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R.I.P. Video #40: Sporty-T

Broadcasting from tha abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Center's morgue in Kings Park, NY, this ya boy, FrankieThaLuckyDog here, reportin' anotha tragic loss in tha Louisiana rap community, a special edition today.

Today, July 15, 2015, marks seven years since Terence Vine, known by his stage name Sporty-T, was murdered in his sleep, back on July 15, 2008. Vine was sleeping in a FEMA trailer on tha 5100 block of Painters Street in Gentilly, New Orleans, LA when unknown assailants toted AK-47's at tha trailer, killing Vine on tha scene. Sources say Vine was 39, but family members say he was 41 when he died.

In 1986, Vine was a part of tha New Orleans trio, Ninja Crew, alongside Gregory D & Baby T. They released tha 12" single, We Destroy, that same year on 4 Sight Records. In 1993, Vine released his first solo single on Big Boy Records, "Sporty Talk-N-Sporty '93", which lead to his debut solo tape, Jackin' For Bounce '94, in 1994. Also, in 1994, he released another tape, It's All Good. Vine founded his own label, Sporty Records, and released The Saga Continues on tha label in 1996, and Street Soldier (Respect It Or Check It), which he produced, on Big Boy Records that same year. Two more releases came outta 1997, when Vine dropped Still Goin' On '97 on Sporty Records and Chromed Out on Ruff Era Records. In 2000, Vine was tha producer for New Orleans group, Wet Boys, and their CD, Get Wet. In 2001, he released Look What I Got on Go Get 'Em Records and in 2002, his final release, A Brand New Day was released on Sporty Records. Tha label released fellow N.O.-y, Gert Town Red's The Caper Man in 2002, as well.


We Destroy w/Ninja Crew (1986)
01. "We Destroy"
02. "We Destroy (Instrumental)"
03. "Baby T. Rock"
04. "Baby T. Rock (Instrumental)"

Jackin' For Bounce '94 (as Sporty Big Balla) (1994)
01. "Follow Me (Radio)"
02. "Big Balla (Radio)"
03. "Them People Rollin'"
04. "Bigga Nigga"
05. "Frank White"
06. "Rock That"
07. "Let'cha Know"
08. "Big Balla"
09. Jackin' For Bounce
10. "Sporty Talk-N-Sporty"
11. Roll Call (Ya Dig)

It's All Good (1994)
01. "Put'em On Tha Map" feat. Insane
02. "Nothin' But Bounce" feat. Partners-N-Crime
03. Smoke Out
04. "Exercise The Workout"
05. "Nothin' But Bounce (Radio)" feat. Partners-N-Crime
06. "Exercise (Radio)"
07. Outro

The Saga Continues (1996)
01. "Saga Continues"
02. "I'm Alright (Radio)"
03. "He Shot, I Shot" feat. Renee
04. "Grams"
05. "Gafflin'" feat. Insane & Lil' Odie
06. I Remember
07. "War II"
08. "Sittin' On The Block (Radio)"
09. "Another Hit"
10. "Sporty '96"
11. "Saga Continues (Radio)"
12. "He Shot, I Shot (Drama)"

Street Soldier (Respect It Or Check It) (1996)
01. Track 'Em Down
02. "Still Goin' On"
03. "Mission"
04. Blow 'Em Out The Sky
05. "Juvi (You Ain't No Soldier)"
06. "Still Ballin'"
07. "Talk-N-2-U"
08. "Street Soldier"
09. "Projects In New Orleans"
10. "You Got This"
11. "I Say - You Say"
12. "Last Call 4 Bounce"
13. "Popcorn Beat (Juvi You Ain't No Soldier)"
14. Listen
15. "Still Goin' On (Radio)"
16. "I Say - You Say (Radio)"

Still Goin' On '97 (1997)
01. Track 'Em Down
02. "Still Goin' On"
03. "I'm Talkin'-2-U"
04. "Street Soldier"
05. "It's Dope Tito"
06. "Tha Saga Continues"
07. Reppin'
08. "Projects In New Orleans"
09. "Got This Yet"
10. "I Say - You Say"
11. "Last Call 4 Bounce"
12. Listen
13. "Still Ballin'"

Chromed Out (1997)
01. Intro
02. "Wet Boys"
03. The Partie's Over Baby
04. "The Aftermath"
05. "Raggs To Riches"
06. "Juvi (You Ain't No Soldier) (Remix)"
07. "No Ratah-Tatah"
08. "If We Got Beef"
09. "What Kinda Playa"
10. "Street Soldier"
11. "6 Ft. From Home"
12. "Dope Tito"

Look What I Got (2001)
01. "Intro"
02. "Back It Up" feat. Krazy
03. "Go Get 'Em"
04. "Look What I Got"
05. "Gettin' Paid"
06. "Up It"
07. "Fake Niggas"
08. "Buck & The Preacher"
09. "My Brother Shorty"
10. "Checkin' Nuts"
11. "Crescent City"
12. "My Soldierette"
13. "Slim & None"
14. "Dope Man"
15. "R.I.P. Street Soldiers"
16. "Hustlin'"
17. Skit
18. "No More Talk"

A Brand New Day (2002)
01. "Crystle"
02. "504"
03. Real Shit
04. "Brand New Day"
05. "Meet Me At The Bar (Deep Street)"
06. "Walk Like I'm 'Bout It"
07. "Brains On The Wall"
08. "I Love When They Hate"
09. "Bust Ya Head (Flood The Hood)"
10. "Pimp The Game"
11. "Broken Family"
12. "Go Get 'Em"
13. "Buck & The Preacher"
14. "Me & My Brother"
15. "No More Talk"
16. "The Border"
17. "Patch Him Up"
18. "Meet Me At The Bar (Smooth)"
19. "Sporty Christmas"

The Caper Man (Sporty-T Presents Gert Town Red) (2002)
01. "Intro"
02. "We Gonna Ride"
03. "From Da Park 2 Da Parkway"
04. "Mr. Homicide"
05. "Don't Hate Da Playa"
06. "Affiliation 2"
07. "Roll Wit Us"
08. "Mine Mine Mine"
09. "Smoked Like Indo"
10. "Booty Ball"
11. "Chew 'Em Up"
12. "Park 2 U"
13. "Everybody Wanna Be A Thug"
14. "Sock It 2 Me"
15. "U"
16. "Is Yo Niggaz"
17. "Wake Yo Ass Up"
18. "Scope N Year"

Featured On:

"Come Like Me" (Silky feat. Sporty-T)

"We Roll Allnight" (Bally B feat. Legend Man & Sporty-T)
"Intro: Rainy Night" (Wet Boys feat. Sporty-T)
"Aftermath II (Remix)" (Wet Boys feat. Sporty-T)
"Rope Round Ya Neck" (Wet Boys feat. Sporty-T)
"Come Get Ya Oil" (Wet Boys feat. Sporty-T & Mr. Wicked)
"Hood Flooded" (Wet Boys feat. Sporty-T & T-Bone)
"Supersoaka" (Wet Boys feat. Sporty-T)
"White T-Shirt (Remix)" (Wet Boys feat. Sporty-T)
"I Represent Ya Ward" (Wet Boys feat. Sporty-T & Black John Gotti)
"Aftermath 2" (Wet Boys feat. Sporty-T)
"We Got Beef" (Wet Boys feat. Sporty-T & Ice Mike)
"No Ratta-Tatta" (Wet Boys feat. Sporty-T)
"Soldier Rag" (Wet Boys feat. Sporty-T)
"Wetboys" (Wet Boys feat. Sporty-T)
"Wetboys Act III" (Wet Boys feat. Sporty-T)

"Rush The Floor" (Black Menace feat. Kangol of PNC & Sporty-T)

Produced On:

"Real Soldier" (Wet Boys)
"My Life" (Wet Boys)
"End Of The World" (Wet Boys)
"The Plot" (Wet Boys)
"Da Lynchin'" (Wet Boys)
"Drama" (Wet Boys)
"Puttin' Out Fire" (Wet Boys)
"Pain" (Wet Boys)
"Where They At" (Wet Boys)
"Wet Boys 4 Real" (Wet Boys)
"The Mafia" (Wet Boys)
"Wettin' 'Em Up" (Wet Boys)
"Get Ya Oil" (Wet Boys)
"Red Niggas" (Wet Boys)
"Frontline" (Wet Boys)
"Armageddon" (Wet Boys)

R.I.P. Terence "Sporty-T" Vine

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