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Review #1,491: Yola No Soda "Yola No Soda"

Reviewed on 1.26.2016 (Review #1,491)

Not in tha mood at all to be reviewin’ at a busy time like this, but I must get some shit off my chest and throw some people under tha bus, right now! This next review iz Yola No Soda Yola No Soda, released on 99 Wayz 2 Grind Entertainment. FYI, Yola No Soda iz from Gardere Lane a.k.a. G-Lane, formerly known as Yung Yola. Back in 2009, way before I would write Percy Keith, I was writin’ Yola in jail once a month. I thought this was one of my favorite rappers, etc., someone who made me President of their label on July 18, 2009, gave me their MySpace login info and more. However, in 2011, when I tried to interview him for my radio show, from jail, as an exclusive, my value started takin’ turns as he would text me but not answer, at times. Then, I caught him on Facebook a few times without gettin’ a hold of me, and it started gettin’ to me. We reconnected in 2013 and things seemed okay. Then, in 2015, when my brother died, my magazine article got released & more, he started not really payin’ too much attention to me. I would post and he wouldn’t really acknowledge tha posts that much… Much to my surprise, just yesterday, I went to go send him my latest music video and I didn’t realize I already sent it. I stumbled across this CD on DatPiff and lil’ did I know, tha CD’s almost two months old! It’s like, damn, not even sent to me? So, I aired him out on Facebook & Instagram that I should come first when it comes to sendin’ new music to! What fuckin’ President am I to not get your music? And so, he got up in his feelings, deleted me, and that was tha end of him! So, with that bein’ said, why tha hell am I reviewin’ this right now? Well, I just wanna get it off my lap but also, who wants to go to work tomorrow for fuckin’ Margaret? Tuesday nights, I try to stay up later ‘cause she comes back to work and tha drama begins again! But yeah, peep out this post of me airin’ out Yola:

So yeah, who’s worse? Yola or Margaret? I have no idea, but at least I get paid for dealin’ with Margaret! It gon be a yucky transition to tomorrow, but best believe, I’m goin’ to NY on Friday!!! Start Time: 10:18 PM | End Time: 11:20 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

© 2016 CD Review (Review #1,491) reviewed on 1.26.2016 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

01. “Thank U 4”
>>> Okay, just so you know, reviewin’ this may be nice. However, once this review iz over, so iz my interest in this! Gonna completely forget about it when it ends, like it neva existed!! As far as this, a lil’ catchy with what you “thank,” but since you don’t even “thank” me fa nothin’, I can say, “Fuck this!!” Beat an online beat and it ain’t even Louisiana/southern!! Like, “I get a lotta it,” when it comes ta money? Ugh, check this what I sent you…
I neva got a fuckin’ penny from you; we neva did any busines!!! My Rating: 3.6

02. “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” feat. K.Beezy
Neva heard of tha featured dude… >>> A repetitive hook with a dry, typical-soundin’ “trappin’” beat, here… Ugh, what’s with you with tha bullshit “money” rhymes??? “Did five years?” No, you did four, smh! It was March 2009 – August 19, 2013; you don’t remember, smh? “I should’ve went ta college;” prolly! You go and ditch some1 like me who has a Master’s Degree fa what? And, quit tha bullshit money rhymes; shit makes me wanna throw tha fuck up!! Neva heard of this K.Beezy dude on tha 2nd verse and it just sounds like a regular rapper rappin’ fast… It’s like, how’d you find this dude? What am I, then? A piece of F.U.C.K.I.N.’ shit!!! My Rating: 3.5

03. “#WhatDaFukANiggaMean”
I assume tha title’s all together like that? Produced by you. >>> Sounds like your old music… Too bad I can’t take this serious, anymore… Hook sounds pretty nice ova this beat; can’t complain… Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it sounds like those good ol’ times of tha 99 Wayz 2 Grind dayz… Still can’t believe you don’t fuck wit me, no mo; like, what’s wrong with you?! Tha 2nd verse sounds nice, too; just know that it’s in one ear and out tha other, though! My Rating: 4.2

04. “All Types Of Games”
That’s exactly what you’re playin’ with me, right?! >>> Was that $hop With Ken’s beat tag in tha beginning? Wonder how this collab came about, or did you just steal tha beat from online, since you didn’t credit tha producer on tha filename? Either way, for a guilty pleasure feeling, I’m really feelin’ this beat and your attempt of singin’ on tha hook? I’m definitely diggin’ it! Let’s pretend you still fuck wit me for tha next hour, like nothin’ went wrong…………………………………, smh! Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s nice ova this beat! Makes me think of when I used ta be so obsessed with all that Louisiana music! Too bad it really ain’t do anything fa me, though; waste of so many years! So behind in so much shit ‘cause of that shit and now that I’m older, it’s so hard to keep up with everything!! Diggin’ all tha “weed” shit on tha 2nd verse, especially how you expect them to “give a refund” when it comes to that shit that “doesn’t give you a buzz.” Thank God I get NY shit that’s fiya; I’ve always wanted quality and I got it!! My Rating: 4.7 (what a generous DICK I am!!!)

05. “Keep Ya Head Up”
>>> Beat sounds nice, here; good shit! Too bad all these artists pop out “kids” and are required to put them above my promotion skillz, smh! It’s like, should’ve took your time with tha “kids,” smh! Still, a nice hook and nice 1st verse, here… Tha 2nd verse’s soundin’ pretty nice, too; can’t complain, overall… I just hate that you rappin’ ‘bout all this shit about “24k” and you can’t even do any services with me, smh! My Rating: 4.1

06. “Ain’t Playing”
>>> What? The Beat Plug’s tha producer? Fuckin’ Percy Keith producer!! Whether he got it from online or not, still, it’s all about him, not you!! Tha hook’s really repetitive but kinda addictin’? Whateva… Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s kinda like typical rap music, like, not carin’ about others, smh. Tha 2nd verse’s soundin’ good, here, or iz it? I’m just givin’ it credit so I don’t say, “It’s wack!” My Rating: 3.8

07. “O.G. Blowin’ On Da O.G.”
Thank God I’m not “blowin’ on [no] OG” ta this CD! If you would’ve been real, I would’ve luved to review this CD high, but nooooooooooooooooooooo way in fuckin’ hell are you gettin’ that bonus from me!!! >>> Of course, I figured I’d like this smooth vibe with tha kush-type hook… Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s only aight fa me… Kinda sounds like you’re randomly spittin’ random shit, here, aside from tha “O.G.!” Tha 2nd verse ain’t too bad, here, though I thought I’d be more impressed… I expected some inhalin’/exhalin’, some more weed rhymes, but it’s just a bunch of randomness… My Rating: 4.3

08. “Dumb” feat. Orange Juice Jones
Oh, so not lookin’ forward to tha feature!! What tha hell, iz this gon be a sample of an old song?! >>> Completely mistaken with tha feature, here, but that’s ‘cause I wasn’t interested, in tha first place… Beat sounds like some Q-Red shit and as it’s in one ear and out tha other, I’ll say that this bitch jammin’… Hearin’ this OJJ on tha 1st verse and he’s bringin’ back that classic 225, jiggaz-type shit, here; good job! No bullshit money rhymes; see! There’s life without “money” rhymes!! Good shit from you on tha 2nd verse till you said, “Dat nigga Yola gotta always show his cash,” like, what “cash,” lol? None eva went in my pocket!!! My Rating: 4.4

09. “Living Like Pac”
>>> Nothin’ interestin’ in tha boring beat, here, but tha rhymes are nice ta hear from you… Still, a lil’ random, but I can tolerate it…, just for this hour! “Nigga, I’m 100;” no, you’re nowhere-near!!! Comin’ at me like you did, not makin’ me a priority and deleting me ain’t “100;” no fuckin’ way!!! Don’t get this title, too, smh; random reference, smh! Tha rest of this ain’t too bad, but let’s just continue… My Rating: 3.4

½time: I thought this would’ve been a lil’ betta and a lil’ more undaground, but it looks like you’re tryna break into tha mainstream like all tha rest of these cats, out chea… Still, some quality tunes but definitely nothin’ nostalgic at all!! A 4.0 for tha CD rating, currently; let’s move on…

10. “In My City”
>>> A slow start… Not sure if I’m feelin’ tha faster flow of yours… SMH @ mentionin’ “money,” ya know?! What tha hell @ :50 with tha “SKIIIIIIIIIRRRR” sound effect? Interesting sound effects, at least, but so random!! SMH @ tha auto-tune on tha hook!! That’s more important than me?! You fuckin’ suck!!! Wow, tha whole entire 2nd verse’s sounds so off-beat and random ta me!! Like, how much more random can you get with tha rhymes?? My Rating: 2.7

11. “Thang 4 U”
>>> Bass too loud? You don’t know how to mix-and-master, smh? Quit mentionin’ “money” ‘cause you DON’T HAVE NONE!!! Bullshit! There’s a sample on tha hook! I luv Aaliyah, but c’mon, not on a Yola / Baton Rouge / Louisiana CD!! I don’t have any interest fa tha rest of this R&B shit on this so-called “sick tape,” smh! My Rating: 1.8

12. “Never Be The Same”
>>> Question: When I die, are you gon say, “R.I.P.,” or are you gon say, “Rest In Piss Frankie,” smh? You won’t remember me when I’m gone; fuck Frankie!! No need to try and sing Marvin Gaye on tha hook, smh! My God, does this R&B shit have to continue or what?! Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it’s okay; let’s leave it at that. I’m not into tribute songs, anyway; they don’t make me jigg!! I wanna see you complain about that comment I just made! It’s not like you’re gonna see it, anyway!! “Thangz ain’t what they used to be;” well, Yola, thanx fa changin’ on me outta nowhere, smfh!!! Yeah, “Tha Flippa Boyz dayz,” too! Even Killa Sounz changed on me, too! Made a tribute video ta Disco, sent Killa his awards and then, he unfollowed and deleted me, smh! As far as you, smh @ talkin’ about Disco and, “I would’ve taken tha bullets fa him…” It’s like, really? I know you would neva take a fuckin’ “bullet” fa me now, would you?! I can’t believe back in tha day, I think I said, “I would take a bullet fa you and bleed fa you, Yola,” like, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!??! Even my brother heard that when he was alive!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?! I wasn’t even on drugs back then!!! WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! That had to have been tha weekend of November 5, 2010, when my cousin got married! See, I remember tha date; that’s how real and official I am!!! My Rating: 2.4

13. “Stay Down Till I Come Up”
>>> More randomness, here; repetitive hook, okay beat and randomness on tha 1st verse… “Gettin’ all this money;” shut tha fuck up about that shit already!!! Quit it!!! I neva got a penny from you!! You neva had any interest in me!! I don’t have ta say anything else about this; just end already! My Rating: 2.3

14. “Fresha Than The Board Of Health”
Like my manager says, “Really?!?” I remember when you rapped about “tags hang off everything a nigga buy.” I know that ain’t in today’s world of yours, since tha quality of you has significantly dropped!! >>> Stupid beat tag in tha beginning…; Lil’ Ken? $hop With Ken? However, back to tha Baton Rouge sound, here, though I don’t think it gon be strikin’… Hearin’ tha hook and it’s whateva; smh @ tha “money” shit. And, as far as tha “pants hangin’ off my ass” shit, that was Yung Yola, not this Yola! This Yola only iz a dad, not no rapper/producer/cool dude!! “I ran my money up;” where?!?!?!??! I ain’t get any!!! I luv how on tha 2nd verse, you’re continuin’ to be obsessed with Polo, here. Oh, don’t you wish you were cool again?! Not gonna happen!!! My Rating: 3.7

15. “Doing My Thang” feat. Ryco Hu$$le & BluBlack
Fa’real? I played this back in 2010, when you was almost 27 years-old! I’m now 27 years-old and no way would I push somethin’ from 2010 of mine; I live a completely different life now!! I hate that stupid Frankie from tha past that made $0.00 an hour and all that! I neva even made a penny off of you, either; pathetic!! I feel so worthless, powerless & all that bullshit! But, I guess this a 2015 version, since tha original version had Slymm On The Track and now, it has BluBlack… Original version was produced by you & Slymm On The Track and now, it’s just Blu… >>> Oh, this song from Blu, instead; peep tha review when I reviewed it under good terms…

 “Yung Yola, No Soda!” Like his lil’ other name, too! Really feelin’ tha intro, here, between tha beat and instantly gettin’ hit wit some Soda (Yola)!! Catchy-ass hook from one of tha greatest!! And, even gettin’ hit wit him on tha 1st verse, too! Was locked up from ’09 – ’13, and it sounds like he neva even left! Kinda like Boosie, but, of course, in my autistic, unique perspective, I bring up Yola way before I bring up Boosie! That’s my job!! Great shit; I’ll always support him!! And, here we go wit Ryco on tha 2nd verse… Formerly known as D.$.G. ‘til ’13, it’s soundin’ pretty catchy, here. However, I wish he would take more risks wit gettin’ a hold of people / listenin’ to other peoples’ sides. I mean, it’s not scary, unlike havin’ a gun on you! Anyway, anotha great collab, like it was tha ’08 / ’09 dayz! Speakin’ of, as Yung Yola’s tha master to me (bein’ five years older than me), I’m, like, tha Yung Yola to tha people at my job, as I’m five years older than most of ‘em! Most of ‘em, especially this one chick, Amanda, who shift-leads, really looks up to me! So, as much as I look up to Yola, they look up to me! I also can’t believe I’m 26, tha same age Yola was when Yola & I first connected! Now, I see tha special life I live, now that I’m 26! Anyway, you’re on tha 3rd verse, Blu, comin’ through wit dat good shit, as well! I did think tha others owned you here, Blu, but it still was a real-nice joint to hear! I think Yola really set tha unexpected excitement fa me, here! He neva fails!! Just like my consistency at my job; I neva have been regreted of bein’ hired!!

^ Wow, that review’s horrible!! That was back on November 13, 2014! That Amanda screwed me over and smh @ how I tried ta hold you down, Yola! That was my fault!!! How you get “Doing My Thang” from “T.H.I.C.” as tha title?? My Current Rating: 4.7

16. “Sunshine” feat. Lil’ Neil
>>> Too R&Bish fa me; boring… Tha feature really does nothin’… Then again, I can see why you don’t fuck wit me, anymore. You ain’t on that G-shit and instead, on this R&B shit, which I’m not ‘bout! My Rating: 1.4

17. “Momma N Daddy Told Me”
Not diggin’ tha title; I don’t dig parents in subjects of anyone I deal with! I neva got tha chance ta go out fa a while and now that I can, all y’all talkin’ ‘bout y’all parents? Really? >>> Diggin’ tha G-Funk-kinda beat intro, here… Random hook, here, as you bringin’ up tha parents in tha hook… Hearin’ tha 1st verse and it goes from tha parents to tha “hoes;” fa’real?? OMG, I remember when I tried mailin’ you a letter to jail for, like, 45 cents, at tha time, and when I asked my grandma for a stamp, she got annoyed and was like, “I’m tryna hold off on my stamps.” Like, that should’ve been a sign right there that you weren’t meant to be!! Like, 45 cents iz a warning?! Why didn’t I catch it?!? I hate bein’ dumb!!! “Damn, bro, that’s ‘pose ta be yo patna;” I know, right? Like, why’d you not treat me as important?! “One thing about it, I neva turn fake on myself;” well, then, what did you do to me?! Why am I not your #1 person ta hit up?!? After everything I did for you and that’s not “fake?!” Then, what iz it?! I’m confused as fuck!!! My Rating: 3.0

18. “For U”
What’s with all tha “U” titles? >>> Okay, must be $hop With Ken on tha beats; gonna hit him up and see what his interest iz with you… Or, then again, maybe, you stole his beats from online? Hmm, lemme ask… *IG-messages Ken…* Okay, nice lil’ song fa those locked up, or whateva, but c’mon, no shout out fa me? I’m not in jail, but c’mon, why you focused on just jail and dead ones, smh?! Just a regular lil’ tribute song…, not that I’m interested or anything… Oh, just heard back from Ken:
“I never heard of him big bro;” well, looks like this review ends with you STEALING his beats!!! Bwahahahahahahhaha!!! My Rating: 3.2

Overall: Thank God I’m done with this review!! Can’t believe you started goin’ in a soft, R&B route with tha music during tha 2nd ½!! Like, that’s not what I was expectin’, or maybe it was, since you completely cut me outta your life?! And, not even one fuckin’ shout out ta me on this CD? After everything I did for you, from dressin’ up as you fa Halloween, writing you almost 30 jail letters, tons of radio spins, radio-editing all of your music, bein’ there for you, wantin’ to “take a bullet” fa you, bein’ your “President of 99 Wayz 2 Grind Entertainment” & more, and it ends with you not sendin’ me your music when it comes out?! Fuck my life, right?! I’m completely done with you!! I’m not 21-year-old, sober, freebie fucking Frankie, anymore!! I’ve been through a lot more shit since!! I don’t live tha same life like y’all always do!! If this was a job, your ass would be FIRED!!!!! Good luck gettin’ somethin’ else outta someone else ‘cause you damn sure ain’t gettin’ nowhere-near tha same treatment as I gave you, when it came down to support!! And, it was all FUCKIN’ FREE!!!!!


18.       “Sunshine” feat. Lil’ Neil 1.4
17.       “Thang 4 U” 1.8
16.       “Stay Down Till I Come Up” 2.3
15.       “Never Be The Same” 2.4
14.       “In My City” 2.7
13.       “Momma N Daddy Told Me” 3.0
12.       “For U” 3.2
11.        “Living Like Pac” 3.4
10.       “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” feat. K.Beezy 3.5
09.       “Thank U 4” 3.6
08.       “Fresha Than The Board Of Health” 3.7
07.       “Ain’t Playing” 3.8
06.       “Keep Ya Head Up” 4.1
05.       “#WhatDaFukANiggaMean” 4.2
04.       “O.G. Blowin’ On Da O.G.” 4.3
03.   “Dumb” feat. Orange Juice Jones 4.4
02.   “Doing My Thang” feat. Ryco Hu$$le & BluBlack 4.7
01.   “All Types Of Games” 4.7

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      61.2
Total Songs:                      / 18
Average CD Rating:       3.4

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