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Review #1,482: King Sav "Mobb Life Boss Playa"

Reviewed on 10.17.2015 (Review #1,482)


Broadcasting from tha treehouse, my cousin’s house in Port Jefferson Station, NY, on Long Island, I finna do a live review for Solo Mafia Enterprises’ King Sav Mobb Life Boss Playa! Savage & I reconnected, thanx ta “The Blind Box” podcast on September 29 of this year, after a lil’ 18-month break. I got my shit together by workin’ and by hangin’ out and all that. And now, we back! You’re lookin’ at 27-year-old Frankie right now! You betta be comin’ through wit tha hot production, makin’ me wanna get high and all dat! Start Time: 7:14 PM | End Time: 8:35 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

© 2015 CD Review (Review #1,482) reviewed on 10.17.2015 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

01. “The Intro Joint”
It’s an “intro joint!” That means we shmokin’ it; it’s not just an “intro!” So, lemme hear what ya got ta say, Sav! I’ve been awake since 2:52 AM, I worked, I drove all tha way down ta New York (4 ½-hours of a drive), and I just ate all those wangz, so now, 16 hours in, here we go! >>> It sounds like remakin’, like, in a southern hip-hop way, Aaliyah’s “At Your Best” or somethin’ from tha ‘90s… “Jumped off tha porch back in 1989?” Wow, you been really, like, out there, Sav! Tha beginning sounded pretty catchy and this 1st verse iz soundin’ pretty good… It just feels so, like, Houston-like, though it’s from BK, like, New York, New York, like us (my boyz & I on Long Island)! “With tha [fuckin’] plug!” You know what “tha [fuckin’] plug” be like in 2015! Just strictly freestylin’, here, ya know… Yup, “Fuck yo mainstream budget, bitch!” It’s all about bein’ independent and doin’ err-thang on ya own! My Rating: 4.4

02. “Nofux”
“Nofux” ta those that can’t handle my consistency ‘cause ya know what? My “fux” are tha winners! Will I give two “fux?” Will I give three “fux?” Will I give four “fux?” Will I give one fuck? We shall find out right now! >>> Sav had messaged me a teaser, sayin’ dat he did somethin’ pretty good wit this! Well, I’m feelin’ tha beat as I’m nice and fulla dat shit! I feel like it’s gonna be, like, 2008 again! Yeah, you sound pretty consistent on this one! This iz pure right here! I’m thinkin’ this iz pure, pure just like dat kush! Like, it’s just so great! I get ta talk ta you, I get ta travel, people know about me! I been in tha [Louisiana] game fuckin’ eight years and six muthafuckin’ dayz!! Well, definitely pure 1st verse and tha hook iz definitely real great! I’m definitely in luv with this beat and how you just don’t give “nofux,” 24/7!! “Don’t give [tha] fux,” y’all!! Tha 2nd verse’s soundin’ pretty good, here… And, you still spell “pussazz” tha same like you did back in ‘09/2010! “P-U-S-S-A-Z-Z!” My Rating: 4.8

03. “F.A.F. (Fvck A Friend)”
Well, not givin’ “a fuck,” this iz two “fux,” now! Not givin’ two “fux!” So, I wanna see how not givin’ a second “fuck” iz… >>> Sounds like it’s pure again… Technology, southern, mid 2000s… Yup, “losin’” family members can be rough… Yup, “you da man,” fasho… Been around fa a very long time! You were 26, and then when I turned 26, I got ta witness that you just have independent superpowers like a boss, like a savage! Nice job wit tha 1st verse and you did a great job wit tha hook right chea! “Fuck a friend!” Nobody’s “friend;” nobody!! Look at tha fingers: nobody!! Soundin’ cool again on tha 2nd verse… Like, gotta luv ya, Savage! My Rating: 4.6

04. “Mobb Life”
All about continuin’ tha southern “mobb life,” so I guess this laughter gon definitely make me smile wit this one… >>> “Shmokin’ strong?” How ‘bout a geeb? Wow, am I, like, hypnotized by your voice? Just by that, like, trumpet-like sax that kinda sounds like “Careless Whisper”? Pretty pure! “Do-do-do…;” yeah, you really got a smooth voice and you doin’ tha damn thang on tha 1st verse! Constipated version of “Mobb Shit”? That’s what it kinda sounds like; sounded like you’d kinda go take a shit on tha beginning of tha hook, lol… Yeah, definitely feelin’ it and a “beach?” We could definitely visit a “beach,” right now, cold or not! Almost sounds like a hidden feature on tha 2nd verse, but you said you didn’t have any features on here! Just randomly wantin’ your “dick sucked?” Okay, lol… Well, this iz like tha year, like, 20??-type music! I was definitely diggin’ dat one! My Rating: 4.7

05. “It’s Nothin’”
This gon be a pretty hot joint, just by tha title! >>> Pretty haunting beat start, don’t ya think? Soundin’ like cool again with how you’re deliverin’! “Don’t [ya] make this shit look easy?!” Of course ya do!! Sounds like you’re fulla dat shit on tha hook, right now! Hearin’ tha 1st verse…; pretty nice… My other cousin was talkin’ about, like, “InstaHoes & thots,” earlier on Twitter; you know, that was pretty good… Yeah, definitely soundin’ pretty bouncin’, here ‘cause “it’s nothin’!!” Hearin’ tha 2nd verse…

“And you sock with punchlines from…
Back and forth,
Then you, Sav, got tongue-tied…
G-G-Got tha fort.
Yup, sayin’ tha same rhyme, I’m rhymin’ it twice.
You lookin’ at me but you can’t burn fast ‘cause I’m tha mice…
Tha mice of tha land; you’re trash in a can.
You know what? I got tha reputation ‘cause I can!”

Fuck yeah! So, with that bein’ said, tha flow and tha way you deliverin’ tha 2nd verse’s so good that I just spit a random freestyle right there… Just keep movin’…; don’t stop! Don’t give up on your dreams! Just always stay motivational and positive! My Rating: 4.4

06. “Playas Call”
This prolly gon be anotha ridin’/smokin’/smooth ridin’-kinda joint ‘cause of tha “call,” you know… Dat prolly been me a couple times, tryna “call” you. And, there’s a party of six of us in here, in tha treehouse, right now… >>> Okay, it sounds like a game show… Well, here we go… You and your singin’ notes on tha intro, here; my head just goin’ ta tha clouds, slowly movin’… I’m startin’ ta lose gravity… My gravity’s goin’ away… I’m floatin’!! I’m floatin’! Really floatin’! Ahh! Am I on tha moon? It’s pretty smooth; sounds like more like walkin’ through tha streetz… You know what? It’s just, your voice, like, went to tha Caribbean Islands or somethin’! Pretty smooth, silky hook right chea! Even when you say, “Paypa,” it doesn’t sound like a stupid, fuckin’, typical, fuckin’, per-fuckin’-son! I’m hearin’ tha 2nd verse and it’s makin’ me do, like, a wheelie! Ooh, I hit 12:00! “Only time you niggaz ball iz Monopoly;” now, think of that! It’s all about “Monopoly;” they try ta ball but they fail ‘cause they’re not on tha same consistent level as us! Ya feel dat?! You and your “fux!!” Like, you just don’t give a flyin’ fuuuuck!! My Rating: 4.3

½time: After reviewin’ tha first six songs, I have ta say, very consistent! Your voice has, like, evolved and raps and all dat! You know, this CD, this CD, we definitely be wildin’! And, you know, we definitely be stylin’! And Destiny [girl from my job on my phone screen’s background], you know, we definitely arrivin’…with this sound that just definitely be vibin’! And, you know, tha style iz so holdin’ it down like, you know, we’re on Long Island! And, just keepin’ it goin’ because we just luv tha CD so much that we’re feelin’ like we’re like, you know, are sssilent…just quiet ‘cause it’s so good that we just buyin’…tha music Savage brings to us! And, he so fly and…like, you know, how we’re feelin’ like we’re so high and…that it’s just so excellent; our feelings are like we’re on tha high end! And, Savage iz just a king! Known him fa years that he just like, you know, has tha pyrin’—pyro that keeps tha fire goin’ like tha fryin’…pan that just flips up and down that delivers that hot shit to tha fullest like cryin’! Cryin’ ‘cause he havin’ so much success ‘cause you know, this review iz tha shit on Long Island!! Yeah, I give it a 4.5, so far, between tha consistent beats! Definitely pure production and co-production and all dat! And, your lyrics, of course, doin’ tha damn thang wit those cool-soundin’ vocals! Like, you fit for tha streets but then, you just, really, like, fit for, like, ridin’ in tha car… Just, like, bein’ accepted as cool; who would’ve thought that’d be me? And, it’s just so great!

07. “Dope Boy Celebration”
Well, this feels like a “celebration” just gettin’ to NY! You already know what it iz; here we go! Kickin’ off tha 2nd ½! >>> Tha beat’s definitely upbeat and jammin’… You sound like a supastar and your age just shines bright! I love your full birthday, lol! Gives me power! Ya know, this iz definitely energetic; I’m definitely feelin’ tha hook! I just feel happy with this consistent production! I swear, it’s like 2003 right now, especially with those gas prices bein’ $1.81! Hearin’ tha 2nd verse and it’s pretty good, too… “That shit give [you] a boner when [you] get to tha money,” like, you’re really comin’ outta your shell, Sav, like, comin’ outta it, lol! New York, where you have freedom! And, here’s tha 3rd verse… Yup, it sux when you “lose your life in tha game!” But, we’re here! Just starin’ at that fan [spinnin’ on tha ceiling] like, what if it fell on me, lol? Pretty consistent 3rd verse right there! Don’t you just wanna hug this CD, right now? My Rating: 4.5

08. “Me, You & Yo Homegirl”
It sounds like it iz like a great threesome that’s gonna, ya know, Jenna-like talk, language, meaning that it’s an inescapable threesome that’s prolly ‘bout ta happen over a smooth, silky beat! >>> Beat sounds pretty smooth like I expected; it feels like you’re bein’ seduced with medicine… This pretty hot fa tha hoes, right chea, on tha 1st verse… Kinda like a mix of ‘90s, ‘00s & ‘10s, kinda like southern beer or country pimp tunes like Pimp C! I luv when I hear your music and all you guys from tha south for tha most time because it sounds like you just live dat great life of it bein’ hot and all dat, while we have a fuckin’ freezin’ morning and shit! Ahh, pretty good, here! Ahh, “Me, you & yo homegirl!” Ewe, “Camcorder ready,” but you sound like a computer… “Specialize in cookies?” You already know! Me gettin’ out there, January 20! That was pretty close! “Hittin’ a homerun;” nice! “Roll anotha J!” Oh yeah! It sounds like a hidden language, like, before tha “‘bout ta hit this dick down” part, so you already know it’s on! Threesomes at its finest; ‘Enna!!! My Rating: 4.2

09. “Aquarius Vibe (West Atlanta)”
I’m thinkin’ it’s gonna be like a different kinda smooth vibe… >>> You and your “mobb shit, bitch” intros; nice! It sounds like great effort; nice and smooth beat like I expected… It’s just it’s nice and consistent; that’s why I put my money where my CD was! LOL, how you mentioned your birthday month—“January!” Pretty consistent toward tha end of that 1st verse! Definitely was diggin’ those consistent rhymes to tha fullest! You linin’, and you rhymin’, and you timin’ everything right ‘cause you grindin’!! What a nice and smooth, fucked-up-in-a-good-way-kinda fucked-up-in-a-good-way-kinda hook, lol! “Ridin’ down Martin Luther King?” What about Mary’s Grave, lol? Did you just say, “Get high?” Yup, “Gettin’ high while we vibe!” Here’s tha 2nd verse…; beautiful (lol, as I stare at tha Destiny pic)! “Twelve rounds like a title,” but you still got it! It’s a pretty nice 2nd verse; can’t deny it… Even wit dat Sav, you puttin’ yo stamp on it! Nice and fucked-up, once again—tha nice way of fucked-up, lol. It sounds like funny singin’ but it’s great ta hear, like, when you nice and fucked-up; great job! My Rating: 4.2

10. “Ball”
Well, you keepin’ it cool every time, every year, all day, every day, and you’re definitely on-n-poppin’! It’s Percy Keith birthday time right now, 8:18 PM, and I have to say, “Free dat Percy Keith!” Hate that he’s locked up! Found out just a couple dayz ago and I wrote him a letter… >>> Keepin’ it goin’, keepin’ it goin’, keepin’ it goin’…! You tha king, tha Shift Leader of tha basketball court right chea! Tha hook’s definitely on-n-poppin’, here! I luv how you guys still have that 2nd ½ of tha hook be repetitive; you know, that’s just real great! Hopefully, I get to stay up till 1:22 AM tonight; that’ll give me 22 hours and 30 minutes awake! Gotta do it fa ya birthday…time, dat iz [I later stayed up till 2:32 AM instead; 23 hours & 40 minutes awake!]! Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s pretty cool; it’s got a nice lil’ vibe to it and just… You know, you’ve been around tha game for a long while, now, so you kinda have analyzed everyone… See who’s a fuckboy, and a fuckgirl; who a fatherfucker? Who a motherfucker? Who a brotherfucker? Who a sisterfucker? Who a cousinfucker? You know, like an unclefucker, too, lol!! Definitely diggin’ tha 2nd verse and tha hook! Always trust a king and, wow! “When [you] didn’t have a shoe game” on tha 2nd verse, and now, you know, you got, like, some of tha dopest clothes! Can’t wait till I get my snuggle on, lol… You even have a “third eye” like a Cyclopes? Do I look like I have a third eye, lol? “Shrimp?” Let’s just keep eatin’! You just make me happy and I love havin’ moments fa you, Sav! “You ain’t neva sold a gram?” Look at that on tha 3rd verse [as you called them out]! Their trappin’ skillz iz at nothin’!! Not even—they ain’t even move an edible! That’s how fucked-up they are!! Like, c’mon, you can’t even move an edible?! You guys just slam those organs and that southern vibe; it just, it just keeps makin’—I just wanna keep promotin’!! My Rating: 4.6

11. “They Mad”
Tha smarter you are, tha madder they gon get! So, you just can’t trust ‘em! And, I don’t trust many up there, but I save careers! >>> You think that tha geeber gon save your auto-tune? Hmm…, luckily, you worked your way around it! I’m definitely feelin’ this beat, but how many jiggaz done you had wit your voice on tha hook, here? Sounds like regular rappin’ on tha 1st verse… “Dat ass; dat ass!” “Workin’ full-time;” how you come through on tha 1st verse! I made 165 drinks today; that’s what’s up! “Full grind!” It’s pretty-good rappin’ on tha 1st verse; I can’t deny it… I just luv your non-stop grind! “Still bossed-up,” like a muthafuckin’ savage, just like I ate all those wings! I thought I was a fuckin’ savage! “Don’t fuck wit tha kids,” “don’t fuck” around; “don’t fuck wit tha” aunts; “don’t fuck wit tha” sistaz; “don’t fuck wit tha” brothaz; “don’t fuck wit tha” muthaz; “don’t fuck wit tha” fatherz; “don’t fuck wit tha” unclez; “don’t fuck wit tha” stepkidz; “don’t fuck wit tha” fatherz; “don’t fuck wit tha” in-lawz; “don’t fuck wit tha” mother-in-lawz… And here’s tha 2nd verse… “They pull tha dick up from tha ground and they ride you…”—you know, when they stalk you! It’s fucked-up! Fuck ‘em! Yup, gotta stay on your word; you become more of a legend! “They act sour;” you know, like a so-sour Saturday! “Same clothes with no showers?” At least they’re savin’ tha environment, ya know! Hearin’ tha hook again, it sounds like a moving truck caught up in a tornado! Like my head right now, like, it’s rough; that’s tha hurricane part right there! It’s rough! “Dat ass; dat ass!” “They mad” ‘cause I know Destiny—I know her!!! My Rating: 4.1

12. “Keep Pushin’”
Whoa, we’re at tha last joint already? All right, let’s see how you kept “pushin’,” then! >>> Really smooth-n-silky beat, right chea… Yup, “I done made it through a lotta shit! Remained authentic;” definitely me, Sav! “I don’t swallow spit?” What about saliva, Sav? I know it’s gotta come outta ya mouth sooner or later, lol! “It’s word you’re gettin’ devoured;” *slurp!!* Sounds like just a simple hook, but at least you’re “pushin’.” Soundin’ a lil’ better on tha 2nd verse… Yup, “God gon sit you down,” if you at a crossroad. Yup, “Gotta hit tha chronic; prevent you from stressin’!” It’s all about creatin’ moments, too! Where would this review be? Where would tha other 1,481 of ‘em be, lol? You know, you can definitely tolerate this; feelin’ tha production. Hearin’, like, a bridge and I know it’s—not depressing, or not like a struggle, but it’s kinda like a morphed version of tha two… Just like this consistent worker [Destiny], “Keep pushin’!!” Keep openin’!! My Rating: 4.0

Overall: I have ta say, it was a lot betta than I expected—well, it was better than I expected! But, Sav, your consistency iz through tha roof! To know that you handled this by yourself with no features, you definitely did tha damn thang! You really don’t need features! You just, every year, you hold it down and you reconnected wit me at such a right point because, I mean, this treehouse wasn’t tha way it was when, you know, you was fuckin’ wit me in tha beginning! This treehouse has evolved! And yes, I’ve evolved majorly! Who would’ve thought I’d be in a magazine article? An eNewsletter?! You know, havin’ interviews, appearin’ on podcasts, you know?! Who would’ve thought?! And then, I achieved it and I’m gonna continue to achieve it ‘cause I’m consistent and motivated, just like yourself! So, keep bein’ consistent! I gon always get fulla dat shit fa you, Sav! You were tha 1st person I told that I got fulla dat shit, for tha 1st time, back on August 16, 2013, a lil’ after 2:30 PM! So, keep doin’ ya thang, and I gon keep supportin’ ya!


12.       “Keep Pushin’” 4.0
11.        “They Mad” 4.1
10.       “Aquarius Vibe (West Atlanta)” 4.2
09.       “Me, You & Yo Homegirl” 4.2
08.       “Playas Call” 4.3
07.       “The Intro Joint” 4.4
06.       “It’s Nothin’” 4.4
05.       “Dope Boy Celebration” 4.5
04.       “F.A.F. (Fvck A Friend)” 4.6
03.   “Ball” 4.6
02.   “Mobb Life” 4.7
01.   “Nofux” 4.8

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      52.8
Total Songs:                      / 12
Average CD Rating:       4.4 (automatically a 5-star-rated CD)

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