Sunday, November 15, 2015

FrankieThaLuckyDog Celebrates Jigga House Records' DJ B-Real's Birthday (2015)

FrankieThaLuckyDog, celebratin' my boy, my favorite artist in tha rap game/tha best dude outta Louisiana, DJ B-Real, who's with Jigga House Records' birthday, November 15, 2015! Hope you see this, finally unblock me and we reconnect! If you unblock & reconnect with me, you'll make me tha happiest autistic person alive!! It'll also show tha world that you neva stop givin' up on what you believe in and what your dreams are!! We ain't got all day to reconnect, especially when my brother dies of an overdose in my studio room six months ago! We could be gone tomorrow, B-Real!! I love you and just wish we could be tha best of friends, music connects & more!! I hope now at 31 years-old, you can finally be nice and grown to where you don't have to have little bullshit like blocking someone BOTHER you! I'm in this to help you; all I ever wanted you to do was $ucceed!!

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#PayDaProducer #JustPayTheGuy

Also, what I posted on social media, earlier this morning:

Today's a really emotional day for me... I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to one of tha greatest of all-time! Someone who I believed in and helped out with rescuing their equipment that has SO much talent, but decides to not believe in me, anymore, which kills me every day!

Thanx to them, I pushed myself to get a job at Dunkin' Donuts to where I'm one of Dunkin's best! They've made me over $33,000 richer in only 20 months with a new car, a Shift Leader position & key to open tha door, impressing 1,000s of people, higher independence, high-tech video equipment, raises & more! I've also met some of tha BEST people I could ask for at my job, thanx to him!

If overtime wasn't an issue, I swear, I would open and close tha store today, 20 hours straight! Just to know that you still have me blocked makes me HATE to be home, sometimes!! I consider November 15 #NationalWorkDay and you continue to motivate me to tha max!! I do wish you would finally grow up, unblock & reconnect with me, especially due to all my success and MOST-IMPORTANTLY, since I no longer have my brother alive, anymore! We could be gone tomorrow; who knows!! You are my favorite rap artist/semi-singer/producer of my generation! Happy 31st Birthday, DJ B-Real!! #PayDaProducer #JustPayTheGuy @bybreal225

With that bein' said, off to work, of course!! Time to wake up their Sunday!!

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