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Review #1,414: Street Certified Muzic Presents "I Love My Hood (Da Mixtape)"

Reviewed on 8.10.2014 & 8.11.2014 (Review #1,414)

Got one more review before a record label comes to visit me! This review gon be my 1,414th review: Street Certified Muzic Presents I Love My Hood (Da Mixtape)! A label by KarlWayne from G-Lane, this looks like it gon be a Gardere Lane compilation? I will find out when I review this! But, real quick: This ain’t sellin’ any copies in tha hood? Tha total length of tha CD’s 1:20:06, only six seconds longer than tha maximum CD length! What gives? Start Time: 9:59 PM | End Time: 7:50 AM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes 100,000x (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it! After I was robbed by two artists who claimed their “money [was] long,” hearin’ about how much you “got money” and anything “money” really bothers me. If you have not done business wit me before, I won’t tolerate “money” talk in tha music!!

© 2014 CD Review (Review #1,414) reviewed on 8.10.2014 & 8.11.2014 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

01. Jigg-Three Feat. Lil’ Josh “My Neighborhood”
Looks like this gon be great ta start this off! Who iz this Josh? This ain’t tha “Jigga Juice” one, iz it? >>> A real-nice hook!! Definitely feelin’ this beat and this G-Lane vibe! LOL, tha dayz of when I fucked wit Louisiana music tough; surprised niggaz still fuck wit me… But, mentionin’ tha label, I think there’s true luck wit reviewin’ G-Lane CDs before real-great moments occur! Like, I reviewed tha The Big Picture CD, and I got called in for my 1st job interview tha next day, which later became my job! Now, I’m reviewin’ this and tomorrow, a label’s comin’ ta do a magazine article on me!! Hearin’ tha 1st verse (Lil’ Josh?) and it’s tight; great vibes fa tha 225! That hook’s just so catchy wit tha “In my neiiiighborhooood” shit repeatin’! Tha 2nd verse has a nice voice and shit goin’ on. However, it sounds a lil’ off-beat throughout tha 1st part of tha verse… A long beat outro, here; nice ta have… My Rating: 4.6

02. BluBlack Feat. Hannibal & Ar’Jay “F.W.M.”
That “Don’t F.W.M.” song? *Checks* Yup, with Ar’Jay on this joint, too. My Current Rating: 3.4

03. KarlWayne “Up There”
Neva gave any of your post-jail songs a review, other than “I’m Thugging”, which debuted on my playlist a year ago today; crazy! So, I’m lookin’ forward ta hearin’ this and givin’ it an actual review! >>> Nice tease in tha beginning, as well as tha “General” dude creatin’ an intro! Nice beat from I dunno who, but here’s Karl on tha 1st verse, comin’ through wit a crew! Feels great ta hear this and now that I’m actively hangin’ out, I can feel tha whole crew-like rhymes of havin’ multiple people witchu! Tha hook ain’t “bullshit;” it just sounds catchy, and a lot catchier wit tha “fuck that, get it up there” shit that repeats!! Great “shit!” Tha 2nd verse sounds pretty nice, too! Damn, mixin’? Must be mixed by someone like Chilly Chill or somethin’? Sounds like those kinda effects; weird how I remember ‘em from at least a ½ decade ago! Nice reppin’, my boy! My Rating: 4.4

04. Lil’ Josh “Street Nigga”
Yeah! >>> Interestin’ beat; beat seems a lil’ slower than a faster G-Lane vibe… “I don’t give a fuck if they sign me;” a nice, underground perspective, here. I’ve always felt tha same way about myself; I’ve neva wanted to blow up. This label comin’ to interview me tomorrow’s a great opportunity; I dunno what’ll happen! Exposure’s great, though I always wanna be an undaground nigga. Tha 1st verse sounds pretty good, here; props fa Josh fa representin’! Tha 2nd verse has G-shit in it; diggin’ it… My Rating: 4.0

05. Drien Feat. KarlWayne “Play With Me”
Looks anticipatin’… >>> Nice screwed sample on tha hook about bein’ a “gangsta!” Hearin’ Drien on tha 1st verse, and it almost sounds like that Young Maniac dude, I think? It’s been a minute… As for me hearin’ this, it sounds pretty nice… Hearin’ tha 2nd verse (KarlWayne?) and it’s just as good; really diggin’ tha G-shit in tha rhymes! Can’t escape dat “choppa!” My Rating: 4.2

06. Beezy Bird Feat. BluBlack & Needy Nee “Bring ‘Em Out”
Yeah!! >>> Sounds kinda good in tha beginning, except tha “money long” shit… Hearin’ Beezy on tha 1st verse, and it sounds like tha good ol’ times of me bein’ 20 & 21, when I used to fuck wit G-Lane tha most. Diggin’ how he brought back tha “I’m drinkin’, and I’m smokin’” shit that Down Bad had; way ta go, Beezy! You still a real-cool dude! Got Blu on tha 2nd verse; still soundin’ good wit his delivering-“X” rhymes! He even said, “Fulla dem pillz;” yay @ 28! Keep poppin’! I’m now 26 and I’m finally hangin’ out at least once a week, includin’ gettin’ fulla dat shit! Needy slipped in on tha 2nd ½ of tha 2nd verse; sounds good fa these Gardere streetz… My Rating: 4.3

07. Yola No Soda “Trap House”
New name? You know how he does! So great to get high at least once a week, now-a-dayz! I can’t believe I did today, worked, and have been up since 3:14 AM—that’s 19 hours, without a nap!! Lots of motivation and perseverance!! >>> Not much time on this track, here, but it’s soundin’ good fa a start. That mixin’ can get confusing in tha beginning, between playin’ parts and rewindin’ it back. Anyway, tha 1st verse’s pretty good, and tha hook sounds catchy, especially fa tha “trap!” How can you not luv Yola? Tha 2nd verse starts off good wit “eatin’ stuffin’ every day like it’s Thanksgiving.” Consistent rhymes; gotta luv err-thang that comes outta his mouth! My Rating: 4.5

08. Bando Bert Feat. Jigg-Three “Trap”
Lookin’ forward ta this collab, too!! >>> Beat sounds a lil’ different, here, still with a club vibe, and it’s nice. Tha hook’s pretty catchy; really diggin’ that voice! Delivery’s catchy as fuck, once again! Tha 2nd verse’s great; really diggin’ this voice, once again! Sounds great wit this delivery; oh, I fuckin’ luv it!! Gonna be close between tha Yola song and this; who will win tha tie-breaker? My Rating: 4.5

09. Kris “Boot Nigga”
Small name; could lead to a lot? >>> A female? Sounds like a watered-down version of what could be bounce music, but tha rappin’ on tha 1st verse ain’t too bad… Tha hook’s straight; likin’ tha repetitive parts… Now, tha 2nd verse sounds more feminine? Iz a feature missing? Anotha decent verse… Tha 3rd verse iz whateva, too; a lil’ boring, but it’s somethin’ that’s listenable and okay, at least. My Rating: 3.5

10. Bizzak Man Feat. KarlWayne & Vic Boi “Mind Right”
Here’s Bizzak (spelled like that, I was originally told? Y’all have it as “Blizack”, lol…), with a nice lineup! Lookin’ forward ta hearin’ this joint! >>> Kickin’ it off wit a KarlWayne verse; pretty nice! Catchy rhymes wit his “mentality!” Some singin’ on tha hook (Bizzak?)? Interestin’ catch to this track; props fa tha cool voices! Here’s tha 2nd verse (Vic Boi?), comin’ through wit a lotta “blue-black” references, lol. Yeah, it now sounds like a Bizzak Man verse, on tha 3rd verse, here! Lots of catchy rhymes; sounds like tha hidden Baton Rouge version of Stalley, with tha delivered rhymes, here! Nice job, overall! My Rating: 4.2

½time: So far, pretty nice and consistent! Really diggin’ how theres’s so many different artists, on tha tracks! Big ups to err-body on this CD, comin’ through wit their great voices, deliveries and song styles! Tha average CD rating’s at a 4.2, currently; how will it end, lol? I hate to cut it short fa a sec, but I’m really tired, and need to lay down fa a lil’ bit… Takin’ a break at 10:43 AM, almost 19 ½ hours to tha minute! We’ll see what time I wake up! *Takes break* Damn, I had a broken-up sleep, tha whole time; I couldn’t stay up, so it’s now 7:07 AM on August 11… Either way, I’m glad I’m awake, though I got only five hours ‘til my special visit!

11. G-Lane Steve Feat. KarlWayne “Window”
Don’t think I’ve heard of tha main artist, though I think we might be Facebook friends… >>> Sounds like mo great shit from tha undaground; nice beginning, though I still don’t think that’s cool mixing, by providing a sneak peek in tha beginning. That shit started on Lil’ Phat’s Death Before Dishonor and should’ve just ended there! Feelin’ this hook wit tha whole “peekin’ out tha window” shit! And, tha 1st verse’s kinda dry on tha delivery. Also, bad mixing from 1:10 – 1:19; sounded like skipping, instead. Shit @ 1:40 – 1:48 wit tha mixing, again! I don’t mind tha rapper on tha 1st verse, but he doesn’t have any energy in his voice… LOL @ Mr. Karl on tha 2nd verse, “Duckin’ from tha cops.” LOL, if you’re me, on dat kush, and you’re roamin’ around an abandoned area, you see a cop outside, and you just pull your camera out; worked fa me! Just act like you’re gettin’ footage! No wonder why I’m a Lucky Dog! Shit @ 3:12 – 3:20; stupid ‘skip-mixin’’! My Rating: 4.3 (a generous rating ‘cause of tha catchy hook)

12. Ryco Hu$$le Feat. Piper Rogers “I Kept Quiet”
Name changes, here: Ryco Hu$$le originally went by D.$.G., and Piper Rogers was just Piper. Both of them were a part of tha group, C-4. Now, here’s a portion! >>> This one starts off not blended, which sounds betta… “No regrets;” that’s right, even wit tha continuous amount of shit I’ve dealt with! I guess all that shit I dealt with lead up to tha label visiting me? Either way, hearin’ Hussle on tha hook and all this “I do it all again” shit sounds good; catchy hook… Hearin’ tha 1st verse, and I’m diggin’ tha street vibes from him; you know what it iz… Catchy rhymes; didn’t sound like typical shit err-body else spits, so I appreciate him fa bein’ in a different lane, but stayin’ in dat Lane! On tha 2nd verse, too? I must’ve forgot about Piper’s voice (unless he’s on tha hook?)… Either way, this was before Yola got released, accordin’ ta tha “Free Yola” shit. Glad this anotha good verse, too; can’t complain… My Rating: 4.2

13. KarlWayne Feat. BluBlack “Ask About Me”
Should be interestin’! >>> A Q-Red-produced track, here. Though I still resist leaving feedback, I think this sounds good, as always. Nice job wit Karl on tha hook; hook almost sounds a lil’ like some older tracks from others, but you gotta feel it! Here’s Karl on tha 1st verse, too, comin’ through, spittin’ in a great, post-jail kinda way! Lots of “eat dat dick up” shit ‘round 1:19; gotta threaten ‘em wit your “dick.” LOL, I was playin’ beer pong yesterday, and if I didn’t get one in before my opponent got all tha balls in, I had to run naked outside. I would’ve done it, but I wound up gettin’ three in, lol. Then, my opponent wound up not gettin’ one in when versin’ someone else, and nearly went naked, lol! Got Blu on tha 2nd verse, and he sounds real great, as always! Really diggin’ that he always still smokes, as well as feelin’ like tha coolest dude in dat Lane! My Rating: 4.4

14. B-Porter “My Side Of The City”
Don’t think I’ve eva heard of this dude, but am lookin’ forward! >>> A nice track to rap on, though a lil’ dry on tha voice/delivery, once again… Sounds more quieter than usual, wit tha voice, too… Not much of a transition from tha 1st verse to tha hook… Weak transition, but a somewhat-catchy hook; so far, a good, decent joint, here. Tha 2nd verse sounds a lil’ betta. Damn, this joint’s 4:52? I dunno why it has ta be so long; prolly could’ve subtracted a verse? Tha 3rd verse’s start has a betta transition from tha hook ta start it off; not bad… “April 17, 1991,” I see? A lil’ younger than me… My Rating: 3.7

15. KarlWayne “Thuggin’”
And, here it iz, with tha now-shortened title as “Thuggin’”, lol. Here’s what I had to say when it appeared on my 15th mixtape compilation:
Formerly known as K.O., and produced by Q-Red, here. Even got a lil’ music video online, too, so that’s what’s up! Nice lil’ comeback, here, strictly “thugging” in dat Gardere! I like that, “Man, I’m thugging,” random part ‘round 2:01. Go, K.O.—I mean, KarlWayne, lol! Strictly vibin’ off this Q-Red beat! I like how he ended it wit, “I’m thugging!” My Current Rating: 4.5

16. Needy Nee Feat. KarlWayne “Wrong Dude”
Let’s see, here… >>> Nice beat fa Needy ta rap on; sounds pretty intense, and one of tha best beats on here! LOL, nice hook; sounds like that old club shit from back in tha day! And now, I believe this month, Needy reaches 30; glad she still goin’ fa dat Lane! LOL, almost thought it was Blu on tha 2nd verse, but it’s Karl, comin’ through wit some catchy rhymes, once again! Glad he all ova this; Street Certified Muzic-representin’ at its finest! My Rating: 4.4

17. Zipp Johnson Feat. KarlWayne & Obeeze “Friends/Enemies”
Y’all spelled “enemies” as “enimies,” lol… Looks like a nice collaboration; don’t think I’ve heard tha Zipp dude, yet! >>> Q-Red beat, once again; guess that’s how tha rest of this CD gon be? Catchy hook: “Friends become enemies;” I just titled it with a slash ‘cause it was a compound word in tha mp3 file… Either way, pretty nice; I feel tha energy in this voice, here! Good job from this Zipp (newbie) fa me! Kinda sounds a lil’ bit like Beezy Bird, too…; lots of “friends” collaborations, it seems like? LOL @ how KarlWayne starts tha 2nd verse: “Ol’ faggot-ass, coward-ass, bitch-ass nigga;” dumb shit! And, it’s true ta anyone that ain’t thank me fa awards and deleted me, instead; how fucked up! Just happened a few dayz ago, too! Then again, sendin’ awards ta niggaz’ll really over; thank God I don’t have to waste my money, anymore! Let’s hear this Obeeze verse on tha 3rd verse… Sounds great and consistent; can’t complain! Hard ta believe it’s been six years since G-Lane Vol. 1 and tha “Go Hard N Da Paint” dayz! My Rating: 4.5

18. Big Jun Feat. G-Lane Steve & KarlWayne “Wetup”
“Wet”? LOL; neva heard of tha Jun dude, too! >>> Okay, more on tha shoot-ya side, here; a pretty-good hook… Here’s tha 1st verse, wit “glue on [their] hands;” nice… “I smoke too much weed;” already! When it’s my turn ta hit, I usually neva turn any of it down! Nothin’ betta than bein’ in tha zone! Tha 2nd verse sounds pretty nice wit tha “put this metal to ya mouth, but I ain’t talkin’ braces” line, in tha beginning! Definitely feelin’ tha G-shit fa tha G-Lane, here! Hearin’ tha 3rd verse and I can’t tell who’s where, except Karl on tha 2nd verse; I think tha ID has to be flipped, a lil’? Or, does it? “Peel yo shit back: Mr. Potato Head!” Nice! My Rating: 4.1

19. Yola No Soda Feat. KarlWayne “Fuck A Nigga”
Looks like this gon be good…!! >>> Sounded a lil’ familiar wit tha beat, at first, but this iz pretty jammin’ wit tha start! Really diggin’ how Yola comin’ through on tha hook, straight puttin’ tha middle finga up, consistently! Nice shit on tha 1st verse from Yola, too; can’t get in his way! Tha cool thing about work now iz that I’m five years older than most, there, feelin’ like Yola wit me. I say that ‘cause Yola five years older than me, so it’s a great 3-8-3 effect (our years born), lol; I’m in tha middle! Karl on tha 2nd verse, here; pretty short verse, but it’s nice ta collab wit Yola, doin’ tha damn thang! My Rating: 4.7

20. KarlWayne Feat. Vic Boi & Needy Nee “So Dumb”
Y…U…P…! >>> An acapella start from Karl; nice wit all tha “dumb” parts! Tha beat start and intro sounds good! LOL, this mixtape lost its mixin’ outta nowhere; really glad fa that, but who knew, lol? Tha hook sounds good; I can feel tha energy, luckily, not thinkin’ that you’re just in a booth barely movin’ while recordin’ it! Here’s Karl on tha 1st verse, sneakin’ tha “Nina” in; uh-oh! He feelin’ good/cool, here! Oh, and Karl, luckily, just a few weeks ago, I got my head outta tha DJ B-Real gutter, thanx ta hangin’ wit one of my friends from work! Who knew? Someone from where I live at, who’s one decade, one month & one day younger than B-Real would shift my attention fa tha betta? Anyway, hearin’ Vic on tha 2nd verse, and it sounds pretty good; consistent “Lane” reppin’, here! Sounds jammin’ on this beat; gotta feel y’all! Got tha 3rd verse from Needy, here, comin’ through wit consistent rhymes; feelin’ how she comin’ through! “Eat you up like an entrĂ©e;” nice! My Rating: 4.3

21. Lil’ Kev Feat. G-Lane Steve & Big Wayne “Eye Watching”
Endin’ wit an interestin’ collab; don’t think I heard of tha Kev dude, too! >>> LOL @ tha start; even got Big Wayne in tha background! Sounds like somethin’ from a long time ago? I just think of that ‘cause I know Big Wayne’s really in tha Boosie mode, now-a-dayz. Tha hook sounds pretty nice; serious shit, even though Big Wayne sounds off-beat, at times? I dunno, but he sounds on-beat on tha 1st verse, here, comin’ through wit nice energy! He even repped you: “G-Lane Steve;” you know what it iz… Then again, he called himself “DJ Big Wayne;” lol, sounds like a teenage throwback? Tha ’07 dayz? One thing that would be missin’ if it was an ’07 throwback iz Big Wayne’s old, fast beat pattern… Tha 2nd verse sounds pretty good, here; I’m diggin’ it… Though I don’t mind “eyes watching” me, when it comes ta what I do, I have ta admit, I don’t like if “eyes” are “watching,” ready ta confront me; that’s my autistic backlash? Then again, we can all be anti-social? Big Wayne on tha 3rd verse, as well? Shouldn’t it be his song as tha main artist, if he on here tha most? “I’m Coogi-down wit Levi’s;” nice! It’ll neva be outdated fa me! I be wearin’ Levi shoes, at tha moment, and I still appreciate dat Coogi! My Rating: 4.4

Overall: Time fa tha label!! Oh, only four hours left to prepare! Real exciting! Anyway, a pretty nice, undaground mixtape, here! I definitely appreciate all tha unknown people, as well as it reppin’ tha whole G-Lane! Props fa KarlWayne and Street Certified Muzic fa puttin’ this together!


21.       BluBlack Feat. Hannibal & Ar’Jay “F.W.M.” 3.4
20.       Kris “Boot Nigga” 3.5
19.       B-Porter “My Side Of The City” 3.7
18.       Lil’ Josh “Street Nigga” 4.0
17.       Big Jun Feat. G-Lane Steve & KarlWayne “Wetup” 4.1
16.       Drien Feat. KarlWayne “Play With Me” 4.2
15.       Bizzak Man Feat. KarlWayne & Vic Boi “Mind Right” 4.2
14.       Ryco Hu$$le Feat. Piper Rogers “I Kept Quiet” 4.2
13.       G-Lane Steve Feat. KarlWayne “Window” 4.3
12.       Beezy Bird Feat. BluBlack & Needy Nee “Bring ‘Em Out” 4.3
11.        KarlWayne Feat. Vic Boi & Needy Nee “So Dumb” 4.3
10.       Lil’ Kev Feat. G-Lane Steve & Big Wayne “Eye Watching” 4.4
09.       Needy Nee Feat. KarlWayne “Wrong Dude” 4.4
08.       KarlWayne Feat. BluBlack “Ask About Me” 4.4
07.       KarlWayne “Up There” 4.4
06.       Zipp Johnson Feat. KarlWayne & Obeeze “Friends/Enemies” 4.5
05.       KarlWayne “Thuggin’” 4.5
04.       Bando Bert Feat. Jigg-Three “Trap” 4.5
03.   Yola No Soda “Trap House” 4.5
02.   Jigg-Three Feat. Lil’ Josh “My Neighborhood” 4.6
01.   Yola No Soda Feat. KarlWayne “Fuck A Nigga” 4.7

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      89.1
Total Songs:                      / 21

Average CD Rating:       4.2

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