Sunday, December 31, 2017

FTLD'z Louisiana Trip #03: 10.13.2017 - 10.16.2017 (Teaser)

Tha sequel to my previous documentary and 2nd trip, "FTLD'z Louisiana Trip #02: 6.21.2017 - 6.26.2017".

To see tha 1st trip, here's tha link:

Tha link to tha 2nd trip:

Tha link to tha 3rd trip:

"FTLD'z Louisiana Trip #03: 10.13.2017 - 10.16.2017" iz a four-day Louisiana trip, in honor of Frankie's 10-year celebration of Frankie's Louisiana connection, which was on October 11. Featured in this trip are King Baebee Thoola, Ru Da Real, Young B, DJ Tremon, Jigga City Dae~Dae, Big Cheese The Outlaw, Guerrilla Blue, Kai Kai, Camofloug, Y.B. For Initials, Strowsama, D Soulja, Ruffin Ugly Azz, Tazz, Boo Milton, YN Riquee, Doe-Doe, Boo On The Tracks, Urs Truly, Guss Make My Beats, Joe On The Track, Tubbi (The Nerdy Bird Site), Ray Vicks, Lee Banks, Tristan Williams (CEO of Black Boardwalk Empire), Glenn (YBB Studios), Jungle Muzik Van Tezzy, Jungle Muzik Larry, HBO Duece, Kain, Lil' Buck, Q-Red On The Track, BBG Lil' Jordan, Beezy Bird, Money Bagz, B Tha Don, Bone (Nu$$ie's Brother), Hatch Boy, Benjamin Racks & Kell! He enjoys it, despite being involved in a "manipulation situation" on tha night of October 13.

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