4-1 & Fiend)
"Let's Get 'Em" (Master P Feat. C-Murder & Magic)
"N.L. Party" (Soulja Slim Feat. Master P, Silkk The Shocker, Full Blooded, Tre Nitty, Gambino Family, Big Ed, Prime Suspects, Mac, Kane & Abel, Magic & Snoop Dogg)
"Plead My Case" (Steady Mobb'n Feat. Magic)
"I Remember" (C-Murder Feat. Magic & Porsha)
"Can't Hold Me Back" (C-Murder Feat. Magic & Q.B.)
"Ride On Dem Bustas" (C-Murder Feat. Magic & Mr. Serv-On)
"Closin' Down Shop" (C-Murder Feat. Soulja Slim & Magic)
"Been Thru It All" (Fiend Feat. Magic)
"We Ridaz" (Lil' Italy Feat. Magic)
"Soulja Style" (Lil' Soldiers Feat. Magic)
"Show Me What U Workin' Wit" (Kane & Abel Feat. Magic)
"Bloody" (Mac Feat. Magic)
"That's Hip-Hop" (Mac Feat. Magic, Renior, Sam, Sugar & XL)
"Ghetto Prayer" (Master P Feat. Magic)
"Ice On My Wrist (Remix)" (Master P Feat. Magic)
"Ain't Nothing Changed" (Master P Feat. D.I.G. & Magic)
"Nobody Moves" (Master P Feat. Magic & Silkk The Shocker)
"Bonnie & Clyde" (Mercedes Feat. Magic)
"Murder" (Mr. Serv-On Feat. Magic)
"Hail Mary" (TRU Feat. Magic)
"Soldier 'Til I Die" (TRU Feat. D.I.G. & Magic)
"Damned If They Murder Me" (C-Murder Feat. Mac & Magic)
"Down For My Ns" (C-Murder Feat. Snoop Dogg & Magic)
"Street Thug" (C-Murder Feat. Magic & New-9)
"Pockets Gonna Stay Fat" (Master P Feat. Magic)
"Back Up Off Me" (Snoop Dogg Feat. Master P & Magic)
"My Baby" (Lil' Romeo Feat. Lil' Corey, Magic, Master P & Ms. Peaches)
"Down Here (Remix)" (South Coast Coalition Feat. Max Minelli, Sean Paul (YoungBloodZ), Mookie Blakk, T-Bo, Magic, Lil' Boosie & Soulja Slim)
"It's Whatever (Remix)" (Beelow Feat. Juvenile, Magic, Playboy & Lil' Josh)
"Slugged Up" (Choppa Feat. Magic)
"Ain't Got Nothing" (David Banner Feat. Magic & Lil' Boosie)
"Da Lou Swag" (Mr. Magic Feat. Hurricane Chris & Big Poppa)
"From The Bottom" (C-Murder Feat. Malachi, Mr. Magic, Skip & Detriot)
"Rollin'" (Magic Feat. Campaign Brooks)
"Like Beyoncé" (Mr. Magic Feat. Level & Young Ready)
"Gold Mouth Dawg (Remix)" (Foxx Feat. Mr. Magic)
"Niggaz Ain't Shit" (Level Feat. Mr. Magic & Spitta)
"You Ain't A Baller" (Magic)
"I Won't Stop" (C-Murder & Magic)
"Dirty Dee" (Magic Feat. Master P)
"Incarcerated" (Magic, BlaXuede & Fiend)
"What" (Magic)
"Say It 2 My Face" (Boo Feat. Magic)
"This For My" (Magic)
"Dirty South" (Soulja Slim Feat. Magic)
"My Lady" (Detriot Feat. Magic)
"No Rush" (Detriot Feat. Magic)
"Push 'Em Off" (Magic Feat. Chyna Whyte)
"Blocka Blocka" (Chyna Whyte Feat. Magic)
"Me & My Dogs" (Magic)
"Let's Roll" (Magic Feat. 8Ball & David Banner)
"We Bring Pain" (S.T.E.E.L. Feat. Magic)
"Fuck Dat Nigga" (Chill Feat. Magic & Clay 2 Da Jay)
"Shorty" (Magic Feat. Detriot)
"Push Back" (New Orleans Finest Feat. Magic)
"He's Coming" (V.A.N.T. Feat. Magic & John Jackson)
"Head Up" (C-Murder Feat. Magic)
"Bitch You Must Be Crazy" (Magic)
"I Wish" (Magic)
"I'm Done" (Magic)
"Here We Go" (Magic Feat. Daron (112))
"In This Bitch" (Magic)
"My Thang" (Magic)
"Love My City" (Merk Feat. Mr. Magic)
"Blow My High" (Raw Boyz Feat. Magic)
"Hit Louisiana" (Young Chetta Feat. Magic & Brooks)
"Beauty" (Detriot Feat. Magic)
"See Wut Dat Do!" (Sess 4-5 Feat. Magic)
Body Head Break 2 (Magic)
Body Head Break 5 (Magic & Choppa)
"Diss To Master P (Nigga U Owe Me - Fuck No Limit)" (Magic)
"7th Ward Soulja" (The Beat Doctor Feat. Magic)
"Hate Me" (The Beat Doctor Feat. Magic, Tricky & Greedi)

R.I.P. Awood "Magic" Johnson
8.16.1975 - 3.01.2013

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