Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Podcast Appearance #01: The Blind Box (9.30.2015)

Taken from "The Blind Box":

Episode 61: Frankie Tha Lucky Dog has been there, done that. What is that? You name it, Frankie's done it. He's also the #1 source of information regarding Baton Rouge Hip Hop. Not Louisiana. Not New Orleans. BR. Frankie was recently featured in an article by Mass Appeal writer David Drake (SoManyShrimp) and GM & Catf1sh took to his story immediately. Frankie stops by the show and does a live countdown for the fans, as well as gets a few surprises from his favorite region in the entire world. Max Minelli, Savage, Danchrism (on behalf of Dee1), & David Drake all stop by to pay Frankie a visit and tell him how much he means to the community they call home.  In Segment 2 NeoThaAnomaly stops by to talk about the new next gen basketball game "NBA 2k16". Neo (like Frankie) know's his niche. Neo breaks down the up's and down's of NBA2k while GM plays HIS team & Catf1sh tells the story of how he won a game of FIFA in a league that...didn't actually count.  This is The Blind Box, It's Frankie Tha Lucky Dog Appreciation Day &  YOU get a guest! & YOU get a guest! & YOU.....

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