Tuesday, September 12, 2017

R.I.P. Video #58: Da Real Gee Money

Recorded September 10, 2017

Broadcasting from Concrete City, here in Nanticoke, PA, it's ya boy, FrankieThaLuckyDog here, sadly reportin' anotha tragic loss in tha Louisiana rap community...

Garrett Burton, known in tha Louisiana rap game as "Da Real Gee Money," was murdered earlier this morning, Sunday, September 10, 2017, at around 1:30 AM, in tha 1900 block of Dallas Drive. Burton was in the parking lot when he was fatally shot by an unknown assailant on tha scene. No suspects or motives are present at this time; he was only 22 years-old. Burton was a part of tha TBG Gang, signed with TBG Records; TBG stands for "Top Boy Gorilla." On October 18, 2015, TBG released their debut album, Gorilla Gang, on TBG Records. On October 4, 2016, tha gang released their 2nd album, Join Da Gang, on PTP Production & TBG Records. On February 1, 2017, Burton released his debut solo mixtape, G-Code, which was hosted by DJ Young Shawn, on TBG Records. On February 28, 2017, Burton was featured in XXL's "The New New: 12 Baton Rouge Rappers You Should Know" article. On April 27, 2017, Chris Brown had posted about Burton and Black Pyramid Clothing. However, on tha dark side of thangz, recently, Burton was in tha mist of beefin' with other Baton Rouger, NBA YoungBoy. Burton recently celebrated his 22nd birthday, earlier on June 15.


Gorilla Gang (Hosted by DJ Ya Boy Earl) (2015)
01. Fredo, Gee Money, Nino & Ree-Up "Blood"
02. Fredo feat. Nino "What You Say"
03. Blvd Mel, Fredo, Gee Money & YMM Captain "iPhone 6"
04. Fredo & Gee Money feat. Ree-Up & Toon "Jumpin'"
05. Nino feat. Fredo "Run Around"
06. TBG feat. Big Wayne "Catch It Then"
07. TBG "Wish Death On Me"
08. Gee Money & Fredo "It's Tru"
09. TBG "Knuckle Up"
10. Gee Money & Nino "Primetime"
11. Blvd Mel feat. Fredo & DJ B-Real "Hold Up Wait"
12. Ree-Up feat. Fredo & Gee Money "Call Log"
13. Fredo & Gee Money feat. Nino "I Love Pussy"
14. Fredo & Gee Money feat. Jerrid & Nino "Nigga Like Me"
15. Adrian Bagher feat. Fredo & Gee Money "Where That Bag"
16. Cleezy feat. Nino & DJ B-Real "Really With The Shits"
17. Pimp feat. Ree-Up & Nino "Pills Back"
18. Nino feat. Ree-Up "Loyalty"

Join Da Gang (Deluxe Edition) (TBG Gang) (2016)
01. TBG "Intro (Get Down Or Lay Down)"
02. Da Real Gee Money, DJ B-Real, Lil' Nino & Ree-Up "What You Mean (Join Da Gang)"
03. Cleezy5 & Da Real Gee Money "Da Truth"
04. Da Real Gee Money "Jack Who?"
05. Ree-Up & Da Real Gee Money "Don't Play With That"
06. Fredo Bang & Da Real Gee Money "Keep Your Steel"
07. Blvd Mel, Da Real Gee Money & Ree-Up feat. Nino Calvin "Body After Body"
08. Lil' Nino "Southern Hospitality"
09. Fredo Bang "Respect My Gangsta"
10. Da Real Gee Money "Take It There"
11. Fredo Bang & Da Real Gee Money "Knuckle Up"
12. Cleezy5, DJ B-Real & Lil' Nino "Really With The Shits"
13. TBG Pimp, Ree-Up & Lil' Nino "Them Pills Back"
14. Fredo Bang, Da Real Gee Money & Blvd Don "Trap Nigga"
15. Blvd Mel & Da Real Gee Money feat. Million Dollar Baby "Whipping With The Pyrex"
16. Da Real Gee Money & Fredo Bang feat. Zoe Realla "Shit Water"
17. Ree-Up & Da Real Gee Money feat. Blvd Quick "Terror Dome"
18. Ree-Up feat. Adrian Bagher "Straight Dumb (Remix)"
19. Da Real Gee Money & Ree-Up feat. Spitta & Scotty Cain "Jack Who? (G-Mix)"
20. Lil' Nino feat. Ree-Up "Loyalty"

G-Code (Hosted by DJ Young Shawn) (2017)
01. Intro
02. "All I Know"
03. "Jack Who"
04. "In My Zone" feat. Mula Pugh
05. "Ain't Really 'Bout It" feat. Aramis
06. Skit
07. "There For Me" feat. Deezy
08. "In My Section"
09. "Take It There"
10. Skit 2
11. "WTF You Sayin'" feat. Cleezy5
12. "Push Yo Shit Back" feat. Blvd Bubba & Sleepy
13. "Sex You"
14. "Jack Who (G-Mix)" feat. Spitta, Scotty Cain & Blvd Ree-Up
15. "I'm Still The Same"
16. "Never Change Up (Outro)" feat. Adrian Bagher

Featured On:

Austin On Tha Track & Gee Money Pimpin' Press Play (2017)
"Bootup" feat. Da Real Gee Money & Scotty Corleone

Dame Corleone, El Chapo, Byrd, Guapo & Scotty Cain Guilty By Association (2017)
"Niggas Ain't Killers" (Byrd feat. Scotty Cain & Da Real Gee Money)

Mr. GettemGone 30 Summers N (2017)
"I Know" feat. Da Real Gee Money & Lady Sgee (2016)
"Get'em Gone" feat. Da Real Gee Money

Scotty Corleone Mafia Musik III (2017)
"Ain't Gone Ride" feat. Da Real Gee Money

YB, Scotty Cain, Big Wayne & Foxx Louisiana Times (Hosted by DJ Young Tommie) (2017)
Big Wayne feat. Da Real Gee Money "Cross That Line"
Big Wayne feat. Da Real Gee Money "Coffe"

Other Songs:
Lil' Sheppard feat. Kizzle, Kay Monie, Fredo Bang, Da Real Gee Money & Blvd Bubble "Y.E.A." (2015)
Da Real Gee Money feat. Cleezy5 & Adrian Bagher "Smell It Thru The Bag" (2017)
Gama feat. Da Real Gee Money "Catch Yu" (2017)
Jay Lewis feat. Da Real Gee Money "Bag Season" (2017)
MC Fiji feat. Da Real Gee Money "Whole Lotta Gang" (2017)

R.I.P. Garrett "Da Real Gee Money" Burton
6.15.1995 - 9.10.2017

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