Wednesday, February 10, 2016

R.I.P. Video #45: Nu$$ie 2.0

Broadcasting from Mary's Grave in St. James on Long Island, NY, this ya boy, Frank Calhoune, a.k.a. FrankieThaLuckyDog here, reportin' a special edition of anotha loss in tha Louisiana rap community...

Today, February 10, 2016, marks seven years since tha murder of Baton Rouge, LA rapper, Chris Lynell "Nu$$ie" Jackson. Jackson was known as "Nussie" in tha streetz and in tha underground Louisiana rap game; Jackson founded Dope Celebrity Records in 2004. Jackson released Operation Sneak Attack & Bad Azz in 2006, not to be confused with fellow Rouger, Lil' Boosie. He followed tha next year up with The Good Bad Guy in 2007, as well as The Movement with tha Dope Celebrity Family. In 2008, he released The Champ Iz Here, hosted Kenner, LA DJ, Jimmy The DJ's Gangsta Gumbo Vol. 2: Ghetto Pass & his final release, Featuring Nu$$ie, a compilation mainly featuring underground Baton Rouge artists' lead songs featuring Jackson. Jackson was featured on plenty of Baton Rouge artists' songs, such as Beat Flippa, Big Fancy, tha now-popular Kevin Gates, Level, Lil' Yella & plenty others. Jackson also starred in a few movies throughout 2008: The Abduction of Jesse Bookman, Sinners & Saints & Death Toll. During tha night of Monday, February 9, 2009, Jackson was at a friend's house in Baton Rouge on tha computer and playing video games. Jackson and tha friend left for a short time to get drinks at tha Shell gas station on Florida Boulevard. When they returned back to tha house, shots were fired. Both Jackson and his brother, Frederick Mitchell, were shot. Mitchell survived, while his brother was murdered on tha couch. Jackson previously had beef with Torrence Hatch, a.k.a. Lil' Boosie. Rumors began to fly around that Hatch hired Michael "Marlo Mike" Louding to kill Nu$$ie for a lil' gwap. Louding was only 16 years-old when he murked Jackson, who was 33; Louding iz now 23. Tha love for Nu$$ie was overwhelming from tha world, worldwide, as thousands of people began to recognize him, as well as respect his perspective of stats and facts. If Nu$$ie were still alive today, he would've been 40, earlier on July 17, 2015.


Operation Sneak Attack (2006)
Tracklist N/A

Bad Azz (2006)
01. "Play Wit Me"
02. "Yousta Be My Dogg"
03. "Out Wit The Fake (Remix)" feat. Max Minelli
04. "Sick"
05. "We Live It" feat. Bro-Bro & G-Thang
06. "Keep Rollin'" feat. C-Loc & Big Markee
07. "Crack" feat. Kevin Gates
08. "We Be Thuggin'" feat. Savage & Diablo
09. "Thangz" feat. Big Markee
10. "Really Real" feat. Bro-Bro & Black Panther
11. "Bellpepper"
12. "Streetz" feat. Diablo & Marjoe
13. "Hustle, Grind" feat. Rudye & Savage
14. "Doing Shit" feat. Bengie & Gangsta
15. "Dirty South"
16. "I'm Straight"

The Good Bad Guy (2007)
01. Pyrex Radio Intro
02. "The Good Bad Guy" feat. Skull Duggrey
03. "Yeah" feat. Skull Duggrey
04. Interlude 1
05. "We Be Thuggin'" feat. Savage
06. Interlude 2
07. "Fuck The Thousands" feat. Badd Nooze
08. "Street Gossip"
09. Interlude 3
10. "Dumb Way" feat. Skull Duggrey
11. Interlude 4
12. "Blame Nu$$ie"
13. "Heard Of Me"
14. "Dirty Bitch"
15. Interlude 5
16. "Moochie Cat"
17. "Somethin' In Da Air" feat. Derty & Tank Jones
18. "They Hate My (Remix)" feat. Savage & Lil' Cali
19. Interlude 6
20. "Kill Somethin'"
21. "Point Blank"
22. "Backround Check" feat. Kevin Gates
23. "Show My Ass"
24. "You Can't Hate"
25. "Dem Killas Comin'" feat. C-Loc & Big Markee
26. "366 (Tryna Get My Cake)" (J-Von a.k.a. Jimmy Mack)

The Movement (w/Dope Celebrity Family) (2007)
Tracklist N/A

The Champ Iz Here (2008)
01. "The Big Iron"
02. "Shakedown" feat. Diablo
03. "Play Wit Me"
04. "Dumb Way 2" feat. Skull Duggrey, Diablo & Bro-Bro
05. "They Hate My" feat. Savage
06. "Respect My Mind" feat. Puppy & Diablo
07. "Point Blank"
08. "Gangstaz" feat. Bro-Bro & G-Thang
09. "Kill Somethin'"
10. "Mobbin'" (Delwin The Krazyman feat. Nu$$ie)
11. "Gettin' Doe" (Lil' J feat. Nu$$ie)
12. "How You Like It" feat. Puppy
13. "U Ain't Got A Chopper?"
14. "Out Wit Da Fake (Remix)" feat. Max Minelli
15. "Kick In The Door"
16. "On Dat Roin" feat. Diablo & Bro-Bro
17. "Blame Nu$$ie"
18. "Show My Ass Off"
19. "Street Gossip"
20. "It's Really Real" feat. Bro-Bro & Black Panther

Jimmy The DJ Presents Gangsta Gumbo Vol. 2: Ghetto Pass (Hosted by Nu$$ie) (2008)
01. Nu$$ie "Nu$$ie 2 Real"
02. Nu$$ie feat. Diablo "Shakedown"
03. A-Mar & Dyl feat. Max Minelli & VL Mike "To The Max"
04. Kevin Gates feat. Lil' Boosie "Get In The Way (Remix)"
05. Lil' Josh & Ernest feat. Hurricane Chris "Jigga Juice (Remix)"
06. Dee-1 "I Hate Money"
07. C-Murder feat. Young Ready "Cock, Aim, Shoot"
08. Max Minelli "My Boi"
09. One-i & Jayroc feat. Lil' Cali "Big Deal"
10. The Black Kadafi "Tin Man"
11. Big Gill (of Already Ent.) feat. Sam I Am & Street Official "Jack Rabbit"
12. Nu$$ie "Nu$$ie Speaks"
13. Nu$$ie feat. Skull Duggrey, Bro-Bro & Diablo "Dumb Way 2"
14. Konfo feat. Pikasso "Let 'Em Lay"
15. B-Raw "Nutcase"
16. JD Killa "N.O."
17. Baby L's "Pop It Off"
18. Ms. Juicci "Jeanisis Clothing Model Ms. Juicci"
19. Lil' Doonie feat. K-9 "Yo Swagger"
20. Sleep feat. Big Gill, Kuale Boy, Dre Deuce & Payback "Watch Me Maneuver"
21. Lil' Yella feat. Lil' Boosie "Chainz"
22. Southpaw & Rackley "Gets No Better"
23. Nu$$ie "Nu$$ie Outro"
24. Nu$$ie feat. Savage "They Hate My"
25. Dee-1 feat. Mal, Tyrel & The Rebirth Brass Band "Rebirth"

Nu$$ie Featuring Nu$$ie (2008)
01. Lil' Ivy feat. Nu$$ie "Intro"
02. Bro-Bro feat. Nu$$ie "Droppin' My Nuts"
03. Nu$$ie feat. Casino & A-Brown "Wastin' Yo Tyme"
04. Nephew feat. Nu$$ie "Money In My Hand"
05. Diablo feat. Nu$$ie "Still Standing"
06. Nu$$ie feat. Kenteon "R&B Thug"
07. Nu$$ie feat. Skull Duggrey "Yeah!"
08. Level feat. Nu$$ie & Young Ready "I'm A Dogg (Remix)"
09. King Fancy Entertainment & Jazzy Fam Records "Ridiculous Ballin'"
10. Lil' J feat. Nu$$ie, Diablo & Skull Duggrey "Keep It Hood"
11. D-So feat. Lil' Boonie & Nu$$ie "Real-Ass Nigga"
12. Nu$$ie feat. Papa Boyz "Pay 4 It"
13. Delwin The Krazyman feat. Nu$$ie "Mobbin'"
14. Da Jackel "Cut Throat"
15. Puppy & T-Dub a.k.a. Venom feat. Nu$$ie "Do What It Do"
16. JokaBoi & Yella Yella feat. Nu$$ie "Stupid"
17. Nu$$ie "Vapors"
18. Dizzle "Born By Myself"
19. Nu$$ie "Um Straight"

Featured On:

Big Jay Presents Pyrex Radio: Cooked For Tha Streets, By Tha Streets (2005):
Nu$$ie feat. Diablo "Out Wit The Fake"

Big Jay Presents Pyrex Radio Vol. 2: The Re-Up (2006):
Diablo & Nu$$ie "Mass Confusion"

Da Taliban Da Taliban (2006):
Da Taliban feat. Nu$$ie "Bleed"

Dirty Boyz Gutta Wayz 2 Get Paid (2006):
Dirty Boyz feat. Nu$$ie "I'm Straight"

T-Bo Career Criminals (2006):
T-Bo feat. Nu$$ie "Knock Ya Block Off"

Big Jay Presents Pyrex Radio Vol. 5: Back To The Money (2007):
Zoe feat. Nu$$ie "Snitch" (2006)

Kevin Gates Pick Of Da Litter Mixtape Vol. 1 (2007):
Kevin Gates feat. Nu$$ie "In Da Trap"

Lil' Feet Doin' Me, Gettin' Me Vol. 1 (2007):
Lil' Feet feat. Nu$$ie "I'm Doing Good"

Lil' J Two & A Quarter (Reloaded) (2007):
Lil' J feat. Nu$$ie "Rattin'-Azz Niggaz"

Terror a.k.a. Cheez When Terror Strikes (2007):
Terror a.k.a. Cheez feat. Mone & Nu$$ie "Bullet Proof"

Beat Flippa Street Certified (2008):
Beat Flippa feat. Young Ready, Nu$$ie & Young Crucial "Never Seen A Gangsta"
Beat Flippa feat. Young Ru, Beezy B & Nu$$ie "I Get Retawded"

Black Noise Entertainment Presents G-Lane Vol. 1 (2008):
Hannibal Feat. Young Ready, Nu$$ie & Gangsta "Dat Potion"

Budta B The Experiment Vol. 1 (2008):
Budta B feat. Nu$$ie & Diablo "I'm Dope"
Budta B feat. Nu$$ie "Local Hoochie"
Budta B feat. Delwin, Lil’ J, Puppy, Bro-Bro & Nu$$ie "Mobbin' (Remix)"
Budta B feat. Lil’ J & Nu$$ie "Hustlers Anthem"
Budta B feat. Lil’ J, Nu$$ie & Puppy "Vamanos"

Lil' Domicci Hurricane, Sugarcane, Cocaine Vol. 2 (2008):
Lil' Domicci feat. Nu$$ie "Arm Robbery"
Lil' Domicci feat. Vicious & Nu$$ie "Gettin' It How We Live"

3 Way Street Radio Presents Jigg City Rockstars 2 (2009):
Big Fancy feat. Bro-Bro, Tank Jones & Nu$$ie "I-10 Cowboy" (2008)

Big Fancy Tha Rap Kingpin (2009):
Big Fancy feat. Kevin Gates, Tank Jones, Jack Da Rippa & Nu$$ie "I-10 Cowboy (Remix)"
Big Fancy feat. Nu$$Ie "I'ma Pay Nu$$ie"

Celebrity Ent. Da Promo (2009):
Celebrity Ent. feat. Nu$$ie "Intro"
Celebrity Ent. feat. Nu$$ie "Who Next"

L.C. Hardest: Reloaded (2009):
L.C. feat. Nu$$ie "Hardest Nigga"
L.C. feat. Nu$$ie "Hardest Nigga (R.I.P. Nu$$ie Mix)"

Lil' Cali Cold Summer (2009):
Lil' Cali feat. Nu$$ie & Carter Boy "Pay Ya Dues"

Lil' J 16 Zips (2009):
Lil' J feat. Nu$$ie & Puppy "Dumbshit"

Lil' Yella #1 Trap Pick (2009):
Lil' Yella feat. Nu$$ie & Lil' Boonie "Dope Money" (2008)

Puppy & T-Dub a.k.a. Venom Don't Ask, Just Listen (2009):
Puppy & T-Dub a.k.a. Venom feat. Nu$$ie "They Lied"

Sheen~Marie Poonanee Grudges (2009):
Sheen~Marie Feat. Nu$$ie & Tah-Tah Baby "Tip"

2feet Street Strategy Mixtape (2010):
2feet feat. Nu$$ie "Traphouse"

Beat Flippa Street Certified 2 (2010):
Beat Flippa feat. Nu$$ie & Trump "Big Gyrls"

Delwin The Krazyman Fully Loaded (The Mixtape) (2010):
Delwin The Krazyman feat. Nu$$ie "Mobbin' (Remix)" (2009)
Delwin The Krazyman feat. Wochee & Nu$$ie "Cool Me Off" (2009)
Delwin The Krazyman feat. Nu$$ie & B-Raw "That's Me (Remix)" (2009)

FrankieThaLuckyDog Presents Tha Louisiana Archives Vol. 4: Feelin' Like A Degree (2010):
[] feat. Nu$$ie & Young Wire "Everytime You See Me"

Jimi Jump Street Love Vol. 2 (2010):
Jimi Jump feat. Nu$$ie "Ridiculous"

Level Street Credit 2: Disorderly Conduct (The Mixtape) (2010):
Level feat. Nu$$ie, Young Ready & Delwin The Krazyman "All Of 'Em"

M Dot Public Enemy #1 (2010):
M Dot feat. Nu$$ie, Vicious & Jules "Gangsta Gangsta"
Nu$$ie "Nu$$ie Speaks"

Quikkdraw Put A Beat On... (2010):
Quikkdraw feat. J Buc & Nu$$ie "I Bleed Dis" (2009)

Rob Walad The Last Time (2010):
Rob Walad feat. Nu$$ie "Why Would I Lie"

Savage The Best Of: Savage Trackz (2010):
Savage feat. Kevin Gates & Nu$$ie "Life Of A Gangsta"

Suazy Welcome To My Pharmacy (Street Album Vol. 1) (2010):
Suazy feat. Nu$$ie "Dope Celebrity"

Bobby Beams Forever (2011):
Bobby Beams feat. Nu$$ie "The Code"

FrankieThaLuckyDog Presents Tha Louisiana Archives Vol. 7: It's A Baton Rouge Thang (2011):
Derty feat. Lil' Boosie & Nu$$ie "Tear It Down"

Bro-Bro & G-Thang Louisianamals #TeamDumway (The Mixtape) (2012):
Bro-Bro & G-Thang feat. Nu$$ie "Police"
Bro-Bro & G-Thang feat. Nu$$ie & Puppy "Bitch Niggaz Can't Stand Me"

Dumaine Gotta Keep It Gangsta Vol. 2 (2012):
Dumaine feat. Mookie Da Hustla, Dutch Shoats & Nu$$ie "'Bout That"

Que Tha Truth Screwface (2012):
Que Tha Truth feat. Nu$$ie "The Champ Iz Here"
Que Tha Truth feat. Nu$$ie "ScReWfAc3"
Que Tha Truth feat. Skull Duggrey & Nu$$ie "Street Shit"
Que Tha Truth feat. Nu$$ie "Plum Stupid"
Que Tha Truth feat. Diablo & Nu$$ie "Unh-Hunh"
Que Tha Truth feat. Kareem & Nu$$ie "Lieutenant Dan"
Que Tha Truth feat. Bro-Bro & Nu$$ie "Who I Shoot"
Que Tha Truth feat. Mo. P & Nu$$ie "I'm Gutta"
Que Tha Truth feat. Diablo, Lil' J & Nu$$ie "Last Real Niggaz Left"

Beat Flippa Street Certified III (2015):
Beelow, Nu$$ie & Delwin The Krazyman "Shit Was Real"

Other Songs:

Blockboyz feat. Nu$$ie "Top Of The Line" (2007)
[] feat. Nu$$ie "Niggaz Change" (2011)

Tribute Songs:

Celebrity Ent. feat. Da Jackel, Delwin The Krazyman & Lil' J "Nu$$ie Dance" (2009)
Sheen~Marie feat. Boogie Man "R.I.P. Nu$$ie" (2009)
M Dot feat. Jules "Long Gone (Tribute To Nu$$ie)" (2010)
Delwin The Krazyman feat. Ceddybu & Lil' Jamie "Goin' Nu$$ie" (2011)
Delwin The Krazyman & Ceddybu Da Rap Sumo "Chris "Nu$$ie" Jackson" (2012)
DeTrane "Rest In Peace Nu$$ie" (2014)

Also featured on:

Ezra Gould "The Abduction of Jesse Bookman" (2008)
Phenomenon "Death Toll" (2008)
William Kaufman "Sinners & Saints" (2010)

Production Credits Include:
2 Saint, A1, Beat Flippa, Big Josh, Big Wayne, Cage Da Conducta, Camp, C-Loc, Color Pimp, DJ B-Real, EQ Tha Misfit, Guss, J Buc, JokaBoi, La'Keith, Mouse On Tha Track, Mystro, Nasty Nate, Rich On Da Track, Rob Walad, Savage, Sims, Shonta, Theo, X-Fyle, & Young Hits

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