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Review #1,471: Level "Ain't No Turnin' Down (The Mixtape) (Hosted by Big Jay)"

Reviewed on 6.29.2015 (Review #1,471)

Here comes anotha review I’m doin’: Level Ain’t No Turnin’ Down (The Mixtape) (Hosted by Big Jay), courtesy of Mayham Entertainment. Released earlier this year; nice, right? No ‘cause it wasn’t sent to me on time, so I ain’t payin’ a penny for this shit! Respect my values first!! Start Time: 2:22:22 PM | End Time: 3:11:40 PM

Disclaimer: I rate each song from 1.0 – 5.0; each rating iz my own opinion! I only please myself wit my ratings! I don’t care how lyrical you are, as long as it’s jammin’ enough for me to like it! I look for beats, then vocals, and then lyrics. To determine my favorites, I will differ tha 4.0 ratings. If a song gets at least a 4.0 rating from me, I love it already. If at least a 4.6 rating, I pretty much really love it, as it’s considered mindblowin’ when I hear it! Any song can earn up to a maximum of a 5.0 rating. Anything I type before “ >>> ” iz what I’m sayin’ before I listen to tha song; anything after I type “ >>> ” iz what I think of tha song while I’m listening to it. If you use tha word “swag” frequently, have auto-tune in your vocals, or talk about nothin’ but money and hoes (which I consider ‘typical’ topics), I’m not buyin’ it!

© 2015 CD Review (Review #1,471) reviewed on 6.29.2015 by FrankieThaLuckyDog.

01. Intro
>>> Big Jay on tha intro, here; nice… Nice lil’ beginning, even though it was obsessed with “money,” smh! Soundin’ a lil’ pitch-increased, Level? Not really diggin’ that everything that has to have a focus iz “money” shit. Either way, nice lil’ blend to get  you all hyped up! My Rating: N/A

02. “Ain’t No Turnin’ Down” feat. Tweeday
You be real good at resurrectin’ names from tha dead, it seems like? I remember dat cat, Tweeday, from, like, 2010 or somethin’. >>> Sounds like his collaboration with Jiggaman from three years ago with Ready, “Get Loose”, in tha beginning? Sounds like I hear a “loose?” Anyway, sounds nice with this energetic beat fa tha south and how you be comin’ through on tha hook, Level! I know this a lil’ old ‘cause of tha collaboration, I think? I just don’t think I heard it before, but your voice sounds a lil’ different? Maybe, I’m just trippin’? Feelin’ tha hyped-up rhymes… This gotta be old if there’s more “jiggaz” references than money rhymes! Like, that’s a golden verse fa me, unlike tha shit today! Really feelin’ Tweeday’s energy on tha 2nd verse; he sounds more energized than you, Lev!! Excellent job, Twee-to-tha-day! A lil’ blendin’ toward tha last minute, here… My Rating: 4.5

03. “Turnt Up”
Looks familiar? >>> Female on tha hook? Either way, hot! Definitely feelin’ tha energy on this beat and Dolby D mixin’ it nicely! Kinda reminds me of “Stupid Wit It” from Gorilla Goonz & all dem from tha Get Live Clique, from a ½ decade ago! That’s how tha hook sounds, so I’m glad you have a 337-like influence on this CD, so far! Here you are on tha 1st verse, comin’ through wit dat consistent club vibe; can’t deny it! What else do I gotta say? Continuin’ on with tha 2nd verse, here; definitely continues ta sound nice! Gotta dig this to tha max! All that energy I get to provide while at my job; it comes from shit like this!!! My Rating: 4.6

04. “Believe Dat” feat. Deezy Cain
>>> Sounds like a nice gangsta vs. club vibe in tha beat intro, here… Even got a Nu$$ie lil’ “retarded, believe dat” sample! I have to say, it’s been a while since I heard him sampled, which I’m glad he had some space to breathe! It sounds real hot, here; definitely a nice hook!! And, you comin’ through on tha 1st verse’s definitely “dumb,” “believe dat,” lol! ROFL @ “Like Mike, Marlo;” what a rhyme, lol… Hearin’ tha 2nd verse from Deezy and it’s good, though kinda like, “I’m tha best” / “You suck” / “I can do anything,” you know, that cocky shit… Either way, such a great, energetic vibe!! Keepin’ it goin’ with a 3rd verse with you on tha 3rd verse and yes, this iz on tha newer side: “27 years,” so you’re my current age, here. I can’t believe someone at my job’s been workin’ at my job since months before you were born, lol!! Think: They’re still active; how ‘bout dat, Level?! Shout out to Gloria!! “There’s a Lizard in tha buildin’!!” My Rating: 4.8

05. “It Ain’t Far” feat. Racked-Up Ready & Mouse On Tha Track
Mouse uncredited in tha ID? My Current Rating: 4.9

06. “I Can’t Help It” feat. Mouse On Tha Track & Racked-Up Ready
ROFL, tha both of them again, only reversed in tha ID! Excited fa this one!! >>> Beat almost sounds like it’s old, like “On Dem Jiggaz”, or somethin’. However, this new, since they “stalkin’ on [Mouse]’s IG,” lol! He need ta check that thang more, since he wanted to do some shit with me in tha future! As far as tha hook, it’s definitely on-n-poppin’ with one of Baton Rouge’s greatest voices eva: Mouse!! Excellent beat and excellent job wit dat voice!! And, here you are on tha 1st verse but I have to criticize you for somethin’, Level: WHY IZ YOUR INSTAGRAM PRIVATE?!?!? How you expect ta let people look at your shit? Your MySpace wasn’t private, right? Well, take your IG serious!! Either way, nice verse; fuck tha “money” shit, though! We got Ready on tha 2nd verse, here, comin’ through wit a sex scene ova this clubbin’ beat, lol… Diggin’ this whole picture of Ready’s tattoos all over his body toward tha end of tha 2nd verse; nice description! My Rating: 4.8

07. “Locked Up” feat. Mz. Trill
Anotha Trill collab… >>> “Sinista on tha track;” was that what I heard in tha beginning? Anyway, hot beat, once again! Nice lil’ hook, too, Lev! Here you go with tha 1st verse, comin’ through with tha advantage to when dem hoes/patnaz get “locked up;” time ta snatch?! Oh, and whataya know, that Gloria just liked my status on how it’s cold outside and it’s June 29, lol! It’s warmin’ up now but I needed a hoodie outside, earlier, smh! Nice job with tha 1st verse, strictly holdin’ it down, Level! And, Mz. Trill really goin’ off on tha 2nd verse, consistently, here; nice job!! Y’all always collab in a great way, through clubbin’, fuckin’ & more! Even more Level on tha 3rd verse, cumin’ through wit a nuttacular verse, lol! He skeetin’ all on they body parts!! My Rating: 4.5

08. “Is U Wet Yet (Remix)” feat. Dorrough
Ewe, really old! I neva had gotten high before back then, ROFL!! My Current Rating: 4.0

09. “Hit Dat (Remix)” feat. Hurricane Chris & Kevin Gates
This, too, and they got Gates in front of Chris, here, on tha ID… Funny how, “Iz that purple I smell?,” and I had neva gotten high before! So gay those times of mine back in tha day of just reviewin’ random people and not goin’ anywhere! Still, this a classic! My Current Rating: 4.9

½time: Very consistent, club-jammin’ CD, so far; gotta luv it, Level! You always fulla dat energy!! Keep creatin’ such classic club bangaz fa tha undaground, Level! You ain’t eva gotta sell out ‘cause tha jamz are right here, ya dig?! A 4.6-rated CD, currently; keep it goin’!!

10. “All Nite Flite” feat. Mista Cain
Old? *Checks* Holy shit, I was only 20 at tha time!! Weird that I smoked weed only once at that time, too!! My Current Rating: 4.8

11. “Let Us In” feat. Juvenile & Lil’ Trill
No Lil’ Trill on tha feature? My Current Rating: 4.7

12. “Level Rock”
My Current Rating: 3.7

13. “On Yo Dumb-Ass” feat. Skip
Might be a newbie for me? *Checks* Nope, Turn Down 4 What? CD… My Current Rating: 4.3

14. “Get In Here (Remix)” feat. Kevin Gates
*Randomly shouts* “Jenna!!” It’s “(Remix)”! My Current Rating: 4.7

15. “What’s Up” feat. Big Poppa, Big Joe & A Bay Bay
Could we have a newbie? I think so… >>> This sounds nice; good shit on tha hook from Poppa! Diggin’ how tha title’s always said on tha 2nd ½ of tha hook and now, good shit from you on tha 1st verse, Lev! “I got money out tha ass;” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! “All in tha V.I.P., smellin’ like a pound;” YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, lol! You know when you smoke with chicks, especially all tha way up to 47 years-old, you know you really luvin’ life to tha fullest!! What more could you ask for?! Keepin’ it goin’ with tha biggest Poppa on tha 2nd verse, lol, comin’ through with a “tsunami,” lol; nice job! Tha club’s are on-n-poppin’, here! And, s…o…m…e…b…o…d…y…o…n…t…h…a…3…r…d…v…e…r…s…e…; who iz it? Sounds nice… Googlin’ tha info now and it’s from 2013, featuring Big Joe & A Bay Bay, as well, lol. My Rating: 4.2

16. “They Ain’t Like Dat” feat. Mouse On Tha Track
Yay!! A new Mouse collab!! >>> I know I’ve heard this before; different title? Either way, Q-Red beat and you goin’ off on tha hook, Level; catchiness at its finest! I’ll review this like I neva heard it before in case I ain’t eva review it… Level, you’re on tha 1st verse, comin’ through wit your classic club vibe on tha verse; good shit! You already know you’re unstoppable, in certain ways! Ooh, a bad-nerved Mouse on tha 2nd verse, here, comin’ through wit some jammin’ shit! Like, he must feel like a random object or somethin’ with that voice of his! What could he compare himself to now? LOL, “It ain’t my fault,” like tha old Mystikal! Great collab; great job on tha 2nd verse, Mouse! Gotta luv ya for life!! Keepin’ it goin’ with you on tha 3rd verse, Level; keep goin’ “hard” at all times!! “I be fulla dat shit;” who ain’t, lol?! My Rating: 4.7

17. “Bounce Around” feat. Jimi Jump
Let’s keep these anticipatin’ collabz comin’! >>> Anticipatin’ intro, here, from a random person—oh wait, Jimi Jump? LOL, but nice beat, here… Hearin’ tha hook and it sounds like some good club music, though I don’t agree with tha “racks!” Nice 2nd ½ of tha hook with tha title repeatin’; that’s that classic formula!! Sounds like crickets in tha background of tha 1st verse? Hot sound with Jimi Jump comin’ through on tha 1st verse, strictly comin’ through nicely! “All on my nizzuts,” lol! “All right, all right, all right;” okay! LOL! Here you come on tha 2nd verse, lol, “I’m in this bitch with Jimi!!” Luv how you have so much energy in your voice and you definitely got shit on lock, here! Tha most energy in your voice on this CD, so far? Definitely what’s up!! “Loratabs, Xanabarz;” you already know! Even more Jimi, here, comin’ through on tha 3rd verse nice and fulla dat shit!! My Rating: 4.4

18. “Watch Me As I Enter” feat. Small Circle Kartel & DJ B-Real
OMG, my heart’s racing…! I could cry right now… I’m so anxious!!!!! Do I have to say it? …Ang!! “Were you first on break?,” lol!! Gonna make sure she’s on my screen while I have this B-Real-infested joint play in tha background! Also, it sux that this tha 1st time I’m hearin’ SCK, I believe? Weird that I know that there’s an error on their spelling on this CD, as they have Kartel as “Cartel.” They’ve been around for, like, a year or two and it took this long? Like, why nothin’ sent to me? Any CDs out? Don’t let ‘em go to waste! A record label from NYC just did a magazine article on me and so did a DJ company based in Orlando; don’t overlook me!!! >>> Beat sounds like somethin’ from a long time ago in Baton Rouge, like a Down Bad song (“Keep Rollin’”?). Anyway, this a pretty nice track; definitely feelin’ this addictive hook with tha title repeatin’! Don’t know tha dude on tha 1st verse but he must be a part of tha SCK click… Hearin’ it and it sounds pretty nice; definitely diggin’ this a whole lot! Definitely some classic-soundin’ Rouge shit, here! This dude definitely doin’ a nice job on tha verse, here; good shit! Really diggin’ that hook to tha fullest!! I would be surprised if this tops my review, here! If not, it’ll prolly be tha best new joint on this CD that I’ve neva heard of before? U…h…o…h… … … … … B-Real on tha 2nd verse!!! I think what I’m gonna do iz quote his verse on here and comment on tha lyrics, themselves:

“Fall off in tha club, you know what’s up, oh, you gon see me.” – Recognition…
“Got err-body eyez watchin’ me like I’m a TV.” – Like my manager would say, “Really?!” Wait till I see her tomorrow!! She don’t play no games!!!
“I’m in here, in tha center of tha flo’, watch how I turn up!” – Auto-positive vibes…
“So hot, I make ya burn up; I bet I make ya cut up.” – Have you eva been cold, B-Real?
“Do my thing, what tha fuck you mean? I be super clean.” – You know, B-Real, as much as you fuckin’ hate my fuckin’ guts, you’re one of tha biggest influences in my life! Everytime I’m at my job, I feel like I’m you with your excitement and no baggage!
“V.I.P. turn tha picture booth into a movie scene.” – Nice; do I sound like a fuckin’ fag for givin’ you props, despite you blocking me?!
“Buckin’ hard like I’m on tha barz, I be ackin’ bad…” – You told me you were afraid of jiggaz, B-Real! What gives?!
“Takin’ tabs, gotta show my ass, turnin’ up my swag, yeah (retarded)!” – March 8, 2013, you told me you were scared of pillz!! Like, c’mon! Still a nice line, but I’ono, I ain’t gon lie about my brother overdosing and dying!
“You know I get stupid in this biiiiiiiiiiitch (retarded)!!” – Wow, B-Real with tha voice!!! Kinda on a Delwin tip, but still, wow, earthshaking!!! Just wanna give you tha biggest hug in tha fuckin’ world!!!
“Don’t make a nigga lose it in this biiiiiiiiiiitch (retarded)!!” – Nice, once again!!
“You get to actin’ foolish in this biiiiiiiiiiitch (retarded)!!” – Luv it!!
“Yo face, you gon lose it in this biiiiiiiiiiitch (yeah)!! – No wonder why I love you, B-Real; you really changed my life! Here I am, $25,000 later ‘cause I helped you with your equipment and how you blocked me! But yeah, what an excellent verse that my heart just aches to know that we’re no longer connected! :( I still wish to this day that we reconnect! Tha verse iz excellent and doesn’t even have a money reference!!! Don’t worry, we’ll re-connect and meet one day, B-Real! As far as tha rest of this, Level, you’re on tha 3rd verse, comin’ through wit good shit, once again!! My Rating: 4.9

19. “5 Stars” feat. Mookie, Box, Racked-Up Ready & Max Minelli
Endin’ it like we did tha last time, lol! Order’s a lil’ wrong, though; lemme fix it… My Current Rating: 4.0

Overall: OMG, my review ended at 3:11—Ang’s birthday time!! Now, B-Real, I must ask, “Can we start breaks?!” LOL! Oh, I’m nice and happy, but watch, I’ll be sad, now that this review’s ova… But, this definitely was a nice and consistent CD to review! Luved pretty much every track that was on here and you already know you keepin’ tha clubs on-n-poppin’, Level! I know you don’t take me serious, but at least I’m still fuckin’ stupid to do this review and state my opinion! I must be so fuckin’ old ta be 27, right? Still in a room doin’ reviewz instead of fuckin’, right? Right? Whateva…


18.       “Level Rock” 3.7
17.       “5 Stars” feat. Mookie, Box, Racked-Up Ready & Max Minelli 4.0
16.       “Is U Wet Yet (Remix)” feat. Dorrough 4.0
15.       “What’s Up” feat. Big Poppa, Big Joe & A Bay Bay 4.2
14.       “On Yo Dumb-Ass” feat. Skip 4.3
13.       “Bounce Around” feat. Jimi Jump 4.4
12.       “Locked Up” feat. Mz. Trill 4.5
11.        “Ain’t No Turnin’ Down” feat. Tweeday 4.5
10.       “Turnt Up” 4.6
09.       “Let Us In” feat. Juvenile & Lil’ Trill 4.7
08.       “They Ain’t Like Dat” feat. Mouse On Tha Track 4.7
07.       “Get In Here (Remix)” feat. Kevin Gates 4.7
06.       “Believe Dat” feat. Deezy Cain 4.8
05.       “I Can’t Help It” feat. Mouse On Tha Track & Racked-Up Ready 4.8
04.       “All Nite Flite” feat. Mista Cain 4.8
03.    “It Ain’t Far” feat. Racked-Up Ready & Mouse On Tha Track 4.9
02.    “Hit Dat (Remix)” feat. Hurricane Chris & Kevin Gates 4.9
01.    “Watch Me As I Enter” feat. Small Circle Kartel & DJ B-Real 4.9

Average CD Rating Review:

Total Score:                      81.4
Total Songs:                      / 18
Average CD Rating:       4.5

WHATAYA KNOW WITH MY #1 PICK?!? I should go in tha emergency room just fa how excited and anxious I was fa that one!!! Well, at least I’m goin’ to work tomorrow; back to my six dayz a week!!

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