Sunday, July 6, 2014

R.I.P. Video #35: Disco a.k.a. Loverboy (Flippa Boyz)

Recorded June 26, 2014, but released on July 6, 2014, in honor of Disco's birthday.

Broadcasting from tha abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Center in Kings Park, NY, it's FrankieThaLuckyDog here, reportin' anotha tragic loss in tha undaground, Louisiana rap community. Dzandirian Tasker, known by his stage name Disco, or Loverboy, as a part of tha Gardere Lane rap group, tha Flippa Boyz, passed away in his sleep during tha morning of Thursday, June 26, 2014. Disco had been stabbed, and later shot multiple times, throughout tha past few years, becomin' a paraplegic. Today, Sunday, July 6, 2014, Disco would've celebrated his 34th birthday.

Disco was from tha St. Gabriel area of Louisiana. On April 11, 2007, he founded tha label, New Go Get It Music, with affiliates, Sims & Killa Sounz, as tha label's prinicpals. Tha label was originally known as just Go Get It Music, but had added tha "New" to it, to prevent confusion with Baton Rouge native, Barber Shop Black's label, that features tha Ville Boyz, and which was founded on March 6, 2006. Disco made a name throughout tha G-Lane area of Baton Rouge as a part of tha Flippa Boyz, with tha likes of Sims, Killa Sounz, Yung Yola, Beezy Bird, Needy Nee, Gee Gee (Gutta Gangsta) & Slim Pistol. He was featured on Black Noise Records' G-Lane Vol. 1 mixtape, in 2008, hosted by DJ Chilly Chill; featured on Supa (Macked Out)'s It's Retarded mixtape, in 2010; and, featured on Black Noise Records' The Big Picture CD, in 2013.

- Featured in Frankie's pre-commercial for Beezy Bird's Trey's Up Da Stupid Way on July 15, 2009
- Featured in Frankie's 2.0 commercial for Yung Yola & D.$.G.'s 99 Wayz 2 Grind on August 5, 2009
- Featured in Frankie's commercial for Black Noise Records' G-Lane Vol. 1 on September 12, 2009
- Featured in Frankie's commercial for "Tha Louisiana Pit" on October 9, 2009
- Featured on FTLD'z Top 536 Songs of 2009 year-end countdown @ #495
- Featured in Frankie's recap of his Top 536 Songs of 2009 on February 8, 2010
- Got his one and only radio spin on Frankie's "Tha Louisiana Pit" radio show on November 26, 2011
- Featured in Frankie's live review of Black Noise Records' The Big Picture on March 13, 2014
- Disco followed Frankie on Instagram in May 2014
- Frankie wished Disco a Happy Birthday, outta scratch-off lottery tickets, on, what would've been, Disco's 34th birthday, on July 6, 2014.


Featured on:
Black Noise Records Presents G-Lane Vol. 1 (Hosted by DJ Chilly Chill) (2008):
"Show Yo Ass Off" (Needy Nee & The Flippa Boyz) (2007)

Supa (Macked Out) It's Retarded (2010):
"A Milli" Feat. BluBlack & Disco

Black Noise Records The Big Picture (2013):
"Blood Money" (Hannibal & BluBlack Feat. Disco)

Other Songs:
"Rollin' On Them Big Thangs" (2008) (Flippa Boyz)
"Roll All Weekend" (2009) (DJ Chilly Chill Feat. Cadillac, Disco & Country Black)

R.I.P. Dzandirian "Disco" Tasker
7.06.1980 - 6.26.2014

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