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R.I.P. Video #39: Racked-Up Ready

Recorded June 25, 2015, but released on July 8, 2015, in honor of Ready's birthday.

Broadcasting from tha treehouse in my hometown of Port Jefferson Station on Long Island, NY, it's FrankieThaLuckyDog here, reporting another unfortunate loss in tha Louisiana rap community.

Shannen Ve'Latrail Hudson, known in tha rap game as Racked-Up Ready (formerly Young Ready), was one of two victims murdered around 3:30 PM on Tuesday, June 23, 2015, in Bogalusa, LA. Hudson and 28-year-old Jare Stevenson, both from Baton Rouge, were inside a vehicle on City Limits Road when shots were fired, killing both Hudson & Stevenson instantly.

Hudson was one of Baton Rouge's most-known underground rappers, consistently releasing music for tha streets to embrace. Throughout his career, he had been managed by tha likes of Baton Rouge's J-Dirty & Atlanta's Tony "iAmThaConnect" Guidry. In 2006, he released his debut, Junkie Medicine (Cocaine Edition), on Grind Tyme Entertainment. In 2007, he signed with fellow Rouger, C-Loc's Camp Life Entertainment, releasing Break It Off! with Reno Da Gutta & Loc, himself. During 2008, Hudson was arrested for illegally carrying a weapon, and was released from jail on November 3, 2008. Shortly after, in tha spring of 2009, he released his 2nd CD, That's How I'm Coming, and in tha fall of 2009, released his 3rd CD, It Ain't No Secret. To jump-start tha 2010s decade, he kept tha streets full by teaming up with fellow Rouger, Savage, and released tha collaboration project, Self-Made Bosses. Later on in tha year, he left Camp Life and started his own label, B.O.W. Entertainment, releasing his 1st CD on tha label, High Profile, his 4th one, overall. His 5th CD, Goon Incorporated, was released in 2011; his 6th CD, Goon Related, was released in 2012. Family Ties, his 7th solo disc, was released in 2013, also on Baton Rouge's DJ Wookee's Crook Muzik Music Group. With tha scene changing and time surpassing, Hudson started goin' by "Racked-Up Ready" in 2013, signed with Dead Game Records, and dropped his 8th disc, Street Laws, during that summer. Hudson entered tha year 2014 in a quality/quantity fashion by dropping three discs: Street Laws (Reloaded), a Dead Game Records project called I-10 To I-95 Connection with tha Rouge's Lil' One The Champ & Malachi, and what was his final release, The Goon Division, with BR's Madd Marvin, D-Nic & ZC Juice. Hudson was in tha process of releasing Goon Brothers, a collaboration project with close Rouge friend, Mista Cain. Today, Wednesday, July 8, 2015, would've been Hudson's 32nd birthday if he was still alive today.


Junkie Medicine (Cocaine Edition) (2006)
01. "You Ain't Heard About Me"
02. "Arm Reach" feat. B.T. & Teflon Pit
03. "Gangsta Bow"
04. "I Don't Trust 'Em (Hoes)"
05. "'80s Baby" feat. Big Blaze & Teflon Pit
06. "Dumb Shit" feat. Teflon Pit & Young Crucial
07. "We Ain't Scared"
08. "My Mainline"
09. "Dirt Knap" feat. Bigum, D-Nic & Klippa Raw
10. "My Section" feat. Yung Sicka & Big Blaze
11. "Go Hard" feat. Yung Sicka & A-One (Wissel)
12. "You Ain't Listening" feat. Zion City Juice & Lil' Foxx
13. "Tha Preditor"
14. "Fly Away" feat. Big Trill
15. "That Boot"
16. "On Tha Muscle" feat. Big Head

Break It Off! w/Tha Camp (2007)
01. Intro
02. "Act A Nut" feat. DJ B-Real, Max Minelli & C-Loc
03. "Do It" feat. C-Loc, Young Ready & Tank Jones
04. "Feds In Town" feat. C-Loc, Young Crucial & Young Ready
05. "Drop Ya Nuts" feat. C-Loc, Young Ready & Young Crucial
06. "1 Rubber" feat. Young Ready, C-Loc & Max Minelli
07. "Floating For Ya" feat. Young Ready, C-Loc & Young Crucial
08. "I Ain't Hurting" feat. C-Loc, Vicious, Young Dreezy & Max Minelli
09. "Get Loose" feat. DJ B-Real, Young Ready, Max Minelli & Reno Da Gutta
10. "Stay In Ya League" feat. C-Loc, Young Crucial & Reno Da Gutta
11. "Street Life" feat. Young Crucial, Tre Virdure, Young Ready & C-Loc
12. "Work Ya Wrist" feat. Young Crucial, C-Loc & Young Ready
13. "Ratha Be" feat. Young Ready, Young Crucial & C-Loc
14. "Move Around" feat. Max Minelli, Young Ready & DJ B-Real
15. "Hustler" feat. Young Crucial, C-Loc, Young Ready & Max Minelli
16. "Get Out My Face" feat. C-Loc, Reno Da Gutta & Young Ready

That's How I'm Coming (2009)
01. "Intro"
02. "Snap-Pose" feat. Max Minelli
03. "Gangsta Bow (Remix)" feat. Lil' Phat
04. "Stand Over You" feat. Lil' Phat
05. "Let's Get It Up There" feat. Lil' Phat
06. "That Level" feat. Reno & Shell
07. "That Ain't Ya Hoe" feat. Mouse
08. "So Serious" feat. Zion City Juice
09. "Get Ya Mind Right" feat. Zion City Juice
10. "Hitman" feat. Black Roy
11. "Ride Out"
12. "1 Rubber" feat. Max Minelli & C-Loc
13. "That Life"
14. "That's How I'm Coming" feat. Savage
15. "Out The Mud" feat. Zion City Juice & Black Roy
16. "All Night" feat. K.T.

It Ain't No Secret (Hosted by Big Jay & Pyrex Radio) (2009)
01. Intro
02. "You Know I'm Stupid"
03. "G-Shit" (Shell feat. Young Ready & Lil' Phat)
04. "Ice Cold (Snippett)"
05. "I Got My Money Right" feat. Dat Boy A & Lil' Phat
06. "Stand Over You" feat. Lil' Phat
07. "I Got That Bang" feat. Lil' Mista
08. Duffy (Intro)
09. "Duffy" feat. Zion City Juice
10. "Gangsta Bow (Pyrex Remix)" feat. Shell, Doe Boy, Savage, Level & Derty
11. "Grind Mode" (C-Loc feat. Young Ready)
12. Hustler (Intro)
13. "Can't Stop The Hustle" feat. Dat Boy A
14. "Gangsta And A Half"
15. "Swiggin'" (Delwin The Krazyman feat. Young Ready)
16. "Hood Supastar (Remix)" (Supa feat. Terror a.k.a. Cheez, Young Ready & Big Poppa)
17. "Get Off (Remix)" (Lil' Phat feat. Young Ready & Shell)
18. "That Ain't Ya Hoe" feat. Mouse
19. "Mixtape Shit"
20. "Cock, Aim, Shoot" (C-Murder feat. Young Ready)
21. Outro
22. "Dum Dum" (C-Loc feat. Young Ready)
23. "Duffy (Radio)" feat. Zion City Juice

Self-Made Bosses (Hosted by DJ Wookee) w/Savage (2010)
01. "Meet The Bosses"
02. "All The Way Out There" feat. Zion City Juice
03. "Trap Spot" feat. Lil' Mista & Dre
04. "I Need A Couple Million" feat. Dat Boy A & Airee
05. "Gangsta (Remix)" feat. Bun B & Sean Kingston
06. "Alley Hoop"
07. "Take Dat" feat. Level
08. "Pussazz" feat. Dirty Harry
09. "Heavy Wrist Activity" feat. Spitta
10. "When You Get Out" feat. Max Minelli & Portia
11. Young Ready Speaks
12. "Self-Made Nigga"
13. "Da Baddest (Remix)" feat. Trey Songz
14. "Wit Dat Bullshit" feat. Derty
15. "Bend It Ova" feat. Foxx & Mouse On Tha Track
16. "I Can't Be Your Man"
17. "Show My Ass"
18. "I Got Alotta Hoes" feat. Lil' Mista
19. Savage Speaks
20. "Let's Do It (Remix)"
21. Young Ready Speaks Again
22. "We Ain't Forgot You" feat. Airee

High Profile (2010)
01. Freeway Rick Ross Intro
02. "Survivor" feat. C-Loc
03. "Circles" feat. Max Minelli
04. "I'm A Problem"
05. "Beep Beep" feat. Lil' Dundray
06. "Hold That Noise"
07. "Real Talk" feat. Crucial
08. "Street Lights" feat. Dat Boy A
09. "Stand Over You (Remix)" feat. Vicious & Lil' Phat
10. "Bungy Jump" feat. Level
11. "Nobody" feat. T-Dub & Crucial
12. "Off My Grind"
13. "Oops"
14. "Whenever You Call Me" feat. Airee
15. "Go Duffy (Remix)" feat. Mouse & Zion City Juice
16. "Burn You With This 40" feat. Zion City Juice & 31st Deedy
17. "I Got My Money Right" feat. Lil' Phat & Dat Boy A
18. "I'm Just Sayin'" feat. Lil' Dundray
19. "I Feel Like" feat. Lil' Dundray

Goon Incorporated (2011)
01. Intro
02. "Bitch I'll Kill Ya" feat. Level & Zion City Juice
03. "Gangsta For Real" feat. Savage
04. "Hold That Noise"
05. "Deebo"
06. "Do Ya Shit" feat. Lil' Mista & 31st Deedy
07. "Bungy Jump" feat. Level
08. "Put It On Me" feat. Tre Virdure & T-Dub
09. "Certified" feat. Mouse
10. "Just Like You" feat. B-Raw, Lil' Phat & DJ B-Real
11. "What Up"
12. "Gettin' Dough" feat. Savage
13. "Ice Cold"
14. "Street Lights" feat. Dat Boy A
15. "Nervous"
16. "Cool Out" feat. Spitta & DJ B-Real
17. "Throwed Off" feat. Dat Boy A & Level

Goon Related (2012)
01. "Keep It 100"
02. "I'm Right Here" feat. Dat Boy A
03. "Feeling Like Boosie"
04. "Hold Dat Noise (Remix)" feat. Yo Gotti
05. "What Up"
06. "I Do What I Want To" feat. Clever Kev
07. "I'm Solid"
08. "It's Up There" feat. Mista Cain
09. "I'm Going In"
10. "Suicide"
11. "How You Built"
12. "Still Think About Me"
13. "Real Love" (Lil' Dundray feat. Young Ready)
14. "She Need A Boss" feat. T-Dub
15. "Gangsta"
16. "Work" feat. 31st Deedy

Family Ties (Hosted by DJ Wookee) (2013)
01. "Intro"
02. "Yeah I'm In This Bitch" feat. Savage
03. "Insurance Policy"
04. "Sosa Beat"
05. "Fast Lane" feat. Danarryl Von
06. "I'm The Truth" feat. Mista Cain
07. "Guap Beat"
08. "Freestyle" feat. Lee Banks
09. "Fuck A Nigga" feat. Dundray & Lil' Juice
10. "Understanding Beat"
11. "Look How That Ass Movin'" feat. Dundray
12. "So What" feat. C-Loc

Street Laws (Hosted by Trap-A-Holics & DJ Frank White) (2013)
01. "The Voice" (Travis (Dead Game))
02. "Intro"
03. "Pop Lock"
04. "Somethin' Serious"
05. "Get Ya Mind Right" feat. DJ B-Real & Mista Cain
06. "Hold Dat Noise (Remix 2)" feat. Yo Gotti & Kevin Gates
07. "Master P" feat. Gucci Mane
08. "Ran Thru"
09. "Hold It Down" feat. Savage & DJ B-Real
10. "Phone Jumpin'" feat. Mouse On Tha Track, Doe B & Zedzilla
11. "Bad Habit"
12. "What Up!"
13. "Like Christmas"
14. "Not Gone Let U Slide" feat. Madd Marvin & Mista Cain
15. "Fuckin' Off" feat. Bugsy Calhoone
16. "Picture Me A TRU Nigga" feat. MMG Bay Bay, Rudye & C-Murder
17. "Fuck Nigga" feat. Savage
18. "Got It On Me" feat. Malachi & Lil' One The Champ
19. "Turn Up" feat. Boss Action
20. "Ain't Tryna Be Ya Mane" feat. Savage
21. "Vice Versa" feat. Mista Cain & Z.C. Juice
22. "Fuck Sum'n" feat. Q-Red
23. "Take It From Me" feat. Lil' Pokey & Madd Marvin
24. "Da Dumbest" feat. Jimi Jump
25. "Crazy" feat. Turk
26. "Eat That Ham"

Street Laws (Reloaded) (2014)
01. Fred G
02. "It's Real"
03. "Play Of The Week"
04. "Wit The Shit"
05. "I Need A Bale" feat. Percy Keith
06. "Master P" feat. Gucci Mane
07. "Stay In Ya Lane"
08. "What U Been Thru"
09. "Thin Line"
10. "Dope Man Bitch"
11. "Go Get It"
12. "Whaddup"
13. "When I Want To"
14. "Hold Dat Noise (Remix)" feat. Yo Gotti
15. "Nothing To Live 4" feat. Eastside Shawty & Zoe Realla
16. "I Did That" feat. Madd Marvin, Fly Goons & Cain Muzik Mafia
17. "I Don't Know No Better" feat. Lil' Dundray
18. "RubberBands" feat. Ray Vicks
19. "Police On Dispatch"
20. "Get To The Business" feat. Scotty Cain & Tony Teezy
21. "I Want You" feat. Wochee
22. "Real Nigga 4 Life" feat. Lady Kym

I-10 To I-95 Connection (Hosted by Bigga Rankin) w/Dead Game Records (2014)
01. Bigga Rankin, Lil' One The Champ, Racked-Up Ready & Malachi "Intro"
02. Racked-Up Ready, Lil' One The Champ & Malachi "All I Know"
03. Malachi feat. Racked-Up Ready & Lil' One The Champ "Send My Bitch"
04. Racked-Up Ready feat. Lee Banks & Madd Marvin "Turnt Up"
05. Racked-Up Ready "Dopeman Bitch"
06. Lil' One The Champ feat. Mouse On Tha Track "Mz. Katrina"
07. Lil' One The Champ feat. Racked-Up Ready "Bottles"
08. Lil' One The Champ feat. Malachi "'Bout My Cake"
09. Mista Cain feat. Racked-Up Ready & DJ B-Real "Get Ya Mind Right"
10. Racked-Up Ready feat. G-Nate "Bullshit"
11. Lil' One The Champ & Racked-Up Ready "Thousand Bands"
12. Racked-Up Ready & Malachi "Can't Get Mad"
13. Lil' One The Champ feat. Malachi "Still Alive"
14. Racked-Up Ready & Malachi "Everything Up"
15. Lil' One The Champ "Watch What I Do"
16. Racked-Up Ready feat. Ray Vicks & Lil' One The Champ "Rubberbands"
17. Lil' One The Champ "They Don't Like Me"
18. Bigga Rankin "Outro"

The Goon Division (Hosted by IamHoodDj) w/Madd Marvin, D-Nic & ZC Juice (2014)
01. Madd Marvin feat. Spitta, Racked-Up Ready, Chad Cain, Mista Cain, D-Nic & ZC Juice "Body Bag (Zip One)"
02. Racked-Up Ready feat. Madd Marvin & Lee Banks "Turnt Up"
03. Racked-Up Ready "Both Ways"
04. ZC Juice feat. Racked-Up Ready & Madd Marvin "Go With Ya Move"
05. Racked-Up Ready, D-Nic & ZC Juice "How Many Gone Ride"
06. Racked-Up Ready feat. Madd Marvin, Scotty Cain, Deezy Cain, D-Nic & ZC Juice "I Did That"
07. Donkey feat. Racked-Up Ready & Mouse On Tha Track "Been Pussy"
08. ZC Juice feat. The Gift "Man Down"
09. Racked-Up Ready, ZC Juice & D-Nic "I'ma Slang It"
10. Numbers, D-Nic & ZC Juice "Money On My Head"
11. Racked-Up Ready, ZC Juice & 31st Deedy "Get Out Of Line"
12. Lil' Pokey feat. Racked-Up Ready "Get Out Of Line"
13. G-Nate feat. Racked-Up Ready "Bullshit"
14. Level feat. Racked-Up Ready & Mouse On Tha Track "It Ain't Far"
15. ZC Juice feat. Racked-Up Ready "That's What Ya Mouth Say"
16. Racked-Up Ready, Madd Marvin & ZC Juice "Finesse Session"
17. Racked-Up Ready, Madd Marvin & ZC Juice "Bigger"

Featured On:

"Fight Song" (Big Head feat. Young Ready & Bugsy Calhoone)
"Dumb Thug" (Young Ready feat. B.T. & Savage)
"Knockout (Bow)" (Young Ready feat. Level & Zeus)
"Triple Cs" (Young Ready feat. Foxx)
"You Gon Regret Dat" (Klippa Raw feat. Young Ready)
"Dem Boyz From B.R." (Klippa Raw feat. Young Ready & Parktown Bone)
"Act A Ass" (Rudye feat. Savage & Young Ready)

"Dumb Shit (Remix)" (Big Blaze feat. Teflon Pit, Young Ready, B.T., Young Crucial & Zoe)
"Tha Coldest" (Big Head feat. Young Ready & Bugsy Calhoone)
"Tool Muzik" (Young Ready feat. Savage)
"Retontoe" (T-Lo feat. Young Ready)
"I Mean That" (C-Loc feat. Young Ready)
"Rata Tata" (C-Loc feat. Max Minelli & Young Ready)
"Just That Liquor In 'Em" (C-Loc feat. Rene & Young Ready)
"Miss Me Wit That Bullshit" (C-Loc feat. Big Scoob & Young Ready)
"Let Me Call My Lawyer" (C-Loc feat. Young Ready)
"If You Love That Chick" (C-Loc feat. Young Ready)
"Hard Wit His Boys" (Johnnie Domino feat. T-Lo & Young Ready)
"I'm A Dogg (Remix)" (Level feat. Nu$$ie & Young Ready)

"Never Seen A Gangsta" (Beat Flippa feat. Young Ready, Nu$$ie & Young Crucial)
"Dat Potion" (Hannibal feat. Young Ready, Nu$$ie & Gangsta)
"Anybody Can Get It!" (C-Loc feat. Young Ready)
"Started Nah" (Lil' Yella feat. Young Ready)
"Young Ready Live From The Pen" (Young Ready)
"Ride Out" (Savage feat. Young Ready & Lil' Cali)
"Keep Movin'" (Yung Sicka feat. Young Ready & Reg)

"Knock Ur Jaw Loose (Remix)" (C-Loc feat. Young Ready)
"Macked Out" (A-Mar & Dyl feat. Young Ready)
"Young Ready Checks In" (Young Ready)
"Get Off (Pyrex Remix)" (Lil' Phat feat. Young Ready & Shell)
"Dumb, Dumb, Duffy" (B-Raw feat. K.Bank$, Lil' Klapp & Young Ready)
"Big Boi" (Delwin The Krazyman feat. Young Ready)
"You Don't Wanna" (Johnnie Domino feat. T-Lo & Young Ready)
"You Ain't No Gansta" (Lil' Junior feat. Young Ready)
"BR Boys" (Parktown Bone feat. Young Ready)

"Shut Dis Bitch Down (Remix)" (Delwin The Krazyman feat. Level, Ceddybu, Young Ready & B-Raw)
"Dumb, Dumb, Duffy (Remix)" (B-Raw feat. Level & Young Ready)
"Stick 'Em Up" (C-Loc feat. Dat Boy A & Young Ready)
"Making It Look Easy" (C-Loc feat. Young Ready)
"Act A Ass" (Daem feat. Young Ready)
"Young Ready Intro" (Young Ready)
"All Of 'Em" (Level feat. Nu$$ie, Young Ready & Delwin The Krazyman)
"In Da Back" (Level feat. Lil' Mista & Young Ready)
"Big Deal" (Lil' One The Champ feat. Young Ready & Black Casper)
"Pillhead Shit" (Lil' Yella feat. Big Scoob, Thug Addict & Young Ready)
"Handle That" (M Dot feat. Young Ready)
"Gunto" (Max Minelli feat. Reno & Young Ready)
"Alligator Humming Bird" (Mouse On Tha Track feat. Young Ready)
"She Diggin' Me" (Percy Campbell & 31stDeedy feat. Young Ready)
"Act A Asshole" (Percy Campbell feat. Q-Red & Young Ready)
"Bom Bom" (Savage feat. Young Ready & Mel 985)
"I Ain't Aight" (Savage feat. Level & Young Ready)
"Angel Of The Fist" (Sheen~Marie feat. Young Ready)
"Signing In" ([] feat. Young Ready & X-Fyle)
"Dat Rod" (Spitta feat. Young Ready)
"Down Here" (Young Batt feat. Young Ready)

"Big Boi (Remix)" (Delwin The Krazyman feat. B-Raw, Young Ready, DJ B-Real, Ceddybu, J.Max & Josh Viggers)
"'Bout Dat" (Ville Boyz feat. Young Ready)
"We Rock" (Lil' Mista feat. Spitta & Young Ready)
"So Far Outta Here" (Savage feat. Young Ready & A.u.)
"Stay Strapped" (Hannibal feat. Reese & Young Ready)
"Spazin'" (J.R. feat. Young Ready)
"Murder Season" (Lem feat. Young Ready)
"We Get Dumb" (Level feat. Young Ready)
"Flash" (Lil' Mista feat. Young Ready & Yung Pymp)
"Represent" (Spitta feat. Young Ready & Clever Kev)
"Baton Rouge Thang" (Terror a.k.a. Cheez feat. Young Ready & Lee Banks)
"Pills (Remix)" (Young Wee-zo feat. Dutch, Young Ready & Sam I Am)

"My Trust Fucked Up" (Bubba feat. Young Ready)
"Bool Out" (Clever Kev feat. Young Ready)
"Get It Out The Mud (Remix)" (Dino Danja feat. Lil' Junior, Mista Cain, Big Head, Clever Kev, Young Shine, Lee Banks, Young Ready, Troy Da Triggaman & DJ Wookee)
"Street Nigga" (Young K.T., Young Ready, Lee Banks, Mista Cain & Lil' Ernest)
"I Declare War" (B-Raw & Young Ready)
"Stomp" (Young Ready feat. Squad Life)
"Like Beyoncé" (Mr. Magic feat. Level & Young Ready)
"Realist" (Young Ready)
"Da Real Way" (DoggMann feat. Sav Sinatra, Young Ready & 31st Deedy)
"Get Loose" (Jiggaman feat. Level & Young Ready)
"Outchea Gettin' Money" (I-10 Wes feat. Young Ready & Slick)
"Get U A Body (Remix)" (Lee Banks feat. Shell (Young Thugga), Lil' Mista, Young Shine, Young Ready & Smitti)
"Do It Large" (Level feat. Young Ready & Savage)
"Dumbo" (Level feat. Young Ready)
"Money Right (BR Remix)" (Lil' Cali feat. Level, Lil' Mista & Young Ready)
"Going Down (G-Mix)" (Lil' Mista feat. Level & Young Ready)
"Stepping Out" (Lil' Mista feat. Young Ready)
"Slap Tha Shit Outcha" (Neighborhood J-Dogg feat. Young Ready & J-Von)

"Phast Liphe" (31st Deedy feat. Racked-Up Ready & Dirty Bird)
"Real Or Fake" (31st Deedy feat. Dre Chatman, T-Dub & Racked-Up Ready)
"40 Glocks (G-Mix)" (Donkey feat. Alley Boy, Lee Banks, Shy Glizzy, Haitian Fresh, Racked-Up Ready & Tum Tum)
"Get Ya Mind Right" (Mista Cain feat. DJ B-Real & Racked-Up Ready)
"Make That Ass Drop" (Rosalyn Candy feat. Racked-Up Ready)
"Runnin'" (Spitta feat. Racked Up Ready)
"In Dis MF" (Tha Kidd AJC feat. Young Ready & Lil' Pokey)

"Go Get It" (Racked-Up Ready)
"S.T.R.E.E.T.S." (Lil' Phat feat. Racked-Up Ready)
"Don't Fold" (Young Dolph feat. Mouse On Tha Track, Lee Banks & Racked-Up Ready)
"'Bout Dat Mess" (BluBlack feat. Racked-Up Ready & Hannibal)
"Bucked Up" (Calliope Var feat. Level & Racked-Up Ready)
"Neva That" (Dylan Cage feat. Racked-Up Ready)
"Dat Iron" (Harley Ken feat. Racked-Up Ready & Spitta)
"I'mna Mane" (King Sav feat. Racked-Up Ready)
"I Can't Help It" (Level feat. Mouse On Tha Track & Racked-Up Ready)
"5-Star Cypher" (Level & Mookie Blakk feat. Box, Racked-Up Ready & Max Minelli)
"Shooter" (Lil' Cali feat. Racked-Up Ready & Zoe Realla)
"Jealous Got Me Strapped" (Max Minelli feat. Racked-Up Ready & Spitta)
"A Whole Nutha Nigga" (Wochee feat. Mista Cain & Racked-Up Ready)

Also Featured On:

Troy "Da Triggaman" Route Thuggin' It & Lovin' It 2: Tha Sequel

R.I.P. Shannen Ve'Latrail Hudson
7.08.1983 - 6.23.2015

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