Wednesday, April 18, 2018

R.I.P. Video #61: Pimp Daddy

Broadcasting from tha Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike, here in Wells Tannery, PA, it's ya boy, FrankieThaLuckyDog here, sadly reportin' anotha tragic loss in tha Louisiana rap community (special edition).

Today, April 18, 2018, marks 24 years since tha murder of Edgar Givens, known in tha undaground, Louisiana rap scene as Pimp Daddy. Givens was born in 1976 and was from New Orleans. An early artist signed with Cash Money Records, Givens released his debut album, Still Pimpin', in 1993. Lookin' like he had a bright future ahead of him, unfortunately, tha good times were short-lived for Givens. In tha Florida projects in New Orleans on April 18, 1994, Givens was fatally shot and killed at point-blank range. While tha murder remains unsolved to this day, many believe a musical love triangle resulted in Givens' death. During his Cash Money time, Givens was said to be dating labelmate, Ms. Tee. However, another labelmate, Cheeky Blakk, claimed that Givens was tha father of her child. Needless to say, Givens was in an argument with Ms. Tee's brother. That's when Givens was shot in tha face and killed at only 18 years-old. One year after his death, Givens' 2nd album, Pimp'n Ain't E-Z, was released in 1995.


Still Pimpin' (1993)

01. "Pimp Out '93 (Lil' Bit)"
02. "What Kind Of Nigga"
03. Crack Out
04. "Got 2 Be Real #2"
05. "Break'em Off Some" feat. Lil' Slim
06. "Real-Ass Gangsta"
07. "God Bless Tha Dead"
08. "No Bullshit Biiiiitch" feat. Lil' Slim
09. "Do You C What I C"
10. "Boo-Koo Bitches"
11. "Get 'Em Up Niggaaaaa" feat. Ms. Tee
12. "Hoeshit Ends '94 Biiitch"

Pimp'n Ain't E-Z (1995)
01. Intro
02. "Gone But Not Forgotten" (B.G., Yella Boy & Tec-9)
03. "Shake It Like A Dog"
04. "Pimpin' Ain't EZ" (B.G., Baby & Mannie Fresh)
05. "Ain't No Nigga"
06. "Not A Game"
07. "Legend Live" (Yella Boy)
08. "Bloody Body" (Tec-9, B.G. & Yella Boy)
09. "Let Me Know"
10. "R.I.P."
11. "Gots To Pimp A Bitch"
12. "I Got Them Birds" (Baby, B.G. & Lil' Ya)
13. "One Girl"
14. "Keep On Kickin' It" (Warren Mays)
15. "Powda Bag"
16. "Outro - Gots To Be Real II"

Featured On:

Lil' Slim The Game Is Cold (1993)
"Cold In The Game" feat. B-32 & Pimp Daddy
"Hoes I U's 2 Sweat" feat. MC Heavy, B-32, Pimp Daddy & Yella

Ms. Tee Chillin' On Tha Corner (1993)
"Chillin'" feat. Pimp Daddy

The Greatest Rap Hits From Downsouth New Orleans The Real New Orleans Compilation (1998)
"Got To Be Real" (1993) (Pimp Daddy)

Cash Money Record Family Queing With Q93 (1994)
"Queing With Q93" (Mic Fox & Ya Boy Wild Wayne feat. Lil' Slim, Ms. Tee, Pimp Daddy, PxMxWx & U.N.L.V.)

Lil' Slim Powder Shop (1994)
"Blunt After Blunt" feat. Pimp Daddy & PxMxWx

U.N.L.V. Straight Out Tha Gutta (1994)
"Local 580" feat. Gangsta Dee, Lil' Slim, Mr. Ivan, Pimp Daddy & PxMxWx
"Got A Lot Of Love!!" feat. Lady KK, Lil' Slim, Mr. Ivan, Pimp Daddy & PxMxWx

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