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Review #1,465: Boosie Badazz "Touch Down 2 Cause Hell"

Reviewed on 5.31.2015 (Review #1,465)

I’m actually doin’ a 2nd review today! And, it’s somethin’ that was released this week! I’m off tomorrow, so I have time to get to this! Sponsored by Trill Entertainment, Bad Azz Entertainment & Atlantic Records, this review iz Boosie Badazz, f.k.a. Lil’ Boosie, Touch Down 2 Cause Hell. I can’t say I’m excited for this review, due to too many insecure people Boosie deals with, but I figured I’d get this outta tha way, while I can! And, for those of y’all in Louisiana that don’t know, exactly three weeks ago, on Mother’s Day, my 25-year-old brother died of a (most-likely) heroin overdose in my studio room, on May 10, 2015. Pretty sad moment, though I’ve been strong to get past it… But, I’m still on tha grind, each month, but I have a lot of my own video projects to focus on…  To go with tha weird vibes for this CD’s anticipation, I gon start tha CD review at my ex-friend, Tyler’s birthday time, 10:14! Start Time: 10:14 PM | End Time: 11:20 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

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01. “Intro – Get ‘Em Boosie”
Produced by Black Metaphor, here; lookin’ forward to this “intro!” >>> Almost didn’t expect it to be a song; instant start, here… As always, a nice delivery from you and some regular rhymes ta hold it down… My Rating: 4.2

02. “Window Of My Eyes”
Roc & Mayne on tha beat, as well as Ke’noe; let’s hear this for tha 1st full track, here! >>> Likin’ tha beat, though this feedback may be a guilty pleasure, since you have so many dickriders… Regardless, at my job, I feel like I’m you, and people get jealous! Like, if anyone says anything about me, a whole army stands up for me! I wish that was tha music business to me, but at least it’s at my job! Tha 1st verse sounds good with this lyrical song. Hearin’ tha hook and it’s real catchy with how you deliver it! Tha title didn’t give me anticipation, but tha way you say tha title sounds real great! Hearin’ tha 2nd verse and that was a nice heartbeat throughout tha beginning of tha verse! Lots of rhymes on this verse; feelin’ it, at times, though I’m gettin’ distracted, here and there… My Rating: 4.3

03. “Mercy On My Soul” feat. Jeezy & Akelee
Almost thought that was Adele on tha feature… Anyway, Ke’noe & Samuel AsH on tha beat, here… >>> Sounds like a nice mainstream, street beat to start this off and it’s off to an aight start with this vocalizing… Hearin’ you on tha 1st verse and you sound pretty nice on this beat. Tha hook’s really dry with just random vocalizing. Like, I can just picture all dudes takin’ this shit soooooooooooooooooooooooooo serious, while it’s just straight for me. Like, don’t rub it on me!! Got Jeezy on tha 2nd verse, here, and it’s aight, as well… His voice/delivery ain’t as catchy as it was back in tha day, but it’s still straight. Hearin’ you on tha 3rd verse and it sounds nice with these lyrics. Do you feel grown for 32, or do you still feel like a kid, in a way? I’ono, but I still feel like a kid at almost 27, but publicly feel like an adult, at times. But, for tha most part, it’s a kid at heart! My Rating: 3.7

04. “Like A Man” feat. Rich Homie Quan
LOL, takes me back to tha winter, and Music Choice Rap loved this one… Of course, Mouse On Tha Track doin’ tha production and it’s catchy, though I lol @ dudes for goin’ crazy at this one! Great job with tha verses and lol @ Quan with his parts! “Like a man…;” instantly think of my girl, Amanda!! Like, I would keep repeatin’ that in my head: “Aman…Aman…Amanda!!” Especially with deer in tha road this season?! Yeah! Like, Quan’s funny when he has that “like a man…” part, especially with tha “was a virgin” part! And, of course, nice beat from Mouse, holdin’ shit down!! My Current Rating: 4.4

05. “On Deck” feat. Young Thug
I’ono why you would wanna collab with this gaylord… A year later and people still buzzin’ about him? Then again, who gives a fuck about this music business, anyway? P-Lo on tha track… >>> Definitely a hot beat start but I can’t take that gaylord serious on tha hook! Kinda throws tha quality of this track off! Like, it almost feels like you were interested in dick for 10 seconds at one point, Boosie! But, lemme see what you got fa tha 1st verse, Boosie… Okay, catchy flow; definitely focused and have a lotta energy on this track! Hope Thugga don’t have a verse, here… Ooh, just my luck! Here you are on tha 2nd verse, Boosie, comin’ through with tha consistent rhymin’! Nice job; gotta feel it! I’ll let tha gay Thug slide, this time. He’s aight to listen to, but his image iz terrible! Can’t believe people look up to him and take him serious!! To me, “Stoner” & “Danny Glover” was good enough. No more of his name and all these appearances! My Rating: 4.2

06. “Retaliation”
London On Da Track doin’ tha beat; I believe tha video just came out? Music Choice Rap got this not too long ago, with barely any spins, compared to “No Juice” & “Like A Man”! An okay song, though good enough to enter my playlist. However, with my brother dying outta nowhere, I don’t think I have much heart left to play a lotta tha newer songs on my playlist. Most of ‘em are prolly gonna flop ‘cause of this tragedy. But, as far as this, interesting police noise in tha beginning. Hearin’ you on tha 1st verse and I dig how tha beat kicks in, at tha same time… Feelin’ your dark, street rhymes! And, tha hook’s pretty catchy with how you say tha title; nice job! Wouldn’t’ve expected this to be a single, but it’s a risk… And, tha 2nd verse sounds good ta hear, too, as you keepin’ tha street content goin’! My Current Rating: 4.3

07. “No Juice”
Whooooooooooooooooooooooo!! LOL @ Mouse doin’ tha beat and his, “Dat Me,” just comin’ outta nowhere, on Music Choice Rap. Catchy hook and all that, though I neva played it ‘cause I had “Like A Man” in rotation. My Current Rating: 4.4

08. “On That Level” feat. Webbie
*Sees producer’s name, gets thrown off & laughs* Wow, I thought it would’ve been DJ B-Real or someone, but wow, Abbytastic!! That’s my manager’s name and that name just shines bright! So, without further or do, Abby “Samir” Urbina on tha track! I’m actually lookin’ forward ‘cause of tha “Abby!” >>> Readin’ on Wikipedia and they say that this was released as a single last year? No one got it, but I’m diggin’ this fast beat start!! Ooh, go Abby!! Almost thought I was expecting a bounce beat, but it’s more on a DJ Mustard style, as far as tha production goes. Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it sounds pretty good with what you spittin’, here, for a single… Hearin’ tha hook and it’s real catchy; diggin’ your voice, tha dark beat, and how you deliver this shit!! Hearin’ Webbie on tha 2nd verse and he’s just a random, Trill-type appearance, as of lately. I dunno about these rhymes; kinda mediocre…; can’t stand tha “money” rhymes! Anyway, on to tha 3rd verse, here, and it sounds nice with how you sound, on tha 3rd verse. You kinda sound feminine, here, with tha voice? I honestly feel like it sounds like a different feature! But, either way, what an impressive 1st listen for tha Abby producer!! My Rating: 4.3

09. “Hip-Hop Hooray” feat. Webbie
Knucklehead on tha beat, here; let’s see… >>> Catchy hook and a nice beat, here; diggin’ how you celebratin’ “Hip-Hop,” here! Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it sounds good with how you bringin’ tha street content! Hearin’ Webbie on tha 2nd verse and this sounds better than how he came on tha previous song… Feelin’ tha Baton Rouge vibe he bringin’ to tha table… Now, back to you on tha 3rd verse, here, and it’s soundin’ good… I like how you ended tha 3rd verse with, “You got dat $4 bill fake shit,” when it came to describin’ how tha game be so fake! I can agree! There so many pussies in tha game, here; it’s not even funny! Those that ain’t get B-Real to unblock me are tha biggest pussies and most-disappointin’ people I’ve eva met in my life!! I would neva support them, anymore, and hope I milk them outta they money, one day!! My Rating: 4.1

½time: A pretty consistent CD, so far; good job, Boosie! You’re at a 4.2 for tha CD rating, currently; keep holdin’ tha streetz down!

10. “Mr. Miyagi”
Beat Billionaire on tha beat; kinda don’t like that name of that producer… >>> Nice beat; definitely diggin’ it! Hearin’ you on tha 1st verse and it’s pretty nice; a catchy title, here! Hearin’ tha hook and it’s pretty nice with how you say tha title! Kinda feels like I’m in China with tha name? Like how it’s just a title part and that hot beat plays throughout tha hook! Hearin’ tha 2nd verse and you’re comin’ through pretty gutta, here; nice! Just luv how you deliver with a passion in your voice at all times! My Rating: 4.4

11. “Black Heaven” feat. Keyshia Cole & J. Cole
Not really anticipatin’ tha features and this seems so mainstream… Ke’noe & Samuel AsH on tha beat. >>> Yeah, this a lil’ on tha slow side, here… This more of a song dedicated to tha fallen souljaz… I know my brother just died, but still, this ain’t exciting for me. Even with my brother gone, I still wanna live in tha exciting moments, tha high life & all that! Hearin’ tha hook and it’s nice from Keyshia; it fits with tha sadness of a death, at least… Nice rhymes from you on tha 2nd verse; gotta feel it… It’s like, can only imagine what my brother thinkin’, right now? He prolly really appreciated by all tha support we’ve been givin’ him, over tha past three weeks! And, tha autistic hater, a.k.a. J. Cole on tha 3rd verse, here, comin’ through with his usual, real-life rhymes… My Rating: 3.6

12. “She Don’t Love Me” feat. Chris Brown
Anotha feature I’m not anticipatin’; can’t stand his ugly and actin’-all-grown-ass… Anyway, BJ Beatz on tha beat. >>> Kinda boring, here, for a start, between tha beat and CB on tha hook… Damn, background vocals from Chris on tha 1st verse, here? Weird with him and here you are on tha 1st verse, comin’ through with some mainstream-soundin’ rhymes; whatev… Here you are on tha 2nd verse and it’s decent; I know nobody gon remember this joint in tha long run, though… My Rating: 3.2

13. “All I Know” feat. PJ
Kane Beatz doin’ tha track, here… >>> Doesn’t sound like my kinda joint in tha beginning with tha beat start, but it sounds a lil’ nice? Oh no, a female on tha hook? Ehh, don’t think “I” gon feel this that much… Hearin’ you on tha 1st verse and it sounds much betta with you rappin’ ova this beat… Diggin’ your timeline of events, here; nice way ta deliver! Really not diggin’ this hook with this female and her “money” shit, like, really? Hearin’ you on tha 2nd verse and it sounds more hilarious with how you deliver this. Like, you and “Cut Her Off”’s hook part always sounds nice to hear… Tha 3rd verse aight; not likin’ tha cockiness in tha beginning with tha “money” shit and how you like to impress dudes or some shit… My Rating: 3.0

14. “Drop Top Music” feat. Rick Ross
A very unanticipating 2nd ½? Another feature I’m not lookin’ forward to and not only that, Big Wayne doin’ tha production, here? Iz this why I don’t hear from him anymo—oh yeah, Dunkin’!!! That’s tha answer!! That “Abby” changed my life March 14, 2014 & tha music world has never been tha same since!! It sux ‘cause I get money now and no one’s around! Oh well, I’ll just focus on myself only, these dayz… >>> Beat sounds pretty good, for a start. Finally, a lil’ bit of a Louisiana sound and less of a mainstream sound, despite this feature! Ooh @ tha beat at :23; really hypnotic and crazy with that one lil’ sound!! Nice job with tha 1st verse, Boosie! Oh, iz this just gon be a Ross sample on tha hook and not an official feature? If that’s tha case, then I can get past this Rick Ross on tha feature. BTW, tha hook’s catchy; definitely nice! Good job wit tha 2nd verse, too; pretty consistent with this ridin’ vibe! Oh, not what I wanted: Ross on tha 3rd verse; ahh… Even when I was lovin’ Gunplay’s “Kush” song with Lil’ Wayne & Ross. Instantly, I was like, “Shit, Ross on this!” However, that became a huge anthem for me and I got through it! I might be able to get through this ‘cause really, it has a good vibe. As far as Ross goes, he kinda here and there over a faster beat. Of course, can’t deal with tha “money” rhymes and all that bullshit, but this still somethin’ nice! My Rating: 4.5

15. “Spoil You” feat. T.I.
A lil’ better with tha feature, but just a lil’, though… Ke’noe doin’ tha track, here… >>> Back to tha slower vibes… Ehh, not really diggin’ tha hook except when you say tha title, in a demanding way. I can’t deal with “money” rap and these “bands” ain’t doin’ it fa me! Hearin’ T.I. on tha 2nd verse and it sounds aight; no feedback on his “spoil” to women… And, you on tha 3rd verse, here, comin’ through fa these ladies… Ehh, this iz too boring fa me; I’d rather hear X-rated shit! Like, cumin’ and nuttin’!! My Rating: 2.6

16. “How She Got Her Name”
J Reid on tha beat… >>> Nice lil’ beginning; that lil’ chant part sounds like somethin’ I’d invision while high! Tha 1st verse sounds good fa tha rhymes, but this beat’s pretty dry, for a regular pace. Like, goes good with Kanye West or someone, instead? Diggin’ this lil’ chant on tha hook; wow, sounds like hunger music for while you’re high!! That whole thing with “tha palm trees…!” Tha 2nd verse sounds pretty nice, too, with this story you spittin’. I’ll let this one slide as far as a different-soundin’s ong. And, tha 3rd verse’s soundin’ nice, too. Prolly could’ve been about 30 seconds shorter for this song, overall, but it’s still nice to hear. I’m gonna be generous with this rating! My Rating: 4.1

17. “Kicking Clouds”
Ke’noe on tha beat, again. >>> Sounds like music that would define sad times of my brother passing for tha intro, here… Hearin’ tha hook and it sounds like Kid Cudi’s kinda music. As far as you spittin’ ova this kinda shit, it’s decent, but it brings out somethin’ positive in me, while hearin’ this. I think that positiveness iz celebratin’ by “smokin’ weed,” just like how you introduced tha 1st verse! Nice job with your rhymes and your middle-finga attitude! Hearin’ tha 2nd verse and it ain’t too bad… Sometimes, tha beat reminds me of tha first few seconds of “Walk Thru”. I can feel tha vibe of “roll one fa my nigga,” though I can’t picture myself rollin’ up a blunt, takin’ a geeb hit, or pourin’ somethin’ out fa my brother. I still can’t connect all that with anything, at tha moment… My Rating: 3.8

18. “Hands Up”
J Reid on tha beat, again. >>> Kinda slow and boring? I like tha dark, street-soundin’ beat but I don’t think it matches with tha “hands up” content… Tha 1st verse only aight, fa me… Hearin’ tha hook and it sounds good, but it’s really slow… Tha 2nd verse ain’t too bad; I ain’t gon brag-brag about this joint, overall… My Rating: 3.8

19. “I’m Sorry”
Endin’ it with tha Abby producer!!! No DJ B-Real, thank God!!! Instead, it’s an Abby!! What a way for a manager to come in and do tha damn thang!!! But, I have a feelin’ this gon be a soft track… >>> Abby slowin’ down? Just what I expected for an ending track; not really fuckin’ with tha sorrow on tha beginning… Like, as of September 14, 2013, I let it be known that I’ll neva be “sorry” fa anything! Whateva happens, happens! Even with my brother! He got into a fight with me tha day before he died about takin’ him to go get heroin or somethin’. I denied him ‘cause I worked so many dayz in a row and was busy! I don’t regret not drivin’ him to his fatal dose! Wow, from such an uptempo Abby beat to this, there’s really, like, no life in tha beat! I can understand its purpose, but what a transition! Still, not bad with tha verses, here, as far as tha content, but this way too dry. Great for an ending song, but too dry! Tha deep house music I’m listenin’ to in tha background while reviewin’ this sounds more upbeat than this, and that music’s for sleeping! My Rating: 2.9

Overall: I have to say, haha to B-Real for not appearing on here, despite “Heart Of A Lion” & “Crazy” comin’ out last year! Maybe, B-Real shouldn’t owe people like me $400 and feel more honored when people like me go and spend $1,524 on his stolen equipment to get it back! Yeah, legendary moves like that deserve more attention, not blocking me and all that unprofessional bullshit!! But anyway, I thought you did a nice job with this CD! Nothing too striking, but it had a good run… It’s nice that you’re gettin’ tha mainstream appeal and gettin’ your respect. Hope you continue to stay consistent!


19.       “Spoil You” feat. T.I. 2.6
18.       “I’m Sorry” 2.9
17.       “All I Know” feat. PJ 3.0
16.       “She Don’t Love Me” feat. Chris Brown 3.2
15.       “Black Heaven” feat. Keyshia Cole & J. Cole 3.6
14.       “Mercy On My Soul” feat. Jeezy & Akelee 3.7
13.       “Hands Up” 3.8
12.       “Kicking Clouds” 3.8
11.        “Hip-Hop Hooray” feat. Webbie 4.1
10.       “How She Got Her Name” 4.1
09.       “Intro – Get ‘Em Boosie” 4.2
08.       “On Deck” feat. Young Thug 4.2
07.       “Retaliation” 4.3
06.       “On That Level” feat. Webbie 4.3
05.       “Window Of My Eyes” 4.3
04.       “Mr. Miyagi” 4.4
03.    “Like A Man” feat. Rich Homie Quan 4.4
02.    “No Juice” 4.4
01.    “Drop Top Music” feat. Rick Ross 4.5

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      73.8
Total Songs:                      / 19
Average CD Rating:       3.9

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