Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Underground Playlist Adds: April 2014 (Update)

To everyone that views my blog and appreciates which jointz get added to my playlist, unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'm gonna be adding many jointz, at tha moment. I've never recovered from DJ B-Real blocking me from Facebook & Instagram, and all these pussy/bitch-made artists I've dealt with, over tha years, wouldn't help write/alert him, at all! So, for that poor participation, I will refuse to show anyone luv! Not to mention, most undaground artists I deal with only last a year, get mad at me when I support them, and it's embarrassing!! My playlist iz fulla Billboard-charting artists! Can't have unappreciative-ass assholes get recognition with multiple Billboard artists! So, until DJ B-Real unblocks me/refollows me, and appreciates what I do again, I will stop posting updates about which songs I would add to my playlist, since there iz none. To all my "real" dudes out there, if you wanna see happiness, loyalty, and everything with my passion for Louisiana artists again, then, I'd suggest you get a hold of DJ B-Real and tell him to unblock me/refollow me! Remind him that he's doin' wrong by blocking his biggest connect (me), and iz puttin' Jigga House Records in tha graveyard, without me! All I asked for an updated number, as well as some other shit! What if I had my radio show, still, and I needed an interview/pics? Goes to show you how things can't happen, anymore, smh!

So, to tha "real" blog viewer viewing, here's a way you can get a hold of him:


Remember: No playlist luv fa undaground, Louisiana artists until I get unblocked/refollowed/respected!!

Whateva happened to tha good times? This was only three years ago:

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